Movie about village of undead set in 19th century

The plot: a 19th century surgeon tries to operate on a homeless-looking man, but the patient dies on the table. The surgeon later notices that the man has been hurt to the point where he should have been dead months or years ago.

Somehow, this leads him to an island where he witnesses a dock worker being crushed by a falling crate and, while he appears dead on the spot, is carted away by his friends and later shows up still alive.

The surgeon later notices that there are no tombstones dated later than a few years ago – it’s as if after a certain date, people stopped dying.

He teams up with a girl and eventually finds out that she and her father are administering some kind of reanimation drug to the fatally injured and it cures them right back up, but the drug supply is running out due to some important ingredient.

Won’t spoil the ending.


This may be an episode of a series like The Twilight Zone, but a search for all the usual suspects turned up nothing. I must’ve seen this sometime between 1995 and 2003, since I remember watching it at my childhood home. The movie is was most definitively in color.

Boy, travelling between dimensions, ear bleed

  • Watched this in the early 90s – not exactly sure if it was a show or a movie.
  • It was in color, but the color of film/scene was pretty washed out – like certain historical dramas sometimes are.
  • A pale boy with brown(?) hair was sitting on a chair in the middle of the room, with his eyes closed
    • He’s around his mid teens, wearing a brown/grey blazer; the style of people’s clothes are like the children in Narnia before they go inside the wardrobe
    • His mind/soul was travelling to another dimension (?)
    • There were a few people in the room waiting(?) and observing him. They seem tense/nervous. One of them is a girl and likely to be his sister.
    • At one point his ear began to bleed, and the girl/sister gasped – I had the impression that the longer he stayed in the alternate dimension, he would die.
    • The people in the room was waiting/urging him to “wake up”, but if memory serves me correctly, made no attempt to disturb the boy by touching or shouting at him.

Movie Similar to You’re Next

Okay so I watched a film a few years ago on tv and the plot was very similar to You’re Next (2011) or I might be mistaken and they might have been the same film but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the same film. The movie looked like it was made between the late 90s to mid 2000s. It was in english, in colour, and it felt like a made for tv film or direct to dvd. What I remember from the plot is this rich guy and his girlfriend (or fiancee or wife) going to his family house somewhere secluded, the car might have been a red convertible. Then of course there’s the tension between all the family members and they get killed of one after the other until only the girlfriend is left and she drives off in the car at the end. Please help!

Alien/insect movie, ends with one survivor pregnant with alien baby

This is an alien/insect horror film where most of the cast dies, and at the end there are only two survivors. The alien/insects can ‘take over’ human bodies somehow. One of the final scenes shows the two survivors nearly back on earth, one man and one woman, the woman is pregnant, and when she looks back at the man she sees his mouth/face open up into insect-like jaws and realizes that he’s been ‘taken over’ the whole time, and that she’s carrying an alien/insect child.

I saw this on tv, but I’m pretty sure it was a movie. It was in English.

I’ve been trying to remember this movie for years, any help would be awesome.

Scene from movie where women are staring across rocky beach at each other, wearing white masks

There is a scene from a movie where two young women are wearing white masks and seem to be starring across a rocky beach at each other during a dreary, grey sky day. I never actually saw the movie but saw footage from it used in a music video on youtube (one that emerged after a chain of monstercat music videos). I recall, probably a year or so ago, looking up the actual moving and reading it was some sort of surreal film and involved two women who are friends doing stuff such as jumping through time to a future New York City. I cannot find the footage and cannot recall the movie name, however.

Old Soviet movie, kids playing wargames

Hi guys, I remember coming across the end of this old Soviet film (grew up in Russia) as a kid and thinking the ending was freakin’ weird… these kids (Pioneers?) are playing some kind of war game out in the sticks, aiming little sticks at each other. Except we hear actual gunshots ring out and they fall to the floor bloodied. One of the kids gets blown in half, semi-graphically. This is so bizarre it could be a dream sequence or something, but I think it was at the very end. Not sure though.

Does anyone have any idea what the hell I’m talking about?

Been trying to find the name of this for years (horror)

OK so I remember watching a show (I think it was Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Scary Moments) back when I was a teenager (so must have been more than ten years ago) that had a clip from either this movie, or this TV movie, or maybe even an episode from a series, I don’t remember, but it really stuck in my mind.

Since this was from more than 10 years ago, apologies if my memory’s a little hazy! The main thing I remember is there’s a scene towards the end where this woman is disembowling a man tied to a chair, and he must be drugged or something because he’s not yelling out in agonising pain but talking to her. Then its revealed that she’s actually a serial killer since she’s got trophies (skulls?) of her previous victims (in her fridge? or in another room?)

Does this ring any bells with anyone???

Horror/Comedy about Guy receiving body parts????

I watched this movie about 6 months ago and it was fairly new.

The plot:

This guy who lived in the city with his girlfriend was out to dinner and told a story to another couple. He told a story about how in college he was about to get beat up but somehow managed to chop off the guys two fingers. At the restaurant, the waiter was listening to them. The camera then shows the waiter is missing two fingers.

Throughout the movie the guy gets a finger in a box sent to his apartment, finds a foot with his clothes in the dryer at the laundromat, and gets a bloody ear. He also contacts police about these body parts but the police don’t care and always end up in some cafe eating cupcakes.

At one point, the couple the guy and his girlfriend were out to dinner with breakup because the girl gets hit by a car and dies. Then, the main characters girlfriend ends up hooking up with the friend and they start living together.

The movie ends with the main character going to a jazz club and sees the waiter from the restaurant there.  The waiter is mad because he wanted to be a saxophone player but he got his fingers chopped off.

Does anyone know this movie???? Ahhhhh please help!!!

No Idea

Honesy I’m not even sure about this movie, but I think it’s a little older and these people find or go into some building and there a machine inside. I can’t remember what it makes, but it may be toys. I feel like I also remember some large hill or mountain. I’m not giving many details so I’m sure I won’t hear any responses, Thanks anyways. Also the  movie isn’t “Toys”

Black thriller movie?

I can not remember the name of this movie. It’s a black kind of murder mystery thriller where a guy infiltrates a home and ties everyone up in the basement. And apparently he knows the husband and wife. I remember the basement was in remodeling phase. There were bare wooden beams and large clear plastic sheets. One of the first scenes in the movie, the guy who is the killer, is having an affair with the wife while they are all enjoying drinks on the patio, and the guy and wife are getting it on in the kitchen  and nearly get caught. It’s fairly new…maybe came out less than 5 years ago, and I don’t remember any of the actors. Help me!

Sifi movie pretty old

  1.  Okay so there’s this movie it’s a science fiction movie and the only thing I can remember about it is that there are these people on a plane and I guess they fell asleep and when they wake up there in this desolate planet that looks just like Earth though and they land at an airport one of the guys was a killer somewhere in the movie. But in the end they were trying to leave because there were these giant mouse creatures like all it was was just circle creature with giant teeth and they were eating everything so they got back on the plane and they figure that they had the fall asleep again to be able to go back to where they wanted to. That’s all I remember can anybody help me

Bad Horror Movie

You know the like, it was one of those where you’re not quite sure if it’s supposed to be funny or not.  I remember this one taking place mostly in the day time, and was very especially about nudity and not scary.  It also took place at a really nice house where the main girls had some pool parties.  One guy was creeping on them through the window the whole time.


The killer had big black robes and a scythe, and I’m pretty sure he was killing everyone for biblical reasons because they were all “whores” or something.


There was one scene where the girls were having a pool party and some dudes were filming people jumping off the balcony into the pool, and then the killer came by and beheaded someone.  I feel like the killer got set on fire in the middle of the yard at the end or something.


I saw it on TV late one nigh probably 2013 or 2014, maybe early 2015.