Movie about an insect swarm?

I don’t remember much except this…

it was in colour

i think it was pre-2000, it had the colouring and feel of a 70’s or 80’s movie?

there were people trapped in a building of some kind (i was sure it was a courthouse but could be wrong?) and the insects were getting in through the air vents on the roof?

i was so sure it was locusts or crickets but can’t find it *headdesk* definitely not bees tho, i’m sure of that!

Help me find it again please! I really want to watch it again???

Need to find a film about Father and son

+ I saw it around 2006-2010, so it must be made before 2010.

+ It likely from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan

+ Plot: The father was impulsive and idling without doing any work, he destroyed the family. His wife married to another man and his son, who was with him, is forced to live a life to shun from the creditors. The father raised the son in the way he thought was the best for him, yet when the two was helpless, the son stole a watch from his classmate’s home for tempura resolution – and this marked the beginning of his life as a theft. When the son was finally caught, the father left him alone. The reunion was in the jail cell, where the son loosed his temper, bit the father’s ear while crying. This was when the father realized how much his son had suffered, the pain, despair, and resentment. The son grew up deciding not to be anyone like his father. He went back to return the first watch he’d stolen, at the same time thinking of the good old times with his father. Knowing his father was still alive, he looked from afar at the old man who once bought him endless suffer, but also the childhood memory, when they were both on the same bike, and he leaned against his father’s back, singing along the way and picking wild flowers.

Trippy Japanese Animated Movie–Transforms into butterfly after sex

It was this super weird/trippy Japanese animated movie I saw a few years ago. The art style wasn’t typical anime like you tend to see, it was a very unique art style. I don’t remember a lot of the actual plot besides it being about a man who was in love with this woman, I think she might have been about to marry another guy or something. The most memorable scene was later in the movie he finally has sex with the woman he’s in love with and then they (or maybe it was just her) partially transforms into a butterfly (sprouts wings and stuff)/moth/caterpillar. There was a lot of phallic imagery in the movie too. It was the strangest, trippiest movie ever but I remember it being really fascinating too and I wish I could find it!

Drama/ghost movie early 90’s?

I saw it as a kid, so early 90’s maybe. I watched it a few Halloween ago too on network television. I’m sure it was a network movie or straight to video.

It’s a movie that starts out with a town decorated in Halloween stuff. A kid is staying after school and something makes him scared, I think it was the ghost of the girl who was murdered there, so he hides in a closet and gets locked inside. A guy had murdered the little girl at the school and buried her. So, the boy is stuck in a closet at the school and he keeps seeing and talking to the girls ghost. At first he’s very scared of the girl’s ghost, but she is trying to tell him something. There is a ring stuck down a vent that he keeps trying to get and he finally gets out, but the killer tries to kill the kid cause he found the ring. They arrest the janitor whom is black, there’s a huge racial bias in town, so they automatically think it’s him. They find him guilty and the mom kills the janitor outside of the courthouse through the police car window with a gun. The kid sees the guy who beat him up, the real killer and i think he gets chased into a field but the killer gets shot before anymore harm comes to the boy.

Please help I’ve seen it so many times. I just always forget it. Thanks in advance!

Possible Australian horror movie

I saw this movie on TV a few years ago.

It seemed like it was from the 90’s or perhaps newer but the film quality wasn’t a big picture company.

It had accents that i’m assuming were Australian as it is set in the desert for a lot of it.

The ending was a guy and a girl in a jeep being chased by a spirit like giant kangaroo at night that was trying to kill them. They were trying to out run it it seemed to finnally shoot off into the night sky. and i can’t remember anything else. It was kind of a horror-esque movie. Kind of like Jacob’s Latter odd.

Vague movie memory

I don’t have much to go on. This flick can’t be too old. I’m remembering a woman walking into a bathroom at a night club. The lights are low/green/blue. When she opens the door you see a huge mural. It’s really cool comic pop art. Unfortunately I can’t remember of what. Maybe a woman or a car? It’s foreshadowing of something no doubt. It’s very dramatic and seems to go into slow motion. I’m just trying to remember the movie for the art piece. Anyway, I feel like this movie has to be in the same category as like Kick Ass/Scott Pilgrim or Kill Bill/Pulp Fiction.

Evil computer/virus

So I have this in my head for a lot of time! please help!!!

I remember only 2 scenes, I think there was am evil guy/computer/virus that controlled everything electrical and this group of people, young adults maybe, and this guy pretends to have his hand stuck in the sink disposal thing but it was only meat.

The second one it was the end, or near the end, and one of them was eating with this girl that is trying to poison him by giving him something that he was allergic at but he figures it out and fakes the allergy with a fork(?!)

Please help! 🙁

Romantic movie with a girl with an illness

There was this one movie that my bestfriend remembers seeing 14 years ago, around 2001-2005. This is how she described it to me. There was a girl with a strange illness that made her dislike being around humans, she met this one guy who she grew to like and asked him to wait for her (I forgot why she liked him). He waits for her, outside of her house, but years after waiting he finds out that she moved away. If anyone can find that movie for me i’d be forever in gratitude of you. Thank you!

HELP! Kids movie early 90’s scary and weird


This was ages ago I was very young watching on TV, anywhere from 2001-2005 (sorry i cant narrow it down more!) I don’t remember much just a few scenes that make no sense!

Brother and sister young kids around the age 9-14 younger boy and the sister is older. They get put into a parallel universe or other world, there is a street all dark and grey. This one scene they are in a cul de sac that has all the same houses exactly the same grey its getting darker and they have to run away from the bad guy.

Another scene they think they are back home after going through this awful experience, they turn and run inside (through a patio) and swing door. Back in the kitchen yelling from their mum (maybe dad), not there and then the realise oh no its a dream (mirage, fake) the room swirls and the bad guy comes they are in the room, the floor is giant worms? looks like intestines? (really gross)

I was really little and its the only thing i can remember from the movie so im sorry its not more in-depth but I cannot get it off my mind! please help!



Space anime movie

I watched an anime movie in either 2007 or 2008. It took place in space and the characters were fighting a war against aliens. There were 2 men that were the main characters. One of them was named Alex. There was also a woman who hung out with them. There was another character named Ariel. She had very long hair. I think there was a man with her. Later in the movie, Alex dies. His friend gets very upset because he had warned him not to behave so carelessly.

I can’t remember the name of this movie for the life of me

So, I think it’s a Jean Claude van damn movie. (Not sure)

But it starts out where the guy “dies”. But he wakes up on this island filled with other ex convicts and secret service men whom the world thought were already dead. Well no one is allowed to leave. And this island has all this high security. Ex.) Shark infested water(?), Lazers in the water. And you need to scan your finger in order to do anything ( so the warden knows exactly where you are).

Basically, Jean van damn is trying to escape to get back to his wife. And in the end he finally escapes.

Need Aid—Scary Movie

  • In color
  • movie begins with a group of girls that are friends playing with a boy
  • boy’s father is doctor
  • chooses 1 girl to play with in father’s office, kills her, blood seeps through under door
  • believed boy drowned after murder
  • jumps to years later the group of girls are grown, seeing boy
  • boy begins killing the same group
  • find out boy never drowned, can breathe under water, remained a child
  • tries to take one of the women as his bride in end, before he is killed

What is the name of this movie that was in Netflix?

My mother saw this movie in Netflix about a week ago but it has now been removed so she cant find it on her history.

The movie is in English, in colour, and its set in an American small town. My mother thinks it has been released between years 2000-2017. She can not remember the names of any of the actors.

One of the main characters is a blond middle aged woman who’s husband cheats on her with a younger woman and leaves her. She becomes depressed. She lives with her son and he starts dating a girl, who later moves in with him and his mother. The girl is helping the mother with her depression.

The movie is also a lot about the relationship with her son and his girlfriend.

My mom says the movie cover had a picture of the mother. She thinks there was a word “love” in the title but she is not sure.

I have been trying to find this movie for two days but it seems impossible and I’m starting to wonder if this movie even exists. 😀