Movie, blond actress works with selling art/paintings, dating man whose daughter dates her son

I´m looking for the title of a movie where there is a woman (blonde) who works with selling art at a little shop. A scene I remember is a male customer who is rude and then another man comes in.

The womans son dates the mans daughter. Then the woman and man starts seeing each other. The man and daughter had a mysterious past, they moved a lot, there was something about women. The daughter said something like, you promised you wouldn’t do it anymore… to her dad.

Another scene is when all four of them is at the womans house and the man said he needed to go to the bathroom but instead goes in to another room with a computer in it.

Two groups of kids fighting with a treehouse involved

i have been trying for years to remember this movie. It’s a live action movie with two groups of kids fighting and they are by lake and there’s big tree house type thing. There is one scene where some of them get in the water and they are covered in leeches. There is also another scene where they are trying to take apart light bulbs for some sort of trap or contraption. Please somebody help me remember what this movie is so that I won’t go crazy anymore!

Horror/suspense movie with filmmaking crew in jungle (India? Asia?) with maze/temple

So I saw this movie MANY years ago.., possibly 2009-2011, but it may have come out in the 2000s or early 2010s.

What I remember is this film crew going through some jungle or otherwise foresty environment — could’ve even been South America, but I think it may have actually been India or somewhere in Asia (Thailand/Philippines?). Anyway, the film crew rolls up to this large complex of buildings, or a temple (can’t remember which). I remember lots of hallways with sparse rooms–sort of like windows or entryways that are open between the rooms and the hallways–that they kepe walking past. It was dark and was either underground or on ground level.They go inside hesitantly because they sense some foreboding events that may happen. eventually, I remember them running around inside trying to find all of the members of the crew, but there are these crazy temple devotees everywhere keeping them hostage or maybe coaxing them to come with them for rescue, when in fact they’re keeping them prisoner or something. For the life of me, I cannot remember anything more than that. It was probably either a foreign film or one that was an indie-style/found footage movie.  I don’t remember it being a “nice” movie to watch… probably very horrific and with lots of suspense. I was really into that sort of thing back then… just cannot remember what it was called. Any help you can give is SO appreciated… I’ve spent hours trying to find this online, with no luck.

Weird killer, dentist, lift murder scene??

American film, I saw this some time in the last 2 years on TV.

The scene I remember most is a lift scene. I will explain this later, but the film is something like:

A man (white, 30s-40s, typical average man who lives an unfulfilling life, lets call him “BORING MAN”) early on in the film meets another man, (white, 40s-50s, enigmatic, almost creepy, lets call him “WEIRD MAN”). I can’t remember how they meet but the BORING MAN dislikes someone, I vaguely recall that the man he dislikes is bullying him at work or something (not sure on this). The WEIRD MAN is like (not an exact quote) “oh I can sort that out for you”, the BORING MAN hesitates like (wtf do you mean weirdo?) Anyway the man who the boring man dislikes is killed (I can’t remember if this was shown on-screen or not). The BORING MAN is shocked to find out and then confronts the WEIRD MAN “what did you do??!!” (not exact quote), the WEIRD MAN responds (again, not exact quotes) “you said you didn’t like him.”

Then I go blank, but later in the film BORING MAN sees WEIRD MAN again at a sort of fancy hotel bar, he’s there to receive an award from his work for something like “employee/salesman of the year”. BORING MAN is talking to a random attractive woman when he then spots WEIRD MAN (who is with another man and woman) and decides to go over to talk to him. (At this point in the film they haven’t seen each other for a while).

The WEIRD MAN pretends to not know him. He claims to be a dentist. I do recall a scene in which WEIRD MAN is in fact seen working as a dentist, but I can’t remember at what point in the film we see this. Next I remember the lift scene (which takes place at the hotel), BORING MAN follows WEIRD MAN (and the man and woman who he’s with) into a lift. They look at each other. WEIRD MAN gestures to BORING MAN that if he wants his help again (like he did before) all he needs to do is ask. Again, BORING MAN hesitates. WEIRD MAN then brutally kills the man and woman he was with, I believe it was with a gun. As the lift opens, BORING MAN runs, worried that the murder will be pinned on him. That’s all I remember

I have been almost certain that WEIRD MAN was played by John Malkovich, but having looked through ALL the films he’s ever been it seems as if I’m wrong. I can’t remember what BORING MAN looked like other than white and age 30-40, and has a very timid look about him.

I reckon this film was made any time between 2000-2014. I’d describe it as a drama/thriller, certainly NOT a horror. I am almost certain that that WEIRD MAN was played by a well-known actor, and again, I’m not so sure on the BORING MAN. Any ideas, guys??

Help please!,

Hi there

I posted this query some years back but I’m hoping someone can help me this time to stop me reading every film description in the TV guide every week!!

I have tried googling and imdb searches to no avail and it’s starting to drive me mad now!! Pleeaassee help.

Firstly can I point out that the film is NOT “Unforgettable”(1996) starring Ray Liotta although the premise is similar.

I watched this film in June 1991 and rented it from Blockbuster in London UK, so it is obviously prior to that date. Not really dated so I would guess it was contemporary set probably late eighties /early nineties- definitely not 1970s!!!! At a guess 1984-1990

Set in USA. The film started with a (white?) car pulling on to a driveway the door opens and a man falls out obviously really drunk. The house is lit up (you may possibly see his wife indoors??) The man collapses on driveway/in bushes and sleeps. You see/hear a murder being committed and the man half opens his eyes to see legs/feet passing him going away from the house but he is to incapacitated to do anything.

When he awakes he goes into the house to find his wife has been murdered (possibly in a room above the attached garage tied up in a chair-although this may be where also the man recreated the crime).

Somehow or other he learns that the last thing a person sees may be stored in their brain/eye and if you use some fluid obtained from these parts and inject it you can recreate the image/last moments before death therefore unmasking the killer.

I know it seems very similar to Unforgettable but it’s not that, please also let me know of any films that start with a drunk pulling his/getting lift in a car onto a driveway and falling out and remaining there incapacitated while a murder occurs in case I have confused the 2 however I am 100% sure this was the film.


Please help me! I’m trying to find this movie a very long time now, but have no clue how. At this point i’m starting to think, that ive dreamed it out. So its about mental unstable boy who got in the asylum?, from where he escaped by killing nurse and dressing up in her clothes. When he came out, police officer offered to take him somewhere and started to sexualy harrassing him, and the boy killed him to… The main thing in this movie was that he started to kidnaping little girls and killing their mothers so that he can make his own family. If the girl tried to escape, he would kill here and kidnap next one. At the end hi kidnapped also a women, than this women and the girl killed him….. Happy end.

Patchwork Quilt World

Hi! I watched this movie when I was quite young around fifteen to twenty-ish years ago on a VHS. It didn’t have live actors but I can’t remember if it was animated or maybe a puppet-like thing? The entire world was made up out of bedding, as crazy as that sounds! There were hills and meadows made out of a patchwork quilt and I think the sky might have been patched as well. It was in English and definitely a little kids movie but I can’t remember another thing about it except that my sister and I loved it! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Martial arts type film I watch when I was younger HELP!

ok, it was a colour film in English. The main characters were a black man and a Chinese elderly man. The Chinese man teaches the man to fight by training him. there is a specific scene I remember where the black man has to hold a mouthful of water whilst he runs around the beach looking for the Chinese man. I watched this film when I was younger so I’m going to say 2000s. It was an older film though and I watched it on DVD. I for some reason think the word “tiger” or maybe “dragon” may have been in the title. I am not 100% sure though! Please help!

An adaptation of the little match girl. Animated. Help!!

It was a short film or tv episode of an adaptation of the little match girl. It was in colour and in english and was most likely late 90’s or early 2000’s. For some reason I can’t find it, it’s a very obscure version. It starts with an old lady telling a girl the story of the little match girl. In the story I remember her grandmother died when the carriage they lived in went off the cliff (and that’s how the little match girl became an orphan). I also remember it had a happy ending where the match girl didn’t actually die, in fact, the old lady telling the story is revealed to be the little match girl.

Bad Quality Fairy-tale type Cartoon. Please help! This has been stuck with me for years!

I tried to submit this before but I guess it didn’t work? So I’m trying again.
It’s an english animated movie made in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. The film starts off with a prince/knight fighting a dragon, he has a comical anthropomorphic bird side-kick. The prince/knight is the main character and he’s called (it sounds like) “Toe-me-toe”. The princess is captured by a sorceress and forced to drink some poison out of a chalice or else the sorceress will kill the prince/knight guy. The princess sings about him and then drinks and passes out in her carriage cage thing. It’s revealed in a flashback that the sorceress turned into a bird and tried to kidnap the princess as a baby (but failed). In the end it’s happily ever after and the bird side-kick finds a female bird and falls in love last minute.

Very Sexual Movie

I saw a English movie long time back, where the woman is madly in love with a man,  towards the ending in a strange bid to impress the man, woman stands in his office for a day or two continuously,  i remember the film- makers even showing that the woman pees. after the man is impressed he finally takes the woman to a bathtub and gives her a nice bath. then the movie ends.

kind of an erotic movie. I remember one more scene where the man fornicates the woman from behind in the same office and discovers poop in her underwear and gets mad that the woman doesnt have basic hygiene ?


this one has been making me insane.. plz answer

film recognization help


I think i saw it at 1998-2003. The film starts with a little meteorite shower in daytime at a small village.  One of them go through an old womens chest. she falls down and after that stands up like a zombie. If someone get contact with theese meteorites, theyre also transorm into zombies. At the end of the movie some of the survivors want to leave the village, but at the village border a huge wall stand infront of them. The wall is giant spaceships covering the whole village, spines stand out from it and the entire top is foggy and sparking. Thats everything what i can remember. Thanks for the help



Dark British Comedy About Murderous Librarian

So, twenty years ago I came across a film in our local video rental place.  The movie was a British or Irish comedy that had come out sometime in the mid to late 1990s.  It was about a meek librarian who lived with a domineering mother, had  a bitch of a sister with a thuggish boyfriend and a lover she had to hide from her family.  She was fascinated by great serial killers of the past and eventually several famous ones start appearing to her.  They help guide her in first killing her mother, then her sister and then the sister’s boyfriend.  She ends marrying her lover and sending her “advisors” away because – as she points out – they were all caught and she doen’t want to be.

There are two scenes that I particular remember.  The first is after she kills her sister, which she does by doing something to her inhaler.  The sister’s boyfriend decides that she killed her because she wanted him.  They are standing in the kitchen together and he tells her that she can have him if she wants him that badly.  I remember her smiling at him and putting her arms around him before stabbing him in the back with a pair of scissors.

The second is the last sense.  She’s on her honeymoon with the man she’s been in love with the entire time and they are lying in bed together.  He has his eyes closed, getting ready to go to sleep and he says that btw he knows she killed her mother.  Something she said at the time didn’t add up but that he understands why she did it and would never tell anyone.  She gets up out of bed after he’s asleep and is trying to figure out to what to do.  She opens the door and there’s a little man in a Victorian suit with a kind of doctor’s bag there who smiles at her and introduces himself very politely as Jack the Ripper.  She smiles back at him and that’s the end of the movie.

It’s a very dark comedy but also a very cleaver one that I really enjoyed.  I’d really love to find it again.  There are aspects to the movie that remind me a little of ‘Keeping Mum’ if you know that movie.  However, while the acting in the film is brilliant I don’t remember seeing any of the actors in it before or since.