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Movie about father-son relationship, references The Odyssey

I remember watching part of this movie on Netflix maybe 5-6 years ago. I’m not sure if the movie was actually in Greek or in English but I’m fairly certain it was set in modern Greece. It was about a teenage boy (I feel like his name, and possibly the movie’s name, was Telemachos, but Google hasn’t turned up anything) and his father, who were trying to work out their relationship issues or something? I’m pretty sure the father had a fishing/sail boat and hadn’t been in the kid’s life much until recently. I think it was supposed to be a sort of modern homage to the Odyssey.

Hopefully someone knows what I’m talking about so I can prove I didn’t dream this whole thing! Thanks!

Classic movie in which people meet in a bar after 20 years


I saw this movie many years ago in TV. It was a classic one, maybe 50s or 60s at most. It was about 3 or 4 people, maybe sailors, who are splitting after ending their service, and are in a bar. They somehow decide to meet again 20 or 25 years later, and write a letter to themselves they put somewhere in the bar.

Then the movie jumps to years later, when they actually get back, each one expecting to be the only one to show up for the meeting, and tell themselves of their lives.

Anyone remembers it?

Trying to remember a horror movie…

Not that long ago me and my friends where talking about horror movies and now i have one that i can’t remember. It was my first horror movie. I saw it sometime in 2006-2009 on a TV. I can’t remember any actors, but i do remember some scenes, like in the beginning there were two men in contamination suits. They were going down to a white tunnel in a elevator. After they arrived to the tunnel they had zombies running at them. There was also a girl and zombie dogs. The girls dad was a doctor who had something to do with creating zombies and the virus. Please help me 🙂

Movie that was on tv and always turned it on half way through

My wife and I are trying to figure out a old move that she always turn on channel surfing and never seen from the beginning . Here is what e have been able to put together….

My wife seems to think that she watched it while she was still in high school so it would of been on t.v. late 80’s early 90’s. From the scenes that she has been able to explain is sounds like the typical 80’s coming of age movie,  possibly  set  in a earlier time frame like the 50-60’s . Here are a couple of plot memory’s that will hopefully shed some light on this movie and put this agony to rest.

In the beginning….young female charter is maybe in high school or just graduated, and come from a upper class family.  The charter is a aspiring singer/ performer that has very conservative and classical  style  ( my wife isn’t sure if it a opera style voice,  or Broadway musical but something viewed as classical ) after a early performance the family goes to a celebratory dinner at a nice restaurant or country club.   While at the dinner the female charter meet some other kids that are more rebellious and or from  a different social class.  Throughout the movie the main young female has a awaking and coming of age, and the usual teenage angst that insure within the family dynamic.

The last thing my wife remembers is toward the end of the movie or possibly the last scene

The Young main charter is showing one of her friends this new type of hip music… (my wife is fairly certain it is Bob Dylan ) that is cool and embody’s the voice of a generation

I know it not much to go on but anyone that can help, this will solve a nagging problem that has occupied hours of looking up films that Dylan songs were used in, and there seems not to be a end to this list.



Netflix movie that got removed, probably early 2000’s/2010’s

So about 2-4 years ago I watched a drama movie on Netflix. I remember that it featured at first (main character) and his girlfriend/wife, and she kills herself by tying a belt to a door and he opens it. It then cuts to a year or two later, when it’s the anniversary of her suicide. (main character)’s friends take him to a lodge to try to cheer him up. The parents of his dead girlfriend/wife blame him for the death. There’s also a whole scene just about strippers. I think the name of the movie was the main characters name, and the art for it was his silhouette by a pool, mostly blue.

I remember only the first scene of a thriller

It was a thriller, probably in the late nineties or early 2000; in the first scene we see a parking lot near a motel, perhaps in a semi-desert area; a man comes down and enters a starge. The receptionist died behind the counter and some other corpse. Then you see a child, or a girl, come out of a door, holding something to eat in his hand. Man kills him too.

The whole scene is filmed from the point of view of man.

The film reminds me an atmosphere like “No Country for Old Men”, but I do not remember the title, the plot or the actors …

Late 80s/90s movie

There’s a movie that I watch as a child, late 80s, probably 90s. It was on TV, we recorded it on a VHS to watch. I think it was a kids halloween movie. There were 2 kids (brother and sister possibly) And the water mill in their town was running dry. I can’t remember the adventure, but I remember the boy at the end, making a wish and skipping a rock into the dried up part where the mill was, and it magically skipped 3 times and apparently that meant his wish would come true and water appeared in the mill once again. Please help. This has been driving my crazy! Thanks!

French movie from 2000’s (maybe 90’s but I don t think so)


From what I remember it s a french movie in which a family is held hostage in their own house,they get along pretty with no violence,at some scene they are all having dinner.Another thing I remember is a scene where a girl from the family (maybe the only one,I don t quite remember) I think falls in love with one of the burglars,maybe not fall in love but they have sex(this I remember clear).That ‘s all i remember I hope it helps.

Thank you!


I saw it probably after 2005, probably came out a bit before that. The first scene I remember is a man giving the boy who the  films centred around a cheque for however much he wants I think. He later goes home and sets it up to get the money on the computer. He enters his name as what the computer is called. Later in the film it shows him with like a castle and all this stuff he bought with the money.

Someone gets blind in a robbery, later finds the criminal

There was a robbery in a supermarket perhaps (with lots of shelves). Someone tried to hide but was caught by the assaulter and gets blind in the process. Many years later, in a certain context both the victim and the criminal are at the same room. The victim recognizes him by his voice and justice is made.

Either it was a tv movie or most probably a anthology television series (Hitchcock presents perhaps).

Early 80s, coloured.



“Vampire” movie (or TV show) without a vampire?

For years I’ve been trying to remember something I would have seen on cable TV probably in the 80s.  I’m not sure if it was a scene from a movie or perhaps an anthology horror TV show.  From what little I remember it looked like it was set in England in the same period that a lot of Hammer horror was.  I don’t remember if there was a real vampire in the story at all or not, but I think not.  I basically just recall someone tricking a man into staking another man to death under the pretense that he was a vampire…

So I think the guy kills someone, then draws some blood from the neck with a syringe.  He then drugs or knocks out some other guy and ends up dumping him in a crate in the attic, and uses the syringe to leave trickles of blood from this guy’s mouth.  Then he goes and gets another person (an older superstitious man) and takes him up to the attic and is like “look!  a vampire!” so the other guy stakes him to death.

This has been a memory fragment of mine for a LONG time so I’d be very grateful for any help!  Thanks!

Horror Sci-Fi Reptilian Aliens Shriveling Bodies in Beds

The movie I only watched 10 or 15 minutes of on HBO in the 1980’s, has scarred me to this day. Probably will look super cheesy to me now. I caught the movie in the middle I think. I remember characters wearing a lot of brown so I think the film was probably made in the late 70s or early 80s. I only remember two scenes clearly.

Scene A: Middle aged man (and a woman?) stand over a sleeping child. They hold their hands out over the child and the legs deflate like a balloon. It is as if they are sucking the life out of it.

Scene B: A reptilian alien leader addresses a crowd over a large view screen. I think he was wearing a suit and tie!? LOL.

For some reason this movie freaked me out big time. I had trouble sleeping for years afterward. Any help is greatly appreciated in re-living this childhood scare to as an adult.

Horror movie in insane asylum i cant remember the name of

So I remember this one horror movie I watched a few years ago but I only remember the scenes and google is useless by far. So as far as I remember:

A group of thieves enters an insane asylum to find some valuable statue. I think the statue kept ghosts there so they defended it. Anyways along the way they come across ghosts which kill them one by one. One big guy got dismembered by blankets in the air (they thorn his arms and legs off), a ghost doctor cut face from girl’s face off with a scalpel after she got seducted by two naked ghost girls in robes, a nurse cut one guy’s head open and pulled his brain out as he screamed. The last on got locked in those burning chambers and burnt alive.

And I think it ends with someone flushing the statue out of the building trough the drains.


weird funny/horror movie from the late 80s/early 90s

I only remember two scenes from this movie:

-Two guys in a bar, sitting by a table. They want to leave the bar so one of them goes for money to pay the bill and says “I’ll pay this shit” and throws it on the table. As he does that, the money turns into a pile of shit.

-Towards the end of the movie, I think right before the credits, there’s this scene in which one of the characters comes out of a coffin and scares his friends for a moment because they think whatever was going on wasn’t over, but he was just joking.

I was a kid when I saw this one so I’m pretty sure it’s from the late 80s or early 90s, and a movie in English.

Movie with psychopath living with his aunt

Hi everyone 🙂 I remember watching a movie somewhere in the 2010s. The general theme was very dark and I don’t remember much I only remember a few scenes.

It was this young man who comes to live with his aunt (or his uncle’s wife idk), He’s cold blooded, I think he was a psychopath, and he starts fancying his aunt and murders a man who bothered her (or maybe he was covering for her, not sure) and the only scene I remember clearly is that he beat the lie detector that the police made him take.

I don’t know how the movies ended or what happened after that. I appreciate your help 🙂

Movie with man waking up on rocky beach

I remember a movie, probably is from the 80’s or 90’s, that starts with a man waking up on a rocky beach. He was naked.

At some point he met a woman who took him in. He was quite silent and at some point, she fell in love with him. There was something strange about him and she finally discovered he was in fact god, or maybe jezus, I don’t remember. I vaguely recall a sort of motion/blur that had to do with his face or body.

I got a good feeling from this movie so I hope someone can help. I once was told this movie was named ‘The second one’ but I can’t find that movie at all.

1980s action movie

I just re,ember this one specific scene in a 1980’s action movie that starred a actor who does action moves (can’t remember who it was).   The scene has these bad guys chasing them in a small town.  They break into a gun store or military surplus store and steal guns and stuff.  One of the guy get a LAW (light anti-tank weapon) and shots it into one of the businesses on the street.  He then yells “I LIKE IT!!!”  Then they take off to do more damage.


late 80s – mid 90s little known rom-com

This movie is in English and in color…pretty sure it is US-made.  It’s from the very late80s-mid90s time and I guess would be though of as a rom-com.  There are no big-name stars in it.

Plot is  – a somewhat bored married couple in their mid to late 30s are both pulled in the direction of cheating on each other.  They each find a willing partner. Husband finds a much younger woman, wife funds a slightly younger guy.  But when the time comes to cheat, neither spouse can go through with it. At the spouses’s home, the husband’s spirit is willing but his “flesh” won’t cooperate. At one point he says “I can’t do it . . how about that?”  The wife gets willingly stripped nearly naked by her would-be lover at his place but at the last moment she emphatically but somewhat apologetically tells him “I can’t…I won’t … I mean…I changed my mind…” Anyone know the flick?  Thx.