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Animated series name

I don’t remember much about this series except for a few things.

The main hero character was a small, talking, yellow frog-like creature with ears and a nose wearing purple pants who could jump real high anywhere almost like crazy and walk only on 2 legs like a human. And I’m not so sure but I think he lived with a human boy and some scenes took place within air vents most of the time.

I remember one episode where when he found himself in an elephant pen of a zoo with an elephant about to charge at him, he pulled, stretched, and shaped his face to look like a mouse to scare the elephant away.

Another episode had him babysitting another yellow creature of his kind only more mischievous and younger with hair and buckteeth wearing a shirt, glasses, and shoes (probably his nephew or baby brother) and within an air vent, riding a spider.

The rest is blank.

Find the film

Please help to find film

American Comedy until 2000. A frivolous hero, running away from bandits or creditors, enrolls in the Salvation Army and escapes to Africa, where he builds a bridge and turns out to be better than the right snobs

Movie where guy has to stick his hand into loom

As the title says, there’s a movie where a guy is training to be a warrior or a ninja or some faster than a human being, of sorts. At one point he’s working at a textures/fabric shop and the owner of the shop is teaching him his craft. Part of his teachings is that he has to put his hand through a loom without getting it hurt or cut. That’s all I can really remember, I think it was a fairly big release, maybe from the late 90s or 2000s. Thanks!

New York?

American film, probably early to mid seventies.  Middle-aged white cop is trying to pin something on young black man.  Eventually there’s a confrontation.  Black man says words to the effect that he’s hired white killers for a hit, if he doesn’t back off “they’ll kill you and your faggot son”.

Alien or virus

Hi, this film is about an alien (I think), which transfers between people. I don’t remember seeing the actual alien as I only watched part of the film. I remember a scene where the main character, maybe denzil Washington, was running in a very crowded street and not being able to catch the alien as it transferred from person to person. I think they had to touch to transfer. It may have been a virus or an alien or monster. It’s been bugging me for years.

Disney TV series

According to IMDb, the song “Why Should I Worry?” from Disney’s Oliver & Company was later used as the theme song of a Disney TV series starring Joey Lawrence, who voiced Oliver in that movie.

Problem is that IMDb has failed to mention which series. I’ve been searching and googling on Wikipedia for years but without success. Please, if anyone knows the name of that Disney TV series, please let me know ASAP.

Presumably, 80’s – 90’s movies

Hey everyone. There is a movie I saw as a child on TV. I really want to find it, but don’t remember much. The plot takes place somewhere in the western states of the USA (I think so because I remember the desert), and it’s probably the 80’s (plus-minus 10 years).
The opening scene shows us the main character who is doing one hand push-ups at the roadside. He is traveling by car alone. Then he stops at the gas station and buys the fuel for 5 bucks. He has a chat with the gas station worker, who admires his car saying something like – “this is classic”.

I also remember the hero hiding from someone on the roof of the truck.
The end scene was the fight in the freight train carriage. The hero had a bag full of money. But after throwing the bad guy (or girl) from the train he throws the money away too (except one a wad of money that he stashes in the pocket).
The last thing I’m NOT sure about: the story involved local corrupted Sherif and his daughter.
I’ll appreciate your help in finding the move. Thanks!

Suburban family takes in a weird man

I recently remebered things this movie, and have been trying to find it, but i don’t remember what it was called. Basically it was about this man and his wife, i think they had kids who take in this strange man after a fog or storm mysteriously passes. After that weird things start happening at the house. I also remember that it took place on a farmland and the house was pretty big. I saw it on TV about 5 years ago, it was in English, it was in color, and by the look of quality i’d say it’s between 2000 and 2015. I don’t remember recognizing the actors, though i would know it was them if i see it again.

Penguin belly dancer?

Aight, right off the bat, the movie was about a penguin who was a mechanic or something, and there was this penguin girl who belly danced. (Wow I’m already starting to question if they were really penguins or some other animal… so not off to a great start, but you’d think it’d be wacky enough for it to be easy to find right?)

I watched it when I was a child, I’m 19 now but I honestly can’t say how long ago it was. I remember watching Anastasia around that time though. It was most likely before 2010, but the movie definitely felt older to me.

It wasn’t the only movie on the DVD, it was a collection of different movies, pretty sure they were all cartoons / stop motion.

The movie was probably stop motion and colored (I remember the girl’s outfit was pink, but honestly my memory’s pretty wacky and any of these details could be wrong, oop)

The reason I’m looking for the movie is cuz’ I keep almost remembering some rly funky music from it, but it’s not enough that I could hum it for a music recognition software.

There might’ve been something about building a plane in it, and saving the girl from some evil dude who forced her to dance? Idk.

I’ve already tried googling for it and I’m usually pretty good at finding stuff but I’m completely stumped here.

Oh also, I’m Danish but I don’t think they said anything in the movie, and if they did, I feel like it was English. Pretty sure it was mute tho, like 95% sure.

Thanks in advance for any help, I’ve been completely plagued by this *almost* song popping into my head for years now, finding it will really help me out

Trying to find movie with a character who has double prosthetic legs?

i only saw a tiny clip in a movie trailer compilation and I want to find the movie please? It looked like a recent movie (last ten years or so perhaps)

all it showed was a white man wearing a baseball cap who has two prosthetic legs walking away from a Jeep on a dirt road and he does the gun thing with his left hand (the click and fire with his finger) and behind him the Jeep explodes 😮

Please help me find this?

Interviewer reconstructs murder of young woman and is found guilty

Hi, I’m looking for a movie that I watched around 12 years ago. I’m relatively sure that it is an american movie from the 1990s up to the early 2000s.

The main plot is that a young man (maybe a journalist?) reconstructs a murder of a young poor woman. He gets the necessary information about the murder from the media and tries to look like the murderer by visiting the crime scene and buying specific products. I remember one specific detail namely that he bought rare sneakers or shoes that the murderer had worn. Lateron his approach leads to a trial where he is sentenced to death. One specific evidence saves him from death penalty at the last moment.
At the end of the movie there is a plot twist. The girlfriend of the acquitted man is sitting in the bed and sees an interview on TV, in which her boyfriend interviews a woman. Although the interviewed woman can not be seen, the girlfriend realises that this woman is the murdered woman. This proves that her boyfriend who had allegedly reconstructed the murder, was the real murderer.

I’m sorry that I only remember some parts of the plot. Unfortunately i can’t remeber any actors. Nevertheless I hope someone can help me to find the movie title. 🙂

Weird Movie I Saw

This was a color movie in english. I saw it maybe between 2 to 5 years ago. All I can remember is a scene with Steve Buscemi. He was putting on lipstick and loading a bolt action rifle. A guy that I think was the lead actor called Buscemi’s character on the phone and apologies for bullying Buscemi when they were in highschool. Buscemi then crosses off the name of the guy who called him from a list (most likely a kill list).


Scene: 1 man & 2 women tied by wrong turn-like creature in their hide out

It’s in this IG tv:

Two humans (possibly cannibals) are talking. Meanwhile a woman with both arms tied wakes up, realises she is tied with 2 of her friends and starts shouting. The 2 cannibals are alerted, then one of them deals with her. Etc etc more talking.

In the end the 1 man who’re getting tied are being taken with one of the cannibals (presumably to be killed).


The background scene/the house seems to indicate the film is a horror Wrong Turn-like movie. Already searched about “cannibal movie, woman tied etc etc” but still have had no result. Thanks for whoever find it.

Movie about species that look like humans

So I’m looking for a movie that i have watched on HBO some 10 years ago.

The plot is that there is a guy, who looks like normal human. He’s part of some different species that I think feeds on humans. But somehow, he has found out a different way to live. I think it’s because he had fallen in love. Also, i should mention he visits an old dying guy, from the same species that has also managed to live without harming humans. I believe that they can also shapeshift (sort of like in the game Prototype). What I also remember is that others are trying to find out the protagonist’s secret and he’s being killed again and again ( I think it’s something like that) but the day only resets for him.

The movie is in colour. And I think that’s all i remember. Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance!

Animated Christmas movie

I don’t remember much about that movie. I only saw it once in 2nd grade. All I know is that it was an animated musical movie that took place at Christmas.

It had a female talking mouse wearing glasses and red clothing who served as somewhat the narrator. It also featured a boy (probably an orphan) and his pet cat hiding in a train and also evading the police.

In one scene, a kind cloth merchant allowed them to hide in his clothing merchandise and give the police wrong directions as to where they went.

Later on, the mouse nearly became the cat’s next meal had the boy not been kind enough to allow her to live and let her go back into her hole.

And the one best scene I could easily remember was some kind of glowing light or spirit appearing out of nowhere that brought toys to life one night in a toy store in front of the boy and his cat and they started singing and dancing before resuming their positions. Then, when they found themselves surrounded by 3 unsavory characters, the toys came to life again and attacked the would-be aggressors, thus, saving and allowing the boy and his cat to escape.

The rest is blank.

Drama movie about start-up

I rented a movie in 2002 about a guy that developped an algorithm for video streaming. He started a company, losed control of it and has been kicked out by the board of directors..

I remember that at one point there was a presentation of the product, and there was issue with the streaming.

Also one scene of a collegue that organised a night with alcool and escorts to pretend he had an adultery and sent video to his girlfriend.

Horror movie

I remember a movie about a group of people that were in some kind of sect. They were chasing a girl to do a sacrifice with her. With the help of her boyfriend of friend they were running and hiding.

In the scenes I remember :

One time they were in a house, they traced lines on the floor arround them which protected them during night, on the morning, there was piles of books arround.

One time, they tried to hide the girl into some kind of bunker of a friend, the kind of survival guy with a lot of weapons, but he failed.

At the end of the movie, they took the guy instead of the girl for the sacrifice.

does anyone know the name of this anime?

this isn’t something i’ve actually seen before myself but it’s something that i WANT to see, i just can’t find any info on it even with a reverse search. it looks like an anime, but it could be a full movie instead of just a series. all i have to give for any info on it is a meme that uses the material.


so if anyone knows what the name of the material is that’s being used in this meme and could tell me, that’d be fantastic