Please help to remember movie about love of the teens during voyage to Paris

Dear Moviefans,

Excuse e foe my English, that’s not my mother tongue.

I need your help in finding the name of the movie I saw along time ago on TV but didn’t remember a name. I only remembered a plot, but not excellent. Here it is how a remember it:

The guy(X) is in love with a girl. They study in high school. Their class decide to make a trip to France (maybe Paris). And both of them travel there. But she dates another guy(Y). The guy Y cheats on her with anoher girl and they break up.

Movie ends with guy X trying to catch this girl on the way to railway station by stealing and driving a bus. He comes to the railway station on time before train arrivd and they kiss on the railway.

Please help to find a name of this movie. I would be very thankful to ya.

The movie where the father put different things on his son’s hands (I remember exactly there were TVs on his hands) so that he wouldn’t hit…

…anyone at school

This movie was somehow perhaps teenage or parodic. High school setting, most likely American. It was released around 2010. I can’t really remember much, but there was a very vivid scene of a father dressing his son with a kinescope TV on both hands, and the son is angry and it seems he was wearing a plaid shirt at the same time. Help please, been wondering for years what this movie is 🙁

A girl is being dragged by her hair from the car

Help to find the film!

Trying to remember the film with the scene, where a girl is being dragged by her hair from the car at full speed.

The scene, as I get it, looked like this: a hand is stuck out of the car window at right angles, it holds the girl’s head above the ground as the car is moving.

I didn’t watch the film itself, but remember the scene from the trailer I saw many years ago. I could assume the film was of asian origin.

A movie where a road sign is stolen, which causes an accident

The film is old, from about 1980-1980. It seems like a comedy.

I remember only one scene from it. Night, road, a road sign falls at the turn. It was broken by two teenagers, 17-20 years old.
A car with an open top appears on the road - and, since there is no sign, it falls over the edge of the road at speed into the abyss.

Teens look at each other:
- Maybe we will return to the place?
- Come on, cool sign! Dragged!

The scene was episodic and did not affect the plot.

English is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes. And thanks in advance for your help!

Teenage Sexpot Blond Counters Advances of Traveling Salesman


A black and white movie probably from the late 50s/early 60s.  The setting is a wood frame house in a dusty, sun-bleached field (Texas?).  The female starlet is a played by a lolita-type, blond teenage sexpot (Sue Lyon?).  A gruff older salesman (Walter Matthau?) approaches the house and engages the teen in conversation at length.  I believe she fetches a cold drink from inside the house and brings it out to him.  She is sitting on a bench or swing in front of the house at one point while he continues to talk to her.

animated kid movie from late 80s or early 90s

this aninated kids movie starts with a young boy with glasses who moves to the jungle with his parents and hound dog. the boy and his dog begin to explore the jungle when they become lost and encounter these small “egg shaped” aliens in an egg carton type vessel outside of an ancient temple which they ran into and gotten lost. stuff gets very creepy and crazy while they are in the temple. (morphing aztec faces, disorienting falls and spirals). the aliens turn out to be good and if im not mistaken they help the boy and dog out of the temple.

i uses ti watch this movie alot as a kid..i would appreciate anybody who remebers this move too post a reply.



Young man comes home and is treated like a war hero (he is not)

I think it was an old movie (like 1940-1965) about a man who was – I think – discharged from the army or just lied about being a veteran, he made up something, fake medal etc. Anyway he comes back home and the family thinks of him as a war hero and he doesn’t mind so the lie goes on until it’s too much for him. They want to hear his stories etc. It was some kind of satire or comedy of errors.

I’m not sure everything I wrote here is correct though.

Hitman love movie

I remember seeing a movie between 2014-2018. It was probably on Netflix or redbox.  A girl working at a grocery store falls in love with a guy who is a hitman/assassin. He ends up reading her dairy/journal and finds a list of people she wishes were dead. Slowly the people start to dissappear and she finds that he is taking them out one by one.  They ended up in the last scene in a field burying a body while the girl is holding their new baby. Hopefully someone can help. It’s been driving me crazy trying to find it. Mr.right is all that pops up in Google and that’s definitely not it.

The film about a professional fraudster

The movie was filmed around the 1980s: a crook hires 3 crooks to cheat the same crooks. it seems the main character and director of the film is one man.

The crook raised by his uncle (the uncle had a noticeable buckle on his belt). He hires three crooks to deceive other crooks. The scam succeeds. Deceived fraudsters buy hectares of land in the desert dearly after hearing that a shopping center will be built there. The real estate agency is fake, the blueprints for the construction site are fake too.
Hired and subsequently deceived scammers: a cool beautiful bright blonde, a brunette programmer, a tennis player – handsome gigolo. The blonde has a beautiful sports car and boasts that she was paid a thousand dollars for one night.

In the finale, the protagonist imitates his own murder using his uncle’s invention. To do this, he creates a supply of his own blood in the refrigerator.
I remember the phrase addressed to the uncle: “each of your next wife is younger and more beautiful than the previous one.”

I remember another phrase: “a cool fraudster will make you see what was not”

Travel Through Television

Hi everyone,

In the mid 80s in the UK I watched a kids’ movie on TV in colour about a group of kids/teenagers who were able to travel through electronic devices. They could just kind of leap into them and travel at the speed of light to different places, and possibly through time as well. I only have a clear memory of one of the final scenes where the protagonist is sentenced to death and given one last request before execution. They choose to watch TV one last time as a cunning plan to escape. The executioners say something like “it’s 5 in the morning – there’s nothing on TV at this time,” but the wish is granted anyway. A TV is wheeled to them and the kid jumps into it, evading execution.

I’d be so grateful for any help with this.

Best wishes

Man in rowboat records mental images to 8mm cine film

TLDR; Man on a boat holds a one-hand 8mm cine tape camera to his head, and transfers mental images to the tape using psychic powers.

I think I watched this in the 80s – probably a 60s film. I can only really remember one scene, but it’s a pretty standout scene.

Style of the outfits and boat were very Cambridge / Oxford boating, but the scene may have been on a London lake.

I think the man was gay and persecuted for being so which lead him to take actions to punish his tormentors.

The cine camera looked something like this:

cine camera

Crime / heist movie taking place in a tall hotel

Looking for a movie that was in maybe 2000s sometime ago. The movie takes place in a tall hotel. The movie was a crime movie that took different characters point of view. I remember one character that was an assassin or the shooter and he was smoking and trying to numb his vocal chords to sound like someone he is supposed to become in order to do his job.

It sounds like a heist movie like the Oceans 11 films because of the different characters that appear but it wasn’t any of those movies.

A mother with mental disorders remains alone with her parents and two children in a country house. At night they are all killed

A mother with mental disorders remains alone with her parents and two children in a country house. At night they are all killed, the house is locked from the inside, and the police believe that she committed the murders, but in the end it turns out that this is not the case, and the killer was able to get out of the house thanks to the kitchen window, which was closed from the inside with a strong blow

post-1976 King Kong TV commercial of girl in his hand eating candy

As a huge Kong-phile, I’ve been trying to find a TV commercial I remember seeing shortly after the release of the 1976 King Kong film. I don’t know exactly when it was released, but it seemed to air constantly for a good while, sometime in the mid to late 1970’s.
It simply featured a woman in a white dress simulating Fay Wray, sitting in what I believe was a mechanical hand from the 1976 Kong film. She’s eating some sort of national brand chocolate candy, Hershey kisses, M&M’s, or it could have even been Bon Bon ice cream chocolate balls, I can’t specifically remember. The entire commercial was her lying in the hand eating the candy while Kong grumbled, and I remember at the end she looks up and says something like “Calm down, big boy”.

Cop falls for crazy lady

This movie was from the ninety’s, i think. I can only remember two details. 1st is a cop who falls in love with this crazy blonde criminal who he is supposed to be in charge of, and they end up going on the lamb together. The 2nd is that the movie ends with a police chase where cops end up shooting and killing the ex-cop in a truck, and the woman getting out of the truck and killing herself right after.

A man who needs to catch a flight to Brazil with his gf, shenanigans ensue

I am trying to recall a movie title and my google searches aren’t producing much useful.

So I have the following criteria:

1. The opening theme song is “Give me Just a Little More Time” by the Chairmen of the Board (and it is their version). The graphics involve a small cartoon man hanging off a clock, jumping between the hands, stuff like that.

2. The movie came out prior to 2003. The Internet was not a thing here, nor were cell phones common. I’d even place the date earlier. Early 90s?

3. The plot: a guy who works at an airline ticket counter is at his last day at work. He has a flight to Brazil to catch that very night. He is going to embark on this trip with a woman he has been seeing who is married/involved with a guy who is Bad News. A subplot is a radio show where they call you up, and ask you questions about a maze (you answer “left” and “right” to a sequence of questions) and you get money if you win. One particular scene is this man gets the right answers and can’t give his name because he is hiding out in the woman’s (or someone’s) house. After several misadventures he ends up on a flight, by himself, but instead of Brazil the flight is going to Lebanon. (When this movie was made it was still in a low-level war I guess?)

I know this is odd but it’s been bugging me for a while now.