a film from the 2000s, about ghosts, mummies and other supernatural creatures

And so, as it was said in the title, this film was released around the 2000s, at least at that very moment in time I saw it on TV in Russian dubbing. I don’t remember a full-fledged plot, but the plot is something like this: the action takes place in some kind of castle, in which preparations for a banquet are underway or something like that, at which the main character is present.
Here are the scenes from which I remember this movie

1) The ghost inhabits the main character and tries to take control of his body, but the main character takes a kettle and starts drinking boiling water, the ghost gets hot and leaves the main character’s body, after which a dialogue follows between them.

2) The main character communicates with some girl and holds a bouquet of flowers behind his back and wants to give it to her, but the ghost replaces the bouquet of flowers with a sausage stick, which is why the main character gets into a ridiculous situation. (I’m not sure about the presence of this scene).

3) The main character and the ghost are riding together in a carriage through the forest, to the “land of ghosts”, I do not know what to call this place. On the way there, they accidentally knock down a mummy, which loses its arm from the blow, but does not notice this and leaves. The main character and the ghost take this hand with them and continue on their way.

4) Arriving at the entrance to the “ghostland”, they see a small barn or an outdoor village toilet. Once inside, they find themselves in a huge room in which they need to confirm their identity as a supernatural being. The ghost passes this test without problems, and the main character uses the hand of a downed mummy, and pretends to be her.

That’s all I managed to remember about this movie, oh yes, it’s in color, not black and white. Due to my young age, I will not remember the actors. Due to the fact that I watched it in Russian, I can’t say in what language the film was in the original.

Prison movie with monster

I posted this on my Facebook a few years ago, 5 years ago to be exact, so that may be when it came out. I’ve meant to post this on here before. This is all I know of the movie. Maybe someone can figure it out, I’m sure I’ll recognize it if someone posts the name. This is all I know of it and I have no idea what it could be.  Thanks as always.

“So who’s the real monster in my movie? The monster in the prison, or the guy who sinks an entire prison to release the monster from the prison. I’m going with the latter.”

Scary Santa-Claus movie from 90s

Hi all, I watched this on a TV some afternoon in the 90s. I think it was aimed for teenagers, yet it freaked me out a bit.

One protagonist was a man playing Santa Claus in the stores. At some point he enters the train and he is alone in the wagon, apart from a single passenger in a hat, face invisible. He says sth like “I don’t want to end up alone” and some creepy voice answers “you already did” and the single passenger turns out to be a skeleton :O Both phases were not exactly like that in English, as I watched it dubbed.

Another scene I remember is when he was on duty playing Santa Claus, he asks a boy on his lap “what is your name” to which the boy rudely answers “Jack the Ripper, you fat man!” and tears his fake beard off. Another boy then runs home yelling that “[Name] torn Santa Claus beard off!”.

Long shot, I am aware 🙂 Thanks everyone!

Martial Arts movie

I posted this before a few years back but never really got any responses, this site has some real sleuths on it so hoping I can get some hits this time.

This is a movie from the 80s or 90s, I am leaning towards 90s. The movie is in english and from what I recall semi low budget so I can’t remember any actors.

Main character met a pro wrestler/fighter etc as a child and the wrestler gave him a keepsake (might have been a medal, or a picture) Fast forward, main character is grown and goofs off practicing his martial arts in a warehouse on boxes or something like that. Gets discovered and is subjected to cutting edge training in a weird room so as to have a chance against his opponents. There might also be performance enhancing drugs involved. The bouts are all pretty much full contact and the fighters don’t seem to have alot of animosity towards each other after the fights are over, near the end the main character becomes a big deal in the organization, one of his co fighters that he considers a friend (the friends stage name might have been budda guy or budokai?) is put into a fight to the death against a crazed drug enhanced fighter that might have been wearing a shock collar to keep him in check, there’s a cage i think and weapons maybe involved, the friend is killed by the crazed fighter who turns out to be the main characters childhood hero from the beginning of the movie, main character is forced to fight his hero, he shows him the keepsake and the crazed fighter mellows out and seems like hes in a trance remembering his former self before he is killed by the main villain…..good guy goes onto win etc etc.

Ghost story from 70s or 80s

I remember a couple of scenes from a creepy movie or TV show as a kid in the 80s but have no idea what it was. A woman is alone in a house but she feels like there is a presence – I think perhaps it could be that of her deceased husband or something. The house is on the coast I think and there is a scene where she is outside looking out to the ocean. I think there was also a night time scene of her at the bathroom mirror (just going about her normal activities). She seems lonely. I dont think it was a full-on horror movie with ghouls etc, I don’t recall even actually seeing the ghost. It was more of a sad/creepy/wistful vibe. It’s not Lady In White, The Haunting of Sarah Hardy, Images, The Haunting passion, or the Entity BTW. Can anyone help?? 🙂

I remember this kung fu movie from the 70’s

I remember this kung fu movie from around the 70’s that took place in old world China. It had scene(s) whereby there is a kung fu fight in a ceramics shop (or similar place with a lot of ceramics) that featured a lot of acrobatics and throwing the pots around without breaking them, knocking down shelves with pots, juggling the pots while fighting, etc. Really amazing acrobatics I thought. I have tried to search for this movie before, but have never been able to find it. I saw it on TV in the 1970’s.

Weird Movie

  1. What is the name of the movie where a group of friends went to a house or cabin for the weekend or Getaway, when they take a can of drinks from the fridge, the drink replace itself and when they try to leave they cant leave, they would either end up in the Attic, the Basement or the Bedroom of the House, It was about 5 of them but only one survived and she was able to leave in the end

Life raft scene but not a life raft movie

I’m looking for a film which starts with a scene of two or possibly three US military personnel in a life raft, I believe after bailing out of an aircraft. They have run out of food and the main character is fantasizing out loud about what he would like to eat when they are rescued (a steak and a baked potato I think). Soon after, they are rescued and the next shot is of a steak and a baked potato on a plate…but being given to another character than the one who was fantasizing about it; instead he is given a poached egg floating in milk by a nurse. They are all in the hospital and she explains to him that since he gave his ration to the other characters, he is not ready to eat solid food yet. This sequence was maybe five or ten minutes at the beginning of the film, I don’t remember any details of the rest except it was about his getting used to civilian life after the military.

Other information: The film was American, in colour, probably from the late 1950s or early 1960s. I saw it on television in Canada, probably in the mid-1980s. It is not a more recent film such as Against the Sun.

Asian love story, they meet at a tree in the end

I remember a movie I watched in 2017 that was already, I would guess, at least ten years old at that time. I don’t remember what language they were speaking and therefore don’t remember the setting either. In fact, all that I CAN remember is that there was a tree significant to the story. They meet at the tree in a rather ethereal scene in the end. The movie was shown to me by someone who considered it a favorite. I don’t know that person anymore and I only remember enjoying the movie so I’d like to rewatch and see if I still feel the same.
Someone already offered a guess of a kdrama series but that wasn’t it because it was definitely a movie, though it could’ve been a Korean movie. Someone also guessed My Sassy Girl but that wasn’t it either—obviously my memory is a sieve but I feel confident it wasn’t a romcom.

Dog cartoon with duck

All I can remember from this cartoon in color was 2 dogs dressed like hunters, one big and one small trying in vain to hunt a little green duckling with an annoying laugh. The rest is blank because the power went off after that for 3 days a few years ago.

Like in my previously solved post, if the name can be identified, please let me know if the full cartoon itself is available online to watch too and so on……

Note: Since I mentioned the duckling being green earlier, therefore, it is safe to assume that it’s not something Daffy Duck related.

Woman is left on altar

This movie was in black and white and I saw it in TV about 7 years ago, in I believe spanish. I don’t know what year it could’ve come out in but it was probably 1930s to 1950s?

So a woman and man were going to get married, but the man leaves her at the altar and when she calls his house his wife answers the phone and tells her that he is already married. I think she gets depressed and when she goes back to work her coworkers ask her about her wedding and she lies and says that it was wonderful or something like that. And then she throws up and her coworkers say that she is probably pregnant after her honeymoon. So she goes all in, to the lie, and she pays a photographer to edit the man and her into a wedding photograph. Then she goes to the doctor and I don’t know what happens nor how but she gets a positive pregnancy test and she wears a fake stomach so that it looks like she is pregnant. I don’t remember what happened after that, and I want to know how it ends. Thank you!

Bear cartoon with chicken

All I can remember is part of this cartoon in color where 2 bears, one big but dumb and one small but smart try to catch and eat a chicken, but to no avail.

If the name can be identified, please let me know if the full video can be viewed online in excellent HQ quality somewhere too.

I tried on YouTube, but to no avail since there were hardly any results matching my search. Not even Google helped much other than the fact that my country is suffering a temporary wifi connection problem for a few days until resolved.

movie about two sisters

help me find a movie about two sisters, one of whom is a popular blogger and a smaller model, but she seems to have studied design, because their family business is related to design. At the beginning of the film, the older sister's boyfriend sneaked into the younger sister's room, later, when they grew up, it became clear that he was in love with her. Parents loved only the older sister, who was a manipulator and lied to everyone.

Father r*pes his daughters friend.

Hi all,


Sorry for the vulgar title, but this is generally all me and my fiance can remember of this film we saw a couple of years ago. It was American. The friend I think was staying at her friends house when her friends father r*pes her on the sofa, or at least sexually assaults her. That is all we can remember. It’s bugging the hell out of us.


I know it’s vague but thanks for any help.