Another obscure movie about a killer…

Really, people, I do watch LOTS of movies that aren’t about killers…  but the second inquiry I’ll post here is also about a ‘killer’ movie…

Okay, I saw this movie in a theatre that tends to show foreign films, art films, cult films, old movie revivals.  I think I saw it maybe twenty years or so ago.

It’s a European film (French?), I’d almost bet my life on it (but I probably shouldn’t…) — or at least not American.  I remember really liking it at the time, but my memories of it are really indistinct.

It’s about a serial killer who is on the move.  Maybe his job involves travel, and he kills along the way.  Or maybe he travels for the purpose of killing all over the place, I can’t remember.  I seem to remember shots from inside the car, maybe the driver’s POV thru the windshield???  And maybe he drives in the rain often???

And scenes in hotel rooms.  The visual feel is gritty, the lens may not always be fully focused, or it’s just grainy.  And claustrophobic.  It gave me the feeling like I could feel the killer’s breath on my skin, on my face.  The best word I have for it was that the movie, and its world, were… sweaty… to me.

Can’t remember the plot beyond travel and killing — the latter of which I’m not sure was very graphic or very on-screen, even.  Maybe the emphasis was more on his constant moving, from kill to kill.

And I seem to have a vague sense that the main character remains largely an enigma.  I don’t know if any effort to explain why he does what he does or what it means to him, even in the moment. is ever made.

I only really have snippets of it in my head anymore, but the movie’s nevertheless always stayed with me…


Did I make this movie up???

This is a movie I did not see, but I swear I read about it, and even saw an image from (or poster/cover image for) — maybe a decade or so ago.  But I’ve had no luck searching for it on the internet, so I’m getting to the point where I wonder if I made the whole thing up!

Thing is, I could be a little off — or even completely wrong — about everything I’m gonna say I remember about it.  But I’m gonna try to be remember it as best I can…

It’s a story about two men who are lovers and also killers — possibly serial killers, but I’m not sure about that.  I think the guys were kinda punky, maybe?  Or they looked like outsiders in some rough way?  I believe it was a veeery independent, low-budget movie.  Very raw-looking, underground-y.  Probably b/w.  Might be an American film, but it nags at me that it’s probably European, or at least not American.

It looked like it was an extremely obscure movie, and I can recall reading about it — I think online — only this one time.  My impression/memory is that the movie was very extreme and disturbing.  Envelope-pushing, perhaps.  It makes me wonder if it was so much so that it’s one of those movies that the media and even the internet tries to disappear — the way the media has basically never acknowledged the existence Kirby Dick’s documentary Outrage, for fear of being sued — and that’s why I’m having so much trouble searching for it online.

My guess is that it’s somewhere between ten and twenty years old — but I could be very off on especially that detail.

I thought it was called Killers, or The Killers — but it might have been called Lovers, or The Lovers???


Romantic comedy about a british rich man marrying and american actress (not easy virtue)

So I saw this movie as a kid about 14-16 years ago. I googled it and found a movie that’s kind of similar but it’s not that. I don’t know if it’s early 2000’s or before but it feels fairly modern so it’s 90’s at the earliest but I honestly feel like it’s earlier 2000s, it also felt like a very British movie when I was watching but I don’t know if that’s actually the case.

The main premise I remember is that it’s about a British heir (I think a prince or at least some kind of rich/nobility, he lived in a big mansion in the countryside in a fairly small family?) marrying an American actress and her coming to his house to live with him and being in conflict with everyone in his old fashioned countryside because she’s American. And then the plot revolves around her ex boyfriend who’s an actor and vaguely looks like Elvis Presley (basically the ‘Rebel Bad Boy’ of the love triangle) coming after her trying to get her to come back.

I also remember the opening montage being like a very stylized kind of collage of various news articles about their controversial marriage that also has like animations? Like there was an animated airplane to signify her flying to England? Something like that. I also remember a scene where she’s in the mansion and the ex boyfriend is drunk (I think) and calls her from the outside to flirt and be like ‘baby come back’.

Also the movie ends with the actress deciding to go back to her ex and the British man being mopey, and then meeting another American (I think?) girl and basically falling in love with her on sight, and the last shot (or one of them) has his family/servants smiling to themselves and it’s kind of implied in the ending that the British man falls in love with every girl at like lightspeed and that this happens all the time and that the whole thing is about to happen again.

Thriller from the 60’s maybe a vampire mobie

Hello, I never saw this movie on tv or in the theaters as I was about 6 or 7. This would have been around 1967. All I remember was the commercial. I recall a fighting scene in what was either a bar or someone’s home and this girl was standing in the back screaming at the crowd possibly to stop fighting. Then an older person creeps up behind her and puts some sort of canvas bag over her as she is trying to escape. Then an elderly woman is talking to the audience and I can’t remember what she says. She let out a hiss and fangs came out of her mouth. I remember the commercial was creepy but I could never find out the name of the movie. Does anyone remember it?  Thanks.

It’s a movie about a gay guy and his best girlfriend, I think.

As the title says, the movie is about a gay guy and his best girlfriend, it’s not My Best Friend’s Wedding. The only part I really remember is the girl is changing clothes or something in front of him and they start playfully rough housing and it leads to them messing around a bit and then they realize that they both can’t because of their actual feelings. It’s an older movie maybe early 2000s late 90s perhaps, sorry I don’t remember much more than that.

70s tv movie thriller?

Can you help? I’ve been asking this question since high school, even called in on kmox in the 80s, still haven’t gotten an answer… 70s TV movie I saw on tv when I was young, 1975 to 1980 i would guess, thriller I think, this lady with short blonde hair, looked like Sandy Duncan or Florence Henderson,  but ive searched their filmography’s goes to a house in a desert type setting, she soaks this car down with gasoline, I think to kill someone else, shes in a hurry, someone is after her, she goes to get out of there and her car won’t start, she then is forced to take the gasoline soaked car and crashes and burns… sound at all familiar? Thanks very much either way for your help! 😁😁😁

Dead people hunt demons in Tokyo (maybe Seoul)

Looking for a movie I saw a few years ago. I am pretty sure it was CGI. It was either Japanese or Korean.
A team of people who don’t know they’re dead hunt weird looking demons in Tokyo or Seoul. They’re up against other teams and if they don’t get enough demon kills something bad happens to them.
The final boss was a giant demon who was made out of the bodies of thousands of people.

Lilaby? Willaby?

I remember watching this show or movie as a kid that featured puppets as well as people similar to the size of the ones on Mr. Rogers. At one point, there’s this man talking to a rabbit puppet about her garden. (I think the guy might’ve been somewhat of a celebrity irl? I don’t remember.) I think she was growing carrots. They start singing about the things that grow in her garden and I’ve had the song in my head at random times ever since. Something like “Everything grows in (rabbit’s name’s garden)”. I think the rabbit’s name is Lilaby or Willaby or something. I had this show on VHS just to show how old it is. I’m assuming it was made in the 80s or 90s. I wish I had more info about it, but that’s all I can remember.


As we all know, Spider-man has been known to say: “My spider/spidey senses are tingling.” every time he senses danger ahead. However, the identity of the first series episode OR movie where he first said that line remains unknown. I tried googling and searching on wikis but no luck. So, if anyone knows which was the very first series/episode where he said that line, let me know as soon as possible, please.

Criminal Movie

This movie would have been available on TV or VHS before the year 2000. I’m pretty sure it was a movie about a crime ring or group of adult criminals, and possibly a very popular or famous movie.
I think this was the first scene, although I’m not sure.
One of the criminals tells the other (new) guy to hide something (a package of money?) down the front of his pants. The criminal hides it there, then does some actions, successfully avoiding detection. New guy meets up again with the more experienced criminal who tells him something to effect of job well done, then says it was a good hiding spot because no self-respecting man would search someone there.
Thanks for any help.

Girl pretends to be a boy

I believe this movie was supposed to be taking place in India.  The plot is only boys are allowed to work and in this family there is only a girl so her mother (or grandmother) has the idea where she will pretend to be a boy to work otherwise the family will starve.  The scene I remember is where all the boys are at some type of school and they are all naked inside holes in the ground full of water with only their heads visible.  The teacher is telling them how to bathe properly when he notices the girl trying to hide in the back of the room.  He makes her come out and She does not want to be caught as a girl so she hurries and the teacher makes a remark like “this boy is a nymph.”

Horror or thriller movie about a woman author

I remember that the main character was a woman. She is an author and travels alone to a house (I think that she needs a space to think about her novel). She starts seeing a man in the dark, next to the front door and the umbrella holder (maybe). I remember very clearly that the man was creepy, and his face was deformed or burned maybe. She thinks that she’s just seeing things or dreaming, so nothing really happens. The movie is really creepy so maybe it was a thriller, I don’t really remember the genre. She sees him very often, and starts talking to him and shouting to him to get away. At the end of the movie she wants to travel home, and the man is there at the front door as always. The woman walks next to him, and when she gets home she got news that the police arrested a man for killing woman. That is the point when it gets clear, that the man was real. They met again at the trial.

Sci-Fi smut action movie with weird drugs, lots of sex, an abandoned city and organ transplants?

Okay this is a doozy.  I saw this film in the early 2000s, I recall.  It was on an encrypted movie channel.  I assume it was in English, as it was dubbed when I saw it.  It could have been American.  Since the channel I caught it on didn’t really show new-new movies, I am assuming it was released sometime in the 90s.  Based on my description below, it was probably rated R.

So, strap in, here’s what I recall:

-In the opening scene, we are in the future and an old woman dressed in a glittery dress is in front of a building, a sex club of sorts, for the opening ceremony.  She gives a speech in the gala, sets on fire and holds up a golden penis torch.  It’s a hoot.

-Then she goes into the backroom, takes off the dress, make-up, and wig.  She inserts a tube down her throat, adjusts her voice.  Then, she (now he) puts on a black suit and leaves.

-There’s a medical facility of sorts.  Doctors talk.  One asks the other if he has any blue eyes left.  Apparently, it’s an organ transplant facility that golden penis ladyguy is a doctor in or is in charge of.  They are running low on organs.

-Our protagonist (let’s call him Heroguy) talks to his girlfriend (I think) about a drug.  This drug helps him with something, but it also causes out-of-body experiences.  He mentions seeing himself in the shower after taking it.  She says it is dangerous.

-Heroguy is contacted by the Golden Penis Ladyguy about going into an abandoned city.  New York, San Fran, that kinda metropolis.  I think they are going to retrieve something, or escort someone.  They are joined by a couple more people, including a bald, eyepatch wearing Mercenary (Merc Guy.)

-They access the city via a bridge.  There was a disaster there, I think an EMP went off and fucked the city up.  Whatever it was, it caused the bridge to become magnetic, Heroguy says.  He then demonstrates this by taking off his watch and letting go of it, which the bridge attracts and the watch gets attached to one of the beams.

-They enter the city, fuck around for a bit, until they end up in an apartment where somebody is hiding, I think.  In any case, they encounter a small, wheely robot, like an RC car.  Heroguy gets too close to it and it fires something at him and destroys one of his eyes.  They take him out to treat his wound, give him an eyepatch, and the drug that makes him have out-of-body experiences.  He has an out-of-body experience and peers into the next room, where this person (I think it was a woman) is hiding.

-Heroguy wears an eyepatch now.

-At one point, Merc Guy goes into a hallway.  The hallway is red.  There are mannequins sticking out of the walls, looking partially absorbed.  There is sexual moaning in the background.  He explores this hallway until he comes across a wall-mounted vagina.  The thing is huge (like, half the guy’s size) and looks pretty real.  He sticks his hand in.  He withdraws it and it’s sticky with juices.

-The movie continues in ways I don’t really recall, but whatever they were doing in this city, they pull it off and get back to the Golden Penis Ladyguy with the news.

-To my recollection, Golden Penis Ladyguy tells Heroguy and the Rescued Woman that what they did will solve the organ crisis.  S/he also tells them that s/he doesn’t have genitals so is neither male nor female, but wants to experience both, and does so, but only one at a time (As we saw) so that’s why s/he’s been grooming them or something – to experience both genders simultaneously, I think?

-Heroguy and Rescued Woman have zero-gravity sex while Golden Penis Ladyguy sorta feels what they feel through what I recall was some kind of neural implant.  I mean, at least I assume it was zero-G sex (heh), ’cause I recall them floating in a blue, spherical room while Golden Penis Ladyguy made some sex faces.

I have been all over with this.  Looked up many lists, asked everywhere.   Help me, please, I’ve been looking for this movie for YEARS.

Korean movie about the laptop that predicts events several minutes in the future

I’ve never actually seen the movie, only saw a review of it, so I do not remember any specific scenes or details of the plot.

If I remember correctly it’s korean or at least have lead asian actor(s). The lead is a man and he finds out that somehow his laptop web camera shows events several minutes in the future. It’s somewhat an anseble movie, because several other people(probably this man’s friends) get involved.

I do not know any plot beyond that, unfortunately, the review was pretty vague and spoiler free.

The movie should be pretty new released in the past couple of years.