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Hi guys. I really need to find this movie, I watched it like 8 years ago and I can’t forget it.
The film begins with a boy finding a chick that has fallen out of its nest. It seems to him that the chick is still breathing and alive, but in fact, what he took for breath are worms that eat the chick's corpse. This theme runs through the entire film, everything beautiful and joyful turns out to be a complete nightmare. When this boy grows up, he falls in love with a prostitute who lives as a hostage in a local brothel. To ransom her, he robs a drug dealer with a random acquaintance. As a result, it turns out that this drug dealer works for the owner of a brothel from whom the main character actually wanted to redeem his beloved.
The plot touches on two more stories. Schoolgirl harassed by teacher and masturbates to him for grades in the car. He ends up raping her.
And there is also a couple in love who have a fighting dog, they rent it out for fights to earn money, but even there everything ends up pretty badly.

immortal aliens or somethin

hello! this should be an easy one but i myself cannot remember or google the name – all i get is ‘the man from earth’ which is absolutely NOT IT. the plot is kinda the same – some people (elderly i think) gather together in some living room to chat and during their conversation it is revealed that they all are some sort of immortal omniscient aliens or divine beings – and they discuss their impression on human kind, future of planet earth etc. in my head it has some ray bradbury short stories feel to it, so maybe i am mistaken and it is actually a book, but i’m pretty sure that its a movie and it must’ve been released around 10 or so years ago.

Sandbox battle

I was watching this “best action” movie on Youtube.
Canadian soldiers in the sandbox (Iraq, I think), but (unless I was drunk), I remember the shoulder patch as being Canadian.. They got cut off during a patrol and wound up in a rooftop firefight – short of ammo , etc. A rescue convoy was sent in to get them but they got lost and cut off also. That’s all I can remember from about 5-6 yrs ago, not too many war movies about Canucks in the sandbox (No, its not Hyena Road).

Bootlegger Noir Romance

I’m guessing early 1950’s, but I’m really clueless.
A young socialite engaged woman from the city is traveling somewhere rural when her car breaks down. She ends up at the house of a notorious bootlegger. I believe he primarily distributed hooch around in fast cars. I recall one scene where the live-in maid was warning the young woman about getting involved with the bootlegger, and I believe she included, “he’ll make you bark like a dog.” His nickname might have been “the candyman”. Sparks soon fly, and the woman abandons her former life and takes up running booze around with her new flame. After sullying herself for some time I believe she eventually ends up returning to her former life as the movie ends? The bootlegger looked a bit Bogart-like IIRC (probably a popular look for the time).

Enchanted porcelain doll in a boarding school for girls

So I saw this movie back in the late 90s or early 2000s (not earlier than 2002 though), and I believe it was filmed either in the late 80s or in the 90s.

It was set probably at the end of the 19th century or at the beginning of the 20th – I remember the girls wearing those dresses or uniforms, kind of like in Anne of Green Gables or in The Secret Garden.

It might have been happening in a boarding school for girls? I think there was a few of them (elementary school age) wearing those scarlet/dark red dresses/uniforms.

Anyway, there was a (probbly) porelain doll which belonged to one of the girls and it was either enchanted or magical or something; it kind of had the power to mesmerize the girls?

I remember they fought for the doll; one of the girls stole it and ran into the woods – it was during fall, lots of leaves on the ground.

I also remember the scene where two of the girls held hands and spun around – they might have been holding the doll, too.

I remember being scared, it was quite a creepy movie, but I am pretty sure it was NOT a horror one.

It’s been bugging me for a few years and I did not manage to find it yet.

Cold War SciFi alien post apocolyptic B film

This was a post apocolyptic, alien, nuclear war sciFi type thing, late 60’s I’d guess. We are made aware that somehow most/nearly all of the world has been annihilated, whether by aliens or nuclear war I can’t recall. The world as whole is deadly radioactive and populated by radiation loving aliens. The film focuses on the small group of human survivors, living within some sort of microcosm (an island I believe) that was somehow spared and is protected from the radiation and aliens. They live in fear of rain, as they believe it will bring radiation and the aliens will follow. The radiation and aliens are somehow vanquished (I think maybe it rains and it actually kills the aliens), and the outro scene focuses  on the hopeful young attractive couple who are eager to do their part to repopulate the world. I think the final shot is them holding hands and the screen reading “the beginning”….

Need help with movie name about a scientist who uses a special somewhat magic, space stone to turn a beautiful, somewhat ghost-like…

…imaginary woman into a real woman

For 5 long years, I have been trying to search for the name of this movie on this site and so far, none of the movie titles suggested have matched my description. No luck and help so far. Wrong or no responses at all too.

I will try to be as specific as possible this time and please, I need to find the correct movie title as soon as possible.

And for the umpteenth time, please, please, please, PLEASE! Don’t leaving me hanging on a thread again. I need to know the name of the movie once and for all. I’m tired of waiting for answers. No joking.

Here goes:

The movie looks old, possibly from the 80’s, 90’s, or 2000’s, I’m not sure. It’s an American movie in English I saw on TV in color twice in my adolescence.

In the movie, a scientist is in love with a beautiful women with blond hair who appears to be somewhat imaginary and ghost-like wearing a white dress but real nonetheless. He has a rival scientist whom he forces to cancel some sort of launch. At one point, the rival scientist was seen with his driver holding his enemy and his friend at gunpoint unaware that it was all being recorded on camera.

After they escape with the help of the scientist’s ghostly girlfriend, the hero tries to stop his rival from launching something but finds himself facing the driver while the rival left to continue to his point of destination. Then when the rival scientist is at the conference and after the good scientist has subdued the driver, some reporters show the footage involving the gunpoint scene to everyone and they mention at one point that he actually “discovered New Jersey” rather some new planet.

At the end, after the rival scientist has been arrested, the good scientist closes his eyes and uses a special somewhat magic, space stone to turn his beautiful, somewhat ghost-like, imaginary woman girlfriend whom he is in love with into a real woman at the end of the movie.

Please, take your time to think and see which movie I am referring to before giving me a straight answer. It’s been 4 years now and I can’t wait another 4 more years after that.

Take care and good luck.

NOTE: It is not Flubber or any of the other Flubber movies either.

Black and White. Orphan. Graves on a Prairie.

I just remember this one scene. It’s black and white, maybe from the 30’s or 40’s. And I remember it as two graves on a stark prairie (it looked as if it was filmed on a set). Two crosses, each with a large circle wreath. Well a child was looking on the graves from a window and it turns out that they are his/her parents. The child is now an orphan. And a great wind storm comes and batters those wreathes around until they’re ripped from the graves. There might have been some snow as well.

(Now this part might be just from my imagination, but the child might have been looking from a basement window)

For the longest time I thought it was “Citizen Kane” but I re-watched it recently and it wasn’t that movie. Any ideas?

Group of Strangers Wake Up in a field/maze Horror Movie

Movie about a group of strangers- around 5-6 people wake up in a field (maize/corn field?). They have no memory of why theyre there. At first we only see one or two people then they meet others (until theres a group of 5-6-ish people). All of them for some reason have a strange item they wake up with- I can remember someone I think has a knife, another a flask, and two other items might have been a map and a gun. These items turn out to be a piece of the puzzles they solve along the way.

Ultimately the movie follows the group trying to solve the puzzles laid out for them- and try to solve what is going on, and what monster is trying to kill them. One by one they all die or get lost. The final survivor is a woman (blonde?). I remember one of the characters is a black lady, another is an asian lady, a young skinny White guy.

At some point near the start of the movie they doubt whether they can trust each other. I think in the end of the movie one of the characters- I think a really strong war vet White guy ends up going crazy and becoming one of the monsters that were attacking them in the movie? I could be confusing that memory with another movie though.

The movie is in English. I watched this I think some time last year or the year before. It probably came out after 2014 but Im thinking it was even more recent than that probably after 2017.

SS man kills his friend on the edge of a mass grave at the execution of Jews

Many years ago I watched a movie about World War II. Somewhere in Europe, two friends met – one fascist exterminated Jews either in the ghetto or in a concentration camp, the other seems to have been an anti-fascist. I don’t remember the whole movie. But the final scene of the film was memorable: an anti-fascist friend decides to go to his death and stands on the edge of the grave and his friend is forced to kill him, doing his bloody work. I remember how he seems to be on his knees at this mass grave and his friend is aiming a pistol at his back. A heavy scene… I don’t remember anything else from the movie.

Couple is kissing, then decide they need to talk and get back

I know I’ve seen this scene in something fairly popular several times in the last several years and my title is stupidly vague, but I can’t remember where this is from for the life of me and google is failing me. I’ve watched it at home, but I think it’s a movie. There’s a couple and they are kissing and and then one of them stops the other, grabs them by the shoulders and says, “We have to talk, we need to talk now”, other “Ok”, “OK”, and the other is kind of looking like that’s a lot to ask, then I think they sit on opposite ends of the bed and move onto discussing what’s happening.

I think it’s the guy saying we need to talk, and he’s got darkish hair and kind of a New Yorkish accent. We need to tawlk now… that kind of thing.

I think it would have been released between 2000 and 2020, it’s something fairly recent, popular that I would have watched a lot seeing fairly popular network tv shows.

This sounds like it could be any movie or show, but I can’t find it anywhere and I’ve watched way too many clips trying to find it.

WW2 Movie

Sorry for this probably disturbing question for many but it’s a segment from a film that has been bugging me for a few years.

The only scene I saw was some young nazi soldier standing naked in what I think was a bunker or cell. He faced some men and have the nazi salute, and they gunned him down. I have no idea if the older men were also nazi or otherwise Thats the only scene I saw of the film. Does anyone recognize what movie this scene is from?

blonde woman inspecting something in front of the car

I only vaguely remember one scene.


A group of women are  on the run, late in the movie, after surviving what seemed like a scary ordeal (so, likely a horror movie of sorts). They are all on a car.

The place looks like a desert. It is sunny.

Then some young  blonde from the group would carefully investigate something right in front of the car, on a desert scenario, while the others waited nervously. The scene seemed like a setup for a jump scare.

From the looks of it, it may have been late 90s, but most likely between 2004 and 2014.

It seemed like a cheap scary movie featuring scantily clothed women.

A very old film. Underwater expedition, scuba diver finds underwater world upside down

The movie is very old. I watched a movie in my childhood, 25 years ago or more, and it was already an old one. I remember it as colored (under question).

It’s about an underwater expedition. May somehow be connected with Jacques-Yves Cousteau (under question). Divers go underwater and there they find that there is another world, which is upside down to the water (so the water divides the worlds, something like that – at least, I remember it like that). And there there are also humans.

It’s all I can remember. Thanks for help!

Old 3D cartoon about a car.

I’m searching for a cartoon. Which my girlfriend saw in early 2006-2008. I’m sure that that was straight to DVD movie because of cheap CGI. According to her memories it was similar to “Cars” movie. In the center of a plot was a car (Something like an old  military truck) with installed into engine parts of a plane. This car was living near an airport and dreaming to fly one day. In the end it start spending time with cargo planes and them take it for a flight.

I’m not sure, but this can be one Christians cartoons produced in early 2000 because of deep meaning inside a plotline.

Help my please  find a movie

  Help me please  find a movie⁠⁠ I’m looking for an old one – it seems to me from the 50s-60s, perhaps an American, perhaps even a black and white film, about a children’s military camp or school, at the end of the film, something like military games between schools are held where each child has a balloon with paint and they have to color each other.

  Sry for use google translase, my english not so good