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        1. On desktop, the leaderboard is on the right hand column. If you’re on a phone it doesn’t show up (I may need to look into that). And of course you need to come back, there are lots of unanswered movie questions in need of solutions! And you have recently slipped out of the top 10 Solvers (you’re now #11).

    1. Oh how do I do that? Please help me. My first post was from a while back and I have a hard time finding it. Thank you!

    1. Tremors
      Kevin bacon is peeing off a cliff but then goes to wake a guy laying in the back of a truck..

  1. Funkbob named my movie for me, couldn’t see a way to mark my post as solved though. Cheers though Funkbob, and cheers for this site, saved my sanity !!!

    1. Commenting in the post is the right way to anounce it’s solved, I just hadn’t gotten around to marking it yet. Thanks for letting us know!

    1. We often solve TV shows here, but usually when the poster is unsure whether what they saw was on TV or a movie. You could do a TV post here but specify that’s what you’re looking for in your post. Of course, someone may also suggest a site more targeted to TV for you.

  2. so in this movie we follow a guy in his twenties whi is after a very hard breakup (i think!), and all through the movie he is waiting for his ex to call him and checks his voice recorder if he got any new message. In the end he gets inti dancing and finds a new girl there, so he dosent care about his ex anymore, at which point she makes contact again but he couldnt care less now 🙂

  3. It’s up to you. I think it would depend on how old the post is. If it’s fresh and people are commenting on it, then add comments. If it’s an old post that’s fallen off the first page, then maybe start a new one.

  4. I really want to find this movie. I think it’s from the 90s and maybe a teen movie. One seven is where this guy and girl are walking by the beach holding a surf board. They then put it in the trash. On the surf board it says Blue Bunny. If you want an actual visualization of this scene, look up Jay Versace on YouTube and watch his recent video with the Rice Krispies. It’s in the intro.

  5. Hey, I just tried to submit my first movie question, but I don’t know if maybe it signed me out while I was typing it. Does it show up on my profile page immediately, or if/when the mods approve it?

    1. I don’t see a submission from you, unless you used another name. Try again and we’ll approve it in the morning.

    1. William,

      Not from your side, I don’t think. I can tell you nothing has been previously submitted under the email you’re using now.

  6. I know this site is for movies… but would it hurt anything if I asked about an old PC game from the mid 90s that I can not remember?

  7. In the beginning of the movie a boy help a women deliver her baby after releasing the umbilical cord from around the baby’s neck.

    He fall in love with her when there grownup

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  10. Irtmadmin, I wanted to ask first because I’m not sure if this is allowed–may I make a post for help identifying an actress? I know what she’s in and have a couple photos, but she isn’t credited anywhere, and I wondered if someone here might know who she is.

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  12. Hey guys, just posted looking for a 80s-90s sci-fi fantasy where a boy finds a machine his father made in the attic and ultimately wishes his mother away, as well as at some point wishing for a supermodel… brunette. Grandfather has to come from South America or south Africa where he was gem mining to help fix the machine, with a jewel from his hat, and ride away with the model

  13. I’ve noticed there is no email notification options that come up when you post an answer, but on the plus side, I see that now I can see and scroll through ALL my solves, not just 2 pages like before.

    1. Well, shoot, I can’t explain why that option disappeared. I’ll have to look into it when I find some spare time.

    2. I added a plugin to provide comment subscriptions. I guess some wordpress update removed the former functionality without telling us. Let me know if there are any issues.

  14. I see. I deleted the second post as a duplicate, but I’ll go back and swap the text with your new one. From now on I would add additional remarks in a comment instead of making a second post.

    I wouldn’t ban you, I just wouldn’t approve a duplicate post.

  15. What’s the movie called where there is a king with a magic ring who Powers the whole nation and is at war with another nation which is military engineer power and his daughter gets kidnapped by the military nation and the military Nation uses these big scary Beast to fight this Magical Kingdom and in the Magical Kingdom this is general who betrays the king and uses of exoskeleton armor like Iron Man and then this movie there is one branch of the military which the soldiers uses type of daggers which they throw and they can teleport to their daggers and its power by the Kings magic and the main protagonist sacrifices himself at the end wildung the ring and burning up

  16. I posted the “Sci-Fi Tentacled Body Horror” clip question the other day. Please consider it SOLVED, and give user “casspir” the credit. The scene was from a first season episode of Space 1999 in 1975.

  17. Would it be possible to add a link to go directly to the first page (oldest posts) of unsolved movies?

    1. I don’t know of a simple way to do it besides changing to another theme (and it might be time for a new look). I could look under the hood on how to do it, but honestly, if I am going to tinker and add features I have higher priorities to work on. Sorry!

    1. Something broke the last time they updated the plug-in, I re-installed it and it seems to be working fine now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  18. Hi all, I’m looking for a movie a saw years ago.

    It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where an amnesia-causing virus has brought humanity to the brink of destruction. A couple is struggling to stay together despite losing their memories of each other. I remember a few scenes from it:

    – The opening scene is them waking up in an apartment and finding each other, they start to realise that they are married and should not be separated or they might lose each other forever.

    – THE NEXT SCENE IS QUITE INTENSE, don’t read if rape/suicide triggers you. A guy is sleeping in a car in a multi-storey parking lot and gets jumped by a group of people who beat and rape him. He gets to the top of the parking lot and climbs over the ledge ready to jump. As he finds the courage to do it, the sun rises and you can see a shift in the look in his eyes. The virus that causes amnesia has made him forget the traumatic experience and he goes on as if nothing had happened.

    -Last thing I remember is the couple gets separated and they forget about each other, but during the final scene of the movie they see each other on the street and she smiles, leaving room for some hope they’ll be reunited.

    Thanks to whoever can help me find this, I’ve been thinking about this for months but I just can’t recall the title.

  19. Am trying to find a movie that i have watched when i was a child.It was a normal movie i mean it wasnt a cartoon.Anw there was a family with a with house and all stuff and when kids were alone a clown or something i dont remember exactly was but when kids were alone it appears and destroys the house and leaves paintings or different colours on the walls and i think there is a fish which talks.

    1. I’m afraid I don’t think you can. The best advice is to try performing a search for some keywords you remember.


  21. Movie is about a passionate girl. A photographer (villian) seduces her and even makes love to her, while her boyfriend was in shower. The villian even brings a black guy to make love to her.

  22. Runaway boy sees through the window while a woman goes up behind elderly women in wheelchair and beat her to death with ham bone

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    could that be done?

    1. Probably, but it will take some time to figure out and I likely won’t get to it until after Thanksgiving weekend. All your personally identifiable information is gone, however.

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  25. I’m from russia, pardon my English.
    a sci-fi movie melodrama where a program assigns people a date and they are required to spend the time specified in the program with that person

  26. I accidently posted my movie name question before i registered my account. Is there a chance to link my account to the movie name request, that i have made before?

    1. I don’t see another post under this email. Did you use a different email address before? Or did you just want to change the name the post appears under?

      1. Oh i thought i used the same email address. The post i’m refering to is the most recent one (“Interviewer reconstructs murder of young woman and is found guilty”). There i used my real first name 😀

        1. And you want to change it so it reads “MikeGlotzkowski”? If that’s the case, I think I can do that, but I have to access the database and it might take a while.

  27. Hello everyone from Russia. Help me find a movie. When I was a child I saw a film about a boy who controlled a fighter, I don’t remember much of the scenes, only rare footage. the guy controls the fighter, perhaps a joystick through the remote control, one of the fighters seems to have a microcircuit, the evil character looks like a Shaolin monk, the older brother of the protagonist seems to have fought with him. thanks in advance!!!

  28. Please help me find this movie! Iremember that movie was on TV a few years ago and it was in english. People were in the forest behind an invisible barrier and the bull pierced this barrier. Then a group of teenagers found a girl who became a tree and there were also some giants so she had to hide in a tree. Unfortunately, I don’t remember anything else.

  29. Just a heads up, through about the 2nd of November posts and comments here will be slow to update. Please expect a delay of at least 24 hours between updates.

  30. This is for everyone, I wanna know everyone’s opinion…

    Are sequels better than the originals? Yes or no? Explain your answers and/or give and example…

    1. Sorry, this got flagged as spam and I missed it.

      Sequels are at a disadvantage. Originals usually succeed because they have the right balance of familiarity and originality. A sequel will have trouble capturing the “originality” part of that formula; usually, the best they can do is put a slight twist on the first movie, but can’t recapture the excitement created by the newness of the first movie. That said, here are a few sequels that may be better than the original: Bride of Frankenstein, The Dark Knight, Toy Story 3, Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. And if a series runs long enough, there will inevitably be better movies after the original (I’m thinking of the James Bond and Mission Impossible franchises.)

    2. What irtmadmin said. I’ll throw in a couple more that are often cited as examples: Aliens, Terminator 2, Scream 2, Hellbound: Hellraiser II, The Godfather Part II and (depending on your thoughts on Randy’s monologue in Scream 2) The Empire Strikes Back. While, aside from Empire, I don’t think any of them are *better* than the original, I think all are just as good as the original. I also think Scream 2 may possibly be the best sequel of all time.

      Also, I think the Mission Impossible series is a perfect (and unique) example because, imo each new film is better than the previous one.

  31. irtmadmin, I remember at one point someone asked if you would delete a specific old post of theirs, and you did? If I link one of my old posts would you please delete it for me?

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