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Old Woman Driven to Suicide

My mom recalls watching this moving as a teen about an Old woman that lives in a bad neighborhood. She lives off of social security benefits and relies on a check in the mail every month. Aware of this, a burglar enters her house every month and calmly asks her to hand over the money. Without struggle, she hands it over to him every time without fail. This happens so often that the doors to her house are often open, welcoming in the burglar but it’s only a facade. The truth of the matter is, there is nothing she can do to fend him off and if she were to lock her doors, he’d probably enter by force or worse, kill the her. The old woman only has one person she can consider a friend that visits her every now ‘n then to see how she’s doing, aware of the trouble the burglar causes her. The old lady wants so desperately to move away from this place but cannot afford to do so. Eventually, the several inhabitants of the neighborhood form a meeting discussing what they should do to stop the violence and mischief that takes place in the neighborhood. The effort is fruitless, as eventually towards the end of the movie, the poor old woman cannot bare to live under the stress of this reoccurring stranger. She commits suicide, ending her forced devotion to giving the burglar her money.

I’m uncertain how old this movie is but I assume it’s from the 1980s or older but not old enough to be in black and white. The movie is most likely a Hollywood movie.

The wedding gift of an army general.??? And his young tender virgin

A wedding party of lots and lots of people when a man calls them to recieve his very personal gift in private and so makes them excuse themselves, assuring their swift return to their many guests. Behind closed doors the newlyweds are pedastalled chest high to the gifter and each one facing the other one, and when thoroughly excited to experience the selected gifts requiring such ceremonious detail and their host steps up on a stool behind the virgin throes her dress up over her head and forces his penis violently into her and takes great pleasure in the imediate chaos hes created but then its turn for the grooms turn and his host steps up behind the war hardened general, licks his fist draws back a mighty K C and punches all 40 levels of hell up into the poor generals arsehole and further chaos ensues while the party host presents his
ring covered in the generals weeping yawn for him to kiss and thank him for such a considerate gift… gush and bow gush and scrape return to quests who demand to know what gifts they were given, and are obliged to reveal their awful shame and once again thank the gifter as they try to comfort each others disposessed honor thay had stolen and can never gift and laughter laughter laughter…. scene fades

Older film that takes place in coastal town

So I remember this film where I believe a young couple marry and move to a small coastal town, very foggy town with rocky cliffs. Its an older film, maybe 50s-late 60s? I used to watch a lot of old films on TCM and such with my mom. In the film I vividly remember towards the end of the film I believe the husband and another man are having a fight in the fog on the coast and they’re going in and out of the fog like punching each other I think.


I believe the plot was something along the lines of the young couple moving to the town, then the husband having to leave for a time, where the woman is very lonely and the people in this small town judge her. Then she starts talking to another man and when the husband finally returns they fight?


I really hope someone can help me remember because I just loved the tone and cinematography and the feel of the foggy coastal town. I think the film was taking place in New England.

Magical circus romance?

I’m looking for a movie about a young girl, either living on a farm or on the prairie. She has a sort of romantic relationship with a boy from her town, but when a circus/ carnival/ caravan comes to town shes intrigued by the leader of the newcomers. There’s like this magic lolita dynamic where the older leader sort of represents worldliness while the younger love interest represents doing what’s expected of you or something.

Specific things I remember are that the girl has a book that lists different kinds of kisses and she has a necklace her mother gave her. Her mother might be dead? I think the older love interest kisses her in a bunch of the ways described in the book, maybe without ever seeing the book.

There’s a scene where the young lovers are sort of being menaced by the older love interest, it’s night and they are in the caravan/ circus camp and he keeps disappearing and reaping to frighten them but then he lets them go when he disappears into a pool of water.

At the end of the film, the girl decides to leave with the older love interest but he leaves before she can come with him. One of the last scenes in the movie is him driving away in an old car at the front of the caravan holding the girl’s mother’s necklace.

the movie was definitely in color and I’m pretty sure it was in English, I believe I saw it sometime between 2000 and 2009. I remember seaming around the same time as I saw tuck everlasting, big fish and bridge to trabithas, the 2007 version so it might be from around when those movies came out.

A movie on Netflix

Non-english movie, european.. probably russian. I think the first scene was when the lead female (teen) was using her laptop in her room, then she went to school and the teacher asked them to show their homework(?) which was supposed to be like an invention for science class idk, then the girl showed her work which was like a voodoo doll, and she was kinda proud of it. The girl is pretty but she is like a weirdo/psychopath/mentally illed.

Looking for help identifying scene name

Looking for the scene name..

Or movie ame .. or actress name … from adult xxx movie  .. probably from anywhere between late 80s and 2012 or so.. (sorry for lack of pinpoint accuracy) .. .. blonde girl and her husband go for a drive and end up picking up a drifter guy / hitchhiker … I think that was a fantasy of the wife  … the couple take the hitchhiker guy home and the wife has sex with the hitchhiker in front of her husband … thanks for any help

documentary about society

I am looking for a documentary about manipulating society. I remember from the whole movie only one episode at the beginning:
A man says that in all centuries of history, young people were considered stupid and unworthy of special attention. But we made sure that the young now be prestigious, that the youth – it’s cool and progressive. …Because young people are dumb and can be easily controlled.
can anyone help find this movie?

ASian action that was on Netflix

Was discussing a film I saw on Netflix a long time ago that was an Asian, live action film but had a lot of green screen and creative background animation. Sort of similar maybe two something like the film bunraku…

But there was a main character that ran around on the rooftops had a monkey that helped him steal and was in love with some kind of royalty or princess.

this is that type of film where someone sat down wash it once loved it and has never been able to remember the name or find it anywhere else.



  • the approximate date you saw it,- so long ago it was closer to when Netflix first started streaming.  Not just mailing DVDs. 
  • actors you might have recognized, no idea. But they had crazy big anime hair but the were live action actions… The hair reminds me of the characters in the game samurai shodown. 
  • whether it was in English or another language, Asian film. A couple of us discussed but can not remember. Has English dubbing. 
  • whether you saw it on TV (it might be a TV episode rather than a movie), Netflix streaming.
  • whether it was in color or black and white, and color. Lots of cgi 
  • anything else you can think of that might help pinpoint the film.

Amazing badass action sequences. Set in a world that seemed to resemble a mix of old feudal Asian architecture and modern. Lots of running around on roofs…  The background seems like paper like origami work sometimes. Reminds us of bunraku but in a sin City kind of way.



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Action movie where they have a machine to show the future and people pay to see it – the main plot is a rush to escape a trap

I think I saw it around 2006 on TV, (it was a movie not an episode) it is in color and all I can remember of it is:

  • There is no time travel i think, just future predictions
  • I remember that it was some sort of a machine, and comon people have access to it by paying or something
  • I don’t remember what was the problem but something about the access to this machine (to your own future) was ruining the world and so the main character had to do something about it
  • At the beginning the main character (an action actor like tom cruise, but maybe NOT tom cruise) enters a building of some kind of companny (the one that have the watch-the-future machine) to work there. And there is a greenhouse in the center of the room, I remember that pretty well, there is this (I think blond) actress that greets him and will be his partner further in the movie.
  • The companny sets a kind of trap to this main character, he let clues to himself after having seen the future or something (I dont remember how, but he discover something, that he doesn’t know/remember at the beginning of the movie, and all the movie is a rush to escape the trap, using his own clues)
  • Another scene I remember well is that the girl I mentioned is in a bathroom of some apartment of theirs (or her) and after taking a shower she discovers a message on the mirror that the main character let there for her (they both was strongly watched at this point and it was the only way to not to be discovered)
  • I remember near the end of the movie the same scene of the greenhouse at the beginning was kind of empty with the prosecutors of the couple and they have a fight/escape scene in the same spot
  • I remember vagely that one of the clues he let for his past self was a paper with the number of an hotel or restaurant with a reservation by his own name
  • I can’t recall the actor sadly, however a movie that I think it could be similar to this one is Minority Report, but is not that one, I already checked… is the most similar I can guess.