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Do you know this European film?

I watched this movie around 2014 on cable. I don’t remember many scenes but just the general plot and the ending. I’m desperate to find the title!

Plot: Four college girls come together to find the real identity of a masked serial rapist who has been attacking women on the woods inside the campus by tying them to a tree and then sexually abusing them.

One of the girls (red hair) was attacked by the rapist and she provides some details that helps them figure out his identity.

SPOILER – ENDING: Eventually they find out the rapist was the university’s librarian and manage to catch him.

Other details about the movie:

  • Probably filmed in the late 00s to early 10s
  • A European film, and judging from the language and culture most likely somewhere in Northern Europe or maybe even the Netherlands or Belgium??

I would like to know the title of a movie

Please, someone who can help me get the title of this movie….

I remember a primary school teacher asking the students: where are you? and the kids responding in chorus: here!  Then, the teacher asking: what time is it? and the kids go: now!

It is a movie about spiritual growth and gaining consciousness, but I cannot remember its name….. Thank you so very much in advance!


Little blond space boy

Hey, does anyone know the name of an old animated film about a little blond boy in space? All I can remember is there was a space funeral scene towards the end where someone ( i think the captain of the big space ship) dies and his coffin was launched into space and as the coffin drifts away there is sad music playing that has scarred me when I was younger. There were also different scenes of the boy going to different planets that had weird creatures and plants. He gets lost I think and I remember a specific planet had a pink/red hue and had holes with weird spooky tentacled creatures in them. The plot was sad I think and it had the vibe of a  ghibli movie. It was a long time ago that i watched this so sorry for the lack of important detail.

Recent movie, I think from Netflix

Hi all! Please help me find this movie! I want a friend to watch it, but I can’t remember the Title!

Here are the main points that I think I remember:

Husband and wife and 3 daughters live in a very ritzy apartment in a city (New York), and the husband is gone all the time schmoozing others for his job. His wife is busy with the girls all the time and wants to finish a screenplay but the husband keeps making his wife come to dinners or things with him so she never gets time to do what she wants to do.

The husband makes her come to one of these outings to bring someone in to buy the hotel he works for. He tells his wife that they have to convince this Indian husband and wife and their kids to move to the city. In the beginning, the wife complies but feels very guilty. She then gets sick of the lying and tells the truth. The Indian couple leaves.

The husband then quits his job and then they both have to figure out how to stay afloat because they were living well above their means.

To try and stay afloat they put their ritzy apartment for rent on airbnb and then they move in with the wife’s parents across the street. They can see their apartment from the parent’s place.

I don’t remember much more… please help!!!!

Weird Scooby Doo Movie

Pretty sure I saw it some time in the early 2010s, it was a Scooby Doo Movie that was in color and in English, I can’t remember if I saw it on TV or not, and I might be mashing multiple episodes together, but it had some dragons, it was in China, there was a evil samuri dude and a scene where Scooby and Shaggy became Sumo Wrestlers.

I am sure it is not an episode from Mystery Inc. or What’s New Scooby Doo as I have recently rewatched them.

Scary movie with ghost child

Hello. I’m looking for a horror movie I saw about a decade ago on TV. It is in English and in colour. It is about a woman and a boy who I believe is her son. The boy died, in an accident I think, but it was somehow creepy or unusual. In one scene, the woman and a man are speaking in the house when a picture of the child is seen on the wall. When the woman sees it she is scared and claims she didn’t put it there. The man clearly doesn’t believe her and comments that it’s a nice picture before leaving. In another scene, she has a nightmare. In the nightmare she is approached by a creepy ghost child with completely white skin and black eyes or eyebags. He leads her outside of the house to the green yard where she sees the boy over the fence yelling for help. She panicks but the white ghost child tells her he isn’t really there but he’s close “at the edge” or something, whatever that means. In a third scene, she enters a room with white walls except the entire walls have messages scribbled on them with crayons. The messages read words like “evil” and not wanting to go to some forest, I think. While she reads the messages, I think a montage of a child’s voice reading them is heard. Creeped out, she starts crossing the messages over one by one. Suddenly, behind her, a crayon floats in mid air and scribbles on the wall. She is startled by the sound and turns around quickly towards that wall. That’s sadly all I remember, and there might be mistakes or holes in the details. I think the child had a brown pageboy haircut, if that matters.

middle ages comedy

another one i saw on tv around 2008-2010. it was about middle ages with lots of blood but it had this early 00’s comedy vibe and i’m starting to think that the main characters (a group of five i think male friends) were from current time but somehow went back in time to the middle ages because they had no idea what should they do how to use things etc. or maybe it was just a comedy in a medieval setting. the only scene i can recall – they dressed themselves up as monks to hide from the city guard but the guards caught them and were taking them somewhere with their arms and legs tied with a rope when one of the friends started mocking one of the guards with kind of ‘yo mamma’ jokes and the guard threw his bardiche at him and cut his head off. for some reason i’m pretty sure that it’s a comedy movie and it doesn’t contain big fighting/war scenes – just a story of these friends as they try to reach the certain destination (maybe they were looking for something or something was going to happen here) and trick everyone they meet in their way. but maybe i’m mixing up two movies and a medieval one and a friends journey one are different things – if so i would very appreciate if someone lets me know!

2000s movie about a space virus

hello everyone! first of all please don’t mind my mistakes english is not my native language.

looking for an american(?) science fiction movie i saw on tv some time around 2008-2010. it’s about a spaceship that either caught a distress call from another ship or already was on a mission of saving somebody/something. and when they take this somebody/something on board it turns out that this thing is spreading a virus which causes plague-like wounds and makes people agressive zombies, then they die. also their ship breaks down somehow and they can’t move or use their escape pods. and the entire movie shows the crew trying to deal with the virus while stuck in the ship – they are isolating sick people, disinfecting everything, trying to find a cure etc but that’s not helping anything. in the end the only person who stays alive + uninfected is a black girl. she activates the ship’s self-destroy system to unlock the escape pods, locks zombies on the lower level and takes an elevator to get to the higher level to the pods and at the elevator she finds wounded another crew member – young blonde curly guy – who she believed was killed in a fight with zombies earlier. she i think is a medic and tries to save him, but he refuses bc he knows his wounds are not from fighting zombies but from the virus, and when they arrive girl steps out of the elevator and the guy takes it back to the lower level which already started to explode. girl looks at him and hesitates to get into the pod. we don’t know if she got out of there alive.


The movie ends when a woman, I believe with short dark hair, is sitting on the ground. There is a gasoline container next to her. She douses herself with the gasoline and sets herself on fire and the movie ends. It maybe a 60’s or 70’s movie. I don’t recall if it was in color. It was probably dubbed to Spanish because at that time we were living in Puerto Rico. This is unfortunately the only scene of this movie my siblings and I saw on TV when the programming ended at midnight. We’ve been haunted by this scene. Maybe someone can help. Thanks

Abducted children fairytale

All I can remember is this scene but I think about it often and wonder what movie it’s from.
It had a very fairytale feel but I can’t remember 100% if it was a fairytale.
The main character is in a bed pregnant. Each time she gives birth shortly after her children are taken away. I remember the children being taken away at night. I also remember a white curtain blowing in as the children disappeared. Once I think the baby was in a bassinet, but as more of her children are born she holds them and they’re still taken away. I believe her mother in law or a witch (or both) takes the children. I think there was also a subsequent scene of her children older and playing but she can’t interact with them. It felt like the heroine was in a castle or a princess but I can’t 100% remember if that’s the case. This has been driving me crazy for years!

asian neonoir with white woman heroine

I recently watched an Asian Neo-noir movie(probably Chinese) released in 2019/18 I’m not sure. It’s a cop story happens in three different time lines. Most probably three stages of life (youth,middle age,old age). I specifically remember the opening scene a young cop chases a white woman the heroine when she shoplifts something and runs away. After the arrest the cop falls in love with this woman. If anyone remembers the title please mail me.

Searching for an Anime (Series)

I’m sorry I can’t give any details but I just remember I once saw an Anime series I would like to have a look at again.

I think it was about a (future) earth where the earth was suddenly surrounded by a kind of energy sphere in the sky. I remember it was blocking everything so they couldn’t leave the planet any more or something like that.

And it was a kind of mirror / alternate world or something like that “up there”. I know that sounds like that “Upside-Down” movie from 2012 but I’m sure it was an anime (and most likely a series and not a movie) and should be slightly older than that. But it wasn’t really old. I remember it looked already CGI enhanced so I’d say early 2000s.

I remember a dark, sad mood like it was changing the world to the worse not better. If I would have to guess I’d say the (english) title was something like “Twin X” or something abstract like that. Maybe containing “sky” or “mirror” in the name?

Does anyone have any idea which one I mean?

Thanks for the help!

B&W concentration camp movie

I saw this black and white movie 15-20 yrs ago about a concentration camp on late night TV.  I remember it to be old and had sub-titles in english.  One of the main plot lines was a woman collaborator with the nazi’s running the camp, and the others who hated her.  I do believe the end showed her helping the other women and maybe getting killed for it.  I hope this rings a bell with someone.  Very powerful movie.