Western town invaded by aliens

This is a movie from the 80’s/90’s where this guy goes to this small western town to investigate something. He brings his dog along but it soon goes missing. He walks into a diner to ask the locals if they have seen his dog, but one-by-one, each person gets up and walks across the street and just stares at him in the diner. It creeps him out and he gets into his car to drive away. As he’s speeding out of town, he notices some figure on the side of the road. When he gets closer he sees that it’s an alien. It zaps his car as he passes. That’s all I remember.

Teen romantic movie

I saw this movie on TV in 2006 or 2007 years, but i think movie is older.
It was about boy and girl, who often rode a bike together.
The boy always carried a camera with him and took a foto.
One day he showed the girl a secret place in the garden. Almost no one knew about this place. There were beautiful figures in the garden.
I think it was drama movie.
If not mistaken, the boy was blond.
Movie was in color.

Thanks for help

kid’s magical adventure with a cat and dog

I remember bits and pieces of this colored film when I was a kid (in the 90s). the main plot was this boy and girl go on some kind of adventure with a cat and dog. Only thing is the animals where played by actors in a dog and cat costume.

only two scenes I remember:

  1. The boy and girl get into an argument over a rocking horse.
  2. The cat actress dies in a volcanic eruption or a forest fire (I can’t remember which)

Yellow prehistoric monster that teleports

I remember just a little bit of this movie on tv when I was a kid (sometime in the mid to late 90s) before my parents changed the channel.


There were there people that could teleport/time travel. I don’t remember if they were from the future, past, idk. But there was this giant yellow monster that I thought looked like the rancor from star wars that could teleport as well.


There was this one scene where the main guy witnesses the yellow monster and a t-rex fight (stop motion animation). the t-rex looses and the yellow monster sees the guy and chases him.

Movie about chasing robots who look human

hey, I really don’t remember much. It’s a film in colour and a bit older I guess, 80s or 90s maybe.

I think it’s about someone who has to chase robots who look like normal people. The only scene I remember is that there are some people in a restaurant and an aquarium bursts. And the water hits the people and this one guy „dies“ (that’s how they found out that he was a robot).

If you know what movie Im talking about please let me know, thank you.

A movie about violence, a hostage and some love

I saw this movie around 15 years ago. The movie itself was from 90’s, I think, and in English.

The story: a young guy (he is Hispanic, probably in his late teens/early twenties) is sexually assaulted (raped?) by two white guys older than him. In revenge he kills at least one of them with a shotgun/rifle. Then he hides in some house where he takes a young woman (perhaps his age) hostage. He spends the night with her and during that time some connection between them appears and they have sex in effect.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Early 80s possibly a late 70s film

I remember coming home and turning on the tv and the thing I remember from the movie was someone is in a projection room and either trips or the film starts to unreel and covers the person. The person then gets up and is covered in the film strip. It might have been the ending, and it might be a short film.

I saw this around 1984 maybe 1985 and the movie might be older. Would have been on hbo and I had just arrived from school when I saw this.


I remember seeing a movie years ago with about 3 or 4 people who had to go underwater in an underwater viewing room with things chasing them. They got gear on and left the room through a hatch in the ground. When they went into the water something new was chasing them. I could have sworn it was Jurassic Park until I rewatched them and got confused. Please help I remember it being a great movie.

A Movie about recovering drowned treasure from mountain river in Andes

Sup, guys!

I’m looking for the movie from 70-80s.
Somewere in some mountains, presumably Andes, there is a mining camp. They dig gold or emeralds or something precious, don’t remember exactly.
Then some gang robs them, stealing everything, then the car with all their loot falls into mountain river or waterfall.
Some guys make an expedition to recover these valuables.

They drive to that waterfall with special equipment, pot some ropes and cables over the river using a crossbow, put a diver into the waterfall and recover the crates with that gold/emeralds/etc.

There was a scene when they drive there, on a gas station some guy from the team get into a brawl with a biker. The biker has some kind of flail with a spiked ball, and the guy uses a tin bucket to fight off that flail, finally defeating that biker.

Scary movie from when I was younger

I saw the movie maybe a little more than 10 years ago on a VHS. It’s bugged for a while. It’s a color film. The man that is cut in half is there because a woman threw a tennis ball for him to get and when he looked up the train got him. And another person that died was a woman that was in lingerie with her boobs showing. she was about to have sex with a guy I believe in a cemetery but then he strangled her and buried her hugging a corpse and threw his cigarette on her. That’s really all I can remember.

Help please

Hello. I watched it on TV somewhere in 2014 or 2015. To be honest, I remember everything very badly. I remember the fact that the schoolchildren were locked in the library, they started talking about themselves, there was still a strange kid in the hood (in my opinion he was still a genius and something else was drawing on the table), and there the mother exchanged bodies with her daughter or something like that. The film is not old, somewhere in 2009-2016. I hope someone understood)))

Old scary movie about a man with powers, who is the Devil or sort of, and a woman called Morgana.

Hi. I reckon it is a movie from the 80’s or 90’s, a scary one.

This Morgana woman commits a murder, but this powerful man-devil wants to protect her and reach her, so he surrenders himself to the police saying he committed that crime.

Once in jail, he reveals himself as the Devil to his prison mates, and one of them – a skeptical one -, asks him to grant him the wish to let himself get out from jail. He obliges by making him pass through the bars but shattering his body in the process. Naturally the other witnesses are terrified by this.

Another bit that I remember is this man-devil saying to someone something like: “tell Morgana I am waiting longingly”.

Thank you in advance for your help.

1980’s Made for TV movie about twin girls being reunited

I was wondering if anybody knows what movie this is? The movie was filmed sometime in the late 80’s and I think it was made for TV. I was on either, ABC, CBS, NBC or was a network channel like Lifetime or USA. I saw it on TV sometime between 1988 and 1991. I only saw maybe the last half hour of it the most. Basically the movie was about these identical twin girls that are between 18 and 22 years of age and they are white with dark brown hair. They come to find out in a flashback scene why they were separated. In the flashback which takes place when they were around 4, 5 or 6 years old and it shows there being a heavy downpour which might have even been a mild hurricane and them ridding in a sedan or station wagon with there mother. There mother swerves and hits a guardrail and as a result the right rear door comes open and one of the girls is ejected from the car and ends up in a raging river down bellow. The mother jumps in to save the girl who was thrown into the river from the wreck and she manages to get her out with the help of a middle aged lady who I think might have been Hispanic. After the girl is saved the woman acts like she is going to help the mother out of the river and she offers her a branch which she then pulls back on and lets go and it hits her in the head and she is knocked out and swept down river and drowns. Shortly after the flashback the girl who had been living with the Hispanic lady who took her as her own daughter confronts her about it and gets her to go out to the bridge with her where she murdered her mother. They climb down by the river which is real calm compared to that afternoon over a decade earlier and her sister was waiting there and was standing on the bridge looking down at them. The Hispanic lady sees her and has a mental breakdown. Shortly later they show her in a mental hospital sitting on her bed there and holding a doll. And the sisters talk with a doctor about her condition and whats going to happen to her and shortly later the movie ends. I was only a few years old when I saw it and it was on prime time TV and my parents stopped at it and we watched the last half of it. Anybody who has any idea what movie it was please let me know. The movie came to mind when I was walking around the parking lot at the Veterans Affairs clinic in Youngstown, Ohio I work security at since it was raining real heavy and there was a tornado warning an hour earlier that day so all that I guess made me think of the movie. Oh and I think another clue two is that the movie might have taken place in Florida because there might have been some Palm Trees in the flashback.

Cat and Dog.

These two characters lived in a toybox and the dog was taught things by the cat, and sometimes they would go to different places like a school classroom. In one episode there is a classroom with a group of children and there’s a song about gardening, specifically about ‘green fingers’.

It’s a British children’s show, made by the Rosie and Jim production company and it looks something like this:

Late 90s Late night HBO Seduction/Hiest

Late 90’s(possibly 2000-2001 at the latest)Man is driving home at night through the woods and finds a woman with a head injury walking along the road. They return to his house where she seduces him while her accomplices plan to rob him. As the movie progresses she gets him involved in their con scheme. Definitely rated R. She may have been wearing a wig when he picked her up but I could be misremembering that aspect. Not much to go on but I’ve not been able to find anything myself and this one has been driving me nuts for years. Thanks!

Investigation at a British Boys School

I recall seeing this mystery film in the 80s, possibly on PBS, perhaps on MYSTERY! Then again it may have been a rental tape.

At any rate, it involved a murder investigation being conducted at a British boys school. In the only scene I can remember, one of the detectives went into an attic storage space, only to have the door pulled shut, locking him in while a fire was set down below, filling the room with smoke.

I seem to recall one of the investigators resembling a young Terence Stamp, but I’ve been through his filmography with a fine tooth comb and it doesn’t seem to have been him.