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I saw this on TV on the mid to late 80s

I saw this on TV in the mid to late 80s, so I don’t know if it was in the theatre or a TV movie. This woman has an drunken and abusive husband. She also has an understanding boss named Dave, and those two seem to have chemistry. The scene I remember is the woman and her husband are at a restaurant, and the husband starts to make a scene. The woman says, “people are looking.” The husband yells, “Let them look! I want to hear about you and Dave!” Does that sound familiar?

man gets terrorized on road trip

I saw this movie on TV around 2000, so it was in the 1990s or possibly 1980s. A man is breaking up with his wife and clearly does not want it to end. He goes on a road trip and gets terrorized by another man. I can’t remember if the man doing the terrorizing was having an affair with the wife or if she hired him to kill her husband. I think she hired him. At the end he gets even with his wife.

Anyone remember this one?

I saw this movie on TV around 1996, so I’m not sure if it was a TV movie or a box office movie. It starts off with a bunch of terrorists attacking some kind of workplace and shooting people. However, a group of robotic (I think) soldiers descend on the building and start shooting the terrorists. In the aftermath, I remember a guy saying, “The governor is pissed; Washington wants to know what the hell is going on!” Does this sound familiar?

Lifetime Movie from a few years ago

This was a lifetime movie from around 2013 or 2014. Two children, a teenage girl and her younger brother, had their parents die. So they went to live with their maternal aunt and her husband. Around the neighborhood people were going missing. As it turns out the woman and her husband were homicidal killers. They even killed the girls parents. During the final showdown in the basement, the aunt corners the girl and is about ready to kill her with a knife, but then the brother kills the aunt. Any ideas?

Anyobe remember this TV move from the 90s?

This was a TV movie from the mid 90s. The star character is a police sketch artist. She draws a sketch from a young girl who escaped her kidnapper. However, she wound up drawing a picture of her stepfather, who she thought died 30 years prior. Her stepfather molested her. As it turned out, her stepfather wasn’t dead. He killed her mother and was in prison. It was her stepfather who kidnapped the little girl and was after her? Does this sound familiar?

Anyone remember this super hero short or film (revised)?

I saw this on video during the summer of 1987, so this would have had to have been made before then. A single mom with a young son is dating this abusive guy who bears her. One night he beats her in front of her son and they both fight back, but he clearly has the upper hand. Anyone, a super hero jumps in and saves both of them by either killing the guy or knocking him out. Does that sounds familiar?

Anyone remember this weird movie?


I saw this movie on cable in early 2003. Basically there were two beautiful women traveling cross country and meet up with a professor from Julliard. They wind up staying at some guy’s house; I think he was a judge but could be wrong. One of the women also comes on to him. Anyone, I believe the guy gets murdered and they tried to cover it up. I remember the professor complaining that he just wanted “some excitement in his life” but never expected this. Does this sound familiar?

movie where two ladies were abducted

I remember seeing this movie on TV around 1997. Two ladies (I remember one was married with children)  go out on the town to celebrate. They were abducted by a deranged man who was stalking one of them. I think he felt rejected by one of them. I believe he bumped into her once, and she apologized, and he said, “Pretty lady like you should never be sorry.” He put them in the trunk of his car and actually filtered carbon monoxide into the trunk. When they tried to push the carbon monoxide out, he started sticking a knife through the trunk. Anyway, I believe one of them survived. She continued to speak at his parole hearings. When his parole was denied, he said, “It’s not over.” And that’s where the movie ended. Does this sound familiar?

grandmother with 2 kids going cross country

I saw this movie on TV in the late 1980s so it had to be the 1980s or earlier. So this grandmother said to her grandchildren (one teenage girl and the boy was younger) “We’re moving to California.” When one of them asked about school, she said, “I’ve already spoken with the principal.” On the way there, the grandmother was overwhelmed driving. When the granddaughter offered to drive, she said “I’m a tough old merch.” The grandmother died shortly after and the grand-daughter continued to drive. Later they got pulled over, and the cop looked at their license plate and said” Where you headed?” Does this sound familiar?

thriller from the 1980s or earlier

I remember seeing this movie on TV in 1985-1986. There is this nerdy guy with glasses who is trailing this guy, who I think is a killer or at least a really bad guy. I think the nerdy guy is foreign because he does not know where things are and he meets this woman who says “What did you do? Put a pin in a map? When the bad guy finds out who the other guy is, there is a scene where he removes the guy’s glasses and then punches him in the face.

anyone know this movie?

Here is what I remember. A old woman decides to take her two children (or two grandchildren ?) and move to California. They set out in their car. The old woman is getting stressed out driving, but she says “I’m a tough old merch.” Shortly after, she dies of a heart attack. Then, the daughter continues driving. I remember they got pulled over by the police. He sees the license plate and asks “Where are you headed?” Does this sound familiar?

man jumping over pillars

I saw this movie on TV in the 80’s so it is an older move. There is a man who has jump over these pillars to get to the other side. There were black spaces in the middle of the pillars. He  calls out “there has  to be a ground.” He then takes out a quarter and drops it but does not hear it land. He then says, “there is no ground!” He then proceeds to jump from pillar to pillar.

traveling salesman serial killer

Hi. I remember seeing this thriller where this traveling salesman, who has a wife and family back home, picks up this weird guy. He eventually kicks the guy out but the guy continues to stalk him. You also keep hearing about a serial killer on the loose. It turns out that the traveling salesman is the serial killer and he says he kills for “the fun of it.” He then kills the weird guy. The traveling sales man then returns home to his normal life.

HBO special

I posted this a while back but I think I have more information. In 1986 HBO used to air children’s specials. But a lot of them were former After School Specials or episodes of Insight. In September of 1986, I remember seeing this special where this young boy (about junior high age) somehow goes ahead in time to high school. On the first day, he is walking down the hall feeling overwhelmed. He is carrying all of his books and then drops them on the floor. He is in class and the teacher is asking what everyone did over the summer. The boy has some long dramatic story. He then runs into some friends who ask him “how is high school.” At the end the boy’s father asks what he wants, and the boy says he wants to go back before the summer to when he was not in high school. I went through some old TV guides and I think the name of the show may be “R.W.” I looked it up and can’t find any information. Does anyone know of a show named “R.W?”


woman trapped in building by crazy security guard

In this movie this woman works in some high security building. There is a buff security guard that is obsessed with her. The security guard has cameras everywhere. The security guard gets upset when he sees the woman making out with her boyfriend in the parking lot. The security guard then traps the woman and her boyfriend in the building. Most of the movie is just cat and mouse with them trying to escape. She finally is able to break the glass but he threatens to kill her boyfriend. Does this sound familiar?  I want to say that I saw it on TV in the late 90’s.