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Odd Artistic Film (Less Popular) Woman found by man

I’m looking for a rather odd film I remember that has practically no dialogue.  Close to none.  It starts with a woman washed up on a beach being found by a man, and he takes her in.  She appears to be mute or psychologically unbalanced.  I think she is quiet through the whole film (not 100 % sure.)  Her history is rather mysterious because she doesn’t speak.  It’s not such a popular film.  More of an artistic piece.  The man later tries to marry her towards the end of the film.  Not quite successful, but I can’t remember what happens in the ending except that I think another man comes into the film.  Again, it’s a rather odd film, due to there being VERY little dialogue.  I’ve been looking all over for it, tried different websites, and it’s annoying because all these more popular titles spring up.  If this rings a bell for anyone, I’d be grateful if you let me know.  No actors I remember, I saw it a few years back, it’s in color, english I think, but could be foreign.  The two main characters are Caucasian.  Not as much in the modern world of today (I don’t think.)  I’ve only given a few details from memory.  Again, little dialogue.  If you have any ideas, let me know.  Thanks.

Auto jump

Hello everyone.

Comedy film genre.

In general, the main character of the film needs to perform a stunt on a car. More precisely, he must fly over other vehicles in his car. As I remember, the car, in addition to the standard engine, has a rocket booster. In the film, he meets a woman he falls in love with. She has a kid. I don’t remember why, but the child will end up in the hospital.

1981 La chèvre (USA 1985) bar scene song


Hi! 🙂 I know the name of the movie already, La chèvre, but am asking this for a fellow buddy, who says that there is this rock/ hard rock song in this movie (prob from late 70s to early 80s?), when they are in a bar, and if you watch this Yt vid clip, you can hear the song coming from the jukebox…

Nothing in the end credits, he says, it’s not listed on the OST either, searched everywhere he knew to, as I have, as well… both of us have come up with absolutely nothing 🙁


Can anyone help please? Name of the band, and if possible, the name of the song title, please? Here is the Yt clip:

*(thanks truly for any help.)

A movie about a kid and a crook who eventually reforms in the end

I suddenly remember I saw this colored movie on TV at school in the 2nd grade once.

The only scenes I remember was:

The beginning where at school, while most students are either doing schoolwork or having a test I think, one boy is using a remote to control a toy car with a camera spying on someone.

The teacher asks the boy for his assignment and he claims his dog took and buried it in the garden somewhere.

The boy and his 2 friends call the police chief i think and mess with him while drawing a funny picture of him and laughing.

The 3 boys find a crook and keep him tied in a tree house and one of them tries in vain to convince his dad twice but to no avail since the crook keeps disappearing.

The boy introduces the crook to his friends after he wakes up.

After the crook has been arrested along with other crooks, he is eventually released while the others stay behind bars.

At the end, after the police chief gives both the boy and the crook a paper (possibly a reward), his dog later takes and buries it in the garden as the film fades to black.

PS: This NOT any of the Home Alone movies, not even the 3rd one especially.

Seemingly nice movie where a nice lady carries her husband’s live head in a bag around

I don’t remember much about this movie in color but for some reason, there was a lady who seemed nice and along the way she was carrying her husband’s head who can still talk in a bag.

One day, the cops spot her on a bridge I think and one of them faints after seeing the head in a bag, which eventually leads to her arrest for supposed murder.

Also, she had a young nephew who helped bury his uncle’s head somewhere while trying to figure out how to get his aunt out of prison. Also, he recounts the time he met an important black man in a flashback who was later shot in front of him by a dirty, racial cop (who is later arrested after the boy’s aunt is released from prison).

Martial arts movie, maybe Chinese

We had this movie on VHS some time in the late 80s. I don’t know when it originally came out but it is in colour. The cover had no English writing so I have never known what it is called. The film was dubbed into English so I don’t know what the original language is, but I suspect it was Chinese.

From what I remember there is a brother and sister living with their uncle who has some sort of pottery business. For reasons I can’t quite remember a bad guy kidnaps the sister.

The fight at the end is in a barn or large wooden building and has logs swinging on chains at the main guy.

I know this is pretty vague as I haven’t seen it since i was a child 30 years ago but I have spent many hours searching the internet for this film with no luck. Any help will be much appreciated.

Romantic comedy

Dear all,

maybe you can remember this film name.

Her boyfriend left her and she went to her father’s hotel. there she found a cook who pretended to be her boyfriend, because her ex boyfriend also was in this hotel with his new girlfriend.
Also I remember it was winter whole the film and they produced maple syrup by themselves.

thank you in advance and happy new year!


Movie about single mom with a young girl who cries and is always bad

Watched this within the last year or so but could be a film from within the past 5 years; might be an independent film as I watch many of them.

I remember these scenes: 1. the mom sits in the parking lot of a store and waits for a woman to get out of her car and go into the store, then the mom opens the door and leaves the little girl in the car and shuts the door and watches the woman come back to the car and drive away.   2.  The mom has to go to work and asks the babysitter to watch the kid and she says something like “this is the last time,  your kid hurt my kid last time”.   3.  Mom wants the little girl to take a bath and she’s crying and screaming NO so mom puts her in a bathing suit and makes her take a bath in a kiddie pool.  4. Mom gets a new boyfriend,  they are in the bathroom with the girl taking a bath,  boyfriend gets mad, smacks the mom and knocks her out,  mom wakes up,  boyfriend is gone,  little kid is still in the bathtub.

Please, help me to find it

I’v just saw it on Tiktok and accidentally refreshed the page. All I can remember is a girl visiting a plastic surgeon that pledge he’s gonna do a perfect job and he’s the greatest professional. But when the women wake up, she immediately wash in the narrow and see that her face is awful. She don’t have nose at all and etc. That a couple come to the hospital room with congratulations and welcomes her to their family. Please help! 🙂

A Christmas film

I last watched this movie at least 10 years ago online. It is in colour in the English language. It was about this little girl who has low socioeconomic standing. She has brothers (can’t remember if she has sisters). Her dad used to work from house to house and didn’t get much pay.

She has a best friend named Lily who is rich. Her mom is a social climber and has been wanting her husband (who is much older) to get an invitation to a certain event. They have a phone line. The mom didn’t approve of Lily’s friend.

This little girl also has an aunt who owns a nut shop. She tries helping her dad earn some money by holding trays of nuts for people to sample outside.

There was a man who looked like Santa Claus who called this girl “Little Blue Bird” because of her blue coat that her mom sewed for her (donated by her aunt).

The mom rented a sewing machine from a company.

In the end, the girl found her dad a job at a chocolate factory.

Please, does anyone know or remember this movie? I’ve been searching for it for years and I can’t find it. Would love to watch it again as it was really engaging and good.

A very silly 90s comedy where a man is escaping a murder investigation which he is not even a suspect of

Hello everybody!

This is an extremely silly comedy most likely made in the 90s or early 2000s. It had a very Leslie Nielsen vibe, but I don’t think he was in it. Cannot remember any actors from it, sorry. It was in colour and most likely in English in the original sound (I saw it in Czech dabbing originally on TV).

These are the only scenes I can remember:

The escaping protagonist comes to a motel where he sees the murder investigation on the TV there and tells the receptionist his name is “something completely ridiculous” which makes him look suspicious. It’s funny because he is paranoid but they’re not after him.

There is a scene where this crazy hunter guy is in the forest. He catches a rat, breaks it in half and says: “Protein!!”. (Maybe the word was different in English here, not sure.)

Another one was where the camera shows you this guy crawling over a wall with great effort and then the camera pans down and you see it is only like a meter tall.

And lastly, I think there is a scene where they are asking this person about his memories of this accident and he said that when the person started falling down the stars and it sounded like a box of tomatoes falling. Not 100% sure it was in the same movie, but I think so.

Thank you so much for your help on this.

Help me to movie

I apologize in advance for my English, this is not my native language, I use an auto-translator.
I am looking for the name of the film that I watched in the 80s. First, a shootout between police officers and criminals was shown, one policeman is wounded, he will be the main character.
..then, after some time, the same police officer collaborates with a civilian woman. An attraction is formed between them, but he avoids it in every possible way.
..I remember the moment when the policeman was crying alone, and the camera finally showed us that the policeman had to live with a urine bag under his clothes.
Please help me in the search! To the finder of the film – my big thanks + 10% goodness in karma

Late 70’s horror movie

I remember a few details about this movie I saw in the late 70’s.

I think they were a Boy Scout troop going to camp. There was some sort of creature or an alien in the same area.  The scariest thing about the creature was that it had these living fleshy discs that it threw at its victims. When one hit you, it would sprout some kind of roots or tubes and if you didn’t get it off right away it would drain all your blood.   There was a guy living in those woods (ie. A Hermit) who knew about the creature and in an open field he dug a whole bunch of pitfalls to capture and kill the creature.  Quite a few of the troop died as well as the troop leader. The creature did eventually get killed.

Bizarre 16mm foreign short from middle school

I saw this movie in junior high school in 1981 on a 16mm projector. It is around 5 minutes long. Black and white. No dialogue. Looks like it was from the 1960s and maybe made in Eastern Europe (Poland?).

Opens on a stark white backdrop. A row of identical workers in heavy protective gear. Their faces cannot be seen. Each one is standing in front of a small machine. In unison, the workers make jerky bowing movements toward the machines. The soundtrack is discordant and suggests loud factory noises.
Suddenly a butterfly appears and begins flying around the workers. One by one, the workers stop working and turn their attention to the butterfly. They remove their head coverings, revealing their faces, and they smile dreamily as the butterfly flits about their heads and hands.
The film ends with a sinister robot overseer pinning the butterfly to a wall in a dark room. The camera pulls back to reveal that this butterfly is but one in a large collection.

Film about a hostage in a desert

Unfortunately, I only remember the ending
In this film, two black-masked criminals held one man in a pit (or dry well) in the desert. They starved him for several days and waited for him to die in this pit. They often checked him and one of them even climbed down. I remember a scene where the hostage even ate his own skin from his legs. In my opinion, this is an arthouse, because I can not find it anywhere.
The hostage actor looked like Pierce Brosnan in the movie Seraphim Falls,
same thin and helpless
I watched it in 2010 or 2011
film exactly until 2011, no later

help me

I remember movie about the father of 3 or 2 kids but the one little boys can see the girl with gun shot into her head in closet, that father didnt know that was a family’s dog until he turn the boat on and killed his dog. Plus the father kill all his family with old fashion gun or something when he heard those word tell him to kill his family

80’s weird time travel movie

I remember the beginning being in black and white.  It’s set during the time of black plague.  This kid and some other men manage to find a tunnel of sorts that brings them to the present time.  He also keeps having visions of someone’s death/funeral.  SPOILER ALERT!!!!
It’s his death/funeral at the end.
What’s really sad is that I’ve found the name before, but as I get a little closer to the big 5-0, I can’t remember it now. 😉

Kid/teen Adventure

So this was previously solved for me on here before and I can’t find the post now.

This is a foreign film released in the US under a different title. I want to say German?
It’s about these kids who go looking for treasure. The VHS cover was the opening of a cave with a kid falling into it. There is a scene with quicksand. Ripping apart the spines of books to find clues/map pieces. A skeleton wearing jewels and a chastity belt. A man with his head over a bowl of hot water with a towel over his head.
I want to say it’s “The Four Adventures” or something along those lines.