Movie starts out with two girls fencing

Like The title says the movie stars out with 2 girls fencing. One of them is there with her boyfriend and I think they meet up before the two girls start fencing. After they “fight” the girl with the boyfriend loses and walks off. The boyfriend goes looking for her and thinks he sees her at a water fountain. He walks up to her and gives her a kiss, but it turns out to be the girlfriend’s opponent. The girlfriend naturally sees this and doesn’t get that it was an accident and storms off. The boyfriend goes chasing after her. This is all within the first few scenes of the movie. Thanks!

Crazy Department Store Battle


I’m trying to find a movie I saw once, here’s what I remember, some or none of it could be accurate.

It was not English, but I think Spanish or Italian. I think it was an 80’s or 90’s movie? Could be way off though.

It was a horror comedy (I think?), it culminates with a man and a woman in a red jacket with a white frilly shirt who work in the department store and are engaged(?) basically destroying the place while trying to kill each other. I think there’s a weird part where one woman is confined to the bed department or just loves the bed department, and maybe the department store in itself was facing tough times and trying to downsize. Possibly they want to get rid of the bed department but she spends all day there? I could be confusing two different movies

Children’s horror movie

When I was in middle school, I watched this movie that I got from a block buster. I looked a cheat knock off of a Nickelodeon movie.

After watching the DVD, I remember being very terrified of the movie, so I returned it and thought nothing of it.

Later when I am walking home from the last day of high school, I remembered the movie. I thought of how terrified I was after watching it, so later I thought about watching it again out of curiosity, but remember the name of it, just about the front of the case and some of the scenes. I when back to where I got the movie, and saw that the blockbuster had went out of business.

(DESCRIPTION) The font of the box had 4-5 children on it ride some sort of boom bugie. Behind them a large haunted house/cabin (can’t remember what it exactly was). The boom bugie had like a monster face on it, even tho it was on the front of the case, it didn’t appear in the movie till near the end. I think the children had built it¿

The movie began when some of the kids stay at there grandmas for like a weekend. The grandma lives in the middle of know where begin surrounded by woods, in a sort of manor.

Later in the movie, the grandma is telling the children about this cabin in the woods, which a mother and daughter lived there. Of course, the children go looking for this cabin and run into some other people the same age as them. The other children show them there wood club house and point out where the cabin is, which is in sight if the club house but still far away. They then discuss the daughter and mother that lived there. There is a scene where a nurse (mother) is walking in the woods, during a thunderstorm and is squashed under a broken tree (that was struck by lighting). They then go on about the mishaps of the child, I think they said that she was left alone in the house and died from her rotting or just dying from old age.

The children believe that the cabin/house is haunted and desire to spy on the house. Of course spooky stuff starts happening. They do enter the cabin/house, which the spooky stuff starts to get worse.

I would like to mention that I did see the inside of the cabin/house, there was only a rocking chair in the corner, which starts to go mental when the children adventure inside.

The end of the movie was basically they find the bugie and set the child ghost free to be reunited with her mother. I don’t really remember the rest, I really only recual the scene where the mother died, as I thought it was terrifying.

This sound like a horror movie at the start, but I can reassure that it was a kids movie. Please can someone help with this find, as I have been looking for nearly five years now and not finding anything on it.

Thanks Ashley

Dr. Phil Episode

This was an episode of Dr. Phil that I watched in the mid 2000s. In it, this father introduces himself by talking about how his young son takes medication for (if I remember correctly) ADHD. But when the son was on medication, he stopped eating and sleeping, so the father had him stop taking it. But either the school or CPS said that he had to get his son back on the medication, or he would be arrested. He ends the intro by asking if it was his choice to have his son on medication or their’s (referring to the people who want him to medicate his son).

Woman translates for an Alien that only speaks Japanese

I think this movie was watched on Hulu (but not a Hulu Original). It has been a couple years ago, now. I can’t remember if it was a foreign film or not, due to there were several American actors in it. But I think it was a Foreign Film.

Plot: A young College-aged woman is called to do a Translation for the Military. And the client only speaks Chinese (or maybe Japanese)?

She is escorted to a very dark room with a long table. The Client is in pitch darkness at the end of the long table. It is only her, the Client and a Military guy in the room.

She soon feels like something is strange about the Client and doesn’t like the way the Military guy is treating the Client, physically and verbally. He ties up the Client.

While the Military guy is out, she unties the Client and sees that it is an extraterrestrial Alien.

Help! What is the name of this movie?!

Asian Style Martial Arts Film 2010ish-2018 (No later)

New film, was on Netflix for quite some time, location is definitely Asian, usual suspects such as Korea or China (leaning towards China based on the styles used).  A group/cult/clan are forcing prisoners to fight to the death. Prisoners came from many different places, I believe one group was british or american soldiers maybe both. A distanced ex member of the group (he is asian) came back to stop the group that were doing this. He was kind of a prodigy and was in line to ownership before he left. There is an antagonist that is the main characters childhood friend or brother who is now in line to take over.

One of the first major fights is between our hero and a very large man, the hero shows up with an empty coffin and implies he is going to put the man in it, they then fight with the hero eventually overwhelming the large strong man and killing him.

Short: kid is afraid of the barber for fear his ear will get cut off

Okay, I remember this airing as programming filler on Nick or maybe some other children’s television block. The premise is a kid is scared to go to the barber because he thinks he’ll get his ear cut off during the haircut. The barber turns out to be a whimsical, funny guy. Kind of a magician type who conjurs up silly things out of thin air to amuse the kid. Cartoony magical-realism kinda stuff. The kid has a great time getting his hair cut! Then the mother picks the kid up from the barber and says “see that wasn’t so bad, was it?” the kid replies “what?” like he’s hard of hearing. the final shot of the film is the barber depositing the child’s ear into the jar of barbicide. I would have seen this in the 90s.

This is tough to google because there’s a viral video going around where a barber pranked a kid into thinking his ear got cut off so search terms usually bring that up and only that. Little help?

Additional info: This was a short film that aired on TV. Probably made for TV, given it’s length (it filled about a commercial break’s worth of a time if I recall correctly). There’s a chance it’s a small part of a larger piece, like cut from an anthology film or TV series. In tone it reminded me of those shortform comedic sketches that would air as part of Night Gallery, but I would bet on this being an 80s or 90s production. Thanks!

It was a Japan or Korean comedy movie

This movie is in the 20s I think because I was about 6 to 7 when I watched the tv show it was about this Japanese or Korean man who found a demon hand or arm and it attach to him. I remember that a scene were he drop a coin under a vending machine or was it the hand and another scene i think it was the first episode where the main character house was blown off and then he checked his money on his rip underwear on his hand


Group of friends are blamed by cops for the murder of a woman who HANGS herself.

I only remember this particular scene…

A Group of friend or I don’t really know if they’re friends. Are arguing with this woman (who might be cursed or might be a witch.. honestly IDK) while they’re in what looks like warehouse. She is yelling at the group, with a video camera in her hands filming the whole thing, she is laughing hysterically and just has a look of evil, she walking up the mental stairs and starts putting a noose around her neck . She finally says something to the group and jumps, obviously killing herself. In the another scenes the group is seen talking to the cops because they are being investigated for her murder in which the tape that she recorded somehow gets messed with and show the group arguing with her and pushing her off the stairs to her death. One of the memebers in the group says” this is not the tape ! Who gave you this tape ! This is not what happened! Someone messed with this tape ” and I guess they get sent to jail for ” murdering her” .

But that’s not what happened.


If someone can please help me with the name of this movie !

Tom Cruise movie with girl on horseback

All I can remember is the very end of the movie. I think it was a Tom Cruise movie, but he’s been in so many, I don’t quite remember which one. In the end he’s in a car or truck, maybe an SUV and some men are driving him. He drives past a girl, who’s in the movie with him for the most part, and she’s riding on horseback and he has a pin or a “trinket” in his hands and while she’s riding on horseback somehow the girl ends up with it, even though he never leaves the car. That last part could be wrong, but I do remember him riding in the back of the car and the girl on horseback. Thanks!

Character dreams about villain

Hi! This has been eating away at me for ages so-

The character has a dream. There’s this villain (who in my head looks like the orignal green goblin or Jim Carey) and the villain is threatening to kill him or do something bad. I think he might be threatening the character with a bomb. He is asking him to admit something or tell him it, and he has an evil laugh and he starts counting down but the character doesn’t know the answer.

I don’t think the ‘villain’ is actually an antagonist in the movie, I think he’s just part of the dream.

Movie about some blue animals trying to save a forest

  • I believe the plot of the movie was that there was this forest of talking trees and this lady wanted to destroy it but these little blue and purple hedgehog things had to stop her
  • There were also these two flies who went into the lady’s stomach which is the part i remember the most
  • It was cgi animated
  • I think we got it from redbox at some point in the earlier 2010s
  • I think there were three main hedgehogs  (if they even were hedgehogs they could’ve been a different animal)

1970’s movie where an Indian boy uses homemade wings to fly.

Ok, here’s another one, my lovely IRTM peeps. (-: Again, in the 1970’s because I was about 7 or 8, and I’m a little over 50 now. So, here’s pretty much all I can remember:  It was a story that involved an America Native tribe and somewhere in the movie a little Indian boy puts on some wings that were made from eagle’s feathers. He jumps off a cliff, or high rock or something and can fly. That’s pretty much all I can remember about the movie. Sorry, I wish I could remember more but I can’t.

Girl listening to recording from her father.

What I can remember from the movie is a girl gets a tape from her estranged father. After she starts playing the tape I think it goes on one long camera shot or simulates one. It gets more unsettling as the story progresses, and the recording doesn’t ever stop playing once it starts. Right at the very end of the film she finds her father (I think). That’s all I can remember for now.  I remember a lot about the flick, just can’t remember the name of it.  Thanks!

Comedy Western 60s

I remember seeing this when I was a kid in the early 80s.  Pretty sure it was from the 60s. I remember it being in colour.  Two young boys, one blonde, one dark haired (I think he was Mexican). Grew up together like brothers, grew old together. One plot point I remember is that the Mexican boy’s little sister was kidnapped by Indians.  When they were adults, he finally found her.  She was still living with the tribe, and happily married.