Her Younger Self???

I saw this Movie when I was little.I don’t remember the title or actors. The Film had a early Y2K vibe in english. THE MAIN PLOT OF THE FILM WAS a young woman who could see her younger self. She was the only one who could see her. She tried to ignore her kid self. In the Film she acknowledges her younger self and seeks wisdom and advice for her present Life. HELP I dont remember the Title!

Which Godzilla movie?

Although I am not such a huge fan of such horror movies, for some reason, I have a feeling that this clip from the Recess episode; “Big Ol’ Mikey” featuring Mikey’s dream is parodying some scenes from a certain Godzilla movie, but because there have been so many Godzilla movies produced, I can’t tell which one is it?

One thing’s for sure is that it’s not the one with Matthew Broderick or even the remake from the 2010’s either since they came way AFTER that Recess episode according to the release dates.

I tried searching almost everywhere: Google, Wikipedia, the Recess wiki, and even IMDb, but there was nothing either even though there must be something there.

If anyone around here is a big Godzilla fan or even an expert on such horror movies, please let me know which Godzilla movie is that episode clip when you can. I’m in no hurry. I need to know because I’m working on a special project concerning references and homages.

Note: Despite Mikey being a giant human being in that dream, the scenes are NOT spoofing any of the Attack of the 50ft Woman movies.

Link below:

Adventure movie in middle ages

I saw this movie approximately in the year 2006.No famous actors were there. It looks like a movie of category B.

The action took place in middle ages, costumes and characters are similar to a story like Robin Hood – handsome main character, his big and strong mate, some other mates of second plan. This group of friends was going to save a girlfriend of main character or a princess. There were some saber and sword fighting.Also there was a young woman who fight with a whip, but I’m not sure if she was together with main characters.

One scene I remember extremely well – in the forest main character threw a sandglass on the ground and stomped on it. In the scenes after the credits he said something like “what a pity to break a sandglass”.

French movie about girls in some kind of monastery

The only scene i remember from there is when 4 girls are digging potatoes in garden, talking about stufd and i remember phrase that goes like “feminists? I heard they have moustache and hairy legs “, then woman with comes near them and asks why are they there by themselves, woman then tells that they should also think about flowers in that garden, then red hair girl’s nose starts bleeding, nun freaks out about that, red hair girl and some other girl running to some kind of bathroom and then they kiss

That’s all i remember, no actors, no dates

Name would be REALLY appreciated

Boy finds a time capsule that is a time machine

Date seen: 2005-2015 (I would guess the release date to be late 90’s-2010)

It was a coloured family movie in English, borrowed from a library.

There was a middle school-aged boy who found a time capsule in either a grassy schoolyard or a backyard. It might’ve been buried near a tree and it was metal and cylindrical-shaped. I think he tried to open it and somehow discovered it had time machine properties. I remember one particular scene where he was in a house’s basement trying to get something (no idea what) and there is a long jump cut sequence of him using the capsule to go back in time again and again because he keeps messing up a jump.

Any help is much appreciated!

What is the name of this horror movie?

Hi guys! Please help me out:)

I watch a horror movie when I was a kid somewhere around 2010 but I can’t remember the name of the movie. The movie might have been made before 2000.

The movie was in color and in english. I think I watch it somewhere in 2008-2012. This is what I can recall. (Hopefully I am accurate)

The movie began with a family (I think it was only a mom, a dad and a little girl) moving in to a new house while a ghost child watches them moving in the house. (I think the living girl was adopted or her birth mother died) Then the girl “befriends” the ghost (which I think was also a girl), and also the stepmother is pregnant. (I think is was a white house made out of wood and that there was a big green yard where the swing was. The house might have been a double story house, but not a modern house)

At one point the ghost girl tells the little living girl to jump off the roof of the house to kill herself, because then she will see her birth mother again. Luckily the stepmom saves her/ talks her out of doing it. I think that the father did not believe that the house was haunted. The ghost girl really terrorized the mother and had ill intend with the family. I think it is because the ghost girl lost her mom or something, but she want to ruin all the families that moves into that house.

I also recall the mom painting (I think the nursery wall) and standing on a ladder. Then the ghost girl shakes the ladder and causes the mom to fall, but I don’t think she gets a miscarriage. She gets hospitalized and I think after this the father realizes that the house might be haunted.

Then I remember that the family moved out of the house and the movie ends with a new family moving in while the ghost girl sits on the swing and the family have a little boy and then the boy “befriends” the ghost girl.

Please help me find this movie title, because it has been bugging me for years!



Live-action show and episode name

I only remember going to a channel for 5 secs before skipping to the next in my youth. On that channel, I briefly saw a small shot of a guy talking on a shoe like as though it were a phone probably. It was possibly a live-action show and looked to be from the early 60’s.

What’s the name and if it’s a show, what would be the name of the very first episode to feature scene with a guy talking on his shoe like a phone?

Cabin craziness

About twin sisters married and they and their husbands go on a weekend getaway with a 5th wheel (male friend). The 5th wheel had been having an affair with one of the sisters while her husband was deployed for the military.  The 5th wheel keeps a box with photos and has flashbacks to his childhood when his sister drowned. The military husband starts shooting people. Turns out the sisters soul of the 5th wheel went into his body.

Woman in White Fleeing Barefoot

Hey everyone!

I saw this scene while channel-flipping in the last 5 years, but the movie probably had a theatrical release. It was in English and in color, maybe released in 2000s or 2010s. I think this was the opening scene.

It took place in an empty European-looking city at night or pre-dawn. It had a vibe of not quite modern day, but also not super Victorian/pre-technology. There was a white woman in a billowing, long, satin-y, white dressing gown (or ballgown without all the petticoats) and she was running from something. She was barefoot, and there was maybe a shot of that coming down some stone steps.

It was a lot of her running through this city with no one else around, and you couldn’t see what she was running from. She was cornered somewhere (maybe next to a gate?) and turned to the camera. I think she had vampire fangs or a transforming-into-monster face in this shot. But she was definitely decapitated/killed by whoever was chasing her, and I think there was a shot of her head rolling on the ground.


A film about the middle ages in modern times (or not)

Hello everybody! The film is about how a boy and an old wizard in the body of a teenager go to the old tower and kill the villainess underground. And the next day, she revives and tries to kill them on the roof of the school, along with the students. At the beginning of the film, there was a scene where he enters the store naked.
He also “draws energy” from the wings of KFC. (Google translation)

the teenager drew well with a pencil

From the details of the cinema, the teenager drew well with a pencil.

In the process of the cinema he got a tattoo on his shoulder.

Scene one – a teenager is arguing with his mother in the kitchen.

She turned abruptly and cut him with a knife accidentally.

In the hospital, when the doctor was treating his wound, she asked who did it. He lied about being attacked.

He said there were three of them.

Scene two – at the end of the cinema, he was drawing something with a pencil on the wall in the room.

Then he sat down by the wall.

He began to throw matches into the curtains.

The curtains lit up and the house.

Cinema 1990 – 1996.

I would be grateful for any leads.

Animated show name and specific episode of it

I cannot remember much of this old animated show from my youth. All I can remember was one episode where a boy with yellow hair and a little white dog with black patches on his eyes almost like Patch from 101 Dalmatians franchise were chasing after a bad guy during a ski chase and i think his dad was involved in the chase too.

What is the name of that show and that one episode mentioned above, please?

Mom shot while child is in the car

I’m trying to remember a movie where the main character has a flashback scene when she is a kid in the store with her mom. There is an old man who owns the store and a young man is the cashier. The mom and daughter leave and while they are getting into the car, the cashier guy comes out of the store holding a gun, then the old man comes out and has been shot in the arm. The cashier then shoots the mom in the head while the little girl is in the car crying. That’s the end of the flashback. The mom and daughter are both blonde if that helps.

A film about Aliens and Lovers.

Hello, dear users of this site! I can’t remember the movie : I watched it once and only now I remembered it and wanted to review it again. I remember the beginning of the film exactly and can describe it : it all started when the aliens raped a homeless man, and he got pregnant from them (aliens). The two Male-Lovers were doing something… and they also saw a homeless man pregnant with Aliens. Then the aliens took over the world and fertilized all the people. The movie is approximately =~ 2017 or 2018. I apologize for any grammatical errors, if any. I am not an English speaker and use a translator. with respect, Anasteysha.

This movie about 2 young men terrorizing a family

Hello. I remember seeing this movie around 2010 on HBO maybe.

It was about 2 young guys entering the family’s home and slowly killing them off one by one. The son was shot on accident. The mother was forced to do a provocative dance.

And at the end they take her out to a lake on a boat and toss her off tied to a rock.

It might have been called “the game” or something like it.


Help me guys)

Hi guys, help me remember the movie. I remember watching it somewhere between 2005-2010 on TV. I don’t remember exactly, but I think it was in English. I only remember a couple of scenes from the film.

1. Two men fighting on the roof of a house, I think it was raining, one of the men was bald. The second guy, the one who is not bald, had a device attached to his neck.

2. Later it turned out that the children were controlling him through this device by means of a fighting game.

I’m not sure exactly, but the bald man seemed to have some kind of tattoo according to the film’s plot, and the second man was wearing a blue T-shirt.