blue alien drone dance from outer space

an episode of a sci-fi series….teenagers start dancing in a hypnotic way….there’s a strange signal coming from another solar system….people panic….the teenagers suddenly transform into blue metallic aliens….but it’s okay because the strange signal is a warning that our sun is about to go ultraviolet….those who undergo the transformation can go outside….those who don’t must stay indoors….does anybody know this episode?

School explodes

I remember one scene (probably it was opening scene): silence, children are going down the stairs in school, everything is peaceful and normal. Suddenly everything explodes, a lot of smoke in the air, silence again. Everyone is dead, there is no school anymore.

I remember it was very surprising and even shocking (but not brutal) scene.

I do not remember anything more. Just children, stairs, school and explosion not expected by viewer.

Looking for a movie about a girl locked in a building with a raven and a corpse

My native language is not English, so I apologize for any mistakes.

The film is not less than 15-20 years old. Old thriller, old film, 80s-90s.
One heroine is blonde or red-haired in a business suit. She comes to the home of some architect (an apartment for an entire floor under the roof of a skyscraper) and brings documents or a package.
The door is open, the owner of the house is not. She decides to wait for him and walks around the apartment.
Many rooms, tame crow. Each room has its own project: layouts, lighting, music for the mood. And so she goes into a gloomy office. And there the owner of the house is dead, and a raven bites him.
 The girl is frightened, runs to the door, the door closes in front of her nose. She hears sounds, footsteps, realizes that she is not alone in the house, but no one is visible.
The girl runs through the rooms, takes a chair, but all the furniture is attached to the floor. She climbs on cabinets, knocks on windows, but no one hears her - high.
She grabs a chair, tries to break the window, but it's too strong. The raven flies, scares. Then the door opens, the girl carefully takes her coat, goes out, goes down, gets into a taxi (yellow). He turns through the rear window to that floor - and there is a silhouette. She is leaving. End.
This is definitely not "Scissors" 1991 - there are more actors, there is one girl.
I didn't find such a movie here.

Can’t Remember Horror Movie

So I was born in 2001 and I remember watching this very scary movie alone when I was probably 4 or 5.  I remember it being very bloody and scary. There was a group of teenagers, or adults inside some sort of abandoned building. I’m not sure if it’s a factory, or some sort of abandoned building. Inside the building, there’s a killer woman ghost stalking the group of friends. Eventually, one of the guys goes off to have a smoke and is approached by the mysterious ghost lady. He offers her a cigar, I think the woman was smiling, and then she killed him.

I don’t remember how, I think she used her hand like a knife? Not sure. The rest starts to get a bit blurry, but eventually the group of friends are approached by some group of armed men. I’m not sure if they were military or not. Eventually the military group splits up, each group taking half of the friends I think. I remember a door closing, with a friend on the other side and the ghost lady just wrecks him, lots of blood I think.

Eventually, there are only two friends left, both are girls. I think one of the girls had one of those dice laces on their sweater. Eventually one of the friends is killed, and the other wakes up in a bathtub, and I think she was saved by some woman who was watching the entire event. If anyone could help me find this movie, that would be great! I could finally face my fears again.

A stranger ambiguous man gains trust of a family with kids with deception, then tries to kill them

I watched it at least 15 years ago. There is a nice family, father, mother, kids and also grandparents. This stranger appears in their lives, he looks kind with them, trying to help them with everything. But weird things start to happen, as he causes them troubles but at the same time he provides solutions, in order to gain their trust. I clearly remember the scene where he causes a car accident to the grandparents in their car going off a cliff. I barely remember this family then moves for some days to their house at the mountains for a little break. At the end, he has imprisoned all family’s member except the father, and he perhaps (NOT SURE!) confesses he’s in love with him!!! This actor vaguely looks like Charles Grodin, but I’m 101% sure it’s not him, otherwise I would have found the movie 🙂

Erotic musical film

The film, it seems French (but not one hundred percent sure), was shown in the early 2000s, but it may be earlier. An erotic musical, the title – one word – is the name of the main character girl – I forgot which one, therefore I cannot find it myself. She meets a guy on public transport who is terminally ill. In the film are not only the plot and erotic scenes, but also from time to time songs (musical). Then the heroine loses this guy, and at the end of the film she meets his friend in the transport, who was with him when they met, and learns from this friend that he died. The last shots – she is sitting on the street on the cobblestones and the camera is pulled back into the distance.

Can’t remember title of the movie

It was like 5-6 years ago when I saw that movie(maybe even more). I can hardly remember its plot, the only few things that I know are the following:
-it was something about an apocalypse. There were some monsters/huge animals/maybe even something like dinosaurs all over the planet
-main character was male, but there also where 2 more characters: a girl and a human-like android(Detroit vibes)
-the girl was somewhat wild??? like she had some kind of a folk living in a cave or something, but these were not like “unga-bunga” wild, more something like Maya , idk
-the android completely looked like a human, but well he was an android. his aim was to help and protect mc at all costs, as far as I can remember

-and there’s almost nothing I remember about a male character. I only know that he was falling in love with that girl through the whole film or smth like that.

there are also some scenes I remember. These were in the end of the film. The first one is the android trying to sacrifice himself in order to protect mc, but he managed to be left alive. And the final scene is them all flying away from the planet, and the android says something terrible and mc becomes pissed that he didn’t say it earlier or something like that. My idea is that mc had daughter/son/wife/someone else who’s dear to him left on a planet, and that he thought that they had enough time to go to them and pick them up as well, but planet was going to be destroyed  in a minute and they were going to die…But that’s just an idea ’cause I hardly remember it.

An yeah, through the whole film those three characters were trying to escape and save themselves ’cause once again planet was going to be destroyed.

So that’s it. I know that it all sounds madly bizzare, but I really don’t remember a lot. And still I want to find that film just to be sure that it wasn’t just a weird dream lol. It feels like it was, but those clear memories of final scenes drive me nuts.

And few more things: that film was created in 2000-2010s, it wasn’t very popular and had a pretty low budget ’cause of not such a good montage.


I can’t remember title of this movie

I only remember a few things about this movie.
But 2 girls kidnappes a guy, and force him to kill a guy. I remember that he has break in to this high security house, and hides the gun in the bbq grill. And comes back to the girls and says he couldn’t do it. If I remember correctly he’s a drug dealer, and oddly works at a elders home.

Another scene is that the one girl drugs the other girls drink, and tries to kill her. It’s in her rich dads house, and I remember there is a bar where she hides.

I might have mixed up 2 different movies, but I’m not sure.

Anyways I hope there is a kind soul that can helps me, as it really bothers me that I can’t remember the movie.

Cartoon series about black robot in 80s

Another piece of my childhood 🙂

When I was a kid I lived several months in Algeria, it was somewhere in 86-87. And there was a cartoon series on TV about a boy and his big dark color robot. The only thing I remember – this robot could fly and held the boy on outstretched arms. I even don’t remember the language, maybe french 🙂

Google always suggest “The Iron Giant” but it’s from 1999. I suspect it could be anime – they have plenty of robots 🙂 So, does anybody have any ideas?

A room filling with water

I saw a movie, maybe a few years ago now, (but no idea how old the movie would be, but must be relatively recent) and I think it was the opening scene I remember (but it could have been further into the movie). Anyway, there’s a girl frantically trying to complete a puzzle of some kind (like an escape room puzzle or something). I *think* she was hanging upside down while doing this, but I’m not sure. The small room she is in starts filling with water as she struggles to complete the puzzle/break the code, and when the room is full/time is up, the scene cuts away and the girl has actually been playing a virtual reality/cg game and was never in the room and never in danger.

I know that’s not a lot to go on, but I cannot remember anything else from the movie at all. I thought it was maybe Escape Room (or one of the many similar films that came out a few years ago) but I’ve not been able to find it again.

Woman giving a birth to a lobster among cultists

Hello everyone.
Saw this movie about 15 years ago. I suppose it was a horror movie but not 100%.
I just can remember one but really memorable scene.
The woman is pursued by rednecks-cultists with a pitchforks and driven into some kind of greenhouse or winter garden. They surround her and suddenly some weird creature bursts out of her belly. As a child, I thought it looked like cancer. Then a woman from this cult takes the monster in her arms.
I think it was a movie from 90-00s.
Also it was filmed with the bright orange color filter as I remember.

P.S. Sorry for a misunderstood with my previous question about this movie. I’m Russian and used Google Translate to ask about it and in russian words meaning “cancer” and “lobster” are the same word. Maybe this time you could help me.

Woman gives birth to a cancer among the cultists

Hello everyone.

Saw this movie about 15 years ago. I suppose it was a horror movie but not 100%.

I just can remember one but really memorable scene.

The woman is pursued by rednecks-cultists with a pitchforks and driven into some kind of greenhouse or winter garden. They surround her and suddenly some weird creature bursts out of her belly. As a child, I thought it looked like cancer. Then a woman from this cult takes the monster in her arms.

I think it was a movie from 90-00s.

Also it was filmed with the bright orange color filter as I remember.


help me find a movie about how a robber came with a gang for treasure but they turned out to be cursed and a demon attacked him with a flaming sword said that his soul was cursed and he jumped out of the window and went to church.

Then he gave all his wealth to the church, but the head of the church said that needed to leave anyway, because god told him to let him go. The robber asked to stay because only there he was safe. But the churchman said that he needed to leave to remove the curse from his soul.

Not “Terminal Man;” not “Brazil”

70s era US color film. Someone is standing at the end of a long hospital or laboratory hallway. Fluorescent lights are flickering and pieces of paper are flying down the hallway at the person. The paper attaches to them until they are completely covered, but still in the recognizable shape of a human. I thought for years this was “Terminal Man” but I re-watched and it’s not that or “Brazil” which has a similar fantasy sequence.

Cartoon bad guy weasels

Hello please help!


I remember this old cartoon movie from when I was a kid that had these bad guy weasels (or what looked like weasels). The only scene I remember is the 2 weasels singing a song and eating snacks from a bag that looked like tiny balls of meat. They get fat by the end of the song. The movie itself may or may not be about dogs. Or some kind of woodland mammals like wolves or foxes.

This is driving absolutely insane and I wish I remember literally anything else about this movie.

Horror Paranormal Investigation Movie

I’m looking for a horror movie where a team of investigators go to a room in a town building which is claimed to be haunted. It’s not in a house. At one point there is a door in the floor and it’s filled with blood. Doors keep appearing and disappearing, but they are always in the same room. Later there is a large window and it’s all black outside, like a different universe. I saw it a few years ago and I don’t think it was on TV, but not 100% sure. It was in color and it was in English.

Erotic film. 80…90s.

Erotic film. 80…90s.

Perhaps France or American.
Perhaps one of Emmanuelle films.
Only one scene.
Private erotic party. There are the guests around the table. They are men and women.
Some erotic action is on that table. Everybody watch that action.
But unexpected huge black-skin man catches a young woman. Somebody steps to him,
but black-skin man shows the knife and everybody step back.
Black-skin man slits the back of women’s jeans and begins to fack her in her ass.