Movie about man that resurrects women by playing flute?

When I was like 7 I saw a movie that for some reason got stuck in my head but I don’t remember much about it. Actually, I remember almost nothing. What I remember:

Movie was not black and white, I saw it in the early 2000’s on TV, no idea about the language. 
It takes place in some kind of village near mountains and a glade. I remember lots of grass. From the clothes, I remember it looked like Asterix and Obelix era (plain dresses, wooden houses). Gives me the idea of northern Europe? I know, not very helpful. 
The villagers “find” a man who I think seemed to be from a different village and could not communicate with him for some reason. There is a nice young lady that he has a close friendship with. One day when the girl is in the field she is killed by a rock? And they create a wooden structure, they put her body there for a watch (some kind of cultural thing I assume). And the mysterious man plays some kind of instrument (flute I think) and that brings her back to life? 
This might sound crazy but I often think about this movie and the scenes I remember. I am not sure how much of that is my imagination after 13 years. I would really appreciate if someone could give me the title or if you also remember this movie but not the title, maybe some more scenes that could help me with my search. 
Have a great day!

Help find the horrorfilm with a mechanic torturing people because his wife is held captive by a fat guy

I’m searching for quite a while for the name of a horrormovie, I saw on youtube some years ago and maybe you could help me find out the title of it.
I saw the movie in German but I’m sure that movie is available in English too.
The film itself is in color and cannot be that old. I would guess somewhere between 2000 and 2010.

The film is about an enginner or mechanic and his wife moving in a car workshop somewhere in nowhere. They live in a caravan on the property. On the property appears around three times in the movie the ghost of a murdered woman. The man falls at a point from the caravan and got knocked out. After he awakes his wife is missing. He finds a live videostream in the workshop from her held captive with removed arms. He finds them in a shelf. The guy who has captured the wife is a fat bastard and wants the man to torture and kill people on the property while installed cameras are streaming the kills to the fat guy. At some point the husband got his face complete destroyed and builds himself a metalmask with small lights. After that I remember only a scene where a woman finds a man lying on a worktable with a cage around his head and a cutted of leg with a large screw fixing it to the table. The woman tries to help the man. Shortly after that the husband discovers that his wife is held captive in a secret room in the back of the workshop.

I would really appreciate some help with this movie.

Thank you.

What is this bollywood movie title?

What is this movie I cant remember? It starts out with a team (who were later found out to be criminals) disguising themselves as police and convincing a girl that her love who was once a police officer, but had mysteriously abandoned her suddenly one day, is now a criminal. After the girl decides to work with the team pretending to be police and apprehend her lover, it was finally found out that her lover was in a secret mission against these criminals. But it was a tragic end since the lover committed suicide and after these criminals succeeded in destroying her lover, later they killed the girl too. It is definitely a Hindi movie and I watched it near about 1 year ago(2017).

Kidnapped children appear dead in basement .. but are just sleeping

This is driving me crazy. All I really remember of it is the ending. Don’t even recall who starred in it. Detectives investigating a case of missing children go to a house and see a grainy image of children on a monitor. They appear to be lying dead, with bleeding head wounds. Then one of the detectives hears a squeaky dog toy, which leads them to the basement where the children are alive – they are actually asleep on their coats but the low quality of the monitor made it look like bleeding head wounds. The perpetrator shoots himself and the children are freed. If anybody can shed any light on this, I’d be very grateful!

Romantic comedy around 2000-2010s

I’ve been trying to find this forever but without success.

I watched it around the 2010s on TV but I’m almost sure it was in the theaters a few years earlier. Not series, it was a length movie for sure.

Romantic comedy with a couple who meets I think in a park at the beginning, for reasons I don’t remember they never get in touch again until many years later his brother(not sure, maybe friend) is marrying a girl, that’s when they’re surprised it’s the same girl from years ago. I don’t remember the actors though.

There’s something which is so faint in my memory that I’m not entirely sure so this may or may not be in the movie: It had something about a paper note(or another memento) in a tree in said park at the beginning, I think they write on it and put in the tree until they come back years later near the end of the movie.

If you have any questions I’ll try to answer as best as I can

Tycoon takes over the 2nd most popular US basketball magazine, journalist doesn’t like it

The protagonist is a journalist and he doesn’t like the change.

During a conference meeting where the tycoon explains the new merging and synergies he asks a tough question and the tycoon answer with a big inspirational BS.

I seemed to remember the protagonist is a big A list celebrity like Gere or Clooney but I can’t find it in their bios.

Older Teen Romance On Netflix

Ok so that’s definitely a broad title but buckle your seatbelt because I’m about to unload everything I can remember about this movie on to you so hold on tight. I first saw this movie as a young teen and upon realizing it was Rated R (first hint) I stopped watching the movie telling myself I would watch it as an adult. Well I’m an adult now and I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it. It was on Netflix and again was most likely an older movie I’m placing it between 1980-2013 yeah I know, real helpful I’m sure. The cover of the movie was a couple (possibly kissing, possibly in the rain possibly at night) IDK man, the movie cover seemed to have a dark blue color about it but it’s hecka fuzzy so maybe, maybe not. I know for a fact the druggie dead beat probably wasn’t going to amount to much teen falls in love with a nice girl chick. I think there was a love triangle? Involving some star highschool football player? Or maybe the jock and the druggie we’re best friends? Maybe both? There’s I think a party scene in the beginning. And most notably I’d never and still have never, seen a movie with this much cursing, like hecka cursing, like every second word. I scrolled to the end to see and I’m pretty sure druggie ends up with the chick I definitely remember him being a bad boy. And he was attractive as all heck, one of my main motivations for finding the movie, the second being my affinity for druggie babd boys. There was hecka pot in the movie. It’s a teen romance. That’s just about all I remember and I really want to watch this movie so if anyone can help me name this movie bless you and I shall repeal any curse on you and your loved ones. Thank you!

Sci-Fi Alien movie (possibly made for TV?)

1985ish? TV English.

This has been bugging me forever. I saw part of a  movie that as best as I can remember there was a spaceship about to crash to earth (decaying orbit?). The plot focus was that there was some kind of large sentient alien beast prisoner onboard that could/would survive the crash and wreak havoc on Earth. The protagonists were either human, human looking aliens, or a mix, I don’t recall. I remember the beast made this loud, aweful noise, though it was never seen (at least in the part that I saw).

Old Movie, has vampires

This is an old movie, I saw it in a film class. It was black and white, I don’t think it was foreign but I could be mistaken.

A man visits a family at a mansion (may or may not be future in laws).

The only scene I can really remember is he goes into this dungeon like area, sees his fiance/wife lying on a table, it gets weird and he has all this makeup on and makes weird faces and smears his lipstick all over his face. The camera is up close to him.

Then I also remember lots of bats flying past him and it turns out to be the family who are vampires. It was a weird movie haha

Asian movie with four seasons motif

First of all, it’s not ‘Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring’.

I watched it somewhere around 2008/9, but on TV, so I guess it’s little older then that. I remember it being Asian movie (Japanese possibly), where the protagonist has to go through all seasons of the year, but they are embodied – for example, autumn is represented as a gypsy woman. For summer I remember that while he was sleeping, his dreams got ‘projected’ onto the wall. I think the story ends in winter: it snows and he gets covered with snowflakes.

Old movie – “Unborn Child comes as Angel to prevent parents divorse”

The title says all. It is a old movie, not sure but must be in the 90’s. Also, may not be very famous since it has very small plot.

Language : English

Plot :

The story starts with a married couple on the verge of getting divorce when their unborn child comes as an angel to their house and then ultimately the parents get united again.


It was a nice drama movie, I just want to watch it once more but I completely forgot the name of the movie. Please help me in finding it.

Possible British love triangle movie

The movie was probably made around 2014 to 2017 and in the trailer it shows a woman who comes and stays with either a brother and sister or two very close friends(a male and a female.) They may even be cousins but it’s not My Cousin Rachel. I believe it may be British. The male starts to spend a lot of time with this new female and the sister (or friend) starts to become jealous of their relationship. It may have a weird love triangle theme to it but I can’t remember. It’s definitely more of an indie film. It takes place in more of a countryside setting, in a very large mansion like home. The sister and the other woman have long  blondish hair. I feel like the movie may be somewhat of a thriller as well. I’m sorry these aren’t very good clues but if anyone can help… it’s driving me crazy! Thanks!

Help me find out what movie this was, it’s been bothering me for 10 Years

Hi, Reddit, I’ll try to describe a certain scene from that movie as well as I can.

I think I was about 10-11, so I must have watched it in 2008-2010, could be a couple years earlier or later, I’m not entirely sure. I just saw a small portion of the movie, and it was animated. From what I believe was close to the middle/end, this boy and girl had a conversation in what I remember as a forrest. I think the problem was that the boy was a human or elf, and the girl was a fairy/witch/supernatural being or something of the sort, though it could have been the other way around as well. And well one them was trying to explain to the other that they couldn’t be together because they were “different” and if I remember correctly, it wouldn’t be allowed. I have a little gut-feeling that it was also related to the boy, somehow “betraying” the girl and regretting after? Again not that sure of the exact fact, but I just have a gut-feeling.

Now I know this is really vague, but if you can think of any animation (short or long movie) in which such a scene may have existed? A series may also be possible. If you’ve seen something of the liveaction sort, those suggestions are welcome as well, since the animation I’m thinking about might as well have been an adaptation of some sort. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an anime, but I’m not 100% sure.

I hope Reddit once and for all can tell me the name of this movie, and end my 10 years of anger at myself for not being able to watch it. I really loved that scene for some reason, but I don’t know why, want to relive that moment.


Foreign movie

Okay so I’m looking for a movie I saw in July 2016 while onna royal jordanian flight. I don’t know when it was released but it had to have been within the last 20 years. It was foreign, the people looking Arabic (it may have been middle eastern but I’m not 100%). Im pretty sure it wasn’t in English either. I remember that the movie surrounded a guy with bad luck (I remember he fell in a mall and the guards made fun of himIdk) and i also remember that he was looking for cats that were actually people. There was a lady that was a cat. I think he was hoping for the cats to give him good luck. Honestly I have no clue what the plot was but I’m getting frustrated. The title was an English word I think, maybe starting with a k.

Fantastic creature tells the boy a story

It was in color .

In the beginning of the movie, a fantastic creature (tree or giant) tells a little boy a story or a fairy tale about what was the King, who had a wife and son, his wife died, the king married another. The princess fell in love with the girl, but the parents were against it, and he fled with her. Then the prince kills his beloved, an uprising takes place and he becomes a very good king for his subjects. And then the boy asks who is good, and who is bad and the creature answers that there are no good and bad heroes.

Live action children/family movie

I don’t remember the exact release date but it’s between 1997 (as the first Harry Potter book was published that year; in the DVD cover it mentions it in the tagline/“review”) and 2010 (year I watched).

It’s children or family drama/fantasy oriented film about kids going to a haunted place. I don’t remember exactly what place was but it was a dark building in the middle of a forest. Inside the building it lived a couple of vampires, which sorry not sorry, they were kind of Addams family knockoff, and likely lived other creatures too.

I recall the children going by bus and the destination tag changing from school/whatever town to the spooky place.

There was a girl who befriends a boy and makes a blood pact with him, which later they use the gesture of the hands as symbol of trust. The cut was made on the hand and the gesture resembles of a butterfly/bird.

About the third act the girl was in danger and the blood pact boy saves her, which turns out he’s a werewolf.

I’m not sure, but maybe it was a direct-to-DVD movie. I can’t say it’s a “hidden gem”, even my child self felt it was mediocre. However, I don’t know objectively as I never searched for reviews for this movie.

It was an old b movie I think

ok so here’s the deal, when I was little (somewhere between 7 and 12 and I’m 21 as of 2018 for reference) I was watching television and hey were showing ghost movies. It was daytime tv so horror buffs, I don’t think this is your format. It wasn’t gorey or scary really, more creepy.

Couple moves into house next to forest- can’t remember if their on their honeymoon or not but they are recently married- and the driver or a guy from town warns them they shouldn’t stay there. Turns out a woman was murdered by her husband in that house and never moved on. I don’t remember the bulk of the movie but I do remember he walks in at the end to his wife floating, eyes all glassy (and I think white) with her blond hair in a bun (why do I remember this particular scene so well I’m not sure) but he looks down to see her wedding ring falling off and ducks to his knees at her hand to put it back on as it falls to the floor and kiss her hand, there by sending the ghost out of her body and they finally take the dudes advice to get the hell out of there. Also ghost was apparently poisoned by aforementioned murderer husband who if I remember correctly had one snazzy mustache but I probably am not.

Can someone tell me the name of the movie please? It’s been driving me crazy for over five years and because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a blockbuster hit movie, it’s really bloody hard to find.

Electric piano player loses both hands on accident caused by his bully

Well, this is all I remember from the movie:

Movie is from late 80’s. So it has sort of a synthwave look, also the music.

A guy in the last year of highschool is heavily bullied, but it doesn’t stops him to get a nice girlfriend that cares about him.

Bully threatens him of not participating on the high school talent show and beats him.

Main character is driving home when he stomps with a bulldozer, it’s his bully with another friends messing with him. The gang crashes him causing the main character to lose both hands and disabling him to play the piano again.

In this part of the movie he becomes frustrated and gives everybody an attitude. He separates from the band he played in, and with his girlfriend (I remember clearly him being rude offering her to “feel” his stump in a sexual way).

Ultimately, he makes a pair of robotic hands to play his Casio piano and make techno music for the show…

That’s it, I hope someone can help me on this serach that I’ve been doing since I watched it on tv in the late 90’s!