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Mind control battle

This guy discovers a building  hidden on an empty lot from the minds of the masses and learns to see and enter it. He has a battle with a master of a dragon dagger that comes to life and flies through the air by the control of its master.  He learns to control it in a face of with the dragon and thus become the master during the fight on a spinning floor.  I saw it in the 80s. what is this movie?

Guy trying to escape a prison/penal colony?

A guy is in an outdoors penal colony or prison of sorts, with a chain attached to him, (potentially forced to work?) and he almost gets pulled in to a giant spinning fan or something in the ground (not sure if that was accidental or punishment for bad behaviour).
It’s in colour, not sure if for tv or cinema, and probably released no earlier than late 1990s. I think it’s a sci-fi and not horror.

Sorry for being so vague but that’s all I remember at the moment, so any help would be much appreciated.

Scifi, girl abducted, man and women go into space on a mission

Scifi, girl abducted, man and women go into space on a mission

Saw on TV, in late 1990s or early 2000s.
Video was probably made during the same time.
Decent (modern) production value, especially for a space adventure.
Long video, so probably a made-for-TV movie or a TV pilot.

Begins on a distant planet or moon (i.e. not Earth).
World full of humans and a few aliens.
Surface looks like a desert. A
lot of brown tents surrounding a marketplace.
Some broad dusty steps leading to a larger building.

Man with some dark desert garb goes into town, finds a bar.
Unknown occupation. Man receives a mission or finds a job, here.
Later, there might have been a bar fight.
Black-haired woman joins his crew, the next day.
They go off-planet on a ship to complete a job or mission.

Later, on the same planet, a girl is kidnapped
by some aliens. The aliens have creepy faces, but otherwise are humanoid.
They live underground in a bright red cave, with plenty of tunnels. The red is so bright, that it seems like some kind of plant growth.
Above the surface, the aliens wear robes,
and look like some type of religious priesthood. They are doing something
to the kid’s mind, as part of a ritual…

Anyways, man and woman defeat some big bad,
there’s a “gun” fight on the bridge of a bigger ship.
Then they race back to the planet to save the girl.

I don’t think the movie / pilot was well-received.
The video did not seem like the generic:
alien invasion,
time travel,
monster, or
space exploration molds,
so it is really hard to place.

Western Movie – Likely 80’s. I only remember the ending.

I saw this movie late night/early morning on television when I was quite young. I’m guessing it’s from the 80’s. I only saw the ending.

It takes place in the 1800’s/pioneer days out on the western plains of the US. There’s a crippled white guy hobbling up the side of a mountain in pursuit of a Native American on a horse. The Native American has a white woman with him and is slowly trotting up the mountain ahead of the crippled man. It’s the horse he’s after as he says “I’ll chase you into Canada if I have to in order to get my horse back.”

Halfway up the mountain, the crippled man finds the woman abandoned. She says to him “Please help me” but he ignores her and continues pursuit. He gets to the top of the ridge only to find the Native American riding off into the distance, he miles away and almost out of sight. The man then looks up to the sky and says “Please help me” and the movie ends.

This one has been bothering me for a long time. One of those strange childhood memories I can’t get closure on.

Anyone know this movie

I don’t know a lot about this movie but I do remember that the main characters get suck into this other world full of bits a pieces of different times in a flat desert kind of setting. I also remeber a scene we’re a guy not part of the main group gets stuck their to and is killed by a raptor or something in his truck, I’m thinking ice cream truck. This has really been bugging me would love some help.

can’t find this film – horror/thriller/mystert

So, there’s this movie. I’ve seen it around 2006 ( i know cause I watched it alongside Hard Candy). The thing is I can’t find it no matter what. I’m starting to wonder if I dreamt it???

So the film is in English, not sure which country is made of.

It’s about an experiment.

This guy replies to an add for some experiment in the mountains, paid tester or whatever. In a pub prior to the climb to the mountain he meets this girl * but she’s not really important to the story anyhow*

So on the mountain he meets the doctor…. then not sure what happens.. but basically the guy has turned him immortal, and keeps killing him over and over again…

In the end, surprise twist, when our hero tries to kill the doctor, he discovers that he is immortal too, hence he was the patient 0 or patient 1. a patient before him…

He escapes somehow I think…


Anyone? What’s the title of this film? Or films that sounds something like it?



Psychological horror movie where, in the end, the woman walks out into the night towards a waiting monster with antlers

It’s about this one woman who moves to a desolate house, which I guess was the place where she grew up. She has some mental problems, there’s also an invisible force toying with her. In one scene, where the camera who films is supposed to be a surveillance camera inside a building, she is assaulted by the force and pushed to the wall as if being raped from behind. I believe it’s symbolism of the sexual abuse she suffered in the past, possibly inflicted by her father. While in the house she hears voices calling her name, and in the final cut she is naked (or at least almost) and walks zombie-fied out of the kitchen door, into the dark, possibly surrendering herself to the madness. The camera is positioned straight behind her, and as she steps out, her frame getting smaller, a lean monster is gradually revealed standing in front of her. It has antlers/horns. The title of the movie is her name, if I remember correctly, and I think the main character has short, blond hair.

Help me find the name of this European movie

The general idea of the movie If I am not mistaken was based on a true story that happened somewhere in Europe. I am sure it’s an European movie either from Austria or Hungary, maybe Czech. The movie was shot in color. The main character is white and was wearing glasses, the movie wasn’t in English. The guy was living in an apartment with his mother, he was going to  university studying to become a lawyer and he fell in love/obsession with this girl he had same classes with and would check out during lectures. They got together and there was this scene where whilst laying in bed the both of them he just stabbed her to death and dumped her body. He got her into a bag and looked to dump her in the dumpster of an apartment complex  during the night.

I think the year it came out is 2014/2015 or closer to that. I think I downloaded the movie but I can’t just remember the name of it. It was beautifully shot, just would love to re-watch it .

If anyone knows please help me find this movie. Thanks!

Can’t remember title

i cannot for the life of me remember this movie title. I just remember one of the main characters is this really trashy woman who claims the universe won’t let her die. The villains get this scrawny black guy to hack into a security system or something and she shows up in this crappy car and starts screaming at them while running towards them with a machete. She kills the bodyguard and then tries to kill the black guy but he explains he is not the main character. The exchange was “IM NOT _____!” “Oh! Then why were you running?” “Because you had a KNIFE!!!” And she just can’t die or have bad luck or something. Like when people try to shoot her the bullets always miss and she’s trying to kill the main character for some reason.

Couple’s home is haunted by dangerous otherworldly “men” who collect lost things from people

I saw this on tv between 1999 and 2004(?), it’s probably a movie, but it might also have been an episode of some kind of anthology series, and I don’t know the run-time — at least half an hour. Language was english, but it might have been dubbed. I only remember a few scenes. Based on the look, it likely dates after 1990, but before digital was widespread; it appeared to have made-for-TV quality. I could also be wrong about that, because it’s been so long.


A white man and woman live in a home where things seem weird and not-right. Also there’s a door that’s messed up.

The man works in tv – he’s an actor, and several of his scenes involve him at work, being filmed for what is probably a soap opera.

Scene: The woman is concerned about the weird things in their home, and a different man comes over to check it out. He points out that somebody had added a door to the home after it was built, and says that created a major imbalance, and it means that the added door sometimes opens to other planes of existence, or maybe it was just the spirit world. He demonstrates by jiggling the handle of the door, then opening it — revealing a glowing otherworldly void. “See?” he says, but then it sucks him in and he’s gone.

Apart from this scene, the couple start seeing strange figures in their home and lives. These look just like, if I remember correctly, men are painted blue — just painted that color, they looked similar to the Blue Man Group in that sense, though these characters speak — and when they open their mouths, they have cartoonishly sharp teeth. They are dangerous and malevolent, and have something to do with lost things people have forgotten about. Somehow, possibly just by moving in, the couple have gotten the attention of these otherworldly monsters, and is now in trouble.

Scene: The woman has somehow entered the space where lost and forgotten things are collected. It’s a room full of tables, and on the tables are all kinds of items, pieces of people’s lives that they have forgotten ever existed. The woman has only one chance to escape, and that’s to find something of hers that was taken. One of the creatures is stalking her through the room while she looks, and it’s the man who was sucked into the vortex earlier in the story; he now is blue like the others, and doesn’t even remember his own name. The woman finds the lost item at last, and is released; she’s beaten the creatures.

Last scene/twist ending: The actor is on-set, filming a scene where he’s been stranded at sea in an inflatable life raft, one of those with a built-in canopy. He is shocked to discover that some of the creatures are in the life raft too, they say something like “surprise!” and grab and drag him into the raft, their mouths open with fangs showing. That’s the end of the story.

Asian cinema, set in the mountains. Couple seeks to gain immortality by stealing a power, one dies they find each other in another life, only…

… for one to die immediately by getting hit by a car

I saw this movie a few years ago, perhaps 2013 and I think it was older than that, on a recommendation for a unique, spiritual romance. Soulmates/Twinflames/Reincarnation theme. In color. The film was Asian, not sure if subtitled or not. Set in mountains. A couple falls in love and seeks to be together forever. The woman encourages the man to steal a power he was not supposed to. There is a scene where the couple is levitating/floating in the air while kissing/lovemaking. This scene stands out in my mind because it was beautifully done, the backdrop of mountains and perhaps the woman had on a flowy dress at some point, they are so absorbed in each other they may not realize/care they are floating in the air. Their immortal plan backfires, not sure of details, but one or maybe both ends up dying. They find each other a long time later, maybe hundreds of years later. It’s the end of the movie. As soon as they remember each other, one gets hit by a car.

DNA at crime scene

I recently started watching a movie or tv show that I think had a scene where cops found DNA at a crime scene that belonged to someone that was supposedly dead for over like 20 years. I thought it was found at the scene of a fire, but the details are so fuzzy…

Can’t remember

I watched this one movie on syfy and there was a group of friends went to go to like a motel or hotel and it was like in the wilderness so they were having fun swimming and stuff but I can’t remember but all I remember is that there were twin brothers with long I think blond hair killing them 1 by 1

Girl tied up in tree and her captor strips down her pants

It’s not actually a movie that I don’t remember. I saw a short clip and I want to know which movie or tv show it’s from.

The clips shows a girl with her hands tied up in a tree and then her captor who resembles a redneck with two hunting rifles with him said that the doctor is taking his time and he wants the girl to scream. The girl refuses, the captor then decides to strip down her pants and do something with her (I think he fingered her) to make her scream. The girl still didn’t scream. At the end something spooked the captor and said “we’re going out there”. He then untied the girl and dragged her along with her pants still half way down.

The girl is wearing a blue shirt and grayish pants and kinda looks like Amy Adams at first glance but she’s not.

Judging from the clip. I Think the movie is kinda recent maybe around 2010 above. And I also think the clip has cuts on it.



Who can tell me the title of this TV movie?

I remember seeing an 80s horror TV movie (I think it was part of a series but I’m not sure) that really stuck on my mind and would like to see again. It was about a couple that buy a house and start having visions about an older man killing his wife in that same building. They realised the older couple used to live there so the house is haunted. Finally they sell the house and just as they go they see the new buyers. They are the ones on the visions. Thanks.

Can’t remember mystery movie

There was this movie where  there was a guy who killed people but then after he kills this girl he falls down the stairs and forgets his memory he couple years later he’s a author and has a wife but keeps seeing ghost of the people he killed then at the end he finally get his memories back then tries to kill his wife

“Creature” horror movie (e.g. like The Relic or Razorback) from the 80’s or 90’s, probably an adaptation from some Stephen King’S book or a…

… similar author.

What I remember from this movie is that the creature is something like a giant bat. In the final acts, they are inside something like a coal mine, and while chasing the main character, its tail gets stuck in a stone crusher machine. The main character turns on the machine and the creature gets crushed.

As I mentioned in the title the movie felt much like an adaptation of a S. King’s book or alike, with MId/low budget.

Young musician with a mechanical hands.

I saw the movie somewhere around 1986-88′ on TV about young (high school) musician boy who played electronic music on a keyboard. Once he got injured in a car accident (or trapped in the car and hit with a fork lift) and lost both hands. With a help of his friends he got mechanical hands which could be programmed to type some sequence. With this and some practice he was able go back on scene and play on the concerts. He also had a mask, so he looked like a robot.

I remember there was lots of nice electronic music, but what was the title of the movie? I cannot recall…

Looking for a movie !

I am looking for a movie that  I saw few years ago , but only few minutes.  It goes like this : Couple when driving sees man throwing something that looks like man in the well, when they go to check it out they find a lot of dead humans inside. Then they start runing away , get inside car and that creature starts hunting them down. I remember that he jumps on the car he have wings. They escape to police station and think they safe but then creature find them there . I think that creature use human organs for himself so he have 3 hearts , etc…. Thats about it what I can remember .

Someone help me find this movie

I saw this movie approximately late 80s or early 90s.This movie featured a bunch of people who ate flowers and these flying blue lights that were either hitting things and burning them or destroying things and some guy Nuked one in a microwave. I’ve been looking for the movie ever since and have had no help. Google can’t help me.