Looking for a pre-2000 action movie

It was in colour, it was in English, it was made in the US I’m pretty sure (you’re standard Rambo-esque type but set in the mid-to-south-west US).

It could be anywhere between the 70s and the 90s, I can’t really remember what people were wearing but there was a lot of denim?

The only scene I can sort of remember is the last few minutes of the movie, there was a small plane that might have had a kidnapped person or a baddie in it, and a car chasing it, I think the car crashes because I remember someone (possibly the hero) being pulled out of the crashed car and put in the back of a vehicle (ambulance, or pick-up truck?) There were a lot of people standing around, maybe a girlfriend or sister who gets in the back of the vehicle with the wounded hero?

The hero had dark hair, and might have been Native American perhaps?

Sorry to be super vague, I really just caught the last few minutes and I’ve been trying to find it (I’ve seen so many cheese-filled action movies now that I can’t keep track of them all *LOLs* 😉

Suggest anything you might think fits the request, I’ll check them all out til I find it again 😀

Looking for a movie played on lifetime

I’m looking for a movie and woman whose husband left her right after graduation so he live and date other people. She was upset because she wanted to start having a family.  He starts to get successful and she shows back up in his life because she misses his friendship.  He meets a new girl and falls in love. The new is a set up by the ex wife. The guys is getting more successful in his career and is getting ready to marry the new girl. A date is set up for a romantic interlude. The guy is blindfolded and the ex wife has sex. The truth comes out about the new girls past and it ruins the guys life and career. The movie ends with the ex wife new girl and his baby

Looking for a movie I watched as a child

The movie was running in German free TV in the early 2000s but was most likely American. In the beginning people were stranding at a beach. They all had just died in different points in time, I think the protagonist was an astronaut, but there was also a Roman emporer (Nero I think) and one of his subordinates. In the group was also a mute child, which was the only child around. Everyone has a little metal stick which could be used to gather food at big futuristic distribution devices.


Some guy had built a castle over the last 10 years and became the ruler of the island. Another group, including an alien if I remember correctly, had build a ship and wanted to go somewhere. At that point I had to stop watching the movie and since then I wonder what happened. If someone could help me out, I’d be so grateful.

Please help find movie

on the movie guy taking a shower friend walks in to use the bathroom to poop guy in shower asked friend who done pooping if he sit or stands and wipe his ass because he seen him standing wiping his but it’s like college students or something in a dorm or a house and a guy has sex with a girl in front of everybody everyday and dude takes a shower his friend walks in take a shit and then he like woah dude did you wipe u ass standing guy who wipes but says what’s wrong with standing and wiping my butt and guy and shower says that’s weird because he sits and wipes his but. There’s a guy always in the living room banging a chick all time .

sorry this is all I can remember I been looking for movie for 2 years now please I really want to watch this

Time travel movie

I remember this movie when I was younger but I can only remember bits and pieces. It’s about a knight or prince that is set to marry a princess, he saves some people and then ends up sleeping with some random woman. The princess he is supposed to marry finds out and him and his sidekick get banished to the future. When they get there he meets a woman that looks exactly like the princess he was supposed to marry, he ends up falling for her. I think this is an actual movie and not some weird dream!

Old Woman Driven to Suicide

My mom recalls watching this moving as a teen about an Old woman that lives in a bad neighborhood. She lives off of social security benefits and relies on a check in the mail every month. Aware of this, a burglar enters her house every month and calmly asks her to hand over the money. Without struggle, she hands it over to him every time without fail. This happens so often that the doors to her house are often open, welcoming in the burglar but it’s only a facade. The truth of the matter is, there is nothing she can do to fend him off and if she were to lock her doors, he’d probably enter by force or worse, kill the her. The old woman only has one person she can consider a friend that visits her every now ‘n then to see how she’s doing, aware of the trouble the burglar causes her. The old lady wants so desperately to move away from this place but cannot afford to do so. Eventually, the several inhabitants of the neighborhood form a meeting discussing what they should do to stop the violence and mischief that takes place in the neighborhood. The effort is fruitless, as eventually towards the end of the movie, the poor old woman cannot bare to live under the stress of this reoccurring stranger. She commits suicide, ending her forced devotion to giving the burglar her money.

I’m uncertain how old this movie is but I assume it’s from the 1980s or older but not old enough to be in black and white. The movie is most likely a Hollywood movie.

The wedding gift of an army general.??? And his young tender virgin

A wedding party of lots and lots of people when a man calls them to recieve his very personal gift in private and so makes them excuse themselves, assuring their swift return to their many guests. Behind closed doors the newlyweds are pedastalled chest high to the gifter and each one facing the other one, and when thoroughly excited to experience the selected gifts requiring such ceremonious detail and their host steps up on a stool behind the virgin throes her dress up over her head and forces his penis violently into her and takes great pleasure in the imediate chaos hes created but then its turn for the grooms turn and his host steps up behind the war hardened general, licks his fist draws back a mighty K C and punches all 40 levels of hell up into the poor generals arsehole and further chaos ensues while the party host presents his
ring covered in the generals weeping yawn for him to kiss and thank him for such a considerate gift… gush and bow gush and scrape return to quests who demand to know what gifts they were given, and are obliged to reveal their awful shame and once again thank the gifter as they try to comfort each others disposessed honor thay had stolen and can never gift and laughter laughter laughter…. scene fades

Friends with a ghost boy

I`m trying to find a movie about a boy who died and came back as a ghost and was friends with a living boy (who might have been his friend in life). I remember the living boy kept the ghost as a secret and would even let him stay in his room. At some point in the movie a girl found out about the ghost and kept the secret with them.

However, the ghost boy would often do strange or `bad` things and there might have been another ghost which was a girl, that he either did something bad to or something bad happened to her. I think that there was something that would happen to every ghost after a while and there was someplace that they had to go (maybe a sewer or tunnel) and at the end of the movie, the living boy and girl sent the boy ghost there and he was crying.

I think there was also something about an old abandoned house or shack.

I watched this movie sometime between 2008 and 2013 and I remember that it seemed very dark but I never really thought of it as a horror movie.

Lost in time

So there’s this movie some adult was watching when I was a kid, probably in the nineties, where this lady goes back in time or something and she saves the life of a werewolf or wolfman on trial by the villagers. Then puts a sheep in a well(?) And it turns pink and she wins some kind of contest. I’ve thought about this movie on and off for several years and I don’t know the title. I only saw those two scenes. Please help!

Older film that takes place in coastal town

So I remember this film where I believe a young couple marry and move to a small coastal town, very foggy town with rocky cliffs. Its an older film, maybe 50s-late 60s? I used to watch a lot of old films on TCM and such with my mom. In the film I vividly remember towards the end of the film I believe the husband and another man are having a fight in the fog on the coast and they’re going in and out of the fog like punching each other I think.


I believe the plot was something along the lines of the young couple moving to the town, then the husband having to leave for a time, where the woman is very lonely and the people in this small town judge her. Then she starts talking to another man and when the husband finally returns they fight?


I really hope someone can help me remember because I just loved the tone and cinematography and the feel of the foggy coastal town. I think the film was taking place in New England.

Late ’60s / early ’70s animated adventure story

This one is hard to describe as I was very young and at home sick from school when I saw it. It’s a colour animated adventure film about a boy and his family and I saw it in on TV in the early to mid ’70s. The film may have been Japanese, while the characters may have been native North Americans or possibly some kind of prehistoric people.

I remember nothing of the story save that I was so impressed with it that for some time I wanted to become an actor just to star in a live-action remake. The only detail I remember is one scene where the boy’s mother helps him dress. I think they lived in a natural setting like a clearing in the forest or perhaps a cave. The boy either put on or took off a brown dressing gown or cloak or fur, and I remember that because I was shocked to briefly see his bum, thinking I’d need to get a stand-in for that scene (I was a bit of a prude).

Scant to go on, I know, but I’d love to see this movie again to figure out why I was so impressed with it.

Parents trapped in tv

An American movie in colors where some bad guy named Spike I think sells a special satellite cable system which transports parents into the world of TV, leaving their kids behind. The parents acquire different looks and clothes as they go through different channels on tv through some kind of portal.

One channel had them turned into cartoon mice being chased by a robocat which gets defeated by a robodog in the end.

Spike tries to stop them using remote that can allow people to travel into tv and that silence people within tv literally with the mute button.

At the end, after the machine melts and the kids are back, the bad guy gets trapped in tv along with an angry rottweiler

Aliens shoot Earth boy with M&Ms for Christmas

I don’t recall what made it a Christmas special, but this aired during Christmas break in the mid to late ’70s in a time slot that had featured more typical kids’ Christmas fare on other days.

It was in colour with quite good production values, and I saw it on CBC or CTV (Canadian networks).

A boy discovers a UFO landed on a hill in the woods near his home. In the scene I remember, he somehow ends up inside the spaceship, trapped in a chamber. A weapon-like clear plastic L-shaped tube descends from the ceiling and turns ominously towards him. The boy’s fear turns to delight, though, as the tube starts shooting M&Ms or (Canadian) Smarties towards him, eventually filling the chamber to his waist.

Mischievous boy confuses villagers

Another kid’s movie airing in colour on a Saturday morning in the mid to late ’70s on CBC.

The scene I remember has the boy sneaking out of his bedroom late at night and running around a medieval-looking town naked or in his underwear. He finds a bucket or barrel filled with pitch / tar / black paint, dips his hands and feet into it, and jumps up against the wall of the clock tower.

He then gathers a bunch of apples, dips them in the black liquid, and throws them at the top of the tower.

The next morning, the villagers are stunned to find hand and footprints seemingly running up the tower with the clock at the top sporting a sloppy black smiley face.


I watched this movie in the 90’s but I think it was made before that. It was a group of kids that were all friends and they lived in the country/on a mountain. There was a new family that had moved to the are and so the kids decided to get together and go around to different shops/stores/families in the area to collect items for them. They then take it to the family. While they are doing this they are singing songs, I think they were hymns but am not sure.