I remember only one or two scenes from this horror movie

I remember only two scenes from this movie and I know it’s not Boogeyman from 2005 because I watched that to make sure and it wasn’t the right movie. The one I watched had a scene where a lightbulb in the hall had gone out so a dad went to fix it. A kid watched him as he got on the ladder and started to change the lightbulb. Then there was a creature that either stabbed the dad in the back or in the front and the guy fell from the ladder before being disemboweled in front of the kid. The second scene was right after it I believe. The kid had grown up and had checked into a motel, setting a bag down on the bed before something grabbed his feet from under the bed, I think. It was in color and I watched it in 2007. It was in English I know that. I know it’s not a lot to go on but any help would be greatly appreciated.

An angel – a naked handsome blond falls from the sky and ends up with a French priest .. At home concert, a music connoisseur woman…

… is delighted with his divine flute music. An angel meets a blonde girl, both in white flared trousers . there is a workers’ strike in the city .. and the angel guilty for some reason. The last scene – the crowd advances, ahead worker goes to the angel with his fist raised, and angel falls into the abyss but turning into a bird .. flies away. So everyone is convinced that he was an angel.

the movie seems to be french. or english. seen on tv. approximately in the 2000s … color, time in the film is approximately 60-70 … flared trousers ..handsom actor with blond hair..as an angel. Cant find it anywhere.. maybe i mistake about name as an ANGEL?

TV series with a woman who dies of illness in the last episode and a cat hiding under the bed?

I only saw a few minutes of a tv show, it could have been the last episode.

I know it’s post-2012 because that’s when I got my dvd recorder that I saw it on.

All I remember is a woman (pretty sure it was a woman) who was dying, and she was lying in a bed, in a house, and there was a cat asleep on the bed with her. Then the woman died, and people were moving around, in and out of the room, and the cat was hiding under the bed (it might have been hissing or just looking scared) but no one remembered the cat under the bed? I think the cat might have been white?

if anyone remembers what this is from, please help me find it? Thank you. (posted over at reddit as well for maximum help)

Movie about diabetes cure

Hello guys,

I am looking for a movie I watched a few years ago,


It is about a guy who has a kid with diabetes (there are 2 kids not sure if both are his or some other woman’s)


So this guy is working with pharmaceutical research. Company for some new drug to save his child…


At the end of the movie I think he uses the 2 kids as test subjects because he cannot afford to get that drug… And at the end of  the movie it works with the kids starting to laugh when they get the medicine because the insulins is breaking the sugar in their blood.



Any help is appreciated

Bank Robbery Gone Wrong

A small town bank is robbed by two young men.  One of them tells the other to go in and do the robbery  and everything is set up because the lady teller is in on it.  He winds up taking her hostage and we find out later she is not the right teller.  She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  She is so turned on that he is a “real” bank robber that she makes him pull over and they have sex on the side of the road.
Later on, another man has the two original guys in a barn and he is trying to get them to tell him who they are working for.  Apparently it was originally his plan and they beat him to it.  ( just a few minutes which is what threw everything off).  The man hangs one of the guys, trying to get the other to talk.  He has to tell the truth or watch his friend die.

Movie with a scene where a young boy poisoned his parents’ wine


I only remember probably the final part of this movie I saw on TV a long time ago

The scene shows a woman in night gown drinking a glass of wine while enjoying some music (not sure) at night. A young boy was peeking out from behind either his room or his parents’ bedroom. Suddenly, both parents (assuming they were his parents) were in severe stomach pain. It was clear the boy had poisoned their drinks. They tried to attacked him. The boy eventually brought his mother downstairs as she tried to attack him. He placed her on a chair as she moaned, slowly dying from the poison as he watched he. Suddenly, the father attacked the boy from behind in a final effort to kill him but failed. Both parents eventually died.

The last part shows a middle-aged man (probably the boy grow up) telling another person the story. I believe the movie maybe his story but I’m not sure.

This is all I saw when I came across it on TV.

Low budget slasher film

Okay so the movie I’m looking for is a low budget slasher film I remember watching it in 2015 and couldn’t find it ever since just one scene I remember so it goes like this women is getting ready to shower so she takes off her clothes and her black underwear and she steps into the shower when out of no where the maniac with a black/yellow coat and a mask of some sort steps in and he’s headed towards her when she sees it she screams in agony and she trys to get away but she gets the hands on her and to claim his victim he gets baking soda/powder of some sort and shoves it down her throat claiming his victim and it’s brutal I did find another film silmar to the shower scene it’s called Sorority Row (2009) in this one there’s a also a shower scene of a crazed maniac anyway I’d appreciate help to find this film

Adhesive seal on door at a crime scene replaced by intruder

Apologies for the following vagueness but I remember seeing a film where the main character needs to access a crime scene, and a contact (probably in the police, or government) provides them with one of the seals that gets placed over the doorway to show nobody has been inside. I’m fairly (but not 100%) sure it was a courtroom drama and the character was a lawyer, who possibly needed to access the crime scene (probably an apartment) and steal/tamper with some evidence inside. When they leave they place the new seal across the doorway as if they have never been there. It may have been a different type of crime drama, or a police officer/detective character, even a tv show. But I THINK it was a courtroom drama film…

women survivors on a car on desert

I only vaguely remember one scene.


A group of women (maybe there were men as well) were on the run, after surviving what seemed like a scary ordeal (so, likely a horror movie of sorts). Then some young  blonde from the group would carefully investigate something right in front of the car, while the others waited nervously. The scene seemed like a setup for a jump scare.


From the looks of it, it may have been late 90s, but most likely between 2004 and 2017.


It seemed like a cheap scary movie featuring scantily clothed women.

similar to “The Legend of the Boy and the Eagle” but more brutal

Circa late 1960’s – mid 1970’s I’d guess. I don’t recall if there are any other similarities to the unknown work in question and Disney’s “The Legend of the Boy and the Eagle”, but just like in the ending scenes of the Disney short, a boy (Native American I think) is pursued and captured by other boys who mean him harm. But, rather than having eagle wings strapped onto his arms (like in the Disney piece), the boy has individual feathers inserted under his skin by his assailants. This is what I recall most vividly – the brutality of witnessing feather shafts poked into the boys flesh. Then the boy triumphantly spreads his new wings and flies off a cliff.

Movie from 00’s or late 90’s where maniac kidnapped women and kept them in the basement.

I saw this movie on tv in 00’s. Maniac kidnapped women to make them perfect if I remember correctly, bound them to floor and wosh, then bribg to another room where dress them like dolls. In final part of the movie main character found this basement and while serching for survivors found two women frozen in cube of ice.

Movie about two men and a lady on the run from three guys

I remember a movie about two men and a girl probably teenagers who are trying to get away from three guys who want to beat them. I was a kid when I saw it but I remember a scene where they befriended a man who only spoke English and Spanish. They went out for drinks and they all had a bit too much. They saw the three guys and tried to bring their friend with them. It he was way too drunk and left him as they made their getaway. The poor guy tried to talk to them but the three guys beat him and you heard him screaming. That’s all I remember. Anyone know the movie?