a parallel universe movie

these are the things I remember about the movie:

  1. time loop, time travel, parallel universe etc..
  2. everything happens through a tv screen
  3. the main characters are both women
  4. the concept is similar to the spanish movie Mirage (durante la tormenta)
  5. a woman can see another woman through a tv screen when she gets murdered in the same house and she tries to save her
  6. if i remember well, in the final scene she will drive to the house and leave a picture of the incident that happened as a proof or something

i don’t remember if it’s a regular movie or a short movie or an episode, nor the language but probably american!please help

Crazy Comedy-Type Movie

A girl with shortish hair religiously eats pineapple to make her vagina taste good for her boyfriend/male friend. He eats her out and turns out that he is allergic to pineapple and he has an allergic reaction on his face. He gets all mad at her.

Other things happen (it was a very random movie) and I think I remember her like masturbating in a restaurant bathroom or something of the sorts.

I saw this on Netflix about 6 or 7 years ago. It was in English, although they might have had British accents. It was in color. I didn’t recognize any of the actors, so that makes me think it was not an American film or it was an independent film. I have tried searching this forever and Wetlands always pops up, though that is not the movie.

I only have one friend who has seen it that I know of and she barely remembers anything from it either.

Bullied crippled kid

Okay so I only remember the ending scene of this movie.
Basically the beginning starts off as a regular high school/teen movie and then I changed the channel and didn’t come back until the end, which shows the main character (male) being helped out of a car in front of the school by a girl. He’s now using crutches and his face is all bruised and he’s very obviously physically disabled. There’s really sad music in the background and he walks into the school with the help of the girl.

Pretty sure this was sometime between 2005-2010 but I could be wrong.

Teen bully movie

So i remember this is about a blonde (light brown) teen girl who is going in school (back to school something like that) on beach and she and her bff were at some party and after that blonde girl is accused for being slut because of “sleeping with many boys”… and at the end it’s revealed that bff left her at party and boys raped her… in movie she only have one male friend and she is fighting with her mum… also i remember for some like swimming practice and other scene her friend have hide in closet recording so everybody could see that her ex bff is evil bully.

Tnx for any help

Romantic gay movie with happy ending

I am looking for a movie from around 90’s or 00’s, I don’t really know exactly. The movie starts with a group of friends (around 5-6 people) at New Year’s Eve party in a flat. Two of the friends are gay and they make out with each other (I’m not sure). One of them (cute blond) is certainly into his friends, but other one doesn’t return his feelings.

After around 5 years, they all gather for the wedding of the two friends from they group. I remember, that bride’s mother was kinda control freak and she wanted everything to be expensive and so on. And bride was very feministic woman. (sorry, I remember vaguely)

So, two gay friends meet again after all this years. Cute blonde has an older boyfriends, who couldn’t join him to the wedding.

They feel attracted to each other again, and after the wedding they make out again. And next morning, cute blond’s boyfriend shows up at the doorsteps. And this scene I remember clearly, cute blond puts cast on his neck to cover hickeys and tells his boyfriends that he injured his neck.

From that point, I don’t remember anything else. I remember though, that movie had a happy ending of two friends finally becoming lovers.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t remember more, I remember that I enjoyed this movie a lot and want to rewatch it but cannot remember the name.

Please help.Thanks a lot.

Godzilla movie(s)

I will try to clarify as mush as possible in this post.

Here goes:
In this Disney’s Recess episode “Big Ol’ Mikey” clip, from interval 5:57 till 7:54, the scene is obviously spoofing/parodying Godzilla. Problem is there have been so many Godzilla movies over the years so basically I dunno which Godzilla movie(s) does each part from 5:57 till 7:54 spoof/parody.

For ex: At 6:33 of the episode, does the scene parody a scene from Godzilla or not? And from which Godzilla movie too?

So, my questions are this:

1) At which time interval(s) between 5:57 and 7:54 of the episode, does a scene(s) spoof/parody Godzilla? And which Godzilla movie(s) is/are it/they spoofing/parodying? Let me know which scene(s) parody which.

2) Once the Godzilla movie(s) has/have been identified, tell me at which time interval(s) do those spoofed scenes take place within the movie(s) itself/themselves.

Recess link for you to watch:

Please watch this scene carefully and let me know as soon as possible. No hurry, no worry. No rush. Take your time while carefully figuring out and writing down answers.

Tv Series with 3 Korean like Best friends living in the same Dorm.

Ok so there was a tv series that got cut off but I remember most of the description but I cannot remember the name. I saw it a few years back the actors look a little Korean but I don’t think they were. I remember the main character she had long pink hair. And I think one of her friends had short hair. It was in English,  it was in color. Also I think they were like singers. And the 3 best friends would get bullied by the popular girls. In one scene they were in the gym and the popular girls and the 3 best friends and some guys started to throw paint at each other and that turned into a detention. Please let me know if you know what the series is called I’ve been looking around for it for ages now.

A Jogger Gets Shot With A Tranquilizer At Night

A young woman jogging at night, gets kidnapped on a car after being “darted” (shot with a tranquillizer) by a man. There is a Final Confrontation by James Horner soundtrack playing in the middle of the scene.

The videos are available here: https://youtu.be/53jLRAJaqpA (original video) or https://youtu.be/lfJOjOs_Fhk

Looks like old to me, set in between 1970-2000, from an English-speaking country. It is also possible that it’s a TV series or some sort like that. I’ve found this clip’s origin to be one of the most difficult to track so far.


Killswitch movie

theres this movie that I watched years ago, its about a dude that lives a normal life until some guys try to kill him

basically the point of the movie is that he is some sort of new gen warrior, once he hears a keyword he turns into a serious warrior and can kill people easily

I remember there was this girl he fell for and eventually he found out she was the one they assigned to watch him, and she cared about him and gave him the keyword and he started fighting people that tried to take him down

I remember one scene, he worked in some diner or a small grocery store


I know this is not much but ill appreciate any help I can get, quarantine and all

Housewife copes with PTSD from sexual assault by becoming a prostitute

If my description below sounds interesting but unfamiliar you should stop reading before the last paragraph.

This was a colour, live-action movie in English (probably American) I saw in the ’90s. A woman is raped but is able to identify her attacker to the police, only to be traumatized again when her attacker is given a relatively light sentence.

This negatively affects her relationship with her husband and kids, but she manages to carry on after falling into and then actively constructing a second life for herself as a prostitute when her husband is at work and the kids are in school. There are moments when she’s almost caught and has to think quickly to keep her secrets. It appears to start as a form of escape, allowing her to pretend to be someone other than a victimized housewife, but her new life starts becoming her real life and her old life starts feeling false and distant.

The whole idea seems far-fetched but I started buying it as the movie went along. In the end …



(Stop reading here if you think you might want to watch this movie.)



… her new friends — other prostitutes, shopkeepers, bar owners, various other people from this seedier part of town — have become almost like a second family, and her close relationships with them allow her to walk into a bar one afternoon, walk right up to her former attacker as he’s being welcomed back from prison by his (and her) friends, and shoot him dead. Fade to black (I did not see that coming at all but it was enormously satisfying). I no doubt have some details wrong there, but please let me know if you recognize this movie.

kids in the forest eating chocolate and turning into wood animals

Hi there! trying my luck again.. thanks for any help!

SO I saw this on tv as a kid, the year 2000s. guess it was American but actually no clue if it wasn’t. in color. I watched this movie as a child, only remembering this scene (maybe cus I skip channels cus this scene is pretty damn scary!).

I remember watching a group of kids going into the woods, there is one protagonist and I think a friend of his, but the rest of the kids find a chocolate bar (from a tree??) and starts to eat it. then they transform into forest animals (each a different one- rabbit, fox…) it was really scary as a kid.

I remember feeling very scared as the scene goes on, as if something is terribly wrong but you don’t know what until later on. the forest was dark, and the film appeared to be a”magic realism” genre. Pretty sure it was 90’s, cus they were using animal costumes and not computer-generated CGI. sort of like “Pans Labyrinth” meeting Lynch’s “Rabbits”.

I think after this the animals start a feast?  finding maybe a festival of some sorts? full of forest animals. but can’t remember if I mixed up this into with something else.

thanks so much for whoever finds this movie! I’ve been fascinated with this for years but couldn’t find anything!
also, my twin sister remembers the exact same scene but neither of us managed to find it.


after much research, it’s not the witches, not goosebumps (or any famous scary tv for kids..). the memory feels rather fantasy and mystical

Male character is ghost writer for old female lady

I remember watching this movie about five to ten years ago. The main characters are two friends (one female, one male). I think they live very close to each other or even in the same building. The male I believe is an editor, but really he writes these romance books under a pseudonym. His publisher even has an old woman be the visual face and person of the novels. The female friend eventually finds out and helps him write his own book instead of just ghost writing these other ones. I think they end up together int he end.

cant remember this Japanese action or sci-fi movie?

i don’t remember a whole lot but it was in colour, and I think it was either badly English dubbed, or Japanese with eng subs? it might have been 70s or 80s -ish?

all I can remember is a bit where there was some sort of action or spy team were all arriving at the same place, i think it was some sort of hidden or secret headquarters (i thought it was hidden behind a tailor shop?)

there might have been a kidnaped scientist? or his daughter?

i really wish I could remember more and find it again :/

Movie about man trapped with two buttons

This movie is about man who is trapped in a room with a mini screen that shows questions and two buttons (Yes and No).

His wife is also trapped in another room with nothing but a projector.

The man was asked questions like (would you like to show your wife a video of you cheating for her to have a glass of water?) then he picks yes and his wife gets shown a video of her husband cheating and a glass of water. the movie had different questions based on his unethical lifestyle.

In the end the guy wakes up in a beach.

Wife says she doesn’t want a perfect life, she wants a life with problems

After noticing that his wife looks unhappy, husband asks her what’s the problem, adding that he always did everything for her and that they never even argued. She answers that’s exactly the problem and says something along the lines of “I don’t want a perfect life. I want a life with problems.”


Which movie/TV movie is this conversation from? I only know the movie is from the 90s/2000s.

Silent movie from Eastern Europe (2000-2010 era)

About a decade ago I watched a film from Czechoslovakia, Hungary or somewhere around that region. It was a moden film in colour but silent. None of the characters said a word throughout the film but there were noises in it (TV and radio sounds, footsteps etc). I don ‘t remember if the film had any musical soundtrack – it probaly had.

All the characters were searching for some stuff (and occasionaly stealing it). One guy was looking for umbrellas, a woman for loafs of bread, another guy for some plastic or metallic parts to attach to his TV and so on. I think there were 5 or 6 characters in total. They all looked kinda mysterious and shady, but the film was very gripping and made you want to see where this would end up to.  You could not tell what they were going to use these things on until the very end, where the finale is one of the best laughs I ‘ve had in my life. I hope you ‘ll be able to recognize this movie ‘s title…