Old movie

I vaguely remember this. I saw it back in the 90’s on TV. I remember there was a teenage girl who went to a birthday party or something and was blindfolded. They were all playing a game and the other girls put a frog in that girl’s mouth. She spat it out. Later she was seen out of that house crawling on the grass and gagging I think? Later on the movie this slim woman gives her an apple or some other type of fruit from a tree. The girl bites into it and there’s a worm.

Lifetime seeming movie

So from what I can remember this may have been a lifetime movie, but maybe not. I just remember a teenage girl had a relationship with a teen boy, and later on she hooks up with his MOM. His mom is a also a professor or teacher or counselor or something at the school she goes to. So in one scene, the girl knocks on the mom’s office door and goes in and they start hooking up! In another scene they’re in the moms house and they start kissing on a couch. That’s all I can remember ūüôĀ I saw this within the last couple of years and it was on tv. Also it was in English and in color.

70s or 80s animated movie like Heavy Metal

I have been trying to remember this movie for well over a decade. ¬†I can only remember small bits of it. It was an animated film. I remember they were green aliens that were in high school. I want to say it was called Rock N Roll High. However, when I search the name, I never find it. Before anyone suggests, it is not Rock & Rule. The artwork is very similar, however. I wish that I could remember more. But, I can’t. I want to say this film is from either the late 70’s or 80’s.

Does anyone remember this movie?

When I saw it: Probably around 1995. We were watching old Adult animated movies.

Audio: English

T.V. or Movie: Movie. A lot of drug use and sex were in it.

Color or Black&White: Color.

Not sure you can help me with this one…

A guy rents a workshop in the desert. His girlfriend is skeptical. There is a large static caravan/mobile home on site and they move in. He hears a noise underneath and goes to look. Something attacks him. She is kidnapped inside the mobile home.

The guy is then inside the workshop, looking at his girlfriend on a video monitor held in a chair. An unseen guy tells him he must kill people to save her. Police investigate and he kills them, he adds body armour/a helmet from the stuff in the workshop.

Later in the film he drills holes in someones legs and bolts their bones to a table. The original girlfriend is rescued by police. But a chase ensues through the workshops yard.

A man drives off laughing, it is implied he was the unseen guy.

This is one I saw a while ago. I have tried searching for ages and cannot find anything. It is so annoying because the name is in my mind and wont come out!

I was scared

In the early 90s I saw a movie on hbo i think I think it was made in the 80 tho looked that way anyways and I could be wrong on the details but I think it was a group home for girls but the place they lived looked like an airplane hanger or fallout shelter alot of metal and a rounded ceiling all the girls had the same white nightgown but I remember the headmistress was obese and scary now at the end one of the girls broke out and climbed a tower airplane tower maybe? Or water tower I remember it had red lights on it at the top of the tower the mean lady grabbed at the girl but she kicked her and she fell and died and then the movie ended I know it’s not alot to go on but this has been driving me crazy for years

Evil and Good kid

i can’t remember clearly but there were two boys, I’m assuming they were twins,, maybe siblings? I think one had bluish skin and the other was bitch black, somewhere in the movie an old lady dies and her blood is used to write a message on the wall. At the end I think the two boys fight and the good blue one thinks he won but the black twin crawls out of the ground and kills the good one? Idk but if this sounds familiar help me out please and thank you

80’s Movie/Show: Man uses a keypad on his forearm to travel. At the end he uses

…¬†it in a fight against a “wizard” through holograms that are controlled by the keypad..

Movie/Show: Man uses a keypad on his forearm to travel. At the end he uses it in a fight against a “wizard” through holograms that are controlled by the keypad. ¬†In one scene the star wakes up by an abandoned building. ¬†He’s trying to save a dark haired lady from “kidnappers” in reddish-brown hooded robes. ¬†I think the star has to complete tasks offered by a wizard, or person representing the devil. ¬†The villain keeps teleporting the star to different locations to save a lady, maybe his wife. ¬†At the end there’s a fight, similar to the scene in “Big Trouble in Little China” where the 2 wizards are controlling their spirit Samuari warrior with the power in their hands. In this movie the guy controls his “warrior” with a keypad on his arm.¬†He wins of course, but I don’t remember how it ends. ¬†I remember the villain being in hell or a very dark layer that seemed to be under the earth’s surface or in another dimension. I watched this movie on a vcr tape in 89-90. ¬†Thanks for your help

Strange short movie

I think this short movie came on TV in the 80s, it had a couple who were living in a cabin in the woods. Everyday the woman would go out during the heat of the day and come home sunburned and blistered and extremely thirsty. Eventually she winds up pregnant, and when she has the baby she walks away with him into the sunlight. My husband says he remembers it coming on after a ray nradbury short called All Summer In A Day. I found the name of that one by using YOU site! You guys are awesome!! Now can you help me with this movie?

Comedy I Think

The movie was in English, and in color. I am trying to remember a movie that I watched a long time ago, I believe it was about a house full of people all trying to find a brief case that was full of money. There was one scene where a really attractive blonde, I believe has a guy tied up to a chair and she flashes him her chest trying to get him to tell her where the money is. It cuts to just her chest and I don’t even think ¬†it was the real actress. I can’t remember much but that is what I have!

psychological thriller

This movie is at least 50 years old. A woman was receiving threatening phone calls but as no one else ever heard them everyone suspected that she was making it up. Someone attempted to push her in front of a train. She asked her friend Peggy to tell her husband that she had also heard the calls but it turned out that the phone was out of order  so she was caught out in the lie. As it turns out her husband was trying to drive her mad and the friend Peggy was also implicated.

Movie about a little girl that died in a roller coaster accident but has now come back as a ghost

I am looking for a movie of which I only remember the ending and a little bit of the plot. I remember that the movie was about a girl that lost her best friend when she was about 4 years old, when they were both in a roller coaster accident. One of the girls was dangling off the top of the roller coaster and she was holding onto the other girl’s arm in order not to fall to the ground. However, the girl that was holding the other girl wasn’t strong enough and eventually couldn’t hold her anymore so she fell and died. I believe that years later the girl that survived was being haunted by the girl that died.

Now the ending. I remember that the girl that survived, in the meantime about 17 years old or so, runs to the roller coaster where the accident happened, which has now been abandoned. She climbs up the roller coaster and makes her way to the top, where she sees the dead girl sitting on the edge, crying. She sits down beside her and they talk. The dead girl then forgives the other girl and jumps off the roller coaster.

The movie was in English and in color. I don’t know where I’ve seen it or how, but my friend also remembers having watched it. We now for sure that it wasn’t an episode of a tv series, it has to be a movie. We’ve been searching on the Internet for a long time, but to no avail.

Torture a group of women to fight a mind reading alien/monster

  • I remember watching this really low budget indie film about an experiment where they were torturing and killing a group of women. Its pretty confusing all the way to the end, when there’s only one surviving woman and then she is sat in the same room with this monster. The twist of the movie was that this monster were everywhere, they could not feel fear, but then after it reads the woman minds then sees what humans are capable of and now fears them… or some like that. Pretty good twist when minutes before the ending, this fly looking thing shows up, and then it all makes sense.
  • Saw it sometime around 2006-2008
  • it was in english, surprisingly well acted
  • rented it at blockbuster
  • it was in color
  • The film was pretty gory. The name had something to do with fear or dread.
  • This movie saved our movie night after watching Mutant Chronicles and some other bad big budget movie. Please someone help me, Im trying tofind the movie so I can relive that night again XD

i watched i when i was 7 im 14 right now but i wa about the anime/ chibi…

…characters and they had these wands with charms on them that made then trasform into something. what i remeber the most is this part were one of the grils was trying to “change” after she waved her wand to trasform herself and she got stuck in it

i think they were witches or some mythical type thing and it was a cartoon

they got the wands out of the bucket thing when they wanted to trasform


New Coke

woman offers her date a coke. He goes to the kitchen to doctor it up. He does not finish the drink. When the woman’s father (coca-cola executive) comes home he tastes the Coke and is impressed. He tries to recreate it but has no luck. He moves everything from his kitchen to the coca-cola lab to recreate it. New Coke is a flop.

movie or tv, don’t remember. Saw this in the 80s? I always thought it was Forest Gump, but recently saw FG again and this scene was not in it.

Does this exist or did I imagine it.

50’s or 60’s monster movie

Caught on late afternoon tv in Greater New York/tri-state area in late ’60’s or very early ’70’s. All I remember is a dark scaly monster, the size of a large human, walking down a day-lit street with a bloody human head in its claw, palming it like a basketball. I was less than 12 years old; haven’t seen it since. Can’t speak to colors; only had black & white tv! Not much to go on, I know, but if anyone can help, please do!

70’s horror

70’s movie where the town worships the devil I think¬†children wear white hooded robes, adults wear blue hooded robe and the leader of the this worshiping group wore a red hood robe. Movie was color saw at the drive in somewhere between 73-76. The only scene I can remember is the red robe guy pulls on a cord or chain and a giant statue of the devil or demon comes out of the floor ¬†or ceiling. The children did all the killing at the worship ceremonies. I don’t think any magic or supernatural powers were in it. There was a Volkswagen bus in it possibly white. Movie was in English. ¬†That’s all I can remember.