A psychinc digs up a missing kids body in house backyard

I saw a short video on youtube, it was probably of some English language TV show.
The show must have been related to supernatural things, or psychic powers.
In the scene, a person keeps digging in the backyard of a house, trying to tell the owner that the her kid that has been missing for so long, is buried right there. And there is another law enforcement officer trying to tell the person to stop digging as his actions didnt make scene. But he finally finds the remains and even the law enforcement officer is surprised.

Teenagers Go Against The Law,May Have Killed,Their Car Ambushed And Killed.


I Need To Remember A Movie That Have.

Teenagers (A Boy And A Girl, Could Be More) Go Against The Law,

May Have Killed,

The Police Got A Picture Of The Girl Holding A Rose In Her Mouse, And Faked A New One, Switching The Rose For A Cigarette.

At The End, Their Car Gets Ambushed And Killed By The Police.

Estimated Release Year Of The Movie Is Between ( 1995 – 2005 ).

Thank You.

Chinese or Japanese Movie

I just remember there was a married guy who was leading a double life, he had a child with his mistress. When his wife found out she confronted the mistress during a rainy day on a steep hill near a busy road hitting her with a rock, probably killing her or just badly wounding her. I just remember the mistress rolled down the hill on the road and a guy got out of the car to help her.

The mistress and her child were poor and living in a small apartment while the wife was classy and well off. Not sure if the cheating husband was a detective or that was another guy, maybe the one who stopped his car to help the wounded woman.  That is all I’ve got.

Old bbc Sci-fi show

trying to figure out/ find old bbc show. all i remember was finding it around 2006 or so. it had a woman in a office type building walking down the hall leaving and as she gets to the security desk she realizes she forgot something in her office so go’s walking back to it and as she gets to the door she hear’s some noise and open’s the door to some sort of cgi goblin/creature that stand’s maybe 3 foot tall and the office is ransacked. it pans to outside the building as you hear a woman scream and go’s to a guy standing across the road in a trenchcoat and top hat that look really beat up and the guy open’s one side of the coat as the creature run’s across the road and jump’s into it as he closes it, then it go’s to the intro for the show of it fast going thru a tall “5 foot tall” sewer system and flashing the actor’s and actresses name’s.

Fat girl bullied constantly movie

An incredibly fat girl is being constantly bullied for her obesity at school by 2 school girl bullies. She is lucky enough to have at least one friend, an African American girl i think.

One scene has her begging the bullies not to drop her drawings in the toilet drain, which the latter does anyway, while being cruelly nicknamed “Piggy”.

Her friend constantly tells her to stand up for herself. At one point, in class, the fat girl finally does a little payback by cutting one of the bullies’ hair, only to end up getting chased by her later on.

billiards and inheritance

Film from the 90s, early 2000s. The girl at the end of the film beats the man in billiards (in a dispute over inheritance). The main character – girl. She has an elderly rich friend. She meets a guy, they have sex on a pool  table. Then the main character is asked to impersonate another person and get close to one girl. She does everything. But in fact, it turns out that this is the main character – the victim. Her elderly friend dies and leaves her an inheritance. And the inheritance is received by the girl with whom the main character was supposed to get close. At the end there was a game of billiards, winning which, the main character receives an inheritance.

Please help me find a movie

The aspiring actor seduced the wife of a famous producer in the hope of getting into a big movie through him. Then he met a girl with whom he fell in love. She fulfilled all his fantasies. He breaks up with the producer’s wife and switches to this girl. They are all great. All going for the wedding. He is in the church. And before the process of marriage. He is all dressed up, in a tuxedo, waiting for the arrival of the bride. The bride appears. On a motorcycle, in a helmet. And she says she doesn’t need such an asshole. As it turned out, the producer was madly in love with his wife and hired this girl to outshine his wife and eventually humiliate the actor.

I saw this on TV on the mid to late 80s

I saw this on TV in the mid to late 80s, so I don’t know if it was in the theatre or a TV movie. This woman has an drunken and abusive husband. She also has an understanding boss named Dave, and those two seem to have chemistry. The scene I remember is the woman and her husband are at a restaurant, and the husband starts to make a scene. The woman says, “people are looking.” The husband yells, “Let them look! I want to hear about you and Dave!” Does that sound familiar?

Man found dead in the morning

Hi all!

I remember I saw a movie on a TV when I was a child. Approx 1999-2002.

It was a colored movie filmed looking quite modern in those years (filmed not a very long time before 1999).


What I remember from the plot: a big double-stored house, a sleeping room on the second floor. Big family. In the morning somebody from the family finds a man (presumably the owner/father) dead in his bed. And then they try to figure out who was a killer. Something suspicious was about the window in his room.

I might be mistaken, but might be that at the end of the movie they figured out that he actually killed himself.

Thank you!