Do you know this European film?

I watched this movie around 2014 on cable. I don’t remember many scenes but just the general plot and the ending. I’m desperate to find the title!

Plot: Four college girls come together to find the real identity of a masked serial rapist who has been attacking women on the woods inside the campus by tying them to a tree and then sexually abusing them.

One of the girls (red hair) was attacked by the rapist and she provides some details that helps them figure out his identity.

SPOILER – ENDING: Eventually they find out the rapist was the university’s librarian and manage to catch him.

Other details about the movie:

  • Probably filmed in the late 00s to early 10s
  • A European film, and judging from the language and culture most likely somewhere in Northern Europe or maybe even the Netherlands or Belgium??

Boy meets a fox in the woods that suddenly talks

I never actually saw this live-action colored movie but I remember seeing a trailer of it on Cartoon Network once a few years ago somewhere in the 2000’s. It was live-action. From what I remember, one minute, a boy sees and says: “Hello, Fox.” to a fox he comes across in the woods and then, the next minute, when the boy’s back is turned to continue walking, the fox suddenly replies with a rough/raspy voice and somewhat malicious grin on his face: “Hello, boy.” that suddenly shocks the boy.

Note: It is NEITHER The Little Prince, Narnia, Robin Hood, Dr. Dolittle franchise, Bridge to Terrabithia, Brer Rabbit, The Fox and the Hound 1 and 2, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Pinocchio, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Chicken Little, nor Zootopia/Zootropolis.

Movie where Woman Kills Husband, Ends up with his Best Friend

I would guess I saw this movie about 5-7 years ago, but I don’t think it was a new movie at the time. It was a movie in English, and I saw it on tv. I think it was on Lifetime or a similar Network.

There is woman who lives with her boyfriend/husband, they are not very well off and the husband is abusive. His friend is quiet and creepy, and she gets him to help her kill her husband and escape. I think she slept with him to get him to do so. She goes and lives with a rich guy she has been secretly dating, a doctor or a professor. He ends up getting arrested for the murder, and she goes back to her home. The movie ends with her in a big field with her dead husbands friend (the same one who helped kill the husband), and she realizes she’s in love with him.

Black and White foreign crime movie

There was a black and white foreign crime movie (not sure if it was in Spanish/Italian or some other language)

I think two men (maybe more), possibly gangs committed robbery. Somehow, two women stole the money from them (I think it was a leather briefcase). The men followed them, tracked them down at their home and overcome the women.

The men proceed to torture the women with electricity. I think the women were stripped naked with tape over their mouth laying on the ground with wires attached to their body (maybe breasts) and one man plug in and out the electric plug into the wall. They may have proceeded to rape the women, I’m not sure.

The film was in black and white with no subtitle. I didn’t understand what they were saying. I would like to find it again to see if there is a subbed version.

Thank you!

I would like to know the title of a movie

Please, someone who can help me get the title of this movie….

I remember a primary school teacher asking the students: where are you? and the kids responding in chorus: here!  Then, the teacher asking: what time is it? and the kids go: now!

It is a movie about spiritual growth and gaining consciousness, but I cannot remember its name….. Thank you so very much in advance!


Little blond space boy

Hey, does anyone know the name of an old animated film about a little blond boy in space? All I can remember is there was a space funeral scene towards the end where someone ( i think the captain of the big space ship) dies and his coffin was launched into space and as the coffin drifts away there is sad music playing that has scarred me when I was younger. There were also different scenes of the boy going to different planets that had weird creatures and plants. He gets lost I think and I remember a specific planet had a pink/red hue and had holes with weird spooky tentacled creatures in them. The plot was sad I think and it had the vibe of a  ghibli movie. It was a long time ago that i watched this so sorry for the lack of important detail.

a couple get trapped in an asylum

I believe the couple were investigating the asylum, or maybe looking for someone.  One or both are given a tour.  At one point one or both look through the window of a locked door and see a space filled with the most monstrously insane.  Later they are fleeing from the owner/manager/head doc and – in a rush – they open a door without realizing where they are and accidentally lock themselves in with the “monsters.”

Possibly an episode of Tales of the Unexpected? With a fish sandwich

Hi.  I have a vague recollection of something that I *think* may have been an episode of Tales of the Unexpected, or something similar (late 70s to early 80s seems right).  I’ve read through the synopsis of all episodes as given on wikipedia though and nothing rings a bell.  All I remember is what I think is the closing scene, with a man and a woman sitting down at a table for dinner.  They’re discussing someone else, who had died, and the implication is that foul play had been suspected but the woman is explaining to the man that it ultimately was determined to be due to natural causes… Some weird medical condition the deceased person had.  In my mind the person had two of a certain organ, maybe the pancreas?  But that may have just been my childhood interpretation, because I’m not sure why having two pancreases would be an issue.  The medical condition combined with fatty food (iirc) is what did him in.

The man is eating dinner while she’s talking.  She explains that it is an incredibly rare condition, but the man gets a look on his face as if he’s having some digestive discomfort, and I believe the implication is that he too has this medical condition and might not be long for this world.  I think either he is eating a fish sandwich or the dead guy was said to have been eating a fish sandwich…  I may be completely wrong but I’d swear a fish sandwich is in the conversation somewhere.  And two pancreases.  🙂

Thanks in advance for any help!

Girl who liked to dance ballet

It’s a family movie, probably in the 90s. I remember a scene, perhaps at the beginning of the movie, that shows a little girl who used to like to dance ballet. She used to dance for her mother (she had some health problem, used to sit on a chair and had an empty look on her face). The girl had a friend (little boy) whose father was building a bunker because he feared the war would come in the USA (I don’t know which war would be this). I only watched this part of the movie. I always wanted to know what happened next.

Recent movie, I think from Netflix

Hi all! Please help me find this movie! I want a friend to watch it, but I can’t remember the Title!

Here are the main points that I think I remember:

Husband and wife and 3 daughters live in a very ritzy apartment in a city (New York), and the husband is gone all the time schmoozing others for his job. His wife is busy with the girls all the time and wants to finish a screenplay but the husband keeps making his wife come to dinners or things with him so she never gets time to do what she wants to do.

The husband makes her come to one of these outings to bring someone in to buy the hotel he works for. He tells his wife that they have to convince this Indian husband and wife and their kids to move to the city. In the beginning, the wife complies but feels very guilty. She then gets sick of the lying and tells the truth. The Indian couple leaves.

The husband then quits his job and then they both have to figure out how to stay afloat because they were living well above their means.

To try and stay afloat they put their ritzy apartment for rent on airbnb and then they move in with the wife’s parents across the street. They can see their apartment from the parent’s place.

I don’t remember much more… please help!!!!

French Movie with Kids Where a Parents Death is Kept Secret

I believe it was from the 80’s or 90’s. It took place in a school where all the students wore uniforms. A poorer classmates parent dies and the kids keep it a secret from the adults, pretending that the parent is still alive. I think maybe because there’s some fear the child will be taken to an orphanage. I recall things coming to light but the film ending on this vaguely revolutionary note. Had sort of Stand By Me vibes but a little lighter. French or Belgian.