2 Homoerotic Movies(?) That End In a Nighttime Attempt to Bury Someone Alive

So, I remember very little.

All I remember is having watched something (a movie?) where at there is a scene near the end where some guy (and in one of the movies it’s a guy + another guy who’s more reluctant/hesitant in helping) is using a shovel to bury alive some unconscious guy.

Bare in mind it’s possible that both of these movies are one and the same thing (that it’s really just one movie). And that some of the details I provide may be completely wrong.

In at least one of the movies, this is all very homoerotic/maybe the movie was gay themed (more than just homoerotic- actually gay)/was a metaphor for wanting to repress homosexual attractions (and the guy being buried alive was gay/obviously attracted to his “straight” (best) friend who is now lashing out after becoming aware of having feelings as well).

In at least one of the movies, it doesn’t really go according to plan/the unconscious guy wakes up (and fights back?). I think all the characters involved in the movie(s) are main characters (not random extra characters).

Really, I just need a list of movies where near the end some guy is being buried alive out in the forest/beach.

I think one was an Asian film and the other had caucasian characters (can I call that a caucasian film?).

If somebody figures this out they must become president.

Movie I saw on Delta Flight

I saw a  movie while on a delta flight. I don’t remember the title and never got to finish it.

I think it was Chinese, but don’t weigh that too much(I don’t remember and not 100% sure)

It starts out with this kid with a glowing blue hand getting bullied and he runs off and hides. He finds a creature that kind of looks like a pangolin/armadillo, and he befriends it. Then it cuts to where he’s older and he’s like an expert theif.

Please help me know what that movie was.

Erotic thriller – collection of short movies – wife have sex with her killer appointed by her husband

The movie was a collection of few short films.

It was featured few times in star movies India(TV), in the year 2000 or 2001. It was in English language. It was a colour print.

One of the plot in the film was – A husband appointed a person/gang to kill his wife (May be the house was in the woods), later the wife(not sure, but may be played by an actress of Asian origin) terrified with the fact runs and get caught up inside a room inbetween woods/forest. There she came to know from the killer that her husband had plotted her murder. So the wife takes the murderer on her side by seducing him and the husband got tied up. Next the wife have sex (not shown on tv) with her appointed killer in front of her husband to get revenge.

Next the send short film start with a husband and wife get intimate in a swimming pool at night time.

That is all I can remember. Please help me with the name/link of the movie.

Can someone tell me the title of this movie?

So basically it’s a horror movie i watched in 2009 but can’t seem to remember the title and i’m not sure the movie was released in 2009 or earlier

The plot:

The movie follows 2 college students – a boy and a girl(the boy seemingly had a crush on the girl) who take the car to drive to somewhere but have an accident on the way and crash in a unknown haunted place. The place is all snowy and full of scary and paranormal activities occurring and they have to find a way to get out. Each time they carry out a plan and if it fails they run back to the car as quick as they can. The girl also starts having feelings for the boy over time and they kiss at around halfway through the movie only for the girl to discover that the boy had been urinating blood all this time(because of kidney damage following the accident)but he didn’t say anything. So at the end the paranormal activities get even more violent and the boy dies but the girl is able to get out of there and is found by the police.

Please can someone tell me the name of this movie? Anybody relate to it or have watched it?

Movie man rob woman and goes to her house with his gun and surrender his self

Movie about a man living with a drunken man and rent is due so the guy goes down stairs to a convenient store and robs a woman and take the guy the money and move out of his house. Then he goes to the woman’s house and sit on her couch with his gun. She comes in scared and he apologizes. She makes him sleep in her closet. She breaks glass and make him walk on it. She later let him sleep on the floor because she started to like him. She tells the police about her robber but then decides not to get him locked up. She ends up falling in love with the man that robbed her.

Short, fish, dark eyes. Maybe French

SO, I watched this in the aerly 2000’s, before 2010, definetly.

I watched it on TV, maybe on a channel called 7mo Vicio or Septimo Vicio (They would usually show shorts and talk about weird, under, indie movies).

The short ocurred in a city, and was about a kid that would be outside, playing with other kids (maybe), then would go near a pond (maybe the other kids forced him? he did seen a little of a pushover), and a fish-like creature, black, maybe a little bit eel-ish, would jump into him, the kid’s eyes turned black. He would grow extremely shy, not talking to many people, even when he wanted to; I concluded that it was because of the fish that had infected him.

Later the kid, now a young man, would wanted to talk to a young lady he fancied, so he walked up to her while she was working. She worked in a fish shop (fish market?) and she would try to talk to the guy, who didn’t answered her (maybe because of the fish inside him). Then the kid barfed the fish, the girl smiled at him nervously, grabbed a knife and cut the fish’s head. The guy’s eyes returned to normal, I believe.

I don’t remember if it was with and black or colored, but because of the type of film it was it wouldn’t surprise me that the colors were a little different than normal colors (maybe more monochrome? maybe even b&w, idk).

I’m not sure if tit was French or not. I’m under the impression that it was, but it could have not been.

I also don’t remember if there was any dialogue, in any case, I can’t tell if it was in the original language or dubbed to Spanish (or subtitled).

I think it gave me the sensation of being anxious, because the fish would be controlling the man to issolate himself even when he didn’t want, until the ene when he threw up and the fish scaped.

I watched it on the TV when I was a kid, as I said, and I would love to find it again. Once more, the important items I rememebr the best: kid, black fish, infects the kid, black eyes. Kid grows, goes to a lady, spits the fish, lady cuts it, young man is free.

Old Movie from the 50’s or 60’s

Hi There,

I was watching this movie on TV, but I think it was an actual movie theater movie. It was in color and in English. There was a scene in a cafeteria where one woman gave another woman a piece of cake on the house. Her boss came by and said it would be deducted from her pay. There was also a scene where a beautiful blonde woman was being wooed by a business man and I think she was in the wrong office or something? Anyway, it was a lighthearted old movie and I would like to know the name of it so I can watch all of it. Thank you for your help. Fingers crossed!

Pregnant teen with older man

I saw a movie on Netflix a few years ago (maybe 3-4 years ago) and I can’t find it. I didn’t even really like it that much, but now that I can’t remember it, it’s bothering me.

Anyway, it was in English, color, and I’m pretty sure it was less than 10 years old. I think it was a lower budget film, probably independent.

Anyway, from what I remember it’s set in a group home for pregnant teens. I can’t remember if it starts out that there’s a man that works there, and a new teen arrives, or if she’s already there and the man is new to the place. Either way, this one pregnant teen (she has red hair) becomes close with an older man (when I say older, I mean like maybe mid 30s) who I believe works there. He crosses a lot of boundaries with her, including taking her out at night to teach her to drive. I believe they eventually have sex as well. I don’t remember how it ends. It’s possible I never finished it.

Does anyone know what this move is called?


I have some vague memories about it. I think it took place in some sort of futuristic post-apocalyptic London. The main character always wore a mask and was a runway, constantly chased by “the authorities”. There were constant switches between this futuristic world and the present one (which was just our normal current world), but both worlds were somehow connected. In the end, the main character turns out to be just insane, so this whole futuristic world where he was a runway and some sort of a hero was just made up and didn’t really exist. In the final scene, police find him with a sniper’s rifle next to a window, aiming at someone and looking like an extremely disturbed and schizophrenic person.

Bar/Strip club

I saw it maybe more than 10 years ago. I vaguely remember a scene where I think I guy walks in and assumes its a bar and starts talking to one of the girls behind the bar. In the scene I think they’re talking and then suddenly the music starts and all the female staff jump up on top of the bar and start dancing basically. Later I think when it turns to midnight it turns into like a strip club. I think later in the film the two get together in the end. The film is English, in colour, it wouldn’t have been any later than the 2000s I would think.

90s movie Help

Hi everyone, hope you can help me with this one.
So I’m currently trying to find a movie that I watched when I was little in the 90s. The movie could be from the 80s to the 90s. All I can remember is a child who’s dad is missing and the child and his/her mother go to live with the mother’s uncle in an old house. I remember something magical/mystical happening with the child in the house during a power cut because of a rainstorm. At the end of the movie, we can see the father coming back to its family (I don’t remember how).
if anyone can help me that would be great!

Thanks 🙂

Help! Teenager movie with old lady in a raincoat

I’m looking for a movie from roughly 2010-2012 I got at Redbox. It was a B rated film and followed raunchy teenagers around that drank and smoked. For some reason I keep thinking it was 3 boys. There was an old homeless lady in a raincoat that popped up throughout the movie. I think I remember a scene where it was raining and they were drinking booze under a bus stop pavilion. I think I remember renting this movie around the same time as Piranha or Piranha 3D and Blue Valentine.

girl waking up at the end and realizing it was olny a dream

so i only remember this one scene from the ending but there’s a girl standing in the crowd but she’s like on a gibbet or whatever so that she’s a bit higher than the rest and she (or sb else i’m not sure) is holding a dead monster’s/dragon’s (idk) head and then the girl wakes up and realizes it was olny a dream

and i also think the movie in general took place in some other world? but the girl wakes up in our normal world