two boys scrap together a sailboat to cross the desert

I saw that Chiwetel Ejiofor directed a movie called “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”. At first I wondered if it’s a remake from a movie I vaguely remember. It is not.

On to the movie I can’t seem to find:

Two boys are stranded in the desert. (Plane crash? or are they abandoned?)
After initial despair, they find a half buried sail boat, and scrap it together putting wheels on it, so they can “sail” across the desert.

I saw this in my childhood / early teens, so late 1990s, early 2000s, on Austrian television, or German cable. It was dubbed to German, but given the setting of Africa?, there’s every chance it’s a French production.

Please help me find this movie!

Help me find the movie

I’ve been looking for a very high-quality thriller for a long time, I don’t remember either the actors or the title. Plot: a man dies, the devil gets into his body and returns to the house to his wife, who suspects nothing. The soul of a man is also in the house, trying with all his might to protect his wife and make himself known. Gradually, the wife begins to feel something is wrong, then she understands the whole essence of what is happening, and now she needs to get rid of this guest and survive herself. Very exciting!!!!!

Can anyone remember this alien movie

Can anyone remember a movie (possibly from the 2000/2010s I think but could be wrong) that’s about an alien invasion. I am pretty sure the main male character was a soldier and was arrested at some point; but had something done to him by the aliens that he isn’t aware of. He travels across the country, pretty sure they find a camera/camcorder showing the aliens travelling, they go to some sort of military base then stumble upon a town of resistance fighters that have created some sort of alien weapon (I think it has a blue laser but 🤷‍♀️). I also think he may sacrifice himself towards the end to help the fighters kill the mothership with the weapon

1970’s British May/December Romance

The movie I’m looking for is a British movie from the 1970s, which is a romance between a married man (with a wife and two small children) who is the lighting technician for a play in which a young girl is a part. The older man and younger girl start seeing one another, before the man discovers that she is actually still a schoolgirl. In the movie, the man goes on a tour of the play with the young girl, while the wife goes overseas somewhere to do a commercial shoot where she is a model. The man and young girl eventually end up in his apartment, where they sleep together, and she accidentally leaves a ribbon in the bed. His wife comes home only moments after the girl leaves. Eventually the man and the girl break up, and the man returns to his family. In the last scene in the movie, his wife discovers the girl’s ribbon in their bed, realizing that he’s been having an affair, but she keeps the information to herself.

The man’s father is a drunk and a gambler, who is unemployed. He comes to see his son at his apartment, just after he has slept with the young girl, and she is still inside. The father asks for some money, and the son gives it to him, keeping him outside, so he won’t come and see the girl.

I wish I knew the identity of one of the actors, but I don’t. The movie is set in England, kind of at the end of the swinging 60s and beginning of the 70s.

Thanks for your help!

help me find the name

The film is a drama with elements of a fairy tale, the guy lives alone, it seems, in the forest, there is a village or a city nearby, a little girl with some kind of disease lives there. The guy is friends with the girl, he is unfairly accused of obscenities towards this girl. The inhabitants of the city decide to punish him, the girl helps the guy to escape, and the forest helps them, blocking the way for the pursuers.

Mother helps son commit suicide

I’m reposting this from 2017 by *Lisa because it really piqued my interest and there were no responses. Please rack your brains movie buffs, I’m dying to watch it. Thanks!

An older woman brings a big metal bowl to her grown son seated with back to camera. The bowl is to catch the blood when he slits his wrists. Her assistance is all very matter of fact. Scene cut to close up of trash bag set tidily out on the street for pickup which presumably contains his body.

This would have been late 60s or early 70s. I think it was in B&W (but can’t swear to it) and was before cable tv so networks or an indy station in NC. Could have been from a movie or TV episode.

God is a Doll Maker and Hell is a Carnival

I swear this movie exists but I can’t find it anywhere. It’s a movie where a kid and a dad end up at this carnival that turns out to be Hell. God is a doll maker. The Devil has a really profound conversation with the kid towards the end of the movie and that’s when you learn they’ve died and are in Hell. Kid gets sent to Heaven while Dad (I think) gets stuck at the carnival. Does anyone know what this movie is?! It’s driving me CRAZY!

80s, 90s, or early 2000s space horror movie on Mars

An 80s, 90s, or maybe early 2000s horror movie about a team of people in space, visiting Mars, on an expedition. They find some alien fossils buried in walls in an obstructed room.

After they investigated the fossils, the alien monsters became alive and hunted them down. Characters were killed in dramatic fashion, with blood sometimes spraying into their glass helmets (big fish-bowl helmets). Please help me find the movie’s name. I watched it when I was around 4 years old, and it bothered me, since I never remembered the name.

I have to find it, please help

A supposedly sci-fi movie I saw as a kid around year 2005.

Only two thing I remember: a scene by the door of a planet base with a footprint in the sand, implying someone just left. And another scene, which was repeated multiple times, of a kid running through a snowy forest, every time getting closer and closer to a log lying there, to finally find a star shaped crystal under it. Then cleaning snow dust off it with mittens.

It looked oldish, easily could be a tv series

Peeping Tom gets “tricked”

This is kind of embarrassing but I remember seeing this scene as a young kid and it left an impression on me and I’ve always wondered what it was. All I remember is this man is trying to “get with” this woman, and she brushes him off/kind of runs away from him. That was the vibe anyway. In the scene I remember, he was being a creep and looking through a hole in the wall into the/a girls’ dressing room, where they’re all tittering about, and for some reason cheer the main female character on to “take it off!” (Her bra). The man’s excited obviously, and the main female character seems to know he is watching because just as she’s about to remove her bra, she (or another girl) covers up the hole he’s looking through. I think the man’s friend/some other male character comes in to move the plot forward right after that happens. Then the scene goes back to the women who are more relaxed knowing he’s gone for the moment.

That’s all I remember! I saw it between 1999-2001 on TV. I think it was color but it may have been black and white. Had the energy of something from the 50s-70s.

I know this is a long shot but it’s always bothered me that I can’t find it, even just for curiosity’s sake. Thanks

Black and white film in which a man lives/hides inside a statue

I am posting this again as I am desperate to find this film.

It is a black and white, probably russian/european film in which a man lives/hides inside a statue/sculpture in a city. It takes place during war time. The film ends with the man committing suicide by cutting his wrist. It could be a silent film. I saw it in the early-mid 90s.

Any help would be appreciated.

Transportation cop movie?

It may be from the 90’s or even early 2000’s. A man (maybe some type of alien) can automatically warp/turn into another person’s body just by touching them. A cop or detective is after him as he moves through a crowded area jumping from person to person. I only saw a short scene from this movie and even though it’s almost exactly like the Denzel Washington movie FALLEN it is NOT. The guy/cop chasing him is white and the tranporter is some type of alien not a demon. Thanks for the help!

2010-ish cop or gang thriller or along those lines with main guy going vigilante

Hey guys, I’m looking for a movie that must have come out around 2008-2014, give or take. I watched it around that time on DVD (we always rented tons of movies, and I’m fairly certain it was new or at least not quite old then), and it was most likely a US production. For the longest time I thought it starred Kevin Bacon, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The scene I remember is the protagonist (probably white guy in his 30s) running out of his house in a rather quiet neighborhood at night to confront two or more younger men, possibly gang members (possibly of a different ethnicity). He’s got a baseball bat or something similar, and he either scares them off or attacks them. He might even beat one of them severely, but that part is very fuzzy. Might as well be he gets the beating, but for some reason, I tend to think he gets in trouble for all this, so I guess he’s the violent one in this scene.

As for things I THINK I remember: He might be a cop, and he might be suspended at this point or get suspended after the incident. He was most likely watching the street in anticipation of something going down. He must have had history with gangs or such. He may have gone vigilante on innocent people that night; he seemed quite paranoid and on edge altogether, and I think he had good reason to be so. His family, if there was one, may have been under threat. I also believe the cops knew something was up involving this man. Like, they didn’t seem surprised? Perhaps they couldn’t or wouldn’t help him? But all of that may be me mixing up several movies.

I feel like I saw this around the time Death Sentence came out, hence my mind connecting it with Kevin Bacon, but that one shouldn’t be the movie I’m looking for; I just fast forwarded through it and couldn’t find that scene.

Any help would be greatly appreciated =)