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I Remember This Movie Set in China And the guy ends up dying and Saying He Will Meet Her Again

I remember this movie that my mom called me from Redbox when I was little That I distinctly remember was set in ancient China and was about a guy who fell in love nd tragically died, but promised his lover they would meet again in the future In like a thousand years and I think they played the song A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. I think the guy died in battle or maybe just in a fight. I know the movie was originally in Chinese, But the DVD had options to change the language to English and I think French and a couple others. This movie Had to have come out between 2009 to 2014.

2 films about dogs

Heya guys!!! I remember 2 movies ’bout dogs. I saw them on Nickelodeon or on Disney. I was about 9 or 10 years (Im 14 now) In short, the first one was about Beverly heels cute dog. It was a girl who dressed in pink and she submitted in the big city, but the second dog helped her to find her owner. There were able to speak. The second dog was a german shepherd and the first one was a chihuahua. The second movie was about dogs too. But uh as I can remember, there was a lot of dogs and in this movie were kids. It was a Halloween movie and that dogs were able to speak too. I don’t really remember all of the details but I really want to find these movies.

Love triangle that ends in tragedy

I am looking for a black and white thriller about a love triangle between two men and a woman. The woman is claustrophobic and there is scene where one of the men assumes that the other man buried the woman in a box. He digs up the box but only finds papers inside. At the end one of the men falls from a hight right into the handle of a walking stick and gets impaled by the handle, which I thought was very bizarre. It is probably a eruopean film made before the ’80s.

Please find me a film about a women’s juvenile colony, where mentally ill girls live (not all) What I mean is that the main character is crazy

This is a film where a girl seems to have no parents, and she lives in a women’s juvenile detention center. The main character’s hair is short, cut off at the cheeks. The eyes are large, and seem to be gray or brown (I don’t remember exactly, sorry). She missed her sister who has a son (1-2 years old). The main character tried to escape from the colony, for which punishment immediately followed; there were strict rules and principles. And it seems like I remember the teachers were dressed like nuns. There the girls cleaned up and lived not so happily. Many tried to escape but all to no avail. And one day the main character loses a pendant that her sister or parents gave her (I don’t know for sure, but this pendant is definitely a gift from a loved one). So, her pendant was stolen by one girl from the colony while she was sleeping. Then when the main character woke up, she didn’t find her pendant under her pillow. And she started looking for her and making her hysterical. She searched everything there, even the beds of other girls, but still couldn’t find it. For the noise she made, she was punished and yelled at, no one cared about her grief and loss. And for this she committed a little prank, taking a plant that makes everything you touch it itchy. This plant gives you a terrible itch and you start scratching. So, she took this plant (with a towel so as not to get hurt herself) and somehow miraculously managed to throw it on the clothes of some person who was visiting the colony to read prayers to everyone there. And this man does not yet feel any itching, but when he began to read prayers, his whole body began to itch and itch. From this terrible pain, he took off all his clothes and ran away wherever he could. Everyone who was there was surprised. Then somehow they found evidence that the main character was to blame for this whole incident, and she was sent to a mental hospital for this act. This seems to be the end. I BEG YOU TO FIND ME THIS MOVIE, I WATCHED IT IN 2017-19 ON TV, AND STILL CAN’T FIND HER. I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR HER FOR A QUITE LONG TIME. THOSE WHO KNOW AT LEAST A SIMILAR PLOT, GIVE ME AN ANSWER, PLEASE. and sorry for such English, I wrote everything according to the translator, and I hope there are no errors or their number is very small. I will be glad if you help.

A live-action movie about a bunch of talking dogs going on a walking day trip out in nature as they babysit a golden retriever puppy…

…(their friend, the puppy’s dad, had to go on a mission or something so he entrusted his kid to their care)

Random details that I remember that may help you:

  • there was a female border collie named Sister who I think was the figurative mother of the group

  • the intro consisted of a mouse/rat sitting on the rump of a brown horse/pony; I believe the mouse/rat was narrating? then it cut to all the dog friends sitting in the corner of a barn, in the hay. the friend who had to go on a mission was like “ok guys good news or bad news” and I’m pretty sure it was during the “bad news” part that he revealed that he had to go on his mission

  • the dog friends weren’t too happy with the babysitting part at first but by the end of the day they were in love with the puppy. their friend had returned from their mission too at that point.

  • when they were all preparing to leave there was this poodle or something that was really obsessed with pink and brought a whole bunch of pink things they’d need for the day

Rom-com with a ghost boyfriend

So the ghost boyfriend is only a small part. There’s a movie that I watched once in the last five years about a girl who has to go back and find all of the guys she previously dated (not What’s Your Number). I think the girl might have been cursed or something and she had to maybe find all the guys that had dumped her and get back together with them so she could dump them. Anyway, at one point she finds out one of her exes has died and she has to summon his ghost. He begins to “haunt” her place and they date. I remember he would leave her messages on the fridge with alphabet magnets. I don’t remember how it ends. I’m pretty sure it’s a movie made after 2000, I actually think it may have been made in the last decade but I can’t remember for sure. It’s not a horror movie, more of a quirky romcom vibe? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can’t find this movie anywhere and I’m starting to think I made it up!

Tragedy due to disease

I saw this B&W movie as a rerun in the 60’s. There was a scene in the woodshed showing the father building a coffin for his wife (who died) and then for himself for when he died. The end of the movie showed the son (10-12 yrs old) pulling his little sister (3-5 yrs old) on a sled through the snow to an isolated but pleasant home in the country where the homeowners came to the door and greeted the little girl and took her inside. The ending scene showed the boy walking away from the house to an unknown future.

It isn’t much to go on but it certainly made an impression on me.  Thank you for the help in identifying the movie.

stoker killer falls in love

Hi so Im trying to find a movie I saw a long time ago, it’s probably from the early to mid 2000’s

I remember from the plot several things:

There was a man who murdered every person this ‘blonde-looking’ woman complained about, I think she had a yellow shirt and the movie had a dark vibe

When she found out he was a murderer, she also was pregnant and she helped him dig a hole to bury someone

It seemed like she thought he would kill her too and thats what the hole is for, but in the end she helped him bury a body

Sniper movie late 2000s early 2010s maybe?

Hmmm, my comment didn’t get posted for some reason, here we go again!

The movie starts with a sniper shooting what seems to be random targets out of a van. The targets are (from what I can remember) A woman and her daughter, a man with flowers and/or a ring, a woman with a ring and/or flowers, and a guy with a popcorn or hotdog stand. He makes the shots then gets in the van and drives away. The police are called in and one of the main characters, a female FBI or Police officer contacts another sniper she knows, the other main character. She talks to him to consult on how the shot was made and why the bad sniper did it. Later you find out that the targets the sniper killed were actually all made for very specific reasons and weren’t just random targets.

Prison movie with monster

I posted this on my Facebook a few years ago, 5 years ago to be exact, so that may be when it came out. I’ve meant to post this on here before. This is all I know of the movie. Maybe someone can figure it out, I’m sure I’ll recognize it if someone posts the name. This is all I know of it and I have no idea what it could be.  Thanks as always.

“So who’s the real monster in my movie? The monster in the prison, or the guy who sinks an entire prison to release the monster from the prison. I’m going with the latter.”

Weird Movie

  1. What is the name of the movie where a group of friends went to a house or cabin for the weekend or Getaway, when they take a can of drinks from the fridge, the drink replace itself and when they try to leave they cant leave, they would either end up in the Attic, the Basement or the Bedroom of the House, It was about 5 of them but only one survived and she was able to leave in the end

Two Movies

What is the name of the movie where a couple on the run met in a accident with another car, i think their own was wrecked so they took the one that they collided with, A Mother and her daughter was in it, but the daughter was sleeping in the back and i guess she was covered so they did not see her, It was when they were driving, she woke up and said mummy, they did not know and they were frighten.                                                                                                                                                            The other one, All i can remember is a teenage girl went somewhere where there are a lot of bones or Skeleton or Skulls, The Movie is base off the Skulls and Bones, its not the Lovely Bones

Movie with two men and a Little Boy

What is the name of the movie where two men went to a House and kill a little boy parents and his mother was begging them not to kill her but they still kill her and took away the little boy, they were going to bring him to someone and they were driving for most of the movie and one of the man, the younger one was getting annoyed by the little boy and wanted to hurt him but the older one keep stopping him, in the end the police stopped them, the two men died, one shot himself at the end, the other one got injured or something, the boy was ok in the end, the police came


Not sure if its a Lifetime movie or not, A man kidnap a teenage girl, for most of the movie they are driving,I think there is a part in it where he had her at a house and another girl was there, anyway at the end he let her go at a Airport

Horror movie

I remember this Supernatural/Horror movie where a family  move to this new House that has alot of Sunflowers at the front of the house, if its not sunflowers, its a lot of yellow Flowers, i think they sell them, anyway a family got klled in the house or something like that and they are haunting the House, I’m not sure but maybe the caretaker of the House killed them, he’s still alive, so they want revenge, I think the  main character is a Teenage Girl