plz help

I’m been looking for this movie for years it’s about this girl that became a stripper she had ran away from home and one day she was walking by a neighborhood and this little boy stopped her and asked her if she could be his mom because he had lost his mom and he was hiding her in his tree house and gave her some clothes his mom would wear and the dad was noticing and one day he went into the treehouse to see what he was doing her the clothes and he found the girl that was in the treehouse and feel in love with her and married her

Foreign Movie about a girl saving her brother from a orphanage

So this movie is a little older, it was subtitled, and I think in french. From what I remember as a kid it was around the early 2000’s when I saw this on HBO or Cinemax. The part I really remember was the girl escaping the orphanage  (or prep school) with her brother and climbing down a crazy steep cliff down to a boat where they paddled off into the sunset. I also remember that that scene was really red, as in the lighting was golden and red skies as they paddled away. Please help!

Weird, maybe from England movie

This movie is about dragon slayers,and how two particularly inexpirienced fellows have to go to the ends of the earth to save the already crumbling floating planets (there are little planet like areas around everywhere, like balloons but gravity is slightly loose). On their way they expirience many beta dragons they can kill easy or avoid tough ones as soon as they can. For example, in one scene they were crossing a really long bridge with a runaway (princess?),which they are forced to deal with, and there are teeny tiny dragons all around them, but they swarm together kimda like bees and take a form of a huge deadly red dragon and attack them. They destroy most of the bridge but they manage to survive while pieces of crumbling building float away.
The movie is in color and i think i saw it around 2010

Movie where kids learn magic and go on an adventure

I watched this movie a while ago. I am pretty sure it was from the 2000’s. The movie starts off with a kid saying them and their friends learn magic but not like card tricks, real magic. I think the guy teaching them the magic goes missing or dies and the kids go on an adventure to try and find the guy or something. One part I remember was the kids were in a cave and there was a small pool of water. They jump into the water and then land on solid ground with a thin layer of water above them. At the end the kids have to give up magic to save the teacher guy. Please if you know it help because I really want to know what it is.

indie zombie film?

Once i saw this indie film about a group of guys who found a zombie/undead girl and they take her to a neighbour’s house because the owners are on vacation or something like that and they keep her on a bathtub in the bathroom, there they feed her with raw meat, and one of the guys falls in love with her and tries to have dates with her. I remember also they have a party there, the zombie girl eats the dog of the house. I just remember clearly the ending, the guy and the zombie girl end up inside a pool and he attempts to kiss her under water and the clear water fills up with blood. It’s not like a “horror film” Anyone has seen it and knows the title?

Guy proposes to girl with cheap ring at night club, but woman blows them up with a suicide vest

Movie – action, maybe some sci-fi

One of FIRST SCENEs: I remember a young man (20-30) and his female significant other were in a night club. The man talks to a chubby middle-eastern woman who was selling cheap rings (via a basket or something fastened around her neck that hangs down to her belly). The man then proceeds to propose to his S.O., but she looks behind him and sees that the middle-eastern woman is wearing a  suicide vest and a clicker. She blows the building up. After the explosion, the camera elevates upward from the rubble with the man laying there.

THE REST OF THE MOVIE takes place in an afterlife place, where many other people are waking up just like himself. He searches for his lover who he proposed to before blowing up, then learns that she was kidnapped or taken by another man. The setting is like a new beginning, sort of, in that horses and ferries are modes of transportation and cowboy pistols were used. Also, there are aliens who look just like humans who created this world to “give a second chance” or something.

Another scene: The kidnapper man is in a ferry. It is implied that this man just had sex with the S.O.

Little boy wants to be a sailor

Nya! Hello everynyan! :3  I hope you can help me as much as last year ^^

I was watching a vhs with recordings of the television and at the end of the film “Emmanuelle” began a fragment of another different film, that was about to finish. A boy and his father are on a boat returning home. I believe the father is a sailor. The grandfather and the mother are waiting for they at the port. In a later scene they are home, a big home, (a mansion?), and the grandfather tells the child that, as everyone agreed before the trip, they are going to vote. By the way everyone acts it seems that the votes are to decide if the child will become a sailor (and possibly will go with the father). The mother abstains, although its evident that she is against. The decision is in the hands of the child.

I think the movie is from the 40’s or 50’s. Maybe firsts 60’s. It’s a color movie, anyway. I thinks it’s an american movie.

This is not reliable, because it’s a dubbing issue, but I’ll tell you anyway. In the Spanish dubbing the mother is called Amparo and the child has a name similar to “Luiso”. I don’t think those are their names in the original audio.

Older man getting head on a train.

I saw this video on tumblr back in November of 2015. I know it’s pointless to ask for help about a tumblr video but I’m really hoping someone can help me.

The video had a guy who I think was English (British), he was sitting alone on a train and I think it was empty. Then a girl comes into who looks like a prostitute. She asks the man if she can sit with him and the man says yes out of politeness (even though she could’ve sat anywhere cause it was empty…. I think).

They talk and then she starts asking personal questions which start to make the man uncomfortable. She then goes further by touching him which makes him more uncomfortable. He tells her to stop that he and his wife are trying to have a baby and he can’t risk it. She doesn’t listen and begins to unbutton his pants. The man is dreading this and is too weak to stop her.

She begins to blow and the man is begging her to stop. He tries to pull her off but she won’t budge. She makes him orgasm and he’s dreading what just happened.

I think the video cuts off there. I dont really know if this was from a movie, short film, or a porno. I think it isn’t a porno cause the acting wasn’t cringe worthy, there wasn’t any cheesy music, and it didn’t show her blowing him like a porno would. There was a dick slip when she unbuttoned his pants but that was it.

It might be a short film but I don’t really know. I would be shocked if it really was a porno but hopefully not. I really hope someone knows what I’m talking about. I know I really saw it cause I dreamt my own version of it where a guy saves the man from being raped.

I wanna see it again, not for the blowjob part cause I’m gay and I don’t like girls. But for the man cause I remember he was cute (to me). I really really hope someone can help me.

unknown 90s movie

I think this movie takes place in the early 90s. They were poor the mom was a alcoholic, she had three children. Oldest which was a daughter I think maybe 17or 18 she was shot and killed at the end I think after pushing a sickly friend home in her wheelchair I think the friend had cancer. The middle daughter was more of the mother figure towards the younger brother. She also spent time with a older lady where they made baskets. There is a song in my head which is not English. I think the ethnicity is Hispanic but I’m not sure the song wasn’t in English or Spanish. Don’t remember anything about the younger brother. If anyone has any questions ill do my best to answer

French? Film

I’m pretty sure it was a French film from early 2000s but possibly earlier. I haven’t seen it for 15 years but this is what I remember.

The main characters are former child actors down on their luck. They hatch some scheme whereby they plan to sell a teen girl, posing as their daughter, into prostitution but at the last minute can’t go through with it. So then they have the pimp chasing them. Eventually they head for Spain.

It was a comedy. I’ve spent years trying to find it. I vaguely recall marionettes used in the opening scene. Please help!

Country house murder/thriller film


This question is about a colour film I saw on UK television in the 80s. It was a country/manor house murder mystery type story – in the same vein as Cluedo and other 80s made-for-tv films;  it may have been comedy.

A young blonde haired man inherits some treasure from a relative, and goes to stay in his country house.  A few murders happen, and the attractive girl in the film is the culprit.

At the end, he finds the treasure package, rips off the wrapping which he throws into an open fire, and reads a letter saying that the real treasure is buried under the front lawn, and a map is on the wrapper (which he has just burned).

The closing scene is the girl being taken away by police, and the young man looking at the several acres of front lawn, and starting to dig with a shovel.


Can anyone help?  Thanks