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Early 2000s Sci Fi

I just remember seeing this movie a long time ago and the memories i do have of it confuse me. Early 2000s I think. Maybe Science Fiction. Most likely English but honestly not sure. A man was stuck in a place where injury and death wasn’t allowed? One scene showed him in some sort of office space and he accidentally cuts the end of his finger off, but when he looks away and back at his finger, it’s completely fine. I remember seeing a couple kissing continuously without end to the point where any normal person would have suffocated. Another scene I remember seeing a man had flung himself out of a window and impaled himself on a fence. It was as if people were trying to kill themselves to escape this strange world that was preventing from dying or being hurt. I remember a mention of some controlling force – one of those “they’re watching us” kind of things

Mother dies of Illness

Hi, I’ve been looking for a movie my mom and I saw a long time ago but that neither us can remember very much about.

It was a black and white film in English on VHS, most likely from the 1930s or 1940s. We rented the movie from Eddie Brandt’s Saturday Matinee, a sort of retro family-run video rental store that stocks a lot of classic and old movies. It was about a family- a mom, dad, and children- living for at least part of the movie in a rural cabin. It’s possible they were homesteaders. While I can’t remember the plot of the movie, I remember it being extremely depressing and dark. A lot of characters died, as I recall- although the only death I distinctly remember is that of the mother at the end of the film. She contracted some sort of disease like consumption, typhoid, or diphtheria. I have an image in my head of her being extremely small, thin, and sick-looking lying in a huge bed at the brink of death. My mom thinks she might remember at least one child dying as well, possibly in a blizzard or snowstorm.

Mid/late 1960s — Main character loses one side of his face

I saw this movie in a theater in the mid-1960s — probably between 1964 and 1968.  It was in color.  It was a science fiction/horror movie and the main character was a young man who looked human but at some point in the movie one side of his face got torn off and you could see electronics beneath.  I think the young man was an astronaut, but I’m not sure.  My older brother thinks the  young man was supposed to be a Frankenstein-like character.

There was also a large dinosaur like monster in the movie.

Guy studies dream controlling to meet a dead girl

The movie is not older than 10 years. The main character works as a barista in a cafe, he has a big dark beard. One night he has a dream where he sees a girl and he likes her. The next morning he sees in news that a girl was fatally hit by a car and it was the same girl he saw in a dream earlier.


Later the guy start studying how to control his own dreams and he is somewhat successful in that. He spends time with the girl in his dreams, but whenever he tries to tell her that it is a dream – his mouth doesn’t let him do that and he wakes up.


The movie is super good, although I saw the first 20 minutes of that.


Thank you in advance!

A couple visits a small town to interview a recluse artist known for painting penises

I think I saw this movie within the last 10 years and it was new at the time.  A couple travel from New York or some big city, because the girlfriend or maybe both of them are to interview some recluse artist. I think he’s famous for including penises in all of his artwork. The town happens to be the same town that the boyfriend grew up in or close to it at least. He is reminded of his roots which are completely different from what his lifestyle is now. I remember one scene in which his friends/family asks him to sing a hymn he used to sing often. I think they girlfriend is bothered by this. I can’t remember who any of the actors are, but the leading male may look like Paul Rudd?  I looked at his IMDb profile, but couldn’t find the movie.  Thank you for your help.

Chinese comedy from 2000s

Chinese action comedy film with one gruesome tragic scene I recall well

I don’t remember much besides one scene clearly: the hero’s backstory involved soldiers capturing and killing his family, his grandmother trampled, his mother hid in a toilet and was stabbed by a lord with a stick (this backstory scene was shown in black and white animation)

**This was available on Netflix in 2011, 12, or 13 and most likely released in the late naughties or early 2010s**

An earlier scene involved a chicken or something in a pottery shop and there was an ambush from (singular) ninja or warrior to the shopkeeper.

I think the title may involve listing like “The Chef, The Fighter, and the Thief” but Im not sure. It is NOT “The Chef, The Actor, and the Scoundrel”

I think there is an ensemble cast and ab important character is dressed in white robes

A man must save his robot girlfriend

So I just remember one scene from a movie I saw like 20 years ago:

A woman is doing the dishes. A man arrives behind her and begins to kiss her. The woman receives some water on her (or there is a problem with the dishwasher maybe) and there are some sparkles: we realize that the woman is actually a robot. She is broken now. The man must face dangers to try and save her.

That’s all I remember, thank you for your help!

Interchangeable Chads?

So I just randomly remembered this scene from a movie I saw a few years ago. I’m not sure what year but I’ll say between 2005 and maybe 2011? It’s English an in colour.

There was a scene with a girl meeting multiple men, cut into the scene standing at a fridge and talking to the daughter, all of them saying the same thing while cutting through different faces about them being involved with the daughter’s mother and possibly becoming her new stepdad or something.

The daughter they’re talking to is blonde? I can’ quite remember her appearance but she refers to all of them as “Chad” instead of keeping up with names.

French trippy movie?

I remember watching this movie I think was a sort of French black and white version of Alice in wonderland. She wanders into another world where she ends up in a few different situations. One is where she’s eating dinner with a midget king or prince who talks in a high voice expressing his love for someone. There is a person dancing in the air there and eventually turns into a skeleton as the monologue is so long. I Remember another scene where she’s in a class room with with many different aged people and during the lesson all the noises start to make a repetitive beat into a song. Another scene is like maybe her dad mining at work in a long line of people. Very wierd trippy movie. Any ideas?

end of world – all the stars going out

movie from 90s early 2000s- a farm family had handyman, or took in stranger(who i thought was Luke Perry) who acted mysterious, thought he was

a preacher or something.  the plot was a doomsday scenario and all i really remember is the last scene of the movie that really freaked me out- the family is standing on their front lawn at night looking up and watch as all the stars go out one by one then the screen goes black


Looking for a zombie movie?

i remember watching this on DVD, post-2000, it was in colour, I think it was set in L.A.

i think it was set in a hospital, or mental ward, maybe? There was a guy who was a cook, or orderly, or cleaner, or something?

there was some sort of zombie outbreak (it may or may not have started in the hospital)

someone, the dude I think, was sneaking out of the hospital for some reason?

pretty sure he had a girlfriend, she might have been a nurse or one of the patients, and they had to lock themselves somewhere until they could escape?

it looked pretty cheap and nasty (possibly asylum-ish quality)

i would love to see it again, does anyone know the movie I’m trying to remember?

Monster movie comes to life.

Movie stars male protagonist whose father was a actor in a monster movie where he played the main character that killed the monster and is in a town where the father lives i believe the son came to visit as it was the time for the regular celebration of the movie the father was in.However every cycle of years the monster from the movie comes to life the town is oblivious to this besides the father who has had to slay the monster every cycle however due to aging he is unable to keep doing so.It’s now up to the son to stop the monster (there was something about you can’t kill the monster the same way
and the way they killed it in the end was a explosion)

Researchers stuck in a building with the antichrist

I think its from the 90’s, a movie about some researchers or scientists who go to a building, and later on realize that everybody else in the streets were gone. Then one of the woman who were there gets pregnant(or was already pregnant) and givest birth to the antichrist. I remember a scene were one of them has a dream in which he sees God as a shiny figure saying some stuff in a weird and disturbing voice.


Teenagers in woods b film

All I remember is that is was a b movie because of the effects. Teenagers go into the woods and end up with 1 unique power that was colour coded

One girl goes evil and they have to stop her

The end scene is on the roof of the highschool and the evil girl falls off and they think she died but twist she survives…somehow

All I get in Google is chronical but it’s older than that and I swear was s b movie


teen sisters searching for family cabin to save brother from abusive father

Around the year 2000, on the movie network, feels like an independent film. Beautifully filmed in forest road setting. A 20/some woman returns home to confront her father/mother for the molestation she endured. young sister and brother still living there. mother is a weak character..Father isnt there, he has taken the young brother to the family cabin. The two sisters get in an old truck and head out to find the cabin, not sure exactly where it is. On the way, they talk, remember and go through some dramatic moments…they find the cabin , at dark…father is passed out drunk. she ties him to the chair, then douses him with gasoline. he begs in horror…all three walk away leaving him there to blubber…The main actress is a tall thin Blonde ( looks like Ali Larter/ Amy Smart)….It feels Canadian, or maybe Washington state, lots of tall trees . A quiet sober story with a dramatic ending. hope anyone can help find this title, Ive been searching for ever.


Movie from 1970/1980’s. Saw on video.

female researcher goes to small town wilderness area access. She is studying Indian tribes. Hires a horseback guide and they are surprised by Indian tribe that was suppose to be extinct.

they live with Indians and chief’s relative is injured and will die unless antibiotics       Are found in town and retrieved. Guide returns to town and steals drugs and races on horseback to the Indian camp with sheriff possey chasing him.

Child saved. Couple decides to stay with tribe and protects them from society.


Everyone thinks little boy is the killer but he’s not

I’ve been searching for this movie for many, many years! This is my first time posting to a group so hopefully someone can put me out of my misery soon.

I watched this movie when I was a kid, so it must have been made in the 80’s or 90’s. It was in English and in colour. I’m not sure if it was a TV movie, or who was in it, I just have vivid memories of specific scenes.

Main plot seems to be that this little mute boy is possibly killing people around him, and he draws pictures of their deaths, but in the end it turns out his estranged dad (i think?) is actually the killer, and he was hiding out in the family’s attic the whole time. A few deaths I remember, his grandma or old lady babysitter is watching him while his mother is out at a piano recital I think, and the old lady gets killed by having the dumbwaiter falling on her head. There’s another death where the little boyis playing with a friend but the kid is actually a bully, the bully brings a gun to show him, and seemingly the little boy shoots the bully (but in the end there’s a photograph of the dad shooting the bully). AND, to finish it off, I have this very distinct memory of the end scene of this little mute boy, playing with another kid, he holds up a stick and points it at him and says “bang, you’re dead”.

Anyway, please someone help me out. I tried that whatismymovie site, closest answer it gave me was Mikey(1992), but that’s not it. Also Hide and Seek reminded me of the “kid drawing a person’s death” bit, but that’s definitely not it, that was made way too recently.

Probably a crime movie

I slightly remember just the beggining of this movie, when some kids are playing and one kid falls into the hole and finds some bones and he becomes weird. And later in the movie, I think there is something with a bomb in the city.
It’s probably from 90s or early 2000s.