french film don’t remember the title

I think it is really a French film, I might confused about it though. I don’t know weather it is a two different movies or not because I cannot remember. I think there is 2 different film who has a similar vibes. So, I really hope if you all can help me. It had 2 episode/part only. Each part have 1 hours.
In this film it show about a beautiful more to gorgeous actress. She is an orphan (I called her lady ok?). Her parent died. She live in a big mansion house. One day her neighbour who is a guy move back to his old house. Then it shows flashback that when she was younger she played with the boy (she climb up her wall full of trees and go to the water fountain without her parent know) and then I think the boy family move because of that the grownup guy move back to his house. It showed like the guy want to renovate his house. He wearing a construction white hat while looking at the plan. The lady always tries to stare at the guy but the guy don’t remember her….. until I don’t know when the guy remember her but at last scene it showed that the guy tried to find her and he go down the stair and they kissed near the water and maybe they ride a scooter or bicycle?
In this film still show a beautiful and gorgeous actress. She also an orphan. i don’t know how but i think she is unemployed So, she find a job at classic vintage old hotel. The young lady stay in the attic. One day, there is old woman like her grandmother ages come to stay at the hotel. This grandmother is a wealthy and famous person. This grandmother always ask the young lady her opinion about what to wear. one day the grandmother took this young lady to town to meet her famous designer and to buy her clothes and shoes. A very beautiful clothes and shoes. Because they like each other, the grandmother told the young lady a secret that she lost her daugter and tries to find her granddaughter. I think then the grandmother ask for the necklace that the young lady wear. Then the young lady plays piano in the garden store upstair and the grandmother remember that it is a similar song that her daughter played. So they cried together. The young lady don’t have enough money to pay for the piano lesson but the grandmother pay for her secretly but eventually the young lady knows about it. At the last scene, it shows that the young lady play piano in a concert hall while wearing a beautiful dress. Her grandmother cries and they embrace each others.

Can’t remember old educational movie

Trying to remember a show from way back that I probably only seen once… I think they wheeled in the old TV & VCR at school & showed it to us.

It was like an educational short film, after school special or a TV movie maybe about A father & son… the boy was scared to go to baseball practice because he was being abused by the baseball coach. Pretty sure it revolved around him struggling to tell his dad …very cloudy. Probably some where between 93-96 but maybe not lol

Anybody have the slightest clue what this may be called?


Set around a girl and school

  • I think the movie starts out with young kids and he has to move so he gives her what i think is a magnetic necklace later shes at school i think shes picked on not sure the boy comes back and she dont realize its him i think these girls trick her to come out to a scary place where a huge pig of some kind trys to get her the boyfriend finds out and goes to save her but i think shes scared of him tell the necklaces hit each other he saves her tho

Older Movie About Young Love

This is an older movie I saw around the year 2006 on TCMc the classic movie channel so it is definitely at least pre-1990s I think. It was in color, but had the pastel colors of a movie from the era of Grease. I was younger and don’t remember all the details. This was an English-language movie that might have taken place in California from the looks of it.

I apologize for the hazy details but this is basically what I remember first seeing:

A young man and young woman, maybe in their 20s meet at a beach. He walks up to her at the public showers. I remember very distinctly that she was topless, and he was embarrassed and turned around not realizing she was naked. She insisted that it was okay and insisted that he look at her. I don’t quite remember what happened immediately afterward but they established and continued their relationship.

Now the girl, (for some reason I always imagine her as Sofia Coppola or at least she looks similar but this could be a conflation) is a bit mischievous and pushes the guy to do increasingly edgy or daring things. The biggest dare was to buy a hobo some alcohol and get him drunk. They then took him to an isolated place and she dared the boyfriend to shoot him.

This is where things get irritating, my parents felt it was past my bedtime and turned off the movie. That movie and it’s ending has been on my mind for at least the past 10 years. Whenever I think about it, it’s obsessive and I am desperate for answers. ANY help or hints are much appreciated.

Factual Details:

Color Film

Pre 1990s, maybe 1970s Era

American, if not at least English-language

Nudity and Alcohol (Narrows the Rating)

Early or even opening scenes are on a beach

Two major protagonists

Man robs his place of work .

I have been trying to remember the name of a movie but can’t. I was hopeing you might recognize it. It’s in english but might be a foreign films. I watched it on TV about 20 to 30 years ago.
The plot was about a man whose wife and boss treat him badly but he still loves his wife. He comes up with a plan to rob the place he works so he can start a better life. His plan is to make it look like he was abducted and replaced by someone wearing a mask pretending to be him and commit the robbery. His other identity had a limp and walked with a cane and was more aggressive. By the end of the movie his planned worked and he got the money. The police found him tied up along with a mask of his and other thing to make it look like he was kidnaped and someone took his place. While it was him the whole time. But his wife had fallen in love with him in his other identity. She shots him in the leg to try and get him to leave in hopes the other him will come back. So he resumes the other persona now with a real leap and runs away with his own wife.

Animated movie or show

I don’t remember whether it is a movie or show , I think movie. Its animated. I remember a scene where a horse (I think) or donkey or any other animal with big teeth perks it’s lips out the camera zooms in on it slowly sticking it’s teeth out and trying a tiny bit of a green vegetable ( maybe lettuce) any help would be much appreciated and a link to that scene would be great! Thank you!

Supernatural horror where everyone dies

This is one of the creepiest movies i have seen.

Can’t remember much other than it is a group of young adults getting murdered one by one by this *thing*(monster/ghost/omnipresent being) but its ending is stuck in my mind:

After all her friends have been murdered by this thing that can appear anywhere, a girl covers sitting with her back against a wall. She has realized running is futile and is paralyzed as a (CGI) arm slowly crawls up her body in a weird snake ish way coiling around her neck, the hand coils up to cover her mouth as it start to squeeze her neck choking hers as she try to scream.

This is probably from after 2010 and has some pretty good cgi.

Any leads appreciated.


Burried alive

There was this movie where a woman got in an car accident or something. Then she woke up at the morgue, with a man well aware that she was alive who were going to prepare her for the grave. To kill her by burying her alive (serial killer). I think she has a boyfriend, and he is looking for her. She gets to know her capturer, who I think made her get in the accident in the first place. He starts to get cold feets, and tells her that she can go if she wants to. But she doesn’t want to. It ends with her being buried and I think her boyfriend found out just a little too late, I think it ended with him standing on her grave maybe digging or something. I’m not too sure.

Standing monkey beasts kills indian at an altar???

So I remember this “old” movie where some people who where on an expedition I think came across an indian tribe on an island which I don’t think they befriended, I don’t remember. And there were some beasts on the island, that looked like tall monkey-ish people on standing with two legs. And one day some from the expedition and some indians were captured, and they were tied up next to a fireplace I think. It’s a little unclear. And then the beasts took an indian man and carried him over their head (a few of them helped with carrying?) and then put him on an altar. Then they bashed his throat in with a rock. I’m guessing that they ate him, but I don’t really remember. Help?

Movie about rich old people taking over the bodies of the poor

I haven’t seen this movie, but it was described to me a while ago and this is all I remember.

Like the title says, there’s a community of rich old people that want to experience life a bit more and they take over the bodies of the poor. Unfortunately, I don’t know from what year the movie is so I can’t really contribute more to the description.

I would appreciate any help in finding the movie title! Cheers 🍻

A weird post 2000 movie about a man trying to commit suicide but decides to not do it and instead brings bodies of other dead people…

…home. Treats them as they were alive.

I remember these scenes.

I think its a british drama shot post 2000, maybe 2006

A lonely young man living with his mother, somewhat wealthy home, he is constantly on computer online in chat rooms and thinking about his dull life and interested in suicide.

He decides to commit suicide and drives in a car to the forest do it but is disturbed by a sound of a van full of people including children, he observes what is happening and sees an older man connecting a hose from exhaust to window to set up a group suicide.

After seeing other people doing it, he forgets about killing himself and instead starts to track more people with the same suicidal intentions and brings several dead bodies on different occasions home and kind of cares for them and talks to them until they start to smell bad because of decay. He takes one of them, a young girl body home and treats it like she is still alive.

Another scene is when he meets this woman and they agree on a date to commit suicide together, they drive somewhere and while they prepare and do it he bails on her and i think he also brings her body home after.

At the end he meets a beautiful depressed brunette woman who also wants to die and they fall in love and cancel the suicide plan.

Naked man falls from skyscraper

This is a live action drama. I am assuming this movie is from the early or mid 80s. I saw it as a child in the early 90s. The opening scene shows a man and a woman in bed together – the woman is laying on her stomach and you can’t see her face. She says “Work me” and the man maybe rubs her but turns her over and I think her face is a skeleton’s? He gets scared and backs up, breaking through a window and falling many stories from his high rise apartment, the towel falls off and you can see full frontal as he screams – horrible green screen. I remember nothing else about the movie.

I can’t remember!

My sister and i remember this old vhs tape where kids were acting out different scenes. The one scene we remember is fairies cleaning in a forest and the fairies being mean to one fairy in particular. I also remember the kids never talking in any of the skits. I also remember a skit where the kids jumped in a computer and pressing buttons but my memory is a little iffy on that one. Please help!

Mind control battle

This guy discovers a building  hidden on an empty lot from the minds of the masses and learns to see and enter it. He has a battle with a master of a dragon dagger that comes to life and flies through the air by the control of its master.  He learns to control it in a face of with the dragon and thus become the master during the fight on a spinning floor.  I saw it in the 80s. what is this movie?

Guy trying to escape a prison/penal colony?

A guy is in an outdoors penal colony or prison of sorts, with a chain attached to him, (potentially forced to work?) and he almost gets pulled in to a giant spinning fan or something in the ground (not sure if that was accidental or punishment for bad behaviour).
It’s in colour, not sure if for tv or cinema, and probably released no earlier than late 1990s. I think it’s a sci-fi and not horror.

Sorry for being so vague but that’s all I remember at the moment, so any help would be much appreciated.

don’t know title

Samurai movie. Saw long time ago, at least 20 years ago, probably more.In beginning young guy crazy upset (family killed?) on some kind of rampage. A master recognizes his potential and stops him by hanging him from a tree, I think it was. By end of movie years have passed and the young guy has become a master warrior samurai and accomplishes some feat I can’t remember.

Trying to remember a horror film.

Okay, I’m trying to remember a horror film I don’t know much about other than a few scenes. I saw it at least 4 years ago but I feel like it wasn’t a newish film at the time.

I remember there being a general focus on the house the characters were living in. The key scenes I remember; the main character (a guy) was recording near a river to get proof of this supernatural being? And he later shows it to what I think was his kids babysitter and she she’s it and it pulls her into the wall or something. The twist towards the end of the film was that this guy is a bit unstable and the babysitter? couldn’t actually see anything on the recording and the guy had just killed her.

Another one, I believe our main character died towards the end of the film, but kinda becomes part of the house, and his kids who is been taken away by car hears his dad and for some reason jumps out of the car killing himself, maybe to be with his dad again?

There a few other scenes that I’m a bit sketchy on. The main character guy goes into a public toilet stall and there’s someone on the other side whilst he’s inside. He can see the shoes from the gap at the bottom.

I also think he may have killed his wife by pushing her into a lake but I’m not sure

Thanks guys!