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Spy film

So I have this scene in my head of the main character in a suit walking down steps to like a dance floor at a fancy event. During this he sort of bumps into a waitress carrying champagne I assume. He sort of catches it like he’s a spy or something. I thought it must be James bond but I couldn’t find it. Thought it might be The Tuxedo or the mask of zorro. Probably saw it say between 2004 and 2010 probably came put a bit before. Is definitely an action type film.

Surfing Animorph-type Movie

This movie was playing on Pluto TV. It was a surfing movie, but there were women that were half-ape that ended up killing this dude on the beach. Meanwhile, what I presume to be the “bad guy” was trying to finish his newest creation, a lizard-woman. There was also some poker scene where a dude was wearing a fake bald cap and someone used a handgrenade to threaten the rest.


The movie was bizarre, but I want to get it as a gag-gift. I had found it once, it came out in the 2010’s, but looked as if it came out in the 80’s.

Sad Christmas movie (?)

I just remember a little bit from this movie and it was towards the end… the movie is about this sick kid and this other kid who is abused by his father and in one of the scenes the sick kid broke into the other kids house to get him away from his abusive father who has him trapped there… I also remember that the sick kid died at the end of the movie… I think he died around christmas time? either before christmas, during christmas, or right after christmas.

Serial Killer kills while mom watches via video chat

I watched the movie sometime between 2018-19 on either hulu or hbo but possibly netflix. The movie was made with the last 15 years I think. The language was in English.

It’s about a white male serial killer in an Asian country, possibly Thailand. When he kills the women he sets up a video chat with his mom. His mom encourages him to rape and kill the women, she is in on it and aggressive. He’s an awkward nerd with oily slickback hair and likes big band music. He eventually meets a white girl as lonely and awkward as him and they eventually fall in love. They typically meet at an amusement park/carnival. Since he’s falling in love with the girl he wants to stop killing and stops contact with his mom but the girl disappears for some reason so he starts killing again with the mom. Turns out the girl was kidnapped by her cult family but was able to get away again. The girl is totally fine with him being a serial killer but the mom doesn’t like the girl and wants him to kill the girlfriend. He chooses the girlfriend. The stinger shows that eventually the guy went back to his mom and his mom brags something like, “mama always comes back.” Then he jumps at the girlfriend.

The rape and murder scenes are really graphic and a lot of female nudity.

Strange: 70’s movie with communists on a boat

I remember seeing a movie of a communist boat that goes throw Europe. The captain was a woman. The movie starts with a couple in an helicopter flying over the jungle. In some part of the movie a theater group or a dance group performs a really strange scene, that ends with some guys drinking the piss of another one. There’s a scene where adult ladys kiss really young boys (I think the movie had some problems with that scene). It has a scene in the Eiffel tower as well. This sound like I invented it hahaha but honestly, I want to see it again.


Korean movie

I remember that Son Hyun Joo played in this movie. But the movie’s name has not found in the list of his movies.

His wife cheates him with partner teacher who works together in a high school or university .
But he has found the place where they meet and there are their some pictures and his wife’s toothbrush in this room.
Finally, he killed his wife when she come in home.

Could you please write the name of this movie?

Female murder victim haunts her killers from beyond grave

I remember seeing this when i was little, I would estimate ca. 1990, although from my memory I would estimate the movie in question to be more around 1970s.

I watched the movie on German TV, but am pretty certain it was an American production, possibly B-Movie.

I would think the movie was maybe set in Chicago or Detroit (only because of cars?), possibly, there might have been a death scene in a multi story car park.

The basic overall synopsis of the story in my memory is about a woman which after being killed by a group of men(?) comes back from the dead to haunt her killers. – She appears a seductive healthy woman approaching her victims but when she turns her back, her backside is that of a corpse/demon(?). (I believe in the death scene mentioned above her appearance is so shocking that a man jumps/falls from said multi story car park.)


The memory of this movie is still a haunting one after about 30 years.

Creepy horror(?) movie in a library

I saw this movie in colour on TV in the ’70s. In it, a woman is trapped at night in a dark library. At one point she tries to get the attention of people on the street from a second floor window but no one outside notices her. She’s particularly frightened by someone or some thing that’s in the library with her (or maybe that detail was her — or my — imagination).

This may have been one story of several in the movie, anthology style, but this is the only story I remember.

Animated tube scene

So I watched this 2 or 3 years ago online. I was soo sure this scene was from Boss Baby. It might be in the tv show. So I thought it was like the baby making system in the film. All I remember is that a woman puts the wrong package in like a tube transportation system. And I thought that made the boss baby. It was definitely like a animated kids take on a similar concept. Its definitely an animated film. It came out around 2017 maybe a bit before. Could be an older animated film like despicable me I’m confusing it with.



People on an island convined they are ill

This is the film from 80’s or 90’s (if I had to guess, I’d say ’91). The plot is of people who live on an island in a sort of a hospital. The family that controls the hospital brainwashes them to believe they have all kinds of illnesses. In particular, one girl is convinced that her vagina is a defect in her body. A guy builds a big bird out of matches and burns it at a culminating moment of the film. There are pipes everywhere with something resembling crap running through them. Most of the scenes look greenish.

Cultish movie centered around an infertile doctor/viewed on netflix

I watched this movie on Netflix, maybe a year ago now. Its not very old.

The woman was a doctor. She and her husband moved to an Island (his hometown I believe). If I remember correctly only boy children were wanted due to some cult-like belief all the men had.

Some details I can recall:

She finds a body of a missing woman in her yard.

She befriends a female cop that starts to help her figure out what’s going on.

her husband was the reason she was infertile.

There’s another small island that houses pregnant woman. They take their babies and give them away. This doctor and her husband were close to adopting one.

Husbands father leads the cultish group.

West Coast Disaster Movie

This was a disaster movie I’m reasonably sure. It was on the west coast, I believe LA but possibly San Francisco. One of the female characters (I believe it was another character’s daughter) is captured or kidnapped and held in some sort of electronics store. The captor is human but his flesh is gray and sickly and something just looked “wrong” with him. He didn’t talk. The girl finds and activates what appears to be an early cell phone or possibly a sat phone, since towers may have been knocked out. She texts the male character from it and his group comes and he shoots and kills the captor. They eventually are picked up by a plane. I saw it I believe early to mid 2000s on tv, but it may have come out a little earlier based on the cell phone. I think this was like “b plot” so to speak. There may objective i think was to stop the disaster

Sci fi fantasy movie

Back in the eighties I saw a movie that to this day I remember seeing more than once and loving it. It was a color science fiction/fantasy film. Like so many of those it had some guy that haphazardly goes to another world/dimesion and meets up with a motley crew to take down the big bad. The only thing I can really remember was that one of the characters were blue skinned and there was a scene where he was getting drunk. Not very helpful I suppose. I’ve been trying to remember this movie for quite some time now


Mother is in an EXTREME quit smoking program

I saw this movie in around 89/90. From what I can recall it was a low budget indi dark comedy. Mostly about a group of teen or twentysomething friends. Very dark non-pc humor. The only scene that I never forgot was of one of the character’s mother. She was aging and trying to get healthy. She’s running on a tread mill in her living room with a cigarette. But she wants to quit so she’s been going to a quit smoking treatment that consists of her sitting in front of a large, muscular black man. Her “Dr.” standing beside him. The doctor asks if she would like a cigarette. She said yes. He gives her on and she lights it and takes a drag. In response to this the big man calmly “profesionally” punches her in the face. The treatment continues…

Person signs “We are the champions” as he’s dying/sacrificing himself

Hi, i’m looking for a movie where a person sings We are the Champions, I Think he sings this as he’s dying / sacrificing himself. It may be a bad guy that heroically sacrifices himself for the greater good. He has a dark voice when he sings this i believe.

It’s a person that goes between rooms (arming a bomb or something?) as enemies of something are closing in. He signs it as he’s doing this and he ends up sacrificing himself for others.

I know it’s not much info but it’s been nagging me all day.

Husband shoots wife when he finds her with lover

  1. Ok, I don’t remember much from this movie but it is driving me crazy, please help! I have a feeling the movie was probably filmed in the early 1990’s (possibly a made for TV movie – I watched it on VHS) but was set back in time. It had a similar feel and look to the movies O Pioneers! and Sarah Plain and Tall.

The only plot I can remember is that this young woman (I remember her as having brown hair?) was having an affair with a young man (possibly blonde) and they were laying on a blanket together in a field/under a tree when her husband (who I remember as being older than her and maybe a little rough) finds them and shoots, accidentally hitting her. Any ideas!?


So I was wondering if you can help me find movie that i watched like 7-8 years ago I remember only bits from childhood. I think but only think its horror movie because then it was scary. So this one girl is on some kind of village. In one scene car is burning and they think girl is inside. And towards end of movie these lets call them sects burn this huge man shaped thing made of woods and hay. And even think someone or that girl was inside. All I can remember that on picture of cd was that man shaped thing with girl in front.