Fairytail animation film

This is an animated film (fairy tale or fantasy).
I vaguely remember two scenes. And I’m not even sure if they are part of the same movie.

The first scene is at the beginning of the film.
It tells about a family living in the forest. They starve, and when they have no food left, the father and mother go into the forest, leaving the last food for their children. One or two children, I don’t remember exactly.
A little later, the children leave the house and meet magical creatures and get a job.

The second scene is towards the end of the film.
One of the main characters works as a scientist in some island city. For some reason, a catastrophe has to happen (it seems like a big explosion). And this character somehow saves everyone, sacrificing himself.

Girl wraps Christmas decor over guys neck in some sort of slim hall or something

Ok so I genuinely don’t know how I got this movie in my head again but the only scene I can remember is a woman (not sure but I think blond) takes like the fluffy Christmas decor stringy thing (or lights) and wraps it around his neck. They did this in I guess like the hallway of the house. Some other random memories of it I have are them on the bed (idk if they fricked or not) but the lighting was like blueish and also I THINK (like 20% sure) they like had some fight really no sure about that one though. Btw I know I’m describing like every hallmark movie out there but I’m like 70% sure this wasn’t a hallmark movie. I’m sorry for being so vague but I genuinely don’t remember that much and if I do somehow, I will leave it in the comments. Please comment ANY movie you think fits any of this and please remember I said im not sure about some things so not every detail HAS to match. Thanks for reading

80’s – 90’s movie wher a guy has a helmet which detects non humans

I remember a movie where in a given moment a guy finds/discover something like a helmet which could detect “not human” people with an on screen message telling “non human” when someone was ahead of him and – i don’t remember if it’s about demons or zombies that looked like normal people unless he used that helmet.

I don’t remember  more about the movie except that specific scena and that it was in the 80’s or early 90;s.

Young bride forced into marriage in 18th-19th century finally fells in love with him

Description of a scene in the movie:

Romantic movie, it seems like a 18-19th century movie (maybe less) where a young bride is forced to marry a man and goes to his estate, but he is understanding and doesn’t force her to anything.
In one of the scene, she falls from the cliffs in the high-tide (or I think she gets stuck on the shore/rocks because of high-tide) and her husband comes to her rescue by saving her from the water. But they get stuck on the rocks from the high-tide and he needs to heat her with his body heat so she doesn’t die of hypothermia (she’s like wearing those 18th-19th century big dress). And she finally realizes how good-intentions he is and falls in love with him at a certain point in the movie…

hope this helps!

Scary movie with a teddy bear full of pills

So there is a movie I watched in 1997-2000 on TV.

There was a scene where a man gives a pill to an elderly lady who looks scary and stares into somewhere. She takes the pill and puts it into her moths. The man then leaves and then the lady takes out the pill and puts it into a teddy bear full of other pills.

If I recall correctly, the lady was sitting on a rocking chair outside of the house.

The movie was in color and in English.

The scene was looking so scary that I immediately turned the TV off, so I don’t know the rest of the plot unfortunately.

Would be glad for any help finding this movie!

Low Budget Alien Film with Redneck Protagonist.

This was a low budget movie that I think was made in the late 90s, early 2000s. It was in color and in english. I was in 9th grade when I watched it for the first time. There are a couple of things I remember about this film.
1. The main character looks like Larry the Cable Guy.
2. The aliens were cgi, about three feet tall and looked like “Greys”, except they had jet black skin and sharp teeth. They also did not like the light.
3. One of the characters gets his arm ripped/or bitten off when he reaches into a pickup truck window not knowing that one of the aliens was inside.

Short film title

This was a short film that I am pretty sure was on HBO or Showtime back in the 80’s. It was only 10 or 15 minutes long.  It was about an older homeless woman that had set up furniture outside and made that her home. She pretended there was walls and doors but there wasn’t. I am pretty sure no one spoke during this short film. I remember an older gentleman visiting her. I think it was a date. That’s about all I remember.

Old Movie?

I don’t remember much except for this one scene

A young girl and a boy were ice skating, I think they were related in some way like brother/sister or Cousins or friends (Not really sure) but they looked like they got along well while they skated over this frozen pond or something but then the girl somehow ends up tripping/falling on the edge of the lake and laying in the snow. The boy then skates over but instead of helping her up like she asks, he ends up raping her at the edge of the ice on the snow. That’s the only thing I remember.

I think the movie was in english and maybe in the style of those 90’s to early 2000’s style movie thrillers and dramas. I think I watched it in HBO or something and I have the feeling it might be an old movie.

I hope you can help, Since this memory is so vague and this is the only thing I remember about it. Just need to convince myself that this movie is real and not something I imagined hahaha.

movie about child has a mental illness.

Hello all ,
Looking for a movie I saw a clip of it on Facebook about two years ago
It was about a child who had a mental imbalance or something similar, he was moving his head strange blessings constantly. The teacher asked him a question, but he was moving his head. The teacher thought that he was making fun of her, so she made him apologize to the students, and he was transferred from the school, and in the other school they appreciated him …

The film was in English and was colored

Possessed house needs to be ‘fed’ food through the oven door by a woman, who is later killed and eaten herself.

Scene seen in the early 90s.

There is a ‘living’, possessed building that needs to be fed food, and there is a woman who keeps feeding it by putting food inside something that looks like an oven.

If I recall correctly, there is also footage of someone driving a nail into the wall and the wall bleeds.

One day the woman gets angry and fed up with the house’s constant demands for food, puts broken plates and assorted garbage in a trash bag and feeds the house that instead of food.

The house is displeased; a tentacle comes out of the oven, kills the woman and drags her in.

Fantasy film about a detective man

A year ago, they switched on the computer and fell asleep under it. Now you need to remember what kind of movie. Globally it was like this – the villain is trying to create a woman so that she can give birth. But he kills her (she was naked). All humans are robots or androids … The villain has bare eyes (blind?). An investigator is hired to find a human-born child. But it turns out that this child is he (?). As the film progresses, he finds a house in which his old father is.