Posthumous narration

Ok ive spent the last 5 years trying to find this movie and im at my wits end.

I remeber watching it as a kid in the early 2000’s so im assuming it came out in the 90’s or at the very least before 2007. The story was basically this- a teenage girl(blonde if remeber) tells the story of how she died, and throughout the movie it would hard-cut to the girl talking to the viewer either explaining or making some morbid witty remarke before cutting back to the movie. Its essentially a “who-dunnit?” Movie as the entire time the movie makes you suspect a handful of people before it cuts to the girl explaining how they weren’t. At the end its revealed that she was killed on accident by two boys as soon as she walked into the Building(i believe it was dorm because they attended private school, uniforms and all) they “liked” her and were her “friends” but it was obvious they just wanted sex. Im almost positive it was a head wound. Either something fell on her, or she fell and hit her head. But i remeber it was the boys fault and they did try to hide the body. I remeber the death scene was in slo-mo and the boys were shocked, i think she was on drugs.  The movie takes place largely in winter. And throughout the movie the people looking for answers learn that this good girl wasnt as good as she lead people to believe(drugs, drinking, sex).

Im about ready to just give up. Lol plz help

3 men in asia meet and smoke joints. one gets into prison, if the other two accept going to prison the first one will be saved

I watched a movie long time ago

3 guys (who don’t know each other) meet in a country in Asia (maybe Thailand?), they smoke joints have a nice evening and each one continues its way.

After coming back home (I guess the US) the main character is contacted by a woman lawyer because one of the other was caught. She manages to reach both of them.

The caught one is in prison and condemned to death. If they agree to go to prison the time for the first one is lower or it will be forgiven.

One says no and the main character doubts a lot, he ends up having a relation with the lawyer who was in reality the sister of the caught one.

In the end he agrees but the caught one is finally killed


Old movie with possible nuns/ghosts?

I’ll list everything I remember:
A young girl is on a plane on her way to visit her dad who is in another country
The dad is working on a film and the set looks like some sort of old castle
The movie set is being messed with by ghost since things are moving around by themselves
Later on in the movie the girl meets ghosts/nuns???
They sing and when night comes they hide in what looks like a castle too???
At another point in the movie some kids challenge the girl to see who swims the fastest across a river but they end up leaving her to swim on her own, when she gets to the other end a storm comes
She runs in her swimsuit to wherever her and her dad were staying
She also calls her mom and tells her how everything has been going
This movie is DEFINITELY older since its been a good 12 years since ive seen it and when my parents bought it for me i remember it being old and from the store Ross.

Movie where someone spies on their neighbours using a telescope? And they end up rescuing someone from the basement

I remember watching this movie a few years back and cannot remember any of the actors or actresses in it.

A couple get a small new house and I’m pretty sure the woman has a telescope or some binoculars she uses to look out of the front window which looks out on to the neighbouring fenced off house. The neighbours come to introduce themselves and the main characters think they are suspicious?

The spying woman then notices strange things happening and one of the couple decides to go and investigate and they end up finding several locked doors? In the basement and eventually resuce a girl that was held down there via the use of a ladder that leads out on to a field on the neighbour’s land.

A fight ensues at some point and the neighbour and his brother or son? Is killed and dumped in a hole which was made for construction work I think?

Nasally-voiced girl in possibly 80s-early 90s movie

I watched this in the late 90’s but my guess would be it came out in the 80’s. Unfortunately I only remember one strange line. A nasally-voiced girl (or possibly a woman acting like a childish girl) is wearing a frilly dress and says something along the lines of “sometimes I put alka seltzer in the toilet… I like to watch them bubble”. For some reason I thought it may have been the Incredible Shrinking Woman but after watching it isn’t. But it had similar vibes and the woman/girl may have looked kind of like Lily Tomlin? All I know for sure is the thing about the alka seltzer :/ Help!

Group on vacation, city gets hit by storm/tsunami, people die

I remember the following things about this movie:


I saw it some time between 2011 and 2015 (afraid I don’t remember when)

It’s a pretty dark movie with violence and death

The group, I believe, is partying at first, when the announcement is made.

They proceed to try to escape the (3rd world-ish) town via various routes.

Ultimately they take to escaping the town through the sewers. Here they get attacked by escaped prisoners, which wears tattoos, which has been explained earlier in the movie, is a giveaway to identify prisoners.


Ultimately, only 1 person makes it through the sewers, and arrives on the beach, where the movie ends right before a tsunami is about to eradicate everything.


This is all I remember, I hope someone can help me find this movie. It’s gotta be reasonably new (2005+ I’m pretty sure)

Psychological horror about a college professor and a group of his students

I have this posted on reddit as well but it seems like everyone’s pretty stumped so. If I had to guess the movie was probably made late 90’s early 2000’s, I watched it around 2003 on It didn’t have any notable actors that I can remember.

It wasn’t the entire class that went, just five or six students, and I don’t think it was punishment for failing or anything like that. I remember them in a classroom at the start, rounded room with bleacher type seating, then I want to say they spend a brief night together before the trip, which is when it shows the professors ulterior goal of using the outing as a social experiment. I can’t remember if the students read the entry that night or the morning after but they immediately go on the trip. The middle of the movie is pretty vague for me, I do remember them going missing one by one and there being evidence of foul play but I don’t believe they ever saw any “bodies”. Towards the ends, before it’s just him and the female student left, he finds the harpoon gun. I can’t remember if it had some sort of significance as to why they were in that particular area for the school trip or if it was completely random but, as I said, it did strike me as particularly odd. When it’s just him and her left he asks her what she’s done (or something along those lines) and instead of answering she smiles and reaches behind her. Assuming she’s reaching for a weapon he shoots her only to realize she was reaching for her cellphone. I’m pretty sure he drops the harpoon gun, before running out of the woods and to the closest town. It’s either a diner or a bed and breakfast, I really want to say it was a two floor B&B, but he runs in and spots his missing students sitting at a table laughing and eating. They ask what took so long, then where the female student is, while he just stares at them in horror before the movie cuts.

Only one person dies the entire movie! I’ve already crossed off after dark, after midnight, the fear, april fools day, cry wolf, silent scream, the philosophers, the geographer drank his globe away.

A detective/thriller movie

I watched this movie a couple of months back. It’s in color and anywhere between 1990-2018. It’s set in America, in winter time. A policewoman’s father gets killed by mistake by 2 junkies who lost a note with the address of their victim and got the name of the town wrong. They were looking for something at his place, and possibly torched him, but haven’t found it. While investigating the murder, she also searchers through his house and I think she finds a book with comics or something and discovers that he was a well-known comics writer in his younger years.

I recall at one stage the 2 junkies have an argument and one of them, together with his girlfriend, kills the other by dropping an aircon on him from their window.

It’s a bit Fargo-like.

I hope you can help me as I’m out of my mind trying to remember the name!

Semi Scary Movie?

Horror movie from the 80-90s region, english language.

A girl enters a video game in search of her boyfriend, the game has puzzles and traps in it, and if you die in the game you die in real life I believe.

A few scenes I remember she’s moving through a maze and a green light or force is chasing her, as she exits the maze the light skims her back causing her to bleed a little bit.

Another scene shows the boyfriend in a pretty bad state, bloody and messed up, might have been in a pit, or set on fire (god I really am messing this scene up I’m sure) but the main point is that she does see him at some point and he’s not doing so well

Finally I believe she meets this rather creepy looking little boy along the way, and as they get to the end the boy kinda goes demonic because he’s been corupted by the system?

A few lines from the movie I can remember is the little boy commenting on a ship or something air borne approaching them he states what they are then says “If they touch us were dead”….the girl also had earned a free life to which she reminds the main bad guy at the end of the movie that he has forgotten about her free life.

I don’t remember any actors, however something about the boys face is very familiar I believe I’ve seen him in other creepy movies, dark features creepy eyes.

Martial Arts Movie

This is a movie from the 80s or 90s, I am leaning towards 90s. The movie is in english and from what I recall semi low budget so I can’t remember any actors.

Main character met a pro wrestler/fighter etc as a child and the wrestler gave him a keepsake (might have been a medal, or a picture) Fast forward, main character is grown and goofs off practicing his martial arts in a warehouse on boxes or something like that. Gets discovered and is subjected to cutting edge training in a weird room so as to have a chance against his opponents. There might also be performance enhancing drugs involved. The bouts are all pretty much full contact and the fighters don’t seem to have alot of animosity towards each other after the fights are over, near the end the main character becomes a big deal in the organization, one of his co fighters that he considers a friend (the friends stage name might have been budda guy or budokai?) is put into a fight to the death against a crazed drug enhanced fighter that might have been wearing a shock collar to keep him in check, there’s a cage i think and weapons maybe involved, the friend is killed by the crazed fighter who turns out to be the main characters childhood hero from the beginning of the movie, main character is forced to fight his hero, he shows him the keepsake and the crazed fighter mellows out and seems like hes in a trance remembering his former self before he is killed by the main villain…..good guy goes onto win etc etc.

Horror/thriller movie, girl kidnapped and taken to fake hospital?

Here is the basic plot of this movie that I remember:

A surgeon accidentally messes up a surgery and kills a woman. Either the husband or father of the dead woman decides to kidnap the surgeon’s daughter and her male friend as revenge. The daughter and her friend wake up in a hospital, and there is a window between their two rooms so they can see each other but not talk. I remember there being an iPod out in the hallway playing fake hospital noises, like machines beeping and talking voices. It turns out it isn’t a real hospital, it is just a thing the kidnapper set up in his barn. The daughter sees the kidnapper kill her friend through the window so she runs. I remember a scene with her running through a cornfield. The son of the kidnapper, who I believe had a mental disability, tries to help her, but in a moment of panic she stabs him instead of the kidnapper on a flight of stairs. The kidnapper catches her and buries her alive in a coffin or container of sorts and puts a camera in it so you can see her slowly dying and that’s how the movie ends.

I think I remember watching it around 6-7 years ago. It was in color, and in English I believe.


Cheesy Romantic Movie with Faking Cancer In a Restaurant / Diner

I remember seeing this movie maybe last year or so, it may have been on netflix i’m not too sure – It was on color. I don’t remember any major plot details other than this one scene where a couple goes to a restaurant and they the male calls the waitress over and orders some alcoholic drink to which the waitress says they can’t serve them without ID – the male pleads and lies that the female has some incurable illness like cancer and this is their last meal together – The waitress responds with ” I’ll see what I can do ” and brings a bottle of wine / champagne and then after she walks away the female laughs and says something like “I can’t believe you did that!” It was a very romantic restaurant and i believe they weren’t 18, maybe 17 years of age. they were well dressed if that helps.

Movie where woman politely spits out bad tasting drink back into cup

A friend and I are trying to remember a movie or show where a woman is drinking a hot beverage given to her (coffee, hot chocolate, unsure…) She does not like the taste at all but politely opens her mouth and lets the liquid dribble back into the cup. When the person looks at her, she just says, “It’s hot”. I can’t remember the name of said movie/show for the life of me and hoping someone could help. Thanks!!!

American (or Canadian) movie about a man in a mental institution who claims to be an alien but turns out to be the son of Jesus

My girlfriend and I can’t remember the name of this movie. It was low budget, with no big names in the cast. Mental patient claims to be an alien with supernatural powers and takes an interest in the lives of other patients. There is an evil nurse who murders people, and the main character grows particularly close to a young woman who was abused by family (or something). Eventually, after he learns about the cruelty and evil of people, it is revealed that he is the son of Jesus. Jesus appears and tells him that this cruelty is why he turned his back on humanity.

Late 90s maybe early 2000s

I remeber watching this movie in high school so it was made no later than 05. I dont remeber much other than it was raining at the beginning of the movie I think and it was something about a group of guys going on some type of mission. Military maybe I’m not sure. When they returned they were l interrogated because one of the team members was thought to be dead and something was stolen. Turned out to be a twist ending that the whole thing was planned and the friend faked his death during the mission so they could steal whatever it was and they all met back up at some bar at the very end of the movie.

1980s – kids use an arcade game to travel in time

I found part of an American, color movie that my mom captured from TV while capturing all of the family VHS tapes to the computer. Characters Nicky Louden and Eric Morgan were part of a group that used software and a video game from an arcade to send one of the kids through time. They watched him on a monitor. Usually they traveled by bike, but in one scene, they talked a used car dealer named Mulligan into lending them a car. In one of the times that the traveling kid visited, he got to interact with the creators of one of the first automobiles. The Arcade or the video game may have been called “mirage”. One of the kids said, “you get things done my doing.”

Dance Battle Movie

These guys used to have illegal dance battle regularly. But then there is a police raid and the main dancer is jailed for illegal dancing. The guys best friend is hospitalized due to some thing. And later he commits suicide. The main dancer gets out of prison and takes revenge by dancing the battle and winning it. But does not kill the opponent. However, the end is with some mutual friend killing the guy who lost. This is not a Hollywood movie, I guess.

late 00’s-early 10’s sci fi/fantasy film

So this one has been driving me nuts since about a week or so after I watched it.  I think I found it on Showtime or HBO after the bar one night and got REALLY in to it, but I can only remember one scene clearly.  Hoping for a miracle.

This film was pretty recent looking at the time, which I’d say was around 2009-2012.  It was American, live action, and definitely had a Wizard of Oz / the Labyrinth / Alice in Wonderland / Tim Burton feel to it, but it was not a kids film at all.  There were maybe two men and a woman, they’re traveling on foot through some kind of magical place, and they have to get through it (maybe to the center of the maze??) or they’ll be stuck there forever, or they’ll die, or one of their kid siblings will die.. Something like that.  Anyway, they happen across something like a casino.  The girl doesn’t want to go in, but the guy(s) is/are hungry or thirsty, or they think they can get directions or something, so they go in.

The people inside the casino are way overly animated in their speech/laughter, I think they may have even broken in to a song and dance..?  The girl gets separated (during the song and dance?) from the guy(s), goes down a short stair case and ends up in a long room with high ceilings and a green and purple tinge to it.  The room sounds like a video arcade, and there’s rows and rows of people playing pin ball.  She goes up to one of the pinball players and asks him how long he’d been there, he replies a number of days or weeks, then references some significant event that had his parents fighting or freaking out, possibly the something to do with the Cold War.  This reference freaks the girl out, and she asks him what year he thinks it is, and he says something like, “DUHH, it’s nineteen seventy *something*!” and references something else that happen recently in his world.  While he’s referencing this event, the music gets eerie and tense as the girl starts to freak out cause they’re on the clock, and this place accelerates time.

She runs back up the stairs to try and find the guy(s), but the other people in the casino start closing in around her with that over the top behavior, trends toward creepy circus, the makeup gets darker, the lighting gets more dramatic and they’re trying to feed her or get her to drink or smoke or something.  This builds and gets creepier, then I wanna say she screams herself awake, and she’s in a cave and the guy(s) is/are passed out and being absorbed in to the walls of the cave or something.  She wakes him/them up and gives him/them hell about how much time they’ve just lost, and they proceed with their task.

I want to say the girl had dark hair and brown eyes, but I’m not sure.  What I AM sure of is that the kid she was talking to at the pinball machine was kind of tall and pale with very straight, very blonde hair; maybe shoulder length.  He reminded me of the kid that played young Michael Myers in the Rob Zombie Halloween remake.

Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks!!