80s Post apocalyptic movie

What I remember of the movie: I saw it in the early 80s, but maybe it was made late 70s. Post apocalyptic, water is the most valuable and rare resource. The scene that always sticks out in my mind is a woman with really frizzy hair stabbing an elderly stout man in the abdomen with a metal device she wears on her knuckles, kinda like brass knuckles, but with sharp pointy things sticking up.

I know it’s not any of the Mad Max movies (as I own them all). Thank you for your help 🙂

A live-action movie about a bunch of talking dogs going on a walking day trip out in nature as they babysit a golden retriever puppy…

…(their friend, the puppy’s dad, had to go on a mission or something so he entrusted his kid to their care)

Random details that I remember that may help you:

  • there was a female border collie named Sister who I think was the figurative mother of the group

  • the intro consisted of a mouse/rat sitting on the rump of a brown horse/pony; I believe the mouse/rat was narrating? then it cut to all the dog friends sitting in the corner of a barn, in the hay. the friend who had to go on a mission was like “ok guys good news or bad news” and I’m pretty sure it was during the “bad news” part that he revealed that he had to go on his mission

  • the dog friends weren’t too happy with the babysitting part at first but by the end of the day they were in love with the puppy. their friend had returned from their mission too at that point.

  • when they were all preparing to leave there was this poodle or something that was really obsessed with pink and brought a whole bunch of pink things they’d need for the day

Movie about missing little girl


Cant remember name of a movie. Father went to a store , after he returned to his bicycle his daughter disappeared. Later he started to see her ghost. She was wet and felt cold.

After investigating he found that it was his friend or neighbour who picked up  little girl by car. They had car accident, car drove into the river/lake . The man survived but no girl. So he left her and didnt tell anyone.


Thanks in advance!

Rom-com with a ghost boyfriend

So the ghost boyfriend is only a small part. There’s a movie that I watched once in the last five years about a girl who has to go back and find all of the guys she previously dated (not What’s Your Number). I think the girl might have been cursed or something and she had to maybe find all the guys that had dumped her and get back together with them so she could dump them. Anyway, at one point she finds out one of her exes has died and she has to summon his ghost. He begins to “haunt” her place and they date. I remember he would leave her messages on the fridge with alphabet magnets. I don’t remember how it ends. I’m pretty sure it’s a movie made after 2000, I actually think it may have been made in the last decade but I can’t remember for sure. It’s not a horror movie, more of a quirky romcom vibe? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can’t find this movie anywhere and I’m starting to think I made it up!

Guy wakes up next to dead woman

I remember watching this movie in the early 2000s on tv. I don’t remember anything except this one scene.

the main character wakes up next to a woman in his bed. He leaves the room, comes back and notices she hasn’t moved. He puts his hand on her shoulder and turns her over. He sees that she is dead and has something tied around her throat. He panics and decides he needs to move her body back to her apartment which is down the hall from his apartment. He picks up her body and starts to head towards the front door.
someone knocks and he lays her body on his couch facing the back to make it look like she was just sleeping. He answers the door and talks to the person. He shits the door and picks the body back up. Another knock at the door scares him and he drops the body. He slides her into his closet, sits her up and closes the door. The person comes in and stand right in front of the closet. The closet doors starts to open but the guy shuts it immediately. The person that knocked leaves. The original guy opens the closet and her body falls out. He picks her back up by placing his arms under her arms. He drags her body into her apartment and gets her on the bed. Someone knocks on her door and he hides under the bed. The person comes into the bedroom and panics. I don’t know why this scene has stuck with me for so long. But I would love to figure out the title of this movie so I can finally finish it.

Tragedy due to disease

I saw this B&W movie as a rerun in the 60’s. There was a scene in the woodshed showing the father building a coffin for his wife (who died) and then for himself for when he died. The end of the movie showed the son (10-12 yrs old) pulling his little sister (3-5 yrs old) on a sled through the snow to an isolated but pleasant home in the country where the homeowners came to the door and greeted the little girl and took her inside. The ending scene showed the boy walking away from the house to an unknown future.

It isn’t much to go on but it certainly made an impression on me.  Thank you for the help in identifying the movie.

What is this order movie?

I don’t remember when this movie was from. All I can remember is that involved a man and a woman who were addicted to drugs. I’m thinking they stayed in their apartment or house for days on end during drugs. I’m thinking they were shooting up but I can’t remember. The one seen in particular you don’t realize how horrible they look and how much weight they lost until it shows what they really look like. They were completely deceived and thought they were normal. And then when you get a real glimpse of what had become of them they were basically skeletons that had lost so much weight.
Every time I look it up it brings up requiem for a dream. But I don’t think that’s it I’ve looked through the movie and that scene is not there. And my head it seemed like it was similar to the movie Rush about the undercover cop. But that scene is not in that movie either. Please help!?

The film in which the boy made traps

I watched the film until about 2008.

I think it was released in 1990-2000, maybe earlier
The film seems to have been a comedy genre
I think it was released in America because the houses were the same as there
I only remember the footage
That the time of the year was summer in the film, perhaps a country house, a boy buys a colorful round chewing gum in a vending machine, I remember that he set a trap or blocked the faucet in the kitchen with something, whether with some kind of cap or chewing gum (I don’t remember exactly, but I clearly remember that it was a faucet in the kitchen)

Asian guy helps abused lady, who abuses him afterwards

Folks, I swear to God, I’ve spent hours trying to find these film. I’ve posted on 3 different websites, and no one knows it. At this point I’m assuming that I’ve made up the entire thing.

From what I vaguely remember, there was a young man, who was kept locked up by a couple (honestly, maybe not locked up, possibly just hiding in the house). The husband would sexually assault his wife and leave, the young man would come afterwards to help her. Then a few scenes later, the wife would for some reason take the young man to get a bath, and becomes so agitated that she starts sexually assaulting him in the bath out of frustration, but later in the movie he starts liking her. At the end I think they end up in a beech where she let’s him go, or tries to kill him (or he tries to kill her). There’s a possibility he’s mute or has a mental disability because I don’t remember him talking or replying much, but honestly, at this rate all of this could be fake in my head because I’m exhaused. The closest film is “the backwater 2013” (which looks really really close, even with the guy helping the abused lady) but it didn’t have the tub scene and the ending wasn’t on a beach.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m gonna try to go to sleep after spending my entire day on this.

stoker killer falls in love

Hi so Im trying to find a movie I saw a long time ago, it’s probably from the early to mid 2000’s

I remember from the plot several things:

There was a man who murdered every person this ‘blonde-looking’ woman complained about, I think she had a yellow shirt and the movie had a dark vibe

When she found out he was a murderer, she also was pregnant and she helped him dig a hole to bury someone

It seemed like she thought he would kill her too and thats what the hole is for, but in the end she helped him bury a body

Rabbid animal


Okay so what I remember about this movie is the intro it starts off with a couple at night near a grass bush/hedge & when they hear something from it the women decides to check it out but then is mauled by the rabbid animal & is eaten by whatever it was then the fakest tits come flying from the bush/hedge & onto the payment & the camera shows the guy for a few seconds before it jumps onto him with the screen going black the movie was definitely obviously about an animal attack anything helps to find this one thank you so much

Alien/Robot Movie?? HELP

Alright bear with me here.

I’ve asked everyone I know if they know this movie and they look at me like I’m crazy.


  • I don’t remember when I watched this but I had to have been quite young.
  • It was in English as far as I remember.
  • It was in color.

I think the movie was in the 1980’s or 1990’s. I remember there were two brothers that shared a bunk bed, the older on the bottom bunk and the younger on the top.

Here are the only two scenes I remember:

1. A woman ( I’m guessing the two brother’s mom ), told the older brother to get up, the older brother mumbled something from under the sheets ( he wasn’t revealed ) and the woman got mad at him for it.

She walked away and the covers fell down or got yanked off in a dramatic fashion to reveal a white/tan blob thing trying to take the form of the older brother. Maybe he wasn’t trying to take the brothers form but I do remember a weird looking human sized blob with facial features.


2. This second scenes setting was at night, in the two brother’s bedroom. The younger brother woke up and looked over the foot of the top bunk to his desk which his older brother was sitting at, next to a window. The older brother however, took his head off to reveal electrical buttons and gears. He was fixing a bug or something I don’t know.

The younger brother gasped or said something I can’t remember. All I remember is that the “older brother” turned around while fixing his head and then told him to go back to bed.

“It’s just a dream” he said.



That’s all I remember, I’m pretty sure they were brothers. I’m starting to think it wasn’t a movie, TV show or a YouTube video and just a real strange dream I had. If anyone knows anything PLEASE let me know, I’ve wondered for years.


Perhaps it was an episode of Star Trek? Or perhaps it doesn’t exist at all.

Sorry I don’t have any more info.


Help please! Thanks.

The movie is about an orphan, I think

 I watched about half an hour of it, so I don’t remember much. I believe it was released between 2000-2014. It tells the story of a 10-year-old boy, possibly an orphan or living in an orphanage. I don’t recall how he ended up there; it’s the beginning of the film. The actor playing him is probably quite popular. The boy narrates about his parents’ youth, how they met, ended up on a rooftop, and slept together. The girl found out she was pregnant with the boy but didn’t tell the father. I don’t remember anything else. Please help 🙏🏻😢

movie with an ear in a box?

i remember during the years of probably around 2007-2012 seeing a trailer for a horror movie which had a severed ear in a white styrofoam food takeout box. a man opened the box and was sitting behind a desk in a dark room.  it was in english, but don’t remember any other details. i originally thought the film was silent hill (not sure why) but after trying to find what it actually was i am lost

Sniper movie late 2000s early 2010s maybe?

Hmmm, my comment didn’t get posted for some reason, here we go again!

The movie starts with a sniper shooting what seems to be random targets out of a van. The targets are (from what I can remember) A woman and her daughter, a man with flowers and/or a ring, a woman with a ring and/or flowers, and a guy with a popcorn or hotdog stand. He makes the shots then gets in the van and drives away. The police are called in and one of the main characters, a female FBI or Police officer contacts another sniper she knows, the other main character. She talks to him to consult on how the shot was made and why the bad sniper did it. Later you find out that the targets the sniper killed were actually all made for very specific reasons and weren’t just random targets.

Late 90’s early 2000’s American action flick that take place in Hong Kong

Back in the early 2000’s I rented a movie that has to do with this two US Navy guys that are in I think Hong Kong and they have a hate for each other and they beat each other up and shoot M9 pistols at each other. There is a Chinese girl in it that has a pet tarantula that the main guy is afraid of at first but he changes his mind. There is a scene of him giving the Chinese girl a back rub and he is telling her about something tragic and she doesn’t understand the word tragedy because of er English being limited. There is also another girl a white American girl living in Hong Kong also and I think both guys like her. I think the main guy has sex with both of them in different scenes. And the cover/poster of the movie shows the Chinese girl naked lying on her side with her back to the camera and she has a white bedsheet covering her ass and it shows the two guys in the top corners aiming pistols at each other. Anybody know what movie I am referring to?