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Little blond space boy

Hey, does anyone know the name of an old animated film about a little blond boy in space? All I can remember is there was a space funeral scene towards the end where someone ( i think the captain of the big space ship) dies and his coffin was launched into space and as the coffin drifts away there is sad music playing that has scarred me when I was younger. There were also different scenes of the boy going to different planets that had weird creatures and plants. He gets lost I think and I remember a specific planet had a pink/red hue and had holes with weird spooky tentacled creatures in them. The plot was sad I think and it had the vibe of a  ghibli movie. It was a long time ago that i watched this so sorry for the lack of important detail.

Nerdy guy actually was left on Earth by his father

Young lonely nerdy guy thinks he’s and alien left on Earth by his father to eluded evil aliens.  He meets a cute girl and falls in love. In the story plot you are led to believe he’s delusional.  His psychologist convinces his girlfriend and then him that that he’s crazy.  It turns out he’s actually an alien and his psychologist and her goons are the bad aliens.  He uses what was thought to be a toy ray gun to defeat them.  I can’t remember who it was, but the psychologist is a well known female actress.

I believe this was made in the British Isles 4-5 years ago and was an obscure cable movie.  Only saw it once, but would like to find it again. This  movie had a great hard twist of an ending, he really was an alien!




it is a classic drama about a young painter who is hired to teach painting to two ladies of a noble family

… before entering this noble family, he accidentally  meets a young beautiful lady who is very desperate. Later when he enters the noble family for teaching painting, he sees that the desperate lady is there, one the noble ladies and is married to  a man much older than her. Later we find out that they are twin sisters who were separated at birth( of course as far as I remember). The one who grow up with her mother was poor but got to know the truth by their mom. Also she gets to know that her twin sisters life is at risk because of their birth secret and tries to warn her twin about this. But she gets killed her …

The movie is color and it probably belongs the 1980’s

Old Movie – Girl Marries Boyfriend’s Wealthy Father

I am thinking of a movie probably from the 1960s (but possibly the late 1950s). I think it was one of those long, epic drama films with lots of characters (kind of like Peyton Place). Anyway, there is a wealthy father and son. I think the son goes off to war or something and while he’s gone his father marries his girlfriend. I think this was kind of a subplot in the film. It would be the kind of movie that TCM would play on a Sunday afternoon. Anybody know what I’m thinking of or did I just imagine this movie? . haha!

Older noir movie

So I watched this film maybe 10 years ago on disc and do not remember much.  The quality was like 80s-90s (but not certain) and the whole plot was this group of older siblings who were surviving or running away either from zombies, mutants, or evil henchmen.  I am certain that one of the final scenes was in the middle of a ghost town and the sister had crossed the street on a red light and the brother said “stop its red” and she said “who’s gonna hit me” (it was a ghost town) but then a car came speeding down. It didn’t hit her and she got in the car but it was supposed to be ironic.

Rolling Ball

The opening scene shows a ball rolling across the lawn of a fairly large house in the woods. The house has no inhabitants and is furnished as if they might have just left. A rag-tag group follows the ball into the house. They soon become suave and sophisticated persons who interact with one another as at a cocktail party. Finally, the people revert to their former selves and leave the house. It’s in color. I obtained this movie at my local library several years ago. I’m guessing that it’s 20-30 years old.

Scary movie with teens murdering each other

it was a movie on tv probably around 2006-2009. It was in English. Coloured. I don’t remember the actors but it was like a B film. it’s about these teens who go to an abandoned house and try this new drug they got from some random man. Later, the drugs starts making them go crazy and kill each other. The movie ends with maybe the man seeing how the drug affected these kids. But the movie FOR sure ends with a guy carrying a briefcase of said drug and starting to distribute it. Idk why but I remember the drug beimg called something with angel in it. It’s been over 10 years and definitely 5 of me looking for it. So I hope I have the details right.

Strange Russian Movie

A relatively recent movie I believe from Russia. Movie begins with a flying sentient collection of lawn tools stealing someone’s cow and bring it back to its owner. The main protagonist is a woman who has been stealing her family’s hidden treasure from under the house to give to a local in order to get nice clothes. The stolen clothes come from a local Rich lady that spends her entire time in bed, possiablly has dementia. Locals venture to the woods to sign the devils book so they can make their own slave made up from any inanimate objects they have. And a story of treasure that has been lost to a frozen pond that thawed in the spring. Thats all i can remember.

Undercover action film with sex party like eyes wide shut

The other day I saw an ad for Eyes Wide Shut and my brain kicked a memory of a crime/action show that had the following premise.   I seem to recall season two had a female victim from season 1 that had trained herself in self-defense, most notably with knives using an X-shaped wood platform to practice on.   She had become part of the good guy team and they were tracking down some bad guys, very important political and business people.  She went undercover as an escort, I think her sister or perhaps a friend was such an escort.  She showed up at a club, was accepted even though she was a little older than the typical 20 something.  They put her on a bus, collected her phone (which the team was using to track her).  She was taken to a mansion where she was forced (along with every other girl) to take a pill (probably MDMA) which made the girls pliable and fuzzy.   All the girls were led to a room full of these powerful men and the Kubric-esque party started.   A particular big wig, perhaps a senator, perhaps southern, approached her and commented how she was more mature (and desireable) to him.   She got away from him, into a bathroom, where she threw up the pill and found an escort she was there to save.  They left and when a bodyguard tried to stop her, she slipped a blade into her hand and took care of the guy.   Meanwhile, the team broke into the leader’s office to steal plans or data or something, arriving just in time to collect the two ladies and take off safely.  I think this was a TV show, not a movie, but I could be wrong.

Please help me find the movie.

I think I’ve already seen this image, but unfortunately I don’t remember where exactly. I don’t even remember if it was a movie or a TV series, or where I saw it. I don’t have any information other than this picture, and I’m not sure that such posts can be published here, but I don’t know where else to turn with such a request. If my post does not meet the requirements, please write about it.

Opening scene

New to the site, hello everyone! I only remember the opening scene of this movie. I started it around March on Netflix, but has since been pulled. Could be a drama or thriller.

The movie begins with a group of men whom looks like they are dressed in Victorian clothing. The men are all wearing masks I believe. Women are released into the woods, and the sadistic group of men catch and rape the women, in the woods.

It has an “eyes wide shut” feel to it. I honestly turned it off at the time. But I feel as if it was conveying a message. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Woman finds a stage in building

  1. Horror movie. Woman goes into a building with a stage. They’re is a move/ clown/ jester or something along those lines that comes on to the stage. This movie has a few different stories in it. Sadly, I cannot remember any of them. In between stories, other animatronic things go on to the stage. I think one may have been a baby in an older baby buggy. 2000’s movie. Maybe even a foreign movie. Please help!

Terminally Ill Girl’s Donation Fund Gambled Away

I saw a film on TV a handful of years ago. I believe it was European. I don’t remember any dialogue, but I believe it was not in English.

It was about a young woman who formed a musical/dance group with two or three guys. They performed at a competition where the prize was money. They whole group wore tuxedos in their number. I believe the woman had dark hair.

They were supposed to donate the money they won to a little girl with a severe illness. Instead they decided to gamble with a part of the money. (I don’t remember what they were betting on. It was something other people were competing in.) Then temptation lead them to gamble more and they lost all of the money.

Later in the film, the young woman went to the ill girl’s house. The home was in the countryside I believe. The woman stood on top of a van and sang very beautifully. This song was obviously meant as an apology. The girl sat at her bedroom window, not looking at the woman, with a very grim expression on her face.

That’s all I remember. Thanks.


So Uh i saw this movie atound 2018 not sure when it was uploaded so uh heres a small detail about the movie

There’s this guy who got transferred to other school leaving his mother behind and went to his Father somewhere historic place where old veteran or soldiers rested.

He is in high school and he studied at the boring school and a DJ. HE met a young guy and found out that this guy is the little brother of a dancer girl (sorry forgot their names only remembered their roles) so uh at Their school they had this little competition about dancing and at the timr the school held some party and this DJ guy was bored at the current dj and he asked the current dj to let him handle things and he had some awesome beats and got some attention to him and The Dancer Girl noticed him and days later they went yo his house which was made from woods and to go there they had to go to a cemetery. So they asked the guy if they could help them in their upcoming competition by becoming their DJ. The guy accepted their offer and helped them.

There was this scene where the Guy started to like the dancer girl and went to her house. The girls mother was sick or depressed and was taking meds or something and he found out that the girl had another brother who died in a war.

The last scene was they were dancing for a tribute to the fallen soldiers. They were in a competition and their performance was emotional because there were helicopter involved at the opening and they used the truck to light and they wore a Military uniform and they were dancing and their act or dance included military fighting or shooting guns and ended up dying and the dance girl was mourning for their death and she tried to wake them up and they did and continued dancing.


i need help finding this movie!!

so there’s this movie i remember watching. i don’t remember what it’s called but i remember some scenes. there’s this girl. i believe her name is penny. she has red hair and she lives with her dad since her mom died. she has a locket with a picture of her mom and there’s this scene where she looks at the locket and cries while singing a song. there’s another scene where she is being chased and she hides under a bridge. it’s raining and she successfully hides from the people she was running away from. btw this is like a cartoon. i remember another scene where she’s on a farris wheel. another scene is where she is on a boat with a paddle wheel because her dad has a boat. that’s all i remember but i hope it’s enough to help someone tell me what this movie is called. i have been dying to figure it out. thank you!!

Older movie where the people are being shrunk down and needs to maintain an township and an reactor

It’s an movie that i can remember somewhat of parts an screens from but not the title. So hope that some can.

If i remember correctly of the start of the movie. You see some sort of mayor and an black box where there tell about an small town inside where people have been shrunk down to live inside for some generations. Can’t recall if it was a test or if it was do to an nuclear apocalypse. Anyway.

Some time pass and you see that the people have jobs and the kids to. Theres about to election an new mayor inside the small town. but the town mayor’s of some generations have forgot to read an scroll and it is forgotten. So most of the town is going in to decay.

The heat reactor is close to breakdown i think it’s an younger girl there finds out.
Also there’s an moth flying in and she follows it at some point.

But that what i remember .
Hope that it all helps to find the movie..