French Movie with Kids Where a Parents Death is Kept Secret

I believe it was from the 80’s or 90’s. It took place in a school where all the students wore uniforms. A poorer classmates parent dies and the kids keep it a secret from the adults, pretending that the parent is still alive. I think maybe because there’s some fear the child will be taken to an orphanage. I recall things coming to light but the film ending on this vaguely revolutionary note. Had sort of Stand By Me vibes but a little lighter. French or Belgian.

Weird early 80’s or 70’s animated special

Hi everyone,

I only have a very faint memory of a weird sci-fi-ish cartoon that was shown in the early 80’s.  I think I remember the creatures eating some kind of green food out of a can.

I’m pretty sure it came on during the day but I think it was a special. It may have been shown around Thanksgiving.  The color scheme was dark, it wasn’t at all funny or cute, and I think it may have been either futuristic or oriented in some sort of other planet.  I think there may have been some sort of lesson intended to be taught.  It was in English and I think American made. Thanks.


Weird Scooby Doo Movie

Pretty sure I saw it some time in the early 2010s, it was a Scooby Doo Movie that was in color and in English, I can’t remember if I saw it on TV or not, and I might be mashing multiple episodes together, but it had some dragons, it was in China, there was a evil samuri dude and a scene where Scooby and Shaggy became Sumo Wrestlers.

I am sure it is not an episode from Mystery Inc. or What’s New Scooby Doo as I have recently rewatched them.

Red cat and redhead child

Hello everyone!

I remember this movie from the 90s, (maybe late 80s). US movie, I think.

Redhead child (girl or boy). I think it was a girl has this strange connection with a red cat.

There is a scene when this child and cat are in some Egyptian style room with cat cult, of something. It looks like the rest of the cats worshiped this red cat.

The mood of the movie is close to a horror film.

Thank you!

Glowing red eyes

As I have seen on here there are a lot of movies where There are glowing red eyes, the one I’m thinking about I watch when I was probably 5. Much like the scene in amityville, however the big difference is this girl has a doll that is made from material that is like or is burlap. At the end of the movie the house burns down. It’s been driving me nuts my whole life. I would have watched this movie in like 91 or 92.

weird character with a glove in cream

Hello everyone !

I remember a movie.

I probably watched it in the early 2000s. There was a character that wear gloves only for his one hand. And there is cream in this glove in order to soften his hand.

He probably uses his soft hand when he is making love his wife or maybe when he is abusing her.

The character was the bad character in the movie and he was powerful (I guess)


Scary movie with ghost child

Hello. I’m looking for a horror movie I saw about a decade ago on TV. It is in English and in colour. It is about a woman and a boy who I believe is her son. The boy died, in an accident I think, but it was somehow creepy or unusual. In one scene, the woman and a man are speaking in the house when a picture of the child is seen on the wall. When the woman sees it she is scared and claims she didn’t put it there. The man clearly doesn’t believe her and comments that it’s a nice picture before leaving. In another scene, she has a nightmare. In the nightmare she is approached by a creepy ghost child with completely white skin and black eyes or eyebags. He leads her outside of the house to the green yard where she sees the boy over the fence yelling for help. She panicks but the white ghost child tells her he isn’t really there but he’s close “at the edge” or something, whatever that means. In a third scene, she enters a room with white walls except the entire walls have messages scribbled on them with crayons. The messages read words like “evil” and not wanting to go to some forest, I think. While she reads the messages, I think a montage of a child’s voice reading them is heard. Creeped out, she starts crossing the messages over one by one. Suddenly, behind her, a crayon floats in mid air and scribbles on the wall. She is startled by the sound and turns around quickly towards that wall. That’s sadly all I remember, and there might be mistakes or holes in the details. I think the child had a brown pageboy haircut, if that matters.

Nerdy guy actually was left on Earth by his father

Young lonely nerdy guy thinks he’s and alien left on Earth by his father to eluded evil aliens.  He meets a cute girl and falls in love. In the story plot you are led to believe he’s delusional.  His psychologist convinces his girlfriend and then him that that he’s crazy.  It turns out he’s actually an alien and his psychologist and her goons are the bad aliens.  He uses what was thought to be a toy ray gun to defeat them.  I can’t remember who it was, but the psychologist is a well known female actress.

I believe this was made in the British Isles 4-5 years ago and was an obscure cable movie.  Only saw it once, but would like to find it again. This  movie had a great hard twist of an ending, he really was an alien!




Older Movie With Aliens?

I saw this movie when I was a kid, so sometime in the mid 90s. I’m guessing that this movie came out before 1995. The movie was in color but not a very modern so I’d guess it came out between the 70s or 80s. The movie was in english. It obviously wasn’t a big film by any means. No notable cast I can recall.

Mind you, I haven’t been able to find or figure out what this movie is for years. So I’ll do my best to put together what I can remember.

The only scene that I remember clearly is a scene with these young children interacting. One was from earth and the others from another planet? The “alien” children wore blue jumpsuits. The earth child wanted to help the space children leave the base where they were being kept?

I also remember a scene where they add water to these foil packets to make children? There’s like a group of them that have been made by the government or something like that.

There was a chase scene and some tension but it was never graphic. My parents were really strict so I don’t think it was a horror movie?

Recently I’ve been trying to find it because it’s driving me INSANE not being able to remember what this movie is. Literally no one I’ve ever talked to has seen this movie and none of my family remember it. I stumbled upon another post where someone suggested wavelength but after scanning through it I dont think that’s the movie. It is similar in some ways though, I believe there are pods in the movie I cannot remember as well.

Thank you so much in advance. This is one of the greatest puzzles of my life. If I can figure out what that movie was I can die happy.

middle ages comedy

another one i saw on tv around 2008-2010. it was about middle ages with lots of blood but it had this early 00’s comedy vibe and i’m starting to think that the main characters (a group of five i think male friends) were from current time but somehow went back in time to the middle ages because they had no idea what should they do how to use things etc. or maybe it was just a comedy in a medieval setting. the only scene i can recall – they dressed themselves up as monks to hide from the city guard but the guards caught them and were taking them somewhere with their arms and legs tied with a rope when one of the friends started mocking one of the guards with kind of ‘yo mamma’ jokes and the guard threw his bardiche at him and cut his head off. for some reason i’m pretty sure that it’s a comedy movie and it doesn’t contain big fighting/war scenes – just a story of these friends as they try to reach the certain destination (maybe they were looking for something or something was going to happen here) and trick everyone they meet in their way. but maybe i’m mixing up two movies and a medieval one and a friends journey one are different things – if so i would very appreciate if someone lets me know!

2000s movie about a space virus

hello everyone! first of all please don’t mind my mistakes english is not my native language.

looking for an american(?) science fiction movie i saw on tv some time around 2008-2010. it’s about a spaceship that either caught a distress call from another ship or already was on a mission of saving somebody/something. and when they take this somebody/something on board it turns out that this thing is spreading a virus which causes plague-like wounds and makes people agressive zombies, then they die. also their ship breaks down somehow and they can’t move or use their escape pods. and the entire movie shows the crew trying to deal with the virus while stuck in the ship – they are isolating sick people, disinfecting everything, trying to find a cure etc but that’s not helping anything. in the end the only person who stays alive + uninfected is a black girl. she activates the ship’s self-destroy system to unlock the escape pods, locks zombies on the lower level and takes an elevator to get to the higher level to the pods and at the elevator she finds wounded another crew member – young blonde curly guy – who she believed was killed in a fight with zombies earlier. she i think is a medic and tries to save him, but he refuses bc he knows his wounds are not from fighting zombies but from the virus, and when they arrive girl steps out of the elevator and the guy takes it back to the lower level which already started to explode. girl looks at him and hesitates to get into the pod. we don’t know if she got out of there alive.

80’s horror movie?

There is a movie cover I looked at a few times at a Movie Gallery rental store back in the early 2000’s and it was some off beat 80’s movie that had a front cover of a naked girl in the shower screaming. No not a Psycho movie but something else that appeared to be sometime between 1980-84. Probably one of the many Friday The 13th rip-off’s of the early 80’s. But I am not totally sure though. The only image it showed on the back cover was a remote lake. Possibly in California or Oregon or some place out that way if I can remember what the tree’s looked like along the lake. I think there might have been a log cabin on the shore and it showed a rowboat out in the middle of the lake. I could kick myself now for never renting the movie to see if it was any good. Anybody have any idea what that movie I described might be? Thanks

70’s horror movie

There was a movie I rented once back in the early 2000’s from a Movie Gallery and I never watched all of the movie but anyway… The movie was from the 70’s and had to do with this girl (who according to the cover was a Playboy Playmate) lives in the swamp with her mute kid brother and everybody in there backwards hillbilly town shun her and her brother and there is an incident in the beginning of the movie where a young guy in his 20’s is a deputy sheriff and he accidentally discharges his gun and kills his friend when they are in the swamp. And he goes to his dad who is the county sheriff and tells him some of what happened and his friends father is with him and his friends father threatens to kill him and in a panic he tells his father and his friends father that the outcast girl killed his friend. And throughout the movie that girl and her brother are chased through the swamp by the sheriff and his redneck posse. Anybody have any idea what movie this is? I have been dying to know for years.


The movie ends when a woman, I believe with short dark hair, is sitting on the ground. There is a gasoline container next to her. She douses herself with the gasoline and sets herself on fire and the movie ends. It maybe a 60’s or 70’s movie. I don’t recall if it was in color. It was probably dubbed to Spanish because at that time we were living in Puerto Rico. This is unfortunately the only scene of this movie my siblings and I saw on TV when the programming ended at midnight. We’ve been haunted by this scene. Maybe someone can help. Thanks

Coyote with red eyes thriller from 90′ or 2000′

The movie takes place in north America (I think), there is some kind of reservation for rare coyote or wolf kind with red eyes during the night. There is a big statue of this animal sitting over the road in the entrance into this area. There is one scene, where is women having picnic during the night alone with her dog in her car, when she sees the two red eyes in the distance. She got scared and hid in the car, than the red eyed animal ran over her car and scared hell out of her.

It is colored movie (I think), I saw in the late 2000′ in TV in Europe.

Thanks for help!

it is a classic drama about a young painter who is hired to teach painting to two ladies of a noble family

… before entering this noble family, he accidentally  meets a young beautiful lady who is very desperate. Later when he enters the noble family for teaching painting, he sees that the desperate lady is there, one the noble ladies and is married to  a man much older than her. Later we find out that they are twin sisters who were separated at birth( of course as far as I remember). The one who grow up with her mother was poor but got to know the truth by their mom. Also she gets to know that her twin sisters life is at risk because of their birth secret and tries to warn her twin about this. But she gets killed her …

The movie is color and it probably belongs the 1980’s

Toast fail, spit back out

Very small and insignificant scene from a movie, believe from the mid 2000’s, but I think of it every single time someone does a toast.

Not much help, but in the scene I think there’s several people that are nicely dressed at a small party and a bunch of glasses are passed out (believe champagne or wine), and right before a guy raises his glass to make a toast, a woman drinks from her glass and when she realizes he’s making a toast she spits it back into her glass. Very sure it’s a comedy, and it might even be a parody movie. Deadlocked thinking of what it’s from – thanks for the help!

Japaese movie


I think it’s a Japanese or Korean movie I saw, in the crime / drama / murder genres. If I remember correctly, the main character is a doctor at a clinic and lives above a butcher shop. And kills people through a sleep deprived split personality. At one point he finds body parts in his fridge and tries to hide it from his ex who occasionally visits or something. I believe he is also friends with the detective that’s hunting him. I might be mixing up two movies lol. Does this sound familiar?

Old Movie – Girl Marries Boyfriend’s Wealthy Father

I am thinking of a movie probably from the 1960s (but possibly the late 1950s). I think it was one of those long, epic drama films with lots of characters (kind of like Peyton Place). Anyway, there is a wealthy father and son. I think the son goes off to war or something and while he’s gone his father marries his girlfriend. I think this was kind of a subplot in the film. It would be the kind of movie that TCM would play on a Sunday afternoon. Anybody know what I’m thinking of or did I just imagine this movie? . haha!