3 movie titles

I will make this very clear for all to understand about which 3 movie titles I’m looking for:

1)Boy meets talking fox in the woods:
I never actually saw this live-action movie but I remember seeing a trailer of it on Cartoon Network once a few years ago. It was live-action. From what I remember, one minute, a boy sees and says: “Hello, Fox.” to a fox he comes across in the woods and then, the next minute, when the boy turns to continue walking, the fox suddenly replies with a rough/raspy voice and somewhat malicious grin on his face: “Hello, boy.” that suddenly shocks the boy.

Note: It is NEITHER The Little Prince, Narnia, Robin Hood, Brer Rabbit, The Fox and the Hound 1 and 2, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Pinocchio, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Chicken Little, nor Zootopia/Zootropolis.

2)Magic movie:
I never actually saw this live-action movie but I remember seeing a trailer of it on Cartoon Network once a few years ago. It was live-action. The only thing I remember is that 2 magic people, one man and one girl (the man looked a bit like famous Bean/Johnny English/Zazu actor, Rowan Atkinson I think) suddenly appear by magic in front of a boy but behind his parents. The boy tells his parents to look behind them at what he saw but they are nowhere to be found and seen, which further implies that only the boy can see them. Later, they appear again by magic when he’s alone.

3)horse named winnie and mice cartoon:
I remember seeing a cartoon that had the name “Winnie” within its title once. It involved mice mostly as the main characters. Anw, I remember one scene from it where an angry female horse, who is actually Winnie herself, whinnies and brushes off 2 mice with her breath/snort from a post and to the floor.

What is the full name of that episode and what is the name of that series as well?

Please, it’s been months now and still no answers, whether correct or false, on each movie in separate posts. Let me know the names as soon as possible.

Girl poses as hooker to kill her rapist

Looking for that movie made probably after 2010 where toward the end a foreign, tall skinny girl poses as a hooker to gain access to a military/Dictator type guy’s room to kill him. Background was that as a little girl he killed her parents and took her with him to rape her. He keeps her as a sex play thing for a while, but she somehow survives this and gets away. 15 or 20 years later she’s looking for revenge.

As she gets to his hotel room she is searched for weapons, but has some electrical tape in her purse. When she gets in his room I think there are some bodyguards there. He goes into the bedroom with her to be alone and she goes to the bathroom so she can break a mirror and wraps part of shard of glass with the electrical tape so she can use it as a knife. She hides it behind her bra so he won’t see it when she takes off her dress. He doesn’t recognize her as the now grown girl he raped many years ago. She hesitates to kill him and then he remembers who she is and tells her that she was his favorite little girl that he taught how to be a woman. The goal was to get a confession on video so her ally comes in and convinces her not to kill him yet so they can get his confession. This was a small part of a major plot I think, but I just can’t place the entire movie.

Movie about a men’s life who had a list with women with whom he made love


Maybe you remember what the movie is. Watched a part of it in the internet about 8 years ago and can’t find it now.

Action takes part some time ago, probably in 20th century, even the colors of movie are not so bright, to show the atmosphere of those times. Clothes are of some old fashion, like of 20s or so.

The movie describes life of a man who had a lot of women, he made love with them and had a list in which he wrote down their names. After years he had a long list with their names.

But the movie itself was interesting, about this man’s life….

No more details I remember. Thank you in advance!

Jogging Woman Gets Shot With A Tranquillizer At Night

A young woman jogging at night, gets kidnapped on a car after being “darted” (shot with a tranquillizer) by a man. There is a Final Confrontation by James Horner soundtrack playing in the middle of the scene.

The videos are available here: https://youtu.be/53jLRAJaqpA (original video) or https://youtu.be/lfJOjOs_Fhk

Looks like old to me, set between 1970-2000, from an English country. It is also like a TV series or some sort like that.

I aready posted this 3 times here but still no results, even just a clue as to where or when did this film took place. Many thanks for whoever find it.

Kind of a dark movie

I watched this on TV in the 90s. I’m pretty sure it was a movie, as it had a long list of rolling credits. I wanna say mayyyyybe River Phoenix, but I’m not sure on that. One guy had that pretty bad boy look though. I only caught the end of the movie and have always wanted to watch it.

The part I seen is that 2 guys ended up at a farmhouse that was dim lit. I think maybe mother and daughter lived there. The daughter definitely seemed to know who the guys were, so she was probably involved through the movie. The daughter was probably in her 20s, with really dark hair. She went upstairs while the guys were in the livingroom talking to the mother (which seemed to be an inappropriate interaction). She made herself all pretty and dressed up (I think in a dark red dress, but it might have been black)… then she grabbed a gun and went outside and shot herself under a tree in the rain. The guys realized something was wrong and found her. The final scene in the movie was the one guy who kinda resembled River Phoenix (might not be)… he was walking down the street in a deserted looking town. He walked into an old car dealership with busted out windows and sat up on the hood of a car as a cat walked across and trash blew across the floor.

That’s all I remember and I’ve asked on a few different sites over the years with no luck. If anyone knows this movie, that would be awesome!!


Is there a Titanic predecessor which also starts with an old woman narrating her memories?

When I first saw the 1997 Titanic film, I recall having a sense of déjà vu when the scenes with the old Rose first show up. I seemed to recall at that moment that there had been a previous movie about the Titanic (or another ship that sunk) which included (or might have even started with) a similar scene of an old woman narrating her memories of the sinking ship.

Was I wrong? Or was there a previous movie about a sinking ship with a similar scene? Perhaps it was a documentary I saw? Or was my feeling of déjà vu entirely fabricated by my mind?

Movie Title? Husband Cheats on Wife…Wife Befriends Mistress

I’m looking for the name of a movie. It’s in English, setting seems to be in the 40s or mid 1900s, but I don’t think that is when it was made. Movie is in color.

The general premise is that a husband is cheating on his wife, and the wife eventually befriends the mistress. The mistress becomes pregnant. The wife fakes a sickness (6 months to live) so the husband will be more loving to her. When the husband finds out that the mistress he decides to be with her (but tells her he needs to wait 6 months for his wife to die).

UK, late 80s, family joins Amish style cult

The scene I remember strongest is a man in a woodwork workshop suddenly being struck by a religious vision and deciding to join the cult that runs the workshop.

I can’t remember if this was a film or the series. I’d guess late 80s. A man, for some reason, maybe he’s a journalist doing a story, visits a religious community to investigate their way of life. Initially he is doubtful but while involving himself in their work in one of their barns he suddenly is struck by a supernatural experience which serves as a kind of conversion and he talks his wife into joining the cult and living there with their children. All is not as it seems and trouble ensues. It was very unusual as it was definitely a British production and we have no Amish here so it stuck in my mind and I remember it having a great story with lots of twist and strong characters. They weren’t actually depicted as Amish but it was very definitely that kind of thing. Alas I don’t remember anymore details, other than discussions in their home about the controversial decision to move and join up. Thanks!

Sex during wedding reception

I once saw a scene from a rather mainstream movie, in which there was a newlywed couple having sex during their wedding reception. It was rather some kind of “hate-sex” as the groom accused the bride of cheating, if I remember correctly.  I remember also that the intercourse took place near the wedding cake and the couple got somewhat dirty from it. Also, they did it in front of shocked / disgusted guests.

I can’t recall the movie language, I think it’s English, but I am not 100% sure. It is at least 5 years old (and in colour, of course).

Some feminist movie about a woman in XIX century in Europe or so

I hadn’t seen the movie but I’d seen some screenshots with subs in Russian, but I lost them. There are two european women, looks like they’re from XVII, XVIII or XIX century. They are having a dialog (it’s not accurate, ’cause I don’t know how it sounds in English): “I feel like God have a special fate for me”, “Then why did he make you a woman?”, “For comedy”.

School movie about teen loser

Please help me

this film was shot around the beginning of the 2000s. film is in colour. it’s about a teenager a loser who seemed to make a wish and suddenly everything in his life worked out. he began to love broccoli, which is constantly eaten at home, began to make progress in basketball at school, his cock grew lol (there was a scene in the school shower). that’s all i remember

trying to find a “biosphere” episode?

i’m trying to find a tv episode that I have a very vague memory of, i can’t remember what series or who was in it, but I do remember there was a biosphere or test living module for the moon or mars in it, and I think someone dies or is killed?

it was definitely pre-2020 (possibly older than 2019 even?), it was in colour, I’m not sure of the language because I didn’t have the volume turned up at the time

if anyone can help me find it again so I can watch the whole episode, that would be amazing?

70s. Rock star on stage; big (cheesy) insect sends down (solid, prop) lightning

Must have been late 70s.

There’s some rock star on stage.  Above the stage, behind him, in the proscenium arch, there’s a door that opens.  Some big mechanized insect thing looks out on stage while the guy is performing.  Then a moment or two later, you see some solid prop representing a bolt of lightning coming out of the door, and it shoots down onto the stage and kills the rock star guy.


Canadian Teen Movie? Rebellious teen.


My first movie mystery went very well on this site so I’m trying again with another Movie!

This movie Takes place during the Late 70s Early ’80s

Possibly a Canadian movie?

What I remember is a female teen is rebellious against her dad because she wants to be part of a Music Band? I’m not 100 % sure if its the band or the guy in the band.  Her dad was really pushy. (Maybe Military?)

Another vague memory is the group Pharasute Club music might be used in the? I’m not sure about this I might have Crossed the memories.

This movie is not a high budget and was made for TV.



Weird horror/comedy movie

This is probably going to be one of the weirdest movie description, but I’m gonna write the parts I remember. So the main character is two guys and they are like moving somewhere new. Little did they know, the place was haunted or something. I think it had something to do with a portal or something in the basement. Anyway, they throw a party. A priest shows up (and I think does drugs and kills himself?) and two girls get cooked in the hot tub. I think there is some possessed girls in it at the party trying to seduce people but idk I can’t remember much else. I would love to watch this movie again but I can’t figure out the title. If you know this movie, please help me out!

1960s TV – possibly spy?

All i can remember is the title/credit sequence. It was made up of  numerous images in a sort of mosaic. For some reason I thought one image was a naked woman wearing only whipped cream, and as I was little (about 7 or 8) this seemed very naughty! It still seems naughty ie unlikely so I want to resolve whether I really saw this naked woman. But unless I know the name of the show I’m stuck!