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Slow sci-fi movie, post-apocalyptic alien attack

I’m thinking it came out within the last 5 years, but I’m unable to find it anywhere. I’m pretty sure it’s an American movie that takes place in America. It takes place in a forest & other rural areas, with a few ruins.

A young woman (teenager or young adult) is traveling through a forest, using a handheld electrical device to follow her father’s path or map to find a safe place. She runs into a young man about her age & he ends up travelling with her to help her. They have to travel surreptitiously to stay undetected by floating alien machines. Come to fine out, the boy is actually an alien in disguise to find human survivors, but he’s programmed to think he’s a human & doesn’t remember anything prior to waking up recently. She reluctantly trusts him, & he never turns her in.

They eventually find the safe haven, only to find out it’s the last automated evacuation spaceship. The girl lets the alien boy come with her, even though the aliens would probably be able to track them to the new human planet through the boy.

Movie that has a videogame which playing affects real life.

I’m looking for a movie that has a videogame which playing affects real life.

In a scene a group of friends were playing while another friend were far from them, the game depicted him and his surroundings.

he tried opening a door with a key he didn’t succeed until his friends who were playing opened the door in the game.

then an enemy appeared at both the game and the real life all fought him but he killed the far friend at both the game and the real life.

what i can remember is that the movie’s name was i am alive but i looked for that name and found nothing.

Old Man Crashes His Small Plane in His Shed

An old man tells his grandson about his adventures in an arabic country when he was young:

1 ) He chases a rider on the beach which  falls off from the horse and loses the head covering and he sees the beautiful girl and falls in love with her

2) He meets an arabian boy and they find a place full of oil. He his own oil company

His grandson does not believe him…

In the end of the movie the old man crashes with his small plane his shed and dies like a hero…

The grandson of poor arabian boy comes by a helicopter with a logo of a big oil company to visit the descendants of his grandfather`s friend


Time travel while accidentally falling asleep against a wall

I saw this movie about 15 years ago with my mom on the tv, so it’s possible that the movie is older. This memory has some emotional value for me.

The scene I can recall is that there was a young boy (or girl?) who accidentally traveled (back?) through time while he fell asleep against a wall somewhere. It’s possible that he traveled to a time where there was a war and befriended a girl (or boy?).

It’s possible that, in the heat of the war, the boy (or girl) traveled back his (her) own time and met the same girl who became really old. However for this last phrase I might be confusing it with another movie.

Is there someone who know which movie I’m talking about? Thanks in advance! 🙂


The girls dislike thier father’s new wife. But they travel together. The car was damaged and they faced lions.  They tried to escape lions and become closer each other ( thier father’ new wife) .

Could you please tell the movie name?

Only remember last scene

American movie… early 1970’s

Last scene: Two or three people in a van or 4wd on the highway. They’ve committed some crime and think they’ve gotten away with it. They get stopped by a highway patrolman on a motorbike. He just checks the driver’s licence then lets them go on their way.

They start driving away but the patrolman starts following them on the motorbike. He is waving to them. It turns out he accidentally forgot to give the driver back his licence and just wants to return it.

The crims think he’s onto them. One of them goes into the back of the van, rolls down the window at the back, then blasts the patrolman with a shotgun, Patrolman falls off the motorbike in slow motion. then the credits roll.

Trying to find this black and white sci-fi episode?

It was part of a black and white sci-fi anthology series but I can’t find it again?

I thought it was either The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits but I can’t find it in any episode guide *headdesk* (it might still be either of those, I just can’t find it in any episode guide but I will keep searching)

All I can remember is a mission to the moon, no communications back at Earth base, and then something about a giant cat or rat or mouse and I think maybe they were going to use the rocket to kill whatever the giant animal was?

Any help finding this again would be great, I really enjoyed the episodes I did watch and would love to watch more (once I know the name of the series)?

B&W movie I saw years ago on TCM

Black and white film that starts out in a small town, possibly a farming community. Girl hates the town and wants to leave but her father won’t let her. One day a guy comes rolling into town, think he’s on the run or something, and meets the girl. They fall in love quickly and plan to meet up to get married at the county courthouse within a few days. Girl runs away from her home despite her father’s wishes and they get married. After that they head to a bigger city… wanna say New York or Chicago. They get a really crappy apartment and he goes back to his criminal ways since he can’t find an honest job. I think she winds up pregnant too. Guy also gets in trouble because he owes people money or is involved in some kind of gang. I vividly remember a scene in the apartment where he comes home with a gun one night and it frightens her. They seem to love each other a lot but they’re both pretty miserable because of their situation. Don’t remember how it ends at all.

Saw the movie about 12 or 13 years ago on TCM… think it was during their summer of stars which takes place in August. Thought the movie might have been They Live By Night (1948), but the couple in this one definitely settle in a city and are not on the run… I’ve seen TLBN many times and it’s definitely not the movie I’m looking for. I also think the lead actress may have been a brunette.

Woman Incurs Ignorant Wrath of Towns People for Healing Child

Probably made before 2000, and as far back as the 80’s.  It’s an English language movie I saw on TV, that centers on a fictional young[ish?] woman who possesses the ability to heal with her hands [depicted by a glow/light special effect].  She heals a child of parents in a community where she [the healer] lives.  This raises fear and wrath driven by religion/fear of witchcraft [or something like that], which, of course, causes the healer untold misery.  The movie concludes with a scene featuring her, as an older woman, living in a remote location, that is only found by those “sent” to her by some mystical process [at least that’s how I remember it].  This is illustrated by the example of a child, brought to the healer by her parents, in a car.  The child is suffering from something like cancer.  The parents have no idea why they are there, but the healer does, and manages to get the child alone, where she applies her healing power, resulting in the child rejoining her parents, cancer free [or free of whatever ailment it actually was].

It’s also possible the healer happened to be at a gas station, when she met the young girl with “cancer”.

It’s a beautiful movie about how fear bred by religious dogma tends to ostracize acts of actual love.

Jackie Chan movies

One movie where Jackie Chan has to find and take down an elderly gangster who calls himself “White Tiger” in retaliation for having killed one of his gang member friends due to stealing diamonds from him.

One where Jackie is forced to race a ponytailed crook holding his 2 sisters hostage in a car race.

One where Jackie is a spy on a mission in Australia while avoiding dirty crooked KGB agents and sharks.

Murder in space ship, disabling the oxygen supply while people are spacewalking

hi everyone and sorry for my english skills,

i probably watched this film between 1999 and 2007…

the scene i remember takes place in space, people are working on a “space factory” or something like that and they had to do spacewalks for their work, but a murderer is on the ship and managed to kill one guy while he was spacewalking by disabling the oxygen supply cable the spacewalker was linked to
the scene was quite hard (i was a child at the time) because we could see the man inside the suit “exploding” because of the pressure change

and if i’m not wrong there was a big dormitory for the workers, with beds linked to each other looking like many trampoline canvas beds

thats all i remember, thanks for you help

horror movie about a woman dreaming shes completly paralyzed while crows are eating her body and waking up to being compeltely…

…paralyzed while they assume she’s dead

i saw this movie around 10 years ago,i believe its for 2000-2010 it was colored and in english, the main character was a woman and she had a husband, fiance or boyfriend ( i assume husband ) i remember a scene she was dreaming about someone or maybe herself being completely paralyzed and crows/ravens are eating her/his body, this happened more than once i think and the bad guys in the movie i believe was her husband’s family ( mother in law i think ) and at the end i think she dreams that crows eat her heart or some other part and she wake up seeing every one including her husband standing at top of her while she is in a casket and her husband is crying thinking shes dead, her eyes are open but that’s all and she cant do anything only see and hear, and i believe her husbands family was also standing there knowing what is actually happening to her but not saying anything because they wanted to get rid of her, i think this is the end of the movie and they close the casket and the end. i’m not sure about thoes guys being her husbands family or not but i think they were, also i think she was living with them or the two of them were visiting them and it was one of those big old mansion they lived in.

Movie with ship stuck in space

There are two scenes that i remember from this movie that i watched as a kid.

In one scene, spaceship is stuck in space (i can’t recall if there is no fuel, or ship is broken in some way). But pilot is black women, and since ship cannot move, she is exposed to direct radiation from the nearby star. Since ship has no power, i think that she cannot exit her cockpit, so she just sits wait there waiting for something to happen. At one moment she discovers that her hair is starting to fall (due to radiation).

Second scene (if this is the same movie – might be that it is not) is when crew discovers some sort of big resupply station, goes all happy around it only to discover that station has giant hole in a middle and it is basically devoid of all life and useful items.

70’s TV Movie with Witches

I’ve been trying to remember this 70s TV movie about modern day witches, but I don’t think the details I remember would find results.

I’m guessing it takes place in modern day Salem, but certainly North East.

The movie is sort of like Rosemay’s baby where lots of normal looking people happen to also practice witch craft.  A young couple moves to the area and are suspicious of the behavior of local people.   In the end the wife is forced to give up the soul of her husband. They force her by laying a door over her and placing large stones on top until the weight is so strong it begins to crush her.  She eventually gives in and gives them her wedding ring, which is apparently what is needed to surrender his soul.

They let her go, she never sees her husband again. Then in the closing seen she is walking her baby in a stroller.  A police officer, I think on horse back stops to chat with her.  He notices a bow on the baby’s stroller is undone, and reties the bow.  The way he ties the bow is apparently unusual, and is something she only saw her husband do.  So, she wonder’s if her husband’s soul is now in the police officer or something along that line.

That’s about all I remember, but the torture seen with the door and stones has haunted me since I was a child.


Horror movie with killer with a hook

I vaguely remember watching this as a kid, so maybe around 15-20 years ago. Had it rented on a VHS so movie actually might be older.

I remember couple of girls going in some house, where killer is taking them one by one, and i think he had a hook as a weapon.

Two scenes i remember is that one of the girls was taking a bath when killer attacked her, and other is there were some animated tasmanian-devil looking animal. It sounds very weird, it might be that my memory is polluted, but i am almost 100% sure that it was from the same movie. It might be that it was summoned somehow through girls play-around.

Very Specific Scene from V series

I’m having trouble finding a very specific scene from a 1980s sci-fi series. I think it’s V, but I couldn’t find this specific scene.


I just remember that the earthlings are hiding out in some kind of bunker while one of the aliens is pacing around outside screaming “Donovan!” in a really high pitched voice. I think someone inside the building was giving birth to a half-person half-alien

Looking for a 90s (or earlier) action movie based on just 5-10 seconds

I’m trying to find a movie that I can only remember about 5-10 seconds of, so sorry for the lack of details in advance. My parents were watching the movie, I was just a kid and snuck down to watch part of it from the stairs and went undetected for all of about 10 seconds. Were I a better sleuth you’d have more to go off of (I’ll try harder next time!). I’ve had this scene burned into my memory for at least 20 years though and it’s all I have so I hope you can still help!

Some details:

  • The movie was shot in colour
  • There’s a 99% chance it was in English and I’d guess American made
  • I saw it probably between 1994-1999 but it could be older than that
  • I’m not sure if it was a TV movie or on VHS
  • The scene I saw was an action scene with a fist fight
  • There were a lot of people and I think it was a hero vs a gang
  • I think the characters were dressed in Mad Max style leather and possibly had mohawks
  • I think it took place in a desert during the daytime with a clear blue sky
  • It isn’t Mad Max (despite the clothes and desert) unless I missed something despite watching all of them multiple times
  • One guy punched another guy in the jaw, the guy who got punched turned his head because of the punch, the camera angle was a hard cut to his turned face, he stared towards it and his jaw was super pushed to the side broken – it sort of paused like this for a second to emphasize how far pushed his jaw was

I know this isn’t much to go off of, but I also know you guys are experts, so I’m hopeful and appreciative!