A bollywood movie in which the heroine had some dreams but her father arranged her marriage. Before get married she want to love hrrller life so she went to her aunt in the town. There she got the job in the theater and works there. Hero met her in the theater only. They fall in love with each other but the didn’t knew that. In the end the she reached her home back and got ready for marriage. Her friends reached in the wedding to convince her.

Horror movie of girl trying to save her brother from a killer

ok to start out, I saw this movie around 2008-2010. It was in English and full color. The only scene I can remember is a guy breaks into a family’s house, the father goes to check it out. They get into a fight and the father somehow gets his head stuck in the railing of the staircase. Then the killer uses a dresser or something to kill the father. Later on, one of the younger boys that likes to dress as a cowboy, runs into a cornfeild with the killer chasing him. All you see is a flash followed by the sound  of a shotgun. The main protagonist is a 20 something girl with short hair,which is either blonde or brunette. After he kills the rest of the family he takes one of the boys and as he leaves the protagonist sneaks into the van and the rest of the movie is her trying to save him. Thanks to whoever can help me!!

Obscure exploitation horror


I only saw the very beginning of this movie (first ten minutes) back in 2013 on YouTube. It was one of those cheap (possibly american italian) exploitation horrors made in late 60s-70s.

It all took place in some kind of town/countryside and it was about  two guys who were sent to kill the infected/brainwashed citizens. It started with a scene where guy no.1 talked to guy no.2 over the phone. Guy no.2 was standing inside a phone booth and then one of the citizens attacked him.

Citizens wore blue jumpsuits and acted violently for whatever reason. I don’t know if it had to do something with some “alien mind-control” or an infection but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a zombie movie.

It was extra gory too. There was a scene where one of the guys sticked a machine gun through citizen’s chest and then started to shoot the other infected/brainwashed people.

I’d be really surprised if anyone can find this…

Middle-aged woman harasses teen girl

Hello, everyone.

When I was a kid in the early 2000s, I saw a color, English-language film on TV. I think it was from the 1990s, but I don’t know for sure.

Anyway, I remember the plot was about a middle-aged woman who slowly intruded into the life of the film’s protagonist, a teenage girl. As the woman got more involved, she got more emotionally unstable and hostile. I think they were next-door neighbors and the protagonist lived with her mother, but her father was not around.

I only remember one scene. In it, the girl and the woman were in the kitchen preparing some kind of food. The woman told the girl that she should redo her homework (I think it was a history or book report) because her handwriting was sloppy. When the girl said she wasn’t going to rewrite everything, the woman flipped out and started yelling at her.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Please let me know! Thanks!

Childrens movie where main characters are rats

No it is not the Secret of NIMH. I remember a clip from a movie I saw as a child. It was an animated movie and the from what I can recall all, or nearly all of the main characters are rats (maybe mice). In the scene the protagonist discovers that the antagonist is his former best friend. The best friend has become evil due in part to a metal contraption that is on his head. One of the characters has a peg leg, or walks with a crutch? That’s all I can remember

Movie about child(ren) I think?

Ok so I remember watchingg this movie a long time ago so I believe it was some time in the late 90s or early 2000s, the movie could have been made around that time possibly earlier. I remember in one scene a group of young children are in a bedroom when they discover the dead body of an older male relative (possibly grandfather or uncle). I’m 99% the relative died of natural causes, the children are attending a family gathering of some sort. The children are able to sneak the body out of the house and they proceed to take the body to the sea. They place the body in a canoe and then light the canoe on fire by shooting at it with arrows. I do remember the adults chasing after the children and running onto the beach yelling at the children to stop but its to late.

50’s -60s film – Man kidnaps himself renters his life as a gangster and sleeps with prostitute

Hey everyone,

This is a movie that was probably made in the 50s or 60s. The plot has a lot of stand out moments, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Plot points

Man is married to the bosses daughter, he’s not very assertive and his wife spends ours each day practicing ballet, shes still a little girl mentally.

The man begins to sleep with a prostitute and each time he does they switch to a clock on the wall with the hands spinning around more and more each time

The man kidnaps himself and re-enters his life with a new persona, he now acts like a gruff gangster and walks with a limp/cane

His wife likes the gangster persona better and hopes he will keep himself kidnapped (his old persona)

The film is a drama / comedy

Thanks for your help!

Introvert Stalkery Boy Pretends To Be A Couple’s Dead Son Only It Turns Out They’re Really Crazy

Color and modern movie.


The movie is about a boy who volunteers/works at a library or bookstore. There is a couple that comes in and he kind of stalks them. They lost their son and treat him like he is theirs. He pretends to be their son and thinks this is some therapy for all of them (he’s a needy clinger and they’re grieving parents)…only no the parents are really fucked up. They try to make him be like their son and cripple him like their son was crippled. It all leads to him lashing out that he is not their son so the mother freaks out and decides he needs to be reborn again. It’s revealed they have done this several times with other boys. She buries him in the backyward or frontyard. There’s also some girl he has a weird friendship with who later comes on and saves him by digging him up out of the hole they buried him in. For some horror movie cliche reason the two decide to hide in the house with the crazy parents. The mother goes outside and sees the grave dug up and her crazy self assumes that the rebirthing finally worked. So she and the dad search the house for her son.

Mystery/thriller love triangle

A woman convinces her lover to kill her husband. The husband suspects his wife to be unfaithful because loses a piece of jewelry (bracelet, pendant?) at the lover’s house. The lover supposedly kills the husband but the woman is haunted by a sound of a broken car horn eerily reminiscent of the sound the horn of her husband’s car used to make. She begins to go crazy over the signs her husband might be back from the grave. In the end, it turns out her husband is alive and he manipulates her into killing her lover. The husband then commits suicide in prison. The final scene shows her in a wheelchair, catatonic. A child drops a ball to her feet and she apparently is finally able to go out of her catatonic state and reach for the ball.

This is most likely a 1980s or early 1990s movie. I would guess French or Italian (not sure about this, though).

Looking for a movie (romance)

Hello community, i’m looking for a movie for my friend, she gave me following indications so these are the keywords you can work with:

Apparently, the movie is about young pair/couple (a people with age range between 18 and 20 approx.)

They are together for eight years.

But on the day at their anniversary, the guy will kiss his bestfriend girl next to the pool (having a party?) and the guy’s girlfriend will know it because she’ll find out by reading text messages in a guy’s mobile.

^ this one is complicated but i don’t know if i understood it well

Movie is approximately from 2011

Each one of the pair, never had anyone else before


These informations is all i’ve got from my friend who’s searching for the movie. Thank you everyone for your answers. 

Invisible Spaceship on moon. Aliens need inhalators.

This is how I remember it: a tv station picks up a transmission from the moon and finds an alien spaceship. The aliens cloak themselves and nobody believes the story. Meanwhile the aliens are on earth preparing a standard overthrow/invasion, naturally they are hunting the people who reported the story. The aliens are desguised as humans but they need to breathe from an inhalator from time to time.

There is a benign faction inside the aliens who want to stop the invasion/manhunt and I think the alien leader’s wife is the one to rats out the alien leader to the humans. He is stressed and must use his inhalator thereby revealing him as an alien. Suddenly the cloak falls and everybody can see the spaceship on the moon.

I think it was a tv flick somewhere in the 90’s.

Time traveling girl

When I was little I used to rent this movie from Blockbuster nearly every week but I can’t remember the title. And this is a long shot because I know it wasn’t a popular, or even heard of movie.

It’s about a young girl that comes across a time traveling machine, i believe in the woods. Her and her friend travel off to different places, maybe at one point there were knights. And I think i remember that in the end the girl and her dad decide to go off on adventures using the machine.

It had to have been from the 90s, in color. It was English, possibly US, UK or Australian.

Is it okay to try this again if the last post on my first attempt was back in July? I hope so, this is my second attempt to find this thing.

The movie was live action, color and in English. Very possibly a sci-fi film.

The movie starts in a lab full of cryogenic stasis pods, one which a pair of scientists open, discussing the human experiment inside.

Shortly after the experiment wakes up, it uses its’ powerful psychic abilities to make a break for it. They send a bunch of armed guards after her(?) but bullets do nothing to stop the experiment’s escape as it tosses them aside, throwing the guards into the walls with its’ powers.
One of the few moments I still clearly recall was the experiment saying “I’m sorry” to a guard before knocking them unconscious.

She then runs into the light and into the wilderness, free from wherever this lab was. This was shown from a helicopter report, and the reporter lady had red hair. That’s all I’ve got.

Movies it isn’t:
Any of the Species films, none of them are close minus the short lab escape in the first one.

None of the Resident Evil movies.

Underworld: Awakening isn’t it either, despite the cryogenics and two scientists.

Something to mention:
This movie was released on DVD, we got it from a random red-box specifically.

It had a DVD menu, looked like a monitor with a static image of a lifeline in the background.

The scientists in the beginning were talking about the experiment’s deadly psychic abilities, something I only remember because instead of calling it Esp, Pk, or Psi, they called it something else, and it sounded pretty stupid to younger me. I can’t remember what.

Any help would be great, since my first attempt to find this movie apparently failed.

Older cartoon or kids movie

Here is another one that I just can’t figure out and I have very little detail and it is basically one stupid scene that probably none of the details are probably correct .I’m 45 so it would be older and I’m hoping that by high school I had better things to do that was cartoons ( so I’m assuming before 90’s) …

that the main charter is called (in today’s world bullied) “wolf”  by a couple of  other charters..  Seems like it was a orphaned puppy and the  other charter was a snake or cat  or rat something like that .

Not much to go on I know, but on my google search It made me remember of dark some of the old “kids”  tv programs were my wife has said the following shows but I can’t seem to find the one scene  that is digging a worm hole in my brain

Lady and the tramp


watership down


animal farm

Charlotte web

fox and the hound

Lion King


Thanks for any help you can offer !

I don’t know if she was trying to poison him or piss him off

The scene I remember seeing was in color and looked to be made around the 80’s or 90’s. It was a medieval setting but I think there was some sort of time travel involved.  The heroine was captured by the villain and he put her in this room filled with his harem. The ladies start saying how they are also princesses on the certain days of the week that they sleep with the villain. The other memorable thing was that the heroine poured the wax of a hot candle into a goblet for the villain to drink. She did the classic hold out a cup suspiciously so that they take the other one. The wax doesn’t really do anything but makes the villain chock up a little and get angry with her. I think all the while there’s a battle going on in the courtyard of the castle. At the end there is a bunch of lighting that the hero has to have strike his sword (I think).