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Horror/possible creature movie from early 2000s

It’s been driving me crazy and I can’t find it on any list. I don’t remember much but the main character was a younger male, I believe with blonde hair. He had returned to his home town unwelcome. I think he was a troubled kid and I believe after his return he was a pizza delivery driver. If I can remember right, I think one of the townspeople were inflected by a worm/parasite/alien creature and began infecting others. I remember one scene where the main infected person was going after the main female character and she was hiding either in the basement or under the floor watching him look for her.  I know it’s not slither but I can’t figure out what it was.

a movie where inventor sends lookalike robot on a date

a strange movie with silly name. it’s like a collection of stories with same guy with curly hair and glasses. in the main story there are two girls and he starts to pursue one of them, but in the end he sends his robot to dance robot with her, while he himself stays with other girl

other part of the film he is a barmen or something and he drops a coctail and then chases it across town where it is mixed with paint and stuff and at some point is carried in british police like helmet. he returns the coctail to paraplegic customer and the customer gets up and walks away laughing from his wheel chair. after which protagonists sells these coctails on the street to paraplegic people

Romance/Comedy/Drama- guy falls in love with his boss’s daughter but she gets with a rich colleague

I’m trying to find a movie I know the plot of but can’t remember a single character/actor name and typing the plot on google didn’t help. The movie isn’t popular at all and the story isn’t that unique so I have a bunch of other movies popping up. I looked through pages of it but still nothing. I’m actually trying to find the actor’s name but I’ve only seen him in that movie. The actor isn’t famous either.
Here’s what I remember about the plot:

There’s this guy who works as a maintenance worker/handyman at this company in New York. He lives with his roommate and his roommate is like “When are you gonna get a girlfriend bro, all you do is work and play video games?”. Then one day at work he meets this beautiful woman who happens to be the daughter of his boss. And obviously, he falls in love with her. He starts stalking her and flirting with her but she ends up falling for a really handsome rich guy who starts working for her father and the two of them start dating. She eventually realises he’s not for her and at the end, he embarrasses himself and she ends up with the maintenance worker. The story also features a homeless man who helps the guy win her heart but I can’t remember how exactly. Idk if you can help me better than google but I’m gonna try. Thanks in advance!

Horror film?

So I watched this movie a while back and I can’t remember the name or who was in it. Just bits and pieces but here’s what I remember.

1. Older girl mid twenties with friends passing out poster looking for her missing brother. (Around the same age mid 20s)

2. She ends up at a cabin in search of her brother. There’s an elderly couple. They explain to her that they are childless and unable to have any.

3. They take her to the basement where the old man shows her this guy they have locked in a small chess/trunk. Handcuffed and gagged.

4. She finds out it’s her brother in the trunck.

5. The lady dresses the girl up in a wedding dress and makes her “marry” her brother.

6. They handcuffed the brother to the bed and old lady makes the girl get on to of her brother. The lady reached down and inserted the brother into the sister.

7. The girl gets loose somehow, and tries save her and her brother.

I can’t remember if her brother made it. I believe he died. But I remember the last sense they showed the girl free at home standing in a window she turns and u see her big round pregnant belly.

It’s been bothering me I can’t find it. I’m sure it would be alot easier if I knew the names of the cast. But I can’t for the life of me. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks in advance.

80’s horror movie

Hi, i saw a horror movie on VHS when i was about 10, i can’t remeber almost anything about it only that it gave me chills and in the end the man or women escaping the monster in a warehouse? tries and sucedes to kill the monster by throwing a cola? can to a switch that activates an automated door that closes and kills the monster. I know its not much but im serching this since forever. I saw another movie after that witch i could track down, its caled Tremors. Thanx in advance 😉

Pagan orgy?

I remember seeing clips from this movie on YouTube back in 2010/2011…but I can’t seem to find them anymore. There are two lines of dialogue that I clearly remember:

  1. A guy wearing sunglasses tries to impress a girl by telling her, “Well, after the pagan orgy, I feed everyone to a monster in the woods.”
  2. In the forest, an angry guy tells a group of people, “Will you settle down? We’re looking for her.” And then screams, “SUSAN!!!” at the top of his lungs.

The tone felt pretty self-aware, so I’m guessing it’s some kind of low budget horror comedy?


I always thought the name of the movie was “Billy” but i’ve searched repeatedly and have not such movie.

What I remember: there was a woman, a singer named Billy (or maybe I remember it wrong). I guess she moved from one city to another and tried ro pursue her singing career. There was a guy who helped her and they started dating if I remember correctly. I remember a scene where Billy and the guy were driving (rather stopped at traffic jam) and they heard her song from the radio for the first time. The guy got out of the car and put everyone elses radio on the same channel.

I believe I saw the movie between 2004-2008 so it’s rather old.

Horror Movie

I saw this horror movie about 3-5 years ago I think. It involves house, with a door in the main hallway that can only be seen from a mirror in the bathroom. The woman who lives there was a photographer. I think the house was supposed to be in L.A. , the movie was in color and in english. It was a hidden house or room within a house by the use of spells by the builder decades ago.

Thanks for any help!




So this is an old school movie i watched when i was still in school, its in color and its based around a man who’s divorced but has many kids, about 7 or 10 cant recall exactly, theres also a lady who i believe to have the same number of kids and on night she goes over to the mans house decides she orange juice and vodka/gin. A kid prepares the drink leaves it sitting, a couple of the kids decide to take turns in pouring more alcohol in the drink when going about in the kitchen. Thats pretty much all i recall from it considering we didnt finish the whole movie and was a really long time ago.


Help remembering a 80’s/90’s action movie

Hi all,

New to this site but could sure use some help.  I am trying to find out the name of a movie where a father is kidnapped by asian bad guys and college daughter does looking for father and fighting the criminals along the way.  I think it was about a stolen artifact or something.

Kind of like a fighting movie.  The woman character was blonde and i think the father was lance henrikson or something.

Any ideas?

old maritial arts movie – rectangular stones strapped to sides of legs

Saw an old b/w maritial arts movie growing up in late 60’s early 70’s.  Student of the training had rectangular stones strapped to the sides of his legs and was in a hole bouncing on wooden planks.  When they were attacked – he took off the stones and was able to jump very high, out of the hole and helped defend them.  May have been dubbed into english, saw it on TV.   Can anyone find the title?

Unknown movie title. Man buys his wife flowers every Friday.

I have a unknown movie title i saw several years ago. No blockbuster at all.

In the movie an older man,teacher, buys his wife or darling every week flowers at the market. There’s anther story line someone is battling addiction.
At the end of the movie the old men is killed in a porch for a futility. I think it was by the men who was battling addiction on and off.
I thought that this brought the 2 story lines together.

I hope this helps. Cause the habit of buying my wife flowers every Friday saved my marriage.

B&W movie I saw years ago on TCM

Black and white film that starts out in a small town, possibly a farming community. Girl hates the town and wants to leave but her father won’t let her. One day a guy comes rolling into town, think he’s on the run or something, and meets the girl. They fall in love quickly and plan to meet up to get married at the county courthouse within a few days. Girl runs away from her home despite her father’s wishes and they get married. After that they head to a bigger city… wanna say New York or Chicago. They get a really crappy apartment and he goes back to his criminal ways since he can’t find an honest job. I think she winds up pregnant too. Guy also gets in trouble because he owes people money or is involved in some kind of gang. I vividly remember a scene in the apartment where he comes home with a gun one night and it frightens her. They seem to love each other a lot but they’re both pretty miserable because of their situation. Don’t remember how it ends at all.

Saw the movie about 12 or 13 years ago on TCM… think it was during their summer of stars which takes place in August. Thought the movie might have been They Live By Night (1948), but the couple in this one definitely settle in a city and are not on the run… I’ve seen TLBN many times and it’s definitely not the movie I’m looking for. I also think the lead actress may have been a brunette.

Woman Incurs Ignorant Wrath of Towns People for Healing Child

Probably made before 2000, and as far back as the 80’s.  It’s an English language movie I saw on TV, that centers on a fictional young[ish?] woman who possesses the ability to heal with her hands [depicted by a glow/light special effect].  She heals a child of parents in a community where she [the healer] lives.  This raises fear and wrath driven by religion/fear of witchcraft [or something like that], which, of course, causes the healer untold misery.  The movie concludes with a scene featuring her, as an older woman, living in a remote location, that is only found by those “sent” to her by some mystical process [at least that’s how I remember it].  This is illustrated by the example of a child, brought to the healer by her parents, in a car.  The child is suffering from something like cancer.  The parents have no idea why they are there, but the healer does, and manages to get the child alone, where she applies her healing power, resulting in the child rejoining her parents, cancer free [or free of whatever ailment it actually was].

It’s also possible the healer happened to be at a gas station, when she met the young girl with “cancer”.

It’s a beautiful movie about how fear bred by religious dogma tends to ostracize acts of actual love.

I member this movie

This movie was between 2000 and 2010, it was color and i do not remember the actors, I  know the movie started out with a kid hitting a baseball into this yard when he goes over to get the ball its on the porch but when he tries to run away he keeps getting closer until he is pulled into the house, the plot of the story is this evil house lets 1 person live in order to bring other to the house so it can kill them, the ending has the survivor acting as a realtor to bring people to the house.

Father looking for the house his daughter used to draw

I remember this movie like a dream, but saw it on tv back when I was a child so I’m not sure what the title was or who was starring. From what I can remember, a father loses his daughter in a car accident. The girl loved dancing or was a ballerina or something. He misses her a lot, and when going through her drawings he realizes the house that the girl used to draw was the same exact house he finds in a painting in some shop. I think this house was by a lake, but I could be wrong. When he finds the house, a shaman? Or something similar, tries to put him back in contact with his daughter. I remember an owl was shown in the movie, but I could be wrong on this one.

Please help me find it! It’s been bugging me for a while :<