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what movie is this?

Hello everyone.
I was told the plot of this movie a long time ago but I was never told the title.
It’s about a girl who has an imaginary friend (or something like that) and this imaginary friend convinces her to kill her whole family (supposedly to save herself or something like that). She ends up killing her whole family (father, mother, etc), the father I was told she kills him by putting a hair dryer or an iron (an electric appliance it was) in the shower. At the end her imaginary friend tells her “You killed your whole family. Now for being bad, I’ll kill you” (or something like that).
Has anyone ever seen this movie? Thanks for answering.

What is this movie?

Hello everybody.
I would like to know the name of the movie where two women invite (or are invited, I don’t remember well) people from a circus to dinner, and they drug them (I remember the scene of the dwarf approaching one of the girls while she starts to fade), take off their clothes and rape them afterwards. I think they were in some kind of palace. There was a beast guy hiding in a room. Thank you very much for your help.

Not very well known movie about high schoolers in time loops

Hey there Skootch back again. I was watching a movie about time loops called Before I Fall and another one that I’ve seen popped in my head. It’s not Repeaters, Happy Death Day/HDD 2U, Source Code, Edge of Tomorrow, Primer, or Arq, there’s probably a few other ones I’m forgetting about. The movie starts out with some friends going to a house party and lightning strikes the house or some other weird occurrence happens and weird time loops and duplicates of all the main characters start popping up all over the house. IIRC one of the main guys stars killing a bunch of people because he figures it doesn’t matter, the main girl and guy try and figure out a way to fix everything. At one point one of the guys hooks up with a really pretty girl and they start having sex and her duplicate shows up and the guy asks them if they’ll both hook up with him and they do, I think. There’s a big rave that goes on in the back of the house. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the movie though. TIA.

Child’s killer

This is a movie about an assasin of childs I saw long time ago. Things I remember:

– BW movie

– The serial killer is a neighbour from a village, near a forest. He kills with a barber razor blade. He wears a suit (and a hat?)

– He lure the childs with a bag of candys

– There is a sketch of the killer drawn by a child

– Could be a french movie

Cant find the name of an horror movie

Hi everyone, so some years ago perhaps in 2017 or 2018, microsoft used to five a free rental movie every weekend or so on their movies app on xbox. One day there was an horror movie that they featured so i decided to watch it.
I want to know its name but i only remember some scenes, so lets go over them:

firstly if im not mistaken, the movie starts with 3 teenage girls going out on a road trip in their car, it starts happily but the dark and scary stuff come later, i remember them getting lost or something and then visiting some creepy village that was cursed or something, one girl manages to escape the village while the others got trapped maybe, but then she goes to the highway or maybe just a long road, a guy who is driving his car at very high speed doesnt notice her and hits her, he then takes her to an empty hospital and tries to help her, he didnt think that the hospital was empty but when he notices that he quickly tries to go outside only to find out that the door has been locked, and then someone starts to communicate with him over the phone i think to help him save the girl but eventually he fails i think and goes back to the door and the locks are not there so he gets in his car and drives off, some other scene had a guy visit a bar to pickup his girlfriend or sister i dont remember, but she didnt want to go and then they stop somewhere in a field and the guy gets dragged out of the car by mysterious humanoid creatures or something. Thats really all the scenes i remember. The 3 girls were white girls and the language i dont remember. The movie was not in black and out.


i think it was an epidode of a show, but there was this girl who was really bratty, and she got a doll that looked like a tiny her. the doll replaces her, or something similar and blames her for lots of bad things.


the movie starts with a man changing a days without accidents sign to 1 and toward the end there is a monster who wants all metal things and this main character kid has to give up his dead moms locket to save this one girl who is the daughter of the man the dead worker died for beause she took his shift because he was drunk.

Teenagers Go Against The Law,May Have Killed,Their Car Ambushed And Killed.


I Need To Remember A Movie That Have.

Teenagers (A Boy And A Girl, Could Be More) Go Against The Law,

May Have Killed,

The Police Got A Picture Of The Girl Holding A Rose In Her Mouse, And Faked A New One, Switching The Rose For A Cigarette.

At The End, Their Car Gets Ambushed And Killed By The Police.

Estimated Release Year Of The Movie Is Between ( 1995 – 2005 ).

Thank You.

Old bbc Sci-fi show

trying to figure out/ find old bbc show. all i remember was finding it around 2006 or so. it had a woman in a office type building walking down the hall leaving and as she gets to the security desk she realizes she forgot something in her office so go’s walking back to it and as she gets to the door she hear’s some noise and open’s the door to some sort of cgi goblin/creature that stand’s maybe 3 foot tall and the office is ransacked. it pans to outside the building as you hear a woman scream and go’s to a guy standing across the road in a trenchcoat and top hat that look really beat up and the guy open’s one side of the coat as the creature run’s across the road and jump’s into it as he closes it, then it go’s to the intro for the show of it fast going thru a tall “5 foot tall” sewer system and flashing the actor’s and actresses name’s.

Man found dead in the morning

Hi all!

I remember I saw a movie on a TV when I was a child. Approx 1999-2002.

It was a colored movie filmed looking quite modern in those years (filmed not a very long time before 1999).


What I remember from the plot: a big double-stored house, a sleeping room on the second floor. Big family. In the morning somebody from the family finds a man (presumably the owner/father) dead in his bed. And then they try to figure out who was a killer. Something suspicious was about the window in his room.

I might be mistaken, but might be that at the end of the movie they figured out that he actually killed himself.

Thank you!


Comedy movie, can’t google it

So the scene is next. The man in (white suit) driving the car, man on bike approaches and put the sticky bomb with a timer on the car. In the very same moment bee flies inside the car and annoys the driver. He tries to throw it away, however didn’t succeed, he has to stop the car, go out, and at last he sees the bee right on the car body. Take off the shoe and right in the moment of hit the car explodes.

Horror film/Exorcism movie where woman goes down to her knees and then stands back up then repeats what she’s doing over and over

As stated in the title, a woman drops down to her knees then quickly stands up again then drops to her knees again then back up, and repeats this over and over again. I believe this was in the trailer for the film. From what I think I can remember, the scene was very darkly lit and there was some scary music or sounds playing. That’s all I can remember, besides it being a horror/exorcism film. Thanks!

Movie with scene of person locking and unlocking a door

Hey there Skootch back with another bizarre movie find that just popped in my head. All I can remember from this one is a woman (I think) unlocking a door, shutting the door, locking it, then unlocking it and repeating what she was doing over and over again, she might have started banging her head against the door too, I don’t remember though. I’m pretty sure that scene was featured in the trailer of the film either over laughing or some creepy music. Definitely a horror film. It might’ve been a exorcism film, but I’m not entirely sure. Thanks!

He offered me a mango! Movie about a war in Vietnam?

Hi, I saw this movie around the year 2000, i suppose it’s older than that.
It was about a war in Asia, maybe Vietnam, and I think a main character was a boy. Towards the end of the film he was starving in a concentration camp and made friends through a fence with another boy who brought him a mango one day. The second boy then got shot and the first one cried and said: He brought me a mango!

I actually watched it in German and the exact wording was: “Er hat mir eine Mango geschenkt!”

Who knows the title of the movie?

TV episode about 3 detectives

Can’t quite remember if this was from the 90s or early 2000s.  What I do remember is that there were 3 men, they were detectives or something.  They were working on a case that involved a sex therapist.  They show two of the guys at their appointments with her, and her catch phrase seems to be “Cowabunga!”  With one of the guys, they were running around her apartment/office in their underwear, spraying each other with whipped cream, and she’s  yelling “Cowabunga!” At the end of the episode, the oldest of the three guys says the catch phrase, and the other two look at him in surprise, like they didn’t know he had gone to see the woman either.