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Animation: boy loses his father in shipwrecking and becomes actor to find him

It’s about a father and his son and it takes place maybe between the two wars but I’m not sure. In the beginning they have an orange plantation in Europe but it freezes and they lose everything so they have so they go to the USA on a boat. The boat sinks and the boy is alive but doesn’t know where his father is. He lives by himself in New York, meets a girl and they become friends. He still doesn’t know if his father is alive or not and decides to become actor so that when he’ll be famous, his father will see him.

It ends in a cinema years later, it’s a screening of a movie of the son, the father is in the theater and cries because he recognizes his son on the screen. Then the reunite and it’s very emotional.

I’ve seen it as a kid and loved it, I’ve been looking for it for years ! Thank you very much !

Murder at a boarding boarding school, supernatural elements

I’m looking for movie I watched years ago and I only remember vague details of. It is set in a boarding school and the narrative is split between the past events happening and the characters (a group of boys) being interrogated by a female detective because one of them had died. I think the protagonist had just arrived at the school and got involved with this group of problematic boys, in particular the one that died. At some point there is a scene where they open a tomb. There were supernatural elements, a curse of some sort, because I have this image of the ending and it is the protagonist sitting alone in a bus after the interrogation ended and it is revealed that the spirit of the boy who died lives on in the protagonist because of that curse. The whole vibe of the movie was pretty creepy and I remeber googling the ending because it was left to interpretation.

It’s pretty all over the place but that’s what I remember. I really want to find it because it’s really nagging me!

Animated movie about a nail being hammered into the world.

t was an animated movie and i think it was aired on cartoon network. The villain was trying to hammer a giant nail into the world to destroy it. It was anime movie..i think. The animation stye was familiar to an anime movie. The hero was blond and wore a white and blue suit and there was also a girl who wore a pink andwhite suit. I think i saw it in somewhere between 2009-2012 i don’t really remember.

Movie about insects possessing humans.


I remember watching a movie a long time ago, maybe like 15 years, not sure. The movie was in color and the picture quality seemed like it was from around 2000 or 1990 as far as i remember. I dont remember any actor names or famous faces.

It definitely had at least two episodes so I am not sure if it was a two parter of a movie, a mini series or a tv show. I saw it in my own language (Slovak) on tv.

I know it was something about insects mind controlling people. There was a group of humans who were trying to stop it. I remember scenes where the people crawled through something that looked like a meat grinder (it was probably a log chipper but it was all bloody i think.) also a scene where one man from the group said he was going to buy weapons but he only brought knives. Another member had a grenade i think.  Another member from the group had a relationship with a woman who became infested too. Later there was a scene where an infested human was stuffing a huge larva into another human through his mouth. In another scene the humans used smoke to sort of “turn off” the infested humans, stating that smoke has that effect on insects. It was a horror of course.

I dont know in which order these scenes happened.


Comedy cop movie

An old funny movie where famous Mel Brooks actors: Madeline Kahn and Dom DeLuise star as a woman who keeps changing her name and hair color and a fat guy known as Stinky because he literally stinks who later get arrested by some smart-ass cop after cracking eggs. And every time people are shot, they stay perfectly still like literal dummies even when the coroners try to get the dead bodies out of the way.

Looking for a horror movie

im trying to find a pre-2000 horror movie I watched once.

the only scene I remember is a woman being cooked to death because she couldn’t get the glass shower door open

there might have been an evil baby in it? (I could be wrong on this tho)

there might have been some sort of electricity manipulation in it?

i really want to find it again please

People’s levels of powers sorted by color

The movie was about a society where each person was given a different color which represented their level of powers. I think there was five colors, not exactly sure. The lowest color was no powers I think, and if you had any powers you had to go to this special place away from society and they sorted you by color. The main character was a girl who was the highest color, which was extremely rare and extremely powerful, but she somehow kept that fact hidden and pretended to be a lower color because the high color that she had was considered dangerous, so something bad would happen if people knew, I don’t remember what. Eventually she escaped, and a woman who worked there helped her. She then ended up finding this group of other kids who had escaped and had been driving around in a van and she joined them. I think at the end they may have gone to this place where there were all these people with powers, and the main character girl liked this guy who ended up being working for the guy trying to capture them all or something like that.

Boy and girl holding a sphere run away from dressed up men

Kindly help me remember a movie where there are a boy and a girl who hold a sphere which has a city inside of it (which I am not sure about) and they try to run away from men dressed up in scary suits and they speak a weird language.  I only remember once scene where they are at a construction site of sorts trying to run away. I watched the movie either in late 90s or early 2000s on VHS with English audio and Russian dub.

Always make sure your gun is loaded

Older movie. Maybe black and white. American family moves to London. Father opens a shop. Father runs afoul of local gangster by writing down his license plate number after gangster threatened him. Father buys a gun for protection. Tries to scare off gangster with unloaded gun. Gangster learns that gun is not loaded and beats father to death. Mother and son move back to america. Someone asks son – did you learn from this experience? Son either says or thinks. yes, always make sure your gun is loaded.

American Troops go to Columbia

I’m looking for that movie about american troops who go to Columbia in a secret mission.

I watched it in 2007-2009.

in it when a soldier first appears the photo pauses and a name and description about him is written, one said loves cleavage.

in the operation a sniper was supporting his mates, enemy attacked him and he left his position, when they came to check on him, they didn’t found him, someone asked what was his last, one replied talked talking fire, the  first said this means FUBAR.

Looking for a recent sci-fi movie?

I’m trying to find a movie I watched on YouTube in the last year or so. It had no beginning and no end, but it was a recent movie.

I think it was a UK film, it was colour, in English, and looked fairly low budget.

The only character was a man in uniform, I think he was a pilot, or astronaut?

There was a big round eye-shaped spaceship or space station seen distantly in the sky, I think he crashed from there? But this wasn’t his world, he followed some sort of dog shaped robot to a bunker and found old newspapers saying something about a war and it seemed like most people were dead?

I think there were flying robots shooting at him? The last thing O saw was him sitting on the ground thinking about shooting himself and the robot dog thing came back…that’s where it ended?

If anyone can help me find this, I would be really grateful. I want to know how it ended. Thank you.


What is the movie where a girl is visiting a home that is now a museum (could be in the UK), she sees a letter on a writing desk that has appeared there from the past, we keep seeing a Mr Darcy type character throughout the movie coming to see her?