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Mad Max (1979)

I submit the original Mad Max (1979) as a contender for you review as a ‘weird movie’.  I once read that of one reviewer who had watched it contended it had ‘a weird atmosphere’, and after all these years and multiple viewings, I’m afraid they’re right.

Apart from the (ground breaking) filming techniques, the characters and dialog appear to be (effectively) translated from another film.  The preposterous contention of the assailants that law and order is keeping them from ‘being proud’ and violence is merely a means to and end is nothing new – but the way it is transmitted here is.

Purely FYI

regards L Fitzgerald


A film about a policeman who attacks a girl with scissors in the bathroom

It’s been a long time since I saw the movie, I can’t remember. There was a swindler girl, and there was another man, also a swindler. They saw each other. An ex-cop or some kind of detective, was on their trail, looking for them. Something was mentally wrong with him, he lost his temper, always imagined in his head that he was attacking someone with scissors. At the end of the film, he attacked the main character in the bathroom, tried to kill her with scissors. What’s the name of the movie?

Kid running through field

I watched the movie when I was small. I assume it is late 80’s early 90’s. Seemed like it was a scary movie. The scene I remember is two adults having sex. The camera angle is through the crack of a door. There is another scene where the kid is running through the field. It seemed that because these two adults had sec, this resulted in the kid dying in the field. That’s all I can recall.

Horror movie name

I really wanna try asking again cuz it just keeps bothering me and I can’t get this off my head for many years. Looking for the name of a movie that I watched in 2015.
I honestly don’t know what year the movie came out in. Definitely not something too old tho.
So it’s about a group of teenage girls (girls only) in a juvenile camp in the woods or some remote area. I remember they had a time out period every day, had to hide themselves in a pod to make reflection.
And one day they’re in the main cabin and some mutated or zombie like creatures started to attack them but the creatures were blind or something. They’re not fast creatures. They looked like those in the movie The Descent.
That’s all I can remember. I keep wanting to watch it again as I remember it’s good.
Def not Sleepaway Camp. It’s also not a slasher movie. It’s about some mutant humanoid creatures. Thank you.

Russian settles in a hotel to reduce the tattoo behind the wall knocks on a typewriter at the end a girl is killed on the beach by neo-Nazis on…

Russian settles in a hotel to reduce the tattoo behind the wall knocks on a typewriter at the end a girl is killed on the beach by neo-Nazis on motorcycles from a camera

 Добрый день.
Как найти фильм где-то 80 годов. Помню, что русский приезжает в гостиницу, говорит, что он югослав. Ищет на краю города какого-то мужчину, показывает свою татуировку из концлагеря. Потом гуляет по городу, знакомится с девушкой, ведёт ее в гостиницу к себе, занимаются любовью, за стенкой стучит пишущая машинка. Случайно оторвали на манжете девушки пуговицу. Потом на следующий день идут опять в гостиницу искать эту пуговицу. Ночью машинка за стеной замолкает, они стучат в стену, чтобы человек дальше печатал. Потом в конце они гуляют по пляжу, там ездят неонацисты на мотоциклах. Один просит, чтобы парень их сфотографировал с девушкой и он из фотоаппарата убивает девушку.

sentient laughing gas

animated. & in color. i remember one scene, of a boy, i think, in the sewers hiding from the gas monster bc the gas couldn’t go in water. it was freezing and he was like ‘would i rather die from laughing or from freezing’ bc his life was ON THE LINE!!! this must’ve been the climax bc things were Not looking so good. i think the boy was wearing yellow or orange and i remember him being a nerd. it is in English, and i think she was using a streaming service. i think i watched it around 2010. i remember seeing this at my grandmas house, i think the same night i watched Monster High, so it might’ve been around Halloween.

i hope someone knows what i’m talking about, this has been haunting me for years!!!

Animated Film Steven Seagull

Hello again. I’ve had this seen running around in my head the past couple of days. I seem to recall a animated movie that had a funny off-segment or funny clip with a seagull that took himself a little too seriously and was obviously a parody of Steven Segal. I might not have that 100% correct, or correct at all, but I seem to recall it fairly well from my memory. I’ve Google’d around a bit but haven’t found the clip. It might be from the movie Storks, but again, I can’t find the exact part or clip. Thanks!

Early 90s live action/animation mix

My dad would rent a movie for me in the late 80s/early 90s. I vividly remember it being live action and then when something was going to happen the character would draw like a comic to change. Ex: main actor and actress running from villains he drew them escaping to the jungle it would show the comic image and boom they were there. And another scene they’re hitch hiking and he couldn’t get cars attention. Instead of her actually showing her leg it flashes to a “comic” version of her doing it and they automatically get a ride.

I was pretty young when I watched this but I remember watching it more than once but at the same time hoping it’s not my imagination lol

A woman jogger kidnaps a another jogger

I have watched this movie on youtube some times ago. It was a low budget movie. From what I can recall there was a man jogging near some farm where he finds a woman who tricks her to a psycho family. They try to kill the man but the woman convinces them that she will kill him alone. When they left she explained the man that the family abducted her too and uses her as bait to bring other people. These two then try to escape and are being chased. In the last scene they both are on a truck and out of that place but it’s revealed that the truck has a bomb in it and it then explodes.

80s or 90s Monster Themed TV Show (NOT DINOSAURS read text below)

I remember an old tv show from when I was a kid, I only really remember the intro. In the introduction, it was set up like an old 50s TV show intro, like leave it to beaver or all in the family, but the family was all monsters. I remember at the end of the introduction the dad sits in his recliner and the rest of the monster family gathers around and they watch tv together. Again this wasn’t Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs.

Old movie I saw way back during the summer months of 1975

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for the name of an old movie I saw way back during the summer months of 1975. It was set in the 1800’s a woman meets a man and she is a little more on the homely side. The two get along great, almost a couple, then the woman’s sister shows up all blond blue eyed and the man drops the woman for the blond and they end up getting married. The man is constantly bringing home to his blond wife jewels all the time. The woman who was dropped gets jealous and murders her sister on the sly and moves in on the man and they get married. The man doesn’t treat her the same as her sister. There was something about a key to the jewelry box.  She opens the box and chooses a necklace; the sister’s ghost comes and strangles the woman. The end. I was watching this on a weekend night and the movie stuck but not the name. I never saw it again. It was in color if that helps any.