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Need Help! Driving me Nuts!

OK, so I was telling a friend about a crazy movie scene that I watched the other day, but cannot for the life of me remember the movie/show/series it was from….I can’t even remember the actor/tress involved, nor anything else from the movie!

The scene is as follows.

Husband and wife are getting it on (barely), and the wife tells the husband that he can “finish anywhere he wants.” He clarifies by asking her “anywhere?” And she confirms. He gets up, and finishes on a framed photo of his mother in law.

I have checked my Hulu, Netflix and Prime viewing history, googled key phrases etc and cannot figure this out! Help!

Guy kisses girl out of pity


So I saw a scene from this movie, it was somewhere in between 2007 and 2012. It was an English movie. They had an American accent. So, a guy and a gir were sitting on a table at the restaurant and talking about something. It was not a date, I think. I think they were discussing something important. While the guy is talking, he suddenly looks at his arm and sees the girl stroking it. Then he looks at her and she looks desparate. So, he kisses her, out of pity, I think. Then, she says “Thanks.” Both the characters were white and looked like they were in their twenties.

Please let me know if you know.

Trying to identify a older movie that I’ve seen only once when I was a teen and I was born in 1986 so I have a blemish memory when I saw…

…this movie.

  • 3-4 adults go inside a house and I can’t remember why
  • I believe there was color to the film but I know I seen this movie on VHS.
  • This old woman was in a wheelchair being wheeled by her granddaughter or help.
  • The old lady was a murderer.
  • one of the guys head was slammed shut in a window and he still began talking as if he wasn’t dead or was then a ghost I should say.
  • I remember one of the guys wore glasses out of the 3-4.
  • I thought this movie was called house on something or house something but I can not find the movie I’m looking for.
  • please help!

help me remember the movie

Hi, help me find one movie, I watched it relatively recently, about 3 years ago. Not even a movie, but a short film, or an American one/English, of the last century, I assume that the 80-00s. I remember that the film was not long, 15-20 minutes, the plot revolves around an introverted schoolboy, he visits a music store where he steals a record or she stole it, the girl he meets there from his school, I don’t remember exactly, and then they listen to this record at home and love flares up (they smoke cigarettes, listen to music, do sex).

Movie about model – murderer

Hi, guys

Can you help me, please, to find the movie that shows how fast the life of a young and beautiful teacher changed when she met a young and promising photographer. He took photo’s of her and a very big agency hired her immediately. Elly is so charming that every body falls in love with her. But… Elly does not like attention… All people who flirted with her, asked for sex suddenly started to die. Firstly, it looks like this photographer is obsessed with Elly and tries to get rid of concurents but at the end we find out that Elly is a mysterious killer her self.

The last scene of this movie shows to us Elly sitting at the table in a psychiatric hospital. She is talking to her doctor. She said that her father raped her when she was a little girl and that he is a horrible person. And when the doctor asks what she thinks about Photographer who really cared about her during her short career, she answered seriously that he is a very good man and that she loves him

Well folks I’m back again! This time looking for an upcoming puppet movie.

Well I thought I posted this a few days ago, but I guess it got deleted or maybe I forgot to hit post or something. I’ve seen this trailer a few times for an upcoming movie with puppets. It’s rather gory and violent. In the trailer it says something to the tune of, been in the works for 10 to 20 years and it’s finally happening. It’s been a pet project of a special effects guy or creative director, something like that and he’s finally found the time to make it happen. Weird movie, but right up my alley. It’s not Dead Silence, Meet The Feebles, Happy Time Murders, Benny Loves You, I feel like I missing one or two that I tagged the first time I posted this. Anyways, it’s an upcoming film or it might have been just recently released. I keep meaning to write the name of it down when I see it, but I always get sidetracked. Thanks!

Movie about voodoo doll made from a device

The movie is about a group of college kids and one of them (you don’t find out ’til the end) has a device that makes a wax voodoo doll. The person creating the doll(s) does all kinds of bad horrible things to the people in the film. Like one guy is jogging at night and he stabs or burns the doll’s joints and it’s pretty graphic what it shows happening to the guy. Another guy is at an indoor rock climbing place and he gets maimed pretty bad too. The guy with the voodoo doll just starts breaking off the doll’s limbs and the guy gets all beat up. The movie is in my digital library, I just can’t remember the name of it. Thanks!

looking for a color film that i saw on tv

at the beginning of 2000 I watched on TV a color film whose title I am looking for. In the film, the main character is something like an inventor who constantly dismantles all sorts of machines and mechanisms for parts. He and his friend drive a car (very bad) and freeze in the cabin because the air conditioner is mercilessly cold, they fall into a pit (rainstorm) full of all kinds of mechanisms (dump) where the main character finds a plate (this is a UFO cap). He sculpts this torch from an incredible material that cannot be damaged. But the film is not about mechanisms, but about his romantic relationship with a woman. one more scene a conversation between two characters in a room – the main character disassembles a typewriter and throws spare parts into two heaps behind him. That’s all I remember.

TV Show about humans living on aliens planet or aliens living on human planet

I saw a clip of that new show Resident Alien and it got me thinking of this show my little brother liked a few years ago, although I might have the timeline wrong. It was about a group of humans who lived on an alien planet, obviously the vice versa of the usual storyline of an alien living on a human planet somewhat incognito a la Alf or My Favorite Martian. It might have just been a family of aliens who were trying to live a normal life surrounded by humans in a suburban setting, but I’m pretty sure it was the opposite of that. I love this site for how quickly people can find what you’re asking about and I always find myself so thanks as always for the help.

Hitman love movie

I remember seeing a movie between 2014-2018. It was probably on Netflix or redbox.  A girl working at a grocery store falls in love with a guy who is a hitman/assassin. He ends up reading her dairy/journal and finds a list of people she wishes were dead. Slowly the people start to dissappear and she finds that he is taking them out one by one.  They ended up in the last scene in a field burying a body while the girl is holding their new baby. Hopefully someone can help. It’s been driving me crazy trying to find it. Mr.right is all that pops up in Google and that’s definitely not it.

Cop falls for crazy lady

This movie was from the ninety’s, i think. I can only remember two details. 1st is a cop who falls in love with this crazy blonde criminal who he is supposed to be in charge of, and they end up going on the lamb together. The 2nd is that the movie ends with a police chase where cops end up shooting and killing the ex-cop in a truck, and the woman getting out of the truck and killing herself right after.

woman stealing clothes

hello, i remember only one scene and i hope to place it somewhere. seen around 2013-2016, color, english, movie or mini-series, was recent at its time. the scene portrayed a woman shoplifting at the mall. earlier she may have escaped from somewhere/someone, entered the mall wearing a tank top and shorts maybe, went through several stores stealing from each and then calmly left the mall fully dressed (jeans, work jacket, backpack and a cap/beanie) ignoring security chasing her and screaming. for years i was convinced that it was jessica from utopia but i rewatched utopia today and it’s not it. also the mall and clothing style had some 90s feeling so the plot may take place in the past.

Two friends kill drug baron with his

An American action movie released before 2000. I’ve seen it on a Russian TV channel when I was little kid, but it can be a new movie or some ancient from 1970th

Two friends – a tough white (possibly a cop) and his afro friend. They learn that a powerful drug has appeared on the street. In one of the first, a girl who seems to be involved in sports (running? or just school classes?) dies because of this drug.

There is a mafia boss behind the drugs. The drug lord lives in a wildly fashionable mansion. He has a bed in his office that hides in the wall. There’s an afro girl, who is his beloved or maybe a girl from escort he hires a lot. She also may be a sister, or maybe just a friend of a afro friend. Through her, friends learn that the boss is behind the distribution of drugs.

(this piece may be from another movie)
The friends begin to take revenge. Among other things, one of the key people in the syndicate named Luca, an Italian with a slicked hair with hair to his ears. They find out where he eats spaghetti every day. White friend pours laxative into the spaghetti and puts a bomb in the toilet cistern of the same establishment. Luka leaves to take a shit, flushes off the water – and BOOM happens!

Then they somehow still harm drug dealers. The boss realizes that the afto girl can be a spy and slaps her in the face.

Closer to the finale, the drug lord gathers potential partners to discuss the distribution of promising drugs. And the white man and the afro man cut off the telephone connection and go to storm the mansion.

When the assault begins, the boss blocks the exit from the conference room with iron doors, iron blinds fall on the windows and waits for reinforcements. But the hero his friend had found a warehouse of drugs in the house. They make respirators out of T-shirts and bluntly blow directly into the ventilation. All mafia bosses are killed.

As a result – the mafioso is dead, and the main characters are just ok.