some hooror show in australia from 1995

my mum saw a tv mini series in 1995 that went for 3 parts after the brides of Christ finished all she can Remember is that their was this girl walking along and then a car of men got out and gang raped her and as the last man finished he said you now have the devils seed in you and as he was doing this a crow had landed on the nearby barbed wire fence and it was in a farm like area and at one point while she was in labour she was in a mechanic shop with the little apartment on top she had tried to kill the baby a few times and nothing worked she had even tried to kill herself but did not succeed and the crow was prominent through out the series she thought that it was called crow with Russel crow in it but i can find no such show any suggestions would be appreciated

Serial Killer kills while mom watches via video chat

I watched the movie sometime between 2018-19 on either hulu or hbo but possibly netflix. The movie was made with the last 15 years I think. The language was in English.

It’s about a white male serial killer in an Asian country, possibly Thailand. When he kills the women he sets up a video chat with his mom. His mom encourages him to rape and kill the women, she is in on it and aggressive. He’s an awkward nerd with oily slickback hair and likes big band music. He eventually meets a white girl as lonely and awkward as him and they eventually fall in love. They typically meet at an amusement park/carnival. Since he’s falling in love with the girl he wants to stop killing and stops contact with his mom but the girl disappears for some reason so he starts killing again with the mom. Turns out the girl was kidnapped by her cult family but was able to get away again. The girl is totally fine with him being a serial killer but the mom doesn’t like the girl and wants him to kill the girlfriend. He chooses the girlfriend. The stinger shows that eventually the guy went back to his mom and his mom brags something like, “mama always comes back.” Then he jumps at the girlfriend.

The rape and murder scenes are really graphic and a lot of female nudity.

Man shoots himself.

This was not a movie, but I think it was an episode of the show Unsolved Mysteries. It was aired in the late 90s, early 2000s, and was in both English and in Color. The only thing I remember about the episode was this guy takes a handgun and he shoots himself in the crotch. I believe he killed his wife or something, and he either tried to kill himself or make it look like an accident or something.

Charmed 1998 or 2018 episode name(s)

IMDb states that in the DuckTales reboot episode, “GlomTales!”, Magica used a ghost vanishing amulet to get rid of Duckworth, which is a reference to both the 1998 and 2018 series of “Charmed” BUT they failed to mention the name of the episode(s).

So, in that case, which was/were the first ”Charmed” 1998 AND 2018 episode(s) where the witches use a ghost vanishing amulet?

NOTE: Careful, I’m talking about an amulet that vanishes or banishes ghosts, not a spell incantation that does so as seen in the Charmed 1998 episode, “The Power of Two” S2 Ep20.

Please, I must have the name as soon as possible for a special project I’m working on.

Disney movie

I don’t remember much of this Disney movie but all I can remember was some fat greedy bald moustached man wanting to buy some guy’s toy/product company and the fat guy had sons who were twins that constantly bullied the company owner’s son and best friend.

In the end, they manage to save the company and the bully twins end up being reprimanded by their father while being dragged by force and anger in the car. Later, the owner and his family try to activate their latest product, some kind of animatronic puppet toy resembling a blue head with bald orange hair and a big nose and large teeth. At first, it doesn’t work when pressing the remote but just as they are about to leave, the toy activates.

At the end of the movie, the owner and his son try out their latest toy invention: skateboards that are somehow voice-activated that allow them to do some sick, slick moves before retreating back to the company which had become a success in selling those blue doll face toys.

Three boys steal a truck and…

Hey! How are you? I’m not doing too hot myself. Wanna know why?

So I’m looking for this movie where, essentially, a boy in love with this girl accidentally kills someone from her family. I think it was her brother, but it was definitely a male, and he seemed to have some high position in the military, if I remember correctly (this could be wrong). But anyway, it’s set in this small town in the 2010’s (once again, pretty sure), and it’s like suburbia but with a lot of trees and long roads without streetlamps. And I remember there being a lone convenience store–if that helps. Anyways, the boy, who had been living there all his life, meets this girl, who is new to town, while riding his bike through the woods in the middle of the day. They seem to hit it off and begin to fall in love, you know, the way tweens do. Also, I think the girl was a brunette. He might have been too. Not totally sure, but I’m pretty sure she was a brunette at least. Helpful, I know. Moving on, the boy gets into a fight and gets blood on his face, and the girl helps him clean up in her kitchen. I think she offers him orange juice and/or apple juice to drink. Cute. So they continue falling in love and blah blah blah. Then, the real things begin to happen. So, this boy has two friends, and he and his friends are quite the troublemakers. And they love to tease the main boy for having a crush on New Girl. So he begins to ditch New Girl a little bit to fit in with his friends. Rude, right? However, I do remember him and his one true love, none other than New Girl, watching fireworks with their families on the Fourth of July. Could be wrong but seems vaguely familiar. Also a fight during the fireworks seems familiar, but IDK! Anyway, the ringleader of that preteen friend group I told you about earlier gets the wildly brilliant idea to steal his dad’s truck and go for a little joyride around his neighborhood with his friends. That ends badly. Of course. These guys end up hitting New Girl’s brother’s (we’ll call him brother, but it could be another male relative) car, panicking, and leaving him to die at the urging of the ringleader–desperate not to get in trouble. Naturally, this results in a fight in the boys’ treehouse (yeah, they have a treehouse), and both guys abandon their beloved leader, despite their ringleader’s attempts to embarrass them by calling them wimps. I think the ringleader boy ends up apologizing, but we aren’t there yet. First, there’s a funeral, and the main boy feels really bad (considering he was an accessory to the crime and all), but he doesn’t tell the girl he has a crush on (remember New Girl?) that he was there. Ok. Then flash forward to when he does end up telling her. I forgot what happens between there. He tells her, she rightfully gets mad. I remember a fight outside of that quaint little convenience store mentioned earlier. I don’t ever think she really forgives him because at the end of the movie, it turns out that he was telling that whole crazy story to his son, who–surprisingly–he names after the guy who he killed! Kinda nice. But he had a different wife, so maybe things didn’t work out between main boy and Nice Girl. Welp. Guess that sort of thing happens. Anyway, to answer some other questions, it was in color, it was in English, and I remember watching it on TV (On Demand, to be specific). I have been absolutely driving myself crazy this past few days trying to find this movie. All of my friends can attest to that fact. And if you find this movie, you too can be my best friend! Appreciate any help that is given, and thanks for reading this monologue 🙂 peace xx

UFO Series Episode or What?

There is an episode I am trying to find that I always thought was from the UFO series (1970).  A human is trying to fight against what I assume is an alien.  The problem is the alien is several seconds ahead in time.  Thus each time he shoots at the alien he misses because the alien is not where he shoots but a few seconds in another position.

In the final battle the alien is driving around in a little car running circles around the main character who shoots and shoots, but the alien laughs because he is always in some other location before the bullets hit. Then the man gets an idea and fires a solid barrage of bullets in a full circle hoping he hits where the alien is going.  The alien is dies and the little car keeps moving slowing in the circle path.   That’s all I remember, but would love to know which episode, or if I have it confused for something else.

Strange: 70’s movie with communists on a boat

I remember seeing a movie of a communist boat that goes throw Europe. The captain was a woman. The movie starts with a couple in an helicopter flying over the jungle. In some part of the movie a theater group or a dance group performs a really strange scene, that ends with some guys drinking the piss of another one. There’s a scene where adult ladys kiss really young boys (I think the movie had some problems with that scene). It has a scene in the Eiffel tower as well. This sound like I invented it hahaha but honestly, I want to see it again.


Horror: Frozen Monster & Giant Crocodile

Hello everyone! I hope its ok to ask about 2 Movies?!

One movie was a really long time ago, i would guess it was from the 80s, its set in some sort of Ice-/Arctic Station where by accident some sort of Alien/Creature/Monster gets free because somebody forgot a heating blanket or something similar. I remember the bodies of the victims hanging head down from the ceiling and also there were those “sacks” or whatever hanging from the ceiling which contained the babies or breed of that creature. Maybe the bodies were also used as fodder for those “babies”. It is not The Thing! I guess its a movie who just took a lot of elements from The Thing and maybe Alien or even Predator. Maybe it was just a low budget TV production, i really dont remember, searched everywhere on the Internet but cant find it.

The second movie is more recent, and one of those typical trash-movies and i actually only remember one thing from the movie. It was a quiet scene where you simply saw a city, like all the houses etc. then suddenly one foot of that giant crocodile stomps down on the city and just this one foot was sooo over-the-top gigantic that it made me laugh. So it really was super-gigantic. But thats all i remember, lol.

Appreciate any help or thoughts! Thanks!

True story of a Light rapist

Hello ! I remember seeing a true life story of an English Movie where in a young girl who live in a tall building near the window gets ‘raped’ by a mysterious light that enters here room – it leaves severe marks on her body making her sick and pale – scientists set up their equipment to capture the mysterious light etc – It was a fantastic movie based on a true event that took place somewhere in the USA between the early 80′ -90′ – Any tips -hints of the movie name would be highly appreciated – Many thanks in anticipation of a positive revert from you great folks!

An Inter racial Couple’s Love in Late 1800s or Early 1900s

The movie is about an inter racial couple set in the 1800s or early 1900s (I don’t know the specific era because I was less than 10 years of age at the time I watched the movie). The woman is African from and was married to a white man. They had a son and moved to the US. She was treated badly by the white people in their new home. They run a bar, where the white customers didn’t want her to serve them drinks. Her son was almost drowned by a racist neighbor. Her husband was able to rescue their son. During the course of the movie, the couple lost their second baby. Then, the man died and the woman had to send their son back to West Africa to live with her sister. She went back to the bar to work for new owners. The end of the movie showed her washing dishes and gradually aged into an old lady over the course of many years.

Civil war deserter hanged

I saw this short in 1976. The title is “Incident at…” or similar, I think. The plot involves a civil war deserter. He is captured and summarily hung. But the noose breaks, the deserter escapes down a creek bed. The action is seen from his POV, until he is snapped at the end of the fall and is hanged. It was all a dream and he’s killed.

Kids imprisoned by monsters

The overall plot of the movie as far as I remember was that some kids managed to find their way to some type of prison setting ran by monsters.the kids plot their escape. They get out and the kids parents are somehow non the wiser.i distinctively remember the kids being made to eat a disgusting food and a girl who had been in the setting for longer than the main character told him to pinch his nose so that it didn’t taste as bad.the movie was in color.i saw this film sometime in the early 2000’s but it could have been any amount of years older than then.Please help!

Korean movie

I remember that Son Hyun Joo played in this movie. But the movie’s name has not found in the list of his movies.

His wife cheates him with partner teacher who works together in a high school or university .
But he has found the place where they meet and there are their some pictures and his wife’s toothbrush in this room.
Finally, he killed his wife when she come in home.

Could you please write the name of this movie?

Italian Tailor, pattern cutter working for chinese clothing company who moonlights for a rival

Hi guys.

I can’t find a movie i’d like to watch :-(.  a freind suggested it to me so i am unsure how accurate the below is. We searched google but culd not find it.

The film is about an italian (possibly not italian) tailor, pattern cutter that goes to work for a chinese (maybe some other eastern country) clothing industry firm.

By day he creates i think templates of clothing for the factory workers to machine from and gets treated badly by the firm.

By night he moonlights for another  rival clothing company whom he gives all these designs he’s learnt from his day job and they treat him well.

I think he somehow gets mixed up with a criminal organsiation along the way, maybe the mafia (or has been a part of one all along).

Any Ideas? 🙂 Thanks all.




Female murder victim haunts her killers from beyond grave

I remember seeing this when i was little, I would estimate ca. 1990, although from my memory I would estimate the movie in question to be more around 1970s.

I watched the movie on German TV, but am pretty certain it was an American production, possibly B-Movie.

I would think the movie was maybe set in Chicago or Detroit (only because of cars?), possibly, there might have been a death scene in a multi story car park.

The basic overall synopsis of the story in my memory is about a woman which after being killed by a group of men(?) comes back from the dead to haunt her killers. – She appears a seductive healthy woman approaching her victims but when she turns her back, her backside is that of a corpse/demon(?). (I believe in the death scene mentioned above her appearance is so shocking that a man jumps/falls from said multi story car park.)


The memory of this movie is still a haunting one after about 30 years.