Unwanted pregnancy and drug

A man slept with a woman who met him recently . Then he worried about that she will be pregnancy.  He wants her  to take medicine  for ending pregnancy within 72 hours . But he couldn’t directly tell it her. After that he tried to take the medicine her but it doesn’t successfully work out. He met his parents and they understood him that he is her boyfriend or future husband.

But I couldn’t watch end of the movie. I want to know how the movie end

Could you please tell the name of this movie?


Please help me find the movie.

I think I’ve already seen this image, but unfortunately I don’t remember where exactly. I don’t even remember if it was a movie or a TV series, or where I saw it. I don’t have any information other than this picture, and I’m not sure that such posts can be published here, but I don’t know where else to turn with such a request. If my post does not meet the requirements, please write about it.


Opening scene

New to the site, hello everyone! I only remember the opening scene of this movie. I started it around March on Netflix, but has since been pulled. Could be a drama or thriller.

The movie begins with a group of men whom looks like they are dressed in Victorian clothing. The men are all wearing masks I believe. Women are released into the woods, and the sadistic group of men catch and rape the women, in the woods.

It has an “eyes wide shut” feel to it. I honestly turned it off at the time. But I feel as if it was conveying a message. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

B&W concentration camp movie

I saw this black and white movie 15-20 yrs ago about a concentration camp on late night TV.  I remember it to be old and had sub-titles in english.  One of the main plot lines was a woman collaborator with the nazi’s running the camp, and the others who hated her.  I do believe the end showed her helping the other women and maybe getting killed for it.  I hope this rings a bell with someone.  Very powerful movie.

Woman finds a stage in building

  1. Horror movie. Woman goes into a building with a stage. They’re is a move/ clown/ jester or something along those lines that comes on to the stage. This movie has a few different stories in it. Sadly, I cannot remember any of them. In between stories, other animatronic things go on to the stage. I think one may have been a baby in an older baby buggy. 2000’s movie. Maybe even a foreign movie. Please help!

Terminally Ill Girl’s Donation Fund Gambled Away

I saw a film on TV a handful of years ago. I believe it was European. I don’t remember any dialogue, but I believe it was not in English.

It was about a young woman who formed a musical/dance group with two or three guys. They performed at a competition where the prize was money. They whole group wore tuxedos in their number. I believe the woman had dark hair.

They were supposed to donate the money they won to a little girl with a severe illness. Instead they decided to gamble with a part of the money. (I don’t remember what they were betting on. It was something other people were competing in.) Then temptation lead them to gamble more and they lost all of the money.

Later in the film, the young woman went to the ill girl’s house. The home was in the countryside I believe. The woman stood on top of a van and sang very beautifully. This song was obviously meant as an apology. The girl sat at her bedroom window, not looking at the woman, with a very grim expression on her face.

That’s all I remember. Thanks.

Boy and girl kissing on a hill in the woods (historical fiction?)

I have a memory of a movie scene from my childhood (born 2001) but cannot recall the movie. I know for sure a boy and girl are in the woods and in danger or something. Either a cop or person who could be dangerous finds them, so in order to come off as a couple who snuck away into the woods, the boy grabs the girl and pulls her to the ground to pretend as if they were kissing. I remember they were on a steep hill part of the woods and there were a lot of colorful leaves on the ground.

I am thinking it could be historical fiction because if it was WWII or something and the boy and girl were escaping/running from Nazis, this situation would make sense. I remember oddly that the boy was white, but this is really all. Pretty sure, also, this scene is pivotal in the chemistry between the characters because I believe they were just friends prior to this moment. Please help me out!

friendship between teenage schoolgirl and older man

Hi, hope you can help. I watched this film in Finland in 1999 – it definitely wasn’t a Finnish film, although there was plenty of snow (Canada?) A teenage schoolgirl (13 or 14) and a man in his twenties slowly become friends, beginning with chance encounters at a lake where she goes ice skating. Ever so gradually they realise they’re falling in love, whereupon the man realises that they can’t continue with their friendship or see one another again. That’s pretty much it. It wasn’t creepy or sordid, rather it was one of those ‘if-only’ situations – if only the young woman had been 10 years older. I had it in my mind that John Cusack starred but I think it must have been someone boyish-looking like him. It’s possible that this was was a made-for-TV film. Thank you.

a stranger comes to a small town and persuades the citizens to do evil things to each other

I’m looking for a movie where a stranger comes to a small town and persuades the citizens to do evil things to each other. Probably from the 80s or 90s. As far as I can remember the following items apply:
– it is implied that the stranger is the devil himself
– he gets the citizens to do small favors for him as a kind of quid-pro-quo, each deed seems innocuous, but combined they serve to incite violence
– the title might be something similar to (or words to that effect) “The little bad things” (but that might be a false memory)
– I can’t remember if it falls in the horror or the dark humor genre

Scary blob movie hidden gem.

The movie involves city folks who are terrorized by a killer silver blob. The blob would usually roam the sewers and it devours the human flesh from bones. It turns the body inside out when it sticks to the victim. A mad scientist creates a monster with vengeance on his enemies then soon he meets his own demise. I saw this on the SyFy channel horror marathon in 2003. Movie was in English and had color.

3 movie titles

I will make this very clear for all to understand about which 3 movie titles I’m looking for:

1)Boy meets talking fox in the woods:
I never actually saw this live-action movie but I remember seeing a trailer of it on Cartoon Network once a few years ago somewhere in the 2000’s. It was live-action. From what I remember, one minute, a boy sees and says: “Hello, Fox.” to a fox he comes across in the woods and then, the next minute, when the boy’s back is turned to continue walking, the fox suddenly replies with a rough/raspy voice and somewhat malicious grin on his face: “Hello, boy.” that suddenly shocks the boy.

Note: It is NEITHER The Little Prince, Narnia, Robin Hood, Dr. Dolittle franchise, Bridge to Terrabithia, Brer Rabbit, The Fox and the Hound 1 and 2, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Pinocchio, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Chicken Little, nor Zootopia/Zootropolis.

2)Magic movie:
I never actually saw this live-action movie but I remember seeing a trailer of it on Cartoon Network once a few years ago somewhere in the 2000’s. It was live-action. The only thing I remember is that 2 magic people, one man and one girl (the man looked a bit like famous Bean/Johnny English/Zazu actor, Rowan Atkinson I think) suddenly appear by magic in front of a boy but behind his parents. The boy tells his parents to look behind them at what he saw but they are nowhere to be found and seen, which further implies that only the boy can see them. Later, they appear again by magic when he’s alone.

3)horse named winnie and mice cartoon:
I remember seeing part of a cartoon episode that had the name “Winnie” within its title once. It involved mice mostly as the main characters. Anw, I remember one scene from it where an angry female horse, who is actually Winnie herself, whinnies and brushes off 2 mice with her breath/snort from a post and to the floor.

What is the full name of that episode and what is the name of that series as well?

Please, it’s been nearly 2 months since I’ve been waiting now and still no answers despite the COVID-19 situation, whether correct or false, on each movie in separate posts. Let me know the names as soon as possible.

movie that kinda gave me childhood trauma?


in 2014ish, i watched an animated movie on netflix with my mom. it was in color (not very bright mind you, the hues were all very dingy. it couldve been nighttime the whole movie), but was kind of abstract in how i dont remember characters talking a whole lot. the art style of the animation was sort of like how Cartoon Saloon’s films have looked (secret of kells, song of the sea, breadwinner.)

the scenes i remember all focus on this one larger looking guy who was balding and had a maroonish shirt on, dont remember his pants. theres also this other motherly looking lady, and i think she had a kid and she was protecting them most of the film from this guy, probs the father.

first scene took place in some sort of room. the mom is trying to back away from the (abusive?) dad and cant escape for some reason, and the scene is then shown from her perspective and how she really sees him. the guys body is transformed into an octopus lower half, the same shade of maroon as his shirt. he gets up on her without her consent (also seeing her clear disgust and liking it) and she cant do anything because shes being smothered by his huge octopus form and tentacles. i dont know what happens after that.

the other scenes i remember are much less  clear. in one, i remember the dad guy and another dude sneaking around a house they probably broke into in the pitch dark. that scene was really hard for me to follow as a kid cause of that. the last scene was of the dad guy jumping off what i remember to be a construction crane or like, the eiffel tower maybe? he dies from the fall, but i dont think it was a purposeful jump. there mightve also been a scene right before that where he transformed into some godzilla type of monster too.

thanks in advance!

90’s/2000s movie, I think it was a crime comedy

I remember seeing a part of a movie, I think it was a crime comedy. I only saw a small bit of it. I think it was from the 90’s or 20’s for sure.

The scene I remember is the mother and father in their home, on exercise bikes. Both were wearing black track suits and were wearing black kippahs on their heads.

I thought the father was an actor like Jeff Daniels or Alan Alda, just can’t remember. The mother was, a black haired lady. The son I think is a reseanably well known actor but I can’t remember exactly.

Very limited memory

Okay, so bear with me, there’s not much I remember about this movie.

The most prominent memory is a metal bathtub in the backyard that the family would heat up water and take a bath. I remember that there was like a wooden wall around the tub and some hanging lights, very eclectic looking.

There may have possibly been some Asian themes in the movie, like maybe the family was of Asian decent (but I’m not 100% sure about that)

I remember that there was a long dirt road that the family walked to get to their house and that there were kids in the family.

Also, it’s very possible that there was a scene of them all going to the movies. I feel like it may have been a big deal so either the movie was set in a time period when movies were relatively new, or the family was in poverty. (again not 100% on any of this)

The movie was in color and it probably came out in the 1980s-1990s. I watched it probably in the mid to late 1990s either on a VHS or on TV, I definitely didnt see it in the theater which makes me think it was made in the 1980s to early 1990s (I was born early 1990s so I wouldn’t have seen it in the movies)

My most prominent memory is the bathtub unfortunately. Any help on finding this movie is greatly appreciated!

Help me find this please?

all I remember clearly is one scene, sorry

it was a period piece, French or English location, but the characters spoke English

the Hero was pretending to be some silly foppish rich dude, in a previous scene that I missed he had been shot or stabbed and was hiding the injury? The guy who shot or stabbed him ran into him at some rich party and somehow discovered the injury and realised who he was with?

i was so sure it was the scarlet pimpernel (the Richard e. Grant version) but having just watched it, I can’t find this scene so I must have been wrong *d’oh*)

if anyone recognises this scene, can you help me find what its from please???