1940s WWII Movie About a French Soldier During the Fall of France

This is a Hollywood (English language) movie from the 1940s, but it may have a French director and partially French cast in America for the war. It is about a French soldier during and immediately after the Fall of France (1941); he may have been a tank driver. At the start of the movie all he can think about is deserting the cause of France but the patriotism and death of those around him eventually changes his mind.

Near the start he is picked up by a truck carrying French soldiers from all over the front, but after being strafed the majority are killed.

He successfully winds up in a ship and I believe the end of the movie sees him joining the Free French.

80s or 90s European film: a woman chef makes amazing multi-course dinner for humble neighbors?

I think it’s a European film, not in English.  Color, some time around 80s or early 90s.  The scene I remember:  dark interior shots of maybe a country cottage; she’s back and forth between cooking in the old kitchen and serving in the dining room.  The people at the table are older, and they’re humble people totally unaccustomed to great food/fine dining.  Every course is blowing them away, but they’re reserved people, so they’re not showing it much except in these cute glances they share among each other.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

70s or 80s, mirror starts bending, then shatters, killing someone

Hi, I saw this on TV in the 70s (or maybe 1980-81).  I think it was a TV show, not a movie on TV, but I’m not sure.  Horror genre, I suppose, since I think something supernatural was at work in the scene I remember:  someone’s looking in a tall mirror on the wall.  The mirror starts warping / bending / buckling, and then suddenly shatters, sending a shard into the chest of the person.  Anyone remember?  This site is amazing, btw!

Identify this soft-core porn movie featuring mother trying to get impregnated by her son

This movie would have been made in the 90’s or 00’s. It featured a mother trying to get impregnated by her son.   At one point, the mother is screwing the son, I believe against his will, and the son is pleading with her to stop, saying something to the effect of, while trying not to splooge “Stop, I can’t hold it back any longer.”

Sci-fi/action/horror movie about anti-aging serum and a Nazi submersible research vessel in the Arctic

Hello! Trying to find an odd movie I watched quite a while ago, most likely released from late-90s to mid 2000s. The cinematography, stunts, and effects were pretty good. Acting was passable for this type of feature.

The story was about a man who had developed a serum to quickly make his body 20+ years younger, and had three combat-skilled daughters (?) working with him to search for ways to make the serum permanent. A submersible (?) ship appeared in the Arctic rising out of the ice, which turned out to be some kind of weird Nazi (?) research facility. The man sends one of his daughters to check out the vessel, and she disappears. The remaining two daughters take it upon themselves to follow up where the first daughter failed. In the end, the vessel’s origin or whereabouts remained unknown.

Sorry for the sketchy details. I do not recall any of the actors being notable stars. I searched through several AI-based movie search websites and dozens of story/character-related movies but could not re-discover this particular one. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Horror, mystery, “theatrical” movie where a young women is kidnapped and locked in a dark bedroom

Horror, mystery, “theatrical” movie where a young women is kidnapped after being at a bar/club and she wakes up in (tied to?) a bed, locked in a dark bedroom. All the scenes of the movie take place in this bedroom from that event. She sees other people there, after a while, but I don’t think they are real… No gore, very symbolic. The year: between 2005 and 2019? Indie movie perhaps. Not well known.

Some obscure thriller from presumably the 90s

Hello, I have not seen this supposedly American film myself. I just want to help one girl who complains that she has been looking for it for ten years without success.
According to the plot, a young single mother gets married. Her husband takes her to his house, located in the middle of nowhere. Some strange things begin to happen. She constantly has nightmares. In them some shaggy one wanders around, and someone’s ominous whisper is heard. In the whisper you can make out the name Caroline (but this is not certain). Perhaps this is her name.
In addition, the heroine found some kind of workshop in the forest. And there were strange, creepy pictures in it, perhaps drawn by this husband of hers.

There was also an episode with a death in the stable. Some woman, either his mother or his nanny, fell into a trough and was electrocuted

In addition, they had a child together. He died. Then (as far as this girl who is looking for the film remembers) it turns out that this psychotic husband killed this common child of theirs.

No matter how much I Googled, the result was zero. I think either the film is very little known, or maybe this girl has some faulty memories. But nevertheless, hope dies last. Thanks in advance for any hints.

Vintage movie with remote control to make people have sex

I am trying to find a movie where it starts with 2 girl on a limousine with a dude. They get attracted to the dude for a remote control toy which makes one have sex with another. The movie contained sex scenes in plane, a prison etc. There was a scene where a statue becomes human too and have sex. The whole story revolved around the remote control which makes people horny.

I saw the movie back in 2003/4.

Action Movie?

I can’t remember much about the movie but I probably watched it around 2017-2018. The most I remember about the movie is I’m pretty sure there was 3 main characters. 2 guys and a girl and they somehow ended up being on the run. I remember a scene in a motel and I’m pretty sure the main girl was in a relationship with one of the guys. The girl had dark hair if I’m remembering correctly. It was in English and it was a color movie.Any suggestions are appreciated! 🩷

American/Russian Spy Scene

I remember a scene from a 70s or early 80s TV show or movie, in English, in color, live action.

the scene has an American (military?) guy who’s a Russian spy with a female handler. The dude seems a reluctant spy and has had his eye altered – possibly to mimic someone else’s retina – and the handler has some kind of loving-but-controlling influence over him. Maybe the eye is bandaged, but she gets angry when she catches him smoking because it could damage the altered eye.

could be from Mission Impossible, a James Bond film or even an episode of Six Million Dollar Man, but that’s the right era. I don’t think the spy or his handler were the main characters or the star of the show/film.

should be easy for someone on here because I don’t think it’s obscure; I just can’t remember the source myself!

Movie where mob/gansters throw man and/or woman from their bathtub out of the window of a building.

I remember my dad watching some sort of mob/gangster film, either made in the late 1960’s or 1970’s, where in one particular scene the, I believe, 2 “bad guys” took someone, can’t remember if it was a man, woman or both, from their tub and casually threw them out the window of a high rise building as punishment I assume for something they did against the mob. I don’t really remember much else about it, only that it was shocking to me as a child how casually they did it. I think they were chit-chatting with each other about something unrelated while they did it as if they were just taking out the trash, which bothered me the most.


The movie begins with a late-night adultery scene in a condo/mansion in the house of a big gangster (maybe Mafia) between his wife and a roughneck goon, and suddenly the gangster turns up in his car and is suddenly shot dead. Next comes another scene, when a petite cop (not blonde) after finishing her shift, engages into a steamy sex session with her partner, a slightly older man, but then both are radioed by their Chief to investigate the crime.
The female cop engages in rampant sex with every man she comes across, including the goon mentioned before, while prodding them for investigation. Her partner too is happy to shack up if allowed by the broad he has approached. Surprisingly both engage in straight sex, never in a same gender fling. In the end, the lady cop cracks the case while walking into a makeout session between the wife and another woman.

Eaten alive by ants in the forest

Sometimes in the mid-2000’s I was watching a movie or show on TV. It seemed like a modern movie, color, and was in English. I don’t remember any graininess so I think the movie was newer at the time.

It may have been a medieval-themed movie, because I think I recall outfits looking simplistic and almost peasant like. I believe some women had head coverings.

I believe I remember two scenes, and both of them made me feel ill. The one in question was of one (or two?) people being led to a lush forest, tied down and I think covered with honey. The goal was to attract ants and I don’t recall if it shows on scene, but I think you end up seeing their gory remains after being eaten by ants or possibly other insects.

Take this next scene with a grain of salt because I’m not 100% it was in the same film, but I believe there was another scene where a young man was lying under blankets and complaining about boredom or something. An older lady he was speaking with sat next to him and “helped” him by reaching under the blanket and stimulating him. I think I was repulsed because she might have been his mother or otherwise related to him.

I remember I had the flu and both of those things made it 10x worse the next day after they haunted my dreams.

goat monster in the closet

Sometime around 2002-2005 I was at a hotel in Colorado watching TV with my young kids. I had just put the tv on and iwhatever we were watching  turned out to be the weirdest show (possibly short film) I’ve ever seen. All three of us remember watching it and it was scary for my kids. The film was from the point of view of a dog and the camera was filming it as if it was what the dog was seeing and you could hear the dogs thoughts. The dog was super anxious and scared about a “Goat Monster” that was in one of the closets in the house and it was all about this goat monster and how he was obsessed with it. I think it turned out to be a hat or a mask up on the shelf in the closet but I believe there was something that sort of came out of the closet. It was so weird and I’d really like to know what that was.

70’s movies where in opening credits a guard knocks a hobo off and under the train

I remember my dad taking us to a drive in movie back in the 1970’s, maybe early 1970’s, where in the opening of the film a guard (?) on an old steam locomotive knocks a hobo hitching a ride down off the train and under it in between 2 cars. It was probably a famous film, but I don’t remember any of the actors, or really anything else about the film, only that as a child the whole opening scene was really disturbing to me.

Dexter’s Laboratory promo name

Please, hear me out. I’m not crazy.

I distinctively remember seeing some kind of promo/ad/commercial on Cartoon Network in the 2000’s featuring scenes from the Dexter’s Laboratory episode, “Photo Finish” and the Madonna song, “Die Another Day” from the last James Bond movie of the same name starring Pierce Brosnan in the titular role in it.

Problem is I don’t know the name of that promo video plus I can’t find it anywhere, not even on YouTube. I tried Google and certain wikis too, but no luck either.

Can someone please help me out if he/she know the name and site location soon?

I’d very much appreciate it if possible. Thank you.