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Mom fakes her daughters illness

A rich black mom who is a doctor convinces her daughter that she has an illness where her immunity system is weak and she has to stay away from people so she keeps her isolated in their house. The teenage daughter falls in love with the boy next door and sneaks him inside her house with the help of the housekeeper. She later escapes the house with the boy and goes on vacation and gets sick. The doctor from that place reveals she does not have any diseases. The girl confronts her mom and she reveals she feels protective because her husband and son died.

Movie search

Here is the scene description

It has a female character who said something like this

‘”when you say that you love someone you meant how loving made you feel love about yourself”

That’s it.not accurate but it is all I could think now.

I also remember the female character who said this had a well trimmed haircut.

Almost bald we can say

It is a colour picture.

I saw only a picture in Pinterest app’s movie line section

It will be over two years now since I saw it.

I have searched and tried other methods

So far no results ☹️

Hope someone will figure out…


A movie i watched when i was a kid

I am 21 years old right now, and i remember watching this scary movie when i was very little, not sure at which age. It should be early 2000’s i think, but not even sure if the movie were made just then or it is even older.

The movie was a scary one, (to me at that time at least) i remember in the movie some people would just start burning randomly, they scream and run, but in reality, they are not burning at all. They see it, they feel it, they actually DIE from it, but it’s actually not the reality. People who investigate these deaths can’t realize what’s causing this, and that’s the main story of the movie.

I don’t remember much, but i remember certain scenes, where a girl just randomly takes a shower, and then starts burning and ends up dead naked on the floor with no sign of any flames. I remember main character sleeping next to his friend, then waking up with his friend dead and his friend cut his own tongue and put it in his own hand, making a pose as to give his tongue to our main character. Which is some sort of a message from the one responsible for these deaths to our main character. I remember our main character seeing his own arm burn near the end when he confronts whoever/whatever is responsible, and he knows it’s all in his head so he tries his best to avoid it, yet he seems like he really feels the burn.

These are all i can remember, if someone could help me find this movie it would be so appreciated, since these scenes are all that i can remember as a kid, watching this movie today would really shake my memory and maybe even make me remember even more stuff from back then. I know i had pretty irresponsible parents letting a kid watch this sort of scary movie 🙁

Sweet yet sad movie

I am trying to recall the name of a movie. The plot goes like this:

A young single fella is lied about a baby girl is his, so the baby is left under his supervision. He later finds (tho not disclosed until the end) that the little girl has a heart problem, so he grants the girl every single whim she has. The mother returns years later and tries to get her back. At the end the girl dies in the guy’s arms.

I thought the actor to be Jim Carey?, but after searching and searching, I couldn’t fin it.

Thanks a lot

Late 80’s Early 90’s horror or thriller movie

When I was young my older brother made me watch horror movies. None really bothered me except one that stuck in my mind that I only remember tiny bits of it.
1 – I am fairly certain I saw it at the drive in as a double feature along side weekend at Bernies.
2 – A flight goes missing off the radar but comes back eventually
3 – every one that is on the flight comes back bit is not them selves but have glowing red eyes.
4 – My clock radio had red glowing dots that I was never ok with again.

Anyone else know what this movie might be? google is no help.

Bar Owner Helps Single Girl Find Love

Hey all! I remember a movie from probably 10 or so years ago and it was a romantic comedy, I think. It opened with a scene of a girl who lived above a bar (or next to it, not sure) and mooched off the free wi-fi. She is trying to load something on her laptop and sticks it out the window, only for her to drop it to the street below. Another scene I remember is her walking into the bar for internet and sitting at the bar in her pajamas. Of course, the owner comes and talks to her, she hits on him, he’s not into it. He explains that he’s a bachelor and even has the water turned off to his apartment so that any woman he brings home doesn’t try to stick around and make breakfast or move in. I don’t remember a lot of the in between, just that he offers to help her find love. In helping her, he falls in love with her, and the movie ends with him realizing he loves her and her on a date with an Irish guy, yelling about the “luck of the Irish!”

Any ideas? I’d love the help!


French trippy movie?

I remember watching this movie I think was a sort of French black and white version of Alice in wonderland. She wanders into another world where she ends up in a few different situations. One is where she’s eating dinner with a midget king or prince who talks in a high voice expressing his love for someone. There is a person dancing in the air there and eventually turns into a skeleton as the monologue is so long. I Remember another scene where she’s in a class room with with many different aged people and during the lesson all the noises start to make a repetitive beat into a song. Another scene is like maybe her dad mining at work in a long line of people. Very wierd trippy movie. Any ideas?

you hate pineapple

so theres this one sci-fi-ish movie that i watched when i was like 6 or 7, it involves some type of red planet and there was this little kid whose big thing was he hates pineapple and theres like some book or something of ppl he looks up to and one of them is this one female astronaut but then he ends up siding with the bad guy and getting either red or yellow eyes (i cant remember which) and hes eating pineapple with the bad guy and one of the protagonists (a teenage girl) says something like “you hate pineapple” pls i cannot find this movie for the life of me and im convinced it doesnt actually exist outside of a weird fever dream help


Old movie title could contain words like Hill ,temple,king,mountain. But not sure

I am looking for a very old movie name I saw 3 years ago.

I remember 2 graphic scene from the movie as below.

1. 2 goons holding both hand of  a guy name barbeski (could be spelled wrongly but it sounded like this). And a there was another guy holding a hand of her girlfriend or wife and he starts kissing her and ask barbeaki if ‘she is a good lay’ and guy holding the girl said i will find out right now and goons again start beating barbeski and eventually kill him and guy holding her girlfriend hand forcefully have sex with her. Setting beach like place or a jungle.

2. The guy who had sex with the girl forcefully now came to the girl house as a imposter and said forget about barbeski you are beauty and kiss her again and undress her and have sex with her again. And he balckmail the girl to make a deal with her father or something.

Movie could be from Italy,English,spain but I watched it in English. Remembered the name of the movie too but forgot.

Sorry for the bad English I am not a native.

Please help me.


guys lost in the desert

I saw the movie on tv more than 15 years ago.

In the middle there are some guys (maybe a girl with them?) lost in the desert. At one point one of the guys thinks he saw water and runs towards it ripping of clothes while the others watch him with a “tired of your stupidity look”.

I don’t remember what happens next but at the end they open a cafe or restaurant named after something in their adventure and a camel.

?Spy movie with massive villa/mansion and funicular

I have this scene in my head of a movie, maybe a spy movie (not Moonraker), in which a guy is at an evil dude’s mansion which is a massive white open villa on multi levels on a hill. They use a funicular that goes alongside the house to go up and down. It might have been in South America? When I looked this up originally, the house is actually a hotel in the real world.

The guy I think wakes up at that place and meets with the evil dude but somehow ends up romancing the guy’s wife or gf. I am not sure when I have seen it or whether it was an old or new movie. This has been driving me bonkers for a while now.

Much appreciated!