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Undercover drug buying scene

Recent movie. Blonde woman and “boyfriend” trying to buy drugs undercover.  Drug dealer won’t sell unless woman does drugs right there and then.  Woman fakes an argument with “boyfriend” to distract them. One of the bodyguards recognizes the woman.  It’s a fairly recent movie.  I know it’s not “Rush” with Jennifer Jason Leigh, because I remember thinking “wow, that reminds me of ‘Rush'”.

90s thriller?

I think this may have been an early 90s movie. I haven’t seen it all the way through.  All I recall was that the killer wrote the words “who killed cock robin?” at the crime scene.  I don’t recall if multiple killings occurred or whether it was just one.

Thought this was Danny Cooksey

Saw this movie in the 90’s. I thought, still pretty sure, Danny Cooksey was in this movie but nothing comes up that looks like what I’m looking for.

Late teenager’s (who I though was Danny Cooksey) girlfriend is sexually assaulted. The boyfriend ends up in jail with the guy/guys that assaulted her. Honestly that’s all I remember of the movie. I feel like it had a Lifetime movie type vibe to it. It’s driving me nuts because I swear D.C. was the guy in the movie. In my mind that’s what he looks like. Thanks for any help!

Steampunk(?) movie about a tower and a weird field with holes in it

I vaguely remember this steampunk movie I saw once when I was younger.
I remember there was a tower or tall building on an island in it.
There was also a foggy forest which contained a field with holes in it where tractor things would kill people.
The movie was about this teenage boy and his friends, a girl and another boy.
I remember his male friend got trapped in the field and the main boy had to go save him. The friend was chained by his legs to one of the holes in the ground and kept getting pulled back into it.

PS: It was live-action, in English, and in color. I remember it looking modern and I saw it as a kid so I think it was from the 2000s.

hearts & silence

A thriller/horror movie.

Human-like monsters attack people at night and cut off their hearts. An important thing to recognize the movie: the people in this town cannot speak or cry! So they communicate by writing on paper or using a projector on walls; the investigators conclude that those monsters need 7 human hearts at all. If I’m not mistaken, there were 2 girls (maybe sisters) who used psychokinesis/telekinesis to move furniture to stop the monsters opening doors into their room. This movie is certainly before 2006.

80’s movie that I cannot figure out!

An older movie, post-apocalyptic or SciFi desert area. No buildings or advanced tech.  The story revolves around a small group of people panicked about an predicted approaching solar eclipse. Many believe it will be the end of the world. One of the charismatic leaders is blind and convinces a woman he has a relationship with to become blinded as well. To do so (this is the scene that stuck in my memory!), she is laid down and wears a mask that covers her face except for her eyes. Then two crows or hawks(?) are allowed to peck out her eyes while she’s awake and under no anesthetic. Scene creeped me out but also the movies ending.  The eclipse comes and everyone panics, except for one other guy who has been against the belief that the world is ending.  It’s a long shot that anyone remembers it. Very low budget movie.

Need help finding a wedding movie

I need to find this movie or TV episode. The story has a wedding in it and I only remember a short 5 minute scene.

It’s late at night and the setting is at a bed and breakfast, a manor, or a home. I want to believe it is a castle like manor/bed and breakfast.

Two male friends arrive late at night and on the way up the stairs to their room they run into a father with his son on the stairs. They exchange greetings and ask each other if they are from the bride or grooms side.

The father introduces himself and then turns to his son who he introduces with this quote

“and this is Shaunter… The famous bedwetter.”

To which Shaunter exclaims.

“but daaaaddy that isn’t fair!”


Here are a few more things Im not 100% on.

I don’t know how to spell Shaunter, seanter, shawnter, I’ve tried endless variations.

I want to believe that it is a British show/movie.

I also think that the boy may have witnessed his dad cheating on his mom earlier with another guest which lead to his anxious bed wetting.

Honestly if when I die, I’m given a choice to go to heaven or learn the source of this scene I will gladly choose hell and learn the origin of my cinematic nightmare. Thank you 🙂

American comedy

This film of end of 80s…beginning of 90s. The HERO is TV journalist. He wants to have children. His wife is lawyer and works in President election team. HERO meet another woman. She is a musician, plays violoncello. She get pregnant and he decides to devorce from his wife. HERO and his wife are in restorant and his wife says him, that she is pregnant too. And the HERO does not devorce from his wife, but marries the woman musician. Two wives of HERO meet in hospital before childbirth. They decides to devorce from HERO and do not show him their childrens. But happy end. The musician wife is plaing in the orchestra, the lawer wife is judge. And the HERO is in the park and many children around him call him DADDY.

French film of teenagers

This film of end of 80s…beginning of 90s. I remember the final of that film. The young girl is looking for her boyfriend. She comes into the flat. A lot of teenagers sleep on the floor in that room. And her boyfriend is in another room with another girl. She falls down on the armchair and gets asleep. And one of teenager awakes. He sees the girl, comes to her and begins fuck her. The girl awakes and the film is over.

Old Dr Sleep movie, I think

I posted about this one other time and someone answered it, but I can’t find it. It’s a horror movie and all I remember is a man or woman moving their fingers on one hand like they’re counting really quick and when that person dies a child is shown doing the same thing insinuating that she’s possessed by the person that died. I thought someone answered an old Dr Sleep movie, but I’m not sure.

Old Kung Fu movie about pressure points

Hello, i’ve been trying to remember a very old movie that i watched as a very young child (i’m now 37). It is an old kung fu movie. I remember that the bad guy was using some unbeatable fighting style based on hitting pressure points of his opponents. And there was only one style that could beat him but it was like gone or forgotten or something. And the good guy accidentally (while drunk i think) found some old book or something hidden behind a furniture or something like that. And this was this forgotten style of five dragons or something similar. And i think then some ghost or something appeared to him to teach him this style. At the end there was a fight between good and bad guy and everyone was surprised that he knows the forgotten dragons style.

Thats pretty much all i remember from this movie. I’m guessing its from 70s 80s maybe, no idea, but old.

I really hope i can get help here, cause i’m looking for this movie pretty much all my life haha

japanese reincarnation soulmate movie?

Film originally in japanese. themes – supernatural, fantasy, romance, reincarnation, soulmates. colourised, produced somewhere between 2000 and 2016 (maybe up to 2018). live action.

romance between older man and younger woman. girl had a short bob and the male is older, dark hair, some wrinkles, grumpy. they wore traditional japanese clothing. male was writer or artist? maybe scarf

title kinda long in japanese romanji

setting – lived in rural area, traditional japanese home

the woman comes to live with the man and hes cold/grumpy at first

universe also has fantasy creatures that coexist (cgi or animated) . side plot of a guy who turns into a frog and loses his family.

revealed that the couple are soulmates – find eachover in every life but a higher power keeps trying to separate them.

Movie about vampires from 80-90s

I’ve seen this movie so far ago. It was on Russian TV somewhere in 1990-1995.  Thus the movie is between late 80s and early 90s. It’s about vampires so the genre is horror but maybe +comedy, not sure. Unfortunately I remember only one scene. Sorry for its messy description 🙂

Two guys come to morgue (as far as I remember) because they need to kill (till the end) a woman who was bit by a vampire (officially found dead or something). And to do it they needed to stub an aspen stake (I hope I translated this correctly) into the heart AND cut off the head. They found her, prepare a saw and started to cut. Then somewhere in the middle of the neck one guy says something like “hey, the saw is getting stuck”. And after this the woman VERY suddenly wakes up and attacks them 🙂 But they won by stubbing her with the stake finally.

I was a young boy so such expressive moment was set into my memory till nowadays :)) If you have any ideas please reply!

Need to know a strange movie with a dog ghost?

Hello. I am writing to you because I no longer know who to ask, you are the last hope I can ask here, otherwise this film will be forgotten. in short, I'll just tell you about a few images in my head, I don't know anything else. I know this movie is about a ghost dog, or maybe the folk legend of the black dog (I've already checked out similar movies like cujo, rottweiler, man best friends, or dog soldier, but none of them seem to be). I only know that the film was about a dog, black, like the one in the book of goosebumps so to speak, called a "ghost dog". the dog looks exactly like the picture in the book, but I'm not sure, because I was only 7 years old. however the scene I remember was that this dog was trying to break through a house door, but he was unable to enter. Then it seemed to me that the dog was long dead, and it was impossible that it was that dog that had broken it. Another scene was that someone was driving in a car, and there was this fog, and all of a sudden the dog had materialized behind the passenger seat of the car, with red eyes, which then attacked the man and killed him. The ending of the film I only remember that it ended with a woman, the house was blown away by a strong hurricane and all of a sudden a huge dog possessed by the demon materialized, which seemed to me the woman was saying that that dog was her husband (possible?) . that's all. I hope you can really help me a lot, thank you very much

Guy got a magic remote/cd and can control people

I cannot find this early 2000s soft porn movie with a guy(likely geek) who found a cd/remote and when he used it on his tv, a hot tanned blonde appeared. He can control the boob size of this character and even ask her to do anything. He has a childhood girl friend with short hair and small boobs but were only friends. The remote control can control every woman, even has a button that he used on his brother’s girlfriend’s gspot. He also uses this remote control on a bunch of hot girls living in this huge house and got them all turned on. The guy ended up with his childhood friend and destroyed the tv/cd/remote control.


Can’t remind fantasy movie with a sand witch (not a sandwitch)

I thought it were Prince of Persia: Sands of Time or something of Dungeons and Dragons but it were not. There were quite young witch with bald forehead and white makeup as one of the antagonists (she looked merely like Anna Varney from Sopor Aeternus) and she summoned sand elementals or alike, then the protagonist fought them all. I saw this movie in 2010 or 2011 and as far as I remember it was a new one that time.