man takes son and fakes death

ok hoping some one will know what the name of this movie is. i think it is Ashley judd who plays the part of the mother. she gives her son to his father for a visitation and the father is going to take the boy sailing. a storm brews ( i think) and the boat is found with no man or boy on board. she thinks they are dead and moves on and marries another man. years later friends of hers come around after they get back from a holiday. they brag that they have a home movie of a dive/tour that they went on and while playing the home movie the mother sees her ex husband who supposedly died with their son on the sailing trip. turns out he faked their death and moved overseas and opened up a dive/tour business and changed their names. she then goes over to try and locate and see if it is in fact her dead ex husband and if he survived did her son also survive. i believe the movie may have aired around the early 90s was american based. thank you

Movie with an abduction

I only had a glance of this movie and it was quite a long time ago, but I thought I should give it a try. It is colored, most possibly in english (at least it looked American-ish and the male actor I think was white), probably from 1990 to 2011. The only scene I remember was of a girl who is kidnaped. handcuffed hands behind the back and, in the begining, gagged, lying or sitting on a couch. In the room it was only her and a kidnaper, who looks like he got involved unwillingly. At some point she askes the kidnaper to go to the toilet. When she is done, she calls the kidnaper and ask him to wipe her and pull up her underwear. She was wearing a skirt. They go back to the room with the couch and he feeds her some pizza.

That’s about it.
I don’t think the movie was really dramatic, on the contrary, maybe borderline comedy. But it was long time ago I watched it, so I might be wrong.

Help please

Trying to remember the name of a film but I only remember one scene.

The scene is set in an apartment and after a fight, 2 men square up to each other and one says something along the lines of “will you do the same to me?” and other replies “different strokes for different folks”.

Thinking back to it, I thought it was David Caruso and another actor but I could be wrong.

It’s bothering me, please help?

So I remember as a kid seeing a scene from a horror movie, it looked like it came from the movie “It”, but I know it didn’t. The weather was dreary and there was an ice cream truck driving through a suburban area. The song “nah nah nah nah nah nah nah hey hey hey goodbye” was playing in the background repeating the same sentence over and over. There were clowns running around every where killing a bunch of people. That’s all that I remember. Please help me whether or not this was a movie, tv show, or its just a dream I had as a kid. It’s been bothering me for a long time! Please and thank you!

Some comedy scene?

So, I saw this scene in a meme somewhere and I can’t for the life of me find it again. It’s a scene of this lady in some sort of hospital room starting to freak out about bugs or bees or something. This other lady looks over at her freaking out and starts trying to tell her the frogs ate the bugs so they won’t hurt her anymore. At the end the woman ends up calming down for a few seconds before yelling, “But what if they come back???”

A movie about kids who disappeared into a cave

Ok so I honestly do not remember much about this movie other then I saw it on tv about 5 years ago, it was in color and it was in English, but from what I remember of the plot , I think two kids are missing and or are dead and two other kids are possessed or maybe influenced by the ghosts of the missing kids (please take this with a grain of salt , I understand my retelling of the plot may be off by alot lol) But the one thing I do remember is one of the kids draw a picture of two stick figures inside an arch , the two figures representing the kids and the arch representing the cave, and on the outside of the cave drawing was a taller stick figure , representing the man who hurt/killed them .



Terrible z grade horror movie

So I watched this movie in the early 2000s probably around 2003-2006. I know I rented it from a blockbuster or family video & the cover was in black & white with no actors’ names on it but I think it had a sad looking man on it. The whole movie was in black & white I think but it may have had scenes that were monochrome in other colors but I’m not sure. It opened I think with a man running through the woods mostly from his POV. The man gets trapped in a mental asylum where there’s an eccentric doctor whose doing experiments or something. The doctor has thee most obvious fake wig ever & at the end of the movie he takes off his wig & he was an alien the whole time. It was terrible like so bad it was funny. But I can’t seem to forget it or remember what it was called.


Okay so this movie is about let’s say maybe 7 years old, and it’s basically a bunch of 4 or 5 young adults that think they are scientists or i really don’t recall maybe they were students but anyways they get drunk celebriting their successful time machine or it may have been just something to teleport themselves i don’t recall, they end up in this other world and then i don’t remember much. i think one of the characters was a male poc wearing glasses, an annoying white dude that almost ends up killed, a hot nerdy girl and i think another girl or something?

trying to think of a horror movie

the movie starts off with a guy in his apartment reading a demon book. when he stands up with the book open, a meat hook goes through his head. the rest of the movie takes place in another apartment complex, a dad living in one of the apartments find the book and starts to read and decipher the book. during the movie his daughter comes to live with him for some reason i cant remember. i also remember the dad used to work for a gangsterish character, and during the movie that guy dies, but his severed head keeps calling the dad to warn him about trouble.


i know this isnt much to go on but im dying to know!!!


Alright, so from what i remember is.. this girl had met this guy and was staying at his place i’m thinking it was an arranged marriage or some sort, she saw that his sisters actions towards him were very weird after awhile but saw the brother did take interest in her, when she caught them having sex the sister told the brother she had to be killed if they can stay together, a doctor that knew the girl came and i remember clearly that the brother apologized he had to stab him and he said asked him where to stab him since he was a doctor and knew where he could survive so he showed him, that’s literally all i remember. i know it’s not too old.

Movie scene

Hey, I’m looking for a movie and I only remember this scene from it: at the beginning somebody (probably a man) is sitting under the tree and in his surrounding is a snake. Then the snake enter his mouth and go inside him. The man start to suffocate. It’s probably blackandwhite movie. Maybe the man has a hat on his head and the person is young, but maybe my remembrances are not accurate. Thank you so much.

Japanese Classic Film (English Subtitles)

The movie was shown to me by a friend who is somewhat of a movie buff. They introduced it as a classic. It was japanese with english subtitles.

Possibly from the 1970’s? I think it was in color but might have been black and white.

The scene I remember vividly is a mother and son are sitting eating breakfast together in a tradition japanese house (rice paper dividers, sitting on the floor, etc.). The son is an adult and is wearing a suit. His mother is concerned for him? and he brushes her off and says he has to go to work. Turns out he doesn’t actually have a job and just goes to the trainyard (or junkyard??) to pretend to be a train conductor every day.

This is just one of the stories about one of the many people this movie is about. It’s like a commentary on Japanese culture.

I also remember a scene where there’s women all standing around and gossiping and it becomes clear that 2 women are cheating on their husbands with each others husbands?? Or something?

It was a wild ride of a movie. Kind of avant garde with striking visuals. Very slow with not much overall plot. Just a bunch of snapshots of these different peoples lives.

It was so so well done and interesting though and it’s been driving me crazy. The friend that showed it to me doesn’t remember and I’ve tried a lot of googling with no effect. Any help would be more than appreciated.

Looking for old asian movie

There’s this guy who’s fighting this villian within a storm, who has all these floating masks, and he breaks one and the villian says something like “fool, I have a thousand faces”, and the hero says “then I’ll break every last one of them!”. In another scene a man and woman must fuse in order to become a stronger being, so they jump at each other from a great distance and fly like super saiyans, but when the woman asks what gender he thinks they’ll be, he hesitates at the last second and crashes into a mountain.

Saw part of this movie on TV many years ago, and I’ve always wanted to watch the whole thing. I don’t remember if it was Chinese, or Japanese (might’ve been dubbed actually), but it seemed like one of those wuxia movies. I have no names or pictures to go on. Actually, I can’t discount the possibility that it was a TV show.

movie scene

It is a movie like “the hot spot’ (1990). The main character in this scene is an evil girl. In this scene this girl is in a secluded, kinda ruined house in the woods, with a black guy. They are enemies. The girl traps the guy in a small cell, removes the cooking gas pipe, starts a small fire and escapes. Before the guy can make it out of the cell and stop the fire, it explodes. Cops and other people arrive later and watch the big fire from a distance. One of them knows that the girl could have done it but is not sure.

That’s all I remember. I am not even sure if it was a movie or a TV show. I first thought it was from “the hot spot” but I re-watched the movie, it was not. Then I thought it could have been from TV show “supernatural” but cannot find it there either. If anyone remembers this scene, please tell me where is it from. Thanks in advance.

Rom Com Movie


I have been searching the internet for a complete day trying to get the name of a romantic comedy movie. The scene I remember is a couple in bed fighting over the sheet (each pulling the sheet to their sides) the husband then gets a scissors and cuts the sheet. He keeps a very small part of the sheet. I don’t remember the actor but for some reason I think it is Tom Hanks or Michael Keaton. Please help!

This is driving me crazy!

Okay, I remember almost nothing about this movie. I feel I may have fallen asleep at a friends house and woke up to it on. This random.scene just recently popped into my head when I was writing a short story.


I remember the scene being set in a bedroom with an old man who is either sick or disabled. He’s definitely bedridden though. Anyway I believe maybe his son or grandson and that relatives girlfriend are visiting or taking care of the old man. In this scenes he’s alone in the room with the younger woman ( age 20’s or 30’s) and eventually he asks her to undress. She complies and soon is fully nude while he just stares at her.

I cant remember of he then asks for a kiss or something similar. It’s not a sex scene and other than that o dont recall much. I believe it was a film from the 80’s or 90″s but it may have been slightly earlier. I also cant remember of it’s a foreign film or features foreign actors.

Whatever the case, its driving me crazy and I hope someone can help me!

sci-fi film where universe gets created on the fly

Hi. All I can remember of this movie is: takes place in present day, location is in a city, main characters are a man and woman (I think) who end up falling in love, but the odd thing is that every so often the action is interrupted so that you can see these hidden characters who appear out of nowhere to construct reality so the the earth/universe can continue. Then they disappear until they need to build something again. I remember thinking – too bad this turned into a love story, it’s such an interesting idea. What is this movie?