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Man watches woman through a TV screen.

I am looking for a thriller that follows a man who works at a weather station or similar, in isolation, somewhere in a cold, remote environment (there is a blizzard). Not sure what his job is but it involves looking at what seem to be TV screens/monitors. He might as well be a spy, can’t remembrr exactly. One day he accidentally (?) taps into a home security camera that shows a woman who is in imminent danger. There is a man in her house, who terrorises her. Could be her husband or an intruder. The man at the station has no way of communicating with the woman, but he keeps talking to her through the screen anyway. I assume he becomes obsessed with the woman and goes nuts as he tries to help her. If I remember correctly, the film ends with the man walking out into the arctic blizzard, supposedly freezing to death. He probably sets off in an attempt to help the woman. The film must have been made before 1995. It must be one of the early movies about surveillance, like Rear Window, French Connection, etc. but it is not a well-known movie. I would appreciate if you could help me find it.

Mother helps son commit suicide

I’m reposting this from 2017 by *Lisa because it really piqued my interest and there were no responses. Please rack your brains movie buffs, I’m dying to watch it. Thanks!

An older woman brings a big metal bowl to her grown son seated with back to camera. The bowl is to catch the blood when he slits his wrists. Her assistance is all very matter of fact. Scene cut to close up of trash bag set tidily out on the street for pickup which presumably contains his body.

This would have been late 60s or early 70s. I think it was in B&W (but can’t swear to it) and was before cable tv so networks or an indy station in NC. Could have been from a movie or TV episode.

God is a Doll Maker and Hell is a Carnival

I swear this movie exists but I can’t find it anywhere. It’s a movie where a kid and a dad end up at this carnival that turns out to be Hell. God is a doll maker. The Devil has a really profound conversation with the kid towards the end of the movie and that’s when you learn they’ve died and are in Hell. Kid gets sent to Heaven while Dad (I think) gets stuck at the carnival. Does anyone know what this movie is?! It’s driving me CRAZY!

Black and white film in which a man lives/hides inside a statue

I am posting this again as I am desperate to find this film.

It is a black and white, probably russian/european film in which a man lives/hides inside a statue/sculpture in a city. It takes place during war time. The film ends with the man committing suicide by cutting his wrist. It could be a silent film. I saw it in the early-mid 90s.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mistery movie where all the adults in a city start acting like children

I remember watching this movie between 2016 and 2019 and it looked new.

After a party in this city, all the adults start acting like little children, so the children investigate what is going on, in the end they discover the party’s drinks were contamined with a drug created by the government a long time ago in a scientific experiment in the city. The experiment ended because the test subject were dying.

Also the main villain is a woman who wears all black and is the daughter of one of the scientists who conducted the experiment, and before the end she participates in a boat chase in a river.

Looked like an european movie (british?)

90s – early 00s: Soft porn movie with a scene where female lead (architect) is seduced at her boss’ house

This is a soft porn movie that I saw just a couple of scenes of nearly 20 years ago. The images have stuck in my head ever since then and I really want to know which movie this is.

I saw just a few minutes of the whole thing, and here’s what I remember. The (super hot) female lead seems to be an architect. In one scene, a few characters are gathered around a table in what seems to be an architectural firm. The boss (or client) leans over to get a good look at the female’s ass in a mini skirt.

Sometime later in the movie, the woman is called over to the boss’ client’s house late in the evening. She comes over carrying a blueprint (large rolled up paper). He offers her a bourbon, and she comments on how strong it is.

Shortly after, they’re sitting on the couch, and her starts fondling her. She resists a bit initially, but starts giving in as he’s stroking her thigh. I’m not too sure what happens next, but I think she stops as she remembers that either she or him are married.

The reason I remember the movie is because of how hot the female lead is, and the scene of the guy running his hand up her alabaster thigh is super arousing – or at least the recollection of it in my mind, LOL.

Any idea as to which movie this is? Sorry that it’s all I have to go on.

Movie about two twin brothers

This might be a Korean or Chinese film, it’s a Crime thriller. Lots of bloodshed I vaguely remember. It’s about two identical twin brothers.
One of them is a criminal and don’t remember profession of the second brother.

The opening scene I remember is in a parking lot where the good brother sees the criminal brother. The criminal brother is killed or something and the good brother takes his place or so in his gang.

Can’t remember more than this. Pls let me know which movie is this, tired of looking for it. It’s an old movie, maybe around 6-7 years back.

Please help identify this movie

Please help identify this movie. The couple moves to a house on the island to live in a quiet environment, but in the attic they find a portrait of a woman who resembles the heroine in features. They begin to find letters and things of the woman in the portrait and conduct an investigation, and it turns out that she did not leave this house, but was buried, either she discovered paranormal abilities or began to practice witchcraft. As a result, they found a crypt / basement where her body was, but opening it freed her spirit and she moved into the heroine, who paralyzed the chela who was with her and wounded his hand with scissors, leaving him to bleed.

Old monster movie, think sasquatch, think a kid and his dog try to kill it

This was on TV at a motel, pretty sure it’s a movie not a show. I only saw parts but it scared me as a kid, want to watch it now as an adult.

First part I remember is kids biking through woods, I think PNW type environment. A branch falls in front of kid with glasses, ends with seeing blood on his glasses. I don’t know if tv cut things out.

Parents change channel, eventually I sneak it back on and it’s at a school. There is a teacher/faculty, ends up going to boiler room and the janitor is dead down there, think the faculty dies there too. Parents change channel again.

Last time I was able to sneak it on it was a kid and his dog by a campfire, I think he was out trying to kill the monster and had a gun but really don’t know for sure.

Thats all I got, I assume this is a long shot as all my googling turns up nothing.

it was in color

it was english

it was late 90s or early 2000s that I saw it

Female archer saves family

This movie was from the 70s or perhaps the 80s. American, English, in color.
Bad guys invade a home and are holding a family hostage. The mom is not caught. Mom is excellent with a bow and arrow. Mom sneaks around through the woods around the house and picks off bad guys as she has the opportunity. Eventually the dad gets outside with a friend and they make it to the garage where they find one of those small handheld crossbows that shoots bolts about 6 inches long. Thefather somehow ends up in the swimming pool. A bad guy pours gasoline on the water and throws a zippo lighter toward the pool. The dad raises up in the water and shoots the bad guy with that little handheld crossbow. Then the dad ducks under the water. The gasoline on the water catches fire. The dad waits for a clear place in the flames and he emerges and gets out of the pool.

Mad Max (1979)

I submit the original Mad Max (1979) as a contender for you review as a ‘weird movie’.  I once read that of one reviewer who had watched it contended it had ‘a weird atmosphere’, and after all these years and multiple viewings, I’m afraid they’re right.

Apart from the (ground breaking) filming techniques, the characters and dialog appear to be (effectively) translated from another film.  The preposterous contention of the assailants that law and order is keeping them from ‘being proud’ and violence is merely a means to and end is nothing new – but the way it is transmitted here is.

Purely FYI

regards L Fitzgerald