Movie that has a scene where a guy tries to trap a woman inside wooden boxes by nailing it

  1. All I can remember is one scene and that i probably watched it in the 90’s.The scene happens on what appears to be a house, an attic or a basement. Basically there’s a woman inside a sequence of wooden boxes (idk what the boxes are for) and there’s a guy with a hammer trying to lock her inside it by nailing the top while she tries to move through the boxes avoiding being locked there to die.

    The place where the scenes happens appears to be under construction or reform, but I’m not sure. I really want to watch this movie again. Thanks in advance.

Monster kept in insane asylum, undercover reporter, $5000

It was a 1950-40s movie, black and white. I think maybe it had an investigative reporter visiting an insane asylum to investigate some kind of corruption scandal. A lot of people in the movie kept on talking about how much money $5000 was ( I think this may have been to bribe the reporter into dropping the case?) The movie had a title like “The Human Monster” or something, and there was some kind of human monster locked up in the asylum, but it only showed up in the last few minutes of the movie.

Mother is in an EXTREME quit smoking program

I saw this movie in around 89/90. From what I can recall it was a low budget indi dark comedy. Mostly about a group of teen or twentysomething friends. Very dark non-pc humor. The only scene that I never forgot was of one of the character’s mother. She was aging and trying to get healthy. She’s running on a tread mill in her living room with a cigarette. But she wants to quit so she’s been going to a quit smoking treatment that consists of her sitting in front of a large, muscular black man. Her “Dr.” standing beside him. The doctor asks if she would like a cigarette. She said yes. He gives her on and she lights it and takes a drag. In response to this the big man calmly “profesionally” punches her in the face. The treatment continues…

Film set in Post-Renaissance England with Supernatural Elements

I watched this film sometime in the past decade, in colour, in English, pretty likely made since the turn of the millennium although I didn’t see it in theatres.  Opens with a battle scene, I think in North Africa, before the action shifts to England.  Going by costumes (similar to Amish or Pilgrim garb) it’s supposed to be the 1600s or so.  The population is being preyed on by a race of demons or undead, and the main character is limited from intervening by a vow of nonviolence.  Might have been adapted from a comic book, and has an overall atmosphere similar to that of Death Trance (2005).


First, let me say I feel bad I haven’t been able to solve anyone else’s gnawing mysteries!

Anyway, this movie (MAYBE a TV show?) came out some time in the last 15 years, I think, and I have no clues except this–

Some principal character, maybe kind of a bad guy, is disgusted by some creature (or maybe some creature that a character has turned into), and he says something like “and you show me this…HOBGOBLIN?!”  The one definite thing is his use of the word “hobgoblin.”  It was just really funny.  Ideas?  Thank you!

Charmed 1998 or 2018 episode name(s)

IMDb states that in the DuckTales reboot episode, “GlomTales!”, Magica used a ghost vanishing amulet to get rid of Duckworth, which is a reference to both the 1998 and 2018 series of “Charmed” BUT they failed to mention the name of the episode(s).

So, in that case, which was/were the first ”Charmed” 1998 AND 2018 episode(s) where the girls use a ghost vanishing amulet?

NOTE: Careful, I’m talking about an amulet that vanishes or banishes ghosts, not a spell incantation that does so as seen in the Charmed 1998 episode, “The Power of Two” S2 Ep20.

Trucker kidnapping movie

I saw this movie on TV in the early 2000’s. Movie looks late 80’s to early 2000’s. A couple is on a road trip together. They buy some snacks including moon pies which they could win a contest and win 50’000 dollars. They get into an argument with some truckers and the wife is taken from them. One of the truckers says that she has beautiful brown hair upstairs and down.


The truckers want the man to take out everything in his bank account which the wife lied about and said it was 50,000. The husband is sent to the bank where he tries to ask the teller for help. That’s all I remember. Any information would be great thank you.

Person signs “We are the champions” as he’s dying/sacrificing himself

Hi, i’m looking for a movie where a person sings We are the Champions, I Think he sings this as he’s dying / sacrificing himself. It may be a bad guy that heroically sacrifices himself for the greater good. He has a dark voice when he sings this i believe.

It’s a person that goes between rooms (arming a bomb or something?) as enemies of something are closing in. He signs it as he’s doing this and he ends up sacrificing himself for others.

I know it’s not much info but it’s been nagging me all day.

guy is psychopath/sociopath or goes insane

When I was a kid my father was watching a movie that I think was recorded into VHS, it looked 70s to 80s, the location had some trailers like the ones construction sites have, there was this blonde guy who seemed nice at first and was talking to a lady, I walked away but when I came back sometime later into the movie the blonde guy went psychopathic and was chasing the lady up the trailer stairs and I remember one shot of the camera pointing directly down at him running up the stairs blood on his white t-shirt with one of his eyes twitching like he’d gone berserk or was hit on the head. The way I imagined it was that the guy went insane or was pretending to be nice but was a sociopath or psychopath.

Husband shoots wife when he finds her with lover

  1. Ok, I don’t remember much from this movie but it is driving me crazy, please help! I have a feeling the movie was probably filmed in the early 1990’s (possibly a made for TV movie – I watched it on VHS) but was set back in time. It had a similar feel and look to the movies O Pioneers! and Sarah Plain and Tall.

The only plot I can remember is that this young woman (I remember her as having brown hair?) was having an affair with a young man (possibly blonde) and they were laying on a blanket together in a field/under a tree when her husband (who I remember as being older than her and maybe a little rough) finds them and shoots, accidentally hitting her. Any ideas!?

Aladdin (non-Disney) movie

I remember it was an animated musical Aladdin movie with a blonde pony-tailed girl with glasses and a talking book with the face and knowledge of a professor of sorts (kinda like the 3 books from The Pagemaster minus arms and legs) accompanying Aladdin through time and helping historical figures with their problems (kinda like CN’s Time Squad).

During the time of Cleopatra, seeing as to how literally fat and ugly she is, they use the lamp to wish her thin and beautiful as she should be.

During the time of Blackbeard, seeing as to how he is a blonde and hardly a pirate, they use the lamp to wish him to be the black bearded bloodthirsty pirate he was meant to be.

In the end, it turns out to have been some sort of dream.

Time intervals of Evil Dead franchise

1) At which time interval(s) of the first movie does the finding and playing audio cassette and reading a book of the dead and zombies being raised scene(s) take place?

2) At which time interval(s) of the second movie does the chainsaw scene(s) take place? Same for the 3rd movie?

Please, let me know as soon as possible. It’s important for something I’m working on concerning references involving screenshots from those movies rather than watching the whole thing each. That, and the fact that I don’t really enjoy horror movies either. My main interests are the scenes later referenced in other media in the questions above.

Eskimo (Or creature) on roof

Don’t know if this was a movie or a TV show.  I’m pretty sure I saw it on like a saturday morning in the 80s, or some other time I was watching TV (or a rented movie) by myself.  It was live action.  The only scene I remember has a little boy coming up to his (a) house.  On the roof is what in my vague memory is an Eskimo, but it might have been just a really hairy creature of some kind.  In my memory he was kind of laying on his side, like one does, propped up on an elbow, but that may not be accurate.  Last night I came across a movie call Fuzzbucket.  Initially I was hopeful that this might have been the movie, but that scene doesn’t exist, nor does anything I see as similar that could have created the memory.  In my, again, vague memory, the boy was nervous or upset that this thing was there, either because he was mad at it or scared of it.  I’m not sure if it was malevolent or malicious or just mischievous (maybe none of the above, just an impression from the memory).  The roof in my mind was like a porch roof leading to a gable with the second story wall of the house behind the roof.  I’ve been thinking of this movie for decades and was always just so curious as to what I had watched.