Sci-fi Post Apocalyptic Movie

The Scene:

Man in a trench coat (I think) has traveled to the future and is in a place that looks like a post apocalyptic Los Angeles. Lots of bombed out looking buildings, rubble, concrete, etc. He is there to fight some kind of mutant things, possibly robotic. I think one of the mutant robotic things looks like Krang from TMNT but on a floating disc thing, with little robotic arm things.

Details: Possibly 80’s/90s. I remember the color of the scene, everything had that blue tint that post apocalyptic movies sometimes do. I believe time travel was involved but possibly not. I don’t remember the hero. Some kind of rutger hauer type.

nun and prostitute – sci-fi – 50s

Can anyone tell me the name of the late 1950s (I think) movie – sci-fi – where they transplant a nun’s head on a prostitute’s body (following accidents). I can still remember the nun being interviewed by the doctor/scientist and her hands wanting to show off her body while her brain would keep correcting her actions.

Any ideas? I’m thinking that possibly they also had the scientist’s head all wired – with no body, but that ‘could be’ another movie. LOL

Thanks for any help. I’ve been looking for this for decades. Warmly, Ellie


Horror movie

I can’t remember the exact set up of this scene but it had a man who I think had water  dripped on him which he was either trying to rub off or drink but he did it in such a frenzy that he ends up tearing his skin off and killing himself.  I though it might have been one of the saw or cube movies?

Caregiver is murdered

I am looking for an episode of a tv series. I do not remember the tv series though.

The episode was about a caregiver who takes advantage of the elderly people he takes care of. I remember bits and pieces of the episode but i remember the ending is very good detail.

He is sitting on the couch eating his tv dinner on a tv dinner tray watching jeopardy and calls the contestant and idiot. Then some gentleman come in and knock him out, he awakens and realizes he is tied up. And someone like a lawyer is talking about taking the his files and making sure he cant screw anyone over again and i think he is then murdered by the bad guys helping the lawyer guy.

17 going on 30 or similar title

I remember a movie where a boy has a crush on hos teacher. His friend does experiments trying to make edible plants grow faster, but they keep exploding, and he gets in, and becomes an adult. He starts dating his teacher, while his friend tries to fix his machine and reverse the function to turn him back.

At the end, the teacher also gets in, and joins him in the class, and the nerdy friend ages himself and becomes the teacher, played by Rick Moranis.

This is not listed on Rick Moranis’ IMDB nor wikipedia.


I believe the title to be something like “13 going on 30”,  or “17 …”.


It is not “Big” with Tom Hanks, not the 2004 one with Jennifer Garner.


Hi, this is a series on TV in colour that I saw about about 4 years ago. It’s about people from around the world that have a Special blood type or something. They ultimately come to a central place. All I remember from the bit I saw is that the Blood droplets were suspended in the air. I think that it was a huge cave or hole. Thanls

Movie about sex at office with devil lady

I saw this movie ~20 years ago on TV. This is a modern Hollywood-like movie that was made 1970-2000 for 16+.

The ~35 years old man has a family (wife at least). He works for some company in office. He has a friend. There is a young lady that works with him in the office. Every day they have sex.

The main idea that he does not want to have sex with her, but he can’t resist. Lady has some mysterious abilities that no man can resist. She just chosed him to has an everyday sex with him.

I remember the one sex scene. He sits at his workplace. The lady just comes in a skirt, lifts up her leg, shows him her genitals (they did not show the genitals for movie spectators). He can’t resist and they have sex in a couple of seconds at his workplace.

This man lies to his wife. And this man complains about this devil lady to his friend. But what can he do?

Girl with doll in apartment

About 11 years ago i watched on TCM a movie with an woman (i am not sure, but i think she is blind) who lives in an apartament near a girl who has a doll.

I do not remember all, but the woman said to the girl something about the doll if she is in danger to put the doll somewhere or to beat in the pipes.

Please help me with the name of this movie, i want to re-watch it.

kids riding bikes through the woods…?

Ok.. so I saw this when was a kid (maybe 30 years ago).  I don’t remember anything about the movie other than that it was suspenseful (maybe horror) and had a scene where a group of kids were being chased by something through the woods riding bicycles.  One kid crashed or got caught, and to show that he was caught/finished it showed his glasses on the ground with blood splattered on them.

Anyone know anything about this?


serial killer had a blog

hello everyone! i may be a little cheating here because in fact im looking for a book but i had it in this ‘watch the movie read the book’ edition so im pretty positive that there should be a movie and it was released around 2012-2014. i was like 10 yo and ‘ve read it in one take in the bookstore waiting for my classes to start so i dont remember much but i think the cover picture had an eye with a computer screen reflecting in it (and this pucture could also possibly be the movie poster since they usually put posters on these editions’ covers). eyes were a recurring theme there and i think the title itself might contain some eye/sight related wording.

there were two storylines. one followed this female crime writer or journalist who often visited some kind of writers’ online forum/blog where young authors would post their works for critique maybe? or smth like that and one of the stories published there reminded her of unsolved murders that happened recently. i think because these murders were not connected into series by police yet but the author connected it the woman started to suspect that the author is involved so she started her own investigation trying to find them based on the updates/next chapters they provide to the story. and second storyline was pretty abstract and followed someone else’s thoughts and feelings and attempts to stop the woman. i dont remember if it was the killer’s or the author’s or even are the killer and the author the same person but im sure that the author turned out to be a 14 yo boy at some point.

Movie about people trapped in a house by carnivorous plants

I saw this in the ‘90s on TV, it was definitely older but in color.

I might not remember correctly, but I believe it was a grandfather and daughter stuck in a house that was surrounded by plants that wanted to kill them. I remember being disturbed by the characters just going to sleep at night, seemingly with no concern when these plants were out there, but then nothing happens and when they wake up they’re still there.

I’ve looked up the different adaptations of “Day of the Triffids,” and don’t think it’s one of those but I could be wrong.

rather modern zombie movie

Hi all,

Another movie I cannot place… It was a modern zombie flick, where of course the world is being overrun with zombies… there is a community of folks living in a military-esque emcampment with very high concrete walls safe from the zombies. In one scene, some military types go out of the fort,  to scavenge medications from abandoned pharmacies. This movie was made when USA Today “newspaper” still printed papers as there was a USA Today newspaper machine with the papers inside with the bold title claiming that the world was coming to an end.

I do not remember the title of the movie, and I know that zombie movies became a dime a dozen leading up to the middle of last decade. Any help with this request would be most appreciated.


Thank you very much,



Situation puzzle about Library

In the movie, a character was telling a story which others have to guess the reason for happening (like a puzzle): A woman goes in the library, opens a book, finds 50$ and kills herself.

Why? The answer was because she was the author who years ago donated the book and put the money in, so now years later finding the money means no one ever read her book.


Which movie or tv series is this scene from?

B&W Film 40’s-50’s

A young woman who was orphaned as a child & raised possibly in New England is brought back to her family estate she inherited somewhere in Louisiana or similar with Spanish moss on the trees, plantation shutters on the exterior doors, etc.  I believe she had received letters from her “aunt” who has lived in the mansion but who I think turns out to be just one of the caretakers pretending to be her family.

While there, the caretakers try to keep her captive without being obvious by making her think she’s going insane so they can keep the estate for themselves.

There is a sheriff from town who comes out periodically & another man, perhaps a reporter, who has become romantically attracted to her.

Someone is killed & thrown in the swamp & later found by the girl and the possible reporter as they’re trying to escape on foot.

Any suggestions as to what this movie might be are greatly appreciated!


War Movie

Many years ago (probably early 2000’s when I watched it) when I was very young I remember this war movie I watched with my mom and never forgot. It is driving me up a wall trying to remember it! I can’t remember much other then that there where soldiers paired up with soldiers recruited from the otherwise (I think) and they HAD to protect the American soldier.  Other then that the scene that I never forgot is when one of the two main soldiers of the movie comes across a little boy and gives him a chocolate bar. Returns later to find that they where blown up I believe, I think there was a big scorch mark where the boy (and mom?) Was before.

I also remember that at the end the “enemy” soldier saves his American counterparts and in an epic moment of self growth the American soldier saves the dude but takes a bullet himself. I believe he actually died but I’m not 100% on that.

Any ideas? It has been driving me nuts for years!

obscure religious kids movie

I saw this movie at my aunts house when I was a kid, it’s been on my mind every now and then since. It was a low budget christian kids movie. I remember it focused on three kids living in a dystopian/devastated world. The side boy character slept in the trunk of an old car. The main boy character is given a bible, and he and the two other kids read it and decide to go on a journey to find god. They most likely stop at a bunch of places, I only remember an underworld themed amusement park. They stop there to ride a roller coaster full of temptations. I think they lose the girl here, maybe the side boy somewhere else. The main boy makes it to the end, and meets god. I found the answer on this site a couple years ago, the inquiry was posted by someone else, but I was stupid and didn’t write down the title. Please help!