sex slave chugs mouthwash after biting off male genitalia

The scene I remember includes a large black man buying a small sex slave that I believe was asian. The scene following the purchase is a small outdoor wedding. Everything at the wedding is white and the sky is very blue and the white/blue contrast gives the movie this happy and bright vibe. There is a centered shot of the black mans face smiling down at the bride (the sex slave). This is a creepy shot for obvious reasons. After the wedding the man takes the sex slave to what I assume is his house. He takes her to a living room which is mostly just a white room with glass windows. It’s a fancy and modern home. There is no furniture except for a mattress on the floor of this bland living room. Part of me remembers a camera in front of the mattress entailing that the man and the sex slave would have intercourse on the mattress to make pornography. But I am not certain if the camera was there, regardless the next scenes are one of a kind. The man forces the womans head below his belt and forces his penis into her mouth. She soon bites off his penis and he falls to the mattress. She gets up and uses a gun to shoot him a few times in the chest. Then she runs as fast as she can away from the house and finds a gas station where she enters and finds mouthwash. She opens the bottle in front of the cashier and just begins chugging the mouthwash. The cashier has a shocked expression and the girl just looks at the cashier. The sex slave obviously has blood all over her mouth and shirt so its no surprise the cashier at the gas station would be confused. This is the end of what I remember. I believe it could be a foreign film. I recall it being very well made. IT IS NOT PORN. I believe it was an action movie. I don’t remember any other aspect of the plot though. Just because male genitalia was bitten off in ONE scene of the entire doesn’t mean the movie is about this. The movie is not “Teeth” , its not a supernatural movie, its not a horror movie. I have asked almost everyone and everything calls me crazy and thinks that I made up this scene somehow but I remember it so vividly and it is such a specific scene. Please help, or at least let me know if you remember this movie, not even a title. I just need to know that I didn’t make this up.

Documentary- teen murderers

I am looking for a 90s-2000s documentary about teenagers who murdered their parents or relatives. One of the murderers is a teenager with schizophrenia, who murdered his grandparents. He heard voices in his head saying that he should kill his grandfather and grandmother. First he wanted to commit a suicide and drove around the neighborhood, where he was arrested for speeding, but the police let him go. Then he came to his home and murdered his grandparents with a knife or with an ax. The documentary also shows his portrait, a fat boy wearing eyeglasses.
(Not “Teen Killers: a Second Chance?” (1998), “Why did Johnny Kill?” (1988))

Life in Africa

Trying to remember a documentary (probably British, about 2000) about a white woman with blonde hair, that married an African man called James, and moved with him to Africa. She is trying to adapt to life in Africa, but finds it difficult. The husband is working in construction, and it is hard to find work. They have two children, one of them (Daniel) goes to a local school, when they practice spanking. He doesn’t want to be spanked, runs away and tells his mother about it, when all the other students are punished. The teacher asks “Where is Daniel, he didn’t come to me”, and tries to find him. His grandmother is an African woman, and she doesn’t agree to “Western” way of life and habits. She says about Daniel “his parents refuse to beat him”. Eventually they move back from Africa to their previous life.

Early 2000s Sci Fi

I just remember seeing this movie a long time ago and the memories i do have of it confuse me. Early 2000s I think. Maybe Science Fiction. Most likely English but honestly not sure. A man was stuck in a place where injury and death wasn’t allowed? One scene showed him in some sort of office space and he accidentally cuts the end of his finger off, but when he looks away and back at his finger, it’s completely fine. I remember seeing a couple kissing continuously without end to the point where any normal person would have suffocated. Another scene I remember seeing a man had flung himself out of a window and impaled himself on a fence. It was as if people were trying to kill themselves to escape this strange world that was preventing from dying or being hurt. I remember a mention of some controlling force – one of those “they’re watching us” kind of things

Mother dies of Illness

Hi, I’ve been looking for a movie my mom and I saw a long time ago but that neither us can remember very much about.

It was a black and white film in English on VHS, most likely from the 1930s or 1940s. We rented the movie from Eddie Brandt’s Saturday Matinee, a sort of retro family-run video rental store that stocks a lot of classic and old movies. It was about a family- a mom, dad, and children- living for at least part of the movie in a rural cabin. It’s possible they were homesteaders. While I can’t remember the plot of the movie, I remember it being extremely depressing and dark. A lot of characters died, as I recall- although the only death I distinctly remember is that of the mother at the end of the film. She contracted some sort of disease like consumption, typhoid, or diphtheria. I have an image in my head of her being extremely small, thin, and sick-looking lying in a huge bed at the brink of death. My mom thinks she might remember at least one child dying as well, possibly in a blizzard or snowstorm.

animated, anthropomorphic feline main character

I think I had this on vhs, pretty sure it was recorded off tv and something else had been taped over the end, so I don’t think I ever saw the end of the movie. I must’ve seen it during the very late 90’s or very early 2000’s, so I’m guessing it might be from the 80’s or 90’s.

I am from the Netherlands, so it may very well be a European movie, but honestly, it could be from anywhere. I really don’t remember what language it was in, although it was probably Dutch or English, but that doesn’t mean it was the original dub.

I’m very sure it was in color, and that the colors were very vibrant. The main character, who I think was a white tiger or panther, might’ve been wearing green, and the only scene I remember is him waking up from a bed after he’s been saved from something. I think he was a warrior or knight, and the atmosphere was medieval-like, I think.

Thank you all in advance!

Mom fakes her daughters illness

A rich black mom who is a doctor convinces her daughter that she has an illness where her immunity system is weak and she has to stay away from people so she keeps her isolated in their house. The teenage daughter falls in love with the boy next door and sneaks him inside her house with the help of the housekeeper. She later escapes the house with the boy and goes on vacation and gets sick. The doctor from that place reveals she does not have any diseases. The girl confronts her mom and she reveals she feels protective because her husband and son died.

Solo yacht race with female stowaway

Hi everyone. I’m trying to identify a film I saw on TV about a wealthy young man who competes in a solo long-distance (i.e. taking a number of days to complete) yacht race. Unbeknownst to him, he has a young woman stowaway. They have had some sort of relationship in the past but since broken up. When he discovers her on board, some hours after the race has started, he is furious, probably because under race rules he will be disqualified. I expect he has some still unresolved issues with the woman too.  However, he continues to compete in the race (!) and as time goes by their relationship becomes amicable and then romantic to the point where they anchor up and have sex. In the end I think he wins the race though this seems highly improbable in that he anchored up for some hours and had too many people on board! Perhaps it’s a metaphor for winning the girl?

I don’t know whether it was a made-for-TV or silver-screen production. Either way it was probably quite low budget.  It was probably in colour, and contemporary with the time of production which was mostly likely the 1960’s, though if a made-for-TV movie it could have been the 1970’s.

Thanks for any title suggestions.

In fIght to the death man uses outboard motor as weapon

Hi everyone. I saw a movie on TV in the late ’70’s – early 80’s in which in one scene two muscular men (one dark-skinned, the other light – probably) were fighting for their lives inside something like a large equipment shed, possibly storing marine paraphenalia. One grabs an outboard motor (that happens to be sitting there), starts it and uses its spinning propeller blade as a weapon. As I recall, the outcome of the fight is not immediately revealed and it is not until a later scene where the audience sees one of the two men that they can conclude what happened. In a later scene the blood-stained walls of the shed might be shown as the body of the dead man is discovered.

So much for the details I am sure of, now moving into more speculative waters… the plot is probably about two antagonistic groups of characters, one good, the other bad, competing to obtain something of value. (Incidentally, the man who died in the fight was probably on the ‘good’ side and therefore obviously not the male lead) The story may have a marine theme, set on or near the sea, possibly some sort of salvage job or dive for treasure.

The film was probably in colour, probably made for the big screen, probably there is a love interest sub-plot. Story was contemporary with the time of production which I guess was in the 1960’s or 50’s.

Hope someone can identify this film. As I recall it, the fight scene is sufficiently dramatic to be quite memorable therefore someone who has seen the movie is bound to know its name. Thanks.

Mid/late 1960s — Main character loses one side of his face

I saw this movie in a theater in the mid-1960s — probably between 1964 and 1968.  It was in color.  It was a science fiction/horror movie and the main character was a young man who looked human but at some point in the movie one side of his face got torn off and you could see electronics beneath.  I think the young man was an astronaut, but I’m not sure.  My older brother thinks the  young man was supposed to be a Frankenstein-like character.

There was also a large dinosaur like monster in the movie.

Movie search

Here is the scene description

It has a female character who said something like this

‘”when you say that you love someone you meant how loving made you feel love about yourself”

That’s it.not accurate but it is all I could think now.

I also remember the female character who said this had a well trimmed haircut.

Almost bald we can say

It is a colour picture.

I saw only a picture in Pinterest app’s movie line section

It will be over two years now since I saw it.

I have searched and tried other methods

So far no results ☹️

Hope someone will figure out…


Guy studies dream controlling to meet a dead girl

The movie is not older than 10 years. The main character works as a barista in a cafe, he has a big dark beard. One night he has a dream where he sees a girl and he likes her. The next morning he sees in news that a girl was fatally hit by a car and it was the same girl he saw in a dream earlier.


Later the guy start studying how to control his own dreams and he is somewhat successful in that. He spends time with the girl in his dreams, but whenever he tries to tell her that it is a dream – his mouth doesn’t let him do that and he wakes up.


The movie is super good, although I saw the first 20 minutes of that.


Thank you in advance!

A couple visits a small town to interview a recluse artist known for painting penises

I think I saw this movie within the last 10 years and it was new at the time.  A couple travel from New York or some big city, because the girlfriend or maybe both of them are to interview some recluse artist. I think he’s famous for including penises in all of his artwork. The town happens to be the same town that the boyfriend grew up in or close to it at least. He is reminded of his roots which are completely different from what his lifestyle is now. I remember one scene in which his friends/family asks him to sing a hymn he used to sing often. I think they girlfriend is bothered by this. I can’t remember who any of the actors are, but the leading male may look like Paul Rudd?  I looked at his IMDb profile, but couldn’t find the movie.  Thank you for your help.

I watched a hong kong action movie when I was under 10 years old (2000)

I can perfectly remember the beginning of the movie. The couple of cars were driving on the road and suddenly they were driving on two wheel.
-There was two henchmen who looked like Jaw and Oddjob from Bond’s movies. They first appeared on the top of the elevator. Oddjob got some kind of gloves which could squeeze any metal. Jackie Chan (maybe) escaped them and the guys started arguing.
-He landed in the river and got captured by the submarine where he met British queen. The queen gave him the mission: retrieve a precious stone for Brittist Empire
-Bunch of Santa Claus wannabes performed a heist in the museum and escaped using jetpacks. Some children around were too amused when they saw it.
-Cody, friend of main character, is bald police officer with light mustache. He got married and got a baby son. In one scene, his son cried too loud and he solved it by covering the ears.
-Jackie Chan intruded into one facility to get something. Only thing I can remember is that he wore gray suit and used some metal sticks to recode alarm system. Well, he played tic-tac-toe with it.
-After that, Cody got suspicious on Jackie and took him to interrogation room. Unlucky, he got aliby so Cody didn’t get anything from him.
-Jackie met Jaw again and got captured, threw him in the trap room of the submarine with white-jacket woman. Jackie used a device to activate floating jacket to avoid drowing. Later the queen opened the door and got them out. It turned out to be faked queen and she was an aunt of the woman.
-They got away and heading to the quarry mine where was the kidnapper of Cody’s son. Cody and wife were here too. The police squad were trying to negotiate. The kidnapper would only release the son if Jackie gave him a suitcase he requested. Jackie and villain were facing. Cody yelled “poke his eye” and his son did that. The villain lost balance, got shot and threw the kid. Jackie jumped, Cody and wife too. Jackie cought the baby, the couple cought his leg and now they were in the air. The squad had to hurry and deploy the landing site for them.
My god. I can’t remember the name of the movie but details I can.

Art House/Giallo-esque Film w/ Miracle Kid

Saw this once in a film studies class. I think it was made around the 80’s, and set in a surrealist Greco-Roman type backdrop. It starts with an introduction to this counsel and a woman giving birth to a prophesied son. The mother dies or something, so the counsel finds a foster mother to be his guardian. I don’t remember a lot of what happens in the middle but, about 5 years go by, and I think the kid had been performing (Christ-like) miracles, proving that he was the messiah. The foster mother goes crazy (or gets possessed or something), and one day she snaps. I believe she killed the boy and tried to hide him in a barn. Then she tries to sleep with this guy in the barn, but the guy notices the dead messiah child and kills the woman in a fit of rage. The whole neighborhood comes out to the stable to investigate all of the noise. I think they end up accusing the man of both murders. I also think at one  point they realized the mom was going crazy, so they tried to arrested her, but she escaped.