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An animated movie about an old man, his hunting dog and bear with an eye missing


A vaguely remember watching this on VHS, but never seeing a part 2. Maybe it was anime, I’m not sure.

As I recall it was mainly about an old man wanting to hunt a notorious bear which had one missing due to an earlier conflict. There was a pup that was raised into a hunting dog. They never got to actually get the bear, and I never saw the continuation. And I think there was child character as well.

There was a scene when the pup was used to lift someone from a pit but holding on to the rope tied around its neck to form a loop around a person.

Also some hunting scene when there was some confusion about who shot a bird.

The horror movie that I saw as a kid and don’t know the name

So back in the day, when I was a kid, I saw a horror movie. The movie, as I interpret it, was about the boy that his family owns the house and he tries to search a girl, who died a long time ago in that house, where the boy lives know with his family . The boy is trying to find her “soul” (let’s call it like that) across the house and probably its nearby territory. The reason I remembered it was because I watched two scenes and one of them scared me.

The first scene is when the boy is on upper room (house has many stages), where the stairs finish, and she sees that girl, which is trying to kill herself by jumping from the stairs. The boy runs to her, with screaming, to stop her committing suicide, but girl will still make it. There is a brief moment of slow motion of her trying to jump and while she is in the air. The camera shows us the boy (again) that is frightened. After that camera looks again to that girl that already fall from the high stage to the floor. Keep in mind, they are minors (maybe somewhere 8-9 yers old). The was the first scene. Later on, the second scene, which scared me, is as it follows: It’s nighttime. The house is shown on the hill with trees behind and suddenly, in the sky, the red eyes appear (they are opening) and boy, a bit later, wakes up because that was his dream, a nightmare. The film is probably taken in 1990s-2000s due to it’s style. It’s all I can remember. If you’ll find it, I would appreciate it.

Horror movie about making a horror movie


Looking for a horror movie/slasher film

What I recall is it’s about making a low budget horror film with a terrible camera the one scene I remember is of this one woman doing a strip tease dance half naked & the guy is recording her however he wants more but she refuses & before she gets a chance to leave it goes wrong from here this is all I can remember anything can help thanks

Can anyone remember this alien movie

Can anyone remember a movie (possibly from the 2000/2010s I think but could be wrong) that’s about an alien invasion. I am pretty sure the main male character was a soldier and was arrested at some point; but had something done to him by the aliens that he isn’t aware of. He travels across the country, pretty sure they find a camera/camcorder showing the aliens travelling, they go to some sort of military base then stumble upon a town of resistance fighters that have created some sort of alien weapon (I think it has a blue laser but 🤷‍♀️). I also think he may sacrifice himself towards the end to help the fighters kill the mothership with the weapon

help me find the name

The film is a drama with elements of a fairy tale, the guy lives alone, it seems, in the forest, there is a village or a city nearby, a little girl with some kind of disease lives there. The guy is friends with the girl, he is unfairly accused of obscenities towards this girl. The inhabitants of the city decide to punish him, the girl helps the guy to escape, and the forest helps them, blocking the way for the pursuers.

Can’t for the life of me remember the title of this one…please help

it’s a horror/thriller that is about these goth/punk kids who plan to destroy their homecoming (or prom??) via school shooting. they go to junk yard ??? they are either looking for a car/van or find one bc they’re looking for something. crazy murderer ends up being there, living underground ??? gouges someone’s eyeballs out, cool girl ends up there and goth kid saves her the end.


it was like a boogeyman, gave me jeepers creepers vibes with the secluded area etc but it was a junk yard, punk kids and a crazy guy


approximately 2016

Movie about psychic gamblers?

I’m pretty sure I saw this movie in the early to mid 80’s.  I suppose it could’ve been made as early as the late 70’s though.  I think it might’ve been on HBO or Cinemax but I could be mistaken.  It was about a pair of gamblers (man and woman) who developed some kind of psychic system to help them at card games.  They tried it at a casino and won big.  The casino owner didn’t appreciate it and had the man murdered.  The female found a bunch of recruits and taught them the psychic ability.  They all went back to the casino and used their abilities to clean it out and get revenge on the owner.  I keep thinking Linda Hamilton was the female but can’t find anything in her filmography that would fit the bill so I guess it might’ve been someone similar to her.  Thanks in advance for all your help.

2 sisters go to live with aunt. Late 80s/early 90s?

Hello. I believe this movie was from late 80s/early 90s.

2 sisters (teenagers) go to live with an aunt, i believe after the death of their parents. The aunt is maybe a little crazy or a hoarder but pleasant. I maybe remember old newspapers strewn about all over the house. The sisters also start missing school and the principal or similar comes over to talk to the aunt about it.

I don’t remember much more. It has a melancholy tone and rains most of the time. Maybe set in the northwest or northeast US. Small town feel. There are also traintracks that they walk along.

I can’t rember who plays the aunt but maybe someone like Diane Wiest…


Thanks for any help.

Art Attack episode name

What’s the name of that one Art Attack episode where the guy was creating a giant tiger drawing in a completely dark background empty space room using seeds and stuff and there was this cool music playing in the background too?

PS: Which actor was it considering the number of actors portrayed in the series?

Concentration camp

Remember it was this guy who make like funny faces to this kid in a concentration camp know he had like long hair maybe. Saw a few scenes of him with the kid was one behind a door think the kid was watching him maybe. Not sure if it came out a few years ago or if it was earlier than that was hard to tell.

Movie about two brothers go to the woods

I saw this movie a long time ago, two brothers go to a village next to the wood or forest. Villager says that there is a witch in the forest, and nobody goes there. these two meet a girl and they go the wood not sure but i remember it had some references to old cartoon then it has a lot of references from old cartoon like “Hansel and Gretel” and “Sleeping Beauty”

Movie about romance in XIXth-XXth century China

I’m looking for a movie set 1 or 2 centuries ago.

This movie was shown ~20 years ago but it may be older. It wasn’t in shades of grey.

I think it was a romance between a Chinese woman and a European man. All I can remember is that the plot took place in China and at the end of the story the woman gets executed by beheading. The actual beheading isn’t shown but is suggested by the fact that the feather she had between her hands is cut off.

Female archer saves family

This movie was from the 70s or perhaps the 80s. American, English, in color.
Bad guys invade a home and are holding a family hostage. The mom is not caught. Mom is excellent with a bow and arrow. Mom sneaks around through the woods around the house and picks off bad guys as she has the opportunity. Eventually the dad gets outside with a friend and they make it to the garage where they find one of those small handheld crossbows that shoots bolts about 6 inches long. Thefather somehow ends up in the swimming pool. A bad guy pours gasoline on the water and throws a zippo lighter toward the pool. The dad raises up in the water and shoots the bad guy with that little handheld crossbow. Then the dad ducks under the water. The gasoline on the water catches fire. The dad waits for a clear place in the flames and he emerges and gets out of the pool.

Mind-controlling Alien B-Horror at Teens School Break Getaway

So I watched this movie as a kid and have been trying to find it for years. It was on late night HBO or Cinemax and was on rotation some time between ’90 and ’95 but it could have been older. Basic synopsis was a bunch of teens / college coeds go to a swanky cabin over break in the woods next to a pond… ostensibly to drink and engage in copious sexual adventures. Enter alien, stage right to interfere with those plans. Alien is a central body with two long tentacles emerging from its sides. To be honest, it kind of looked like a Boglin if you remember those. It shoots mind-controlling green lasers out of its eyes that it uses to control women in order to mate with them, and the womens eyes glow green to show that they are, in fact, under alien control. It has no use for guys so it eats them.

Some specific scenes I remember:

– When they first get there, one couple jumps right to the fucking and their bed is banging against the wall were the virginal heroes are trying to sleep. They seem upset like they didnt know what was going to be going on.

– After one kill in the pond, the camera shows a scene that proports to be from the aliens POV as it eats its way out of the guys stomach. Cheesy affects included punk chunks being washed off the front of the camera lens.

– After the protagonists kill the alien, they escape in a truck and stop to pick up a dazed young woman on the side of the road. I think she was actually involved in a car crash in the beginning of the movie when the alien first arrives. She gets in the truck and the protagonist notice that the hitchhiker has green eyes. They accuse her of having said color, and the girl says something to the effect of ‘I know, I have always had green eyes’. The protagonists then throw her out of the truck and drive off.

Thank you for your assistance in this very important matter.

Woman speared through stage

The climax of this movie involves a dance sequence on stage. At the end of a dance, one of the dancer pretends to kill another with a spear, but the spear actually goes through a panel on the stage floor. Unbeknownst to the dancers, another woman has crawled under the stage, and she gets killed by the spear. When she screams, the audience boos. The make dancer asks the female dancer why she screamed and ruined their dance, but she claims that she did not scream. I think that leads to the discovery of the dead woman under the stage. I saw it as a child on TV, but I think it was a movie, probably the Saturday night horror movie. This would have been in the 70s.

Movie; One man giving another man a speech about how the world really works/who really runs the world.

I only remember one scene from the movie:

There is one guy standing at the end of a long table. He is illuminated by light.

At the other end of the table, there is a man sitting down (maybe looking terrified). He is also visible.

All up and down the table sit men, invisible in the darkness. There are green retro/vintage bankers table lamps all along the table.

The man standing at the end of the table is mad at the guy sitting at the other end. The standing man is giving him a long speech about how the world really works and/or who really runs the word. There is no background noise, you can just hear the angry man.

Maybe the movie was in the 90’s??