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Okay so this movie is about let’s say maybe 7 years old, and it’s basically a bunch of 4 or 5 young adults that think they are scientists or i really don’t recall maybe they were students but anyways they get drunk celebriting their successful time machine or it may have been just something to teleport themselves i don’t recall, they end up in this other world and then i don’t remember much. i think one of the characters was a male poc wearing glasses, an annoying white dude that almost ends up killed, a hot nerdy girl and i think another girl or something?


Alright, so from what i remember is.. this girl had met this guy and was staying at his place i’m thinking it was an arranged marriage or some sort, she saw that his sisters actions towards him were very weird after awhile but saw the brother did take interest in her, when she caught them having sex the sister told the brother she had to be killed if they can stay together, a doctor that knew the girl came and i remember clearly that the brother apologized he had to stab him and he said asked him where to stab him since he was a doctor and knew where he could survive so he showed him, that’s literally all i remember. i know it’s not too old.

Looking for old asian movie

There’s this guy who’s fighting this villian within a storm, who has all these floating masks, and he breaks one and the villian says something like “fool, I have a thousand faces”, and the hero says “then I’ll break every last one of them!”. In another scene a man and woman must fuse in order to become a stronger being, so they jump at each other from a great distance and fly like super saiyans, but when the woman asks what gender he thinks they’ll be, he hesitates at the last second and crashes into a mountain.

Saw part of this movie on TV many years ago, and I’ve always wanted to watch the whole thing. I don’t remember if it was Chinese, or Japanese (might’ve been dubbed actually), but it seemed like one of those wuxia movies. I have no names or pictures to go on. Actually, I can’t discount the possibility that it was a TV show.

Lake / Sea Creature

When I was a kid, I saw a movie at our local library about a lake creature, possibly a dinosaur, that was trapped on one side of a dam.  The creature would follow the lights of the boats at night.  A teenaged boy figures out the creature is trying to get to the other side of the dam and helps it get there.
After the creature gets to the other side of the dam, we find out it’s mate was on that side.

I remember one another scene in the movie.  The boy finds a cave with water in it.  On the wall of the cave, he finds the fossilized head of one of the creatures.

What I am calling a creature, looked like a dinosaur.  It had four flippers, a dinosaur looking head and a short neck.  It was like the Loch Ness monster, except it’s neck was much shorter.

I would have watched this movie in the 1980s or early 1990s.  It was in color and in English.

Thanks for your help!

Non-English movie about Lizards speaking in people’s ears

Saw this film about 10-15 years back, probably a French or Italian movie.

It’s about a woman in her early thirtees who visits a hill community in some European location. It is a place where her parents/grandparents spent their childhood.

She meets with older couples and singles in the locality who grew up with one of her parents/grandparents.

For some reason she interviews each of them and documents each of their story about childhood of her parents using a camcorder.

She is staying in a hotel in the city with a collegue/boyfriend and visits the hilly area (where the old people are) on a truck.

Along with this there is a mention of a legend about lizards/chamaleons that are found there, which is something about them sneaking up to people’s ears and taking away their memories or something.

There is no action or horror angle but there is one scene where the antagonists gets trapped in a barn with said lizards only to be rescued by her co-worker.

Two businessmen’s rivalry untill death

movie about an immigrant from europe(poland perhaps) who moves to america after one of the world wars and becomes rich. When he was starting out he asked another rich man for a loan but was refused, and he made it his life goal to bankrupt the other guy. He went by the title of baron, and eventually buys back his family’s castle back in europe, which was just a ruin after the war. In the end when he bankrupts his rival, who dies of old age, the baron finds out that the loan he eventually got came from his rival’s personal accout. I remember him reading a letter from his rival who explains everything, and him crying and saying that they could have been friends all this time if only he said this.

Non English language thriller viewed in a streaming service

A rich businessman having an extramarital affair gets involved in an accident and unwittingly kills a young boy by drowning his car even though though the boy was alive though badly injured. He gets blackmailed along with his mistress and while paying off the money in a hotel the mistress gets murdered and the man is found guilty. The hot shot woman lawyer representing him gets the full story out of him and in a twist, she is the mother of the dead boy in disguise

80’s medieval fantasy with descending spiked ceiling

I only remember this one scene: 2 people (I’m pretty sure at least one of them was male) laying on their backs in a cave/dungeon. One of them uses a sword to brace a slowly descending spiked/bladed ceiling.

I watched it when I was in high school (1990 – 1995). I think it was somewhat lighthearted, rather than suspenseful.

(maybe 70’s)  80’s / early 90’s medieval fantasy. Could be either movie or TV show.

Color, English

Movies I’ve ruled out so far: Dragonslayer, Red Sonja, Deathstalker I, II, and III, Sorceress (1982), The Warrior and the Sorceress (1984)

Dude with an eyepatch?

I honestly can’t tell you much about this one, it was a random glimpse of the tv one time and I forgot about it until I came across my Escape From NY dvd and it jogged my memory, so here is what little I can remember…


it was in colour

it had sort of a post-apoca/post-invasion/post-disaster kind of feel to it

the dude with an eyepatch was the hero I think (he didn’t have an evil goatee, so I’m assuming hero)

he was caucasian


it was kind of blink and you miss it, so I don’t have much to go on other than the eyepatch, sorry? any help finding it would be awesome, I reckon I’ll know it when I see it.

A kids movie/show? With a creepy white monster and pink spots. Big ears too!

So I believe it was a movie but it could be a section of a show on VHS. All I can remember is a white monster with pink spots. Big nostrils and big ears. Either an early animatronic or puppet as it was big. There was a scene with a magic carpet in it. It’s all held within a house. I think it may be a split special VHS because I remember half of it including a story about a cat cookie jar or something.

I imagine it was made mid 80’s to early 90’s. I watched it a lot as a kid so unsure.

It was in english, but it may be british or canadian.

It was in color.

Just I remember the monster being hella creepy. And I can’t find it, no one is talking about it. I just want to be sure I didn’t think this up on my own… 😛

Please help! This has been on my mind for weeks~


Boy with glowing red eyes shoots fireballs

I saw a portion of a movie (or possibly an episode of a TV show) sometime around 1998-2000 that I’ve been trying to find again ever since. It was in English and color. It started with a boy laying on a table in some kind of lab or hospital, and there were people around him wearing some sort of suit like a hazmat suit. They put him in something like a coffin and put him in the back of a van. While driving, one of the suited men hears whispers from the coffin saying things like “help me.” So he opens in and flames burst out. The van crashes in flames. Not long after, a couple comes by in a pickup truck and they see the boy walking from the wreckage and the man calls out to him. The boy then whips his head around as the camera zooms in on him rapidly to reveal glowing red eyes. A fireball shoots out of the boy and destroys the couple’s pickup. That’s about all I remember. Please help me find out what this is!

Teen sci-fi movie 90s

This is another movie I remember watching in school. I think it is based off a book. The story takes place on a planet where it rains 99% of the time. It follows a young boy/girl that are going to school.

It starts as a normal day for them, wearing raincoats and boots going to class. The one character, I think the girl, is getting bullied. She ends up getting locked in the closet of the school during hours.

During the time she (or maybe he) is locked in the closet, it happens to stop raining and the sun comes out, which is a huge deal on this planet. The teacher has all the students go outside in the parking lot to see the sun and be outside without rain.

Since the girl is locked in the closet still she doesnt get to go outside, but she can see the sun from a small window in the closet.

That is what I can remember!  It also may have been a shorter film.




Woman Burns To Death In Car Fire?

I remember seeing this movie when I was little, I think as part of a Halloween marathon on TV. The scene in question involved a woman getting into a car accident. Some kinda pole goes through the windshield, narrowly missing her, and at first she’s relieved, but the pole then somehow ignites the interior of the car. The woman is trapped inside the burning car, banging on the windows, and dies. I remember a burnt corpse clearly visible afterwards, and also something about the corpse starting to move again, but I was young and scared shitless at this point already so I may be misremembering the last bit. Movie was either 80s or 90s. If anyone knows anything about this I’d be super grateful.

random scene

might have been set in Ireland or England, there’s one scene I remember but don’t know who it was or anything else about the film. there was a man in a field while it was raining and I think he only had underwear on and needed help with getting clothes and he comes to a little brick hut type place and it’s an old blind deaf couple that live there and they touch his face and there’s some comedy and they manage to get him some clothes but they’re weird clothes and they mightve been his parents but I don’t think so. I think it’s a rom com, man is brown haired.

A woman her boyfriend and her stalker

Ok so i saw this movie on Pluto Tv i believe it was the Indies TV channel. When i turned it on this woman is beginning her dating relationship with a new boyfriend the further they date its revealed she has multiple personalities. She enjoys burning herself without a lighter for some reason. She also has a stalker who she catches outside of her apartment and she invites him in for tea. At one point the stalker saves her from being attacked when she is on a date with another guy, the stalker breaks into her apartment and calls her boyfriend for help. She and her new boyfriend go to his friends house for a dinner party where she gets into a awkward argument with the guests. The boyfriends friend turns out to be a psychiatrist and he tells her she needs professional help. She later breaks up with the boyfriend and gets hooked on drugs and the drug dealer films her having sex for drugs. I believe this was a independent movie as well. Every google search i do for this movie only returns “Split” or “Sybil”.

Movie Buff Cereal Eater

I rented this indie movie on Netflix disc sometime between 1997 and 2010.

Dont remember what it’s called or anyone in it.

About a week or so in the life of a lonely young man (Indian actor) who is a huge movie buff, he works at a video rental store, blogs his movie reviews, only eats cereal, and loves #DavidCronenberg.  He meets a girl on the bus who also loves Cronenberg, but finds out that she has a boyfriend.  His neighbor is an attractive, but bitchy blonde that he was attracted to until he discovers that she’s into disgusting sexual acts.  The movie ends with a fantasy sequence of his movie review blog going viral (before “viral” was a term) and he becomes an Internet sensation.  #namethatmovie #whatmovieisthis

Sci-Fi Tentacled Body Horror

Not much to work with.  I only remember a single scene.  What appears to be space soldiers standing outside a room.  A sliding door opens to the room which is completely filled with tentacles hanging from the ceiling.  The tentacles grab one of the men and drag him inside on the floor.  A few seconds later, his body comes sliding out with a huge hole burned (or eaten?) straight through his chest.