“I Remember This Movie…” is a spinoff from 366 Weird Movies, a project dedicated to creating a list of the 366 Weirdest Movies Ever Made (that’s one for every day of the year, with a spare for leap years).

Running that site, we began to get a lot of emails and comments that began, “I remember this movie…” and ended with “can you help me?”

We tried a couple different methods of fielding such questions, but eventually the queries got so voluminous that we couldn’t keep up with them. Users began helping out other users, out of the goodness of their hearts.

Gradually, the popularity of the “What Was That Weird Movie?” page on the site grew until it constituted about 50% of all the site’s traffic. So in October of 2013 we decided a spinoff site was in order, and that’s how irememberthismovie.com came to be.

We’re excited about “I Remember This Movie…” and hope the site will grow, continue to add features, and become the foremost “what was that movie?” site on the Net!

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  1. um, i misunderstood something to start and may have posted the same question 3 times without adding description. wooops. i’m going to do it correctly now. wasn’t sure who to inform but here ya go.

      1. Fwiw, I get email notifications when someone replies to a post where I also responded, but I never get email notifications when people reply to a thread I start, even though I sign up for both.

        1. Unfortunately, this is a known issue that I have not yet been able to solve due to lack of free time. 🙁

  2. So how do I find my do I find my question if I haven’t registered to get updates and such? How do I know when it’s up and running?

    1. You just have to check the front page every now and then. Newest submissions will be at the top. All posts are approved by a human, but it may take up to 12-24 hours to appear if no one is online to approve a post. As of now we are current with all submissions so your post should be visible.

    1. To stop spammers, comments are moderated for approval if they contain more than 1 link – for future reference.

  3. I posted a question on a movie about 6 months ago and it was answered cause I remember reading what the answer was but I can’t remember the name of the movie again how do I find out the questions I have posted myself

  4. I saw a movie (I think mid to late 80’s). It was about people who had to retake their drivers test. I remember a scene where the instructor told a female student to get her rear checked (meaning her car) but she thought he meant her rear. So she goes to the garage so they can check her rear and they said it needed oiled. She undresses and gets ready for the machanics to oil her butt.

  5. How do I know if my reply went through? I pressed submit but the page just refreshed itself I think. Is it going to be reviewed?

    1. If your submission is successful you will see a message that reads “Success! Thank you for your submission. Your post will be approved shortly.” If you didn’t see that you should have seen an error message. All posts are currently approved so if you aren’t seeing yours on the front page try again.

  6. I saw this movie many years ago (possibly a western or a country style movie) where a man married this woman (I think he married her) but she already had a son. I don’t recall if she was a widow.

    I vaguely remembered the man disciplined the boy (possibly in a barn but I’m not certain). When the boy’s mother found out about the discipline, she treated the man very badly no matter how good the man was.

    Towards the end of the film, the woman was either pregnant or became very ill where the man carried her in his arms for miles in the rain to a doctor. It was at night from memory.

    When the woman found out what the man did she forgave him again.

    I always thought the movie was called “A woman scorned” and whilst there are several films of this name, there doesn’t seem to be anything on this plot.

    Can anybody please, please help me.

    Thank you.

  7. I remember watching this movie with my grandma but I think it was like a African movie and there was a boy and I think he was like famous or a prince and I don’t if there was like a festival going on and then I know he liked this girl and another girl liked him but he didn’t like her I think she was like ugly or something but at the end of the movie the girl he liked was dead I think by this man and so the boy Carries her off like by the sunset and then the girl that likes him Is jealous when she sees the girl in his arms she doesn’t know that the girl is dead so she gets a rock and throws it at them to try to kill the girl but instead she kills the boy
    I know it was like African or something cuz they were wearing those type of clothes plz gel it’s been bothering me for years

  8. I have always thought of this website as being family friendly for the most part, but I am really turned off by a recent post regarding a pornographic x-rated movie and the use of the F-word numerous times in the post. I am sure there are other x-rated forums out there where pornography aficionados can ask questions regarding their favorite porn.

    1. You have a point, hatterasman. I am going to mask the offensive language, but leave the post up for now (I’ll delete the duplicate from the “endless chat” thread, however).

      As for adult movie requests in general, I’m not sure how to handle them. I think you’re right, a porno forum would be a better choice for such a searcher. But I don’t want to make a blanket rule that people can’t use us to search for an “adult” movie, if they use tasteful descriptions, as there are some that arguably have artistic value and mainstream exposure. This has not become a problem in over a year of operation so I don’t want to create a rule at this point: we’ll see if the issue recurs.

      1. Thank you. I simply do not think this is the place for porn aficionados to discuss there favorite porn. Why pollute such a wonderful website with such discussions. If someone likes viewing porn, good for them. I really do not want to read about it on a website that I thought was about mainstream movies. There are enough pornography related websites and forums out there without movie lovers having to be exposed to discussions about porn here. Perhaps if the poster had written a sensible and tasteful description of the porno that he was inquiring about, it wouldn’t have been so bad, but instead, he chose to include a graphic obscenity laced description of particular movie scenes. One of the problems with pornography is that it desensitizes so many of it’s viewers into thinking that graphic sexual conversation is normal when in fact, it isn’t. Perhaps the poster in question honestly saw nothing wrong with his post. That would not surprise me. I have worked with people who viewed porn on a regular basis, and it showed during conversations with them. Some people refer to it as “shop talk”, which is fine, but my opinion is that it has no place here. While it may be possible, I would think it would be difficult to describe a pornographic movie without offending those who would prefer not to be exposed to it. Again, it’s just my opinion, but once you open the door to discussions about “adult” pornographic movies, I fear that this website will deteriorate rapidly.

  9. I have been trying (sorry if this has resulted in multiple postings there) to respond to the “Fat Man on an Escalator” question and get nothing posted there – single link in the post, so it shouldn’t be that.

  10. There was a movie with some girls go to an old abandoned house to make rituals ’cause they’re new at college, and there’s one black, one brunette with glasses (I guess) and one blonde. They even eat egg yolks, but there’s some demon in the house, and he possesses the blonde. She dies in the end, and the ambulance takes the other two to the hospital, but we can see the black one is possessed as the brunette screams… do you know what’s the name?

  11. I am looking for a movie that I think was made for TV in the 90’s. The story is about a small coastal town that one night loses connection with the outside world because a fog or mist envelops the town. No tv, Internet, phone, etc. There shows up a creature who gives the people of the town an ultimatum, either turn over a child, drawn by chance, to the creature to raise or everyone in the town will die. The creature somehow hints in a flashback that the lost colony of Roanoke disappeared because they did not head his warning to give him a child. The town does end up drawing lots to choose a child and the movie ends with the creature raising the child in, I think, New York City. The child is destined to one day become a creature to do the same to another town.

  12. Hi i have submitted a post and this really awesome person answered me and i want to mark the post as solved. how do i do that?

  13. Hi. Your reset password link keeps saying it’s broken. I can’can’t register an account and set a password.

    1. Can you tell me what operating system and browser you are using? It works for me but I can’t tell what other people are using. In the meantime I am manually sending a temporary password via email (it will come from 366weirdmovies.com).

  14. I saw a movie as a child about a professor who had a daughter and she was selected to study under a conductor she fell in love just to return home and marry a boy from her childhood she had a daughter who also would study under the same conductor and instead of her daughter playinging in in front of a large crowed she reappears to play.

  15. Hi all, I’m new to this site so can someone explain how the solving process works? I’m just curious because I’m certain that I solved a few older posts the other day, but nothing happened. Does it just take awhile or does the author of the post have to confirm that the movie guess is correct before admin marks it as solved? Thanks!

  16. I cant remember the name of a movie from the late 60’s or early 70’s but it was a comedy and there was a cemetery scene with 2 guys. I thought the younger guy was bruno kirby but imdb doesnt show any movies that fit. Any ideas. Thanks

  17. Just wanted to let you know that I got a quick and correct reply for the movie I was searching for. I am reading other requests to see if I can help someone.

    1. I assume you also mentioned it in the thread for the movie in question? I don’t see any other comments under this username. (It’s OK to change usernames, just wanted to be sure you thanked the solver so we can credit them).

  18. Sorry, I missed the part where it has to get approved and posted duplicates so delete those, they’re the same, thank you! Have a nice day!

  19. thanks so much for hosting and maintaining this website – it’s is amazing; there were so many movies that me and brothers watched together growing up but we were too young to remember the actual title 😀 keep up with the good work!

    1. Thank you! But the real thanks goes to the folks who donate their time and knowledge to help others find their movies. Without them hosting and maintaining the website would be useless.

  20. It was a movie set in the 90s or the early 2000s something like that i can’t remember and also there was kids basically a boy and a girl running somewhere and the boy finds his grand mother a zombie undead maybe his grand mother or his grand father i can’t really remember but his tells the girl that this is his grand something, and they were on the woods i think it was a cemetery and i believe that the movie was set in the halloween because in almost the final scenes of the movie a female wearing a ape/monkey/gorilla mask, appears to be a monster because two bug or flys with green light enters the eyes of the mask and becomes part of her and than she open the mask, all the sudden the people screams when they see her face, i think that i can describe it as skull with two lightning green eyes, then the zombies or the monster smash the door where the people are staying and somehow a big dude tries to kill that female lightning green eyed monster but when he breaks her she just repair herself, i believe that he crashed her bone or something but than she repairs it and she than describes the whole story and than the end

  21. I am looking for a movie similar to the brain that would not die it is also about a female disembodied head and other limbs but st the end the end of the movie when her friend finds her the head keeps saying “bury me bury me

  22. I need help finding a movie title. It’s a British movie about a British family. One day while the dad was at work and the daughter was at school, the mom, while standing in her living room, suddenly found that her feet were not touching the ground, making her unable to walk. Her legs would just swing instead. When her family came home, they tried to pull her down without success. They had the neighbors and everyone trying to figure out what to do. The next day they found that she was an inch or so higher, and continued to slowly rise constantly. Her family and friends had to do everything for her as far as feeding her and changing her clothes. After a month or so, they had to saw a hole in the ceiling as she rose to the second floor. Then eventually they sawed a hole in the second floor ceiling, and then through the roof! As she continued to ascend above their house, they got help from the local fire department with their bucket ladder to help fill her coat with food and drinks. Until one day, after reaching a height of a few hundred feet, she decided to tell everyone, no more help. She has become comfortable with the idea of continuing to ascend high above England, through the atmosphere, to her demise.
    I can’t remember the details of what went on throughout the movie, but I found it to be interesting enough to want to purchase it, if I can find it. I thought it may have had a one word title like, Ascend or Upwards.

  23. I keep trying to post about a movie I need remembering but it hasn’t shown up even after weeks. Do I need to be more patient or am I doing something wrong? It was a movie about a girl finding some markets/flower shop at night.

    1. We have no firm rules in place. The only thing I can think of is unplotted porn films; I have allowed people to post questions about adult films with plots if the descriptions are tasteful.

  24. I submitted my post without a title. (I put my name instead.) Title could be: “French Director Film Set in China.”

  25. Hi, I’m trying to register and it directs me to my email for a password reset, but then says the link is invalid? Hoping it can be resolved…

  26. Dear Admin,

    I no longer receive emails of movie memories. I logged in to the site a few days ago wondering why no one had posted a movie memory in a while only to find that several had been posted without the usual notification email I would receive of them. I notice also my solve count reads 0 on the Leaderboard – All Time even though it still reads a mighty 11 in my solve history. I haven’t unsubscribed or done anything differently to my usual activity. Could you look into this for me?

    Thank you.

    1. Quick question: have you checked for them in your spam folder? Sometimes these updates might be misidentified as spam.

      1. I am sorry. I feel so stupid. Of course the emails are all there. Not receiving emails coincided with my solve count reading 0 on the Leaderboard – All Time even though it still reads 11 in my solve history, so I presumed the two things were linked and there was an issue with the website. I didn’t even think to check spam. Thanks Admin.

        1. It’s OK, I’m still wondering about your Solve count reading 0 on the leaderboard. That plug-in was just updated so it may be a bug.

  27. I wanted to post this here just because it’s been way more than a few months…I don’t expect to get an answer because of how vague it is, but I thought I’d try anyways!

    demon/ghost/sex scene/rape/ pregnancy
    Okay so I don’t remember much and I can’t tell if it was a movie or a tv series like tales from the crypt but here it goes.

    All I remember was there was a really pretty room that had blue lighting and looked very ghostly with long drapes.

    There was a woman in I think a nightgown and she was having a very sensual moment with a (ghost/demon???) and I remember the music chorus was swelling and it was very dramatic while they had sex.

    I think her love interest was knocking on the door while it happened but I could be wrong.

    also maybe pregnancy was involved.

    im really not sure.

    i have really bad memory:(

    the music playing during this scene always plays in my head and it’s really annoying not knowing what it’s from.

    Please someone help I’m pretty sure it is not the movie the entity.

    it was a mansion like setting maybe Victorian?? I saw it as a kid so I think maybe it’s a 1900-2000s movie buuuuut I could be wrong.

    thank you!

  28. I just found out that you can delete posts for people. Could you delete a post I made? I’d really appreciate it if you did. I only made one post.

    1. I will do it. You seemed worried that your post might sound offensive, but it wasn’t at all. Anyway I’ll delete it and if you want, you can repost your question in a way you’re more comfortable with.

      1. Hi. Sorry to bother you again. Could you delete my post again. I know it’s not offensive. It’s just that I have some personal feelings about it. I decided I’m not gonna be using this site for a while. I promise this will be the last time I ask you. I don’t think it’s been approved yet, but when it is, I would like for you to delete it. I really hope you understand.

          1. Hello, I’ve decided I’m gonna repost it again. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna ask you to delete it again. I decided to give it another chance. I was just going through some stuff, but I’m fine now. I’m gonna leave it on this site, and I hope to get a reply soon. Any way, just wanted to let you know so that way you can approve it.

  29. Is it possible for me to make edits to my post, or it can’t be edited once it is posted. Just wondering. I am new here, so I’m not sure how it works.

  30. I remember a movie where a boy and girl meet up and end up killing a security guard at some kind of plant. I think they are angry over environmental issues at the plant and she goads him on to kill. Later, she frames him for murder of a family member of hers, if I remember correctly, and he winds up in jail.

  31. Hey, moderators/upkeepers of this site!

    Please allow my questions come through this time. It’s not nice going through all the effort again.

    I have a bunch of movie questions and I’m posting them here, for Yahoo! Answers basically sucks big time and is completely useless for anything.

    Any similar sites to this? Thanks!

    1. Your 8 questions are still up on this site and I know I nailed one of them. If you don’t remember the titles of your posts, just page backwards until you find them. When you find them, try bookmarking them or put them in your favorites.

    2. All your questions went through last time. People even responded to some of them. Some are still on the first page.

      See everything you submitted here: https://irememberthismovie.com/author/burt-eriksson/

      Answer the comments you got and confirm or deny, then we’ll wait a while to post the others. I won’t approve the duplicates you submitted but I won’t delete them either. We’ll just repost them if needed.

  32. Stuck between living and dead.
    Ray, Vera and Sam know something is wrong. Creepy people like creatures come out of the closets at night. Vera and Sam learn that Ray, husband and Dad, killed them then himself. This has stuck them in a house they can’t get out of. They are ghosts and don’t know what to do now.

  33. It was a movie about a only child when he wakes up every morning after breakfast he goes in the woods where a pond sits and he met some strange kids that jumps in the water and becomes cartoon characters and he always makes it back in time for dinner…
    It was made around black and White tv when they it da water it comes to color

  34. Movie about American Indian tribe “lost” in Idaho Wilderness area. Backcountry guide on horseback goes into area with a female archeologist on horseback and to both their surprise this tribe appears almost ghostly at first. They end up staying with tribe.

  35. The antispam question is not working right for me. The question is “3 plus 4 =”
    I answer 7 but it claims “incorrect response”

  36. Im sorry for posting this here, but i don’t know any other way to contact the admins. I tried registering for this site and every single time i go to confirm my email it says “Your password reset link appears to be invalid. Please request a new link below.” But it just takes me in circles. I just want to be able to post my question and find a movie I’ve been looking for for a couple years now.

    1. “Endless Chat” would be the better place to post this in the future, but no problem.

      Desiree, please look for an email from “info@366weirdmovies.com” with your login information. If you don’t see it check your spam folder. Thanks for sticking with is!

  37. Hey, GG just found a movie for me. Do you guys put my movie in the category solved, he or she definitely deservers a new point for the leaderboard but I don’t know if I have to do something somewhere for the point to get rewarded.

    Also guys, fantastic site. The internet is beautiful. 😀

    1. Yes, we mark it Solved and will do so for your post. Give it at least 12 hours, because no one monitors this site during overnight hours in the US.

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