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brother and sister found artifacts on the beach

Help! that’s almost all i remember. Brother and sister were on holidays. At the beach girl found a talking doll with which she walks around whole film while her brother got just strange lame magnets. and the last scene where teacher asks children, how they spent their holidays and film ends when girl begins to tell. Thank you in advance.

(And excuse me, English not my first language)


A cartoon about a hunter a kid and a young hunting dog trying to hunt down a one-eyed bear.

At one point the dog helps save someone from a deep hole (maybe an empty well)  by holding the rope it’s leashed on looped around a person with his mouth.

I distinctly remember this.

There was a scene where they thought they shot a bird, but it was actually some other person.

There was also a scene when someone thought he killed the seeked beard, but it was pointed out that it has two eyes.

1st person English movie

A police officer responds to an emergency call to a hotel where calls came from before but the other officer went missing. It all is viewed from his helmet cam as he makes his way through a hotel of monster like beings. There is a woman on his comms directing him through the hotel the whole time too.One being is an older, shirtless gentlemen who has a weird mask on and cant out of it and only hunt by sound.

I saw this on Amazon prime around April 2019 but cannot seem to find it again.

Prison scene I’m not sure if standalone meme or part of something bigger

So there is a short clip going around, it might just be for meme humour but it looks old school and has the feel of a British show or movie. The scene is a chubby white guy showering in a prison communal shower and a big black guy next to him starts giving him the “look” and blowing kisses. The white guy then takes his soap and throws it to the other side and makes another guy bend for it while he points the black towards him and sneaks out the shower and you hear the screams.  It has a very Benny Hill kinda feel to it but ofc r rated bcus there was brief nudity at the end when the guy bent over

Possibly japanese animated film about colorful ghosts

Basically, what i remember about this movie is that i saw it a couple of years back, probably 2010ish, early netflix. I think whole heartedly it was on netflix but it might not have been. Essentially it was this animated film about this girl who buys or moves into an apartment, and she comes into contact with these little ghosts or spirits of various size and color, and the subplot is that the apartment she lives in is about to be redone or upscaled, and something ??about the environment?? is involved. a specific scene i remember was her on the balcony or roof of this apartment and i think she sees a spirit, looks away, and looks back and its gone. it had kind of a unique style, and i think it was definitely in japanese as the original i’d seen had subtitles. i could be grasping but there mightve also been an older woman and maybe a child that lived in the same complex? i’m not really sure. I also remember the style being kind of like found photos, but that could just be my memory (i really appreciate this, ive been searching for this movie for god knows how long now :))

A movie about dreams that people have had

Ok so, I watched this movies around summer 2016 on Netflix ( no it’s not on there anymore as far as I know )  it starts off with a man wearing glasses living in a forest in a cabin with his mom and constantly over a loud intercom is a man saying  “ one sheep two sheep three sheep” and so on  and for some reason this hurts the people who live in the cabins ears and they have to wear earphones  and then some stuff that I can’t remember that well  happens and the man with the glasses records his mom singing this song onto a DVD and then after that he goes looking for the guy who is playing the one sheep to sheep over the intercom and they get into a fight, glasses man shoots him and he wins and then he plays the DVD of his mom singing over the intercom and that all I can remember from the movie besides some other vague details. I think the movie was an indie film, it’s in English, and the scene I just described was in black and white but the rest of the movie was not.

Passing on Pazuzu??!

I know you must have already considered this movie, but how — oh how?! — could you omit Exorcist 2: The Heretic ?? Clearly much more weird than most movies you do include, also a big “mainstream” movie by a major director (as weird as Zardoz and not boring like other weird Boorman movies like Leo the Last and Where the Heart Is, which you also don’t include ) and mostly reviled though it has its fans, including the director of Taxi Driver. It should’ve been on this list from the get-go. Like leaving Citizen Kane off a list of “Greatest Newspaper Films”.

Even the honorable mentions doesn’t mention it (though it HAS to make the list.) I don’t understand. It’s very famous for a weird movie bomb. This is too weird.

And you are missing a plethora of Japanese films made in the 60s , 70s and 80s, some by major filmmakers like Ichikawa, Imamura, even Kurosawa — titles escape me…

Rom-Com I Can’t Remember

Hello! The movie I remember was definitely a rom com. It opened with a girl living either next to a bar or across the road from it and was trying to get the free WiFi, so she held her laptop out of her window and then it slipped out of her hands and fell down to the ground. So she then started sitting in the bar, in her PJs, literally totally giving up on finding love. The bartender and her somehow end up frenemies and he starts letting her bring dates to the bar so he can kind of supervise them I guess? He has a super intense bachelor’s pad with no running water and hidden food so that one night stands don’t stick around. The movie ends with the bartender falling in love with the girl, but she ends up in love with an Irish guy and they celebrate St. Patrick’s day in the bar. Any ideas on the title? Thanks!