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SciFi/Horror Movie watched in late 1980s

Watched this english movie as a child on VHS Tape or as we used to call in India then VCR (Video Cassette Recorder/Player) some where in late 1980s. So please pardon some inaccuracies.

Movie has giant spiders or some tentacles alien organism on board a huge space ship that has lift/elevators which the organism uses to travel across floors of the craft.

That’s pretty much all that I remember.

Thanks in advance!

I watched such a movie in childhood 2000-2007

I watched such a movie in childhood 2000-2007, he was Japanese, well, in general 2 friends will be there they are fighting in a closed ring with others. This ring was called the temple of the muscles. There were evil uncles; they used a remedy called BLOOD TEND. Once the evil uncles of one of these friends steal some kind of drugs called a red tender, they’re stealing, and at the end of the round, this friend doesn’t realize that they put his friend in front of him and fights with her at the end of receiving many blows, he looks and remembers his friend. Whoever remembered something can know the name?

Teen bully movie

So i remember this is about a blonde (light brown) teen girl who is going in school (back to school something like that) on beach and she and her bff were at some party and after that blonde girl is accused for being slut because of “sleeping with many boys”… and at the end it’s revealed that bff left her at party and boys raped her… in movie she only have one male friend and she is fighting with her mum… also i remember for some like swimming practice and other scene her friend have hide in closet recording so everybody could see that her ex bff is evil bully.

Tnx for any help

A Jogger Gets Shot With A Tranquilizer At Night

A young woman jogging at night, gets kidnapped on a car after being “darted” (shot with a tranquillizer) by a man. There is a Final Confrontation by James Horner soundtrack playing in the middle of the scene.

The videos are available here: (original video) or

Looks like old to me, set in between 1970-2000, from an English-speaking country. It is also possible that it’s a TV series or some sort like that. I’ve found this clip’s origin to be one of the most difficult to track so far.


Killswitch movie

theres this movie that I watched years ago, its about a dude that lives a normal life until some guys try to kill him

basically the point of the movie is that he is some sort of new gen warrior, once he hears a keyword he turns into a serious warrior and can kill people easily

I remember there was this girl he fell for and eventually he found out she was the one they assigned to watch him, and she cared about him and gave him the keyword and he started fighting people that tried to take him down

I remember one scene, he worked in some diner or a small grocery store


I know this is not much but ill appreciate any help I can get, quarantine and all

Movie about heroin junkie that used to be a heroin dealer

Few things I remember are I saw it on a streaming app (I believe it was Amazon) and I believe it was the first few months of 2019 maybe end of 2018 and it was a about a heroin junkie and his girlfriend she stays home cause she is sick and all the junkies in town meet at a certain place to wait for the dealer and he finally shows up hes got 2  different kinds of heroin and the main character did something that made the dealer mad so he gave him the kind that was cut and when the main guy gets home he finds out and goes after him

and then I also remember the end… she did a shot and OD’s and he is upset and then  the cops come and cuff him and as they are doing the stairs she wakes up and she and the main guy get the guns from the police and then steal the car and drive away and the she said something to him and I think  he says  the last line of the movie which is “lets go get some dope”

Romcom with girl bullied by boy in school (but they’re secretly together)

I remember watching part of this movie in the 90s. It was on TV, but I’m quite sure it was a movie and not the episode of a show. I saw the movie dubbed in Italian, but it is not an italian movie (I believe a US movie, but not sure).

At the beginning, we have two protagonists in their teens (blonde boy, brunette girl – possibly Madeline Zima, or someone who looks a lot like her, since this movie doesn’t seem to be in her filmography). Basically the only scene I remember is him bullying her in front of other schoolmates, calling her ugly. Minutes later, she’s hiding behind a tree in the school yard, and he’s walking across the yard towards the tree. She says “He walked like my favourite actor”, or something very similar. He is actually walking towards her, hides behind the tree with her and that’s when you find out they are together.

Please help me find what movie this is!

Live Action Kid’s Movie

From the 80’s or 90’s it was about a cartoon boy that goes camping and rock climbing in the mountains (none of the landscape is animated). He had blonde hair and I think was wearing a red shirt.

There is a scene by the tent with a bear. And something scary/tense happens while rock climbing.

I can’t remember if there were live actors, but there may have been some kids with him.

The wilderness looked like a National Park.

English movie based in the United States.

Can’t figure it out the movie

Hey guys

There was a movie that a rich man who hired a man to protect his daughter and that guy falls in love with his boss daughter and they had sex many times and so on…. At the middle they broke up and she eventually find her self pregnant and they get back together….her father wants her to be with another man but she ended up with her child father.. These is what I remember from the movie any one who knows what this movie is i am really look forward to hear it. Thanks

Young guy wheelchair cross country @ 70’s – 80’s

This could be a ‘made for TV” film.  It’s about a young guy who becomes wheelchair bound and then decides to go cross-country (cross-state) and gets the help of a friend to be with him as they do this with a support van.  At one point the friend brings the young man’s attention to everything the friend is doing; cleaning him and his clothes, feeding him, etc. nd being taken for granted.  I think it was released in the 70’s – 80’s timeframe.  Would greatly appreciate the help and also if it is available through YouTube or such.

Movie about kid who save friends

Ok, so this has been bugging me for the longest time. I only ever saw this movie when I was on a cruise ship years ago because it was the only movie they played. The premise is basically about a boy who was training for some kind of military/scouts type thing where they take all the kids into the woods to go camping. Or something like that, I honestly can’t remember what it was supposed to be. But basically, this kid fails the tryout and doesn’t make the cut, so he can’t go. So he sneaks out and decides to join them anyways in secret. While there, all the other kids on the camping trip get kidnapped by two bumbling type villains. So this kid has to save all of his friends. It’s a generic type kids movie from either the 90’s or early 200’s.


I only remember a episode I’m pretty sure it was Japanese animated or something in one episode they go inside a persons tooth and find it’s infected with a swarm of black things and a queen that looked like a anime girl wearing all black and with wings after destroying them they remind the person to brush they’re teeth and another person was brushing they’re teeth beside them and then it turns out they’re tooth hurts and then they all look at her and the episode ends this tv show was in color and idk where it’s from or when it was made but I loved it as a child and I want to find it again.

Indoor swimming pool murder mystery

Movie in which a husband and wife move to a house in the country. The wife thinks she’s going crazy (?). It turns out the husband has been drugging her, she dies when she goes horseback riding and falls off (?). We find out that the husband has been having an affair with the woman who he met at the museum at the beginning of the film. After his wife dies, he ends up killing the other woman and the final scene is her body floating in the indoor swimming pool as he sits at the side.

Western Movie

I was supporting a lady at work and caught part of a movie she was watching on TV that was an old western. I couldnt click to see the title as she had lost her remote and she didnt know what it was.

I remember a sheriff bringing a mute Indian chief through the town and he gets him to wait for him tied up while he runs some errands. In a shop close by a young boy with a high fever starts having what seems like an epileptic seizure and the towns people panic and dont know what to do. The Indian goes into the shop and picks the boy up and carries him outside and drops him in a water box outside (for horses I think). The towns people cause him of trying to drown the boy but the sheriff comes back and stands up for the Indian saying he was trying to save the boy and bring his temperature down the quickest way he knew how.


Sadly, I had to go onto someone else’s support so I didnt get to see any more but I was very touched by the Indian man trying to save the life of one of the people taught to hate or fear him.

Bad guys – Central or South America jungle – child about 9 yo camouflages his/her body using dyes as paint

Guessing saw the movie sometime in the 90’s.  I “think” Tommy Lee Jones was in it as the good guy. I’ll use him throughout as reference, though it may have been another well-known actor.  He was after a person or group of bad guys, possibly terrorists or drug cartel.  I believe the child may have seen something the bad guys did.  While in the care of a female (she was a doctor/social worker type person) and Tommy Lee Jones, the child tries to ‘hide’ in plain sight by using paints and dyes to paint his body to blend in with the surroundings.

One scene in particular I remember is Tommy, the child, and the woman were in a big room with high ceilings, tall windows, and tapestry-like curtains.  Looking at the room, you don’t see the child.  But then Tommy sees the child standing on the window sill against the curtain and is perfectly camouflaged to blend right into the curtain pattern.  I remember Tommy saying something to the effect that the child was part of tribe x (I think from the Amazon region) who were well-known for their body camouflage technique.

I would love to see that movie again because of my fascination with the tribal camouflage technique and what was the name of that tribe.  Any help appreciated – thanks!

Banshee screams and someone dies

This is driving me insane, i have searched for years!!


Only scene i half remember are two people/ but might have been more creature like, running around in a forest or cemetery, gothic feel! I am certain i remember them hearing a screaming noise and them saying its a banshee, one i think put earplugs in but the other didnt amd his eyes popped out or ears bleed, cant remember which, i have searched every film with the word banshee, none of those films are it! I cant evdn be sure if it was colour or black otwhite, pretty saw i firdt saw it early 90s.  Any suggestions welcome!!