Road movie with flute


I watched a movie in the 90s. Road movie. The gangster’s henchman accompanied the gangster’s wife. As a result, they became friends (or even fell in love) and decided to run away. They rode from city to city, fleeing their pursuers. At the end of the film, the heroine decided to fly to Ireland to do what she always loved – playing the flute.

The main character (henchman) was remembered to look like Bob Hoskins.


hello guys im tryna find a film i watched a dew years back i cant remember what it was called but it was along the lines of a drug dealer film i believe, i can remember a black boy who was still at school he had to sleep on the floor cuz he didnt have a bed and used to keep money he had buried in a field or somet he used to go back to, and i think he met some people and started joining that kinda world few more scenes was him and another lad on a swing and another was doing a deal in a tunnel/under the road i cant remember.. sorry for the shit description but it was years ago and im trying to find the film again thanks, im pretty sure it was based in the UK, thanks

Soap TV Show

So the title of the show I’m pretty sure at the main characters name in it. But it was really long like it said something like it had a subtitle in the title. It was something and his secrets or his actions. It definitely came out around 2015 or 2010 at the earliest. Not sure if it was definitely was a reality show but was that type of show. Where it was set around like a family and all that drama is more like a soap opera. Only scene I remember is when the main character tried to kiss the mother of a character. Like he sort of pushed her down it didn’t really go much further. Is definitely an American show.

Pretty sure its a comedy

The only scene I remember is that there is a girl watching tv at home alone. On the tv, she watches a documentary on how to save someone’s life that is choking/can’t breathe by stabbing a ball point pen into their neck. The next day she does this to an actual person.

I believe the actress was Sandra Bullock, but not 100% sure.

Watched the movie probably 5-10 yrs. ago. It was in color.

Let me know watcha got!

Horror movie about murderous junk yard family

I watched a movie when I was a kid sometime between the late 1990s and early 2000s about a family whose car breaks down and they end up at a junkyard where one by one they’re murdered.  It was in English, on TV at the time, and in color. The main character was a young girl in a wheelchair, I think. She has a little brother. The family’s car breakdown, they call for help and end up at a junkyard. While their car was being ‘fixed’, they waited around the junkyard. The owners of the junkyard are weird hillbillies. I think the dad disappears first then the mom then the brother. The girl finds her dad, I think, alive but cut open…his organs were exposed. The brother, maybe the mom, was later discovered to have been killed and turned into canned food. The girl tries to escape, I remember there being a school bus that she was trying to hide in. She was the only one that got out alive, I think. I can’t for the life of me figure out what the name of this movie is.

Road movie about runaway wife

I am looking for an american film of 70’s, I guess. It is about a woman who suddenly for no reason runs away from her husband into a journey. She drives a car alone, telephones husband from telephone booth. Then meets some people on her way. I don’t remember the middle part of the film. But by the end she is acquainted with a guy with intellectual disability, who falls in love with her. She is also flirting with some sportsman, may be baseball player. This guy forces her to have sex with him, but boy with intellectual disability somehow saves the woman by killing the sportsmen. But now he has to go to a prison. This is the end of the film.


Horror Movie, Patient/experiment? with freaky tongue

90s – extremely early 2000’s if I had to guess, color film, english

Location – Research Facility OR Mental institution (I lean towards research)

I saw this movie as a child at a hotel on our way to Florida. A group of people are with a man in a building (they might work there, or they could be stuck there) he is psychologically unstable, he might have a semi muscular frame and perhaps longish dark hair.

The most specific memory is at some point he is talking to a woman extremely close to her about what someone used to feed him, he might try to lick her or kiss her at some point (can’t remember) but we see his tongue and it looks rather deformed like he has a stinger instead of a tongue (if not a stinger than just something like a spike where the tip of his tongue should be)

I usually have more details on my long lost childhood movies, but this one is very vague in my memories.

Glass Wall in a Landscape

I remember a movie on TV, probably a fantasy movie from the 80s, where a bunch of people wander through a landscape for a long time until they come to an invisible obstacle which seems to be a glass wall. Then, there is some arguing within the group leading to someone throwing a rock at the wall which causes it to break and shows a new path, dimension or something like that.

Horror Movie About..Wasps?

80s-90s movie (I was a child when I saw it, I’m 30 now), English Language, color film.

Pretty sure this was a horror movie. It had large flying creatures that I really think were wasps, might have been bats or just some type of flying monsters, but I’m really leaning towards genetically altered wasps.

I remember a scene near the beginning where a kid on a dirtbike is trying desperately to out run whatever it is and the camera angle is from the point of view of the thing flying after him. I think later the main cast finds that kid’s body in a mine shaft or cave etc. and it’s in really bad condition.

Invisible monsters in an action/horror movie

Please, help me remember a movie!

The only scene I remember from this movie is an invisible monster coming at protagonist, his paw leaving a print in the mud on the way, stops sniffing. Then rain starts, thus making its contour visible.

There might be some dead birds involved in the movie, but that is not for sure.

The protagonist was white male.

The movie is american or european, released somewhat after 2000.

Anthology animated film

I remember watching a DVD growing up in France in the early 2000s; it was an anthology of animated shorts. My memory of them is that they might not have been super children friendly – definitely somewhat bleak. I don’t know if they were Japanese or American & dubbed or French. I’d lean towards Japanese.

One of the shorts I remember involved a society that collectively decided to all take a pill that allowed them to read each other’s minds, thinking this would solve all of society’s problems or something. I distinctly remember a scene with a political speech in front of a crowd and then all the crowd being shown as taking this pill from a cup or glass.

What ended up happening is being able to read minds lead to everyone hating each other – there was a scene of a couple having a fight without speaking at the dinner table. So everyone had to start living alone and far away from others (as the mind reading only works within a certain range?).

The protagonist of the short is a foreigner travelling on a motorcycle who drives through this place and ends up hearing the story of what happened from a woman who is initially taken aback by the fact she can’t read his mind.


Another one of the shorts I remember less distinctly, but it definitely involved children in some way, and the ending was during a particularly harsh and snowy winter where food was scarce, we see a butcher’s truck or just a truck with meat cuts hanging from hooks inside, and it’s implied that the children were killed to be eaten?


Writer fakes haunting to scare his family and write a book about it

Hi there, so I remember this plot from a movie I saw on TV about maybe 20 years ago. It’s a color movie, could be from the 90s, or a tv movie or even a tv show.

This writer guy, his wife and their son move in this new house and scary thing happen (blood coming from the pipes or the walls, I don’t remember precisely) Plot twist is that the all thing was planned by the husband to scare his family and write a book (or a movie about it)… It’s been driving me nuts !

Thanks to all

Ghost Movie with a Twist

Apologies for spoilers! I can’t adequately describe the movie without giving away the twist. This is a ghost story about a married woman who believes her school-aged daughter is still alive, but through the events of the film the audience slowly realizes the little girl is a ghost, and only the mother can see her. The family has just moved into a rural country house and we watch as they try to adjust to a new life. There is a question in the story as to whether the mother has a mental illness due to an accident and is perhaps imagining her daughter. It has some genuinely creepy scenes that later make sense when we find out the girl is a ghost (or perhaps a very visceral memory). I think it’s probably about ten-ish years old and has an indie feel, not a big Hollywood production. It’s not “The Uninvited” or “Angel of Mine” which always pop up when I try to search the description.

Time jump movie

Well basically its a movie about a bunch of teenagers, I remember it really vaguely.

Its a modern movie, not a chance it was before 2000, pretty certain its a 2007 – 20010 sort of movie?

I remember some scenes, the main kid, his dad died, and he was working on a time machine apparently, the kid and a bunch of his friends find it in his basement and they try to fix it, and they do, he ends up traveling to meet his dad or something theres a sort of paradox in the movie since the father knows his child will fix the machine, somehow, like they see one another for a second and the father understands the machine works and then the get travels back or something


now I’m not certain if this scene is from the same movie or not but I’m pretty sure it is

one of the kids that traveled back met himself (they had ground rules for time travel never meet yourself bla bla bla), he met himself and they both just froze like turned into a glitch, his friend saw that and just jumped again to cancel the entire thing or something?

Any sort of help would be appreciate I just remember the movie being really really good.