brother and sister found artifacts on the beach

Help! that’s almost all i remember. Brother and sister were on holidays. At the beach girl found a talking doll with which she walks around whole film while her brother got just strange lame magnets. and the last scene where teacher asks children, how they spent their holidays and film ends when girl begins to tell. Thank you in advance.

(And excuse me, English not my first language)


Looking for a movie about a family who get stranded in a desert, may be a Stephen King movie.

I am looking for a movie, I don’t remember exactly if it is a movie by Stephen King or another author.


Basically a family is going on a trip, or they’re just taking a ride I don’t recall why, what I do remember is that they break down and the father and son goes looking for help, the son gets bit by a rattle snake but luckily it bites his wallet instead, I believe it was a blue velcro wallet I am not certain though.


At one point I believe the family gets stuck in a hole of sorts and they find a video camera about a woman who was stuck in the same hole, then later on once they get out and get their minivan going I think it was, they stop somewhere I think a fast food joint and they see the woman from the camcorder taking the order. I believe they say, that was the woman from the tape she got out too.


a boy sees his father shoot and kill his mother, later as an adult he revisits the house(he inherited it) and commits adultery there with a woman he picks up hitch hiking, it turns out the incubus that was, messing with his mother is now a succubus messing with him,  it also some how involves alternate reality, his grown children remember him as an absent dad, he remembers it all differently.

I seen the movie in2016 and had it saved on my DVR but lost it somehow

1980’s Sci-Fi with a man in a pickup truck sees UFO and finds a glowing rock

I remember seeing a film on TV in the early 1980’s.  I was about a man in a pickup truck who sees a UFO and his vehicle stops and he gets out and finds a glowing rock which he puts in his toolbox or lunchbox. I think the glowing rock gave him strength I think, but it burnt people when they touched it. I think there was a scene when his son finds the toolbox/ lunchbox and nearly touches the rock. The main character’s job is something to do with oil or gas or something in a refinery I think. It was in colour and set in America. It might have been a TV movie. I guess the film might have been made late 1970’s.

Mexican or Spanish movie (Maybe Brazilian)

Ok so I remember watching a random foreign movie in my head and all I remember was one scene in it at the beginning. It was a lady who had some special latin Mexican or South American clothes on and what happened was she was walking towards somebody and the next minute some guy who she walks up to strips off her clothes and kisses her. We don’t see the nips on the boobs, but he kisses her and then the movie cuts to something else with like the main character or something. That’s all I remember in the movie. It was on TV. A spanish/foreign movie. Idk what year but it looked like it was around 1991-2004 or so. Any idea? 🙂

Aladdin episode quote

At the time interval, 3:05 of this Aladdin episode, “The 7 Faces of Genie”, posted below, Genie, as a soldier, quoted something like: “This for Joe! And this for Moe! And this is for Bartholomew!” while shooting when he thought they were being under attack.

Somehow, I have a feeling Genie got this quote: “This for Joe! And this for Moe! And this is for Bartholomew!” from a movie featuring soldiers in WWII. Problem is I can’t figure out which one?

Note: While it’s true that the title spoofs the McHale’s Navy episode, “The 7 Faces of Ensign Parker”, I just wanna know which movie uses that exact quote: “This for Joe! And this for Moe! And this is for Bartholomew!” AND who is Genie spoofing in this case too?

A cartoon about a hunter a kid and a young hunting dog trying to hunt down a one-eyed bear.

At one point the dog helps save someone from a deep hole (maybe an empty well)  by holding the rope it’s leashed on looped around a person with his mouth.

I distinctly remember this.

There was a scene where they thought they shot a bird, but it was actually some other person.

There was also a scene when someone thought he killed the seeked beard, but it was pointed out that it has two eyes.

Aliens land and people try to infiltrate the ship through the airducts.

Serious sci fi, probably from 70-80s. Aliens land, there is a huge ship on the ground. Humans try to infiltrate the ship, they are crawling through the alien airducts, the aliens have human like appearance and might be bald or not, finally the aliens notice that humans are in the airducts and attack them/kill them. The aliens might have long tongues, but im not sure, its hazy. I posted this on this site but i didn’t get an answer. It’s driving me nuts for the last 20 years. It might have been a movie or a series, but it was scary and dark, also literally dark.

Black and White sci-fi with a robot guy whole swallowing whole buns.

I’ve seen this as a kid and it massacred me, it was a black and white sci-fi movie about some guy who was actually a robot and was swallowing whole buns in a basement or somewhere underground? It might have been a czech movie, or eastern european movie. Definitely an android or human like robot swallowing whole sandwich buns. Movie was probably from 60-70s, horrific scene. Does anybody know?

Aladdin episode

At the time interval 3:05 of the Aladdin episode, “The 7 Faces of Genie”, Genie quoted something like: “This for Joe! This for Moe!……..” while shooting and being dressed as a soldier when he thinks they are being under attack.

Somehow, I have a feeling Genie got this from a movie with soldiers in it from either WWI or WWII. Problem is I don’t know which movie has that kind of quote.

1st person English movie

A police officer responds to an emergency call to a hotel where calls came from before but the other officer went missing. It all is viewed from his helmet cam as he makes his way through a hotel of monster like beings. There is a woman on his comms directing him through the hotel the whole time too.One being is an older, shirtless gentlemen who has a weird mask on and cant out of it and only hunt by sound.

I saw this on Amazon prime around April 2019 but cannot seem to find it again.