Devil red eye man

Okay so there is a movie I saw my dad watching one time probably back in the early 2000. It was in color. I snuck in the living room while my parents were watching it because it was a scary movie and they didn’t want me to see it. Anyways the only part I can remember is there was this man sitting in a chair in a living room area that had a fireplace. Has face was facing the fire when a person/ woman or little boy comes into the room and starts taking trying to get the man’s attention. As the camera pans back to the man it shows his face and he has bright blood red eyes. And then I think there was some suspenseful music. Anyone know what I’m talking about? I have wondered for years what it was and it was so scary but I would love to watch it! And my mom and dad don’t remember.

this one is a cartoon, I think its from the 80s or 90s, its about a man and a dog and the man always says im…

… going to be rich, rich, rich and the dog would bite him on his fingers then he says we are going to get rich, rich, rich, he was always doing something to get rich.

Im Going to get rich, rich, rich cartoon, its a cartoon about a man and I think its a dog and the dog will always bite him on his fingers, I think its from the 80s or the 90s.

70s80s Japanese Animated

As a child in the 1980s we watched a VHS animated movie of a girl who lived in the country and was then called by her curiosity and magic into the forest. She ate some red fruit from trees/bushes as she proceeded into the forest. Deep in the forest she came upon a mansion/castle. At this point the movie turns abbot dark in my memory and the dialogue seemed quite sparse. I was quite young but hope to find and watch this movie again! This movie was in our VHS cabinet along with Unicorns, the Last Unicorn, and the original charlie and the Chocolate factory of this helps narrow down the dates.

rapelling, then falling from a skyscraper during a heist.

I remember this early 1980’s movie where (I think this all happens in the beginning) there’s a heist underway and for the characters’ escape they have to rappel off the top of a tall building.  One character makes it down the whole way, the harness is returned to the top, and the second guy starts down.  Problem is, the cable gets stuck and this guy’s stuck high up on the outside of the building.  To make it even worse, the authorities have arrived and have started to winch him back up.  Not wanting to spend time in prison he says something in Spanish or Portuguese (some subtitles here), and releases his harness to begin the long fall to his death. SPLAT.  So what movie is this?  Anyone?  Thanks!

70’s 80’s movie

when I was I little girl I saw this movie about a nerdy girl. she had glasses and she was very skinny but pretty. I think it takes place in California cause I remember people skating. anyways she gets bullied by girls and boys from her high school. one day she gets chased by a group of girls and she goes inside this house, now I can’t remember if it’s he house or someone else. but she goes inside either a mirror or a hidden place in the house and ends up in a world inside earth where she meets a guy (very good looking guy by the way lol) and there are people that looks just like us but they are different in a way. I remember a scene where he takes her to get something to eat but these people eat earthworms. anyways she ends up getting chased by a group of people that knows she’s not from that world. so the guy spends the entire movie helping her to get back home. a the end she comes back but she looks different. very sexy looking with no glasses and she sees the guy and she runs to him and they ended up falling in love.

Gruesome horror movie with isopods and penis monster

Can anyone remember this strange film where a man wants to sleep with a woman and after she leaves, his Penis mutates into a big monster, that bites into his face and kills him?

I think in that movie, there were strange crawling creatures, that looked like trilobites or giant isopods. They came from a strange aparatus which could have been a time machine, portal to another dimension or something like that. In one scene you could see a monster in this machine, that looked somewhat like the creature from “nightbeast”.

One other scene, I remeber was that sombody takes off his shirt and the chest is full of moving segments like his body is mutating into one of these isopod like creatures.

And in another scene, a woman awakens in a sickroom and touches the roses that have been given to her from visitors and these roses shrivel and wither like they have been put into liquid nitrogen and freeze dried. I think it was this woman, who turned the mans penis into the giant carnivorous worm creature and mabe she was like that because she was attacked by one of the strange isopods. But my memories are very blurred, I cant even remember a single dialogue.

But I can remeber, that the penis scene frightened me to death and after that, I stoped watching.

I saw this movie long time ago. When I was a child, my parents used to buy old VHS cassets from garage sales. Normaly we used them to record TV films, but some of them contained watchable movies.

One of them had this strange film on it and was so frightening to me back then. It has been around 1995 to 1998, that I watched it, but the record must have been older. My memories are blurred, I think it was in german language, but probably just a translation. I would guess it was some kind of an american 80’s science fiction horror B-Movie. The Movie was definitely in color and looked like rather low budget, but heavily loaded with absurd body horror and strange mutations.

The scenes I remember are scattered and probably twisted, because so much time passed since than and I never saw this movie again. I hope, I dont mix two films together. But I can clearly say, that it is not “Tromeo and Juliet”, which is the only other movie with a “penis monster”, that I know.

My parents dont remember the title either, but they recall the movie to be over the top and gruesome and I doubt they will find the original VHS record any time soon. Maybe they have been so disgusted, that they deleted it.

I would be very happy if anyone could help me with this film, because I could not manage to find the movie with the help of Google or IMDB, although I searched for days.

Airplane crash movie-lost in desert-windy/sandstorms/shows dead guy thats just a torso with no arms or legs

Yeah so I remember seeing this film when I was a kid, mid 2000s. I believe it’s about a group of people who get lost in the desert when their plane crashes, also its  very windy and sand blows everywhere for the majority of what i saw. the main thing i remember is a dead guy by the plane, his body without legs or arms. if anybody can help i will love you

Supernatural Type Movie

Ok, hi, just want to say I’ve been searching for this movie since I was a kid and it has been killing me nit knowing what it is. Possible early 2000 movie.

 What I remember is two guys visiting this place (no idea but its in the woods) and end up crashing on a broken down bridge? and one of them gets impaled or injured on a fence post. It gets dark and they end up finding two other girls who have crashed. These girls are doomed to repeat their crash forever or something as they are dead and the two guys find out that they have to get out of that place before sunrise. Theres like this killer after them too and they hide in this little room thing in a house while the killers banging on the door. The two guys eventually end up driving back over the now broken bridge? (dukes of hazzard style) but one of them, the passenger, dissapears as the sun comes up revealing that he was dead all along, killed by the fence post.

Vague I know but if anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks

Serpent lizard like devil creature in a cave under a cabin

A horror movie.
Young adults, maybe teenagers go to a cabin.
A creature that is sort of like a lizard, serpent lives under the cabin in a cave.
At one point the creature uses its devil like tail to try to whip it a persona from under a car in a garage.
The characters find themselves in the cave in water and the creature is in the water as well.

Old eighties or nineties made for

All I can remember is this was a made for TV movie. It’s either eighties or ninties.  I think it was on the Disney channel and played after Mr. Boogedy. It was during Halloween. I had it recorded for years. Ok so what I can remember is it has a little boy in it who has special powers. I think his name is barnabus or Barney. He makes a wooden toy animal by reaching his hands into a wooden table and makes it from out of the table.  I also remember at the end that another child creates  a universe in a bucket or bowl and is turning the planets. I really hope someone may know what this is. It has haunted me for a long time.

wish granting island

So what I remember is some kind of an island on which there are people who grants wishes. There was a chocolate tree and a whole fairytale like forest and a giant for one kid (I think he used to dream about it), a woman went there with her husband to meet her family and her wish was that her family won’t fight and be nice, which caused her husband to fall in love with her sister, and he left her even after he found out that the family members weren’t real.


I also remember one douch finding a ginnie bottle and one of the people in charge had to be the ginnie (she wasn’t happy about it). I specifficaly remember him asking for a 100 b*tches chasing him, and she granted it with real female dogs.

Flying boy in circus dies

I remember seeing just the very end of this movie on TV, probably over 20 years ago now.  There was a teenage boy who seemed to have been forced to wear mechanical bird wings, and he was flying around inside a circus tent (I think).  He had to keep flapping to stay up and he was crying.  Finally, he gets too tired and crashes into the ground and dies.  That was the very end of the movie.

Movie that involved a girl sleep over murder

I believe I saw this movie in the early 90s. I was young. All I can remember was that thereally was a sleepover with a bunch of girls I think. They were all murdered. I think the father of one of the girls was the murderer, but I’m unsure. At some point of the movie, he either got some plastic surgery onot his face, or just discussed it with a female character. That’d about all I can remember. Any ideas?

Want to find this short film

I believe that it was a mexican short movie. It starts off with a man in a physiatrist’s office who recommends he goes on vacation. He begins to take a mud bath on the beach while listening to music when zombie things come out of the water and kill almost everyone on the beach. He then sees the zombies and kills all of them. The film is incredibly gory, there is excessive blood, spine ripping, etc. Thanks in advance.