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Artsy horror film late 80’s or early 90’s, set in revolutionary period

I swear the title was American Gothic, but the only one I can find with that title is MUCH newer. This was playing at a movie theater I worked at during the very late 80’s to early nineties. Called Greenway 3 in Houston. It only played independent and/or artsy movies, or ones that had won film festivals, things like that. Manon Of The Spring, Jean De Florette, etc.. Rivers Edge, etc etc… Things like that. The most mainstream movie they played while I worked there, was Dirty Dancing. That was pure hell, lol. Anyway I digress… This was a movie set in the 1700’s. Silly wigs, triangle hats, etc… It was more psychological. It was like someone was double crossed or wronged, and people were getting killed one by one, in fitting ways according to their “crimes”.  Lots of dark scenes and suspenseful. It seemed at the time, that there may have actually been something paranormal going on, and not just a killer making the rounds. Poetic justice I guess? Set in a large mansion of course, and there was one chubby older man who wore a gray wig, who was privy to the goings on, and scared he would be next for much of the movie. I really should have made it a point to sit and watch it, but being in my early 20’s I was a busy guy, hehe.

Post-apocalyptic/Hell on Earth animated comic

The movie was based off of a comic. I believe it was an independent web comic.

It wasn’t fully animated, the characters were like cut-outs, like the animated version of Dante’s Inferno by Sandow Birk and Marcus Sanders.

I saw it on Hulu between 2011-2014.

The main plot is that aliens, thought to be demons, came to Earth, and enslaved humanity. People believe the biblical apocalypse has happened.

A teenage boy is wondering the wasteland trying to survive.

If I remember right, the movie starts with him living with a priest of some kind.

It was very grim, dark, and violent.

One scene that sticks out, the main character gets raped/beaten by a female alien/demon, that has a cyborg penis.

I hope this is enough info, it’s been almost 10 years since I watched it, and I’ve been looking for it for the last 3 years now.

Thank you for your time!

Horror film, humanoid monster girl

I don’t know the name of the movie, please tell me

The film is in English, not popular

The events of the film take place in a small town at night. The girl turned into a humanoid monster and began to kill everyone at night. The same girl, at the end of the film, turned the male policeman into her own kind (she got out of her mouth like a tentacle and she sent it into his mouth), and the policeman’s partner escaped. They broke into the police station, where the monster man failed to kill his former colleague, but the monster girl killed her. At the end of the film, she is hit by a car, and he is handcuffed and imprisoned.

Old treasure hunt movie with 2 men and 1 woman caught by indigenous people and their beautiful queen?

I remember watching this movie back in Russia between 1998-2003. It was definitely a Hollywood movie dubbed russian. It was in color and I believe the plot went like this:


Two men and a woman were looking for a treasure in a jungle/forest. They fell  into some sort of tunnel/slide that was some sort of shortcut and they landed some other place where they were captured by indigenous people. They are brought to the village and the tribe makes them enter a place where is lying down a beautiful woman (their queen? a princess?). She wore some sort of a headpiece full of jewels and the scene when the friends see her, she’s lying like a doll, in those jewels.
Later on in the movie, I believe she marries one of the guys, then they escape with her and the village is on fire.

At the end of the movie, they’re back to their home and we see them getting on a hot air balloon and happy.


thank you for your help

can’t remember anything

so basically all i have is this image from a final scene of some movie stuck in my mind. it was a 2010s crime movie of sorts, and the main character was not a good guy (i think he killed someone, but there’s also a very small possibility that he was a corrupt cop and hid the evidence or something), and he also had a cat or a dog that died later in the movie. so i think the main plot is him contemplating about this bad thing he’s done and the final scene is him driving to some tree at night, digging something underneath the tree with a folding shovel and crying, and the viewers are left to wonder if he is digging a grave for his late pet or undigging a body/evidence/whatever to confess to what he’s done.

Not very well known movie about high schoolers in time loops

Hey there Skootch back again. I was watching a movie about time loops called Before I Fall and another one that I’ve seen popped in my head. It’s not Repeaters, Happy Death Day/HDD 2U, Source Code, Edge of Tomorrow, Primer, or Arq, there’s probably a few other ones I’m forgetting about. The movie starts out with some friends going to a house party and lightning strikes the house or some other weird occurrence happens and weird time loops and duplicates of all the main characters start popping up all over the house. IIRC one of the main guys stars killing a bunch of people because he figures it doesn’t matter, the main girl and guy try and figure out a way to fix everything. At one point one of the guys hooks up with a really pretty girl and they start having sex and her duplicate shows up and the guy asks them if they’ll both hook up with him and they do, I think. There’s a big rave that goes on in the back of the house. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the movie though. TIA.

horror Apocalypse

Ywo movies^

1. Horror Movie:

I watched it long before school, so I remember little. Foreign Film. A girl with short black hair. There were some young people there, they were driving to some house in the countryside. Then this girl was strangled by either the wall or the curtain. Then I remember the frame she is blind or does not see and she is in the bathroom and there is blood. She seems to have confused something with the egg. Then she ran somewhere across the field and came to another building, but everything seemed to be not going very well there either. Maybe he messed up something. Nothing much more to say.

2. A film about the apocalypse, a girl and a guy walk through a deserted city and seem to go into the bathroom. Light time of day. They are wearing protective suits. Everything, including the air, is filled with thick brown dust. They find an oxygen tank. They have some kind of dialogue about what is happening. All.

A scene where a strange creature gets stepped on and explodes

I remember viewing this scene at night around Fall of 1996 on possibly HBO or Cinemax. I didn’t recognize any actor, but I remember one of them resembled Ross Hull. It was not Ross, but I only remember three guys in suits in the same room. The movie was in color and in english. Also, to note, I highly doubt it was a NC-17 or X rated, late night HBO, type of movie.

The scene I remember is three guys in suits walk in a room where a woman was laying face down and motionless in pain. She moans in pain until all of a sudden. A creature rolls from underneath her. The guys in suits take a second to think what is happening. Next, the creature makes a noise and explodes shortly after being stepped on by one of the guys in suits. The camera pans to two of the guys in the room starring at the creature before it explodes.  The creature explodes and splatters two of the guys in the face.

The main points is a woman on the ground moaning, creature rolling from underneath her and explodes once stepped on. It was the weirdest movie scene I’ve ever remembered and would make me at peace if I found the name of that movie. Can anyone help me out?

Scene about a guy comforting girl over her father

I saw this clip from either a movie or tv series on YouTube around 2017 in English, I can’t remember if it was American or British. I’m not sure about when the movie/tv show seemed to be from (most likely 90s- 2017 for my guess). The scene showed a girl that had some object(s) from or related to her father I believe. Then I think they were destroyed and she was freaking out. I can’t remember if her father passed away or just wasn’t in her life anymore. Then the guy in the scene was trying to comfort her and said a line along the lines of those aren’t him, you still have the memories of him, that’s what matters. There yours and no one can take that from you.

Space movie I can’t remember

There is this one scene I remember but can’t remember the movie. There were like two space ships, and one was losing life support or something. So this group of people are jumping through space between ships through a mini asteroid field, and their heads-up displays on their suits was like displaying how to dodge rocks to make it to the next ship and how fast they had to be moving to make it into the docking bay of the other ship. And when it gets down to the last two people trying to jump, one of their HUDS of their suit fails, and they are like “woah there’s no way you can navigate to the other ship without a HUD.” And the guy just out of the ship really fast and ends up making it to the other ship by dodging space rocks.

Please help me find a movie

The aspiring actor seduced the wife of a famous producer in the hope of getting into a big movie through him. Then he met a girl with whom he fell in love. She fulfilled all his fantasies. He breaks up with the producer’s wife and switches to this girl. They are all great. All going for the wedding. He is in the church. And before the process of marriage. He is all dressed up, in a tuxedo, waiting for the arrival of the bride. The bride appears. On a motorcycle, in a helmet. And she says she doesn’t need such an asshole. As it turned out, the producer was madly in love with his wife and hired this girl to outshine his wife and eventually humiliate the actor.