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Weird Movie I Saw

This was a color movie in english. I saw it maybe between 2 to 5 years ago. All I can remember is a scene with Steve Buscemi. He was putting on lipstick and loading a bolt action rifle. A guy that I think was the lead actor called Buscemi’s character on the phone and apologies for bullying Buscemi when they were in highschool. Buscemi then crosses off the name of the guy who called him from a list (most likely a kill list).


Scene: 1 man & 2 women tied by wrong turn-like creature in their hide out

It’s in this IG tv:

Two humans (possibly cannibals) are talking. Meanwhile a woman with both arms tied wakes up, realises she is tied with 2 of her friends and starts shouting. The 2 cannibals are alerted, then one of them deals with her. Etc etc more talking.

In the end the 1 man who’re getting tied are being taken with one of the cannibals (presumably to be killed).


The background scene/the house seems to indicate the film is a horror Wrong Turn-like movie. Already searched about “cannibal movie, woman tied etc etc” but still have had no result. Thanks for whoever find it.

Movie about species that look like humans

So I’m looking for a movie that i have watched on HBO some 10 years ago.

The plot is that there is a guy, who looks like normal human. He’s part of some different species that I think feeds on humans. But somehow, he has found out a different way to live. I think it’s because he had fallen in love. Also, i should mention he visits an old dying guy, from the same species that has also managed to live without harming humans. I believe that they can also shapeshift (sort of like in the game Prototype). What I also remember is that others are trying to find out the protagonist’s secret and he’s being killed again and again ( I think it’s something like that) but the day only resets for him.

The movie is in colour. And I think that’s all i remember. Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance!

Animated Christmas movie

I don’t remember much about that movie. I only saw it once in 2nd grade. All I know is that it was an animated musical movie that took place at Christmas.

It had a female talking mouse wearing glasses and red clothing who served as somewhat the narrator. It also featured a boy (probably an orphan) and his pet cat hiding in a train and also evading the police.

In one scene, a kind cloth merchant allowed them to hide in his clothing merchandise and give the police wrong directions as to where they went.

Later on, the mouse nearly became the cat’s next meal had the boy not been kind enough to allow her to live and let her go back into her hole.

And the one best scene I could easily remember was some kind of glowing light or spirit appearing out of nowhere that brought toys to life one night in a toy store in front of the boy and his cat and they started singing and dancing before resuming their positions. Then, when they found themselves surrounded by 3 unsavory characters, the toys came to life again and attacked the would-be aggressors, thus, saving and allowing the boy and his cat to escape.

The rest is blank.

Drama movie about start-up

I rented a movie in 2002 about a guy that developped an algorithm for video streaming. He started a company, losed control of it and has been kicked out by the board of directors..

I remember that at one point there was a presentation of the product, and there was issue with the streaming.

Also one scene of a collegue that organised a night with alcool and escorts to pretend he had an adultery and sent video to his girlfriend.

Horror movie

I remember a movie about a group of people that were in some kind of sect. They were chasing a girl to do a sacrifice with her. With the help of her boyfriend of friend they were running and hiding.

In the scenes I remember :

One time they were in a house, they traced lines on the floor arround them which protected them during night, on the morning, there was piles of books arround.

One time, they tried to hide the girl into some kind of bunker of a friend, the kind of survival guy with a lot of weapons, but he failed.

At the end of the movie, they took the guy instead of the girl for the sacrifice.

does anyone know the name of this anime?

this isn’t something i’ve actually seen before myself but it’s something that i WANT to see, i just can’t find any info on it even with a reverse search. it looks like an anime, but it could be a full movie instead of just a series. all i have to give for any info on it is a meme that uses the material.


so if anyone knows what the name of the material is that’s being used in this meme and could tell me, that’d be fantastic

Action film

Hi! I saw this film on VHS not early than 1992 year, action movie like James Bond.

First scene in my memory: main character (with his women) flies on cargo airplane and controls plane. Main character see cargo hold open message and go to back part of plane for knowing what happen.  In back side of plane he  fights the villain  hanging out of the cargo bay, the main character wins  and go back to controls at the last moment.

second scene: main character (with his women) sleigh ride from mountain with violin, skiers chase them.

may be it another films but I remember it same film.

Movie with 2 spy-people and bulletproof vest

I saw this movie in the 90s. I think it had “silver” in the name? I’m not sure though, so don’t put too much stock in that. I remember 2 scenes – there’s this lady who’s wearing a catsuit. I only vaguely remember what she looks like, and I want to say she resembles Max Guevara from Dark Angel (TV series in like 2000 or s0). Anyway, there’s an enemy guy behind her in a room twisting her arm or something. In a later scene, a guy – the lady’s ally – gets shot, and the lady thinks he’s dead, but then he emerges (I want to say on a roof?) and takes off a bulletproof vest, showing he survived the shot.

Someone suggested Ecks vs. Sever, but I don’t think that’s it.

Language was English and it was in color. I saw it on TV.

movie about an old man living in solitude find a boy and teach him survival skills

it’s a long shot, I was very little,

the plot of the movie is about a very young boy for the reason I don’t remember found himself alone in some kind of wildness ( it was like desert kind of wild and not a forest) and an old and lonely man who lived in this area by himself and found the boy, took him and thought the boy survival skills for few years.

I remember vividly a scene which the old man and the boy going to a water source and the old man laying on a rock waiting for a fish to come by and then catch it with bare hands and it use next to feed both of them,

then I remember the boy grows older mastering everything the old man thought him, and they had an argument and the old man was too old and slow to hunt and fish for himself and the boy caught a fish and didn’t share with the old man because he was made at him.

at the end the old man got sick or too old, and the boy regret his anger and took care for few days for the old man in his bed, after a while the old men died, the boy cried and there is a zoom out from the old man wooden house, and you can see pigeons flying.

I watched the movie somehow between 91-95, I believe the movie is from the year of 85-90 I pretty sure  the movie was in English, the boy was white, for the old man he was white or Asian

Asian chews glass

From the film, I only remember this scene as the main character, an Asian, eating glass. But the glass is fake. When he eats it, it is like blood. I remember that the character seems to be an immigrant. Everyone he met thinks that since he is Asian, he knows martial arts. I also remember the moment when the character was taking a bath. A naked girl came to him. When she started to go into his bath, he got up and was fully clothed.

I am looking for a horror movie

I am looking for a movie I saw in December 2013. It was a horror movie and I don’t remember almost anything, except a scene where someone (I think a girl)  was kidnapped and later her body was hanged  above a naked woman. That woman cut the body open with some sort of a long stick and she enjoyed the blood falling on her body.

Movie about a woman trying to find little girl

I only remember random details of this movie. I think I saw it on Lifetime between 2004 and like 2010? I could be wrong tho. It’s about a lady who has like a brain tumor or something and her husband is a doctor and the one who finds it. He’s trying to get her to accept surgery to get it out but she keeps getting weird visions (or dreams?) of a little girl and she sets out to find her because she woman thinks she’s in trouble or something. Then I just remember a scene where the girl is reciting “star light star bright first star I see tonight…”

Punk girl bamboozled unconfident guy

Film excerpt approximately 4 minutes long.

At night in the city, on a noisy street, a young guy walks unconfidently, holding leaflets or books. He approaches some punks or bullies and begins to preach religious views to them. The punk knocks the flyers out of his hands. The punk girl kindly takes him to an amusement park, drags him to the attraction of crooked mirrors, where she bamboozle him, stripping the guy and stealing all his clothes, after which he stands naked and does not know what to do. It seems that it was his dream and he wakes up.

  • Saw this excerpt on the internet a couple of days ago.
  • The film is colored.
  • Probably the genre is comedy or drama.

TV show spoofing Usual Suspects

NOTE: This kind of gives spoilers for the movie Usual Suspects movie.
I can’t remember if it was Everybody Loves Raymond, or King of Queens, but I recall a scene where the wife is trying to get the husband to open up about a traumatic incident he had as a child.  He starts telling some story about two bullies and twinkies or something.  Then he walks away.  The wife and friend?doctor? (I really can’t remember) realize that every detail in his story is taken from things he sees around him, ie: the bullies names are William and Mary, which he got from seeing a degree from the William and Mary college, just like the end of the Usual Suspects. I’ve been looking at the episode recaps of both tv shows, but can’t seem to find that episode.  Maybe it’s a different tv show altogether?  Please help 😀