Hindi? Zombie movie from 2016 or 2017 I think

I’m pretty sure it’s in Hindi

2. Begins with a janitor seeing the woman he likes, who is way out of his league being taken.

3. He recruited his friends, bunch of beta-types and one decent fighter. he does not tell his friends that he is a janitor, just where he works, which is impressive

4. Training montage. One gag is with someone firing a gun, missing the target multiple times, then you see him hit the target, camera angle changes and you see that he has walked right up to the target, making it impossible for him to miss

5. The woman who they are planning to rescue turns out to be the scientist developing the zombie making drug

6. I’m pretty sure its from 2016/2017

Ben Stiller Horror movie(?)

I’ve been trying to figure out the name of the very first horror movie I ever watched (this was around probably 2004-2006). The main character was a dude who looked like Ben Stiller and he was a serial killer who had a blonde friend or girlfriend. All I remember is towards the end of the movie he sets up this house for a party of teenagers and has traps and stuff thought out like he cuts down this tree and leans it up against a window incase they tried to climb down it. I also remember this really weird sex scene in it where this girl is riding a dude. At the very end I remember the blonde girl puts the killers head in an apple crusher and crushes his head.

A romantic movie about a girl who escapes from the city to a coastal town

Would have seen it on TV in India (Probably Romedy Now or HBO) sometime during the last  (2013  – 2016 ) .

Don’t remember much about the movie except that a young girl for some reason (either to meet an estranged mother or with the intention of finding herself a new identity )moves from the city to a coastal town which has a resort like home for the elderly. She works there as a housekeeping staff / a personal nurse, then goes on to slowly win the hearts  and confidence of the elderly inmates.

when the elderly women need help with going shopping for clothes, she accompanies them, advises them on what clothes would suit them too. The is a ball dance in the neighborhood for which the elderly ladies dress in their best with the help of this girl.

The elderly ladies are pleased with her suggestions and she is introduced to other elderly woman who seek similar help.

Thus this girl seems to have found something she really likes doing.

Lake / Sea Creature

When I was a kid, I saw a movie at our local library about a lake creature, possibly a dinosaur, that was trapped on one side of a dam.  The creature would follow the lights of the boats at night.  A teenaged boy figures out the creature is trying to get to the other side of the dam and helps it get there.
After the creature gets to the other side of the dam, we find out it’s mate was on that side.

I remember one another scene in the movie.  The boy finds a cave with water in it.  On the wall of the cave, he finds the fossilized head of one of the creatures.

What I am calling a creature, looked like a dinosaur.  It had four flippers, a dinosaur looking head and a short neck.  It was like the Loch Ness monster, except it’s neck was much shorter.

I would have watched this movie in the 1980s or early 1990s.  It was in color and in English.

Thanks for your help!

Late 90s Junkies Kidnap Rich Girl

My husband is plagued by this movie he saw on HBO in what he believes was shown 1997-1998. He said that he recalls two young male “junkies” (as referred to by the female character), a young girl that they kidnap from a rich family, and the “junkies” (who smoke marijuana) see an invisible/imaginary/hallucinatory dinosaur similar to Barney. The girl ends up going with the kidnappers, agreeing with their philosophies.

Looking for this movie

I remember seeing what I think was a movie (could’ve been a show) from the 70s or 80s. A serial killer would sneak into peoples homes and beat them with a hammer while they were sleeping. I remember a scene where a woman was in her bedroom upstairs at night and heard a noise. She grabs a shotgun and stands at the top of the stairs as the masked man is standing in her doorway. She screams, he backs out the door and she goes out on to the porch after him but he is gone. I also remember two teen boys, one black and one white and they had this weird old guy for a neighbor. In another scene the black kid and the old man end up in his barn/shed. You hear a shot ring out and the kid runs out. At the end of the movie a trunk from the old guys attic is brought into a courtroom and a pair of leather gloves, a bag/mask, and a hammer are pulled out of the trunk and you are made to believe that the old guy was the killer.

Indie thriller from early 2000s with plot point that reminds me of “Se7en”

In the early 2000s, I saw a low budget US thriller that was quite decent. On DVD or as stream, in color. I think the movie was also produced around that time.

What I can remember from the plot: The movie took place in a city, maybe New York. By going berserk, a detective barely survived a brutal shoot-out with many gangsters in an old building. Later the audience learns that a mysterious killer/hitman, kind of a psycho, had his fingers in the pie, and that he was impressed by the detective’s will to survive. Therefore the killer decided that the detective should become his successor.

He used hidden cameras to stalk the detective, killed his partner, etc.

Towards the end of the movie, the detective discovered something horrible in his apartment: hidden behind a curtain or large poster, attached to the wall: his pregnant girlfriend/wife, killed by the psycho hitman.

Scene with a man in prison beating russian guy asking for protection money

So I saw just a portion of a movie, where a man sits at a table in prison, in the cafeteria. He had a cellmate (a black dude with long hair). While in the cafeteria, a russian guy approaches an older man next to him, and presents himself (the russian guy – some strange name like ‘Simion’, or something) and asks for money for protection. Old man says he doesn’t need any protection from him, so the russian guy smashes his head against the table, and says something like ‘Looks like you need protection’. Then proceeds to approach the other man (The main actor of the movie), he leans on his table, and barely gets to introduce himself again (‘Hi, my name is Simion’ – or something like that), when the main actor swipes one of the dudes hand, making him fall and hit the table, then throws some punches at him.

The main actor might be Jason Statham, but I’m not sure.

Western About A Wagon Train Attacked By Native Americans

I saw lt no later than early 2008, but lt could be old, though in color. There is a wagon train (might be just one wagon) travelling up a mountain/plateau, but they are attacked by savages. At one point, the savages force a father to marry his daughter. And one guy tries to fight them, but ends up falling off the ledge; or so they thought. He climbs back up & defeats them. But at that point, lt’s a massacre. Hardly anyone survives. I’m pretty sure the movie ends there. If I had to guess, I’d say lt’s from the 1970’s, due to the themes. I could be mixing two movies together, judging by how hard lt is to find, but thus far, I haven’t found anything that rings a bell. Please help, I’ve been looking for 10 years.

3 kids running from bad people trying to kill them?

All I can remember is there were 3 kids running from bad people or someone. I think they were running in a desert at some point and stopped to rest under a tree. They heard a helicopter coming so they took their clothes off and laid them out by the tree to make it look like they were laying down by the tree. The helicopter came and started shooting at the clothes. While they watched they realized the guy shooting was their uncle? I think? and I think they called him Uncle Cricket or something.

Random romantic movie

Okay so I remember basically the whole plot and what the characters look like but I can’t find it no matter where I go. It definitely a romantic movie and I remember watching it in 2015 around the time I was watching a bunch of romances like love rosie and movies around that time.

The movie starts off with this chubby guy with a beard and he gets in his car and is about to drive off and this girl that’s arguing with her bf at the time gets in this dudes car. The guy drives off and they go back to his place. I dont know how long into the movie it takes but they develop feelings and they have sex like a relationship but she come and goes because she gets drugs and they guy is trying to get her have a Job and I dont remember what happens to that but I do remember he follows the girl to the ex that she was yelling at place and he’s like a drug guy and he attempts to take her away form him and gives the guy money or something I think. And then one day she just leaves I think and then the last scene is she finds him on the beach and then I think she says let’s go home or something like that. But thought out the whole movie they argue but theres alot of development and growth and I love it. Please help

A zombie/vampire movie where at the end of the movie he it put in a special military unit

It’s a movie where a criminal turns into a vampire and his friend helps him kill people for food and at the end, he gets put in the military in some kind of zombie/vampire special unit? I saw this between 2010 and 2012, it might not have been made around then but that’s when I watched it. Please help me this has been nagging me for the past couple of years now.

Old movie maybe in the 90’s

I remember a scene. I do not remember but I think it was near the beginning of the movie. I think this move came out in the 90’s . A guy is tied to a bed arms and legs, and a hot girl (who appears to be a prostitute) is giving the guy a massage, she is using some kind of massage oil. At some point she gets up and walks to a door that leads to the outside (I think) hallway. She lights a cigarette and at this point he realizes the massage oil was actually some kind of flammable liquid. I  think lighter fluid. He start to scream or yell at her or something, maybe beg, then she take the cigarette and flicks it at him on the bed. He screams and she leaves and I think that is the scene best I can remember.

If I remember correctly it turns out the guy tied to the bed was a witness (maybe he was going to rat out the mob). The girl was sent there to assassinate him so he could not testify. I do not believe the girl is in the movie again and there is a guy and a girl detectives or cops that are the main characters of the movie.

Old b&w artsy film of surrealism world

This is an old b&w film in the style of artsy film noir/twighlight zone setting appears to be a 40s period in a Gotham like city. Depicting life as controlled, mechanical, repetive, almost robotic. A man seems at odds to his surroundings as if he feels this life is not normal but can’t put his finger on why it is so. Every night at midnight, i think, the city shuts down, buildings shift to enclosures blocking windows and doorways from entry or exit. The citizens, in robotic or hypnotized state, will on cue retire for the night. The one odd man figures a way to stay awake, sneak out if the building to find out what goes on at night. Here memory gets fuzzy. Oddman finds a huge clock and machinary that runs life but also discovers his world is not real And seeks to escape. I think it ends with him finding a water way and he fsails away in a little boat. The movie is like a metaphor of how we are being controlled by unseen forces.

Non-English movie about Lizards speaking in people’s ears

Saw this film about 10-15 years back, probably a French or Italian movie.

It’s about a woman in her early thirtees who visits a hill community in some European location. It is a place where her parents/grandparents spent their childhood.

She meets with older couples and singles in the locality who grew up with one of her parents/grandparents.

For some reason she interviews each of them and documents each of their story about childhood of her parents using a camcorder.

She is staying in a hotel in the city with a collegue/boyfriend and visits the hilly area (where the old people are) on a truck.

Along with this there is a mention of a legend about lizards/chamaleons that are found there, which is something about them sneaking up to people’s ears and taking away their memories or something.

There is no action or horror angle but there is one scene where the antagonists gets trapped in a barn with said lizards only to be rescued by her co-worker.

Two businessmen’s rivalry untill death

movie about an immigrant from europe(poland perhaps) who moves to america after one of the world wars and becomes rich. When he was starting out he asked another rich man for a loan but was refused, and he made it his life goal to bankrupt the other guy. He went by the title of baron, and eventually buys back his family’s castle back in europe, which was just a ruin after the war. In the end when he bankrupts his rival, who dies of old age, the baron finds out that the loan he eventually got came from his rival’s personal accout. I remember him reading a letter from his rival who explains everything, and him crying and saying that they could have been friends all this time if only he said this.

Movie from the 90’s

I remember a movie, but not enough details to just simply find it on google. I used to watch a movie in my childhood where a few kids (2 or 3) were the protagonists and there was a woman antagonist. Kids word kid apparel and coats. The woman was probably 30’s maybe 40’s even and wore 1920’s style clothes with one of those weird hats that are close to the head. In the end she is defeated and gets thrown into a horse pen where the horse poops and she faints somehow. Then the kids watch, laugh and run away off screen. I remember the woman had brown hair and they were at some sort of convention.