Dead child possesses people who caused his death?

This description was given to me by a friend. She was hoping I could help her figure it out, but I’m not having any luck.

  • She said it was a B quality, and only memorable because it was so strange.
  • She saw it a few years ago, but she can’t remember if she rented it, saw it on Netflix, or TV ect.
  • Most likely made within the past 10-15 years
  • Color/English

What she remembers is that a young child dies in the beginning, and she thinks it was a gun related accident. She remembers the parents, or the mother at least, being negligent.

The kid comes back as some sort of entity, and possess the people who played a part (unknowingly?) in his death. She said he either forces them to kill themselves, or causes them all to die in some way.

At the end, he possesses his mothers boyfriend to kill his mother, and apparently the mother gets the idea that if she has sex with the boyfriend, she will get pregnant with the child again, causing his spirit to leave the boyfriend’s body and be born again.

She said she could be getting some details confused, but the basic idea is there. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Old black and white movie set in new mexico

I saw this movie  couple of years go on TV around Halloween.  It is an old movie.  I can’t remember the title or actors.  Here is what I recall:

Movie was set in new mexico and was fiction/horror

It was in black and white

There was some wild animal attacking people, but no one had seen the animal

The animal scratched trees with his claws, leaving three claw marks I think

There was a scene with a fountain  in it.  The characters commented on the fountain and the ball floating at the top of the fountain on a stream of water

One of characters was a teacher or professor at the University


Thank you for any help you can give


Widow struggling with what she believes are two separate lives

I saw this movie in about 2004 but is was not not new then, maybe in the late 1900’s? The female lead was a beautiful young widow with long dark hair who had a young daughter and her Mother appeared in scenes where they were living together in the country. When the young woman would all asleep at night she found herself in, what she believed was another real life setting in France where she was dating a handsome, successful man. However when she fell asleep in France she had a simalliar experience where she was again in the country home with her daughter and her mother. I believe she had bengun dating someone there as well! And she was seeing a psychiatrist.
These events continued through the film as she began to struggle with reality she finally confided in her Mother. It was very well done and has love cinamatography!

I can’t remember

The movie involves a young woman with pixie cut blonde hair who at the end of the movie gets pulled into darkness by creepy bony grey skinned hands. movie is 1995 to 2005-ish girl is reminiscent of a young Bridget Fonda. Has a boyfriend or husband maybe a medic of some kind. She wears a white tank top in a large part of the movie. She is one of a few that earlier (in their lives) had been implanted with a long “spikey” thing so the creatures could find them.

Alien possession apocolypse twist

Ok so this movie is between early 2000’s and max 2013. The movie starts out somehow these young adults get held up in this cabin in the woods. They act wild crazy then one gets possessed? Not sure exactly but they try to kill him and he won’t die the his own people try to kill him. This happens to 1 or 2 other people. End of movie a couple gets away runs to a town to see its happening everywhere and I think it’s either aliens possessing them or evil bible ending?? A lot of gore. The movie tricks you making you think it’s a thriller then becomes a horror sci-fi

60s or 70s movie…a boy named “Spider”

I recall watching a movie multiole times in my childhoof in the 80s. Now I’m pretty sure the movie is a late 60s or 70s film. It was in English. There were 3 or 4 children/teen primary characters. One of them was an older boy named “Spider”. I recall a few different scenes of them in a boat with an outboard engine, as well as what I think was a tower on an island…but I’m a bit hazy from there on out.



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cheating husband/father

the movie was about a man who cheated on his wife. the woman he was cheating with did not know that he had a family, and i think she played some type of instrument (piano or cello or something). The wife shows up while the lady is practicing and confronts her about it and shows her a picture of their nine year old daughter. The lady is in shock so both her and the wife play tricks and schemes on the husband. I remember one of the schemes was wearing a Darth Vader (or something?) mask and prank calling him. Another scheme involved zoo animals in the house.

a weird asian film thats bothered me for years and im not kidding when i say weird

ok this had to have been anywhere from 2001-2006 it was late one night i was turning through channels and i flipped to Showtime Beyond which at time has some odd ball movies on even some anime if i remember right. anyways i saw this asian film( probably Japanese) on which i didn’t realize there was only 10-15 mins left. It seems interesting so i stay and watch little did i know what was going to happen and take a very weird turn. This girl was at her place and she seemed to have made a friend with a round ball like alien thing no big deal. one moment shes talking to it the next shes naked on the ground with this thing with her and a lone tentacle comes out of it heading slowly straight between her legs and she didn’t even try to stop it. It seemed like she wanted to mate with it for it was the last of its kind? then it ended leaving me wondering what the heck just happened? and what was that? That totally caught me off guard for i thought it was some horror film. I don’t remember all what was said just what happened will forever be etched in my mind.  Its bothered me enough that now many years later i have to find out what it was called and if ut was indeed a horror film. I really don’t know if it can be found,but i thought i would try here. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Home invasion movie

I’ve been trying to think for the longest a movie where it was about a African-American couple who are taken hostage in their home and held captive. I remember a few scenes where the captor had relations with the woman in a hot tub and in the kitchen. I watched it on Netflix a few years back but can’t remember. Thanks

Mysterious SUV with artificial intelligence

I saw this movie on TV around 2002 or 2003. It’s possible that the movie is older than that, but I’m not sure. It was in English and the movie was in color.

The movie centers on a man (I remember that he was blond, he might have been named Bob) who is driving and as he is passing a nearby town the motor of his car breaks. He goes to a cafe to ask for help and hears a payphone ringing. He answers the phone and hears a strange voice.

Later he goes to get his car fixed at the local mechanic’s but he isn’t working that day so the man has to spend the day in the town.

As the movie continues he can’t leave the town because every time he goes to the mechanic’s they say the parts haven’t come in to fix his car. Essentially he is trapped in the town.

He becomes friendly with the people in the town and if I remember right he was an architect and they gave him some related jobs to do.

Throughout the movie the man sees in various moments a black SUV is following him. He goes to the mechanics and it’s on the corner. He goes to the diner and it’s parked in front- but it never has a driver- it appears that the SUV moves by itself.

Any time the man tries to get close to the SUV it starts to move and try to run him over.

Towards the end of the movie he’s finally able to get close to the car and open the door. The car starts talking through the radio and tells him that the car chose him to stay in the town and has been controlling all the things happening to him since he arrived to the town. That the SUV was the voice that the man had heard on the payphone when he first got there.

The SUV wanted the town to become important and because of that gave the man jobs to build important buildings in the town.

Finally, the man gives up and accepts that he will never be able to leave the town.

One day another man arrives to the town – the same as the first man- his car broke down and when he asks for help in the same cafe the first man happens to be there. The first man passes him a paper with information to find the hotel but the paper actually says “don’t answer the phone and run”

Finally this second man doesn’t take his advice and at the very end of the movie when the telephone rings he answers it.


Recent drug induced cannibal movie

I saw this movie a few years back and I think it came out after 2005. It’s about a couple guys going cross country to work on a film project and they stop at a friend of one of the guys. The third guy basically invites himself along on their trip. They stop at a dinner where the third guy offers a hitchhiker a ride. They camp out in the desert and fall asleep. When they wake the hitchhiker is gone and it is suggested he drugged their drinks. One of the guy goes crazy as in the night eats the friend he shared the tent with and then goes after the third guy. Then basically the third guy is just running for his life in the desert as the guy chases him wanting to eat him.

Been trying for months to remember the name of this movie. Please help!

Children Fantasy Movie/TV Show With Woman’s Hair Made of Gold

I’ve been looking for this forever! I watched it on American TV when I was little kid I was born in 1984. I was very young and it was a long time ago so the description may not be completely accurate and I can only remember one scene. There is a man and women in the woods hiding. They may have been hiding by a stone bridge or rocks talking to a boy or children. There is a scene with two men in a small black helicopter searching for something. The man hiding with the women tells the boy or children that the two men in the helicopter are searching for gold with their helicopter and they are hiding because the woman’s hair is made of gold and that is what they are picking up with their radar and have been chasing them.

This is the very last movie/TV show from my childhood that I cannot identify. These are some of the other obscure movies that I have been able to identify.

Invitation to Hell (1984)
The Quest (1986) AKA Frog Dreaming
Troll (1986)
Mac and Me (1988)
Nothing But Trouble (1991)