Guys working on a farm for a fat lady; lady rings a bell and forces guy to have sex with her

I saw this movie in the early-to-mid-90’s I believe. In the film, these two guys  were convicts or transients or something like that, and they were staying at this farm doing odd jobs and stuff.

This one part is the only thing I can really remember: They were working on the farm for this fat lady. Every time she rang this bell, one of the guys had to run inside and have sex with her. She rang it repeatedly and the dude had to keep running in to bang her.

I think the movie was a comedy(?). It was a mainstream film, not a porno or anything like that, and was in color and in English. That one scene is the only thing I remember about the plot!

This has been bugging me for years. Any help would be much appreciated!

help me find the name of this movie

i don’t remember the name of this movie and i hope you can find it for me please, i don’t remember the year of the movie neither the name of the actor but i remember what was happening in the movie. at the beginning their was a fight and they kill all the grown people and they left the kids so they was a girl and a boy that was together, and the boy got kidnapped and the girl met a guy who teach her how to fight, the guy was an android and all the mafia was android to survive they need human blood so they took all the men and women who can’t fight and drained their blood to death, in a battle the guy who help the lady got cut in two haft and he had to took the other part from somebody who die and put him self in it to help to lady

Girls pretends to be a boy to play soccer

I watched this movie a long time ago around 2008-2011 on the channel of turner classic movies

it was not in English I just don’t know the language and it was in color.

it was about a girl pretending to be a boy so she could play soccer. One of the boys found out but he kept her secret. I remember they were boxing in a ring by themselves and when they tackled each other they started hugging on the floor . ARound the end of the movie I remember she said her boobs were getting bigger so it was going to be more diffucult to hice while she played soccer. She exposed her breasts to the boy and ask him if he wanted to touch them but he said no and the last thing I remember was they both layed on the couch and were hugging at the end of the movie

Guy kills girl he likes in a pool

i saw this movie around 2007-2010

i know it was an old movie because of the quality and it was not in English

I remember parts of it

I remember the girl going back to stripping and the guy ( her old lover) saw a cut out board of her outside as an advertisement outside the place she was working at and he was really angry. Than at the end of the movie I remember them entering this building that had a pool. The pool was empty at first but it started filling up. The girl started walking away from the guy and the guy got mad so he swung one of the lights towards her and it hit her head and she knocked out inside the pool and she started bleeding . After he saw what he had done he swam towards her and hugged her while they both died while sinking in the pool and that’s how the movie ended

Trying to find the name of this horror movie!

Hey Guys,

Right the movie starts with a couple and their daughter dies drowning in a pool/puddle.

The dad is distraught and they start seeing a little girl dressed up in a red dress and they think its her. They follow her for ages, but once they track her down they realise its a midget dressed in a red dress and he stabs the dad.

Kinda fucked up movie what is it?!??!?!

Can’t remember title or actors from this kidnapping thriller

Hey everyone,

this is my first time posting here so I hope I do things right here.


So a few years ago I saw a thriller on tv about a father, whos kid was kidnapped.

The dad had his suspicions on a certain guy, but the police couldn’t really find anything on him. But the father was so sure it was the guy, he ended up kidnapping him, trapping him inside of a rundown building and eventually even torturing him.

The last info is a spoiler for the movie so heads up: In the end (I think) it turned out to have been the mother of the guy the dad kidnapped and whom he had visited to question on her son multiple times.


End Spoiler


I honestly don’t remember any actors from the movie but I am fairly certain it’s an american movie that is probably not older than say 15 years?


Alright thanks to any answers in advance.

Do not know!

Driven me crazy hoping to identify and reconnect with this truly great American (30-40s, black and white) movie:  Keystrokes — A prominent, kindly and popular businessman in a small town is mugged by the train tracks on his way home from work, wakes an amnesiac in a bum’s clothes; believing he is a bum (or hobo), leaves and returns many years later — still amnesiac — He is covered with snow sleeping on a park bench when is rousted by a policeman, then is invited a stranger into a generous and proper family’s home for Christmas by a young man and is last seen entering the home  — fade to end movie. Guess who’s home and family it must be?  But it quits just before what would have been a fabulous reunion… Help – and if found, enjoy. JBF

Please Help me find this Great Movie

Hello people! I can’t die till see this movie again.


I remember around 00′ (between 1998 to 2003) I saw only part of a movie because I was too young and I had school the next day, so I was sent to bed and I couldn’t completed.

The part I mostly remember is when a adventurous in a mythological age travels the ocean fighting weird monsters seeking for something and he arrived to a place where he finds a big castle and meets a lady with snakes in her hair and she turns people into stones with her eyes, also it worths to note that this movie I believe it has second part because as far as I remember I ended saying “to be continued” but Im not totally sure about it.

I don’t think is Clash of titans even though I haven’t see it yet, but I remember way better quality thank 80’s movies so this one definetely should be made in the 90’s or early ’00. Please help!!! Any questions or suggestions are very welcome, Im very anxious to find it and watch it from beginning to the end.

Old Artsy-ish Movie? Late 90’s early 00’s

Around 14 years ago, my mom rented a movie that I only remember bits and pieces of. These snippets may be of different movies, so I’ll give them in a bulleted list based on how I remember them.

  • The maim character is Caucasian, female, and deaf (I think she had light hair, not 100% positive)
  • There is a scene where the main character is watching two boys play basketball in an urban setting. When the basketball hits the ground, color radiates from around the basketball.
  • The main character goes to what I think I remember to be a wedding. While there, she thinks people are having sex.
  • She sees a bridesmaid in a green (?) dress go into a room with a guy and have implied sex against some frosted glass. The two then emerge from the room seemingly unfazed and laughing as though they hadn’t just done what the main character saw.
  • Another scene: dance floor. A girl and a guy are dancing together. They make eye contact. The camera pans to the floor where there are two red CGI figures I assume to represent the dancing couple. One appears female, the other male. They then flirt, mirroring the couple dancing and then race each other up the dancing girl’s legs and under her skirt. She jumps and begins making out with the guy she has been dancing with.

It’s bothered me for forever that I can’t find this movie on Google or anything. I just want to know I’m not crazy and this actually was a movie. Can anyone help? Thank you!!!!

holocaust film

I’ve being trying to find this film for ages, I saw it a few years ago

it is a film set in ww2 the scene I remember clearly is jews were hiding in walls when the Natzies come and then someone accidentally steps on a piano as they were coming out of the piano which the Natzies hear and then they begin shooting through the walls and everywhere?


anyone know what the film is?


also another scene which I think was part of the film (or else another film related to ww2) two people are jumping from one blown up building to the next and the one of the men are killed. it came after the talked earlier in the film about who should go first in case someone was shooting at them, which is the safer place, the first or the second person when jumping?

thanks in advance! 🙂


Animated Movie: Shadow monster in a tower

I rented this movie from Blockbuster possibly early to mid 90s. In color and in English.

Roughly it involved a young guy travelling through the forest. The climax of the movie involves a conflict with a monster entirely composed of shadow in a stone tower. The shadow monster is projected on the round tower walls by possibly a big fire in the center. Somehow there is a plot involving rescuing a girl there as well.

Sorry for the vague descriptions, my memories are strongly visual but plot light unfortunately.

action crime film

This movie might have been about a guy out for revnge not sure.
I’m looking for a movie I saw back in 94 or 95 I think I don’t know if it was made in those years it was a martial arts or action crime movie very gory and disturbing.
I cant recall the name or the actors only these 3 scenes The 1 scene that stands out in my mind. There was a part in the movie where this fight takes place I think in a bar maybe this guy grabs this big guy with a beard I think? and starts twisting his arm around until his bone pops out then tears his arm off or half off. The 2 scene I recall is a guy who gets his arms broken then put in a car the bad guys pour a bottle
of liqure down his mouth then drive him off a cliff. The 3 scene is towards the end? where this Asain bad guy with black no knuckle gloves and a gotee gets his head blown off from a shotgun by the same guy who tore the big guys arm off. This is the only description of this movie I can give. I cant not find this film any where can you help me? I only saw this movie towards the end I never saw this movie on TV again?

Sci-Fi Movie with Dystopian Future

Hi! I am asking for a friend, we have been trying to figure this out for hours.

-Dystopian future with totalitarian government

-Government controls civilians with mind control/memory erasing through implanted chips

-Main character’s wife and unborn child die in a car accident early in the film

-One of the first scenes shows an eagle-eye view of the city with holographic billboards

-There are two (20ish) characters that help main character, one male with blue hair, one female with red hair

-Old man helps main character, has a beat up looking van filled with computers/monitors

-Old man and colored hair characters have a secret base, possibly underground

-Main character may have tan skin, green eyes, male

-1990’s-early 2000’s






I saw a movie in the 80’s or 90’s (may have been made in the 70’s) about an architect who built a house in the desert. He had a daughter and I think the grandfather was Lorne Greene. Anyway, the house was built in a desert spot where they ended up traveling in time a few times. In one scene a tiny space ship had flown through the house and someone fired a gun at it, it stopped the bullet in mid air, analyzed it, dissolved it, re-built it facing the direction that it came from and shot it back. I can’t remember the name of the movie. Can anyone help?

long lost movie

It was a black and white movie I saw late one night about 30 years ago. About a small town boy who moves to big city. Meets big city lady who takes him under her wing and shows him the ropes and he starts to make good. Then meets small town girl who has just move to city and falls in love and big city lady has to step aside with broken heart that he is not even aware of. I thought the movies title was Never Love a Stranger but the only movie I can find with that title is the wrong one.

Old Movies

I’m trying to remember two old film I saw in the lat 60 or early 70s:

One is an old B&W film about two kids and the only scene I remember is them being trapped in an old windmill after it catches fore being struck by lightning.

The second has a scene when a guy drives his red convertible sports car off an unfinished overpass and is decapitated. A lady in white starts dancing with his head.


Spider monkey

I remember I watched a movie years ago. It was about a guy who buys a spider monkey for his kid, and throughout the movie the monkey starts killing. The monkey killed their dog, and then it began to terrorize the family. One scene I remember is him and his wife are sleeping on a pillow couch in the living room, the husband heard a noise, rolled over and the monkey had stabbed his wife in the neck. What movie is this?!