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Looking for a movie I watched as a child

The movie was running in German free TV in the early 2000s but was most likely American. In the beginning people were stranding at a beach. They all had just died in different points in time, I think the protagonist was an astronaut, but there was also a Roman emporer (Nero I think) and one of his subordinates. In the group was also a mute child, which was the only child around. Everyone has a little metal stick which could be used to gather food at big futuristic distribution devices.


Some guy had built a castle over the last 10 years and became the ruler of the island. Another group, including an alien if I remember correctly, had build a ship and wanted to go somewhere. At that point I had to stop watching the movie and since then I wonder what happened. If someone could help me out, I’d be so grateful.

Time travel movie

I remember this movie when I was younger but I can only remember bits and pieces. It’s about a knight or prince that is set to marry a princess, he saves some people and then ends up sleeping with some random woman. The princess he is supposed to marry finds out and him and his sidekick get banished to the future. When they get there he meets a woman that looks exactly like the princess he was supposed to marry, he ends up falling for her. I think this is an actual movie and not some weird dream!

Friends with a ghost boy

I`m trying to find a movie about a boy who died and came back as a ghost and was friends with a living boy (who might have been his friend in life). I remember the living boy kept the ghost as a secret and would even let him stay in his room. At some point in the movie a girl found out about the ghost and kept the secret with them.

However, the ghost boy would often do strange or `bad` things and there might have been another ghost which was a girl, that he either did something bad to or something bad happened to her. I think that there was something that would happen to every ghost after a while and there was someplace that they had to go (maybe a sewer or tunnel) and at the end of the movie, the living boy and girl sent the boy ghost there and he was crying.

I think there was also something about an old abandoned house or shack.

I watched this movie sometime between 2008 and 2013 and I remember that it seemed very dark but I never really thought of it as a horror movie.

Lost in time

So there’s this movie some adult was watching when I was a kid, probably in the nineties, where this lady goes back in time or something and she saves the life of a werewolf or wolfman on trial by the villagers. Then puts a sheep in a well(?) And it turns pink and she wins some kind of contest. I’ve thought about this movie on and off for several years and I don’t know the title. I only saw those two scenes. Please help!

Parents trapped in tv

An American movie in colors where some bad guy named Spike I think sells a special satellite cable system which transports parents into the world of TV, leaving their kids behind. The parents acquire different looks and clothes as they go through different channels on tv through some kind of portal.

One channel had them turned into cartoon mice being chased by a robocat which gets defeated by a robodog in the end.

Spike tries to stop them using remote that can allow people to travel into tv and that silence people within tv literally with the mute button.

At the end, after the machine melts and the kids are back, the bad guy gets trapped in tv along with an angry rottweiler

Alien movie

I’m not sure which year it was produced but I know that it’s an American movie in colors. The only scene I remember from it was some guy in a vent who gets chased and killed by an alien while hunting for it.

There are a couple of things I want to know (I will be as clear as possible):

1) What is the name of that movie?

2) Which year was it produced?

3) If anyone has that movie on DVD or has seen it and if I wanted to borrow that movie on DVD and watch it on VLC media player on my computer since my DVD player is being temporarily fixed at the time, at exactly which time interval does that scene with the guy and the alien in the vent occur in? That is my main concern.

Horror movie with a whole lot of naked people

I saw the first ten or fifteen minutes of this movie on KTVU’s Creature Features one Friday night in 1979 (I remember because John Stanley hosted on Saturdays while Friday’s show was unhosted). It was in colour and the production values suggested it was filmed earlier in the ’70s, possibly the late ’60s.

In the film, a group of young men and women take a boat up a river or to an island for a party or orgy or — I don’t know — Junior Chamber of Commerce AGM. Their clothes come off immediately upon arrival (apparently the network’s censors had turned in early that night).

The last thing I remember seeing was a young man and two young women casually smoking and chatting naked outside on the moonlit steps of a castle or mansion. I then turned the TV off and headed to bed as my father had picked that night to fall asleep on the couch next to me, and I was certain he’d wake up any minute and say, “so you stay up on Friday nights to watch SMUT?”

(Worse, he would’ve likely followed up with, “that’s my boy!” and insisted on watching it with me.)

This movie was all the talk among the other prepubescent boys in school on Monday and I’ve never gotten past missing out on all that scandalous nudity. Well, okay, I actually forgot about it entirely until I stumbled upon this site. Now I’m more curious what horrors would have been justly visited on these young people for their flagrant disregard of propriety. Anyone know this movie?

Old nightmare-fuel fantasy adventure

I saw this movie in the early ’70s on TV in colour (garish, grainy Technicolor, if I remember correctly). It left an impression on me as I found some of the imagery extremely frightening, but I remember my feelings more than the actual scenes.

It was some kind of fantasy adventure where the heroes were on a quest, having to pass a series of perils to reach their goal and then make their way back. I vaguely recall a swamp-like peril, but my strongest memory is of a crack opening in the ground revealing a passage to a cave filled with thick white web-like material, home to some nasty creature I’ve blotted from my mind.

The heroes may have been led by a famous character like Hercules or Sinbad or Jason (the Argonaut) but I don’t specifically remember Harryhausen-like stop motion monsters.

Touched By An Angel Episode help!!!!

Looking for a Touched By An Angel episode that I can not rememeber the name of.  All I remember is there was a little girl who was holding a red cup and the guy was demanding that she drink it.  At the last possible moment, Andrew (I think it was Andrew!)  and someone else comes charging through the door, knocking the cup to the floor.  The guy tried to attack Andrew and tried to hit Andrew with a baseball bat, but Andrew grabs it and then smashes it or something.  Can anyone help!!!!

Old musical comedy movie

I don’t remember much except that this movie has Jack Lemmon in it and that guy who played the Mayor in Disney’s Pete’s Dragon. I also remember a scene where a woman is trying to run away from someone who keeps showing up everywhere she runs to. And it’s in Technicolor, I think.

1) What is the name of that movie?

2) At which time interval (NOT the release date/year) does this scene concerning the whole running away take place during the movie?

PS: I must know ASAP for an important project soon.

Man Born and Raised in a Cruise Ship, Learns and Becomes Professional Pianist

Hey all,

This movie is an old film. It starts with a baby abandoned by his parents in a ship, and one of the cruise ship workers adopts him. Fast forward several years, the baby (who is now a boy) learns how to play piano. Fast forward again, the boy (who is now an adult) is a professional pianist, and gets invited to duel another professional pianist.

Also, the setting is located on the same cruise ship, where the man was born and raised throughout his whole life.

It was quite a sad movie when I first watched it, and I’d like to watch it again.

Action movie where they have a machine to show the future and people pay to see it – the main plot is a rush to escape a trap

I think I saw it around 2006 on TV, (it was a movie not an episode) it is in color and all I can remember of it is:

  • There is no time travel i think, just future predictions
  • I remember that it was some sort of a machine, and comon people have access to it by paying or something
  • I don’t remember what was the problem but something about the access to this machine (to your own future) was ruining the world and so the main character had to do something about it
  • At the beginning the main character (an action actor like tom cruise, but maybe NOT tom cruise) enters a building of some kind of companny (the one that have the watch-the-future machine) to work there. And there is a greenhouse in the center of the room, I remember that pretty well, there is this (I think blond) actress that greets him and will be his partner further in the movie.
  • The companny sets a kind of trap to this main character, he let clues to himself after having seen the future or something (I dont remember how, but he discover something, that he doesn’t know/remember at the beginning of the movie, and all the movie is a rush to escape the trap, using his own clues)
  • Another scene I remember well is that the girl I mentioned is in a bathroom of some apartment of theirs (or her) and after taking a shower she discovers a message on the mirror that the main character let there for her (they both was strongly watched at this point and it was the only way to not to be discovered)
  • I remember near the end of the movie the same scene of the greenhouse at the beginning was kind of empty with the prosecutors of the couple and they have a fight/escape scene in the same spot
  • I remember vagely that one of the clues he let for his past self was a paper with the number of an hotel or restaurant with a reservation by his own name
  • I can’t recall the actor sadly, however a movie that I think it could be similar to this one is Minority Report, but is not that one, I already checked… is the most similar I can guess.

after brutal fight scene, both combatants gravely injured; laying on the floor side-by-side, they reach out to hold hands as one of them dies…

… and music plays

it was a very depressing movie that came out in the past 5 years for sure. our protagonist is a middle aged white man (40s to 60s) with dark/greying hair who i think had some facial hair. if i’m remembering correctly, he’s suicidal but he’s taking care of his mother (?) so he’s still alive. he’s a violent man who’s been charged with the protection of a young girl who i believe has been kidnapped and i think was going to be sold into some sex trafficking ring or something along those lines. while trying to find the girl, he fights a man in a house, a brutal scene which culminates either in the kitchen or the bathroom (the floor was tile or linoleum, not carpet. i think it was the kitchen). both men deal terrible blows to each other and they lie near each other on the floor. a song is playing diagetically i think, and there’s no other sound than that and their ragged breathing. slowly, as our protagonist’s opponent bleeds out, he reaches out toward our protagonist, seeking out a last moment of human comfort and not wanting to be alone as he dies. our protagonist takes his hand.

as you can tell, it was a very vivid scene and really stuck with me; unfortunately i literally remember nothing else from this film. I think it had a longer title… i remember thinking the title was a little strange. help!

movie title

movie, american, color,  maybe 2000-2010,Sci fi,comedy dram,

plot: a man is sand to a planet to test is new spacesuit witch is voice activated.

the man can t getout of the suit, he try to sleep in the suit but the suit computer shot i‘m with adrenaline  to stay awake

and finelli, a female alien with green boos

Derelict Casino in space

A movie where astronauts find a casino spaceship that the gamblers died in when it spun out of control. It’s a B&W film. The effects were pretty good since I believe it was made in the 50’s or 60’s.

I think the casino was saucer shaped, and I seem to remember cards and chips floating in zero g. A few corpses. Well preserved. Nothing gruesome.

The astronauts discuss it and determined it spun out of control and depressurized.


Horror movie from the 1940s

This is actually a movie my grandmother remembers seeing as a child and has always stuck with her because it scared her a lot. She says it was about a creature that lived in a swamp and was wrapped in bandages like a mummy. It would abduct people and take them to the swamp, and as they got nearer to it they would age rapidly. There was a part that showed the monster carrying a woman whose hair turned white as her body shriveled up. The creature would walk slowly, dragging one foot with a loose bandage. This movie would have been from the 1940s or possibly earlier. My grandmother watched it on her neighbor’s TV one night. She says it may have been called ‘Swamp Devil’ or something similar. I’m hoping to find it so she can see it again after all these years. Thanks!

Main character blamed themselves for a car crash that killed their family

There was a flashback of two siblings both sitting in the back seat of a car. They were fighting over a game boy. The parent who was driving got distracted and turned to tell the main character to knock it off. Because of this, a car crash happened and killed both/one of the parents and the main character’s sibling. Leading the main character to believe it’s their fault that their family died.

All I remember was that in the end they forgave themselves and realized it’s only an accident.
Please help me with this😂
Thanks in advance!

Movie about haunted by old woman ghost mansion, with the toy house inside and has the room with floor made from mirrors

This is a screenshot from this movie. The woman looks through a small door in the wall and sees the toy house inside. Also, she wasn’t alone, she was with a big group of people who came on an excursion or something like that. A guy in glasses disturbs this woman while she was looking inside of this toy house.
Also, the manor has a room where the whole floor made from mirrors.
And through the film moviemaker shows old woman ghost levitating in the cellar of this house, while people from the above just look around this manor.

I watched this film on TV (I even didn’t watch it fully, only once, only 30-40 minutes part). It was maybe 10-15 years ago.

Please help! I try to find this film many years, but only today by a random thing I found this screenshot.

I really need help with this one…

So I only know the ending scene of this movie, but basically I man is happy at the beach with his wife /girlfriend and suddenly he gets woken up by unknown people (in the future I think but not sure) and as he wakes up he realises that his life with his wife /girlfriend was only a dream, as he realises that he just stares as “Dream a little dream” by Mama Cass starts playing and the credits start to roll and the movie ends there… Please help if anyone knows this one