A movie about a wife’s mental state

I saw this movie last year online it’s in English and I don’t know the title.The movie is about a wife’s mental breakdowns and how the husband is making it seem like she’s crazy.The husband is trying to but her in a mental hospital so he can sign off on her inheritance.The wife realizes it’s the medicine her husband is giving her that makes her have meltdowns.She finds out and in the end she makes it seem like the husband is crazy and puts him in the hospital…

A man suddenly reached in a room of where several nude girls are

In this movie a man follows someone and reached in a place and on counter.The person on the counter give him direction of room.When he reached the room he saw there are several girls nude ,some of them have painted their breasts and after going further he saw a beautiful girl who than start removing her clothed and lie down on her back followed by that man

*Spoiler* Movie where man sees his life backwards

I saw a movie a few years ago where *spoilers* a man was viewing his life in reverse. The audience (and I think the man) doesn’t know this until the end, though. We finally realize that he is dead and the whole movie is his life flashing before his eyes. I think he may have been killed in a car accident and he may or may not have been drunk and killed someone else as well.

The movie was in color and in english. The main character was a man (not really old but not really young) and I remember him having red curly hair but that could be the complete opposite of the truth. I have no idea.


Cloned woman film

Hi there,

I saw a movie on tv when I was a kid – in the nineties  but the movie was probably from the 80s – there were all these red headed women in the film – they were all clones and somehow they had a mental telepathic link and they turned on their creator?

Then there was a strange scene with a swimming pool as well – something about the water heping the clones telepathically connect?


Weird Indy Movie With Taxidermy

Years ago when I was on heavy painkillers I vaguely remember a movie and have been trying to find the name. Some details may be plain wrong, but what I remember is:

  • This was an indy movie, probably British.
  • This movie was released before 2010
  • There were a few people in a house taken hostage by men with guns
  • At the end, one of the victims uses one of the gangsters as an art project (possibly taxidermy).

I’ll probably never find this odd movie, but thanks for reading.


Oddball o/

Live action Movie about a tortoise/turtle

I can’t find anything on the web. What is this movie?…

About a bunch of kids living in this big house, (possibly with family), in a swamp open area type place. There is this “magical” tortoise/turtle that lives nearby who the kids have adventures with.

A couple of stand out scenes are one with they are on it’s back and it goes off a waterfall. The tortoise/turtle then starts flying and both the kids and tortoise/turtle are amazed he can fly.

The second stand out scene occurs right at the end. Everyone is saying goodnight to each other, when the kids say goodnight to the tortoise/turtle he verbally replied with “goodnight”. All the lights in the house come on in amazement and the film ends.

I’ve been racking my brains and can’t find or figure out what it’s called. Please please help.

A romantic comedy from the 90s with a couple singing?

Anyone remember a romantic comedy from the 90s with a couple singing? I’m quite sure this was from the (late) 90s and it had a couple (a young man and a woman) singing and playing the guitar together. I remember the lyrics going something like this: “If I broke my leg, would you carry me? / If I died, would you bury me?” I don’t think it was a big-budget movie. Probably American or Canadian.

Anybody remember a movie from the late 80s/early 90s with a guy shooting a bloody mummy?

Anybody remember a movie from the late 80s/early 90s with a guy going to a house. From there he shoots a bloody mummy wrapped in shrouds with a revolver. I remember that there was a garage in front of his house and the guy was somehow standing on a higher level and was shooting the mummy that was below, approaching the man and the house.

Scifi teen movie

Hi there…. I cant remember this movie name or the whole plot.. it is an hollywood movie in english.. there is a scene in which the hero(teenage boy) asks his friend(he is some sort of an internet hacker who has many persons working for him) for some sort of an invite code for accessing to dark web… In another scene the internet hacker friend and his group members try to their best to hack into something like the villain’s computer to help his friend… The hero’s mom comes to know all these things only then…

A film with an ex-con as santa claus getting to know a mother and her daughter.

Anyone remember a film with an ex-con as santa claus getting to know a mother and her daughter? In the beginning, the guy comes to this small town by a bus. He gets a job as a santa. There’s also a robbery being planned plotwise: they’re drilling to a vault through a toy store’s wall. American film from the 21st century; circa 2000–2010.

They buy a house and everything is not included

Late 80 to mid 90 movie where a couple buy a house and juring the visit, the current owners jokigly say on multiple occasion that this or that is not included. As it turn out, when the new owner mouve in, all that was said jokingly is true. The windows, possibly the front doors and multiple inportant parts of the house or missing. As I remember it, it was a comedy family movie.

Japanese Horror Movie – Ghosts and a HIgh School

Hi, I really want to find this movie that I actually watched 2 times but never memorised it’s name.

It’s a japanese horror movie that has I guess 3 stories going on

There’s this group of highschool students who are actually dead and have not realised they’re ghosts (they died from some sort of gas or radiation coming from a bomb or something that was under their classroom and that actually happened a long time ago).

There’s this girl who’s sad and looking through her mom’s old things (also the ghosts find out they’re ghosts because she goes to the school to and talks on the speaker about the accident that killed them), also her mom looked like Nanno from ‘Girl From Nowhere’ on Netflix and was one of the highschool students.

And there’s this other group of young adults who are trying to film a horror movie IN the school that is haunted. (Don’t remember that much about this one, but there was a scene where they were recording their movie in the bathroom stalls [one of them dressed up as a ghost] and there was an actual ghost there)

I actually know a bunch of small details but i can never find anything about it when I browse it and I don’t want to make this too confusing.

This movie was available on the brazilian netflix for a while since that’s where I watched it.

I would be really thankful if anyone has any clues on it. Thank you.

90-2000s action movie about stealing from demons?

I remember this movie that used to come on the SciFi channel all the time about these 2 thieves that get hired to steal something from a demon.  There is a scene where to basically become invisible to automatic detection they have to confess their sins.  One of them is done in 10 mins and the other takes several hours to complete.  This all becomes moot as minutes after breaking in one of them ends up swearing by accident. In the end one of them dies and there’s a scene where earlier the survivor had described his dream woman and he meets her in a gas station.

(what’s the title? A japanese movie about a programmer who receives love counseling)

So the guy is the head of an app company which the main girl is contracted to work for.

The main girl is a ‘love expert’ who is contracted to work for a romance app game the company is making.

The main girl then sees that the guy is unable to court his love interest, proceeds to provide love counseling.

The guy then managed to get together with his love interest, only for the main girl to find out that she is now in love with the main guy.

The main guy later got his position in the company hijacked by his subordinate, only to learn that he wants the main girl to console him instead

Cue they learn that they like each other, happy end