Romantic Comedy – Suspicious wife, innocent husband

I can’t recall the movie title or the actors, though perhaps Billy Crystal was the husband, or maybe Jennifer Anniston was the wife … not sure.   But the wife had noted several odd things happening around the house, and with incidents recently, and she confronted her husband about them, thinking that perhaps he was having an affair …  But the husband had innocent and reasonable explanations for each of her questions… then he wondered how she could think such a thing.  Upon reflection, the wife admits, that he really is a good man, a good husband.   The scene is memorable because this type of exchange is more common than some would realize … many of us can relate to the scene.  Funny, and poignant.   What was that Movie??

boy jumps in river and gets out and its the future

so this a movie i know exists but cant find it. its about a white boy and a blond girlfriend and he jumps in a river to swim and he dives on the water and when he gets out its the future and everyone is old and cant remember him. hes parents freak out when they see him and so does his girlfriend. its either that or gets older and hes an adult and everyone cant remember him and freaks out when they see him.

Help me find this for my Paw Paw

I’m searching for this movie or tv show that my paw paw and I watched. It was late 80s early 90s. I was pretty young, might be wrong about some details. 

Group of late Teens in a mall storage area with Manikins and decorations. There was a large crate, might’ve been a coffin. I don’t remember the premise of the movie but I do recall they had to put their blood on the crate, or someone had to. Something was inside, something supernatural.   I just remember the end; whoever was in the crate switched bodies with the hot girl, so she got to leave with the boyfriend. Something to that affect. 

Weird Horror Movie saw on TV in the mid 90s – 2000

I saw this movie (can’t remember if it was a TV show or movie) on TV back when I was a kid, it was a horror movie that began with a family of inbred nobles? wearing very fancy clothing who wanted to keep the family line pure. Their family ate raw meat. the family then have a son and daughter, and then they family gets kill by a mob and the children are separated while they fled.

The boy gets adopted by a family then there is a timeskip. the boy has always had to eat raw meat and he wants to find out about his family so he goes back to where he came from and finds the village. the village is constantly attacked by creatures and the guy gets attacked by one and is taken to their leader who turns out to be his sister who is mom to these monsters.

I do not remember anything else from the movie and want to know how the movie ends. Movie was in color, live action, but it seemed old even when i watched it in the 90s so i cant tell when it was created exactly.

Thanks for any help

Scene: A man and a younger boy (13) are traveling somewhere, meet two girls and the man gets his ring stolen (maybe)

I saw this American movie when I was younger a few times. Maybe late 80’s/early 90’s. Probably a comedy/drama. All I can remember is one scene. I don’t know what the movie was about but will try to extrapolate some from the scene I remember.

A man and a young boy (maybe 13 years old) seem to be traveling, and in the prior scene I’m assuming they meet two young women (early 20s). In the scene I remember, they all fall asleep in the car (a sedan). The man is in the drivers seat, one of the women who has straighter blonde hair in the passenger’s seat, the kid and the other woman with curlier blonde hair in the back seat. The woman in the front seat wakes up while everyone else is asleep and sees the man’s ring and makes a move to steal it. The theft is pretty played up by the director as kind of a comedic thriller. Will he wake up? It gets stuck and I kind of remember her struggling with it a bit, but she succeeds from what I recall. The man wakes up shortly afterwards, as does the woman in the back seat, who then quietly wakes up the boy who is asleep on her chest. He notices he drooled on her chest, and makes a face horrified face as he slowly lifts his head off of her, but doesn’t alert her to it. They all exit the car to stretch. The air is cold as seen by the girls who shiver and you can see their breath. I believe there is a bit of dialog at this point, but no idea what it is about, maybe something about parting ways. The girl from the back seat notices the drool on her chest and makes a eww noise to herself as she quickly brushes it off with a few swipes of her (gloved?) hand.

That’s all I remember.

All i remember is how it ended

I’ve been looking for this movie for years. I watched it with my parents about 2002-2004. All i remember was the ending had a group of naked people but all they showed was their butts. they were near a campfire or something like that and it seemed to be kind of demonic or like a ritual. it was in color and i remember chains or piercings. The film’s ending was what i remembered the most. It ended with the end credits rolling over a forest that looked kinda dried up. and the camera was zooming out as the credits were rolling. For some reason i keep confusing it with the original Blair Witch or Ginger Snaps.

Pretty sure this was a horror movie. I did see it on our tv but not sure if it was playing as a tv movie or a blockbuster rental.

these pictures kinda remind me of the end credits


Based on a true story of a missing blonde girl

It’s a true story and it’s about a girl who goes on a college trip with her friends to some place with a beach, and she meets a guy in a bar/pub and they’re doing body shots off each other and some random stuff and then she goes missing and her college trip people (her friends and professors) have to leave the place without her because they couldn’t find her and the last scene or somewhere in the end it’s show that she’s unconscious/dead and on a boat. I’m not sure but I think the guy who she met tried to rape her and sell her off as a prostitute

Weird Demon Movie

In the movie this guy finds a girl who is some sort of demon/monster thing, it seduces him, there’s like at least 3 sex scenes in the movie all of which were very awkward. There’s a scene where she eats this dude’s cat, and I remember there’s another man who stops by and she eats him and I think his head or some other body part in the fridge. If anyone has any idea what this movie is or could be lemme know.

anyone know this movie?

Here is what I remember. A old woman decides to take her two children (or two grandchildren ?) and move to California. They set out in their car. The old woman is getting stressed out driving, but she says “I’m a tough old merch.” Shortly after, she dies of a heart attack. Then, the daughter continues driving. I remember they got pulled over by the police. He sees the license plate and asks “Where are you headed?” Does this sound familiar?

Scary movie I need to find

English speaking movie.

watched it around the age of 14 I’m 25 now

it was in color

it was about a girl that gets forced into a basement I think with her boyfriend or a friend and there is a creature the size of a infant or a small animal and it has razor sharp teeth and it’s eyes glow in the dark the girl has to keep away from the creature at one point the girl crawls through a small vent or something to get away from it and the creature follows her into the vent and I think eats her there but I’m not for sure what happens exactly. I believe I may have been a B rated movie, but I’m not for sure.

Memory recording movie

I watched this movie on HBO back in the 80’s and I believe it was relatively recent at the time. In color and English.

The basic premise of the movie was that a group of scientists found a way to record a person’s experiences (emotion, sight, touch, sound, etc.) onto a tape. A different person viewing the tape would then re-live these experiences as though they were that person.

One of the scientists, an elderly woman, is working late one night when she realizes she is beginning to have a massive heart attack. Realizing that she’s about to die, she puts on the headset, records the experience, and is found dead the next morning.

Anyone playing her tape proceeds to have a heart attack just like she did. Another scientist manages to isolate just the visual part of the recording so it doesn’t kill him. Playing the tape reveals the woman’s experience after death. After death she leaves her body, re-lives several special moments of her life, then takes a journey through a hellish landscape before arriving at a bright light.

Only few people have azure blue eyes

So, I’ve watched this movie I think 10 years ago, min!

  • I remember that it starts like this: it’s raining, it’s night.
  • Movie is divided in four parts. Every part is named: Beginning of the beginning, end of the beginning, beginning of an end, end of an end.
  • Only few people in this movie have really intense color of azure blue eyes and it means something important.
  • Somewhere in the movie, one of the lead roles die. He has short black hair, wears glasses, and is scientist or something like that. The comet comes striking from the universe and it hits only him!
  • There is a young boy who is searching for his mother, I think, and he finds her in some secret room, filled with light, and I think she dies when she meets him.


I really hope someone will know what movie is this! I’ve been searching for it for few years now, whenever I remember, but without a result. Make me happy people pleaaaase! 😀

Cult horror movie with chanting people and a man that goes mad

I saw this weird movie as a kid. It is focused on a man who is trapped in a cult and includes a lot of outdoor scenes. I think there might be some invisible dome that keeps people inside. There are lots of people there who have given in to the cult and they do a lot of chanting. There is also some ear piercing sound that the cult members create with their chants which sends the guy mad.  The people might also be wearing some uniform. Could have been a TV only thing, no idea.

Boy learns about sex, European movie

i saw this movie once when I was a kid, guessing it was Russian but I had no idea what language they were speaking.

i only remember a few of the following scenes:

young boy is going to school, his friend shows him 2 dogs on the street having doggystyle sex and saying something like that’s how grown ups do it.

they save up some money and pay a student to show her vagina, she opens her legs on the seat outdoor but incidentally, they couldn’t see anything as it was only very brief and she didn’t quite show anything. She then walks away and the young boy and his friend don’t say anything except “I didn’t see it”.

the young boy peeks at an elder family member having sex one late night.

the ending portrays the young boy dancing with an older, or if I’m mistaken, a taller girl whom he likes. Some European music fades in and cue in credits.

Man Convinces other Men that ugly women are desirable so he can keep his beautiful woman

From the 60’s? A villager decides that in order to have a beautiful woman, he needs to convince the other men of the village that less attractive women are the most desirable. Incredibly sexist movie, but one I remember watching at a VERY young age, sneaking t.v. late at night. There was no nudity from what I can remember. I would have seen it around 1989 or so…

Thanks for your input! I have been searching for years!

Man cult kills pregnant women

The film was on Netflix at one point and that’s where I saw it.

It was in English.

Takes place in Ireland or Scotland.

Its about this couple who moves there, the women can’t have children and they are adopting from a nearby  orphanage. Then her cow dies and she goes to burry it and finds a body with weird ritualistic things that make it obvious it’s sacrificed. Skip forward and there’s a man cult who get women pregnant and then 3 days after the child is born they sacrifice them to their god or whatever because they are super humans or so they think.