TV series, comedy about crazy family adventures

Few years ago I’ve seen the TV show, which contains few seasons (fron 3 to 5, don’t remember). It was about family, which had to carry something to the conference of dad’s work through all the USA, to Florida, or other warm place 😅

At their road were a lot of adventures and strange funny situations. For example, they were chased by crazy wife’s sister, which thought that the family carries drugs, and she wanted to stop them with her hippie boyfriend. Also they’ve lost this package in the car service. In the end of this line dad met his boss and there happened a conflict between them, in the result dad resigned from his work.

The next events were happening while the family was on the run, because they commit something illegal. Wife had a criminal father which lived in Cuba, or something like that.

They came to Alaska and settled there. The husband decided to work at the fishing boat. He was sending money to home but all of them were stolen by a daughter. In the end she also stole an expensive car of her boyfriend and run away from home.

That’s all I remember. Please heeelp, I could not find this show for ages!!

Espionage movie with a abandoned seafood restaurant..??

A movie that was created within the last 10 years, English language.  I watched this movie streaming somewhere several months ago.  It wasn’t a particularly interesting movie so wasn’t really paying much attention to it as it was on to keep my company while I was cooking.  I didn’t finish watching it, meaning to go back to it, but after all these months, I’ve forgotten what it was called and can’t find it.  I think it had a couple of big-name female and male actors, but I don’t remember who… I don’t think it was a blockbuster movie that was shown in movie theaters.  A group of spies, made up from different agencies and possibly from different countries were put together to do something, I think they were familiar with each other’s reputations.  They show up at an abandoned seafood restaurant on a deserted beach in a coastal town that had been abandoned due to war or something.  This place was going to be their front as they did their spying.  They didn’t expect to open the restaurant, except to just occupy the building to hide in.  Except a busload of tourists end up show up and to avoid blowing their cover, they frantically must get the restaurant working or risk blowing their cover with whatever current military or crooked government the restaurant was located in.  I stopped watching it at this point.  I’d like to finish watching it to find out what happened.  Thanks!

Vampire movie, horror

I watched the film with my parents for a very long time, until 2001 it’s for sure, the film is old, color, we watched it on a VHS cassette that a friend of our father gave us, perhaps it was recorded on our own, but I don’t know that anymore.

I don’t know the name of the film, because VHS did not start the film from the very beginning, but a little later.

In general, I remember only some excerpts from the film:

there were several female vampires, like a sister, but perhaps they called themselves that because they were vampires of the same blood. They met young guys who invited them to their home. They went to see them.

Among these vampires was one of the youngest, and among the guys there was a person whose room was arranged like a vampire hunter and he had a crossbow (hereinafter we will call him a vampire hunter), his friends did not believe in vampires, but he believed. In general, the vampires went about the house with the guys, and the young vampire went into the room to the vampire hunter. He turned on the telly, and gave her some kind of can (as I understand it with beer), she bit it with her teeth. The vampire liked this guy, so she warned him about the danger and then he took a crossbow and went to exterminate her sisters.

I don’t remember exactly, but it seems that at the beginning or a little later, these vampires tore some guy’s heart out of his chest, I vaguely remember, but it seems that they gave it to him.

I don’t know the actors, in principle, in the same way, films are usually taken mainly by young, non-famous actors, so you cannot find a film based on them.

I tried to find a movie on the list in Wikipedia, but either it is not there, or the title is not obvious to me, or it is simply not popular.

In those days, films like the Evil Dead were kind of popular.

Unfortunately, that’s all I remember about this film, I really want to find and watch it, but I can’t remember the details, I don’t even remember how many vampire sisters there were, like 3 or 4.


A 20-25 ? years old American comedy movie

Hello guys..i need your help pls cause i’m stucked for months 🙁

There was a comedy movie and i remember the main actor was famous..

In the plot i remember one scene..sorry for my english..

There were employers of some company (with their wives i think) on a train and were travelling somewhere the boss has said..i dont remember if the boss was on the train..i think for the weekend..and they were waiting for boss to announce who would get promoted? ..

The funny scene i remember was a (blonde ?) chick..if i remember right was the boss’s wife..they were sitting at the restaurant of the train..then in front of main actor she took a piece of butter from the table and she put it under her blouse on her breast (she wasnt wearing a bra) and when she put it off the butter had in the center the shape of her big nipple..and the main actor left speechless..

Prison Scene Where Bodyguards Are Payed Off

So I’m looking to find a movie that I had seen not that long ago. It was in English and fairly new. I believe the scene I remember is towards the end of the movie. So basically what I can recall is that they are in prison and this guy is surrounded by his bodyguards that he has payed to protect him. Some other person enters the scene or vice versa and the guy with the body guards attempts to get them to kill this other person but the other person has actually paid them more money than the guy and instead turn on him and the person walks out while hearing them beat the guy they were originally supposed to protect. All I can remember so i hope someone has an idea to what this might be.

A girl is being dragged by her hair from the car

Trying to recall the film with the scene, where a girl is being dragged by her hair from the car at full speed.

The scene, as I get it, looked like this: a hand is stuck out of the car window at right angles, it holds the girl’s head above the ground as the car is moving.

I didn’t watch the film itself, but remember the scene from the trailer I saw many years ago. I could assume the film was of asian origin.

teen comedy

  1. watched in 2009 year on TV
  2. colored teen comedy most likely from some european country (not engish speaking)
  3. I remember a piece of the plot: In general, 2 friends went with their parents and the younger brother of one of them to relax in nature with tents. The guys wanted to have sex with girls, just nearby was something like a camp for girls. The guys tried to make love with them, one of them succeeded. He took the girl to the barn and they almost already started kissing when calling him from his mother to find out where he was. He replied that he was with the cow in the barn, and the girl heard this and thought that she had said this about her and went away.
  4. Another piece of the plot: because of a joke of this younger brother, a visually impaired woman went into the shower room when there were these guys

cartoon or anime

  1. watched 10 years ago, maybe more, showed on TV
  2. it was a cartoon or anime
  3. watched this work in Russian
  4. colored
  5. I remember a piece of the plot: a middle-aged man walks through the desert to join him as a fellow traveler, a guy who has just finished his studies and returns home. The guy says that a girl is waiting for him at home who gave him a hairpin goodbye when he left the settlement and other things about himself. A man gives an amulet to a guy. Suddenly, the guy is killed by the cannibals with a spear. The man gives the body of the guy with dynamite to the cannibals and takes the amulet back to himself, the cannibals die from the explosion. I can be wrong, he seems to have said the phrase that you will have more taste for young meat instead of its old one. From the explosion, the guy’s hairpin flies off to the side of the man and he picks it up with the phrase not how you will not leave me alone. then the actions are transferred to the guy’s settlement where the local feudal lord tortures the girl in an attempt to make her his own, she still tried to bite off her tongue to die. As a result, the girl will be hypnotized. A man in a mask on his face and in a similar outfit who was killed by the cannibals enters this settlement and reads to conduct a dialogue with the feudal lord. then he is revealed, and he uses the power of the amulet to summon creatures that look like harlequins.

Cannot a horror movie for a while


It was quite a while since i was watching that movie, so i will tell about it, but i’m not sure about my memory ^_^

It’s a horror, thriller, … moive

It is about family and new house. Family: man, woman. Could have kid/kids. House, perhaps, had 2 floors. It’s very likley that house is near lake or pound. Near the house was a stable, barn or shed.

So … in the house were living also two sisters, could be even twins. And they were living/hiding in the walls. Walls are doubled, so there is a space in between. Girls could move from one place to another in the house by using secret ways.

As i remember they were bad to main characters. Could be because of their parents raising them unproperly. I don’t remeber they were real or they were ghosts or smth supernatural…

From here i can not be sure if the next memory from another movie or not 🙂

But seems like it from the same.

The last memory is about the end of the movie:After previous actions in the house guy goes to the shed, and finds in there a secret/hiden way to some place. That place was smth like the centre of evil or round altar. There were a lot of books on a round shelfs(not sure), and the main book in center on a pedestal or stantion(im positive), … it was open … and light started shine out of book similar to Harry Potter, could be that even some signs from book started to go out of book and swirl around the book along with the shine as if the book is a living creature or has a power.

I had some tries to find movie by name. I though it had a name “House near the Lake” or “a Lake House”, didn’t find desired result, but i was sure atm. I think this movie like 1990-2015. At least last time i tried this period. I would say it looks like that film is 1995-2010, but i  could be even mistaken about 90-15, there is a small chance that movie is lower than 90s. But i don’t think it’s a movie after 2015.

If i mentioned two separate movies they shoud have similar begining: family->new house->smth…

In this case I’m interested in both 🙂

UK kids show with biker

OK I recall this being shown in the UK after school. It may be Grange Hill or Byker Grove. I believe it centred around kids. What I distinctly remember is several scenes taking place in a parking garage where the kids interact with a guy on a motorbike but the visor is always down on the helmet so his face is never seen (at least in the scenes I recall). I may be wrong but I believe he was a villain and the kids were intimidated by him. I think he led a gang as well.

Low budget horror

I remember watching a trailer for a low budget independent horror movie. I can’t really recall what it was about but I seem to remember the main characters are in the countryside and come across some other hikers/campers. I think the other hikers end up vanishing/go missing and it I think it’s implied there is something supernatural going. I recall a moment where a tent shakes or appears to move suddenly forward at the screen.  It’s not any of the Blair witch movies or a field in England.

Women is served messenger pigeon

basically. It was like in the medieval or Legend of Zorro era. There was this very beautiful women who lived at a rich mans house as spy for two men. She sent them messages with pigeons. She was having dinner with the rich man and the food was served. Her dish was a pigeon. But she didn’t  noticed until she saw the ring she used to tie letters to on the pigeons feet. She ran and when trying to scape entered a closet with her friend spies killed and ver pale. The rich man came from behind and told her he knew everything. One of his guy friend threatens her with a knife and knocked her out.


Thriller, pretty cruel

I don’t remember the actors

More than 10 years ago viewed

Language: English

I remember one scene: One child for some reason was forced to run away from home. He and his new friend were lured into some house by a pedaphile killer. One of the children notices that the floor is covered with a film and they suspect something was wrong and they manage to escape.

90s B sci fi/western movie, guy buys a mirror that actually is a portal to a wild west town

It was on hbo or cinemax all the time in the early 90s. It’s so foggy I don’t remember much.

A guy gets some mirror for his house and it turns out you walk into it it takes you to some other world (dimension?) Where its wild west, but theres bad guys that are obviously from the future or something.
All I remember is a bad guy had a robotic arm like Cable from x men and/or a glowing red eye…

And the nerd/geek of the group wusses out and goes back thru the wild west worlds mirror/portal back to his house where it all started, only to realize he needs to help his friends who were left behind (and if I’m not mistaken get the girl, who is from his world or the wild west one, I don’t remember) and he does, which leads to him and buddies beating the futuristic baddies.

That’s all I got, other than the scene where nerd guy in his house staring at the mirror trying to convince himself to go back to it to rescue his friends and hes pretty damn scared.

It was on hbo/cinemax/or showtime all the time in the early 90s, obviously was never in theaters, and was a scifi/western mix…. and a mirror they randomly bought was a portal to that western world. Me and my friends (born 1982-1984) all remember it bc it was on tv so much when we were kids but none of us remember the name or any actors.

Weve looked up scifi/western movie mix lists, movies with portals mix, movies with mirrors as portals and haven’t found anything.

Its been killing us for almost 20 years. Does this ring a bell to Anyone ?

For some reason most of the scenes that I recall take place at night…. thanks anyways

A wall of beds

I don’t remember when I watched it, maybe 10 or 15 years ago. It was a colored and a movie not a TV series doubed to my mother tongue but most probably it was English and made in USA.

The only scene I remember, there was a huge wall, full of square cells, and in each cell a human kept slept. Bodies were alive but without any movement. Their brains were controlled with a couple of wires (I guess) in order to they feel they are acting in a real life. In other words, each body was thinking and feeling that they are living in a real world, but they weren’t aware that indeed they are laid in beds and all they hear, smell, touch, etc are in fact superficial electric signals sent to their brains…!

A movie about a couple that kidnaps children, first take always a photo of them.

I search for a movie that:

-I saw the movie I think between 1995 and 2005.

-About a woman and a man that kidnaps children, first take a happy photo of the children and then slaughters them.

-In my memory they dissambowled the children in pieces and putted them in closets.

-Movie about finding missing children, in the final of the movie they found the murderous couple.

-The movie was in color.

If you have an idea, please share that would be awesome. I searched the internet for trailers with all of the above and found not such a movie.


Thanks a lot 😀