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Missionary? Guy trapped with aboriginal tribe?

So it’s a movie about a man, maybe a missionary or researcher or explorer, if I remember correctly he didn’t seem to want to be wherever he was. I believe it takes place in South America or Mexico (the native characters were lighter skinned, not black but not white, and I’m pretty sure not Native American either because I remember accents. Hawaiian is a possible)

the only scene I remember is a young woman from this tribe pulls down her skirt in front of this man in attempt to seduce him, in hopes that he (an American) will father a child for her who would then be an American citizen and able to have a better life. He is tempted but refuses, and has no further romantic interactions with this woman

i think the movie was released in late 90’s to early 00s

The teenage girl whose photo became the cover of her father’s homosexual book

I just remember few small details:
The film’s about a teenage girl who’s not favorable at secondary school.
She has a new younger brother, who’s bullied too with her at the school and the whole movie’s about them side by side together.
Her father’s a writer. He has his daughter’s picture to be on cover of his book about homosexuality. That’s why she’s heavily teased. She’s tried to reject that all the time, even kissed her young brother (then people around be like “eww”).
But at the final scene of the movie, she’s solved her teenage problems and be fine with all that, new younger brother, esp her dad’s books,… The ending scene is the grown-up her finally became a social activist, raised a speaker and said: “I’m gay/lesbian!”

Plz help, I’ve looked for it for over 4 years ;_;

Lake / Sea Creature Movie

When I was a kid, I saw a movie at our local library about a lake creature, possibly a dinosaur, that was trapped on one side of a dam.  The creature would follow the lights of the boats at night.  A teenaged boy figures out the creature is trying to get to the other side of the dam and helps it get there.

After the creature gets to the other side of the dam, we find out it’s mate was on that side.

I would have watched this movie in the 1980s or early 1990s.  It was in color and in English.

Thanks for your help!

Black and White Mystery/ Thriller set in mansion

I caught this movie on television over a decade ago, and I think I only watched a few scenes, so apologies if the plot is wrong.

I think a group of people were searching this big mansion after the owner had died. The only scene I remember involves a woman becoming trapped in a small, secret air-tight room. The others eventually notice she is missing and save her, after she is freed by a man she had a quote saying “how sweet the air tastes” now that she knows how it feels to go without it. Like the title says, it was in black and white, possibly 40s/50s.

Thanks in advance!

Can’t remember this film

Me and my brother hired a film in the very early eighties , it was an American film , a comedy . I really can’t remember the plot all I can remember was a man in a burger van who kept frying his co workers wrist watch and ring and I think wallet , it was a really bad film but we have been racking our brains to try and remember it . It’s not much information I know , just hoping someone will know what I’m talking about


I know the movie was a comedy and it’s not a too old one, like Im pretty sure this would have come out well after 2000. I can’t remember who was in it, but I do remember that the main character was a “Top Gun” fan. Like he had posters and stuff all over his room. It’s in English, in color as well. The scene that I do remember, as accurately as I can at least, was that the main character of the movie brought home the girl he liked and they started kissing and moved to the bed and started kissing there and were basically about to make love when one of top gun’s themes, Take my Breath Away by Berlin, starts playing. The girl he brought back with him actually stops and says: “How is top gun playing right now??” The main character kinda knocks on his wall and says: “What have I told you before??” and the guy who was living in the room next door, who may have been his friend maybe not, Im not certain, he says in a sort of defeated tone of voice: “That just because I can hear what’s going on through these thin walls that I don’t need to participate.” He said something along those lines. But yeah, that’s about as much as I remember and I hope it helps enough to give a good answer, thanks in advance for the help.

Horror Movie

I only really remember the ending. I saw it in the 90’s but it could have been made in the 80’s. The hair and clothes makes me think it was made in the 80’s. It was in English and color. I was young (probably wasn’t supposed to be watching it in the first place tbh) and didn’t know any of the actors.

It was a horror movie. There was a wedding in the movie and monsters attacked.

The bride’s groom and friends, who must have been part of the wedding party, are dying left and right. One guy followed a pretty woman into a room and she asked him if he wanted to stay with her. He agreed and she turned into a giant spider and either ate him or turned him into a giant spider like her. How anyone else managed to get killed I forget because I hate spiders so much I think I was traumatized by the spider thing.

The bride was captured by the monster’s leader because he wanted her for his bride. She was trapped in what looked like a dungeon in her big white wedding gown and veil. The monster’s leader looked like a skeletal old man zombie in a old suit that looks more like an undertaker’s formal suit rather than a tux. (Think what the main bad guy in Indiana Jone’s and the Last Crusade after he drinks the wrong chalice turns into before his eyes disappear).

She decided she was going to fight back instead of wait to be rescued any longer. The monster came into the dungeon and she acted like she was agreeing to marry him and stay. His guard dropped (I think she let him kiss her) and she stabbed him with I think a dinner knife she had kept behind her back. She ran out and escaped, finding she wasn’t at a house but had been in a cemetery the whole time. I think it was the cemetery of the church she was getting married at.

As she was running from the crypt she had been imprisoned in during the movie other monsters, more like zombies, rose from the nearby graves to catch her. As she was running and tripping monsters would reach for her and grab her wedding dress so at one point she is running through the cemetery in what is honestly more like wedding lingerie rather than a torn gown until she gets to the edge of the cemetery and sees a car driving past. She races to the road and flags down the car and this guy lets her in the car.

She is huddled in the passenger seat, catching her breath instead of crying because she was tough, while the man is driving the car. He doesn’t look away from the road as he says to her, “You know I really did want to marry you.” The bride slowly looks at him in horror and opens her mouth to scream because the monster is driving the car.

Anyone remember or know what movie or show this was? Pretty sure it was a movie just because there was a whole wedding party that managed to get killed off in one sitting.

Christmas movie with kid and penthouse

I think it was a Christmas movie that I saw as a kid (90s-00s). I only remember that the kid’s dad is remarried to this lady, and he brought the kid to her home which as a penthouse, possibly in New York. What stuck in my memory was the automatic curtains and the remote that can control everything in the house, and the kid was super stoked about it too. All this time I thought the movie was Home Alone 2 because the vibe was similar, but apparently not. Pls help, I’m wrecking my brain.


From what I remember, it’s been a while, but it was a group of guys (I wanna say an Italian/Irish mob?). But 2 main scenes pop in my head. First being the bartender who they are probably the closest to, was cleaning up at closing and another gang comes in and beats him (to death I believe). They plan on revenge after that. Then I remember the end scene of them in a small circular area encompassed by houses or apartments. It started of slow motion in the rain and the two gangs slug it out.

Since-Fiction movie from 80s-beginning of 90s. About Arcade hall

There is a hall with video games, playing which you can truly die. I remember one moment. The “host” of the hall offers a man to play. A man sits in a red convertible car, a girl’s mannequin sits in the passenger seat. There is a screen in fron of the car. The game begins. At first there is just a road, cars, usual city traffic. But suddenly some incredible road accident begins to occur. The man has to drive under a huge truck that has drifted abruptly. Somehow a man copes with the steering wheel, the game ends. A man is breathing heavily, his face is terrified. He looks at the mannequin, and its head is split. The “host” of the hall says something a la “this is just a game”.

Need title

I remember an old movie (maybe 90’s) in where a criminal (I think he is on a chase of some kind) intrudes a home and ties up the couple. Then criminal and wife gets involved in sex in front of husband and then becomes a criminal couple continuing on the run, kind of.

Some bleak memory wants the criminal to be Michael Madsen or Tom Sizemore but I can’t find the movie on their imdb.

Any help?

Russian guy

The russian bad guy calls good guy via pawn shop or gass station (can’t remember) and uses it as the middleman so he can’t be traced. They start about the kidnaped girl. The guy who works in the shop is black and he gets tired of them thinking it’s a prank call. So he starts talking shit like “the girl is under the desk sucking my dick” etc… At the ending of phone call bad guy says do svidanyie (goodbye in russian) and the black guy says “Dosvi what?” That’s all I can remember, hope you can help me.

Weird Movie for Kids (I know it exists!)

Hello, everyone,

I remember seeing a movie in the early 2000s. It was English language and in color. Could have been from the ’90s or 2000s.

I can only recall a few things about it. I know the two main characters were a black girl and a white boy (they both looked like they were maybe 9 or 10). They were students and wore typical Catholic-style school uniforms.

All of my memories are disjointed. I know the boy and girl were together in some city for some reason. At some point, the boy had to wear the skirt to the school uniform as the pair talked to some old lady in her doorway. They were trying to get some information from her and the old lady thought they were both girls.

I remember bits of only one conversation. The boy and girl were talking about someone (I believe the boy’s mother). He mentioned something about his mother saying that smoking was bad, that it would turn your heart black, or I don’t know what. Then the scene cut to a limousine pulling up to a curb. In it, a fat lady (the boy’s mother, I assume) was smoking, gorging on fast food, and listening to loud opera music.

Yes, it was a strange movie. But I know I didn’t imagine it. Please help me!

Two afghan hounds enter the room

I saw it on tv like 8 years ago, it was in a castle i think with baroque rooms and vivid colours. Posh  dark haired lady was important, in one scene she walks in a room with two afghan hounds and a man waits for here. The other scene i remember was on a balcony with young girl with blonde hair i think and the moonlight shining and a butler asked what she wants to dring and she said giraffs milk i think, and later in the movie butler brings it to her.

Suspense Movie

I remember this scene where they (a man and a woman) climbed in a sewer that lead to this guys house and found suitcases of bones and who the bones belonged too. He kept this girl in the basement of his house, the door looked like a prison door where they look all the prisoners at. He had them tied by their necks. He also made them do the house worked. Another scene I remember is when the girl who was kidnapped she was cleaning in the laundry room and one of the kids seen her while running by, he went back to see if what he seen was true but the girl hid so he was unable to find her. Though his curiosity peaked and he went to search but was interrupted by his dad so he didn’t see the woman. PLEASE help me find this MOVIE I WANNA WATCH IT AGAIN

Woman Writes Script for Man’s Life

Hello, everyone,

I remember seeing either a movie or TV show in the early 2000s. It was American-made, in color. Could have been from the ’90s or 2000s. I swear it was an episode of The Outer Limits or some show like it, but I cannot find anything.

There was a man who had some blue collar job, a wife and young daughter at home. But things started going wrong for him–he lost his job, his wife wanted a divorce, etc. Then one night he saw some men messing around outside (I think they were trying to slash his tires). Eventually, he figures out that they are part of why his life has taken a bad turn. They just do the dirty work according to a script they have about the man’s life. At some point, the man finds and confronts the scriptwriter–a young woman  who looks like a stressed out reporter/professional lady. He demands that she start writing about good things happening to him and she relents. It ends with him and his wife back together and happy. During the ending scene, I think I also remember the daughter badly practicing the violin off-screen. The man then jokes to his wife that they should get their daughter a piano instead.

Any help is appreciated!