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cant remember this movie

I am thinking it was a late 80s early 90s movie , so the scene i remember involves a young woman who is training for some kind of swimming competion and kinda ignores her boyfriend , her boyfriend comes over to see her she is in the pool swimming and wont even get out to greet him so he is talking to her mother in the house , her mother asks the boyfriend if he would help hang a picture , so he climbs up the ladder to hang the pic and the mother supports him by holding the back of his legs and after a bit starts giving him some attention he climbs down the ladder and they start kissing while the daughter / girlfriend is out swimming

Help find a movie

Hello everyone from Russia. Help me find a movie. When I was a child I saw a film about a boy who controlled a fighter, I don’t remember much of the scenes, only rare footage. the guy controls the fighter, perhaps a joystick through the remote control, one of the fighters seems to have a microcircuit, the evil character looks like a Shaolin monk, the older brother of the protagonist seems to have fought with him. thanks in advance!!!

help find a movie

Hello. my father stumbled across a movie that caught his interest but he didn’t catch the name and asked for my help in finding the movie.
he didn’t know the actors name but said he is very famous, blond haired, played an singer who went with someone to the ballet and then witnessed somebody getting killed. Afterwards he was in jail, tried to escape, but the rabbit hole took him back to the cell. Also he tried to commit suicide on stage, but he failed by a rope so there were rails on the stage. I have no idea what this movie could be, but by his description is suppose to be a comedy.

I can’t remember the name of this movie

I can’t remember the name of a movie I watched, either on Lifetime movie network or Netflix.. about a woman who took her son & ran from abusive husband. He caught up with them & while trying to stop them he ended up accidentally killing their little boy. The woman got away & started a new life, new name, hair color new town.. years later he found her & takes her to a cabin & ties her up. He leaves to the store. She gets free & runs to an empty building. He finds her there, but she mustered up all of her strength and said to him ” You killed our boy & now I’m going to kill you”. She walked toward him then the movie ended.

Find the film

Please help to find film

American Comedy until 2000. A frivolous hero, running away from bandits or creditors, enrolls in the Salvation Army and escapes to Africa, where he builds a bridge and turns out to be better than the right snobs

Movie where guy has to stick his hand into loom

As the title says, there’s a movie where a guy is training to be a warrior or a ninja or some faster than a human being, of sorts. At one point he’s working at a textures/fabric shop and the owner of the shop is teaching him his craft. Part of his teachings is that he has to put his hand through a loom without getting it hurt or cut. That’s all I can really remember, I think it was a fairly big release, maybe from the late 90s or 2000s. Thanks!

Movie about tv priest

Please help me to find a movie bout some kind of telepriest, he and his “church” or better said team are traveling across US, making new age Christian-like shows with music, sound effects, Holy Spirit healing and such things. Suddenly they appeared at town where heavy drought happened and people are desperately waiting for the rain, or their lives are ruined. Someone is asking this showman/priest, when the rain is going to come, he finds an answer like “ask when the rain will be over” and show is going on, but for priest himself something happens in his mind and he leaves the business.
I have seen it on vhs, probably pirated one in early 1990th. Now I am looking for it for couple of years.
I remember the title was “the rain” but can’t find it.

Stop motion mannequins

I saw this movie probably ten years ago and it was made likely before then. It was a stop motion film of a group of mannequins (though I believe they had faces and clothes?) living in an old apartment (or big living space of some sort). The film followed their lives over the course of several days. One of the mannequins would go to work every day. Another mannequin poked his finger through a sheet and may have used the hole made to peek in at another mannequin taking a shower? The days were all pretty similar I believe. I would be so satisfied if somebody knows the title of this film.

Something I read about

I remember seeing this in the comments for an article about Leo The Lion and I can’t get it out of my head here’s the comment:

Yeah, I put on some Danish (I assume because they kept mentioning Denmark and who else would) CGI abomination on Saturday for my son about a lion-type creature(?) that was a real little shit who ate apples(?) and which seemed to be dubbed by drunken Danes into English in a complete monotone. It also shamelessly stole random elements from other movies like turning that squirrel thing from Ice Age into a mouse that acted the exact same way and having a grotesquely ugly knock-off of Linguini from Ratatouille who still was dressed like a chef despite there being nothing about cooking in the movie.

Can remember the name of this movie

So there was a movie I watched when I was a kid that I’ve been trying to find but I’m pretty sure my memory is warped by this time.

The movie had a scene where I would assume the main male character was addicted to recreating certain movies and in this particular scene he may have been remaking the movie Dracula where he dressed as a vampire.

The only part I can remember was that the woman in the scene may have been intentionally dressed as Marilyn Monroe (or was just platinum blonde).

I believe he (or someone else) falls off a roof and he may have also sucked the blood out of her neck regardless of him not being a vampire. I feel like it had horror / serial killer type vibes to the movie but I genuinely can’t remember anything else other than these few things.

Can anyone assist with this?

Film about the trial

I once watched a 1970s film in Russian translation – HOUSE near the road. The film is black and white. The plot of the film is as follows. The woman (she is also the driver of the car) had a car breakdown on the highway in a deserted place. A woman enters the nearest lonely house and calls for help. Help is promised not earlier than morning. The owner of the house, an old judge, invites her to stay overnight. The owner says that his favorite pastime in the evenings is playing a lawsuit with a neighbor. In the evening, a neighbor comes – an old prosecutor. They invite the woman to take part in the play as a witness. During the trial, it turns out that the woman’s husband died ten months ago. During the trial, she is shown suspicion. At 6 o’clock in the morning, the judge announces the death penalty.

Alien or virus

Hi, this film is about an alien (I think), which transfers between people. I don’t remember seeing the actual alien as I only watched part of the film. I remember a scene where the main character, maybe denzil Washington, was running in a very crowded street and not being able to catch the alien as it transferred from person to person. I think they had to touch to transfer. It may have been a virus or an alien or monster. It’s been bugging me for years.

Couple in Boat

A film scene with a boy and a girl. Sitting naked in a boat In the middle of the night. The girls jump in the water and disappears.

When i was a little boy i was watching television and a scene from a film was playing. It contained a girl and a man that sat naked in a boat, in the middle of the night. There is a “sex tension” but the girl jumps in the water and disappears…

I’ve been trying to find this film for years, you guys have any idea?

Two men and a woman

Hello! I’m looking for a movie that I saw between 2008-2012 on the TV on some kind of movie channel. It was in color, but you could see that quality wasn’t the best so this movie was probably shot between 1970-2000 (I guess it was 90’s). I’m pretty sure it was in English, but it might been in some European language. It was pretty similar to The Dreamers. There were two men and a woman. All of them were young. I remember there were some scenes on the beach, in a telephone booth and in the cinema (in this scene the girl was sitting between those guys and she was literally starring at the screen, even tho the guys were touching her under her blouse).  Any ideas?