Late 90’s/early 2000’s fantasy film help?

Hey everyone, first post here so I hope I’m doing it right.

I’m looking for a film which I’m guessing is from either from the late 90’s or early 2000s, as it would’ve been perhaps 2004-ish when I watched it on television (in colour). I originally thought it was Dungeons and Dragons (but alas not!!), as I remember it had a similar fantasy aesthetic.
My main memory of it was that there was a female character (with long dark hair I think??) who got her arm stuck in some sort of transportation portal they went through, and they had to chop it off. The same character I believe had some sort of pet bird (perhaps a hawk or dove??), and in one scene where they were trying to navigate a maze the bird flew through a booby-trapped part and was sliced or zapped (??)

Apologies for this being incredibly vague, these parts have just stuck with me and I’d like to find it again, I know I watched it a few times when I was younger.. Many thanks! x

Need help remembering strange gory horror movie

I don’t really remember anything but the opening scene but remember it very vividly. I’ve been trying to figure this out for quite some time now.

It starts out with a view of a kitchen, the kitchen is small and dirty. There is a small kitchen table in the picture also with a couch on the back wall. A man walks into frame and sits down at the kitchen table. He sits there a moment and then lifts up a shotgun. He puts the barrel in his mouth and kills himself.

Most movies don’t show the actual suicide but this one was different it was very detailed and looked extremely real. It was very gory because the camera panned around to show the gapping hole through the back of his head. It then panned and zoomed into the brain matter on the back wall as it ran down the wall. Then it zoomed in until it was extremely dark and cut to another scene with people talking zooming out from darkness. It felt like a snuff film so I cut it off but my cousin remembers it and says it wasn’t its an actual movie. Its a movie from like the 80s or 90s not sure exactly when. We’ve been racking our brains to remember the name of it but nothing seems to come to mind.

Man is trapped trapped in cocoon, gets rescued but his skin has started dissolving

That is literally the only thing I can remember as far as context for the movie goes, sorry! I was just a kid when I saw it and it really… Disturbed me. I want to watch it again as an adult and get over it. Anyway I had to have seen it when my mom was using the television between 1995 and 2000. I am fairly certain it was a movie but after the guidelines suggested it may have been a show, it could have been Xena, my mom really liked that show. It was in English and it was in color… But like, low quality color if you know what I’m talking about. Thanks for the consideration!

Animated: Shrews vs. velociraptors?

I once caught the very end of an animated movie on television. An army of shrews (dressed in Napoleonic-era army uniforms) were being catapulted over the battlements of a castle where a human girl was being held prisoner by reptilian creatures similar to a cross between dragons and velociraptors. The shrews had venomous bites and each raptor would quickly succumb when bitten on the tail. I really saw this, I don’t have a weird enough imagination to make this up.

Help! Please

Can anyone help me

The movie was in color and English language

It’s a horror/sci-if movie. I was young in the 90s. Me and my dad watched it on tv and all I can remember about this movie was it started I think as a ride there was either 4 or 2 teens 2 girls and 2 boys or just a girl and a boy. Anyway they get on this ride and it’s supposed to be a normal ride  they enter either a devil face or clown pretty sure it was devil. Sorry it’s a vague memory. So anyway I remember them going thru the ride then stopped in front of this creature like sweaty fat guy who controls the ride? Then the people realize theyr in trouble n the sweaty, overweight like rediculous overweight half naked guy after telling them that they are doomed pulls the lever and they all drop down. N this place is like filled with monsters or whatever n plans I think on eating the people. Anyway next thing I remember is that the one guy was able to get away but it’s all hill n no one around like deserted he was away from the place n he decides to go back n get the girl. Idk it’s a long shot but it’s been bothering me forever. I hope anyone can help me out sorry it’s not much to go on.

Help me find this movie please…

I saw this clip from a movie once and basically a woman (Anna) was cheating with her sister’s husband (Mathew). A hired hitwoman goes into the house as Mathew is getting more champagne. “Who the hell are you?” He says. She kills the husband and then after walking upstairs (Anna is calling Mathew saying the water’s getting cold) reads a note to Anna (who is wearing a green bikini in the bathtub) from her sister. “Dearest Anna, I know we’ve shared everything over the years, but (something) draw the line at my husband, even if you are my sister. Now I just have to say one thing.” The hitwoman shoots her in the chest, then head and leaves her body in the bathtub.


It’s in english language.

the setting was in a forest where a couple seem to have woke up from a long sleep. the girl was bitten by a snake on her knee and then the venom or sting was alive and it actually crawled under the skin from knee up to her legs. the guy had to cut open the skin on her leg where the venom/sting  was to release it.

After that scene they saw car remains and they did not know it was call car. they saw photograph and they called it something else other than picture/photograph because they do not know what these were.

the leaders/elders wanted the couple to mate to reproduce but they felt like it was not right.

later they found out that the planet actually had extinct and that they seem to just have been cloned by some futuristic beings and used whatever is left of the human DNA that they found on the planet.

movie was late 90’s i guess, watched it on HBO but hose are the only scenes I could remember.

whats my movie

whats the movie with a brother and sister that took place in a mental  hospital or something similar the girl was walking around with a shot gun looking for a man . one part they were hiding under the hospital bed. the girl was getting pulled into heaven i think but the brother pulled  her back down and the number 43 (i think) was carved in his head the they were pulled into hell while they were being pulled down i THINK they were hugging and laughing hope this is enough info i was like 5-6 when i saw it and i think it was a 80-90s movie i think all or at least majority of characters were white. oh and i know a sence or two was in a cemetary

Weird online horror film

So I watched this movie when online chat rooms were becoming a huge thing & my parents wanted me to know the dangers of meeting people online .


So the movie starts with these two girls meeting this guy at his house thinking he’s a teenager but it ends up being this white guy with I think red long hair & he ends up killing them.

He liked to inflict pain on himself and claimed he couldn’t feel anything so For some reason he tries to be normal after that maybe . & something happens to him to where he goes back to the way he was & hangs himself on hooks .


I dont remember anything after that.

Thriller/Mystery Movie, been trying to find it for years

Ive been trying to find a movie that I saw either six or seven years ago. This is what I can remember:

A girl inherits her grandfather’s house after he passes away. She moves in and plans to remodel.

Theres a next door neighbour, a male, he gets involved with the girl. I think he’s a carpenter, and one night to make sure the girl is okay, they stay at his place and sleep there. I think there were wood planks and tools around.

One time she goes into the kitchen, turns on the chandelier light, and sees creepy baby dolls hanging from the light. I think there were notes attached.

Another time, she had just finished fixing the wall of the bathroom. Just a little bit later she finds the wall smashed (it was glass) late at night.

At the end of the movie a man came into the house and her and the girl fought. The plot is probably that the man wants her grandfathers money.

Now that I think about it, the male who’s protecting her might be the carpenter renovating the house, but I can’t remember.

I believe I saw the movie between 2009-2011.

I thought the word August was in the title, or it could be an actors name.

Please help, this has been driving me insane for years 😂 My mom doesn’t remember watching it at all and I feel crazy like I imagined it.

80s horror movie?

I saw this movie when I was little, around 1989-1991-ish. I’m pretty sure it was rented on vhs from Giant Eagle (grocery store) in Erie PA, that was my family’s favorite place to rent movies. It was in color.

The only scene I remember is a girl being sacrificed, or cursed maybe. There was a girl laying on a table and someone leaning over her. The person pulled up the girls shirt to expose her stomach. I think she may have been pregnat (but not showing)? They put something on her stomach to curse her or whatever, and then a giant worm looking thing came out of the girl’s mouth and the evil person cut it open and poured the worm’s slime on the girl’s stomach.

I would love to know what movie this is and know im not crazy! Lol

Thank you!


Exorcist movie

Okay, so I lost all of my bookmarks since I had to uninstall and reinstall Chrome due to it crashing and I lost all of my bookmarks which are replaced by years old ones. :/ I had the movie bookmarked and everything.

In the movie, I remember there’s a girl and she gets possessed. I remember she lives with her mom and she calls upon these 2 women, the one woman is more main character and is a child psychologist or something. I remember there’s a song in the beginning playing when the exorcist takes place and then later when they go to see the girl who’s possessed. She is able to play it without touching it and the song plays loudly while she’s painting in the basement. I don’t even really recall the words to the song now. The movie should only be a few years old, nothing from the 80’s or 90’s or early millennium. Oh! and at the end, the woman psychologist person is the one who is possessed, it shows her husband or boyfriend looking at her. Then he discovers the look on her face and you see it’s demonic or something and it ends with the woman putting a pillow over the baby’s head or something since she possessed next then it cuts to the credits with the aforementioned song.

Horror, Tourist, Cult, Catacombs, Non-English

This is a movie that was made within the last 10-20 years. I’m decently sure that it was set in Spain, Brazil, or another primarily Spanish or Portuguese-speaking country. The main character is a tourist that’s implied to be escaping his past back in his home country, most likely the United States. It’s later revealed that the main character was unable to save his brother from drowning, and it haunts him.

I believe the tourist was found by the love interest doing something like sleeping in a car, likely one he has broken into. The love interest notices this, engages him, and invites him to a party held in a mysterious location.

The tourist attends the party, which might have already been held in some catacombs. The party host initially picks a fight with him, but later invites him to live with his group, who all lives in this catacombs-like location. It develops into a cult, with the party host as a leader. In order to stay living there the tourist has to be initiated, and in the midst of a party he’s given a large dose of drugs.

After being dosed, he continues to have strange visions, of his brother drowning I think. The cult leader continues to lead him through stages of initiation that involve having him feel as if he will be on the brink of death, such as standing in the middle of the road as a group of motorcycles drives through.

It’s revealed that the drug he was dosed with has some sort of dark history in the country tied to mass deaths. He repeatedly visits a man who sells souvenirs, including a book that explains this history. One of the cult members kills themselves. Once the tourist starts getting suspicious of the cult leader’s plans, he murdered the shopkeeper for explaining it to him. There’s also a subplot about a local asylum in which one of the children killed all of the workers and released the other children, or something similar.

The big plot twist is that the tourist and the cult leader were two of the children in that asylum, and either the tourist and the cult leader was the murderer. The murders apparently occurred after they were being experimented on using the drug the tourist was dosed with before, and had something to do with psychic powers I think?

Sorry for the long post, but I remember a lot of the details about the movie, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. I might be wrong about some of these details, and that’s why I can’t. I’d love it if you were able to help!