A crime/mystery film about a girl who moves towns and solves a local crime.

So, there is a girl. The film opens, I believe, on her chasing someone through a church, though this may the ending, I saw this film easily over 10 years ago. She moves towns with her father and moves into a house where fake ghosts are projected on walls and glass to scare people away.

One scene of the film involves her sitting in what I vaguely remember as an attic, surrounded by pictures and notes, solving this crime, or attempting to solve it.

I hope this is useful enough.

River Separated Lovers in Plague City

I remember a what I think was a TV movie about two lovers in a medieval town/city that had a river surrounding it. This was probably in the late 90s, early, early aughts. English dialogue as far as I recall. An outbreak of the plague threatened the local population, but the river acted as a natural barrier, almost like a moat, and the towns people were forbidden to cross it for fear of contamination. I think one of the lovers lived outside of the city’s boundary, and they couldn’t bear to be apart, crossing the river and ultimately condemning the entire city to the plague. Does anyone else remember this, or am I the only one?

90’s Movie about smart science kid vs bad guys

  • Trying to find a movie from the 90’s.there was actually 2 of them. About a blonde kid that was good with computers and science. I remember ones scene from I beli2bw the second movie where he makes a trap explosive with chemicals and duct tape in a doo3 jam so it explodes when all bae guy shuts them door. At the end of the k9voe he hands a CD to a female agent that he had taped to his background to hide it .. .  Any ideas?

Movie about father-son relationship, references The Odyssey

I remember watching part of this movie on Netflix maybe 5-6 years ago. I’m not sure if the movie was actually in Greek or in English but I’m fairly certain it was set in modern Greece. It was about a teenage boy (I feel like his name, and possibly the movie’s name, was Telemachos, but Google hasn’t turned up anything) and his father, who were trying to work out their relationship issues or something? I’m pretty sure the father had a fishing/sail boat and hadn’t been in the kid’s life much until recently. I think it was supposed to be a sort of modern homage to the Odyssey.

Hopefully someone knows what I’m talking about so I can prove I didn’t dream this whole thing! Thanks!

Epic movie with roman army dying of thirst

Hi !

I’m looking for a movie with a roman army besieges a village, in desert. The village is located on a hill and has a lot of water resources.

Down this hill, the besiegers are dying of thirst, commanded by a general who refuse to give up the siege.

I did a lot of research but didn’t find it. Google always suggests “Masada” but it is not the movie I looking for.

Thanks for your help and sorry for my English…


Teen movie from the 90s/early 2000s

ok so a couple of years ago I was watching a movie probably around 2009/2010. I don’t remember the name or anyone that was in it but I only remember three scenes from the movie. so the first scene I remember was a teenage girl with dark brown hair and I believe she was sitting by a poolside and writing something in a journal. the next scene is she is getting on this motorcycle with this guy that has brown kinda longish hair and he is mysterious. the last scene I remember was this scene of a guy wearing some sort of astronaut or a flight suit and he was walking slow-mo. it seemed like a daydream from the girl with the brown hair. it seemed like she had a crush on this boy, but that boy is popular. I believe I might have watched this movie on VH1 or MTV. someone, please help I have been trying to figure this movie out for YEARS!!!! the movie was in color and the movie was English.

i know the movie is not “she’s all that” even tho it seems a lot like it

Classic movie in which people meet in a bar after 20 years


I saw this movie many years ago in TV. It was a classic one, maybe 50s or 60s at most. It was about 3 or 4 people, maybe sailors, who are splitting after ending their service, and are in a bar. They somehow decide to meet again 20 or 25 years later, and write a letter to themselves they put somewhere in the bar.

Then the movie jumps to years later, when they actually get back, each one expecting to be the only one to show up for the meeting, and tell themselves of their lives.

Anyone remembers it?

Horror Movie About Tunnel

I vaguely remember a movie i saw on tv maybe around 2008ish. The movie could have come out before then though. I remember it was about a small group of friends who wanted to explore some tunnels in what i belive to be a desert setting. Once down there their tour guide was killed be something(a spirit maybe?). They became lost and had to find their way out, a few dying in the process. They found a hatch that lead them to some sort of shack in the middle of the desert. I don’t remember anything else. I have tried for years to find this movie and Google cannot help me.

80’ action

Back in the mid 80’s I saw this movie on t.v. Might have been HBO.

This is what I remember; A young lady hires a man to rescue a girl. Possibly her sister. She goes along with him and his sidekick who is a writer that chronicles his adventures for a comic book.

The hero has the most powerful gun and a red jeep with hidden machine guns in the side windows.

all takes place in a jungle.


Trying to remember a horror movie…

Not that long ago me and my friends where talking about horror movies and now i have one that i can’t remember. It was my first horror movie. I saw it sometime in 2006-2009 on a TV. I can’t remember any actors, but i do remember some scenes, like in the beginning there were two men in contamination suits. They were going down to a white tunnel in a elevator. After they arrived to the tunnel they had zombies running at them. There was also a girl and zombie dogs. The girls dad was a doctor who had something to do with creating zombies and the virus. Please help me 🙂

2 movies with subtle ghosts

I am looking for two movies I saw around three years ago and they were both filmed within the past decade. In both movies there were characters who over time it becomes clear that they are in fact ghosts or not real.

In the first movie a pregnant woman spends the first third or so of the movie worrying about her unborn baby and spending time with her young daughter. Eventually the husband gets upset about her talking about the little girl, yelling at her that the baby died and they don’t have a daughter anymore. She then realizes that the little girl is either imaginary or a ghost.

In the second a family of grown siblings returns to the family home after their father dies, looking for some fantastical artifact that he owned. Turns out that one of the sons, who seems to be the youngest, is actually a ghost. He had died years before but his sisters and brother can all see him.

Im looking for it like whole of the 2 days! Plzz help

it was the scene , a girl was forced to go with strangers ( i think they were white gangsters) in the way which was to the room of boss , some strangers touched the girl , after she arrived to the room , his brother broke the glasses and saved his sister and ran with the boss to the police station . The officer released the boss and give them the girl ans send the brother to the jail.

Movie that was on tv and always turned it on half way through

My wife and I are trying to figure out a old move that she always turn on channel surfing and never seen from the beginning . Here is what e have been able to put together….

My wife seems to think that she watched it while she was still in high school so it would of been on t.v. late 80’s early 90’s. From the scenes that she has been able to explain is sounds like the typical 80’s coming of age movie,  possibly  set  in a earlier time frame like the 50-60’s . Here are a couple of plot memory’s that will hopefully shed some light on this movie and put this agony to rest.

In the beginning….young female charter is maybe in high school or just graduated, and come from a upper class family.  The charter is a aspiring singer/ performer that has very conservative and classical  style  ( my wife isn’t sure if it a opera style voice,  or Broadway musical but something viewed as classical ) after a early performance the family goes to a celebratory dinner at a nice restaurant or country club.   While at the dinner the female charter meet some other kids that are more rebellious and or from  a different social class.  Throughout the movie the main young female has a awaking and coming of age, and the usual teenage angst that insure within the family dynamic.

The last thing my wife remembers is toward the end of the movie or possibly the last scene

The Young main charter is showing one of her friends this new type of hip music… (my wife is fairly certain it is Bob Dylan ) that is cool and embody’s the voice of a generation

I know it not much to go on but anyone that can help, this will solve a nagging problem that has occupied hours of looking up films that Dylan songs were used in, and there seems not to be a end to this list.



British Middle Ages/ Victorian drama?

I’m looking for a movie that was set in British Middle Ages/ Victorian period??? I can only remember 2 scenes. The first is a woman in labor and as soon as she gives birth to her son the midwives rush off with him leaving only one person with her. He is of royal blood and she isn’t and she isn’t allowed to raise him. The next scene he is three and it’s his birthday playing with all of the toys he got and she asks if he remembers her and he does a little bit and knows she’s his mother.

Netflix movie that got removed, probably early 2000’s/2010’s

So about 2-4 years ago I watched a drama movie on Netflix. I remember that it featured at first (main character) and his girlfriend/wife, and she kills herself by tying a belt to a door and he opens it. It then cuts to a year or two later, when it’s the anniversary of her suicide. (main character)’s friends take him to a lodge to try to cheer him up. The parents of his dead girlfriend/wife blame him for the death. There’s also a whole scene just about strippers. I think the name of the movie was the main characters name, and the art for it was his silhouette by a pool, mostly blue.

This a movie scene or a dream?

So, I woke up earlier and remembered a dream. While I know one part was inspired by a game I played earlier, the other part was seemingly just thrown in there/not-a-subsequent-sequence. And I remember having felt the essence of that thought earlier and I imagine that it’s from a movie: A horror/psychological thriller movie, I’d assume.

A girl flees through the forrest from a man(?) who’s hunting her and she eventually stops, thinking she ran away from her chaser. She moves close to a three, its hollow underneith and watery, and roots try to grab her but she manages to run. Later, a root up from a sink hole grabs her ankle and she’s pulled into the sand.

It’s not Evil Dead, though the idea is similar, it reminds me more of an evil Alice in Wonderland. Not Harry Potter either, with that damn tentacle tree they have. Think it was a movie or really just a dream?