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A movie literally about Fame

Hi everyone! Hoping to get your help for I’m giving up already…

The main character, an ordinary (single if I can remember) man with an ordinary life, one day becomes extremely famous just like that. For no reason. He didn’t do anything to get there and is very surprised by the fact strangers recognize him on the street, scream out his name, ask for an autograph, keep taking pictures and videos of him everywhere he goes, posting on internet. The crowd gets exited by his every move and word. He gets invited to evening TV shows still wondering what’s happening. During the movie he losts his job and his life turns into hell. And, by the end, that global obsession with his persona comes to an end just as inexplicably.

I’m sure the movie wasn’t in English. Some European origins, mb French. Unfortunately don’t know the actor even though I can recall his face. His character doesn’t wear stylish clothes, and looks just like an ordinary man around 50. And yeah, maybe the character’s name is sth close to Kazinski.

One more thing. In Woody Allen’s “To Rome with Love”, one of the story lines (with Leonardo) just repeats the movie I can’t remember the name of.

Thanks in advance! ♥️

70’s Horror flick – spiked walls closing in

I remember only one scene from a movie I saw at a drive-in when I was a very young child. It was a typical horror flick where victims are trying to escape deathly danger. A small group of people were trapped in a room with Spiked Walls which are closing in on them. That is the only scene I recall, but it was a double feature and the name of the other movie was Asylum (1972).

I am aware of the similar post about closing in Spiked Walls but NO the movie I’m looking for is NOT Krull or Temple of Doom. It is a much earlier film (early 70’s) and looks a lot like the scene from the original Batman with the Spiked Walls. All suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Two sisters and the death of their mother

The scene that I remember, They were two sisters and they were talking about what they remember regarding their mother and her funeral. The younger one said that the shoes was too tight, and the elder said that she didn’t want to take that shoes off and wanted to go to sleep wearing it

And the only memory they have about their mother was a scene from a movie

A movie about Nazi occupation

Film about nazi occupation of town during World War 2. I remember only one scene.


the girl runs along with the crowd in some direction and suddenly there is an explosion ahead and the girl falls from the blast wave, then blood and all sorts of limbs begin to fall from the sky (it looks like there were a lot of people in the center of the explosion) and the girl hides in a phone booth


Color, it seems to have been created after 2000



80s or 90s Monster Themed TV Show (NOT DINOSAURS read text below)

I remember an old tv show from when I was a kid, I only really remember the intro. In the introduction, it was set up like an old 50s TV show intro, like leave it to beaver or all in the family, but the family was all monsters. I remember at the end of the introduction the dad sits in his recliner and the rest of the monster family gathers around and they watch tv together. Again this wasn’t Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs.

Bootlegger Noir Romance

I’m guessing early 1950’s, but I’m really clueless.
A young socialite engaged woman from the city is traveling somewhere rural when her car breaks down. She ends up at the house of a notorious bootlegger. I believe he primarily distributed hooch around in fast cars. I recall one scene where the live-in maid was warning the young woman about getting involved with the bootlegger, and I believe she included, “he’ll make you bark like a dog.” His nickname might have been “the candyman”. Sparks soon fly, and the woman abandons her former life and takes up running booze around with her new flame. After sullying herself for some time I believe she eventually ends up returning to her former life as the movie ends? The bootlegger looked a bit Bogart-like IIRC (probably a popular look for the time).

Cold War SciFi alien post apocolyptic B film

This was a post apocolyptic, alien, nuclear war sciFi type thing, late 60’s I’d guess. We are made aware that somehow most/nearly all of the world has been annihilated, whether by aliens or nuclear war I can’t recall. The world as whole is deadly radioactive and populated by radiation loving aliens. The film focuses on the small group of human survivors, living within some sort of microcosm (an island I believe) that was somehow spared and is protected from the radiation and aliens. They live in fear of rain, as they believe it will bring radiation and the aliens will follow. The radiation and aliens are somehow vanquished (I think maybe it rains and it actually kills the aliens), and the outro scene focuses  on the hopeful young attractive couple who are eager to do their part to repopulate the world. I think the final shot is them holding hands and the screen reading “the beginning”….

Group of Strangers Wake Up in a field/maze Horror Movie

Movie about a group of strangers- around 5-6 people wake up in a field (maize/corn field?). They have no memory of why theyre there. At first we only see one or two people then they meet others (until theres a group of 5-6-ish people). All of them for some reason have a strange item they wake up with- I can remember someone I think has a knife, another a flask, and two other items might have been a map and a gun. These items turn out to be a piece of the puzzles they solve along the way.

Ultimately the movie follows the group trying to solve the puzzles laid out for them- and try to solve what is going on, and what monster is trying to kill them. One by one they all die or get lost. The final survivor is a woman (blonde?). I remember one of the characters is a black lady, another is an asian lady, a young skinny White guy.

At some point near the start of the movie they doubt whether they can trust each other. I think in the end of the movie one of the characters- I think a really strong war vet White guy ends up going crazy and becoming one of the monsters that were attacking them in the movie? I could be confusing that memory with another movie though.

The movie is in English. I watched this I think some time last year or the year before. It probably came out after 2014 but Im thinking it was even more recent than that probably after 2017.

Old 3D cartoon about a car.

I’m searching for a cartoon. Which my girlfriend saw in early 2006-2008. I’m sure that that was straight to DVD movie because of cheap CGI. According to her memories it was similar to “Cars” movie. In the center of a plot was a car (Something like an old  military truck) with installed into engine parts of a plane. This car was living near an airport and dreaming to fly one day. In the end it start spending time with cargo planes and them take it for a flight.

I’m not sure, but this can be one Christians cartoons produced in early 2000 because of deep meaning inside a plotline.

Sci-fi movie thriller from 90s or late 80. Thrill moments scared shit out of me as a kid

Ok, this was a TriStar and Sony pictures production/distribution. 80s – early 90s. Action takes place on Earth (mostly) and on the spaceship near it. Some rogue creature got onto the alien spaceship and killed all crew. One member managed to escape to Earth. Took human form (woman). The rogue creature follows her to eliminate. She gets in touch with a local cop (man) after one of the creature’s attempts on her. She tells him what’s is going on and they commence a hunt on the creature. They call the creature a Unicorn (at least in the translation). They understand that firearms not effective and they need alien weapons. Somehow they go to the ship to pick it up – it is like a rifle but with a thick shiny cylindrical barrel. Shoots with some laser/energy pulses displayed as short rays of light.

In the meantime that creature occasionally kills people. When the attack happens is starts from the underground as a small hump that moves towards the victim. The victim gets sucked halfway underground and screams.

At some point an encounter, a stand off happens and the creature escapes to the spaceship, probably being wounded. The alien woman says they need to follow it and kill. They follow to the spaceship. The ship or a rescue capsule is full of dead aliens. They all have human form. They are dead and float in the ship. Our heroes move across the ship and this creature possesses dead alien bodies on their way – a black claw protrudes from the body while it attacks them. The cop shoots at possessed bodies. Then there is a final standoff. I think the creature is some shiny black thing, but I was too scary to watch it.

I would greatly appreciate if you can help identify it.


What movie is the basis of the chopstick scene (and the affiliated training of hitting a wooden wall from close range) in “Kill Bill, Volume 2”?

To give more detail: When I was much younger, I remember seeing an old-school martial arts movie — you know, poorly synched lip synching, sound for each attack — from which “Kill Bill, volume 2” seemed to have lifted the entire Break-A-Wall-From-Close-Range scenes from. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name and nobody mentions it when talking about “Kill Bill”.

As I recall, in this movie, some group hires two expert martial arts assassins to take out a dojo. They slaughter everybody. Only 4 students survive/escape — two senior students and two junior students — One of the assassins is invulnerable, like Toad in “The Five Deadly Venoms”. The other assassin could . . . reflect? bounce back? . . . the power of any punch landed on him back at the puncher (Dunno if this ability shows up in any other movies).

The students learn that the Toad assassin is supposedly vulnerable in the groin and that the reflector assassin cannot reflect the power of hits focused through the fingers. So, the two senior students study appropriate techniques and go for revenge only to be killed: Toad is not vulnerable in the groin. Reflector is too good a fighter; when the senior student attacks with his fingers from arm’s length, Reflector keeps blocking the attack.

So the junior students start training.

One learns that tiger/crane or some such might work on Toad, but the tiger/crane master refuses to teach him. The student decides to learn by regularly ambushing and fighting the tiger/crane master. Eventually, the tiger/crane master learns of somebody dear to him who was killed by Toad and agrees to teach the Junior student properly.

The other Junior student (And here is the main point) trains to attack with fingers from close range. The finger-attack teacher first has him try to make a massive bell ring from close range. Eventually, the student’s fingers are so sore that he cannot eat with chopsticks, but the master beats the student when the student tries to use his hands. So, the finger-attack teacher uses a different training — He makes the student try to break through a wooden wall with just his fingers from close range. Eventually the student succeeds, only for the teacher to move the wall even closer. (“Kill Bill, volume 2” did not include moving the wall closer; I had been waiting for it)

Anyhoo, eventually both students are trained and they go and kill the assassins. I recall the final fight includes a scene of Toad with blood pouring out of his eyes.

What is the name of this movie and why does nobody seem to mention it in connection with Kill Bill?! I cannot be the only one who noticed the similarities . . . or is my memory faulty?

Horror movie in which the male protagonist often dies

There is a lot of gore in this movie.
The main character, a guy of 20-25 years old, is killed by a girl with her friends. Kills very cruelly and bloody. But every time he wakes up after the murder, and after a while she comes to kill him again. She constantly demanded something from him to do and killed in punishment (In some scenes, her male friends who looked like vampires kill a guy by cutting him with a saw)
Judging by the special effects, this is a 2003-2011 film

Girl looks for her uncle’s will

I remember seeing this movie when I was around seven/eight years old so circa 2010. It was on Italian tv and Im not sure if it was an American or an Italian movie, just that I really loved it to the point I’ve seen it many times. It was set in like the 1800s and was about a girl whose rich uncle was declared lost at sea and she had to search for his will in his huuuge house. She had to find it fast cause she wasn’t the only one looking for it, since there were two other people who claimed to be related to the uncle. The little girl had the help of two friends, a boy and a girl. Eventually they found a secret room in the house where the uncle used to hide Native Americans to save them from genocide and it contained the will too. At the very end I remember finding out that the uncle wasn’t actually dead and I think he like adopted the girl cause she was an orphan and named her his heir idk something like that. I appreciate any hints!!

Young couple stuck at gass station

This is American movie (from 70th?). A young couple with almost no money drives their old car to some city to “get a job”. Their car gets broken at a gas station in the middle of nowhere and a greedy gas station owner/mechanic  takes advantage of the situation. As a result they cannot leave a gas station and have to pay him more and more for car fixes. At the very end it appeared that these nice young people are actually robbers who were going to “do job” – rob a wine store, and they are going to kill a gas station owner and his wife.

I remember only one or two scenes from this horror movie

I remember only two scenes from this movie and I know it’s not Boogeyman from 2005 because I watched that to make sure and it wasn’t the right movie. The one I watched had a scene where a lightbulb in the hall had gone out so a dad went to fix it. A kid watched him as he got on the ladder and started to change the lightbulb. Then there was a creature that either stabbed the dad in the back or in the front and the guy fell from the ladder before being disemboweled in front of the kid. The second scene was right after it I believe. The kid had grown up and had checked into a motel, setting a bag down on the bed before something grabbed his feet from under the bed, I think. It was in color and I watched it in 2007. It was in English I know that. I know it’s not a lot to go on but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Movie about diabetes cure

Hello guys,

I am looking for a movie I watched a few years ago,


It is about a guy who has a kid with diabetes (there are 2 kids not sure if both are his or some other woman’s)


So this guy is working with pharmaceutical research. Company for some new drug to save his child…


At the end of the movie I think he uses the 2 kids as test subjects because he cannot afford to get that drug… And at the end of  the movie it works with the kids starting to laugh when they get the medicine because the insulins is breaking the sugar in their blood.



Any help is appreciated