Trippy Scary Movie Where Guys Loses His Mind

PLEASE someone help me with this it’s driving me nuts…. feel like I just made the movie up in my head which is all the more trippy because the guy loses touch with reality!!


I think I saw it on Netflix a few years back. Scary/Trippy movie where guy finds this notebook/diary/journal and try’s to read it, but it keeps making him lose track of time and forget what’s he’s been doing… he try’s to film himself and sees that he keeps getting sidetracked at page 15 or something and becomes obsessed with finishing reading it… I think like we find out it’s releasing monster/demons and shit too… but yeah dude just completely breaks down.. I think I’m the end he shoots himself before a demon can get him or something


Was really an amazing little trippy gem of a movie. PLEASE HELP!!!!!


thank you!


I’ve been looking for this movie ALL day! A woman seeks to help a young girl who is addicted to drugs in her neighborhood. She later reveals that she wants to help her because she was once addicted to drugs in her life. After a failed attempt to try and help her, she decides to do drugs with her and ends up overdosing in a park. I saw this movie a few years ago and I can’t remember the title. Google is no help. Hopefully someone can answer! Thank you!

Please help me, It is so important for me

  • All that I remember about the film. There was a company of friends of teenagers, maybe even children. One was definitely in love with a girl. They all wanted to get from France to England or vice versa. They also discussed that this can be done through tunnels for cars like. A very kind film, I ask you, tell me the name, I forgot. I saw him a long time in childhood, most likely filmed in the 90s. help me

Childhood TV Show with animals as main characters?

I So I remember from my childhood I used to watch a TV show and it had talking animals I think. I can’t remember what the characters looked like or their names, but I do remember some bits of the episodes. The first one I remember is one where one of the characters has a metal detector and is searching for something. I remember the character went into a sandbox to search for it too. There was also another episode where a character is given a telescope with something black put on the eye-hole so it made a ring around the character’s eye. There was also another one where a character is given a round, blue candy in the shape of a ball from a round tin. There may also have been a part where a character was on the moon and saw aliens. I can’t remember if this scene is from the same TV show and I think there was a robot in that episode too. These are only bits of my memory of the show and I can’t remember exactly what genre it is or even what the characters looked like or their names, I just remember these specific scenes and I know they’re from the same TV show. The TV show is definitely set outdoors because I remember at the end of an episode, the character walked back on a path with their friends and there were trees and the clear night sky. I remember the TV show was very relaxing and it wasn’t a comedy or action show.

Please help me find the movie’s title

I watched this movie on Tv.  I think it was in 90s. Because I was child at that time, I couldn’t remember everything very clearly. But I will write what I remembered.

There was murder in the car and only one man man saw the murderer’s face. But he couldn’t remember it. He tried to recall that moment which he passed near that car by his car and he looked inside of that car for a one second. He revived the moment again again to remember. At the end of movie he remembered everything. Does anyone know about this movie? Thank you.

Can’t remember this B Movie?

i can’t remember anything except the end scene, there was a soldier, and he had just finished fighting bad guys or defending villagers/people, and I can’t remember how but he ends up losing one or both hands?

he might wake up on a beach?

it might be a post-apoca or just a regular ex-Soldier fights baddies kind of movie, but it’s been bugging me so much that I can’t remember it, I don’t think it was post-apoca tho, might be one of those ex-vietname vs baddies type things?

i remember finding it in a list of the worst b-grade movies ever made?

Baby cut from womb on halloween now adult solves mystery of parents

saw this last year on TV but can’t remember when nor if movie or tv mini-show. it was in color (within the past decade, i guess) & in english. details may be fuzzy but i think this is the gist…

it’s halloween & a pregnant couple is waiting for a few friends to arrive before they all go out. the friends arrive in costume, but one is concealed by a black mask & is silent. they assume it’s one of their friends but it’s not.

the masked man ends up killing everyone and also cuts out the baby from the mother’s womb.

the killer is caught & goes to jail.
the baby grows up and now as an adult, her & her husband moves back to the town and into the same house that she was “born” in.

i believe she opens an art store in town.
and i think she is harassed by the towns folk for some reason.
and the murder of her parents became legendary & the mask used in that slaying is now a halloween mask others wear.

eventually, she stumbles upon a secret area of the house where she finds video tapes that show her parents were swingers or that her mom had sex with other men whilst her dad recorded it.

turns out, the psycho that killed them & ripped her out is her biological father from one of those sex sessions.

i don’t recall what happened but the end has her & her husband leaving town.

now, like i said, details are fuzzy. i might even be mixing up parts from different shows or even just imagining some of it. and i can’t remember if this was an actual movie or tv series.
but it’s been driving me crazy seeing some of these scenes in my head & not being able to place them.

does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

Obscure suburban teen movie

I saw this maybe in 2010, but I think it was already a few years old.  I caught it flipping through Showtime.  I don’t know any of the actors or creators of the movie and I can only recall one scene.

It was what I am pretty sure is the ending to the movie, but a mean teenager went into a house in a suburban neighborhood on a sunny day, and got one of his eyeballs slashed or stabbed by a younger boy.  He ran out of the house in pain only to be hit by a car in what was a very cartoony scene where we get a bird’s view of him flying into the air. The camera focuses in on his face and he glances at a far-away airplane leaving contrails in the sky and he says one word or phrase (I don’t remember) before falling back to the ground.

Please and thank you!

Animated Halloween special

I want to say I saw this back around the mid 2000’s.

It was an animated Halloween special told in 3 parts. The first part was about a dead cat that came to haunt the protagonist as a ghost.  The second part was about a group of kids trick-or-treating. The final part was about a bully teaching the main characters to “undress” women with their mind’s eye.

It was a very raunchy and profane cartoon.  I think I saw it on HBO and the first name of the producer/director/writer was Luke.

Thank you for your help!

Star Trek TOS episode

I can only remember a small part – this is from the Star Trek Old Series, I thought somewhere in the middle of the series, but Im not sure, and in the episode the landing party is on a planet and it appears that someone had died, I thought Kirk or McCoy said it was Chekov. Kirk and Dr McCoy are very visibly upset and McCoy is as usual needling Spock because he isn’t as upset as everyone else and his lack of emotions etc, and Spock makes a comment to the effect of “You forget that I am also half human.”



And thank you!


Ищу фильм зарубежный [Translation: I am looking for a foreign film]

Здравствуйте долго ищу фильм зарубежный снят раньше 2000 года неизвестный убийца убивает в лесу одного за другим забирая у жертв жетоны смерти хранит у себя в хижене которую потом подожгли

(Google translation:

Hello, I’m looking for a foreign film for a long time. It was shot before 2000. An unknown killer kills in the forest one by one, taking death tokens from the victims. He keeps them in a hut, which they then set on fire.

Каждый использует этот бесплатный переводчик в будущем. Сообщения должны быть на английском языке, чтобы я мог убедиться, что они не являются спамом.

Elite Parties/Deadly insects

So this movie is set in New York, maybe Lower East Side…

There are these elite parties where young people attracted by the prospect of earning a substantial amount of money, risk their lives playing a kind of Russian roulette with deadly insects for the entertainment of guests with fetishes…the young people enter the room one by one and are told to lie in a glass cabinet where a deadly venomous insect is released and they are given a certain amount of time to survive – if the insect bites they will certainly die.  If they survive then they get paid.