Man with invisibility suit watches over girl

Movie (pre 2006) about man that is some sort of bodyguard for a little  girl? He has an invisibility suit and the girl doesn’t know what he looks like, almost like an imaginary friend. There’s a part where the invisibility suit fails him because of battery or something and he quickly hides in the girls closet. When the girl comes she tries to talk to her “invisible friend” and he talks to her from the closet still attempting to act like he’s invisible. The girl goes to her closet because it’s obvious his voice is coming from inside there and when she opens it they both scream and he runs out because he’s been seen. Later there’s a scene where he’s invisible again in her room and he’s apologizing for that’s ordeal

Boy and Old man fish for biggest fish in lake

Around 2005 I saw a movie that I think was released in the 70s, 80s, or maybe 90s. all I remember was that it was about a boy and an older man that didn’t see eye-to-eye but bond over fishing in a lake. They try to find a particular fish in the lake that’s huge, and even have a nickname to this particular elusive, large fish. Only scene I remember is that they’re chasing said fish in a boat at one point, the boy adamant on catching it— the older guy is standing in the front of the small boat as it’s pursuing but they end up hitting a rock in the water and the old guy flys out and hits his head on the rock

comedy from 1970-80 ys, USA

Help me find the film: (about 70-80 years, USA) The plot of the film: Two swindler friends earn their living by getting hit by a car and the other pulling money from the driver. One of them owed money to the mafia, and tried to disappear, he ends up in a house in a wealthy area, the owner of which left the country for a while (?). The swindler for a while pretends to be the owner of this house and ends up with a huge company (for the production of advertising) where he falls in love with the owner’s daughter. He does work quite successfully. (in one of the episodes he offers to install a running line on the toilet door….) In the meantime, he and his friends set up a mafia boss like selling him a huge building in the city center …

Movie with bad cops

Hi, good evening and sorry for my bad english, i’m italian!
About the movie unfortunately I only remember a very short scene of this film, it is an American film of at least 15/20 years ago, the genre was probably detective, I remember that there was a “good” young agent who was trying to shed light on some murders or criminal events , and finding himself outside a house at night, talking to another police officer, asking him what had happened regarding a criminal event asking him some details, the agent distracting himself from another talking dialogue with another colleague, torn ‘agent good , said that there had been “4 (I don’t remember the number)” people involved in the event, betraying themselves and letting the good cop understand that the other agent knew something and was involved in something shady along with other cops. Unfortunately I only remember this. It isn’t Cop Land, Heat etc…Thanks a lot!!

Comedy about Struggling Comedian

I saw this movie (comedy) on Netflix.  About a struggling comedian (who is unknown or at least unpopular).  I think the movie was part documentary and part skits. One of those skits is the comedian’s inside his agent’s office, in which the agent is lying to his client about being able to find him work (because the joke is the comedian isn’t very good) and when the agent is on the computer, he’s very obviously “fake typing”, to where the comedian calls him on it and says, “you’re not even typing anything! You’re just smacking the keyboard” (something to that effect).  That’s all I remember!  Please help!

Please help me Id this movie

I can’t remember this movie and it’s been bothering me.

Description: american comedy, probably 2010s, but not sure.

Synopsis: 5 actors are in a cabin by a lake. A redhead, brunette, a gay man, and a bookworm.

There are scenes of them auditioning for a Zac Efron film, though he’s not in this movie.

One of the 5 actresses drowns in the lake. The other 4 actors let her drown. When the police arrive, they act better than they ever have, portraying themselves as being innocent all the while having let the actress drown.

Can you help me find this movie, please?

Remember this scene

I remember a scene from a movie or show I watched on tv in the 90’s two young adults one man one female were tied with a rope together on their belt loops on their jeans. Their boss wanted them to do that because there was a storm coming and it was to ensure a buddy system so no one got lost. They were preparing the place for the storm while this was happening. They were either camp counselors at a summer camp or possibly ranch hands on a dude ranch or even workers at a resort. There was a whole bunch of young adults working there.
There was some sexual tension between the two and I remember him yanking on the rope a lot and they bickered.

80’s movie that I cannot figure out!

An older movie, post-apocalyptic or SciFi desert area. No buildings or advanced tech.  The story revolves around a small group of people panicked about an predicted approaching solar eclipse. Many believe it will be the end of the world. One of the charismatic leaders is blind and convinces a woman he has a relationship with to become blinded as well. To do so (this is the scene that stuck in my memory!), she is laid down and wears a mask that covers her face except for her eyes. Then two crows or hawks(?) are allowed to peck out her eyes while she’s awake and under no anesthetic. Scene creeped me out but also the movies ending.  The eclipse comes and everyone panics, except for one other guy who has been against the belief that the world is ending.  It’s a long shot that anyone remembers it. Very low budget movie.

Need help finding a wedding movie

I need to find this movie or TV episode. The story has a wedding in it and I only remember a short 5 minute scene.

It’s late at night and the setting is at a bed and breakfast, a manor, or a home. I want to believe it is a castle like manor/bed and breakfast.

Two male friends arrive late at night and on the way up the stairs to their room they run into a father with his son on the stairs. They exchange greetings and ask each other if they are from the bride or grooms side.

The father introduces himself and then turns to his son who he introduces with this quote

“and this is Shaunter… The famous bedwetter.”

To which Shaunter exclaims.

“but daaaaddy that isn’t fair!”


Here are a few more things Im not 100% on.

I don’t know how to spell Shaunter, seanter, shawnter, I’ve tried endless variations.

I want to believe that it is a British show/movie.

I also think that the boy may have witnessed his dad cheating on his mom earlier with another guest which lead to his anxious bed wetting.

Honestly if when I die, I’m given a choice to go to heaven or learn the source of this scene I will gladly choose hell and learn the origin of my cinematic nightmare. Thank you 🙂

Does anyone remember this movie…

I saw this movie on TV about 10 years ago. A woman in a relationship constantly sees a strange dream with a mysterious man, like a shadow, coming from the sea towards her. Convinced that he is her soulmate, she divorces her present partner and turns to a woman who is a phusic medium, a reincarnation specialist, to help her find him. During the sessions, she begins to see dreams or visions with couples from different eras ending up together in tender moments, I remember, for example, in one scene of her dream session being with him as a couple of villagers from previous years, in another one she is with him and he is a sailor from another era, etc. couples every time, but we learn that she has  the same fate as her mysterious lover over the centuries, and that it is their destiny to always end up together. Eventually she finds this man, coming like a shadow from the sea like in her dream sessions, and as we see his face, finally it is her already partner who had divorced from the begining of the movie, he was always with her. As he approaches her, he typically says to her: “Hello, my lost one…or something like that.

If someone knows the title of this movie, please writte it to me.

Thank you.

Does anyone remember this movie…

The only thing I remember from the movie is that its subject was about people who entered booths who wore virtual reality glasses and lived their lives. At the end of the movie everyone spent Christmas in virtual reality except a love couple sitting in a park bench.

If someone knows the title of this movie please writte it to me.

I watched this movie somewhere in 1995-2000 if that helps.

Help me find a movie

a film where a girl lives with her father, mother and sister on a farm or ranch during the First World War, rides horses, dresses in men’s clothes, drives away kills snakes, falls in love with a rich neighbor, gives birth to a son in the water, she is bitten by a poisonous snake, a girl dies, at the end of the film the grown-up son comes with a black woman to his mother’s grave

Old war movie

It’s a war movie from the maybe 1955 to 1965 I saw it or so. There was a desert setting with many nations involved. Arabs, armies of the civil war era, Ottoman, and many others. Not real sure who was the bad side but what I do remember is the ending where the good guys were about to get wiped out in some old fort with many entrances, all of a sudden reinforcements show up each coming in a different opening and what was neat is there was many nations involved from all parts of that area, I believe it to be a desert area probably in the mid 1800s. So long ago and I do believe it was in color but could be wrong. It was english and I think I was in a theater

Low budget slasher film

Hi please do help me find this horror film if possible all I know is the shower scene so it starts with this women in black bra and underwear as she undos bra and takes off the pantie but then the slasher slowly makes his way through the door when she sees it she is in shock then she screams and couldn’t get away the slasher grabs her and puts either chlorine or baking soda in her mouth as his next victim that’s all I remember from this film whatever you might know can help! Thank youuu

American comedy

This film of end of 80s…beginning of 90s. The HERO is TV journalist. He wants to have children. His wife is lawyer and works in President election team. HERO meet another woman. She is a musician, plays violoncello. She get pregnant and he decides to devorce from his wife. HERO and his wife are in restorant and his wife says him, that she is pregnant too. And the HERO does not devorce from his wife, but marries the woman musician. Two wives of HERO meet in hospital before childbirth. They decides to devorce from HERO and do not show him their childrens. But happy end. The musician wife is plaing in the orchestra, the lawer wife is judge. And the HERO is in the park and many children around him call him DADDY.

French film of teenagers

This film of end of 80s…beginning of 90s. I remember the final of that film. The young girl is looking for her boyfriend. She comes into the flat. A lot of teenagers sleep on the floor in that room. And her boyfriend is in another room with another girl. She falls down on the armchair and gets asleep. And one of teenager awakes. He sees the girl, comes to her and begins fuck her. The girl awakes and the film is over.