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Monster Lizards (VHS, in color)

I saw this in a VHS movie tape years ago.

This guy was taking to a hospital and a doctor took out a parasite looking worm out of the guy.

Fast forward, the guy has $*x with a woman.

Fast forward, this group of people, like a SWAT team, go inside a jewelry store or museum(idk). The group sees a monster lizard, dinosaur, looking thing. These monsters appear a lot of times in the movie. The place is filled with booby traps.

I remember one of the scenes where a guy fell from a floor and landed stomach flat one the floor below which was covered with spikes.

At the end of the movie a nun talks to the man and woman. The man and woman walk around the city and most of the humans are gone, probably eaten by the monsters, and a ending scene I remember is that a bicycle wheel is still spinning even though nobody is there, only the two people.

I believe that the movie also ends in a jumpscare.

That’s all I remember. I tried to remember everything I could. I hope any of you can help. Ty!

Action movie with cyborgs

I remember just one scene in the movie, where police (or soldiers) are in the cover and a group of cyborgs are coming against them. Police chief or general shouts “Fire!” and they start shooting at the cyborgs. First, the cyborgs fall on the ground, but then they stand up and start shooting back.

  1. Probably it is a 90s movie.

Kid’s Movie about Aliens and Crystals

It was a live-action movie for kids involving this alien boy who got sent down to earth. It looked like it was made in the 70s or 80s, maybe the 90s but that’s a stretch. I remember the alien boy looked just like a bald little kid with pointy ears. I don’t remember how he got to earth, but all I remember is that he made some human friends his age who tried to help him get back to his home planet. They learned that they could attract the attention of his alien species or something by hanging crystals in places like on their house, and they ultimately succeeded.

Nothing pops up when I search for “70s kids movie about alien boy with crystals” or any other key words so I’m at my wits end. My parents rented this for my sister and I in like, 2004 or 2005 or something. I’d appreciate it if anyone could help me locate this movie!

Black & White Horror Film!? Help


Im 99% sure the movie is in Black and white

I was wondering if someone can help me find a movie. I remember seeing a quick clip about it. I guess the movie was controversial because the Killer or weirdo neighbor was leering at kids next door?

I remember very little. I think there is a scene where the kids are talking and one is telling another child of the killer or weird neighbor.

I believe she was swinging on a swing set.

I’m sorry for being vague. I don’t remember much.




Horror Movie of Boat Lost in Fog

I saw this movie on Tv when I was a kid. I think it was made in the 1950’s and it was in color. A group of passengers are stuck on a cruise/paddle boat surrounded by fog, sea monsters are terrorizing them, and they don’t know where they are. Someone gets killed by an octopus tentacle that comes through the porthole.

Near the end of the movie they land on a swamp island and there’s this cult with a boy as their leader. The main priest is dressed in white like the Ku Klux Klan. When the passengers try to escape back to their boat the boy says he wants to go with them, but the head priest stabs him in the back and the boy dies.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Romantic gay movie with happy ending

I am looking for a movie from around 90’s or 00’s, I don’t really know exactly. The movie starts with a group of friends (around 5-6 people) at New Year’s Eve party in a flat. Two of the friends are gay and they make out with each other (I’m not sure). One of them (cute blond) is certainly into his friends, but other one doesn’t return his feelings.

After around 5 years, they all gather for the wedding of the two friends from they group. I remember, that bride’s mother was kinda control freak and she wanted everything to be expensive and so on. And bride was very feministic woman. (sorry, I remember vaguely)

So, two gay friends meet again after all this years. Cute blonde has an older boyfriends, who couldn’t join him to the wedding.

They feel attracted to each other again, and after the wedding they make out again. And next morning, cute blond’s boyfriend shows up at the doorsteps. And this scene I remember clearly, cute blond puts cast on his neck to cover hickeys and tells his boyfriends that he injured his neck.

From that point, I don’t remember anything else. I remember though, that movie had a happy ending of two friends finally becoming lovers.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t remember more, I remember that I enjoyed this movie a lot and want to rewatch it but cannot remember the name.

Please help.Thanks a lot.

Killswitch movie

theres this movie that I watched years ago, its about a dude that lives a normal life until some guys try to kill him

basically the point of the movie is that he is some sort of new gen warrior, once he hears a keyword he turns into a serious warrior and can kill people easily

I remember there was this girl he fell for and eventually he found out she was the one they assigned to watch him, and she cared about him and gave him the keyword and he started fighting people that tried to take him down

I remember one scene, he worked in some diner or a small grocery store


I know this is not much but ill appreciate any help I can get, quarantine and all

Silent movie from Eastern Europe (2000-2010 era)

About a decade ago I watched a film from Czechoslovakia, Hungary or somewhere around that region. It was a moden film in colour but silent. None of the characters said a word throughout the film but there were noises in it (TV and radio sounds, footsteps etc). I don ‘t remember if the film had any musical soundtrack – it probaly had.

All the characters were searching for some stuff (and occasionaly stealing it). One guy was looking for umbrellas, a woman for loafs of bread, another guy for some plastic or metallic parts to attach to his TV and so on. I think there were 5 or 6 characters in total. They all looked kinda mysterious and shady, but the film was very gripping and made you want to see where this would end up to.  You could not tell what they were going to use these things on until the very end, where the finale is one of the best laughs I ‘ve had in my life. I hope you ‘ll be able to recognize this movie ‘s title…

Movie about heroin junkie that used to be a heroin dealer

Few things I remember are I saw it on a streaming app (I believe it was Amazon) and I believe it was the first few months of 2019 maybe end of 2018 and it was a about a heroin junkie and his girlfriend she stays home cause she is sick and all the junkies in town meet at a certain place to wait for the dealer and he finally shows up hes got 2  different kinds of heroin and the main character did something that made the dealer mad so he gave him the kind that was cut and when the main guy gets home he finds out and goes after him

and then I also remember the end… she did a shot and OD’s and he is upset and then  the cops come and cuff him and as they are doing the stairs she wakes up and she and the main guy get the guns from the police and then steal the car and drive away and the she said something to him and I think  he says  the last line of the movie which is “lets go get some dope”

Space fiction about a ship that cannot be controlled

Help me please. I’ve been looking for a science fiction film for several years and still can’t find anything. He is old, maybe before 2000.
I don’t remember the plot, but the events take place on a spaceship. There were some explosions and part of the ship, including the control cabin, exploded. There seems to be a pilot who died there. The team was stuck in a large room, where in the center there was some kind of hatch, from which it was drawing heat. The ship cannot be controlled, air and products are running out. The air was in cylinders, they tried to share it, but then it became clear that someone was stealing the air. Gradually, many die. A girl or a guy was sitting in a blanket near this hatch. They seem to fly to the star and cannot change the course of the ship or toward the sun. It seemed to be near the end.
I don’t remember if there were aliens there, but it seems that there weren’t.

Was This a Movie or a Dream?

I keep having memories of what I thought was a movie but maybe it was a dream? I’ve been googling keywords on and on and haven’t found anything so now I’m starting to think it wasn’t real, maybe you can help.

What I remember is it started with families in America sending their adult children to visit an ancestral homeland in a remote place. It was these people all from this single rural community that was in a clearing. It was a long journey to get there, at one point they had to take boats or rafts down a river in a very open area. I vividly remember the image of two of the people sitting on the boat and talking to each other. When they arrived, they had to go through thick woods for a bit before they got to the clearing, where there were small houses or possibly tents. The people who lived in this community were suspicious of the visitors until they started making connections to how they were related, and then suddenly they welcomed them very warmly. I think maybe everyone wore white? The “kids” that were visiting started getting to know everyone and were having fun learning the unique culture of this place when they learned the community was preparing to move underground into a tunnel system with bunkers they’d been preparing for a long time. It was almost time for what they thought was the apocalypse, and it was believed that was why the parents had sent their kids there. One kid, a boy I think, wasn’t too sure about going into the bunker, and I can’t remember what was wrong with it but he really didn’t like it. The “doomsday” arrived and everyone filed into the bunker, with the kids coming last (I think some of them decided not to go because they didn’t believe the apocalypse was happening but no one agreed with them. Possibly some were forced by the community to go or stay?), and at the very last minute it became clear the community had been wrong and had twisted purposes for getting everyone into the bunker, and everything was fine.

I remember so many scenes so clearly but I have no idea what it is. I think I may have watched it in class or something? It’s totally possible this was just a dream but I SWEAR it was a movie or short film I saw.

Japanese Gender Bending Boarding School Mystery

I need help figuring out the name of a weird Japanese movie I watched some years ago. The movie was not new at the time but it was in color, 80’s or later I would guess! The movie features a group of boys – all played by female actors – who spend their summer break at their boarding school when everyone else has gone home. There are NO adults in the movie whatsoever and the boys tend to themselves; making breakfast, listening to the radio and other exciting activities. One boy ends up commiting suicide by throwing himself in the ocean in the very beginning of the movie but soon thereafter another boy arrives by train who, although looking identical to the dead boy, claims to be unaware of the dead boy and the suicide. I think he, understandably, became increasingly more disturbed by the comparisons to the dead boy the other boys made to him. In between there is also a gender bending boys’ love story going on where jealousy runs WILD! I think the movie concluded in another suicide attempt by the ocean cliffs at night. Does somebody recognise this hahah? Anyone??

Teenagers apocalypse sort of movie

So basically Ive seen this movie a few years back I cant even remember its name.

It was about some sort of apocalypse and I only remember 3 scenes, and one I remember poorly

the movie was in color, not black and white, I watched it on my television, and I’m sure it was a movie and not a tv show

It was in English, I don’t recall any of the actors Ill guess they were a bit less famous than average

The scenes I watched:

First scene I remember is the final one, I remember it the clearest, the guys just traveled thru another portal and ended up in the future, a old man or woman comes up to them looks at them and says “how are you not infected” then dies and some worm gets out of his mouth, one of the kids squishes it and says something like welp another world to save

the second scene I remember is really really weird but I’m 100% sure it was in the movie, it was them reaching an area with naked people saying they must face the great one or something like that I dont remember his name, the point of that scene that I remember is the monster eating anyone whos talented or smart, he was some sort of huge blub with a lot of eyes and there was a room full of him (they ended up blowing him up with a lot of bombs)

the third scene I remember is the 2 guys talking to some man in some sort of doom area that had stairs, he said they were meant to save them or something and they claimed the stairs and reached the naked people

asteroid/comet headed for earth, blonde chick senses it

i watched a movie a few years back and the world was worried about this asteroid/comet, headed for earth. This blonde chick can somehow sense it and starts to become distant, detached, yet has ultimately accepted the fact that the world will end. The asteroid/comet whizzes past earth to everyone’s relief. So the blonde is staying with her sister, who’s married to this scientist working at nasa or something and he’s assured everyone it’s ok. but it’s NOT. he says it’s alright then goes inside and commits suicide. and oh boy somehow the asteroid/comet roped around (?) and crashes into earth. Pretty dreadful stuff. Anyone know this movie??? i can’t find it anywhere. it’s definitely made within the last 20 years

Time traveling granddaughter

I remember watching this movie in a sort of “musical appreciation” class back in elementary school in the late 90s. It was in English, and in color. From what I remember of the movie, a little girl visits her grandmother who used to be a dancer. She finds an old costume (probably a dress with fairy wings) and finds herself transported back in time to when her grandmother was a young woman trying to be a dancer in some theater production.

In the past, the girl is like a “ghost” where no one can see her except for the writer/director/some managerial person of the production. There was some kind of romantic tension developing between the girl’s grandmother and the director, but there is also a singer who acts really snobby and is probably going to make the romance a love triangle.

At one point the girl’s grandmother dances outside with only a couple people in the audience (including the director and the singer). The little girl also dances on the side and the director sees her and says really supportivly, “You are a dancer!” But the snobby singer looks really confused, thinking he is talking about the grandmother and thinks that he is just stating the obvious.

This was about 20 years ago, and obviously my memory may be inaccurate. I never saw the ending of this movie, so I don’t know what happens next. Thanks for reading!

Small creature like a troll

Good day.

I saw this movie about 20 years ago.

At the center of the plot is a small creature like a troll, very hairy, who has come out from under the earth and has to fulfill its mission.

At the end of the movie, it turns out that this troll, who called himself a warrior, in fact lost some thing, so now is trying to find it.

Thank you in advance.

90’s Mafia Comedy

There was a movie I saw on HBO or Cinemax back in the late 90’s where this young black man I think in either Chicago or New York City had the Italian Mob after him and he made himself up to look like a white guy and ended up becoming a member of the mob. It had some funny scenes in it like him telling this one wiseguy about his pistol and he knew nothing about guns and made up some off the wall caliber that was in the triple digits and the real wiseguy said something about that must be real powerful and asked him what the recoil is like and the black guy didn’t know what he meant and said it was “self coiling”. Another funny part is he is in the restroom and another black man rambles to him about it being a white mans world and the guy drones on and on while he is putting his disguise on and by the time he is finished he walks out of the restroom all made up in his white persona. Another scene he is at a urinal taking a piss and the guy next to him looks down and in shock sees his penis is not white like the rest of him. The final scene I remember is he is in some sort of auditorium at the end and a hitman tries to shoot him from a catwalk and the police arrest him before he can do it. Anybody have any idea what this funny movie was called. Please let me know.