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Teenage Sexpot Blond Counters Advances of Traveling Salesman


A black and white movie probably from the late 50s/early 60s.  The setting is a wood frame house in a dusty, sun-bleached field (Texas?).  The female starlet is a played by a lolita-type, blond teenage sexpot (Sue Lyon?).  A gruff older salesman (Walter Matthau?) approaches the house and engages the teen in conversation at length.  I believe she fetches a cold drink from inside the house and brings it out to him.  She is sitting on a bench or swing in front of the house at one point while he continues to talk to her.

animated kid movie from late 80s or early 90s

this aninated kids movie starts with a young boy with glasses who moves to the jungle with his parents and hound dog. the boy and his dog begin to explore the jungle when they become lost and encounter these small “egg shaped” aliens in an egg carton type vessel outside of an ancient temple which they ran into and gotten lost. stuff gets very creepy and crazy while they are in the temple. (morphing aztec faces, disorienting falls and spirals). the aliens turn out to be good and if im not mistaken they help the boy and dog out of the temple.

i uses ti watch this movie alot as a kid..i would appreciate anybody who remebers this move too post a reply.



Young man comes home and is treated like a war hero (he is not)

I think it was an old movie (like 1940-1965) about a man who was – I think – discharged from the army or just lied about being a veteran, he made up something, fake medal etc. Anyway he comes back home and the family thinks of him as a war hero and he doesn’t mind so the lie goes on until it’s too much for him. They want to hear his stories etc. It was some kind of satire or comedy of errors.

I’m not sure everything I wrote here is correct though.

Travel Through Television

Hi everyone,

In the mid 80s in the UK I watched a kids’ movie on TV in colour about a group of kids/teenagers who were able to travel through electronic devices. They could just kind of leap into them and travel at the speed of light to different places, and possibly through time as well. I only have a clear memory of one of the final scenes where the protagonist is sentenced to death and given one last request before execution. They choose to watch TV one last time as a cunning plan to escape. The executioners say something like “it’s 5 in the morning – there’s nothing on TV at this time,” but the wish is granted anyway. A TV is wheeled to them and the kid jumps into it, evading execution.

I’d be so grateful for any help with this.

Best wishes

Crime / heist movie taking place in a tall hotel

Looking for a movie that was in maybe 2000s sometime ago. The movie takes place in a tall hotel. The movie was a crime movie that took different characters point of view. I remember one character that was an assassin or the shooter and he was smoking and trying to numb his vocal chords to sound like someone he is supposed to become in order to do his job.

It sounds like a heist movie like the Oceans 11 films because of the different characters that appear but it wasn’t any of those movies.

A mother with mental disorders remains alone with her parents and two children in a country house. At night they are all killed

A mother with mental disorders remains alone with her parents and two children in a country house. At night they are all killed, the house is locked from the inside, and the police believe that she committed the murders, but in the end it turns out that this is not the case, and the killer was able to get out of the house thanks to the kitchen window, which was closed from the inside with a strong blow

Show Clips

Looking for the names of two of the shows featured in this tribute to Glenn Shadix, the first is where he’s wearing a tropical shirt and is a bartender he says ‘take a walk on the wild side’ in the clip, and the second is from a sitcom, basically the clip has him say he’s the ‘service manager’ at the place he works at. The first is at 1:07 and the latter is 1:42.

Flintstones episode name

A Hanna-Barbera series so successful that it’s had more episodes than you think.

But there is one episode name that escapes me. The one where one minute, Fred sleeps somewhere, the next minute, the plot takes place in Fred’s dream in the future.

In the dream, Fred is an old long bearded caveman; mistaken for a rabbit by a hunter at first due to tying his long beard on top of his head, he mistakes a young yet ugly lady for Wilma before being chased off by her dog, he finds out that his old friend Barney lives in a bigger mansion and that Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm got married, and reunites with an old Wilma before waking up in the present time and eating pies.


I saw this movie years ago about a man and a woman who die and are separated in the afterlife. The guy is offered a deal to prove that it is true love. He has 3 lifetimes to find her. If he doesn’t do it by then he’ll lose her forever.
There is one scene where he finds the devil character by looking for the smoke from his cigarette.

Another horror movie from my childhood

Some sort of virus was released in a prison which made the prisoners frantic and crazy (maybe turned them into zombies?). A group of non-prisoners had to escape from the jail.


I remember two scenes.

In the first scene a prisoner who had his legs cut off is chasing someone by swinging on the ceiling like you would swing on monkey bars.

The second scene takes place towards the end of movie or is the end. A few lucky survivors have made it out of the prison. Police and medics have arrived. Someone infected by the virus is tied to a gurney and is manically laughing.

Horror movie I saw 10 or 15 years ago

I remember two scenes from the movie.

In the first scene a naked woman is tied to a tree in the woods. A police officer finds her but he doesn’t untie her. Instead the officer goes further into the woods.

The second scene takes place in an interrogation room. There is a man covered in blood sitting at a table. A trail of blood (a single line) is also running across the floor and up the wall to the lock on the door of the interrogation room. I vaguely remember having the impression the man was able to control blood.

Horror movie with temporal loop/reincarnation


A few years back ~10, I’ve watched an horror movie with some kind of temporal loop/reincarnation and I cant remember its name could you please help me remember it ?

Here is what I remember from the plot:

– The main character is a male.
– The main character always end up dying at the end of each loop, except the final one.
– The main character is the only one knowing that he is in a loop.
– In each loop the main character starts with a slightly different setup (ie: junkie, homeless, cook, some son of a rich family)
– The main character is killed by some monsters that got some Alien look.
– From what I can remember the final plot is that the main character is himself one of the monsters that kept killing him but he cant remember it and its kind have set up some sort of trial from him to remember his true self.

Here is all that I managed to remember If some of you got any clue on what the movie is that would be super nice.

Thanks in advance !

I need title for these 2 movies please

First movie:

A group of girls does some bank heists, they drive a fancy sport car and is all dressed up in black coats and wigs. They hides in an abandoned warehouse. Some of the girls got injured, and one of the guys that are after them helps her out, and he is kept as a hostage.

Second movie:

I only have few infos about this one so hopes it’s enough.

A group of guys does a bank heist that goes all wrong, the main actor is giving (or stole it, can’t really remember) his boss yellow GT sports car (it looks like an old GT Mustang) and I believe he is his uncle. And I remember they have lots of meetings outside in the garden at this rich house.

Really hope all this info is enough

80s Movie with Heartthrob (I think) Actor Being Chased by Mutant G-Men


I’m trying to remember this movie.  It wasn’t a very popular movie if I’m remembering correctly.  It was about this family who was on the run from the government (not sure which institution or why).  The son was a then 80s heartthrob if I’m remembering correctly.  There were two G-Men chasing them and I think one of them gave a speech about government mistrust.  It turns out the G-Men were some sort of man-made mutants/monsters.  Their real identity was revealed to the boy at some point in some sort of standoff.

Thank You,


TV series, comedy about crazy family adventures

Few years ago I’ve seen the TV show, which contains few seasons (fron 3 to 5, don’t remember). It was about family, which had to carry something to the conference of dad’s work through all the USA, to Florida, or other warm place 😅

At their road were a lot of adventures and strange funny situations. For example, they were chased by crazy wife’s sister, which thought that the family carries drugs, and she wanted to stop them with her hippie boyfriend. Also they’ve lost this package in the car service. In the end of this line dad met his boss and there happened a conflict between them, in the result dad resigned from his work.

The next events were happening while the family was on the run, because they commit something illegal. Wife had a criminal father which lived in Cuba, or something like that.

They came to Alaska and settled there. The husband decided to work at the fishing boat. He was sending money to home but all of them were stolen by a daughter. In the end she also stole an expensive car of her boyfriend and run away from home.

That’s all I remember. Please heeelp, I could not find this show for ages!!

Espionage movie with a abandoned seafood restaurant..??

A movie that was created within the last 10 years, English language.  I watched this movie streaming somewhere several months ago.  It wasn’t a particularly interesting movie so wasn’t really paying much attention to it as it was on to keep my company while I was cooking.  I didn’t finish watching it, meaning to go back to it, but after all these months, I’ve forgotten what it was called and can’t find it.  I think it had a couple of big-name female and male actors, but I don’t remember who… I don’t think it was a blockbuster movie that was shown in movie theaters.  A group of spies, made up from different agencies and possibly from different countries were put together to do something, I think they were familiar with each other’s reputations.  They show up at an abandoned seafood restaurant on a deserted beach in a coastal town that had been abandoned due to war or something.  This place was going to be their front as they did their spying.  They didn’t expect to open the restaurant, except to just occupy the building to hide in.  Except a busload of tourists end up show up and to avoid blowing their cover, they frantically must get the restaurant working or risk blowing their cover with whatever current military or crooked government the restaurant was located in.  I stopped watching it at this point.  I’d like to finish watching it to find out what happened.  Thanks!

Vampire movie, horror

I watched the film with my parents for a very long time, until 2001 it’s for sure, the film is old, color, we watched it on a VHS cassette that a friend of our father gave us, perhaps it was recorded on our own, but I don’t know that anymore.

I don’t know the name of the film, because VHS did not start the film from the very beginning, but a little later.

In general, I remember only some excerpts from the film:

there were several female vampires, like a sister, but perhaps they called themselves that because they were vampires of the same blood. They met young guys who invited them to their home. They went to see them.

Among these vampires was one of the youngest, and among the guys there was a person whose room was arranged like a vampire hunter and he had a crossbow (hereinafter we will call him a vampire hunter), his friends did not believe in vampires, but he believed. In general, the vampires went about the house with the guys, and the young vampire went into the room to the vampire hunter. He turned on the telly, and gave her some kind of can (as I understand it with beer), she bit it with her teeth. The vampire liked this guy, so she warned him about the danger and then he took a crossbow and went to exterminate her sisters.

I don’t remember exactly, but it seems that at the beginning or a little later, these vampires tore some guy’s heart out of his chest, I vaguely remember, but it seems that they gave it to him.

I don’t know the actors, in principle, in the same way, films are usually taken mainly by young, non-famous actors, so you cannot find a film based on them.

I tried to find a movie on the list in Wikipedia, but either it is not there, or the title is not obvious to me, or it is simply not popular.

In those days, films like the Evil Dead were kind of popular.

Unfortunately, that’s all I remember about this film, I really want to find and watch it, but I can’t remember the details, I don’t even remember how many vampire sisters there were, like 3 or 4.


A 20-25 ? years old American comedy movie

Hello guys..i need your help pls cause i’m stucked for months 🙁

There was a comedy movie and i remember the main actor was famous..

In the plot i remember one scene..sorry for my english..

There were employers of some company (with their wives i think) on a train and were travelling somewhere the boss has said..i dont remember if the boss was on the train..i think for the weekend..and they were waiting for boss to announce who would get promoted? ..

The funny scene i remember was a (blonde ?) chick..if i remember right was the boss’s wife..they were sitting at the restaurant of the train..then in front of main actor she took a piece of butter from the table and she put it under her blouse on her breast (she wasnt wearing a bra) and when she put it off the butter had in the center the shape of her big nipple..and the main actor left speechless..

Prison Scene Where Bodyguards Are Payed Off

So I’m looking to find a movie that I had seen not that long ago. It was in English and fairly new. I believe the scene I remember is towards the end of the movie. So basically what I can recall is that they are in prison and this guy is surrounded by his bodyguards that he has payed to protect him. Some other person enters the scene or vice versa and the guy with the body guards attempts to get them to kill this other person but the other person has actually paid them more money than the guy and instead turn on him and the person walks out while hearing them beat the guy they were originally supposed to protect. All I can remember so i hope someone has an idea to what this might be.

cartoon or anime

  1. watched 10 years ago, maybe more, showed on TV
  2. it was a cartoon or anime
  3. watched this work in Russian
  4. colored
  5. I remember a piece of the plot: a middle-aged man walks through the desert to join him as a fellow traveler, a guy who has just finished his studies and returns home. The guy says that a girl is waiting for him at home who gave him a hairpin goodbye when he left the settlement and other things about himself. A man gives an amulet to a guy. Suddenly, the guy is killed by the cannibals with a spear. The man gives the body of the guy with dynamite to the cannibals and takes the amulet back to himself, the cannibals die from the explosion. I can be wrong, he seems to have said the phrase that you will have more taste for young meat instead of its old one. From the explosion, the guy’s hairpin flies off to the side of the man and he picks it up with the phrase not how you will not leave me alone. then the actions are transferred to the guy’s settlement where the local feudal lord tortures the girl in an attempt to make her his own, she still tried to bite off her tongue to die. As a result, the girl will be hypnotized. A man in a mask on his face and in a similar outfit who was killed by the cannibals enters this settlement and reads to conduct a dialogue with the feudal lord. then he is revealed, and he uses the power of the amulet to summon creatures that look like harlequins.