Bat attacks horse

Hello! I’m looking for a vampire movie since when i  was a kid (now i am 21 years old) the very first scene of this movie is a long sequence with the White Horse running with fear in the ranch at night, in the sky there is a full moon. We know the Bat is about to eat the White Horse. We know that it is a Bat from the sound and the view in the scene, we see it first person from the Bat’s perspective.

The last thing i remember of this movie is the Vampire sacrificing himself for the couple, i think the castle was under attack by a bunch of angry people. this movie is certanly in English, but i have seen it with a Polish narrator.

Film about a mother and daughter


This is my first post.

Well, about 4/5 years ago I watched a movie. My only memories of this movie are that it was about a mother and her daughter (she was about 6/7 years old, or even less) I remember that for some reason, they left the house and started sleeping in a car.

At some point, the mother enters the market to buy food. When she realizes she has no money, she thinks about stealing the market, however, she gives up and leaves the market

Sorry for the sparse information. It’s been a long time since I watched

Note: I asked some people and they said the name of the film was: Enough. I’m already saying that this is not the movie I’m looking for. Haha

Movie with a scene where I guy eats his arm while in jail

I think it would’ve been about 2008 and I saw it on tv, a color film in English, but all I remember is a scene where a guy that was being held in prison started eating into his arm to remove something that had been surgically implanted there prior (by himself?) I think it was a necklace or something else with a long chain, and I remember it had a distinctly supernatural vibe, but I may have been misinterpreting it(?)

Mafia problems – 80s thriller

What is the title of a movie (mid 80s) about two rich families involved in a feud that has something to do with industrial problems, maybe factories, and possibly mafia problems. There is another story line about father-daughter relationship. I remember the father had meetings with mafia (?) people at the house on the lake. At the end of the film there’s a shot of a big boat on the lake, and a huge explosion, in which everyone gets killed, and this is the ending (I think the final shot is that big explosion).

Please help me find this movie

Looking for a movie. I don’t have a specific scene but I know the basic summary of it. Stranges awaken in a room. A man claims they have been taken by the government because they are known criminals. They have all been put to death except they must vote one person to survive and be freed. There is a twist ending where everyone is an actor except one person. The whole point was to get the real criminals confession

couple picks up hitchhikers

Saw this movie maybe on prime video within the last year.  English speaking but I think it takes place in europe somewhere.  A couple picks up another couple hitchhiking and then the hitchhiking couple attacks them and leaves them for dead and takes their car.  However the woman does not die and tracks them down at a remote house and seeks revenge.  Can’t think of the name.

Old Godzilla movie(s) but which one? (Definitely not the new ones and remakes made in the 21st century))

To all big-time Godzilla fans out there, I beseech thee. I will try to be as clear as best I possibly can in this post. Please read very carefully with caution.

Here goes:
In this Disney’s Recess episode “Big Ol’ Mikey” clip, from interval 5:57 till 7:54, the scene is obviously spoofing/parodying Godzilla. Problem is there have been so many Godzilla movies over the years so basically I dunno which Godzilla movie(s) does each part from 5:57 till 7:54 spoof/parody.

For example: At 6:33 of the episode, does the scene parody a scene from Godzilla or not? And from which Godzilla movie too?

So, my questions are this:

1) At which time interval(s) between 5:57 and 7:54 of the episode, does a scene(s) spoof/parody Godzilla? And which Godzilla movie(s) is/are it/they spoofing/parodying? Let me know which scene(s) parody which.

2) Once the Godzilla movie(s) has/have been identified, tell me at which time interval(s) do those spoofed scenes take place within the movie(s) itself/themselves.

Please watch this scene carefully and let me know as soon as possible. No hurry, no worry. No rush. Take your time while carefully figuring out and writing down answers.

PS: I am NOT a big Godzilla fan so I have no intention of watching such horror movies. All I care about are just the scenes and time intervals as stated above. I’m not even a King Kong fan either.

Mission Impossible movie scene

As much as I love and prefer James Bond movies; especially the ones with the recently late, great Sean Connery, God rest his soul ✞, I would like to know at which time interval of Mission Impossible: Fallout has a scene that was later spoofed in the DuckTales 2017 episode, “Louie’s Eleven!” where Manny shakes his hooves as if reloading them before charging at Graves; according to IMDb Connections References.

IF anyone amongst you is a big MI AND Tom Cruise fan, would you please kindly take the time to think and remember the exact time interval of that scene from that movie?

I, myself, don’t intend to watch any of the following MI sequels; given my family and I’s animosity of such movies with such an actor and how I was disappointed with the first one despite liking the infamous theme song though, no offense.

Thank you in advance and good luck.

Monster Documentary.

This is a documentary I remember watching way back in the 2000’s on Discovery Channel or Animal Planet, it was about vampires and it was shot in an actual castle (I think it may have been Bram Castle) and the host talks about folkloric vampires,  vampires in nature and movies that feature vampires and there is a twist in which the host is a vampire.  This isn’t a movie, but it is a documentary and it mentions several vampire movies.

A construction worker remembers his past

Trying to find a movie or a mini-series about a construction worker in Chicago or Detroit. He remembers his life back in the 40s or 50s when he had a hard time getting by. He is Afro-American, had trouble reading and his boss or someone else was bothering him. I thing there was a problem with his house, because he couldn’t pay for it and had to sell it. There is also another story line – the relationship with his son.

Trying to find this documentary about the plagues of Egypt?

i don’t have much to go on, 8 just remember it was a documentary about showing scientifically how the plagues of Egypt could have happened

the death of the first son was something to do with how they were fed first in the family and anything wrong with the grain made them sick first and worst

the river turning to blood was something to do with algae I think

the sky being dark was something to do with an eruption

etc etc etc

i would love to see it again, so if anyone remembers it or knows what it’s called I would really appreciate any help?

Old educational baseball coach movie 90’s/80’s

Trying to remember a show from way back that I probably only seen once… They wheeled in the old TV & VCR at school & showed it to us.

It was like an educational short film, after school special or a TV movie maybe, I can’t really be sure. I don’t remember if it was about A father & son… I just remember the boy was scared to go to baseball practice because he was being abused by the baseball coach… It was one of those really bad acted movies, kind of gives me a degrassi vibe, like the original. Pretty sure it revolved around him struggling to tell his dad …but it’s very cloudy. Probably some where between 88-95 but maybe not lol sorry…

Anybody have the slightest clue what this may be? It’s driving me crazy


Movie that ends with a possessed groom.

I remember watching a movie on tv in the mid 70s that ended with a bride who was terrified by the guests at her wedding. When she goes to the groom for help, he turns around and has red, glowing eyes. He also has a 70s curly hair style and mustache. The bride has dark brown hair. It ends with her screaming. Then credits roll on a background that looks like flames. Anyone know this movie?

North African movie about man who takes revenge on doctor

1980s-1990s colour movie, possibly Algerian/French or Tunisian/French or Moroccan/French movie.

A (foreign?) doctor lives in a small town in the desert.

A man goes to the doctor’s house late at night to ask for help for his sick daughter. The doctor refuses to help because it’s too late at night and says he’ll check her the next day. The daughter gets sicker and dies during the night.

Later the doctor needs help to get to another town across the desert. The girl’s father says he will take him. Instead of going to the destination, the man takes revenge by leading the doctor deeper and deeper into the desert, knowing they will both die.