a friend traps a couple in a minefield

 This could either be a movie or tv episode but i only remember a scene. So there is a couple out in the forest and a friend who i think is jealous of them creates a minefield and traps them. But then he guides the woman out of the minefield by giving her directions. the boyfriend and the other friend step on a mine and the boyfriend begs the woman to leave and save herself but she can’t do it. she later decides to leave and get help. I don’t remember how this ends.Hope I helped


A children/family film.

A boy works in a shop and is then taken to an orphanage where the owner is a wrestler/boxer.

A scene where a woman character sings on the stairs while the owner jumps around the boxing ring.

The owner connects with the boy by placing a note with chocolate into his cell, he later brings up when walking in assembly line with another orphan. who says something along the lines if ‘there is no chocolate here’

At the end of the film the boy goes back to the shop and looks outside to see the the orphanage owner has now become a clown, from a poster on the side of a vehicle.



Christmas movie with kid and penthouse

I think it was a Christmas movie that I saw as a kid (90s-00s). I only remember that the kid’s dad is remarried to this lady, and he brought the kid to her home which as a penthouse, possibly in New York. What stuck in my memory was the automatic curtains and the remote that can control everything in the house, and the kid was super stoked about it too. All this time I thought the movie was Home Alone 2 because the vibe was similar, but apparently not. Pls help, I’m wrecking my brain.

Maniac and girl seized

Hi, guys!

Can’t remember the name of quite old movie (1990-?) about the girl that was seized by maniac in big wooden country house. She tried to escape but could not leave the house and outside big shepherd dog did not let her go out. The place was in some northern state (Montana, Alaska, may be in Canada), high spruces around. The walls of the house were built of huge wooden beams. The house was big and impressive. Then the girl finally managed to kill the maniac.

I watched it in 1990-? on video cassette, coloured movie, english speaking actors. Please help me to find the movie )))

looking for movie of man being tortured

all i can remember of the movie was a man who was kidnapped i believe being held in a cement room with a bed. there were cameras, the mans fingernails where ripped off, something happened to his eye, there was an iron and i cant remember much of it but i think the man who kidnapped him was burned with it. i do remember that at the end he got away but tortures his kidnapped.


From what I remember, it’s been a while, but it was a group of guys (I wanna say an Italian/Irish mob?). But 2 main scenes pop in my head. First being the bartender who they are probably the closest to, was cleaning up at closing and another gang comes in and beats him (to death I believe). They plan on revenge after that. Then I remember the end scene of them in a small circular area encompassed by houses or apartments. It started of slow motion in the rain and the two gangs slug it out.

Since-Fiction movie from 80s-beginning of 90s. About Arcade hall

There is a hall with video games, playing which you can truly die. I remember one moment. The “host” of the hall offers a man to play. A man sits in a red convertible car, a girl’s mannequin sits in the passenger seat. There is a screen in fron of the car. The game begins. At first there is just a road, cars, usual city traffic. But suddenly some incredible road accident begins to occur. The man has to drive under a huge truck that has drifted abruptly. Somehow a man copes with the steering wheel, the game ends. A man is breathing heavily, his face is terrified. He looks at the mannequin, and its head is split. The “host” of the hall says something a la “this is just a game”.

British Impostor Guy at Family Wedding/Funeral?

I’m looking for the title of a movie where the premise is that the two main characters are at a fancy British estate at a wedding and they are pretending that one of them is related to the family when he is really just a friend. I think the purpose is to try and secure some sort of inheritance or family ties to the owner of the estate. The impostor keeps pressing his luck in a slightly comedic way and the main characters are eventually found out by the family. The father then takes them down to the basement threatening them but doesn’t end up hurting them very much. I believe this movie came out sometime in the last 15 years. The title might be something simple like one or two words long.

Need title

I remember an old movie (maybe 90’s) in where a criminal (I think he is on a chase of some kind) intrudes a home and ties up the couple. Then criminal and wife gets involved in sex in front of husband and then becomes a criminal couple continuing on the run, kind of.

Some bleak memory wants the criminal to be Michael Madsen or Tom Sizemore but I can’t find the movie on their imdb.

Any help?


Can’t remember name of film.

Family moved to a place. A kid goes to school, and can’t have friends from speaking a different language or languages.

Note: I remember watching a trailer. The kid is in the driveway waving at a kid hoping the kid would come over and play but walks in house. When kid walks in his house, there are old cars lined up. Parked on the side of the houses.


Russian guy

The russian bad guy calls good guy via pawn shop or gass station (can’t remember) and uses it as the middleman so he can’t be traced. They start about the kidnaped girl. The guy who works in the shop is black and he gets tired of them thinking it’s a prank call. So he starts talking shit like “the girl is under the desk sucking my dick” etc… At the ending of phone call bad guy says do svidanyie (goodbye in russian) and the black guy says “Dosvi what?” That’s all I can remember, hope you can help me.

10 Cloverfield Lane partially ripped off from this forgotten film or episode

When I saw 10 Cloverfield Lane, I felt like the plot situation was a close ripoff of a movie, or maybe a TV episode of, for example, the remake Twilight Zone.

A man kidnaps a young woman down into his bomb shelter (maybe by hitting her on the head because there was no time to argue with her) and when she awakens he tells her there’s been a nuclear war.  She’s wary at first then becomes grateful and they’re getting along OK.  Then she finds a shoebox with photographs of her in it from when she was a minor and it comes out that he’s a creep/perv and her dad had threatened the guy.  Thinking she’s being held prisoner in a ruse, she escapes but opens the door to nuclear devastation.  He was a creep, but there really had been a war.

Villain says “Good, more for me” while eating something gross

I’m thinking of a movie that might be about high school or college kids making movies.  One of the films has a fat kid playing a creepy mad scientist villain who is eating something gross from a cup or beaker, maybe raw eggs, or frogs whipped in a blender, can’t remember.  The villain asks the pretty girl that he’s kidnapped whether she’d like some of the preparation and when she declines he says, “Good.  More for me.”  I think, in a fake accent.  From the 80s or 90s maybe.

Weird Movie for Kids (I know it exists!)

Hello, everyone,

I remember seeing a movie in the early 2000s. It was English language and in color. Could have been from the ’90s or 2000s.

I can only recall a few things about it. I know the two main characters were a black girl and a white boy (they both looked like they were maybe 9 or 10). They were students and wore typical Catholic-style school uniforms.

All of my memories are disjointed. I know the boy and girl were together in some city for some reason. At some point, the boy had to wear the skirt to the school uniform as the pair talked to some old lady in her doorway. They were trying to get some information from her and the old lady thought they were both girls.

I remember bits of only one conversation. The boy and girl were talking about someone (I believe the boy’s mother). He mentioned something about his mother saying that smoking was bad, that it would turn your heart black, or I don’t know what. Then the scene cut to a limousine pulling up to a curb. In it, a fat lady (the boy’s mother, I assume) was smoking, gorging on fast food, and listening to loud opera music.

Yes, it was a strange movie. But I know I didn’t imagine it. Please help me!