Movie from the 80’s

I remember a movie from the 80’s where a group of guys went to either South or central America looking  for some lost plane cargo/treasure. One of the guys helping them was a political refugee of some sort who mainly went back to see an old girlfriend. There was a scene of the political refugee getting clean and ready in the jungle in front of the other guys. I think they found the cargo/treasure in an old military base or satellite facility. I had thought the refugee was played by Raul Julia but I checked his filmography, its not him.

Old movie with man that has lizard tongue

I don’t remember the last time I saw it, but it should be around 2013. It is an old movie probably in the 1990s. It was in English and had colors. The only scenes I can recall are the part where lizard man talks to kids and they cross the road, water from garden hose and tap turns black ooze, two twins one goes to heaven one goes to hell at about the end of the movie and the part where a man is tied but a curtain and kicked in the balls by a skilled woman.

Teacher boycott

I’m trying to remember a TV-movie from late 90s- early 2000s about a teacher in the South, who told his students something he shouldn’t have told them (maybe about his political views, Holocaust, or maybe about Darwin and the the theory of evolution, etc), and the parents start a boycott against him. At one point there is a school meeting and some of the parents start shouting they don’t want him in the school, trying to fight him, rip his shirt off. There are several students and teachers who support him, and it becomes a subject of national debate. The teacher has blue eyes, and he is new in town. (NOT “Inherit the wind” 1999)

Man (probably a scientist) uses a special somewhat magic, space stone to turn a beautiful, somewhat ghost-like, imaginary woman into a real…

…woman at the end of the movie

From what I remember from this movie, it looks old, possibly from the 1980’s, 90’s, or 2000’s, I’m not sure. It’s an American Sci-fi movie in English I partially saw on TV in color twice in my adolescent years. I don’t know anything about the actors/actresses’ names.

In the movie, a scientist has a rival scientist whom he forces to cancel some sort of launch. At one point, the rival scientist was seen with his strong driver holding his enemy and his enemy’s friend at gunpoint unaware that it was all being recorded on a security camera. Then, when the rival scientist is at the conference and after the good scientist and his friend escape with the help of his imaginary, ghost-like “girlfriend” and the strong driver has been dealt with by the good scientist, some reporters show the footage involving the gunpoint to everyone and they mention and claim at one point that he actually “discovered New Jersey.” instead of some new planet or something.

At the end, after the rival scientist has been arrested when trying to flee to no avail, the good scientist closes his eyes and uses a special somewhat magic, space stone he has in one hand in order to turn his beautiful, somewhat ghost-like, imaginary woman girlfriend whom he has been in love with since probably the beginning into a real woman at the end of the movie.

At one point in the movie, I remember the good scientist was playing chess with the imaginary, ghostly-like woman too.

Note: It is NOT, I repeat, NOT “The Man with two Brains”, “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension”, or “Flubber”.

Read this post very carefully before giving out any answers this time.

Live-action show with magic in it

I don’t remember much of this show and I never knew the name of it. I saw it when I was very young somewhere in the ’90s. I remember it was live-action and a comedy show. It had some guy with brown bushy hair and a moustache who had magic powers. My sister used to refer to him as a “genie” of some kind. I’m not sure if this was true considering I never saw any lamp.

There was this one episode I remember where the magic man was in a parents’ meeting between a woman’s kid and his grumpy coach. In that episode, during the meeting, he turned the coach back into a kid and the woman’s kid into an adult to teach the coach a lesson temporarily. The woman comes and finds to her shock that her son is an adult thanks to the magic man and then turns the adult back into a kid.

Before giving out any answers directly, read the details carefully, then, tell me what is the name of that show, please?

A movie like Saw

I remember this movie where the plot is similar to Saw but I can’t remember part of the name or actors, a saw it with my friends (2006-2008) and it was supposedly Saw III.

The movie starts with a young woman who walks through a floor full of crystals (no shoes), push a button and returns but now she has to plunge the head inside a fish tank full of acid. Then, the police arrives and found the body. Later, there is a group of young people and some guy who is like jigsaw but without the mask. And the rest can you imagine.

Also, I remember some deaths:

*A guy explodes because he had a bomb in the ribs and he needs to take out.

*A girl with rats and a cellphone.

*I think two brothers, or a couple, whose are tied in opposing chairs with two drills and two buttons. If someone push a button, one drill start to move directly to the head, so one of them have to sacrifice to save the other.

*A guy in a dark room, surrounded by shotguns.

Film clip of a male & female (young adults) running in the desert attempting to hide from a giant eye in the sky?

For the life of me, I cannot find what movie (or possibly tv show?) this scene is from. I can’t remember much because it was back when I was like 4/5ish in 94’/95’.

What I remember of it: my much older brother (mid-late teens) and a couple of his friends were watching either a movie or tv show (figure this might help with what type of film it was?). In this scene, there are two teens/early adults running through the desert trying too either escape or hide from this large eye in the sky that is following them…I even remember they were running towards the viewers left & the eye was more behind them I believe. I think they make it to something… an old ruin?

And that’s it. I’ve been searching on and off for this for so so long. Maybe someone here can help!

insane woman


I’m afraid that what I remember from the movie I’m looking for, is very, very vague. I’ve seen it as a child. The only thing – and this really is the only thing – I  remember, is a scene with a mad woman (I don’t remember whether she was young or old, I think the latter), holding a knife or an axe, and always saying or singing something that sounded like ‘nanny-nanny-nanny…. nanny-nanny-nanny’. It really scared me (probably somewhere in the seventies). It was English spoken, probably British (maybe a movie made for TV), but it might also be American. That’s really all I remember, sorry… !   Thanks in advance, Marc.

A 1980s movie

Ok, so this rich, single mother of a teenage girl, has a new man in her life, who the daughter doesn’t like or trust.  She thinks he is trying to kill her mother for her money, and keep foiling the ” mishaps” , getting in trouble by her mom and the police.  Determined to catch him, she enlists a teen boy, who she ends up losing her virginity to later, catch the step dad having sex with his lover.  Fast forward, and I think the mother and girl are captured, and the stepdad has been double crossed by his lover, who had a boy friend, when the girl shows the lovers boyfriend a polaroid of the stepdad and the lover ENJOYING their encounter, all he’ll breaks loose.  I’m dying to get a hold of the name of this movie so I can buy it.  We rented it at family video in Springfield Illinois in the late 80s.

Looking for a film noir movie with scene similar to Detour



I am looking for a film-noir movie that was displayed in TV, I could only see a scene but don’t know the title or the plot. The scene was one of the strongest I have ever seen, but sadly I could not watch the film til the end. It is similar to a scene in Detour, but I have looked at this last film and definitely it is not it.

It was a hitchhiker, a man, and a driver (also man). Film in B&W, probably 1950-1960. The man is driving with the hitchhiker, and they are having a casual conversation. The driver tells something about why he is wearing driving gloves or something like that. Then, suddenly, the hitchhiker ask him, abruptly: Where did you hide the corpse? And to the surprise of the driver, he tells he that he knew that the driver had killed his wife (or someone) because of something related to the gloves and the conversation they had been keeping.

As I said, it is very close to the Detour scene where the hitchhiker girl ask the driver: “Where did you hide the body?”, but definitely, after watching it, it is not that scene and it is not that film.

Does the film exist? Is it a bad memory mixed with several films? Is it another Mandela effect? Please help me to find it. It cannot be a very low budget film because I saw it in 1990 or earlier in Spanish tv, and by that time if it had been dubbed to spanish it could not be very low budget.

British mystery/paranormal tv show that was on Netflix

I remember this show very faintly and I’m trying to rewatch it to bring back childhood memories. I use to watch it with my friends when I was ten, that was in 2012. It was on netflix. I only remember a small scene of what I believe is the first episode. I remember there being a taxi that either drops off either the man or the woman. It was raining that day too so I believe one of them had an umbrella. They were talking and flirting and Im pretty sure they kissed in the rain. I think in that same episode there was a person (I dont really remember if they were male or female) in a wheel chair who I believed attempted suicide and shot themselves in the head straight up behind their chin. The bullet went through their head leaving a bullet hole on the top of their scalp. The show is kind of like supernatural. There’s a group of people that fight paranomals. I also remember they have some sort of safe room they all met up in (sorry this is all out of order, I’m slowly remembering them as I write it all down). For some reason my mind just won’t stop telling me the name is rosewood, riverwood, or something with wood at the end. Thank you so, so much in advance.

Detectives sarcastically guessing odds someone died from a fall

I saw the movie probably around 7-10 years ago, after it was released. I cant remember when it was released, but I doubt it was earlier than mid-late 90’s. The only scene I can remember is where some guy has been pushed off (or maybe jumped off) the top of building that was only several stories high and died. Two detectives/cops find him and make a sarcastic comment to the effect of: “what do you think the chances are they died from the fall” “Im thinking sixty forty…. maybe seventy thirty”. I’ve tried searching around based of those quotes and smaller variations of them, or similar phrases, such as “fall killed them”, “eighty twenty”, or “odds” (instead of “chances”), but cant really find anything due to how much I don’t remember of the scene or the rest of the movie in general. I think it was more of a dry/dark humor, drama crime movie. It was in English (small chance it could be British, but I’m almost certain it was American).

sex slave chugs mouthwash after biting off male genitalia

The scene I remember includes a large black man buying a small sex slave that I believe was asian. The scene following the purchase is a small outdoor wedding. Everything at the wedding is white and the sky is very blue and the white/blue contrast gives the movie this happy and bright vibe. There is a centered shot of the black mans face smiling down at the bride (the sex slave). This is a creepy shot for obvious reasons. After the wedding the man takes the sex slave to what I assume is his house. He takes her to a living room which is mostly just a white room with glass windows. It’s a fancy and modern home. There is no furniture except for a mattress on the floor of this bland living room. Part of me remembers a camera in front of the mattress entailing that the man and the sex slave would have intercourse on the mattress to make pornography. But I am not certain if the camera was there, regardless the next scenes are one of a kind. The man forces the womans head below his belt and forces his penis into her mouth. She soon bites off his penis and he falls to the mattress. She gets up and uses a gun to shoot him a few times in the chest. Then she runs as fast as she can away from the house and finds a gas station where she enters and finds mouthwash. She opens the bottle in front of the cashier and just begins chugging the mouthwash. The cashier has a shocked expression and the girl just looks at the cashier. The sex slave obviously has blood all over her mouth and shirt so its no surprise the cashier at the gas station would be confused. This is the end of what I remember. I believe it could be a foreign film. I recall it being very well made. IT IS NOT PORN. I believe it was an action movie. I don’t remember any other aspect of the plot though. Just because male genitalia was bitten off in ONE scene of the entire doesn’t mean the movie is about this. The movie is not “Teeth” , its not a supernatural movie, its not a horror movie. I have asked almost everyone and everything calls me crazy and thinks that I made up this scene somehow but I remember it so vividly and it is such a specific scene. Please help, or at least let me know if you remember this movie, not even a title. I just need to know that I didn’t make this up.

Documentary- teen murderers

I am looking for a 90s-2000s documentary about teenagers who murdered their parents or relatives. One of the murderers is a teenager with schizophrenia, who murdered his grandparents. He heard voices in his head saying that he should kill his grandfather and grandmother. First he wanted to commit a suicide and drove around the neighborhood, where he was arrested for speeding, but the police let him go. Then he came to his home and murdered his grandparents with a knife or with an ax. The documentary also shows his portrait, a fat boy wearing eyeglasses.
(Not “Teen Killers: a Second Chance?” (1998), “Why did Johnny Kill?” (1988))