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Tom Cruise movie with girl on horseback

All I can remember is the very end of the movie. I think it was a Tom Cruise movie, but he’s been in so many, I don’t quite remember which one. In the end he’s in a car or truck, maybe an SUV and some men are driving him. He drives past a girl, who’s in the movie with him for the most part, and she’s riding on horseback and he has a pin or a “trinket” in his hands and while she’s riding on horseback somehow the girl ends up with it, even though he never leaves the car. That last part could be wrong, but I do remember him riding in the back of the car and the girl on horseback. Thanks!

Movie about some blue animals trying to save a forest

  • I believe the plot of the movie was that there was this forest of talking trees and this lady wanted to destroy it but these little blue and purple hedgehog things had to stop her
  • There were also these two flies who went into the lady’s stomach which is the part i remember the most
  • It was cgi animated
  • I think we got it from redbox at some point in the earlier 2010s
  • I think there were three main hedgehogs  (if they even were hedgehogs they could’ve been a different animal)

1970’s movie where an Indian boy uses homemade wings to fly.

Ok, here’s another one, my lovely IRTM peeps. (-: Again, in the 1970’s because I was about 7 or 8, and I’m a little over 50 now. So, here’s pretty much all I can remember:  It was a story that involved an America Native tribe and somewhere in the movie a little Indian boy puts on some wings that were made from eagle’s feathers. He jumps off a cliff, or high rock or something and can fly. That’s pretty much all I can remember about the movie. Sorry, I wish I could remember more but I can’t.

Girl listening to recording from her father.

What I can remember from the movie is a girl gets a tape from her estranged father. After she starts playing the tape I think it goes on one long camera shot or simulates one. It gets more unsettling as the story progresses, and the recording doesn’t ever stop playing once it starts. Right at the very end of the film she finds her father (I think). That’s all I can remember for now.  I remember a lot about the flick, just can’t remember the name of it.  Thanks!

Group of people and glass bunker in desert

This may have been only a trailer for a movie, but I remember a group of people walking in a desert and coming across some sort of bunker with glass doors. Some, if not all of them, walk inside and the doors close, and then sand may have covered the door. I saw this sometime within the past decade, and it was definitely in color and in English. It was also on TV, so it might have been a trailer for a TV show. I’d really like to watch it, whatever it is, so any help is appreciated!

WWII movie, headshot wound

All I can remember from this morning older war movie is a scene where two soldiers are driving around in a jeep. The guy sitting in the passenger seat has been shot in the head and is unconscious, and looks to be dead. The driver won’t let him go. The driver has been trying desperately to find a medic tent. He asks for directions from passing soldiers and finally finds the place. There is a worn out surgeon there who just finished an operation. The jeep driver hassles the surgeon to take a look at his comrade, the headshot victim. The surgeon takes a quick look and tells the driver his friend is dead. The driver pulls a gun on the surgeon and makes him take a closer look. The surgeon finds that the headshot victim is still alive. They rush the wounded man into surgery and save his life. Thats all I can remember. I am pretty sure the movie was in color, but still somewhat old. And I think it was WWII because they were Americans, and it wasn’t in the jungles of Vietnam or even in Japan. Europe in WWII, I’m pretty sure. The driver also wore a beanie or a helmet and smoked a lot. After seeing 1917 the other day this scene came flooding back to me and I would love an answer. Thanks.

Cartoon movie about toys?

It’s an old cartoon movie? Or maybe its a cartoon series I’m not sure anymore.

I only remember a scene about a mean Raggedy Ann style male toy who bullied other toys? And at some point he gets pushed? Or someone stands up to him idk.

I was thinking it could be the Forgotten Toys but again I’m not sure and I can’t find pictures of any other character except for the doll and the teddybear.

Help 🙁

Animated Rockstar Animal.

It’s an animated movie and it’s not produced by Disney,  Warner Bros or Don Bluth and it aired on Cartoon Network’s theater block.  The plot of the movie involves a group of animals who want to be singers,  one of them is a dog and one of them is a rooster.   The trailer for this movie had mentions of Michael Jackson and Elvis.

Trippy Scary Movie Where Guys Loses His Mind

PLEASE someone help me with this it’s driving me nuts…. feel like I just made the movie up in my head which is all the more trippy because the guy loses touch with reality!!


I think I saw it on Netflix a few years back. Scary/Trippy movie where guy finds this notebook/diary/journal and try’s to read it, but it keeps making him lose track of time and forget what’s he’s been doing… he try’s to film himself and sees that he keeps getting sidetracked at page 15 or something and becomes obsessed with finishing reading it… I think like we find out it’s releasing monster/demons and shit too… but yeah dude just completely breaks down.. I think I’m the end he shoots himself before a demon can get him or something


Was really an amazing little trippy gem of a movie. PLEASE HELP!!!!!


thank you!

Childhood TV Show with animals as main characters?

I So I remember from my childhood I used to watch a TV show and it had talking animals I think. I can’t remember what the characters looked like or their names, but I do remember some bits of the episodes. The first one I remember is one where one of the characters has a metal detector and is searching for something. I remember the character went into a sandbox to search for it too. There was also another episode where a character is given a telescope with something black put on the eye-hole so it made a ring around the character’s eye. There was also another one where a character is given a round, blue candy in the shape of a ball from a round tin. There may also have been a part where a character was on the moon and saw aliens. I can’t remember if this scene is from the same TV show and I think there was a robot in that episode too. These are only bits of my memory of the show and I can’t remember exactly what genre it is or even what the characters looked like or their names, I just remember these specific scenes and I know they’re from the same TV show. The TV show is definitely set outdoors because I remember at the end of an episode, the character walked back on a path with their friends and there were trees and the clear night sky. I remember the TV show was very relaxing and it wasn’t a comedy or action show.

Baby cut from womb on halloween now adult solves mystery of parents

saw this last year on TV but can’t remember when nor if movie or tv mini-show. it was in color (within the past decade, i guess) & in english. details may be fuzzy but i think this is the gist…

it’s halloween & a pregnant couple is waiting for a few friends to arrive before they all go out. the friends arrive in costume, but one is concealed by a black mask & is silent. they assume it’s one of their friends but it’s not.

the masked man ends up killing everyone and also cuts out the baby from the mother’s womb.

the killer is caught & goes to jail.
the baby grows up and now as an adult, her & her husband moves back to the town and into the same house that she was “born” in.

i believe she opens an art store in town.
and i think she is harassed by the towns folk for some reason.
and the murder of her parents became legendary & the mask used in that slaying is now a halloween mask others wear.

eventually, she stumbles upon a secret area of the house where she finds video tapes that show her parents were swingers or that her mom had sex with other men whilst her dad recorded it.

turns out, the psycho that killed them & ripped her out is her biological father from one of those sex sessions.

i don’t recall what happened but the end has her & her husband leaving town.

now, like i said, details are fuzzy. i might even be mixing up parts from different shows or even just imagining some of it. and i can’t remember if this was an actual movie or tv series.
but it’s been driving me crazy seeing some of these scenes in my head & not being able to place them.

does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

Obscure suburban teen movie

I saw this maybe in 2010, but I think it was already a few years old.  I caught it flipping through Showtime.  I don’t know any of the actors or creators of the movie and I can only recall one scene.

It was what I am pretty sure is the ending to the movie, but a mean teenager went into a house in a suburban neighborhood on a sunny day, and got one of his eyeballs slashed or stabbed by a younger boy.  He ran out of the house in pain only to be hit by a car in what was a very cartoony scene where we get a bird’s view of him flying into the air. The camera focuses in on his face and he glances at a far-away airplane leaving contrails in the sky and he says one word or phrase (I don’t remember) before falling back to the ground.

Please and thank you!

Animated Halloween special

I want to say I saw this back around the mid 2000’s.

It was an animated Halloween special told in 3 parts. The first part was about a dead cat that came to haunt the protagonist as a ghost.  The second part was about a group of kids trick-or-treating. The final part was about a bully teaching the main characters to “undress” women with their mind’s eye.

It was a very raunchy and profane cartoon.  I think I saw it on HBO and the first name of the producer/director/writer was Luke.

Thank you for your help!

Star Trek TOS episode

I can only remember a small part – this is from the Star Trek Old Series, I thought somewhere in the middle of the series, but Im not sure, and in the episode the landing party is on a planet and it appears that someone had died, I thought Kirk or McCoy said it was Chekov. Kirk and Dr McCoy are very visibly upset and McCoy is as usual needling Spock because he isn’t as upset as everyone else and his lack of emotions etc, and Spock makes a comment to the effect of “You forget that I am also half human.”



And thank you!


Elite Parties/Deadly insects

So this movie is set in New York, maybe Lower East Side…

There are these elite parties where young people attracted by the prospect of earning a substantial amount of money, risk their lives playing a kind of Russian roulette with deadly insects for the entertainment of guests with fetishes…the young people enter the room one by one and are told to lie in a glass cabinet where a deadly venomous insect is released and they are given a certain amount of time to survive – if the insect bites they will certainly die.  If they survive then they get paid.

Another Disney movie

Having seen part of this movie once only, all I know is that it was a Disney movie and from what I remember, it had two blonde-haired teenage twin girls. Given their tall heights, the coach, who seemed Asian, recruited them into his team of basketball players consisting of girls even though the twins never played basketball. One of the players was some kind of jealous, spoiled brat with black hair.

That’s all I know and remember.

Note: It’s NOT Disney’s The Parent Trap franchise at all.

Old gore movie

I remember watching the movie early this year on Tubi tv under cult classics. It started out with this man who was repeatedly waking up from a nightmare where someone was being killed. I think they described him as schizophrenic. There was also a scene where a little boy walked into his fathers room with an axe and killed the woman he was with. It was in color and looked old, 70s to 90s maybe.

Old Film Woman Kept Captive

Hello.  I remember watching an old movie on TCM.  I think it was black and white.  It was described as being a movie made up of B actors, but I’m not sure if I’m remembering that correctly.  Anyway, from what I can remember, the movie stars a nurse (I think) that was kidnapped and set up in an opulent home/mansion.  She was told she was the heirs wife (I think).  She knows she’s not, but they’re trying to convince her she’s mad or has forgotten. There’s the “mother-in-law” that’s a part of the “they”.  At one point, she tries to send a letter, and there was a tense scene of her trying to get the letter out of the home and sent.  If anyone can tell me the title, I’d much appreciate it.

Horror/Gore movie from 2010-2014

This movie is very graphic, it was in English and in color, I saw it on TV and have already looked for it in What Is My Movie? I can’t remember a single actor or name though.

The plot is about a man and his girlfriend crashing their car at night, he gets out but she remains trapped inside. Since there’s gasoline around her the man sets her on fire on purpose with a lighter, but I can’t remember why. The girl survives but her entire skin is melted and burnt, she spends the rest of the movie like this.

Every time she is having a stroke and is about to die, the man gets horrible visions of her ghost or something similar, this happens a couple of times until he snaps.

He then decides to call a lover/ex gf over, in order to kill her, skin her, and take the fresh skin to the burnt girl for a transplant. When he arrives at the hospital, the girl had already passed away, and he walks out of the hospital and gets into his white car.

The details I remember are the most important I guess.