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Hitman love movie

I remember seeing a movie between 2014-2018. It was probably on Netflix or redbox.  A girl working at a grocery store falls in love with a guy who is a hitman/assassin. He ends up reading her dairy/journal and finds a list of people she wishes were dead. Slowly the people start to dissappear and she finds that he is taking them out one by one.  They ended up in the last scene in a field burying a body while the girl is holding their new baby. Hopefully someone can help. It’s been driving me crazy trying to find it. Mr.right is all that pops up in Google and that’s definitely not it.

Cop falls for crazy lady

This movie was from the ninety’s, i think. I can only remember two details. 1st is a cop who falls in love with this crazy blonde criminal who he is supposed to be in charge of, and they end up going on the lamb together. The 2nd is that the movie ends with a police chase where cops end up shooting and killing the ex-cop in a truck, and the woman getting out of the truck and killing herself right after.

woman stealing clothes

hello, i remember only one scene and i hope to place it somewhere. seen around 2013-2016, color, english, movie or mini-series, was recent at its time. the scene portrayed a woman shoplifting at the mall. earlier she may have escaped from somewhere/someone, entered the mall wearing a tank top and shorts maybe, went through several stores stealing from each and then calmly left the mall fully dressed (jeans, work jacket, backpack and a cap/beanie) ignoring security chasing her and screaming. for years i was convinced that it was jessica from utopia but i rewatched utopia today and it’s not it. also the mall and clothing style had some 90s feeling so the plot may take place in the past.

Two friends kill drug baron with his

An American action movie released before 2000. I’ve seen it on a Russian TV channel when I was little kid, but it can be a new movie or some ancient from 1970th

Two friends – a tough white (possibly a cop) and his afro friend. They learn that a powerful drug has appeared on the street. In one of the first, a girl who seems to be involved in sports (running? or just school classes?) dies because of this drug.

There is a mafia boss behind the drugs. The drug lord lives in a wildly fashionable mansion. He has a bed in his office that hides in the wall. There’s an afro girl, who is his beloved or maybe a girl from escort he hires a lot. She also may be a sister, or maybe just a friend of a afro friend. Through her, friends learn that the boss is behind the distribution of drugs.

(this piece may be from another movie)
The friends begin to take revenge. Among other things, one of the key people in the syndicate named Luca, an Italian with a slicked hair with hair to his ears. They find out where he eats spaghetti every day. White friend pours laxative into the spaghetti and puts a bomb in the toilet cistern of the same establishment. Luka leaves to take a shit, flushes off the water – and BOOM happens!

Then they somehow still harm drug dealers. The boss realizes that the afto girl can be a spy and slaps her in the face.

Closer to the finale, the drug lord gathers potential partners to discuss the distribution of promising drugs. And the white man and the afro man cut off the telephone connection and go to storm the mansion.

When the assault begins, the boss blocks the exit from the conference room with iron doors, iron blinds fall on the windows and waits for reinforcements. But the hero his friend had found a warehouse of drugs in the house. They make respirators out of T-shirts and bluntly blow directly into the ventilation. All mafia bosses are killed.

As a result – the mafioso is dead, and the main characters are just ok.

Show Clips

Looking for the names of two of the shows featured in this tribute to Glenn Shadix, the first is where he’s wearing a tropical shirt and is a bartender he says ‘take a walk on the wild side’ in the clip, and the second is from a sitcom, basically the clip has him say he’s the ‘service manager’ at the place he works at. The first is at 1:07 and the latter is 1:42.

Short film about using a canoe as a hearse

I was a projectionist in the 70’s and 80’s.  I remember a short subject film we ran before our feature, around ‘77 or ‘78.  It was a comedy where an unfortunate husband had to travel to retrieve his mother-in-law’s body and bring her home.  He discovered that the cost was too high so he put her in a canoe, trailered behind his car, and drove her home.  Hilarity ensued.

I thought the actor was Bill Fiore from the Right Guard commercials, but I don’t see this on his IMDB page.  Maybe someone else can remember?

Older movie with Glowing Yellow Eyes

Okay, I stink at internet searches, so I’m glad I found this site.

I’m looking for a film I saw on t.v. sometime in the late 90s or early 2000s. However, it was definitely an older film, something being run on some network doing a marathon of old horror films. I’m thinking it may have originally been from the 70s, but could be 60s, or early 80s. It might be a made for tv movie or miniseries, but was definitely not an ongoing series.

All I can really remember is that there are several scenes where the villains are revealed by their glowing yellow eyes. I’m inclined to think they are supposed to be cult members, or maybe witches. They might be possessed by spirits from the past, or just reincarnated versions of an older evil. It’s also possible they serve the Devil, or a more generic demonic entity. I think some of the climactic scenes, where the protagonist is met by yellow eyes from multiple people, may happen in a church, but the image is fuzzy in my brain. I seem to recall it being one of those films, where all the bad guys are people the protagonist has encountered and trusted through most of the film.

The film is definitely in color. The setting is all modern, or at least modern in relation to its time of release. There might be some flashbacks, but I think any historical stuff is handled via exposition and maybe some books or paintings. And, to be clear, the eyes are definitely yellow. The glow is like a yellow dot or ember replacing the normal eyes, not just an iris change. Definitely not red, or white, or any other color.

Films I know it’s not, because I’ve already re-watched.  Not Something Evil, nor Village of the Damned. The glowing eye people are adults, you see there whole bodies, and there is more than one (pretty sure on the more than one). It’s also not Crowhaven Farm, nor The Dark Secret of Harvest Home, but I feel it might be contemporary to those two. I think I saw this around the same time I saw those, which is part of why the details are so fuzzy.

I think there may have been some glowing yellow eyes on a portrait of some older evil person, before the modern glowing eyed people are revealed.

Sorry for a lot of words for so little, but thanks to anyone who might be able to help.

Another horror movie from my childhood

Some sort of virus was released in a prison which made the prisoners frantic and crazy (maybe turned them into zombies?). A group of non-prisoners had to escape from the jail.


I remember two scenes.

In the first scene a prisoner who had his legs cut off is chasing someone by swinging on the ceiling like you would swing on monkey bars.

The second scene takes place towards the end of movie or is the end. A few lucky survivors have made it out of the prison. Police and medics have arrived. Someone infected by the virus is tied to a gurney and is manically laughing.

English horror film from the 60’s? 70’s

So this was a horror movie I saw as a kid. English, maybe a Hammer film but not any of the big Hammer actors. The premise was something to do with the upstairs tenant, a murderer, who could be identified by the way he would steeple his fingers and then tap the finger tips together. He somehow is killed I think, but possesses another person, that we see doing the same thing with their hands at the end. Thanks in advance

Horror movie I saw 10 or 15 years ago

I remember two scenes from the movie.

In the first scene a naked woman is tied to a tree in the woods. A police officer finds her but he doesn’t untie her. Instead the officer goes further into the woods.

The second scene takes place in an interrogation room. There is a man covered in blood sitting at a table. A trail of blood (a single line) is also running across the floor and up the wall to the lock on the door of the interrogation room. I vaguely remember having the impression the man was able to control blood.

Horror movie with temporal loop/reincarnation


A few years back ~10, I’ve watched an horror movie with some kind of temporal loop/reincarnation and I cant remember its name could you please help me remember it ?

Here is what I remember from the plot:

– The main character is a male.
– The main character always end up dying at the end of each loop, except the final one.
– The main character is the only one knowing that he is in a loop.
– In each loop the main character starts with a slightly different setup (ie: junkie, homeless, cook, some son of a rich family)
– The main character is killed by some monsters that got some Alien look.
– From what I can remember the final plot is that the main character is himself one of the monsters that kept killing him but he cant remember it and its kind have set up some sort of trial from him to remember his true self.

Here is all that I managed to remember If some of you got any clue on what the movie is that would be super nice.

Thanks in advance !

Women is served messenger pigeon

basically. It was like in the medieval or Legend of Zorro era. There was this very beautiful women who lived at a rich mans house as spy for two men. She sent them messages with pigeons. She was having dinner with the rich man and the food was served. Her dish was a pigeon. But she didn’t  noticed until she saw the ring she used to tie letters to on the pigeons feet. She ran and when trying to scape entered a closet with her friend spies killed and ver pale. The rich man came from behind and told her he knew everything. One of his guy friend threatens her with a knife and knocked her out.

A wall of beds

I don’t remember when I watched it, maybe 10 or 15 years ago. It was a colored and a movie not a TV series doubed to my mother tongue but most probably it was English and made in USA.

The only scene I remember, there was a huge wall, full of square cells, and in each cell a human kept slept. Bodies were alive but without any movement. Their brains were controlled with a couple of wires (I guess) in order to they feel they are acting in a real life. In other words, each body was thinking and feeling that they are living in a real world, but they weren’t aware that indeed they are laid in beds and all they hear, smell, touch, etc are in fact superficial electric signals sent to their brains…!

Robbery thwarted

I remember this movie from television perhaps as early as 1970’s where there was a group of bad guys (I think) robbing the rich family there.  The son got locked in his room because he was disabled (I think crutches or a wheel chair) and the bad guys thought he would not be able to cause trouble for them.  He opens his closet to reveal a ham radio station, with which he contacts people who call the police from all over the world.


I think the story took place in New York, in a high rise building.

Only remember a song + general mood

I’m sorry for the very very vague one here. I just remember that it featured the song “A Kiss to Build a Dream on” at some point (Fairly certain they used the Louis Armstrong version) at what I think was supposed to be a tender scene at a party.


I know that it wasn’t Sleepless in Seattle or any of the other movies listed in the “In popular culture” section of the song’s wikipedia page, so I think the movie was either too new or maybe it was possibly something like an indie film or an internet sketch. I’m leaning towards internet sketch because I’m fairly certain it was a comedy.