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Thriller from the 60’s maybe a vampire mobie

Hello, I never saw this movie on tv or in the theaters as I was about 6 or 7. This would have been around 1967. All I remember was the commercial. I recall a fighting scene in what was either a bar or someone’s home and this girl was standing in the back screaming at the crowd possibly to stop fighting. Then an older person creeps up behind her and puts some sort of canvas bag over her as she is trying to escape. Then an elderly woman is talking to the audience and I can’t remember what she says. She let out a hiss and fangs came out of her mouth. I remember the commercial was creepy but I could never find out the name of the movie. Does anyone remember it?  Thanks.

Horror movie with a mom and children mom is possessed

I remember seeing a horror movie on TV, not sure if it was the 70’s are 80’s.  A little girl is asleep when her doll gets possessed, starts walking and her eyes are glowing yellow.  The girl runs into her mother’s bedroom to wake her up, but the mother slowly turns her head completely around as she is smiling at her daughter and the daughter starts screaming.  That’s all I remember.   Does anyone remember this movie?

Werewolf movie where the werewolf gets healed and cured at the end by Dr.

I remember a black and white werewolf movie where at the end the doctor helps the werewolf and police officers are surrounding him with guns at the full moon. As the moon rises, the character looks up at the moon and the police are preparing to shoot shoot him if he changes into the werewolf. The movie Answear he does not change and he is no longer a werewolf. I can’t find anything on Google when I search for it but it was really a good movie.

Thriller movie where the characters hunt the actors wife to choose one of them to kill her husband

I saw a thriller 1970’s TV movie about a horror film actor and his characters haunt his wife to choose one of them to kill her husband who is the actor. I think the two stars were Patty Duke Aston and John Astin but I can’t find the title. Towards the end of the movie the characters were cheering at his wife asking her to choose one of them. The actor comes out with his films on reels and burns them and the actors fade away. Does anyone remember the movie?

Thriller from the 70’s a man is in a mirror and trying to capture a boy for forced labor

I saw a 1970’s thriller movie about a man who appears in the mirror and grabs a boy to bring him into a place where boys are forced intto labor. The boy tries to escape the man and then once seen as he’s holding onto something, the man throws an ax at the boys hand and chops it off. The boy escapes but the man takes the hand, the movie ended where the boy escaped and he was with his brother and his brothers wife. Now the boys in his room and as he looks in the mirror, he sees the man hanging on the wall as if it were a cool jacket on a hook. The man called out to him and said, “Boy!”  And then the man just grabbed the boy took them in the mirror, and now you see the boy walking in single file with other boys and it look like they were caring backpacks. The movie was really scary I just don’t remember the title.

Movie about a son who didn’t want his single mom to date

My memory is working an overdrive tonight! I recall a movie I saw on TV around 1970’s. It was about a single mom who lived with her son and he was very jealous when his mother dated. He put together a plot with a biker friend to get his mom’s boyfriend in the apartment but to kill him by starting a fire.  I think when the biker  found out what this kid was planning, he called the police because he didn’t wanna be part of a murder or he wanted to prevent it.  The movie ended where unfortunately it was his mother that was stuck in the apartment and she ended up getting killed by the fire. The boy was put into some sort of rehabilitation place and the mother’s boyfriend went to go visit him. Does anybody remember this morning?

Sci fi thriller a head is evil but she doesn’t speak

I remember a movie about a woman’s head in an enclosure. She doesn’t speak. All I remember was a little boy try in f to persuade her to release his father and she just stared at him. In another scene she sensed that someone was disrupting her plans and she shifts her eyes to the left with a look of concern on her face. I thought it was the brain that wouldn’t die but it’s not that movie. Thanks so much!

Old move about husbands and wives and affairs

I saw this movie on TV when I was about maybe five or six years old and I believe it was in black-and-white. The only thing I remember was a scene with women that work together and one of the women was having an affair with another woman’s husband. And in one of the scenes someone asked where (another woman) was last night and another woman replied she was with her boyfriend. Another woman called her a filthy liar and then attacks her. The one scene that kind of freaked me out at that age, was a wife was arguing with her husband and I guess he just gotten out of bed or was getting ready to go to bed had a robe on. She kept saying to him over and over that this other woman hit her. He paid her no mind so she takes out a pistol and shoots him in the back and killed her husband. That’s pretty much what I remember I’m curious if anybody knows what this movie is. My guess it was either late 1950s early 1960s.

Thriller movie about people walking through a passageway in a cave and creatures trying to capture them

Believe this movie was in the 1960s.  The one scene I vaguely remember is a group of  people walking through a cave and some creature has arms or possibly tentacles 4 on each side coming out of the rock wall that expand and retract. The people synchronize the movement of the creatures arms and each one passes through it so that the tentacles or arms don’t grab them.  I’m curious if anyone remembers this movie and what the title is? Thanks so much.

TV show series about space

I vaguely remember a TV show series and pretty much the coming attractions in the commercial were sketchy at best but this is what I remember. A satellite dish on a pole or tower and it would turn around. Then an alert would sound and a woman’s voice would announce whatever the alert was. I was about maybe three or four years old and I remember that every time it came on it scared me and my family had to shut the TV off but it was a TV show. Cause I remember my mom saying it’s OK it’s just a TV show you don’t have to watch it.  The year would’ve been around maybe 1964 or 1965. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Movie title about dead people searching for a dead woman who escaped from them

I don’t remember much about this movie only that it was black-and-white and possibly from the late 50s or early 1960s. This woman had died but she found a way to get back to earth. I don’t remember if she walked by a cemetery, but the dead people were dancing. And as the camera got closer, I remember that their faces looked like claymation. Almost like David Hansen‘s father from David and Goliath. So as these couples are dancing around, one of them notices the woman that they’ve been looking for, she starts running and then they start running after her. And that’s all I remember. Does anyone know what this movie is? It’s been rattling my mind lol!

TV series that had the title paradise in it

Hello again, this site is great because I’m getting a lot of answers to a lot of TV shows and movies that I don’t remember the tiles.

This was a TV show and the only thing I remember about the title it had the word Paradise in it. The only thing I remember was that the people who lived in the house had a casket in the basement. The ghost would only talk to one person in the household. I think it used to air on Fox either in the late 1960s or early 1970s on Saturdays. Does anyone remember the TV show?  I searched Google and I could never find anything that came up with his TV show.

Scientist skins a man alive at the end of the movie

I don’t know if Boris Karloff was in this movie or Bela Lugosi but it was right around that era. It was a black and white movie about a man who has another man captive tied in chains. The only scene I remember was that the scientist was in the basement where he kept the man captive and all you saw were there shadows against the wall. If I remember correctly, the shadow of the man that was held captive was laying down on a table in an upright position.  And then the scientist said something along the lines,  “Remember when I told you I was going to skin you alive?” You see the shadow of the doctor reaching for a scalpel or knife, and he proceeds to skin the captive man’s neck. And that’s how the movie ended.  Anyone know the title of this movie? Thanks in advance!

Movie about men held captive in a basement

I remember seeing a movie it was in black-and-white about these men that were held captive in a basement and it was a trap door. Every time the captor opened the trap door the men would threaten to escape and kill him. I don’t remember if the movie was about him forcing them into a labor camp or something like that. The movie ended where the captor opened the trap door, tripped and fell into the basement.  The men jumped him and killed him. I don’t remember who the actors were but I remember being freaked out by this particular movie when I was a kid.

Science-fiction movie of a female alien who took the faces of humans

I’m almost positive this was a B rated movie black-and-white in the 1960s. It was about a female alien that has no face. She killed human females and would remove their faces and she would become that person. And then after she took the other woman’s face, you would just see the body of the woman without a face just a blank shape of a head with no face. That’s all I remember from this movie and I remember it freaking me out because the alien would make an animal noise like growling or howling or something like that while she was killing the human woman to take her face. Does anyone remember this movie?

Vampire movie from the 60’s

I remember a few scenes and I believe this was a B rated movie I saw either on Chiller Theatre or Creatures Feature.  It was about a female vampire, and she did her usual biting LOL!  The one scene that stands out in my mind is she bit a female schoolteacher and turned her into her minion.  The teacher threatened to expose her and of course the vampire turned around to walk up the staircase. The teacher let out a scream when she saw the fangs. Later on, people walk into the house to find the teacher on the staircase dead with her eyes open and fangs. I was about 9 years old and that scene freaked me out.  Does anyone remember this movie?


LifeTime movie


I saw a LifeTime movie about a live-in nanny who plotted against this woman to cause her to go crazy so that she could take over the house, have the woman’s husband to herself as well as the kids.  The nanny did things like drop a radio in the next-door neighbor’s tub while the neighbor was in the tub and electrocuted her and poured acid into a coworkers eye drop bottle so that she could secure the position.  I don’t remember the title but she ended up getting caught at the end and the woman (victim who she tried to drug) was reunited with her family.  I think the movie may have been from 2004 or 2005.  Does anyone know the title?  I searched Google but nothing came up.


Trying to find out a movie title

I saw this movie on TV had to be around the early or mid 1960’s.  I remember the scene where a criminal was holding a group of people hostage in a room that had a fireplace. He had a gun and told them he would be back.  One man and I vaguely remember he was dress in a white T shirt and possibly a sailor hat or cap.  He decides to climb up the fireplace and escape. The criminal unlocks the door and enters the room but notices someone missing. He looks up the fireplace and fires his gun and the escapee let out a scream as he fell outside, it was led to believe he almost made it out but didn’t.  I remember being captivated I had to be around 5 or 6 years old but I forgot how the movie ended.  Does this movie sound familiar to anyone?  What was the title?  Thanks!!