Kids Halloween movie

I can’t remember too much of the details because I have only seen it once and that was when I was very young, I’m pretty sure it started with the kids going to visit their grandpa but he dies or disappears or something (or maybe he is working against some sort of force trying to take over the world or whatever) so they either go through the woods or they come across basically this purgatory which is similar to the one in Beetlejuice in that it’s like an office and its portrayed in a comedic light (I also remember an elevator) but I think they have to somehow save their Grandpa to get him back. I don’t remember much more, maybe there was a portal???? I don’t know.

thriller from the 1980s or earlier

I remember seeing this movie on TV in 1985-1986. There is this nerdy guy with glasses who is trailing this guy, who I think is a killer or at least a really bad guy. I think the nerdy guy is foreign because he does not know where things are and he meets this woman who says “What did you do? Put a pin in a map? When the bad guy finds out who the other guy is, there is a scene where he removes the guy’s glasses and then punches him in the face.



so the movie I’ve been thinking of is about 3 friends that live in the projects.
(two boys and a girl) one of them gets possessed by something and gets superpowers that slowly develop into him losing control of his mind.
I remember one of the kids was south American of some sort because he lived with his grandmother and was calling her “abuela”. it had something to do with a house across the road from one of their houses and im pretty sure thats where the possession took place.

i watched it in the cinemas a few years ago so the movie was made in between 2013-2016

The man who cant be winded

I think i saw this on tv in the 90’s the guy who at first i thought was Chevy chase  became able to do physically exhausting exercises without ever being winded i think they test him on a treadmill for 3 days strait in one scene. In another scene the guy has to catch up to trucks so he cut across a forest on foot. Thats all i can remember.

Can’t remeber horror movie with house trap

Okay so in about 2007 I watched this horror movie and I’m dying to remeber it. All I can remeber is that there was an intruder in a house. There was a blonde older sister who had a younger brother. The brother was duct taped to a wooden board and was about to be killed  by the killer but the older sister saved him. He then ran an hid under a sink. Eventually the cops showed up and saved both of them. I also remeber there was a trap by the front door so that when you stepped on it you fell into the floor and fell into a bunch of knives. PLEASE HELP.

Man who left box in plane

This movie is about a man who was obsessed with his girlfriend and she must have put out a restraining order on him, one day while following her he saw her walking with another man and he bought a jewellery box or some kind of special box and put a green substance in it where when anyone inhales it , it kills them instantly and I think it had a stopwatch on it and when it goes to zero it lets out the substance, there’s a part in the movie when it almost finished where a retired pilot or something like that sacrifice his self by taking up the box so other persons wouldn’t be killed, there’s also a part where he was talking to his ex- girlfriend on the phone and she said,” I don’t hate you, I’m afraid of you” In the end he jumped off a building

B/W Cold War (not Dr. Strangelove or Failsafe) ends at a missile site

I saw bits of a black and white Cold War themed movie – NOT – Dr. Strangelove or Failsafe….

The film ends with an Air Force officer realizing the signal to launch was a mistake and he has to disarm a missile as it’s about to launch. He rides up a cherry picker type basket to open a hatch and disconnect some wires. He knows that he’ll be exposed to lethal radiation and he dies there when he’s done.


Need help remembering a comedy about 2 con men.

Can someone please help me out with this one movie? It’s a movie about two con-men, and one of them is the brains of the group, and the other one is stupid, and they somehow acquire a lot of cash from somewhere illegally, and also the smart guy starts dating a girl who pretends to be a high school teacher, but really is a cop and has them under surveillance, but later she falls in love with him. I also remember she has a white poodle. It’s a comedy, not very serious. The movie is either American or European. It is not a new movie (not after 2010 or something), but not too old either – in color, with decent cinematography. The main characters are all white. It’s not Brothers Bloom. Thanks.

On a spaceship, a metallic worm poisons people, or something

Saw this show or film in early 90s or earlier. It was probably from the 70s or 80s. Not sure if it was black and white or color. There was a spaceship. Somehow this little metallic poison worm thing got on board (I think it was gold). It may have been put there by enemies wanting to invade or sabotage the spaceship. I think it killed a few people. It may have been a robot. The worm thing could also have been alive, or maybe was even a mini spaceship with small people inside. I think it may have entered a room through a vent. Don’t really remember anything else. It was definitely in English.

Science fiction movie where oxygen mask is needed when raining

This is a movie or TV show I saw at a friend’s house around 1990. The scene I remember shows a man on a street when it is about to start raining (or maybe some kind of gas is coming). For some reason people need a gas mask or oxygen mask to survive when it rains. An old lady doesn’t have one and the man offers to share his. I think it was in a future setting where this was just a normal weather event. I think this scene may have been near the beginning of the movie/show. This is all I remember, and I could be wrong  about any of the details. It’s been bugging me for years. Someone please help.

Boy stays with strange family

This movie was in full color, in English, and I watched it sometime in October of this year. This boy had to stay with a strange family; the father was a doctor, which I remember because the daughter of the family played doctor with the boy by using her father’s shock therapy equipment (but they didn’t have time to electrocute him). The girl and the guy were planning on running away together by the end of the movie, though I’m not sure if they went through with this plan. The boy’s mother is schizophrenic; there was one scene where all of the silver and tableware had been set on the lawn, and another where she was hallucinating that it was snowing inside her house. Any ideas?

Guy falls/gets pushed from window. Saved by flagpole between his legs.

One more for today because ya’ll are amazing and I’m excited to finally find all these movies that I can only remember fragments of.

I can only remember one scene from this movie, but I’m pretty sure it’s about a family that is a bit dysfunctional. If I recall correctly, a guy and his kids (maybe his wife too, but she might have either left or died. I don’t remember a wife) have to go stay with his father/the kid’s grandfather for some reason. I think the guy and his dad are either estranged or don’t have a very good relationship.

I saw it in the mid-late 90’s and I remember this guy fell out of the widow of an apartment. He might have been pushed, I can’t remember. He was saved by landing on a flag pole that was sticking out of the building…painful but better than death.

Pretty sure it was a comedy.

Odd but not very frightening

I remember this movie might have been based on a book… it was a little creepy but my sister and I loved it. It was about a little girl, and it was kinda abstract. It reminds me of the style and pace of What Dreams May Come but was more fairy tale ish. It played on Epic movie channel a lot. Something tells me it had to do with another world and mirrors but that is all the clues i have. early to mid 2000s definitely before 2010. it was a younger girl, about 10 years old, and she had brown hair. The villain may have been a woman. It’s gonna drive me crazy. Think Labyrinth but no singing, and creepier without being scary.

Three more movies I’d like to remember

I’m back with three more movies from my memory banks.

First Movie:

My sister and I saw part of this movie in 2004 while on a family vacation. It was late, we were in bed and we put the tv on while my mom was in the shower (dad was already asleep). We were flipping through channels and we stopped at this movie. Two men came home to a cabin (maybe back from hunting?) and there was a trail of blood leading from the front door, to one of the bedrooms. They followed the trail into the room and found more blood on the bed. Then, there was an attached bathroom and more blood leading into there. I think they argued over who was going to go into the bathroom. They both decided to go in together, and when they opened the door there was blood everywhere, and a man was sitting on the toilet, dead.

Then, my mom came out of the shower, saw what we were watching, and made us turn it off. So we never got to see the rest or find out what happened, and we never knew the name of the movie.


Second movie:

I never saw this movie, but I remember really wanting to. I know there was more than one…three, I believe. It was in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. Literally all I know is that they were about a serial killer who takes his victims to a lake to kill them.  I remember there was a marathon on TV one day. My best friend lived next door, and I went over to see what she was doing. She said she was going to watch all three movies and I asked my mom if I could watch them with her and she said no. I was really disappointed about that. We moved a few years later, and I lost touch with that friend, or I’d ask her if she remembered the movies. [Solved: Cabin by the Lake]


Third movie:

This one is really vague, so I apologize. I watched it on Netflix a few years ago. I think it was basically about how kids in the 70’s were kind of neglected? Or maybe that’s what the narrating character suggested? It was set in the 70’s, and I remember there was the family of the kid that narrated it (I’m pretty sure he/she narrated it) and I think he/she was the second oldest and the two older kids got stuck watching the younger two all the time.

At some point, the parents have a key party, and all the kids are banished to the upstairs. I’m pretty sure some of the other people that came to the party also brought their kids, and they had a sleepover. Something happens to one of the kids while the party is going on…I wanna say someone broke their arm from falling off the roof or something. I’m sorry it’s so vague, it’s really bothering me though because I remember watching it, but I don’t remember much about it.

Movies about a marine, snow storm and a land lady

I have three movies to ask about.  1st One: movie where the state or country is very cold, in the movie it shows a couple like they were camping but they froze to death, there’s another scene where the main character threw a thick book in the fireplace to keep warm.( I think the title has avalanche in it).                                                                                                2nd One: A nuclear family either purchase or rent a house but their landlady was very miserable and he found out that she had a daughter that died, when he went to the cemetery to look at one of his relatives grave. and when he went back home he said to his wife “did you know Elizabeth had a daughter”?                                                                         3rd One: This one is about a young couple who was married, the man was part of the Marines but he catch some skin disease while away and his wife would always write letters asking for help, there was a scene where he threw a book across her while she was typing, the marks in his body was very visible.

House Hostage Movie

Movie where a nuclear family was held hostage in their house I remembered two scenes from the movie:   1st scene:the teenage daughter went to the door and her boyfriend was at the door and she told him to go away and then he came back with flowers and  one of the persons holding them hostage told  her to go with her boyfriend, she went out, then her boyfriend said “I don’t know what’s going on here but let’s get out of here” and drove away.   2nd scene: when it almost finished the man holding them hostage was going to shoot the man but there was no bullet in the gun, then the man held him and pushed him outside or something like that ( there was about four persons holding them hostage, I think a woman was in it too, it’s not firewall )