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It’s a movie about a gay guy and his best girlfriend, I think.

As the title says, the movie is about a gay guy and his best girlfriend, it’s not My Best Friend’s Wedding. The only part I really remember is the girl is changing clothes or something in front of him and they start playfully rough housing and it leads to them messing around a bit and then they realize that they both can’t because of their actual feelings. It’s an older movie maybe early 2000s late 90s perhaps, sorry I don’t remember much more than that.

Dead people hunt demons in Tokyo (maybe Seoul)

Looking for a movie I saw a few years ago. I am pretty sure it was CGI. It was either Japanese or Korean.
A team of people who don’t know they’re dead hunt weird looking demons in Tokyo or Seoul. They’re up against other teams and if they don’t get enough demon kills something bad happens to them.
The final boss was a giant demon who was made out of the bodies of thousands of people.

Lilaby? Willaby?

I remember watching this show or movie as a kid that featured puppets as well as people similar to the size of the ones on Mr. Rogers. At one point, there’s this man talking to a rabbit puppet about her garden. (I think the guy might’ve been somewhat of a celebrity irl? I don’t remember.) I think she was growing carrots. They start singing about the things that grow in her garden and I’ve had the song in my head at random times ever since. Something like “Everything grows in (rabbit’s name’s garden)”. I think the rabbit’s name is Lilaby or Willaby or something. I had this show on VHS just to show how old it is. I’m assuming it was made in the 80s or 90s. I wish I had more info about it, but that’s all I can remember.


As we all know, Spider-man has been known to say: “My spider/spidey senses are tingling.” every time he senses danger ahead. However, the identity of the first series episode OR movie where he first said that line remains unknown. I tried googling and searching on wikis but no luck. So, if anyone knows which was the very first series/episode where he said that line, let me know as soon as possible, please.

Criminal Movie

This movie would have been available on TV or VHS before the year 2000. I’m pretty sure it was a movie about a crime ring or group of adult criminals, and possibly a very popular or famous movie.
I think this was the first scene, although I’m not sure.
One of the criminals tells the other (new) guy to hide something (a package of money?) down the front of his pants. The criminal hides it there, then does some actions, successfully avoiding detection. New guy meets up again with the more experienced criminal who tells him something to effect of job well done, then says it was a good hiding spot because no self-respecting man would search someone there.
Thanks for any help.

Girl pretends to be a boy

I believe this movie was supposed to be taking place in India.  The plot is only boys are allowed to work and in this family there is only a girl so her mother (or grandmother) has the idea where she will pretend to be a boy to work otherwise the family will starve.  The scene I remember is where all the boys are at some type of school and they are all naked inside holes in the ground full of water with only their heads visible.  The teacher is telling them how to bathe properly when he notices the girl trying to hide in the back of the room.  He makes her come out and She does not want to be caught as a girl so she hurries and the teacher makes a remark like “this boy is a nymph.”

Korean movie about the laptop that predicts events several minutes in the future

I’ve never actually seen the movie, only saw a review of it, so I do not remember any specific scenes or details of the plot.

If I remember correctly it’s korean or at least have lead asian actor(s). The lead is a man and he finds out that somehow his laptop web camera shows events several minutes in the future. It’s somewhat an anseble movie, because several other people(probably this man’s friends) get involved.

I do not know any plot beyond that, unfortunately, the review was pretty vague and spoiler free.

The movie should be pretty new released in the past couple of years.

Looking a long time!!!

So I caught the ending of this movie which is very similar to  the movie called SOLARIS.  IN the movie I’ve been searching for this astronaut was trying to get back to earth, but he was seeing visions of his parents, their old house, and I think it was aliens that were making him feel like this was right and he should stay.   I believe the movie was made early 80’s!?  Was kinda creepy because I think that all his memories were just that, memories.  The aliens or whatever it was, was making him FEEL that it true and it wasn’t.

2 more Sailor Moon episode names

2 more Sailor Moon episode names I need to know of and that’s it for this year, at least for now.

This time, the first picture within the first link posted below represents the transformation sequence. The second one concerning city lights.

Which was(were) the first Sailor Moon episode(s) to feature each picture seen within the links posted below. Name and Season please?

How Sailor Moon’s Transformation Sequence Inspired a Generation

Anyone Remember This One?

I’m pretty sure this character is played by James Coburn, although I could be wrong.  He visits a young masseur to try to get information from him, tells him he’s been recommended because he’s got good hands.  The masseur doesn’t like the questions and digs into a leg nerve.  Main character hits the masseur afterwards to get even.

Film about children. Two boys and a girl are leaving on a train to another city and are looking for someone. Watched in 2000.


Film about children. Watched in 2000. The protagonist is a chubby boy, he has a friend who is more successful than him, slimmer, more athletic, and girls like him. The protagonist's mother works in a hospital and had to leave them alone at home. They pack up and go to the station. There, another girl joins them. They all get on the train together and leave for another city. I think it was France. Upon arrival, they get into some kind of adventure. And they are looking for someone. They both seem to like the girl. Get to some woman. I don’t remember what happened next, but at the end of the film they all celebrate with their parents.

Spanish (?) movie, woman’s life drama

Hi!  Trying to remember a movie, I believe it was released in late 2000’s ( maybe between 2005 and 2016). It’s a drama. The movie has a bright beautiful color palette.

I guess the whole action took place in Spain, but I might be wrong (Portugal, Italy?). The movie starts with the scene in a train where the main character (the actress reminds Halle Berry a bit, but was not her) is heading to another city to teach children in a school, in the train she meets a man, they make love and get off the train separately. After several months we see she is pregnant and getting back to her home city. Somehow she finds the man, they get marry, live in his house with his old maid, who doesn’t like the main character. The man has a female friend, who is an extravagant artist (and his mistress of course, she dies later from cancer). We see the family after several years, daughter is 9-11. years old, wife and husband have an argument and he goes to the see in his boat, unfortunately, he dies in a storm. Several years later we see that the woman (main character) and her daughter don’t seem to be close and in a while the daughter runs away with her female friend. The main character celebrates her daughter’s birthday every year but cannot find or contact her. Once she meets her daughter’s friend by accident, and she tells that her daughter lives in Italy by lake Como (?), has several kids. The movie ends with the scene: the main character receives a letter from her daughter, where she says that she lost one of her children (drowned in a lake) and she is missing her (the mother, main character).

Was this really a film?

Hello. Does anyone recall a film featuring a young lady (white female) lost/trapped in a fantasy land with notable characters being an ape called ‘monkey’ (actor in ape costume) for a companion to the lady,  and a blind artist/painter played by a black male.

The artist had a desire for gold and was lured to his death by a villain (i cant recall the detail of the villain) down a manhole with the promise of gold when the surrounding landscape appeared to catch fire. The landscape was sandy, possibly sand dunes were present (maybe small volcanoes..)

As the land burns the young lady is rescued by a floating small submarine in the sky which drops a rope or ladder down to her to climb. When the young lady asks how the rescuers found her, the rescuers claim that “The man in the moon described the way”

This would have been filmed at a guess no earlier than 1970 no later than 1990. I believe it was filmed in color and English language though it may have been colorized and dubbed. My sibling recalls the film but nobody else from that time in our life can recall it, so we are wondering if this was a figment of our joint imagination.

haunted house with beauty and the beast backstory

Around late 1990’s to early 2000’s there was a live action English horror movie I saw on tv. I believe it was only a few years old at the time and had been in theaters once as I had heard of it prior. A group of people are trapped in a mansion. There is a pendulum in the chimney that they say can rise and fall randomly, and it is shaped as a large intricate weight, not a blade. I think it was used as a jump scare before becoming relevant to plot/kill count later, but I’m not sure on that. There is a photo album, and they flip through it like a flip book, and it shows a man and woman, but the man grows harry and ends up looking like beauty and the beast. At one point one or more, but not all the people try to escape the property by ramming the wrought iron gate with their car, however the gate, under the spell/demonic energy,  curls over  to impale them through the windshield instead.

Japanese movie about locked down game participants


It was produced in the last 20 years.

It was made in Japan.

One of the main characters was an older guy. There was an eclectic team of characters.

It featured a company that hired people to take part in a confined game, inside a bunker like structure. There were very strict rules in place.

The place was protected by a kind of robotic machine that would routinely patrol the entire complex to make sure they are obeying the curfew. Characters would arrange secret meetings in the middle of the night by avoiding the robot.