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It was a movie about a man who was a kung fu master

It was a movie which I saw when I was little, I dont remember the start but in the end the father fights in a club where there are american fighters and he fights with 3 fighters simultaneously but as he was winning the fighters were given drugs and in the end the father wins the fight but is too beaten and his son tries to wake him up and he gets a vision of his wife,that’s all I remember and it was not a black and white film

A movie I don’t know the name of

Well I vaguely recall bits of the film but I cannot for the life of me get the full film in my head and I don’t know the title

I remember my mum had it recorded on video from t.v and would have been around the 90s

What I remember from it is this woman has this metal spike on her finger and she rips this person’s spine out and she has a dog also who she feeds the body parts too if I remember correctly as well the woman is wearing a red blazer type jacket and I think the dogs name was max but she went around getting body parts and feeding to her dog


My mum made me believe the film was called dark angel and to this day I cannot find the film any kind of help and lead would be ideal if anyone can find or know anything thanks

Eastern European art film

There is a black and white Hungarian or Romanian (or Czeck?) surrealist film I saw when it was restored in the early 2000’s.  They showed it on the screen under the east side of the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Jackman theatre.  It had a certain amount of hoopla at the time because of the restoration.  I remember it was something like a knight that went through some kind of battles, and then after he was done, the film essentially repeated the crisis and all the action, almost exactly, two or three times.  Any idea?  I haven’t had any luck.

A movie about Marital Scandal

I first saw this movie on Netflix although the title is no longer available. The two lead actors were African American & the film was from the mid-2000s. It was definitely English & not a foreign movie. From what I remember, it was about a married couple looking to spice things up in bed as their marriage has seemingly declined over the years. Foreplay, kinks, nothing seemed to interest the wife anymore, until one day based on some very bad advice attained from a relative, I think it was her sister who had suggested that his wife “desires” to be dominanted or forced into submission by him. The husband took it too far and actually raped his wife in an attempt to make “things more exciting.” Dressed in all black & wearing a ski masked, he broke into their home and had his way. In the middle of the altercation his mask was yanked off & the wife filed a police report in attempt to put her spouse in jail. A lawyer was hired but underneath it all, the situation turned out to be some sort of con in order to obtain the husband’s recently acquired fortune of what might be 5 million dollars. The wife and her sister were actually working together to deceive the husband so that she would have an excuse to imprison him and take his money. The end was a blur I think the wife got shot and maybe her sister, I’m not quite sure. But eventually the husband was acquitted in the end & kept his business.

Teen romantic movie

I saw this movie on TV in 2006 or 2007 years, but i think movie is older.
It was about boy and girl, who often rode a bike together.
The boy always carried a camera with him and took a foto.
One day he showed the girl a secret place in the garden. Almost no one knew about this place. There were beautiful figures in the garden.
I think it was drama movie.
If not mistaken, the boy was blond.
Movie was in color.

Thanks for help

Movie about chasing robots who look human

hey, I really don’t remember much. It’s a film in colour and a bit older I guess, 80s or 90s maybe.

I think it’s about someone who has to chase robots who look like normal people. The only scene I remember is that there are some people in a restaurant and an aquarium bursts. And the water hits the people and this one guy „dies“ (that’s how they found out that he was a robot).

If you know what movie Im talking about please let me know, thank you.


I remember seeing a movie years ago with about 3 or 4 people who had to go underwater in an underwater viewing room with things chasing them. They got gear on and left the room through a hatch in the ground. When they went into the water something new was chasing them. I could have sworn it was Jurassic Park until I rewatched them and got confused. Please help I remember it being a great movie.

Scary movie from when I was younger

I saw the movie maybe a little more than 10 years ago on a VHS. It’s bugged for a while. It’s a color film. The man that is cut in half is there because a woman threw a tennis ball for him to get and when he looked up the train got him. And another person that died was a woman that was in lingerie with her boobs showing. she was about to have sex with a guy I believe in a cemetery but then he strangled her and buried her hugging a corpse and threw his cigarette on her. That’s really all I can remember.

Cat and Dog.

These two characters lived in a toybox and the dog was taught things by the cat, and sometimes they would go to different places like a school classroom. In one episode there is a classroom with a group of children and there’s a song about gardening, specifically about ‘green fingers’.

It’s a British children’s show, made by the Rosie and Jim production company and it looks something like this:

Movie about sister/girlfriend/wife who becomes a lawyer to save brother/boyfriend/husband

Can’t quite remember the name of the film, obviously, that’s why I’m here, but it’s as the title says. It’s a movie about a woman who’s brother/lover is in prison and she puts herself through law school, among other things, to save his life and get him out of prison. I wanna say it came out in the mid to late 90s to early 2000s, but I’m not completely sure. Thanks as always, this website has saved me so many headaches.

WW 2 Movie, behind lines operation – great initial fight scene.

The bottom line – At the beginning of the movie, a group training had a new arrival.  He gets in a right with the instructor and breaks his leg with a “trick he learned in a bar fight.”.  Later in the movie, the instructor joins the mission again.  All forgiven.  I think that maybe the training was in Scotland.  Great movie, but cannot remember the rest of it.  Probably 80’s.

Jogging Woman Gets Shot With A Tranquillizer At Night

A young woman jogging at night, gets kidnapped on a car after being “darted” (shot with a tranquillizer) by a man. There is a Final Confrontation by James Horner soundtrack playing in the middle of the scene.

The videos are available here: (original video) or

Looks like old to me, set between 1970-2000, from an English country. It is also like a TV series or some sort like that.

I aready posted this 3 times here but still no results, even just a clue as to where or when did this film took place. Many thanks for whoever find it.

Weird horror/comedy movie

This is probably going to be one of the weirdest movie description, but I’m gonna write the parts I remember. So the main character is two guys and they are like moving somewhere new. Little did they know, the place was haunted or something. I think it had something to do with a portal or something in the basement. Anyway, they throw a party. A priest shows up (and I think does drugs and kills himself?) and two girls get cooked in the hot tub. I think there is some possessed girls in it at the party trying to seduce people but idk I can’t remember much else. I would love to watch this movie again but I can’t figure out the title. If you know this movie, please help me out!

European movie

I watched this European movie that was translated to English. It was something about an old couple who would sit in a park under a tree. They had a son and grandchildren. And considering their son’s meagre means, they even bought coffins before their deaths so that they could have decent funerals. The title of the movie probably contained words like autumn and spring.

Asian movie

Hello everyone! Please help me recall the name of the film. I watched it for a long time. I think the movie is 2010. Maybe not. The plot is based on two twin brothers. One of them is in a coma, and the other at this time converges with his wife. And when he woke up from a coma, he began to impersonate his brother. And the wife got confused. Genre is a bit of a sexual thriller. Throughout the film, it is difficult to understand which of them is who. The film is Japanese or Korean. I remember that there was a sex scene in the car. And at the end, one of them is in a wheelchair. But maybe not.