Old horror VHS

I am desperately searching for this movie so I can hopefully buy a copy for myself, I have special core memories tied to this movie…

I don’t remember any scenes from the movie, I’m not even sure I watched it, honestly… But I have one specific detail about it that you would immediately recognize if you know the movie or not… It’s an old horror movie(VHS) and on the front of the usual VHS sleeve case, it was a sorta interactive case, there was a picture of a face with actual tiny red light bulbs in place of the eyes and at the bottom of the case there was a button, and when you pressed the button, the eyes would flicker red and it would play the creepy, high pitched haunting tune… please for the love of god somebody help me find out what movie this is!!

the core memory tied to this movie is the face that my parents kept the movie (along with all their other really old horror movies) in these two cabinets at the bottom of the entertainment center and every time a storm came through and it would thunder really loud, that specific movie case would go off and start playing that creepy tune…


thank you for your time!!

Post-apocalyptic/Hell on Earth animated comic

The movie was based off of a comic. I believe it was an independent web comic.

It wasn’t fully animated, the characters were like cut-outs, like the animated version of Dante’s Inferno by Sandow Birk and Marcus Sanders.

I saw it on Hulu between 2011-2014.

The main plot is that aliens, thought to be demons, came to Earth, and enslaved humanity. People believe the biblical apocalypse has happened.

A teenage boy is wondering the wasteland trying to survive.

If I remember right, the movie starts with him living with a priest of some kind.

It was very grim, dark, and violent.

One scene that sticks out, the main character gets raped/beaten by a female alien/demon, that has a cyborg penis.

I hope this is enough info, it’s been almost 10 years since I watched it, and I’ve been looking for it for the last 3 years now.

Thank you for your time!


Hello dear moviegoers! Sometime in the middle of the 90s, on TV, I had the opportunity to see a film that, for reasons I do not understand, has been haunting me for many years :).
I remember very little, but still I hope for your help. So: the genre can most likely be described as a fantastic erotic thriller / thriller. I remember the plot very little. Of the highlights, I remember a car with an emblem in the form of a middle finger. a guy with an artificial hand or finger. I remember that he told some girl that he had a choice to cut off his arm or penis and he chose his arm :)). Well, at the end of this work, I remember, the girl cut everyone, it seems with a knife, except for one guy, with whom they later had sex in weightlessness…
I understand that the description is no good, but still I have illusory hopes of finding this “masterpiece” Thank you in advance!

Horror film, humanoid monster girl

I don’t know the name of the movie, please tell me

The film is in English, not popular

The events of the film take place in a small town at night. The girl turned into a humanoid monster and began to kill everyone at night. The same girl, at the end of the film, turned the male policeman into her own kind (she got out of her mouth like a tentacle and she sent it into his mouth), and the policeman’s partner escaped. They broke into the police station, where the monster man failed to kill his former colleague, but the monster girl killed her. At the end of the film, she is hit by a car, and he is handcuffed and imprisoned.

A film about friendship between a teenager angel and a girl.

A film about friendship between a teenager angel and a girl. I watched it a long time ago, about 5-7 years ago. He was colored. And it was like a series. The short story that I remember: a teenage angel is kicked out of heaven. And he is forced to fulfill the desire of one girl. whose father has disappeared. In this he will be assisted by two angels. I remember the moment where they were in class and they were celebrating Christmas like. The angels helped make it special. Did they also live in a barn? Don’t know. But it seems that until he helps the girl, he will not be able to return to heaven, to paradise. Please help me find!

Guy cleans public phones; uses handkerchief to talk on one

I’m trying to remember a movie from maybe the 80s or 90s where one of the main characters has a job cleaning public telephones.  Any time he uses one (which he does during the movie), he holds a handkerchief or bandana over the mouthpiece to talk on it.  I think he’s stalking someone else & is kind of a weirdo?  He’s someone like Bruce Dern, but Dern doesn’t have a movie like that as far as I can find.  The main female character is, IIRC, someone kinda pretty & probably blonde like Laura Dern or Jodie Foster, but damned if I can figure it out.  The movie seems kinda seamy — dirty, urban, etc.  Movie is in English & color.  I believe I saw it on TV, but it could have been a cable channel.  I saw it between 1989 & 1996.  They guy talking on a public telephone in a booth through his bandana or handkerchief seems to be the most descriptive thing.  Thanks!

tv show lost to time

Im trying to remember the name of a old tv show i watched in my teen year’s. It was around early to mid 90’s it stared Sam Kinison. It was one of them “star of the show” comedy’s like bill cosby show and such. all i remember is at the end of each episode of the show it would show him walking down the street on the sidewalk looking up at a angle “to the camera” the block had brick house’s like new york city and he would be saying a random thought that would last maybe 20 or 30 second’s ending in his “oh oh oh ooohhhh” scream he likes to do on stage. i looked thru imdb and it dont even know about the show. Am i thinking of the wrong comedian or is it just lost in time.

Constantly bullied fat girl movie

An incredibly fat girl is being constantly bullied for her obesity at school by 2 school girl bullies. She is lucky enough to have at least one friend, an African American girl i think.

One scene has her begging the bullies not to drop her drawings in the toilet drain, which the latter does anyway, while being cruelly nicknamed “Piggy”.

Her friend constantly tells her to stand up for herself. At one point, in class, the fat girl finally does a little payback by cutting one of the bullies’ hair, only to end up getting chased by her later on.

Demon from beneath a church

When I was little I used to watch horror movies with my mom.  This would be in the late 80s to early 90s.  This may have been a film or a made for TV movie.

I remember this scene involving a demon imprisoned  under the floor  within a basement of a cathedral.  I remember it was being mentioned that the demon had once a been a priest.  I know it wasn’t “The Church” (1989) which had a similar premise and involved an architect that had died in the church he had designed.  This wasn’t it.

I remember the demon in question, emerging from  a trap door in the floor.  It was huge, and gory, with long horns – much like a minotaur. I remember the camera focusing down on this mass of bloody tendrils/intestines that trailed across the stone floor as the creature walked.  I vaguely remember that it was going after a woman who was trapped with it, and that the creature was defeated by decapitation.

This scene has been bugging me for a while.  Maybe someone here might know where this is from.

Vampire fakes death

I saw this fairly recently but cannot remember what it was. It involved a family of vampires. In the end, some vampire hunters came and staked the dad vampire in his coffin but after they left,  he revealed to his wife and son that he had tricked them and faked his death with a trick coffin

80s era ghost movie

I remember a couple of scenes from a creepy movie as a kid in the 80s but have no idea of the films name. A woman is alone in a house but she feels like there is a presence – I think perhaps it could be that of her deceased husband or something. I’m pretty sure there is a scene at night where she is outside looking out to the ocean from a craggy shore or cliff. I think there was also a scene of her at the bathroom mirror (just going about her normal activities). She seems lonely. The movie had a sad and quite creepy vibe to it. It’s not Lady In White BTW. Can anyone help?? 🙂

American Movie (I Think?) With Japanese Villain Who Commits Seppuku

I watched it on TV many years ago, and the only thing I remember is that it had a Japanese villain who committed seppuku in front of his master after failing, pretty sure the movie involved about some important item, the main protagonist was a white guy, the movie also had a diving scene where the protagonist and a leading female character were diving together.

A film about a book, a mansion and a group of people

The film is already old, a group of American people went to have fun in the mansion, during the fun, one of the guys accidentally breaks through the wall “as far as I remember” in the bookcase and finds a strange book in the hole, he catches “halucinations” and goes to wash his eyes, after after he washed them, he raises his head in the mirror and sees black eyes in himself. AND HERE STARTS THE MEAT. There’s a hurricane outside and no one can leave the building until dawn. What is the essence of the film, whoever read this book becomes a killer, and the person who eliminates the killer will become a killer himself and such a vicious circle. but after many deaths of their friends, the heroes realized that it was necessary to injure the enemy, and when the killer dies, then the one who wounded him must kill himself (like this man cut his veins or throat) to break the circle, which happened (as far as I I remember the last killer was wounded with a fireplace poker). The circle was interrupted, and in the morning the main character burned the book while sitting on the steps of the mansion)

A mysterious race cars movie, please help me to find out

I watched on TV a long time back (maybe at least 15 years back, not sure), a movie about sport cars, I don’t remember precisely the complete story, but I remember that it started with a terrible accident in F1 race, the driver is dead. His brother, the movie hero, was very affected by his death, so he decided as tribute to his brother to get a sport car (it was not the DeLorean and strangely very similar) and jump over a Grand Canyon. The canyon was too far from his home, so he decided to make long travel on a big truck with the sport car inside the truck. It was an American movie, I am 100% sure of that, but the funny story about this movie is that it was broadcast and translated to arabic on the national Tunisian channel, which was very unusual until now. This movie reminds me so many memories, please help me find out the title pleaase 🙂