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I remember only one or two scenes from this horror movie

I remember only two scenes from this movie and I know it’s not Boogeyman from 2005 because I watched that to make sure and it wasn’t the right movie. The one I watched had a scene where a lightbulb in the hall had gone out so a dad went to fix it. A kid watched him as he got on the ladder and started to change the lightbulb. Then there was a creature that either stabbed the dad in the back or in the front and the guy fell from the ladder before being disemboweled in front of the kid. The second scene was right after it I believe. The kid had grown up and had checked into a motel, setting a bag down on the bed before something grabbed his feet from under the bed, I think. It was in color and I watched it in 2007. It was in English I know that. I know it’s not a lot to go on but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Movie about diabetes cure

Hello guys,

I am looking for a movie I watched a few years ago,


It is about a guy who has a kid with diabetes (there are 2 kids not sure if both are his or some other woman’s)


So this guy is working with pharmaceutical research. Company for some new drug to save his child…


At the end of the movie I think he uses the 2 kids as test subjects because he cannot afford to get that drug… And at the end of  the movie it works with the kids starting to laugh when they get the medicine because the insulins is breaking the sugar in their blood.



Any help is appreciated

Movie with a scene where a young boy poisoned his parents’ wine


I only remember probably the final part of this movie I saw on TV a long time ago

The scene shows a woman in night gown drinking a glass of wine while enjoying some music (not sure) at night. A young boy was peeking out from behind either his room or his parents’ bedroom. Suddenly, both parents (assuming they were his parents) were in severe stomach pain. It was clear the boy had poisoned their drinks. They tried to attacked him. The boy eventually brought his mother downstairs as she tried to attack him. He placed her on a chair as she moaned, slowly dying from the poison as he watched he. Suddenly, the father attacked the boy from behind in a final effort to kill him but failed. Both parents eventually died.

The last part shows a middle-aged man (probably the boy grow up) telling another person the story. I believe the movie maybe his story but I’m not sure.

This is all I saw when I came across it on TV.

Help me remember

I remember a movie scene, two women were fighting in a private house when suddenly the little daughter of one of them came home, then they stopped the fight and went to the kitchen, wanted to have tea or coffee, and postpone killing each other the next day. However, something went wrong and the murder took place in the kitchen.

May be 1-4 for years ago. English language.

Movie with an owl girl…

In the probably early 90s (not exactly sure) I watched a movie that had a girl who looked like an owl in it. The scene I remember was a very white-blonde, young girl in a tree. It was dark outside. She was almost, or maybe actually was, floating. She had long flowy cloth draped/hanging from her. There was a person looking up at her, maybe from a window. The girl was floating in the tree and she resembled an owl or maybe even was an owl in the movie. In the scene, the owl girl just stared back at the person. She was in the movie multiple times but this is the scene I vividly remember.  It was not an animated movie. I was a kid and I remember it being spooky and eerie.

Man is watched by an army of angry dogs every day

I remember seeing this movie on a TV on a russian channel around 6-7 years ago? It is a coloured animated (or perhaps partly animated) film which begins with a scene where a bunch of dogs all run into the same direction and end up under protagonist window, ferociously watching him. Then it continous with man explaining that such thing occurs to him every day and it’s always the same amount of dogs, thus he has no idea what to do with it.

Sadly can’t say any of the actors cause it was a while ago and i was too young to remember.

Only saw the trailer

There was an ad on YouTube which was a trailer for a movie that I didn’t catch the name of…..

A group of people sitting around a dinner table telling stories of where they are from, how they met their partners, where they honeymooned ect. Everyone’s stories are very similar – most from Philly and Chicago, met on a train to Boston, she dropped her ticked and he picked it up, honeymooned in the poconos….. one woman raises the point that they have all had similar experiences and accuses one of them men of ‘doing something to them’. He then says she’s not taking her medication, insinuating she’s crazy.
She asks if anyone has asked about some ‘project’, which I assume is why they are all together and the man that has ‘done something to them’ is the one in charge.
the trailer ends with him asking her if that’s why she went to headquarters, to find out about the project…….

it’s a new movie, I can’t tell you any of the actors in it, some looked familiar but I don’t know their names. Hoping someone can tell me what movie this is as I’d love to see it!!

A movie where everyone disappears

Disclaimer: The movie I remember is not a horror, thriller, nor does take place in post-apocalyptic setting.

It’s more of a comedy, maybe from early 2000s, probably French but not 100% sure about that.

The movie takes place in some big city where everyone suddenly disappears except one guy who later finds another guy and then both of them spend the whole movie by doing random things around the city. Don’t remember much else about it, although I can recall one scene that happens near the end of the movie.

Scene description: Those two guys I mentioned earlier decide to have a picnic in the middle of the road. All out of sudden traffic resumes and all the people who disappeared earlier start existing again.

Thanks if anyone know what movie I’m describing.

90’s Thriller Movie w/ 3 Different Stories

Hi everyone,


I hope you can help me find this movie that I’ve been trying to find ever since I learned how to surf the internet.


Here are some details of the movie:

-Am fairly certain it’s a movie coz I remember watching it on HBO around late 90’s – early 00’s (could be a direct-to-video movie though)


-The movie is divided in 3 different stories (could be related in terms of theme, which I think is betrayal, but definitely not related in terms of plot)


-The 1st story is about couples betraying each other, the 2nd story is the one I remember the most which is about a guy getting trapped in a hospital but only to find out in the end it’s actually a mental hospital, and the 3rd story I totally don’t remember


-1ST STORY: I remember it’s about 2 couples on vacation or something and they’re not exactly good people coz I think they were doing drugs and have guns in their possession


-1ST STORY: Can’t remember what exactly happened but they were constantly on and off with loyalty and betrayal with each other


-1ST STORY: I think the twist is the guy from 1 couple and the girl from the other couple are actually the ones truly in a team and they killed their respective partners if am not mistaken


-2ND STORY: This one is the reason why I actually watch this movie, it’s about a guy who I think was filling gas in his car late at night, then an aggressive dog (forgot the breed, but definitely one that can kill) chased him


-2ND STORY: He tried escaping and eventually landed in what seems to be a hospital, and I believe there was an attractive nurse that took care of him (I think he got violently bitten by the dog)


-2ND STORY: Twist is it’s actually a mental hospital and the crazy people have already murdered the actual staff and they’re just acting as if they’re hospital employees (including the attractive nurse)


-2ND STORY: I remember the end scene is they eventually murder the guy by drugging him and cutting up his chest


-3RD STORY: I can’t remember if I’ve actually watched the 3rd one coz really the 2nd story is what got me hooked, the only thing I remember is at the start a lady was walking home to her apartment with I think a black cat following her


That’s pretty much all I can remember. I’ve been trying to find movies with 3 different stories on Google but I can’t find anything. I think I’m messing up the keywords that I should use. Anyway, hope someone can help me. Thanks so much!

70’s Sci-Fi movie

I saw a sci-fi movie on tv back in the 70’s and a couple of scenes have stuck with me through the years. The movie was in color and everyone spoke English.

The first scene I remember is of a man in his home retrieving a small box he had hidden. He seems to be sweating or nervous or otherwise unwell. When he opens the lid of the box there’s a green light shining out of it. He basks in the light and the man is revived as if the light were a medication he needed.

The second scene I remember is of a young boy finding the box and opening it. The green light burns him and I believe it’s later revealed to be a severe radiation burn.

I also seem to remember something about aliens and a dam but that could easily be a different movie. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Looking for a sad animated film from the early 2000s(?)


I’m looking for a movie I watched when I was a young child, 2000-2010. It was at least 15 years ago, if not closer to 20, so while I will try to write down everything I remember there is a very likely chance that the details are wrong/mistaken/misremembered.

This movie was an animated film with a darker, more serious tone. It reminds me almost of grave of the fireflies, or plague dogs; dark, sad, and with a similar, semi-realistic animation style. I do not recall if it was actually an anime, or a western film in a similar style. I really want to find the film again because I’d like to understand what was actually going on in the film, and because I eventually grew up to be a big fan of darker animated films, even if I never watch them again, haha.

The plot revolved around a child (a boy, I believe) who, for some reason, was orphaned and homeless. He was living in a windmill, and his biggest dream was getting to see a painting that was hidden behind a large curtain. At some point, the windmill burns down, and he loses everything, save for his(?) dog. The movie continues to go downhill from there, and eventually ends with the child dying in front of the finally revealed painting alongside his dog.

I believe it had some anti-war or anti-capitalism tones, as in the father going off to war/trying to find a job ultimately results in children being orphaned and slowly dying, much like Fireflies.

The painting was in/on the wall of either a museum or an important building, as the boy kept getting chased away from it. I vaguely recall his dirty feet being mentioned during one of the times he was chased off.

I don’t remember if the dog was truly his. I do believe that he had a friend, a little girl, who I vaguely remember may have been the daughter of the person who actually owned the land the boy’s windmill-home was on.

I watched this film once when I was a child, no older than 12, so somewhere in the early 2000s, but I can’t say how old the movie actually was. The tone and style may point to 90s or 80s, however.

Because it was so long ago and of the high likelihood of some of these details being wrong/misremembered/out of order, I encourage films that don’t completely line up with what I’ve listed here.

80’s Movie.

Looking for an 80’s movie where this one quote/scene is from, basically it has two characters and one is Mister/Doctor Fhurafurr (I think that’s how the name is spelled) and that character is telling him to pronounce that name. It sounds like it’s from Fletch, I could be wrong.

Playing cards

I’m looking for a movie/episode of a TV series where a guy is walking with a girl in some city (I think it was Paris but I could be wrong) and he accidentally sees a playing card on the road.
When a girl asks why he needs a card, he asks her if she has ever seen playing cards scattered all over the roads in this city.
At the end of the movie/series, she finds her first card and takes it with her.

Detective cursed by old beggar woman

I’m hunting for the name of a movie. Here’s what I have to go on:


– I believe the movie is from the 2000’s, could be earlier. It’s definitely a movie, not a TV show. English language.

– I believe it was set in the 1930’s or 1940’s, but maybe it just had that type of style. Fedora, trenchcoat… that sort of thing.


– Not sure of the genre, but probably it would fall into drama/sci-fi/mystery. I believe it’s a twisted plot.


– The main character declines to give money to an old beggar women, and so she casts some sort of curse or something on him (although that’s not revealed until the very end).


– The “curse” is something like a circular plot experience, or a time loop or something.


– At the end scene, the main character says something like “who is doing this to me?” to which the old women replies “nobody” (but I could be wrong, maybe she says “you are”). I don’t believe she’s actually talking to him, it’s more like narrative.


– I could be wrong, but I feel like the main character perhaps flipped a coin often…. and I’m remembering something like black makeup on his entire face (again, could be totally misremembering)… maybe that was the old women’s face… or maybe I’m mixing up movies.


– I believe the plot might be confusing or disjointed until that final scene makes sense of it all.


– The movie might be narrated like Dick Tracy style. The main character might be a detective or a gangster. Good guy or bad guy, can’t remember.


– I don’t believe there are any well-known actors in this movie. I believe it to have been filmed and originally released in the US, likely straight to video (non-theatrical). It wasn’t big budget.


– I actually *thought* the movie was called “Nobody”, but it doesn’t seem to exist under that title.


That’s all I’ve got. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for reading!


Old horror VHS

I am desperately searching for this movie so I can hopefully buy a copy for myself, I have special core memories tied to this movie…

I don’t remember any scenes from the movie, I’m not even sure I watched it, honestly… But I have one specific detail about it that you would immediately recognize if you know the movie or not… It’s an old horror movie(VHS) and on the front of the usual VHS sleeve case, it was a sorta interactive case, there was a picture of a face with actual tiny red light bulbs in place of the eyes and at the bottom of the case there was a button, and when you pressed the button, the eyes would flicker red and it would play the creepy, high pitched haunting tune… please for the love of god somebody help me find out what movie this is!!

the core memory tied to this movie is the face that my parents kept the movie (along with all their other really old horror movies) in these two cabinets at the bottom of the entertainment center and every time a storm came through and it would thunder really loud, that specific movie case would go off and start playing that creepy tune…


thank you for your time!!