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It’s a movie about a gay guy and his best girlfriend, I think.

As the title says, the movie is about a gay guy and his best girlfriend, it’s not My Best Friend’s Wedding. The only part I really remember is the girl is changing clothes or something in front of him and they start playfully rough housing and it leads to them messing around a bit and then they realize that they both can’t because of their actual feelings. It’s an older movie maybe early 2000s late 90s perhaps, sorry I don’t remember much more than that.

Girl pretends to be a boy

I believe this movie was supposed to be taking place in India.  The plot is only boys are allowed to work and in this family there is only a girl so her mother (or grandmother) has the idea where she will pretend to be a boy to work otherwise the family will starve.  The scene I remember is where all the boys are at some type of school and they are all naked inside holes in the ground full of water with only their heads visible.  The teacher is telling them how to bathe properly when he notices the girl trying to hide in the back of the room.  He makes her come out and She does not want to be caught as a girl so she hurries and the teacher makes a remark like “this boy is a nymph.”

Looking a long time!!!

So I caught the ending of this movie which is very similar to  the movie called SOLARIS.  IN the movie I’ve been searching for this astronaut was trying to get back to earth, but he was seeing visions of his parents, their old house, and I think it was aliens that were making him feel like this was right and he should stay.   I believe the movie was made early 80’s!?  Was kinda creepy because I think that all his memories were just that, memories.  The aliens or whatever it was, was making him FEEL that it true and it wasn’t.

Film about children. Two boys and a girl are leaving on a train to another city and are looking for someone. Watched in 2000.


Film about children. Watched in 2000. The protagonist is a chubby boy, he has a friend who is more successful than him, slimmer, more athletic, and girls like him. The protagonist's mother works in a hospital and had to leave them alone at home. They pack up and go to the station. There, another girl joins them. They all get on the train together and leave for another city. I think it was France. Upon arrival, they get into some kind of adventure. And they are looking for someone. They both seem to like the girl. Get to some woman. I don’t remember what happened next, but at the end of the film they all celebrate with their parents.

Israel and Palestine

Two men that are friends from different countries or areas help each other in times of war.  I’m guessing somewhere middle eastern.  One man helps the other when his country? is in control.  Years later, the other man repays his friend by helping him when the tables are turned.  The scene I remember is when one man is ducking down in the back seat of his friends car at night while there is a police car.   The driver tells him to stay down and they get away without getting caught.  Maybe the driver nods, or waves at the cop.
I’m guessing that I watched this around early 2000’s.

Was this really a film?

Hello. Does anyone recall a film featuring a young lady (white female) lost/trapped in a fantasy land with notable characters being an ape called ‘monkey’ (actor in ape costume) for a companion to the lady,  and a blind artist/painter played by a black male.

The artist had a desire for gold and was lured to his death by a villain (i cant recall the detail of the villain) down a manhole with the promise of gold when the surrounding landscape appeared to catch fire. The landscape was sandy, possibly sand dunes were present (maybe small volcanoes..)

As the land burns the young lady is rescued by a floating small submarine in the sky which drops a rope or ladder down to her to climb. When the young lady asks how the rescuers found her, the rescuers claim that “The man in the moon described the way”

This would have been filmed at a guess no earlier than 1970 no later than 1990. I believe it was filmed in color and English language though it may have been colorized and dubbed. My sibling recalls the film but nobody else from that time in our life can recall it, so we are wondering if this was a figment of our joint imagination.

I would like to find the move I’ve seen 10-15 years ago on TV.

It was about two teenage school girl friends. One showed old score on her leg, another one gets compassionate. And then they become VERY close intimate friends to share everything, not able live out of each other. They could even get a bath together. But the mother once found this goes too far, and forbids the one friend to see the other so makes obstacles. The girls hiddenly meet and invent to destroy the mother as she is the obstacle in their relation. The final subtitles on the screen that this was real story: the sentence for this crime was to set teenage apart and restrict to ever see each other to do this destructive addicted relation. One girl was taken to America, last episode the ship with her leaving the shore… Very essential! Please help me to remember the TITLE!

In which movie is a car pushed on a railway track by an SUV?

Around 2005 I saw a movie on TV in which the bad guy pushed the good guy on a railway track with the train approaching. The good guy tries to brake and shift to reverse, but the bad guy’s SUV is too powerful. The good guy dies.

Later in the movie, the bad guy tries the trick again, but now the good guy (another one) first tries to brake but then suddenly puts the gear in forward as he speeds over the railway track with the bad guy behind him. The train slams into the bad guy’s car.

The scenes happen in the dark, and that’s about what I remember. I’m almost sure it was english spoken, and almost sure it was a movie and no TV-show. I think it was filmed in color (seem to remember a red flashing light at the railway crossing).

I looked on the web and there’s an episode of CSI (s2e7 Caged) where something like this happens but no, that’s not what I’m looking for after reading the plot. I seem to remember it was a movie and the pushing happens twice.

I moreover remember that this happened in the movie Training Day, but I watched that one last night and the pushings didn’t happen. Memory seems to be failing… Still, these scenes might have been cut because in 2005 I watched some kind of deluxe DVD-edition with lots of extras and yesterday I saw a plain version.

Any suggestions?

What’s the movie

What’s the movie, where a terrorist put in four bombs. Three were blown up and in order to define the place of the 4-th, FBI team cheats on him by showing the time if a day/night in the window. Later we guess about the cheating because the time was added and it seemed the bimb gad blown up . But it’s not so. And terrorist tells the place. The team has time abd they disclaime the bomb

2 movies I can’t remember

I have 2 movies floating around that I can’t seem to remember much of besides a scene or two. The first one was some SyFy movie from the early 2000’s about these shadow creatures or demons that I think come from another dimension/gateway from inside a military base and destroy everything as they escape

The second is some space related movie from the same time where these people start waking up in pods and there is something taking them or dispatching of them until a couple manage to get out of the pods.
I know these are vague descriptions, but they have been bugging me for years and I can’t seem to find anything about them anywhere

Film from the 2000s.

Film from the 2000s. One boy was fat and unlucky, the other more self-confident. Both were in love with a girl. I remember several scenes. When they ate at the train station, the fat boy got a sandwich in a huge roll of foil. When a woman took them in, the boys were swimming in the pool, the woman came in and they sat down under the water, and the woman said, they say, what I didn’t see there. Then the three of them went to sleep on the same bed, and the girl lay down between the boys so that one of them would not be offended.


There’s a movie/short or something about a young boy’s birthday party want to say his name was Billy or something basic like that. remember him light hair possibly brown. I remember there being balloons and presents and remember watching it on a vhs tape in 90’s 00’s and the look of the production looks 80’s or 90’s.  I think his mom helped him set up for the party. For some reason the memory comes up every so often and try to find it but no matter what I search can’t find it anywhere.

Black & White Arthouse Film with Selective Color


I am trying to locate the name of a film (possibly a foreign film) that was black and white with selective usage of color.

I cannot remember much else about it except that it was mostly a black/white film that seemed to end in full color.

Please NOTE: This film was not “Pleasantville” or the That is a common response when describing the film’s motif, but this film was more arthouse/independent.  Possibly French.

Thank you!

– J.