Comedy movie, can’t google it

So the scene is next. The man in (white suit) driving the car, man on bike approaches and put the sticky bomb with a timer on the car. In the very same moment bee flies inside the car and annoys the driver. He tries to throw it away, however didn’t succeed, he has to stop the car, go out, and at last he sees the bee right on the car body. Take off the shoe and right in the moment of hit the car explodes.

Very super strange 90s tv movie

There was this movie I watched in, maybe, early or mid 90s, and it was a tv movie, of that I’m sure. Besides for that, I remember very strange things: there was a woman, I think she had a daughter, and maybe they were in a park, when something happened (a car crash, maybe) and somehow the woman went to a parallel world, or so it seemed, because she started finding proofs that that was her real world. There was something about a watch, and a note hidden with or within the watch.

What I remember best is the ending: the woman went to the park and gazed while another woman, who was identical to her, was speaking with her daughter. When that “fake main character” noticed her, I think she run, or maybe they fight.

It was suuuuper random.

(This said, I’m so grateful for this webpage, you are making a 90s girl very happy, filling up some gaps in my memory)

Help with this movie title

I saw this when I was young in the early 80s. A mother and son move in with or have an extended visit to her native american father who buys his grandson a horse for 75 dollars, the horse has an injured leg. The boy is upset and complains to his mother that his grandfather bought him a crippled horse. At the end of the movie the boy has to leave his horse there because he and his mom are leaving.

Horror film/Exorcism movie where woman goes down to her knees and then stands back up then repeats what she’s doing over and over

As stated in the title, a woman drops down to her knees then quickly stands up again then drops to her knees again then back up, and repeats this over and over again. I believe this was in the trailer for the film. From what I think I can remember, the scene was very darkly lit and there was some scary music or sounds playing. That’s all I can remember, besides it being a horror/exorcism film. Thanks!

Animated 80’s short, showed in School, with people getting allotted food

Animated 80’s short, showed in School, with people getting allotted food, from a source. Maybe a tree? Someone decided to lie & say they didn’t receive their food, so they’d get more. Then the people at the end of the line didn’t receive their food & were starving. I don’t remember past that, but saw it in 81 or 82, at my elementary school.

The Bill

Can anyone help me find an episode of the UK TV show The Bill. Details are sketchy but it involved robberies committed by a guy on a pig mask. I think that the prime suspect was a young guy with violent tendencies but it was revealed to be his social worker who was the culprit. The culprit ended up taking one of the police officers captive before being caught at the end of the episode.

Movie with scene of person locking and unlocking a door

Hey there Skootch back with another bizarre movie find that just popped in my head. All I can remember from this one is a woman (I think) unlocking a door, shutting the door, locking it, then unlocking it and repeating what she was doing over and over again, she might have started banging her head against the door too, I don’t remember though. I’m pretty sure that scene was featured in the trailer of the film either over laughing or some creepy music. Definitely a horror film. It might’ve been a exorcism film, but I’m not entirely sure. Thanks!

80s Thriller

Looking for a movie (mid 80s) about two rich families involved in a feud that has something to do with industrial problems, maybe factories, and possibly mafia problems. There is another story line about father-daughter relationship. I remember the father had meetings with mafia (?) people at the house on the lake. At the end of the film there’s a shot of a big boat on the lake, and a huge explosion, in which everyone gets killed, and this is the ending (the final shot is that big explosion).

Fallout-like movie

I watched this movie on VHS in the late 90s. I think it was an american movie. It’s science fiction, maybe post-apocalyptic. A group of military men walk through the desert and caves, dressed like in combat armor like in the game “Fallout 1-2” (not power armor, but combat armor). One of them carries a heavy machine gun, characteristically leaning back, as in the same game. Why they go, with whom they fight – I don’t remember at all.

He offered me a mango! Movie about a war in Vietnam?

Hi, I saw this movie around the year 2000, i suppose it’s older than that.
It was about a war in Asia, maybe Vietnam, and I think a main character was a boy. Towards the end of the film he was starving in a concentration camp and made friends through a fence with another boy who brought him a mango one day. The second boy then got shot and the first one cried and said: He brought me a mango!

I actually watched it in German and the exact wording was: “Er hat mir eine Mango geschenkt!”

Who knows the title of the movie?

Homeless actor

Looking for a French movie from the early 2000s about a young man, his name is Anri or Louis. He tries to become an actor, goes to the university, but doesn’t find work. Then he falls in love with an older woman, moves in with her. His parents try to convince him to choose a different life, but he doesn’t want to. At some point he becomes homeless, then eventually finds a job.

Little girl molested

Looking for a short movie from the 90s, probably British, about a girl who lived on a farm and was molested by a neighbor. He had a rabbit, and the girl wanted to take that rabbit, he agreed to do that in exchange for a kiss, and kisses her, then raped her. Later the parents discovered everything.The title was something like “Terrible Secret” or something that had to do with secret. Based on real events.

American couple traveling through Africa

I remember this movie where a couple of Americans are with a tribe in Africa, accompanied by a guide. Maybe they are husband and wife or just friends.

They play the patronising, ignorant tourists and when the locals are practicing a tribal dance, the woman stands to dance with the chief. At the end, the chief tries to pull her to his hut (presumably to have sex) and the woman says: “dancing does not mean this”. The guide, also American but well versed in African customs, says: “that is exactly what it means”.

It is a classical Hollywood movie, maybe from the 60s. I watched it on TV, decades ago, dubbed to Spanish, but I am sure it is an American movie. I do not remember if it was B&W or colour.

TV episode about 3 detectives

Can’t quite remember if this was from the 90s or early 2000s.  What I do remember is that there were 3 men, they were detectives or something.  They were working on a case that involved a sex therapist.  They show two of the guys at their appointments with her, and her catch phrase seems to be “Cowabunga!”  With one of the guys, they were running around her apartment/office in their underwear, spraying each other with whipped cream, and she’s  yelling “Cowabunga!” At the end of the episode, the oldest of the three guys says the catch phrase, and the other two look at him in surprise, like they didn’t know he had gone to see the woman either.