Boy travels to places using a TV tuned to static

This was a kids’ movie I saw on CBC in colour in the mid to late ’70s. It’s probably British (based on the setting of a pivotal scene described below) and aired on a Saturday morning.

The boy can travel to places via his TV when it’s tuned to static. I think he was guided by a man in the TV wearing skis which, I guess, helped him navigate the airwaves, though this may be a memory from an entirely different film.

The scene I remember quite vividly is after the boy has been captured by guards in a castle — possibly beefeaters in the Tower of London — and ordered to be executed by beheading. He’s granted a final wish at the chopping block and asks to watch his favourite TV show. So a TV is brought over and placed before him and the guard, sympathetically, asks if he’s enjoying the show. The boy replies that he is, although there’s nothing but static on the screen. At that moment he disappears into the TV and makes his escape.

Alien movie

I’m not sure which year it was produced but I know that it’s an American movie in colors. The only scene I remember from it was some guy in a vent who gets chased and killed by an alien while hunting for it.

There are a couple of things I want to know (I will be as clear as possible):

1) What is the name of that movie?

2) Which year was it produced?

3) If anyone has that movie on DVD or has seen it and if I wanted to borrow that movie on DVD and watch it on VLC media player on my computer since my DVD player is being temporarily fixed at the time, at exactly which time interval does that scene with the guy and the alien in the vent occur in? That is my main concern.

Single man in a tropical resort for couples only


I can’t remember the name of a movie I watched before.

There was a man who had to go to his honeymoon on an island (or just resort) only for couples. When he waited his wife at the airport somehow he realised she left him just few days after wedding.

Anyway he travelled to the resort. They tried to deny him to enter due to he is single, but after he cried and pleased them they agreed.

At the resort he slept with few ladies and he had troubles with their husbands. After all his wife decided to go to the resort to relive there releationship but she caught him with few women at the time.

I suspect it was a comedy made before the millenium – maybe from 80’s or 90’s.

Horror movie with a whole lot of naked people

I saw the first ten or fifteen minutes of this movie on KTVU’s Creature Features one Friday night in 1979 (I remember because John Stanley hosted on Saturdays while Friday’s show was unhosted). It was in colour and the production values suggested it was filmed earlier in the ’70s, possibly the late ’60s.

In the film, a group of young men and women take a boat up a river or to an island for a party or orgy or — I don’t know — Junior Chamber of Commerce AGM. Their clothes come off immediately upon arrival (apparently the network’s censors had turned in early that night).

The last thing I remember seeing was a young man and two young women casually smoking and chatting naked outside on the moonlit steps of a castle or mansion. I then turned the TV off and headed to bed as my father had picked that night to fall asleep on the couch next to me, and I was certain he’d wake up any minute and say, “so you stay up on Friday nights to watch SMUT?”

(Worse, he would’ve likely followed up with, “that’s my boy!” and insisted on watching it with me.)

This movie was all the talk among the other prepubescent boys in school on Monday and I’ve never gotten past missing out on all that scandalous nudity. Well, okay, I actually forgot about it entirely until I stumbled upon this site. Now I’m more curious what horrors would have been justly visited on these young people for their flagrant disregard of propriety. Anyone know this movie?

Old nightmare-fuel fantasy adventure

I saw this movie in the early ’70s on TV in colour (garish, grainy Technicolor, if I remember correctly). It left an impression on me as I found some of the imagery extremely frightening, but I remember my feelings more than the actual scenes.

It was some kind of fantasy adventure where the heroes were on a quest, having to pass a series of perils to reach their goal and then make their way back. I vaguely recall a swamp-like peril, but my strongest memory is of a crack opening in the ground revealing a passage to a cave filled with thick white web-like material, home to some nasty creature I’ve blotted from my mind.

The heroes may have been led by a famous character like Hercules or Sinbad or Jason (the Argonaut) but I don’t specifically remember Harryhausen-like stop motion monsters.

HELP to search a film


I’m looking for a film where a person was abused as a child, and he became an adult to protect children from violence. I think he’s a boxer. At the end of the film, he sees how the father punishes the daughter, and at night falls into their house, where he kills the father of the girl (I remember that the father has a nosebleed). A mother shoots the murderer of a revolver (as far as I remember, Nagant) and wounded him in the arm. Then he goes to prison and is killed with a knife by prisoners (before his death he sees scenes from his childhood and life).

Saw this the film somewhere in 2010-2011. I can not find the description, can someone help?

Magical circus romance?

I’m looking for a movie about a young girl, either living on a farm or on the prairie. She has a sort of romantic relationship with a boy from her town, but when a circus/ carnival/ caravan comes to town shes intrigued by the leader of the newcomers. There’s like this magic lolita dynamic where the older leader sort of represents worldliness while the younger love interest represents doing what’s expected of you or something.

Specific things I remember are that the girl has a book that lists different kinds of kisses and she has a necklace her mother gave her. Her mother might be dead? I think the older love interest kisses her in a bunch of the ways described in the book, maybe without ever seeing the book.

There’s a scene where the young lovers are sort of being menaced by the older love interest, it’s night and they are in the caravan/ circus camp and he keeps disappearing and reaping to frighten them but then he lets them go when he disappears into a pool of water.

At the end of the film, the girl decides to leave with the older love interest but he leaves before she can come with him. One of the last scenes in the movie is him driving away in an old car at the front of the caravan holding the girl’s mother’s necklace.

the movie was definitely in color and I’m pretty sure it was in English, I believe I saw it sometime between 2000 and 2009. I remember seaming around the same time as I saw tuck everlasting, big fish and bridge to trabithas, the 2007 version so it might be from around when those movies came out.

1970s Movie with a haunted car

This movie is not “The Car”.

The movie has a black haunted car which looks like something from the 1950s, and it is set in the Pacific Northwest I think.  I remember two scenes, one where there are some totem poles and a sacred circle drawn by a shaman the car can’t enter, and in the other scene, the car crashes and catches fire, and a police officer opens the door to save the driver but it’s just sticky black goo.  Scared the crap out of me as a little kid.

Horror movie anthology

The Horror movie Anthology Im looking for should be from around 2018 and has about 10-15 shorts in it.

I remember reading a blog article about it and that different people should create short horror movies with the theme “blood”(at least I think it was blood).

The most memorable short I remember is about a woman whos task is to make an autopsy of a dead woman. The dead woman is something like a weeping angel (if someone watches dr. who you know what i mean, if not: the “dead” woman can only move if no one is directly looking at her).

The only connection between the short movies a young woman who goes around in a house and looks at different objects, these object are a part of each short movie.

Another shorts I barely remember:

A woman is in danger because a know mass murder breaks out, dressed as santa claus and hunts her (in her house) with an axe.

Time travelling man

I watched a film several years ago with my dad.

It started with a young boy going to a friends house and being abused alongside her by her father. Later, as adults, the boy (now a man) runs into the woman now working as a waitress. However, traumatised by her experience she commits suicide.

The man travels back in time and essentially blackmails the girls father, stopping the abuse. They grow up and attend college however again things do not work out.

Eventually, after trying many times and not managing to have a happy relationship, he decides to travel back in time to conception and prevents himself from being conceived. (I think one of the last scenes involved barricading himself in a hospital room?)

Again, it was many years ago so the film may not match up. It was definitely an English speaking film in colour. Any help will be gratefully appreciated thanks!

A movie on Netflix

Non-english movie, european.. probably russian. I think the first scene was when the lead female (teen) was using her laptop in her room, then she went to school and the teacher asked them to show their homework(?) which was supposed to be like an invention for science class idk, then the girl showed her work which was like a voodoo doll, and she was kinda proud of it. The girl is pretty but she is like a weirdo/psychopath/mentally illed.

Looking for help identifying scene name

Looking for the scene name..

Or movie ame .. or actress name … from adult xxx movie  .. probably from anywhere between late 80s and 2012 or so.. (sorry for lack of pinpoint accuracy) .. .. blonde girl and her husband go for a drive and end up picking up a drifter guy / hitchhiker … I think that was a fantasy of the wife  … the couple take the hitchhiker guy home and the wife has sex with the hitchhiker in front of her husband … thanks for any help