A man cheats on his wife and involuntary murders her

I saw this movie around year 2002, and I am pretty sure it has been released late 90s, or early 2000s. I remember the following scenes from the movie:

  • A man is at home with his wife and the phone rings. He answers and speaks with a woman who is his secret lover. They show the woman laying on a couch naked, touching her breasts and arranging a meeting with the man. They hang up and the man lies to his wife about the conversation he just had (I don’t remember what he told her).
  • It is evening/night and the man and his lover are on the second floor of a house in a bed making love. At the same time, the wife enters the house and climbs the stairs to find the room in which is her husband. She has a pistol. She enters the room, they start arguing and get into a small fight in the bed. We hear a shot and it turns out the wife is dead (accidentally, the man didn’t want to kill her I believe).
  • Third scene I remember is the man and his lover are putting the dead body of his wife in a trunk of a car and go somewhere to dig a grave (but not completely sure about the last part, I only remember for sure putting the body in a trunk of a car).

The movie was in color, I saw it on TV, but it was certainly a movie. Also I am pretty sure it was a low-budget/low-rated production, because this channel usually played such movies.

I have been looking for this movie for more than 10 years, hopefully someone can help 🙂


Ok I don’t remember how’s the movie starts… Durning the movie the little boy has an imaginary friend, mean while the by is growing up his parents sends him to college he couldn’t make in college so he buys a car with the monies for college. His parents put him out of the house and he goes and live in the desert in a tent with his car and all sort of things the he a accumulating while he was growing up ….. just so happens that his imaginary friend was one of the things that he accumulated and couldn’t let go…. Andy’s at the end of the movie the boy and his imaginary friend was older they grew beards, contractors came and put him out of the desert with his imaginary friend. When they got back to civilization the man had a vase filled with pennies a old lady saw the vase and bought it from him also he had kept his car in mint condition so he auctioned it. The man was rich in the end because of the things that he held on to….

Please Please help me find the name of this movie!,,

Messed up foreign film, guy kills for girlfriend, they get captured in the woods by an old man.

Hey all! I have a movie that has bugged my mind for years. It’s a foreign film I saw on DirecTV years ago, possibly well over fifteen years ago. I remember that it’s a foreign film (I think). The two biggest things I remember are, towards the beginning of the movie, the main guy’s girlfriend tells him that these men, who I believe are their schoolmates, assaulted her, and goads him into killing them. (I seem to recall a scene where he’s leaving her house and she’s standing in the window and exposed her breasts to him as he’s leaving too). He kills the men, and the two of them decide to go on the run. At some point she reveals that she lied about the assault and just wanted to see if he’d do it. It’s also a plot point that he has a hard time having sex with her, and is potentially impotent. As they’re on the run, the two are captured in the woods by an old man. The old man keeps the girl locked in his basement, under a trap door, kind of similar to the evil dead. He keeps the boy chained to his bed. At some point the old man rapes the boy, and later when the boy is talking to his girlfriend she is weirdly bemused by it, and reveals that the boy came during sex with the old man. The last thing I remember is that the old man is feeding them flesh from another person that he has killed, which the girlfriend knows because the body is in the basement with her. I know it seems like I know a lot of details from this film, but I’ve tried all sorts of searches throughout the years to no avail. I’d be so grateful if someone could help me out with this one. I think this movie might have messed me up at a young age lol.

Hallway Trap

British, seen on TV mid 1970s, probably a weekly drama… two guys break into a stately manor at night for a laugh. They are walking along the upstairs corridor when suddenly the lights go on and an alarm rings. The guys run to the end of the corridor but a steel bar gate closes and blocks their way. They turn and run to the other end of the corridor but before they get very far another gate closes, trapping them inside the length of the corridor. The owner of the house appears in his nightgown and a philosophical discussion ensures about the haves and the have-nots. Eventually the guys tell the man he might as well go ahead and call the police. They aren’t two worried, the police will probably just give them a talking to and let them go. The man smiles and says actually he is heading away on holiday in the morning for a month or so and when he gets back he will probably discover the bodies of a couple of lads who broke into his house and succumbed to starvation… It dawns on the guys that things are not going to end well for them…




Plane Crash in Forest

Seen on TV 1970s, probably American. A plane crashes in a remote forest and the survivors try to work out what to do. It finally dawns on them near the end of the movie that they actually all died in the plane crash and are probably in their version of Hell. The protagonist does not accept this fact until the very last scene when he hears his overweight and long dead wife running through the forest  towards the plane calling out his name. “Oh no!” he says as he realizes the enormity of the situation – he gets to spend an eternity here with his long dead wife!

80’s or 90’s movie where a guy becomes aware of living in a virtual reality

In this movie, a guy experiences a form of “glitch” at his work place and he sees a code or something like that appearing before his eyes for a few seconds. This happens more and more and he finally can see the “real world” for what it is : there are different sizes of boxes with different codes in place (instead of) furniture, rats are all over the place, etc. He tries to warn other people, to make them see what he sees… Color movie, English I think, not remembering the actors… Thanks in advance!

A film about film school

I saw this film on premium cable in the early 1980’s. It was American, in English, and in color. It was about a young man going to film school. The other students were making non-commercial films which ended up looking like parodies of French new wave cinema. The protagonist just wanted to make fun and entertaining lowbrow movies. That’s really all I remember. Thank you for your help.

What is this short animated film?

It was in color and in English. Probably American. I believe I saw it in the early 1980’s on a public television station. It was about a murderer covering his tracks, and it might have been about an actual case. The murderer killed his mail carrier while he was delivering the mail. The murderer realized that if he did not deliver the rest of the victim’s mail, the authorities would be able to figure out quite easily who the murderer was. So the murderer put on the victim’s uniform and went out to deliver the rest of the mail. A voice-over explained the action as it was happening.

Any ideas? Thank you.

Action (with a bit of humor)

Hey folks. Was wondering for a couple of years about this film sometimes, but nothing.

I remember there are two guys, one like a cool guy shooting everyone and his new friend more like frightened by everything around. They have been in a condominium of drugdealers where some explosions and shooting happened. The frightened one has a girlfriend. During a dinner with both guys, the girlfriend and one more girl; the girlfriend tried to kill them. A the ending of the movie the two guys that are already friends, maybe eat a couple of hamburgers on a bench, maybe.


Hoping to be enough clear 😀



Goof Troop

The only scene I remember from that Goof Troop episode was where I think, Goofy and Pete were travelling in some kind of sub at the beginning. Before reaching some island, Pete tries on many headgear disguises until he finds the right one. Once on the island, some natives worship Pete like some kind of god and start mimicking whatever moves he does (almost like in Ice Age 2 with Sid and the minisloths).

What is name of that episode? Season and number too, please?

travel back one year in the past

I remember this movie I watched, maybe in 2014 or 2016, it was about a boy who went one year back in high school, he took 9th grade all over again and no one knew expect him and his friend. He knew what was going to happen in the future so he tried to make better choices this time, sometimes it ended good and other times it ended more bad than his first choices.

I tried putting this description in google search bar but nothing related comes up at all, if you know the title of this movie please comment! I want to re-watch it for a second time.

Indian movie (melodrama, …)

Nice guy with his friend comes to the town where former Roja (very rich local magnate in India)  and his only child – daughter – live enjoying luxurious life. The guys are here for business partnership with the Roja. Roja invites them to his house as guests for some days. While the partnership is going on the daughter (full-figured, indian skin) falls in love with the nice guy (famous indian actor, white and tall). Later the guy recognizes that he loved her too, but it was late.

After some time the family finds that the guys are wanted by the police because of their previous commercial crimes. The guys are frauds. They also lied to the Roja and appropiate his property. The girl is in dilemma: she and he love each other, but her father is in trouble because of the loss of the property.

The police finds these frauds. The guy tries to run but he is tragically killed by the police.

And years later, the girl can not restore after the tragedy and gets ill, lives alone with her own housekeeper. The Roja (her father is already dead).