2000s movie french farmer in the summer

The movie is maybe happening in france or belgium. A farmer lives in a small village with other weird villagers like his best friend who is a hairdresser and once paints a customers hair blue. There is a guy with no legs rolling around the village on a skateboard. The farmer falls for a blonde city girl and wants to later find her. When they the come to the city they stay with a friend who’s roommate is a black guy that smokes weed. They end up at a house party where the hairdresser guy eats a bunch of ecstasy pills thinking they are painkillers. He then gives a lamp at the party a hairstyle makeover. The blonde girl has an asshole boyfriend with a red car. Tomhanks for the help😁

80s horror movie

I remember seeing this on tv late one night, it would have been the late 80s it was a monster movie set in a city. One scene that sticks out was a woman being chases down a alleyway by some creature which looked like it had many faces or bodies melted together. The woman then runs into a woman sat on a wall she is dressed as a biker and is told to run but she stays and you see the creature slowly approach and attack. It’s very vague but the one scene that I remember well would love to find and watch again

Man left blindfolded in forest by girlfriend -foreign thriller?

I am trying to find a movie I saw only the first 10 mins on Vudu recently. Can’t remembet name.   I think it was a Swedish, Scandinavian or Nederlands movie from 2,000s.  I believe it was a Thriller.  First 10 mins are aerial shots of car on winding tree lined mountainous? road, then couple are happy in car, then they enter forest, woods, mountain area, she proceeds to lead him blindfolded to undisclosed area as a surprise to him. She then leaves him there and vanishes from our view!  Help, please.















Old Movie with a Headless Ghost


In 1958 my mother and uncle saw a movie they loved that they have been trying to rediscover for decades now.

It is a comedy and they say there is a scene with a ghost holding his own head that they remember clearly. Also, it involved an American family moving to somewhere in the UK.

They watched this movie on TV in 1958 while staying on an American military base in Holland. (There was an American Forces broadcasting network of some kind.)

Any help locating this movie for them would be greatly appreciated!

Kid using a bed as a raft

Hey everyone !

I’m trying to remember the title of a movie I seen as a kid in the late 90’s.
The movie start with a dad coming to the room of his son and read a tale but don’t finish it, then the kid take the book to read it and the bad guy from the book appear and make appear water in the whole house. The kid use his bed as a raft and exit the house. That’s all I remember !

Please help me on that, I can’t sleep :s

Erik Estrada as a shaman???

This movie was made in the 1970s and is a crime movie probably made for TV. All I remember is that a detective (thin white guy in his 40s and looking the type in a fedora-type hat) was searching for someone (missing person or possibly a killer). I think it had a jungle environment and when he was walking through that environment, he ran into a shaman who looked like Erik Estrada. Only reason I think that is because I saw the movie around 1980 and Chips was big then. I was young so I could be mistaken.

coming of age 80s/90s/early 2000s movie about best friends, sex, drugs

Hey everyone :~)

I remember a scene where the teenage/young girl main character wakes up on a beach, mostly/completely naked and walks down the shore picking up her clothes. She runs into a man as she’s doing this who is older than her – she had run away from home with him, another older man and her best friend. The girl gets angry at this man for taking advantage of her but he insists that he didn’t force her to take any drugs and she was coming onto him the night before. After this scene she says goodbye to her best friend and leaves the hotel they have run away to. She goes home to her mother, who she argued with often, and they seem to make up? Or begin to? This was the ending of the film as far as I can remember.
I think the scene leading up to those involved four characters in a room from the main character’s POV with the classic spinning, slow-motion intoxicated effects going on.

Other basic details:

  • main character was a teenage girl who lived with her mum and they argued often
  • her best friend was more attractive/popular
  • all of the main characters are white. I can’t remember literally a single nonwhite speaking character, main or minor, but I could be wrong
  • the friends attend two or more parties together – at the first party we are introduced to a boy who has a crush on the main character
  • the main character loses her virginity to that boy? maybe? or some other boy in a small house or maybe a shed
  • eventually the main character and her best friend ‘run away’? with two older men, one who is loud and obnoxious and another who is quiet and maybe has a criminal record

If anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them!


Movie starts with some guy riding his bike through the woods, he eventually comes across a woman doing the same, they get hunted by some people, those people get killed, the guy and the woman get captured and held captive underground beneath a house. The captor is an incredibly old bald male surprisingly still alive, due to what he does to other people. When the two captives escape, the old man cuts off the guy’s legs, and he wakes up in a hospital. He is then explained to that he lost his legs in the war by a grenade, and all the people around him were also in his dream.

Animated movie

This is a long shotime, since I do not have much information.   This is an animated movie from either the late 80’s or early 90’s and was Cinderella like. All I really remember is a young girl and maybe a nerdy friend who was a computer wiz. She was wanting to go to a dance but her dress got ruined. A high tech machine made some techno music and fixed her dress so she could go to the dance. I know it’s not much to go on but help. Iv been trying to figure this out for probably 15+ years. Thanks

Old Western

I’m looking for a film that I think was in black and white. As far as I remember, it was about a renowned gunslinger that runs into trouble with a gang. The ending I remember clearly, the night before his big gun fight, his fingers and hands are smashed up badly so that he will have no chance of defending himself. However after having them bandaged up, he breaks the trigger guards from his pistols and positions himself behind gravestones. He pushes the triggers against the gravestones to fire the pistols.

Any help would be much appreciated, I saw the film about 20 years ago and still have no idea what it was.


The movie in trying to remember was an indie horror flick. Late 2000s early 2010s.. It’s about a woman that gets pregnant and finds out that she’s pregnant with the devils daughter or something of that nature (It’s not Hell Baby or End of Days). She gives birth to the kid and it is given up for adoption I think. She gets in a car wreck at some point and her sister gets murdered/dies at some point too. Anyways, the climax of the film is when she hunts down the little girl who is now around 6 or 7 and they have a chase/fight with the real mother, the girl, and the new adopted mom throughout the town they live in. That for any help.

screaming under railway arch

I saw this clip from a movie which I watched in the 1970 and I am trying to recall the name of the movie.  The movie was in black and white and was set in an industrial city in England circa late 1950’s or early 1960’s.   The clip involves a teenage girl taking a new friend, can’t recall if male or female, to this arch under a railway bridge to show her something she likes to do.  This involves screaming her head off when a train passes over the bridge so the sound of the engine drowns the noise.  Scene of girl screaming loudly and cut to image of railway bridge with steam train passing overhead letting off steam and a loud whistle. The girl then invites the friend to try it.

Lat 90s or Early 21st Horror Made for TV

A 30-something man, a journalist, discovers that what he writes in his fiction takes place, and it is always Horror. For example, he writes a story about a man who gets his head bashed with a baseball bat during a friendly sandlot game, and that day his best friend dies the same way. A super creepy scene involves this writer and a woman journalist friend. They are assigned to explore a house where a murder has taken place–a nondescript low-middle-class suburban house. They go in broad daylight, but are both overcome, as I remember, with a terrifying feeling of dread, so they leave. I didn’t finish watching because I found myself scared out of my wits. I wish I had. If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated. A YouTube link would also be great.

Norther Europe movie, frozen lake, loser as a main character

Few years (some 2-6) ago I saw a movie from Northern Europe (Finland or another Scandinavian country, and I think also not the “East Block”). (on TV, but it surely was not a TV series)

The main character was a young man escaping from something,  (family, wife, duties, crime?) on a motorcycle. He was kind of loser, confused.

The only hint is that once he met an old man (Eskimo?) living in a tent on a frozen lake. He was there to end his life (a traditional way of passing in this culture). They spent some time together there.

I remember the strange atmosphere of the movie, it felt unreal somehow.