Naked Mud Wrestler Goes To His Therapist

Two naked men wrestling in the mud. It seemed to be some kind of organized competition (there was a judge telling them to start/stop). They were indoors. There were more pairs of people doing the same thing in separate mud pits in the background. In another scene, one of the naked mud-wrestlers, still nude, now clean, talks to his therapist about something.

I saw this on TV around 2009(?), it was broadcasted (dubbed) in Russian, and it was in color.

Note: The guy is clothed at the beginning of both scenes described, but he then undresses and carefully puts his clothes aside.

80’s or 90’s or 2000’s science fiction movie

I’ve been searching for the name of this movie for almost a year now but to no avail, unfortunately.

From what I remember from this movie, it looks old, possibly from the 1980’s, 90’s, or 2000’s, I’m not sure. It’s an American Sci-fi movie in English I partially saw on TV in color twice when I was a teenager. I don’t know anything about the actors/actresses’ names.

In the movie, I only remember a few scenes. A scientist has a rival scientist whom he forces to cancel some sort of rocket launch. At one point, the rival scientist was seen with his strong driver holding the scientist and his friend at gunpoint unaware that it was all being recorded on a security camera. Then, when the rival scientist is at a conference and after the good scientist and his friend escape with the help of his ghostly-like “girlfriend” and the strong driver has been dealt with by the good scientist, some reporters show the footage involving the gunpoint to everyone and they mention and claim at one point that he actually “discovered New Jersey.” instead of some new planet or something.

At the end, after the rival scientist has been arrested when trying to flee to no avail, the good scientist returns home, closes his eyes, and uses a special somewhat magic, space stone he has in one hand in order to turn his beautiful, somewhat ghostly-like woman girlfriend whom he has been in love with since probably the beginning into a real woman at the end of the movie.

At one point in the movie, I remember the good scientist was playing chess with the ghostly-like woman too.

P.S.: The woman was seen wearing a white dress and she was a blonde throughout the movie. The rival scientist’s name was called Dr. Mein or Mine-bender or heimer or something. I’m not so sure.

Note: It is not “The Man with two Brains”, “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension”, or “Flubber” either.

a supernatural movies I can’t remember


This movie is about a family of teenagers and their dad is in a “coma-like state”. They are some sort of warlocks, not sure if it’s right, but the more they use their power, I think either the power will take control of them, or they’ll run out of it. After hitting 18, they need to do some sort of ritual, but not sure, as I watched it a good 6-8 years ago. The movie starts with them getting in a car chase with police, then they go towards a canyon and “jump” with the car. The police stops, but then they suddenly appear behind the police car and keep on going, while the police is watching. I think they were 3 or 4 , but at some point in the movie, another one appears that’s “not part of them” technically, and forces their oldest brother to fight, because apparently they threatened one of their GFs (some sort of spell that made weird roots across her face). Also whenever any of them used magic, everyone would feel it. If I remember right, the oldest always was cautious about using magic, youngest always used it and another one was trying to stop them from fighting. At the end of the movie, the oldest had to fight the new guy, and while he was losing quite hard, their mother spoke with their dad, even tho he was in a coma, she asked to give him his power (he’d die because his power was the only one keeping him alive) so well, the oldest got his dad’s powers which made him pretty much win the fight.

Hope that helps.

Horror/possible creature movie from early 2000s

It’s been driving me crazy and I can’t find it on any list. I don’t remember much but the main character was a younger male, I believe with blonde hair. He had returned to his home town unwelcome. I think he was a troubled kid and I believe after his return he was a pizza delivery driver. If I can remember right, I think one of the townspeople were inflected by a worm/parasite/alien creature and began infecting others. I remember one scene where the main infected person was going after the main female character and she was hiding either in the basement or under the floor watching him look for her.  I know it’s not slither but I can’t figure out what it was.

a movie where inventor sends lookalike robot on a date

a strange movie with silly name. it’s like a collection of stories with same guy with curly hair and glasses. in the main story there are two girls and he starts to pursue one of them, but in the end he sends his robot to dance robot with her, while he himself stays with other girl

other part of the film he is a barmen or something and he drops a coctail and then chases it across town where it is mixed with paint and stuff and at some point is carried in british police like helmet. he returns the coctail to paraplegic customer and the customer gets up and walks away laughing from his wheel chair. after which protagonists sells these coctails on the street to paraplegic people

Girl kills friends and herself and blames it on stepdad

I can’t remember when I saw the movie or what year it came out, but the plot was a group of teenager girls, who are all suicidal, meet online and plan a weekend trip together to meet in person. When they meet they all have fun together and get to know each other more, but by the end of the movie, one girl kills all of the other friends, as well as herself, and blames it on her step dad (or maybe just dad, I can’t remember.) I think the actors were Australian, but I could be totally off. The movie was mediocre, but the twist at the end was very impressive. I don’t remember any actors in the film, but I’m pretty sure I watched it on Netflix (though I don’t remember when I saw the movie, it was a while ago.)

Scene from a romance movie or tv show

I’m sorry I can’t remember if this is from a show or movie, but I think it’s from a movie.

It’s a romance where the man is a very serious, somber character, never laughs or smiles.  There is a photographer friend who takes photos of the female love interest, and one day the man comes over and sees the photos laid out on a table.  As he looks at a photo of her, he smiles, not realizing that the photographer sees him, and takes a picture of him.

Later, the female LI is visiting the photographer, and notices the photo of the male LI smiling.  She asks the photographer how they got him to smile, and the photographer is coy about it and says they don’t know.

This has been bothering me for a while now, hope someone can help!

Romance/Comedy/Drama- guy falls in love with his boss’s daughter but she gets with a rich colleague

I’m trying to find a movie I know the plot of but can’t remember a single character/actor name and typing the plot on google didn’t help. The movie isn’t popular at all and the story isn’t that unique so I have a bunch of other movies popping up. I looked through pages of it but still nothing. I’m actually trying to find the actor’s name but I’ve only seen him in that movie. The actor isn’t famous either.
Here’s what I remember about the plot:

There’s this guy who works as a maintenance worker/handyman at this company in New York. He lives with his roommate and his roommate is like “When are you gonna get a girlfriend bro, all you do is work and play video games?”. Then one day at work he meets this beautiful woman who happens to be the daughter of his boss. And obviously, he falls in love with her. He starts stalking her and flirting with her but she ends up falling for a really handsome rich guy who starts working for her father and the two of them start dating. She eventually realises he’s not for her and at the end, he embarrasses himself and she ends up with the maintenance worker. The story also features a homeless man who helps the guy win her heart but I can’t remember how exactly. Idk if you can help me better than google but I’m gonna try. Thanks in advance!

Slow sci-fi movie, post-apocalyptic alien attack

I’m thinking it came out within the last 5 years, but I’m unable to find it anywhere. I’m pretty sure it’s an American movie that takes place in America. It takes place in a forest & other rural areas, with a few ruins.

A young woman (teenager or young adult) is traveling through a forest, using a handheld electrical device to follow her father’s path or map to find a safe place. She runs into a young man about her age & he ends up travelling with her to help her. They have to travel surreptitiously to stay undetected by floating alien machines. Come to fine out, the boy is actually an alien in disguise to find human survivors, but he’s programmed to think he’s a human & doesn’t remember anything prior to waking up recently. She reluctantly trusts him, & he never turns her in.

They eventually find the safe haven, only to find out it’s the last automated evacuation spaceship. The girl lets the alien boy come with her, even though the aliens would probably be able to track them to the new human planet through the boy.

Mother wakes up after an accident to be told she doesn’t have a son

  1. I saw the movie maybe around 2011-2013. It’s an american film and it was on dvd.
  2. The main character is a mom. She and her child ( which I’m 99% sure it was a boy) either go to the park or a party or something. The child gets distracted by a balloon and tries to get it, almost getting run over but the mom pulls him out of the way instead getting hit by the truck. The next scene she wakes up in the hospital and she’s asking where her son is and the doctor’s say that she doesn’t have a son.
  3. She doesn’t understand and looks at all her records and aks people and no one remembers her with a son. Eventually though, she passes by a house and her son is outside in the front yard. I think she tries to call him but a woman takes him inside. Apparently that woman and her husband is the main character’s son’s parents?
  4. I don’t recall ever finishing the movie and finding out if that was actually her son and they stole him or some memory erasure was going on but i’ve been searching for the film for years and i hope someone could find out what it is.
  5. P.s. The main character (the mother) was a white woman with dark mid-length/long hair.

Looking for Movies with a Twist

Looking for old movies that had these twists:

1. Movie where husband and wife travel to some place in europe, because the wife is due to inherit a mansion. But the old lady who is dying is actually a witch. When she dies, the woman inherits the curse and becomes the new witch. The husband tries to get away ( even has a crossbow ) but after killing the butler and such, all roads lead back to the estate. And those he killed come back to life. There was some vicious dogs, too.

2. “B” Movie where husband and wife let a young man ( and his girlfriend ) move in – and the young kid helps out around the place. ( lots of yard work ). In the end, there’s a huge twist where he plans to kill her husband to free her from him, yet doesn’t know there’s a double twist. They are clearing out a forest and the dynamite is hidden IN the switch box. So as the husband goes away, the kid pushes the lever and BAM he gets blown up but doesnt die. Comes back ( all tore up ) in the ending scene to try to save the woman.

3. Another old movie where a man and wife move to some place in the middle of nowhere cause of his job, and she ‘appears’ to be going crazy. Hears voices and sees creatures coming out of her fireplace ( that was boarded up ) at night. In the end, she’s talking to her husband on the phone ( who HEARS the voices of the creatures ) and finally believes her. As the creatures come out to take her into the fireplace,… she grabs a camera and snaps photos – because the light repels them. In the end, the husband gets home and finds only pictures of the creatures, and her wife gone. ( into the fireplace ).

4. Another possibly european movie,… a guy is driving his car down the road and a woman comes out to be rescued. Turns out she was captured and about to be killed in some sort of ritual thing. I think there was some sort of magical ‘mirror’ in the story line. Anyways, one thing leads to another, and the man has to wind up rescuing her from the cult as she gets captured again, but finds out that HE winds up becoming the sacrifice instead of her.

5. Another “B” movie from years ago,… all I can remember is that there was a twisted husband who was praying on his wife’s fears. Apparently she had a fear of being ‘buried alive’ and was on heavy meds. I can’t recall much of the movie except at one point, he gets her to pass out, then puts her in a coffin and ‘pretends’ to bury her by putting the coffin in the basement and just sprinkling some dirt on it. I can’t recall the rest of that movie though.

Any help on finding these movies would be great. I’m betting most of them are 480p resolution ( the days of VHS maybe ). I Dunno. please help. I never wrote down the names of those movies.

Karate (or otherwise any martial art) movie

I watched a movie with my cousin when I was 7ish. I remember a small and young karate army in an open field wearing simple white kimonos and belts of all colors. They had swords and probably horses. There were some girl fighters too. They were in the field and maybe scared and expecting the enemy. The enemy arrives, wearing black clothes and outnumbering them. The battle is quick and graphic and the karate guys get decimated and one loses his leg and screams in pain. That’s where we stop watching the movie.

A bad guy is questioning the lead character if he slept with his wife

The bad guy tells him that he will let him live only if he passes his personal “lie detector test” (which is a gun pointed in the face). One of the questions was did he sleep with his wife. Then there’s a flashback scene where we see that he didn’t sleep with the bad guy’s wife. But he decided to answer “yes”, as that would be more believable and successfully passes that question.

It is 90s or early 2000s movie or some TV series episode.

Horror film?

So I watched this movie a while back and I can’t remember the name or who was in it. Just bits and pieces but here’s what I remember.

1. Older girl mid twenties with friends passing out poster looking for her missing brother. (Around the same age mid 20s)

2. She ends up at a cabin in search of her brother. There’s an elderly couple. They explain to her that they are childless and unable to have any.

3. They take her to the basement where the old man shows her this guy they have locked in a small chess/trunk. Handcuffed and gagged.

4. She finds out it’s her brother in the trunck.

5. The lady dresses the girl up in a wedding dress and makes her “marry” her brother.

6. They handcuffed the brother to the bed and old lady makes the girl get on to of her brother. The lady reached down and inserted the brother into the sister.

7. The girl gets loose somehow, and tries save her and her brother.

I can’t remember if her brother made it. I believe he died. But I remember the last sense they showed the girl free at home standing in a window she turns and u see her big round pregnant belly.

It’s been bothering me I can’t find it. I’m sure it would be alot easier if I knew the names of the cast. But I can’t for the life of me. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks in advance.

random scene

just a random scene i remember but I want to know the movie.

I think it’s an 80s movie, could be 90s.

I remember it being nighttime, raining and the two people I mention knew each other and might have had an argument

she was stood outside at night whole it was raining, wearing clothes that didn’t fit the weather. I think it was a car park/parking lot type place. It was lit up by street lights or something. she might have been stood near a payphone but couldn’t use it and some man drove to her and I can’t remember what was said but I remember him driving away and her being left there. I feel like later on he came back and she was still there but I’m not sure.

that’s all I remember but HELP