Brooklyn F***Boy Doesn’t Learn His A Lesson at the End (2005 – 2015)

I saw this movie somewhere around 2014-16 and it was on NETFLIX. I feel like the release date was 2009 but erring on the side of caution I would say it could be anywhere from 2005-2015.

This was definitely an indie film and it was set in Brooklyn/NYC but mostly Brooklyn from what I could tell. The movie starts with him getting off what I think was the G train while he’s texting someone we later learn to be his ex-girlfriend. This was one of the first movies I remember seeing where the text bubbles appeared on the screen.

The plot of this movie is that this guy is a f*ckboy. I wish I had more to offer in that respect but if there was more to it, I’d probably remember the movie. The main character is an average looking white guy who doesn’t fix his hair and hasn’t shaved in the last couple of days. He spends most of the movie running around trying to hook up with girls. He goes to a party at some point in the night and gets rejected. All the while he’s trying to reach this ex-girlfriend who clearly does not want to talk to him because he’s hurt her.

Towards the end of the movie, he does meet up with her at a bar. I could be wrong about this part but she had some singing or poetry performance there that he showed up for. Anyway, they spoke for a minute and I guess he offered her some BS apology. But it works because she invites him back to her place.

The ending of the movie is the only part that sticks out in my mind and the only reason I’m sure I’m not imagining it. She opens the door to her building and they immediately start going at it. Then he barely pulls his pants below his butt before he raw dogs her for 1 – MAYBE 1.5 minutes before finishing. And then he just dips without saying a word! AND THAT’S THE END OF THE MOVIE.

Cinematic Masterpiece

So yeah this guy did not learn his lesson at all and frankly, neither did she.

If anything this film reminds me of a couple of movies: “White Girl” because Netflix had many indie movies like that at the time. Also “French Dirty” because the main characters have a similar brand of sleaziness. I hope someone knows this movie because that last scene keeps me up at night.

Thank you!

Asian/War/Thriller Movie

Hello i am searching for an asian war/thriller movie.

Plot: Young mother gives her first child to adoption due to war,then goes out to get him back but could not find him and ends up dragged in war as a spy to kill some important military person but gets caught and was imprisoned,tortured,ra*ed and got eventualy pregnant with her tortuer,but the war ended and she went to america where she had 2-3 kids and left them a note after her death to search for their father,(plot twist),their father is the first child she put to adoption because he climbed up in the military world as the best sniper in the army,and he caught her trying to kill the important military person but didnt know that she was his mother.

Please if somebody knows the name of the film let me know

Cave Man movie airing prior to 1988

Looking for the name of a prehistoric themed movie which aired on cable prior to 1988.  Two scenes that are remembered were of a cave boy with his mother and the mother falls off a cliff or the earth opens up and swallows her.  They are reaching for each other and crying before she falls and dies.  The second scene was of the boy wearing the skin of some animal as a vest and he is being scratched on the chest by a tiger or similar animal.  Anything some familiar?

1970’s (European) Two Kids Who Want to go the Moon.

Hello – I saw this film in a theater back in the early 70’s. Part of a double-feature with “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”. It’s European bec the English dubbing was poor. It is about two male children who want to be the first kids to go to the moon. While visiting a “world’s fair”, they confer this “wish” to an all-knowing supercomputer.  In order to grant them their wish, the computer demands they give it something very beautiful.  The kids then begin a search for whatever they think the computer wants.  This leads to all kinds of misadventures (e.g.) the kids sneak into a military complex to steal a beautiful jewel and get shot at by soldiers.  They escape by stealing a helicopter with machine guns and tracer fire all around them but also manage to blow up the military base.  They end up crashing the helicopter and have to walk several miles to bring the jewel to the computer.  The computer says it cannot accept the jewel and the kids end up not going to the moon after all.  I have attempted to find this film several times.  My brother says it was a Polish kids movie or maybe Russian based on the weapons and military aspects of the film.

1990’s action or drama movie

I remember back in the late 90’s one day flipping through channels and came across a movie on HBO and it was a small town police officer going onto the property of someone and it is out in a rural area and he notices a middle aged man who was bald and heavy set and he was wearing a beige colored barn coat if a remember correctly and he a a camo or olive green military cap on and he had a semi-automatic rifle (might have been an FN FAL or a HK91 rifle) and that police officer tried to stop him telling him he was confiscating the rifle for whatever reason and the guy laughed manically and said “no” and ran away and around a bend and out of sight and the officer was hot on his heels and as soon as he rounded the bend there were some other armed men aiming there guns at the officer and I think the leader told the officer to get off of his property and the officer did. I think they were some kind of crazy anti government group or something along those lines. I changed the channel afterwards and never did find out what movie that was. Anybody have any idea what movie that might have been? Like I said I think it was made in the 90’s.

Melting car

I remember a scene in a movie, where a sports car is burning, maybe after a car chase, maybe the driver stole/borrowed it from the owner. Two people watching the burning car, the driver and the owner, the owner screams in a high pitched squeel- “It’s melting!!”

I remember it as being an action movie, with humorous aspects. Maybe late 80s, early 90s? Maybe the driver was much taller than the owner, giving off a Christian Slatery/Mel Gibsony kinda attitude, annoying, but funny, not giving too much of a sh*t basically.

I think I might go crazy if I can’t remember what movie it’s from, I’ve been wondering for years! Please help!


Surreal French Film 1960’s

I don’t have much info on this movie. I seen part of it years ago on TCM or AMC ( or a similar channel that showed old movies. It’s a black and white film from the 1960s judging from the hairstyles and clothes. The actors are French so I’m assuming it was a French film. The main actress may have been a big name or at least became big name later in her career. It involved something to do with occultish/illumanati stuff. The woman was protecting a boy from, I believe people involved in intelligence services, as I got a spy vibe from the film. The boy may or may not have had some kind of psychic ability. I had seen promotional material for the film online way back when and the poster had occultish symbols, the main one that I can remember clearly was a hand with an eye in the palm. It was a weird film and had a very surreal feel about it.

Need Help! Driving me Nuts!

OK, so I was telling a friend about a crazy movie scene that I watched the other day, but cannot for the life of me remember the movie/show/series it was from….I can’t even remember the actor/tress involved, nor anything else from the movie!

The scene is as follows.

Husband and wife are getting it on (barely), and the wife tells the husband that he can “finish anywhere he wants.” He clarifies by asking her “anywhere?” And she confirms. He gets up, and finishes on a framed photo of his mother in law.

I have checked my Hulu, Netflix and Prime viewing history, googled key phrases etc and cannot figure this out! Help!

My wife and kids episode names

I cannot seem to find which episode features Mike sneezing on Kady after she tickles him in his sleep with a duster, which causes her to react with “Eww!” and then run away in disgust.

And the episode where Mike does something to Junior’s arm, which causes to scream and screech like a little girl in the process.

So, if anyone knows, please tell me ASAP because I can’t go through each episode of each season everyday. I have other priorities and responsibilities too.

Can’t remember movie title

Nerdy girl is convinced to go on a date with a guy (if I remember correctly she’s never been into having a boyfriend). They meet up at a bar, and she’s very skeptical at first, but the more they talk the more she’s falling for him- As they share a lot of the same interests (a specific book if I’m not mistaken)

But turns out this guy has not been honest with her, one night at his apartment when they are about to make love, his real girlfriend is walking in. And the nerdy girl buttons up her shirt and storms out.

Thats all I remember. Hope it’s enough for any of you to remember. But I’m pretty sure movie is not that old

Moon is going to hit Earth and 3 astronauts fly to save it by splitting Moon into two parts

It was around 2007-2008. The movie was translated into another language, but its original might be English. It was shown on TV, but there were no actors which are famous now (might be a movie from 90s or a bit later). It was in color.

The main things from the plot are:
1. The Moon was getting closer to Earth causing different gravity anomalies
2. Three astronauts had to explode it or somehow stop to save our planet
3. One of them landed on the Moon and made something (explosion probably) that splitted it into two halves
4. He also wrote something on the surface of the Moon (which was addressed to his girlfriend)

Indentured servant

I believe I saw this movie on TV between 1980 and 2010. I remember there are windmills and it had sub titles and was in black and white.  A teen girl is put into servitude to pay off her Fathers debt. She works for Aman and his invalid wife. The man rapes her and she becomes  pregnant.  Last scene I remember is that while going to fetch water she meets the young man she loves and realizes her life is ruined.




80s animated film, lonely girl and ancient/dormant giant robot

I saw this as a fairly small child, on British daytime TV, and I was born in 1982, so I don’t think it can have been any later than 1990.

It was an animated film (I *think* film rather than series, but I only really remember one scene, so I guess it could have been an episode of a series, but I feel like it was a one-off thing, either theatrical movie or made-for-TV “special”) which I remember as having a very beautiful, captivating art style – very lush, green, detailed landscapes, a lot more “naturalistic” than most cartoons at the time. Looking back it “feels” very Japanese and I’m tempted to think it could have been an early Studio Ghibli production.

I remember the setting was a small village in a post-apocalyptic world, but a long time, maybe hundreds of years, after the fall of the previous civilisation. The village was quite idyllic, but closed-minded, the older generation discouraged children’s curiosity about the past. There were ruins of the “old world” around, including the wreckage of a giant robot on top of a cliff or mountain. I don’t think it was something like an EVA or Gundam that a human would have piloted, more like The Iron Giant.

The protagonist was a young girl who was kind of an outsider and disapproved of by the adults because she was curious and liked to wander on her own. She had some kind of artefact (my memory is fuzzy on this) that allowed her to fly/float/levitate (possibly she needed the wind to help as well). She used it to fly up to where the old giant robot was, and when she touched it, its eyes glowed and it started to power up and come “alive” again. She was scared and fled back to the village.

I thought for a while that it could have been “Castle in the Sky” (1986) from reading a plot summary, but I watched it when Netflix had all the Ghibli movies and it didn’t fit, though there were some similar enough elements that made me wonder if I had combined bits of it in my memory with something else. Any ideas?

I don’t remember much, probably a TV show

I don’t remember much about this, but I’m fairly certain it’s from a TV show. It is possible it was a movie. I can only remember one scene as I was sort of just passively watching it. It was a live action show and in color. At the time I was watching it, it was a recent show, I think I watched it around 10 years ago but that could be somewhat off.

In the scene I remember, there’s a guy in a public bathroom washing his hands at the sink. Another guy walks up behind him and pushes him down over the sink, about to sexually assault him. I think he whispers something to the guy like “you’re pretty” or something to that extent. The attempted assault is interrupted by what I think is a third man who crashes through the wall and starts fighting the second guy. It’s possible the third guy didn’t actually destroy the wall coming in and maybe violently entered through the door, but I have the image of the wall being crashed through in my mind.

Trying to find out a movie title

I saw this movie on TV had to be around the early or mid 1960’s.  I remember the scene where a criminal was holding a group of people hostage in a room that had a fireplace. He had a gun and told them he would be back.  One man and I vaguely remember he was dress in a white T shirt and possibly a sailor hat or cap.  He decides to climb up the fireplace and escape. The criminal unlocks the door and enters the room but notices someone missing. He looks up the fireplace and fires his gun and the escapee let out a scream as he fell outside, it was led to believe he almost made it out but didn’t.  I remember being captivated I had to be around 5 or 6 years old but I forgot how the movie ended.  Does this movie sound familiar to anyone?  What was the title?  Thanks!!

Remember Very Little

Anyone know this film?  Probably American, made decades ago, I only remember one scene.  Young man is talking with a cat.  The speech is in subtitles.  Cat mentions the name of a Chinese ‘leader guy’.  Man corrects the spelling of the Chinese name.  Cat says “You’re going to die”.

Boss texts that she’ll fire him if he kisses his date

So, I think this is a TV show. I saw it long ago, maybe between 2007 and 2015. Vague, I know. It was colour.

So, there’s this guy and a girl in a bar. The girl is a nerd and is wearing black glasses. She’s a pudgy. The guy is thin. Both are white. So, the boss of the guy, is keeping an eye on him while they’re talking. I think she likes him, or maybe was dating him before.

Then, the girl and the guy stand on their back to each other and start walking forward.. they’re playing some kind of a game. The guy asked, “Why are we doing this?”, the girl says, “I don’t go out much.”

In the next scene, they are talking and he gets a text from his boss, who is observing them from a distance. The text says, “If you kiss her, you’re fired.” The girl leans in to kiss her and he moves away. She is really upset and runs away crying. I guess, she felt that he rejected her.

Can you tell me which show this is?