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Animated Film Steven Seagull

Hello again. I’ve had this seen running around in my head the past couple of days. I seem to recall a animated movie that had a funny off-segment or funny clip with a seagull that took himself a little too seriously and was obviously a parody of Steven Segal. I might not have that 100% correct, or correct at all, but I seem to recall it fairly well from my memory. I’ve Google’d around a bit but haven’t found the clip. It might be from the movie Storks, but again, I can’t find the exact part or clip. Thanks!

Early 90s live action/animation mix

My dad would rent a movie for me in the late 80s/early 90s. I vividly remember it being live action and then when something was going to happen the character would draw like a comic to change. Ex: main actor and actress running from villains he drew them escaping to the jungle it would show the comic image and boom they were there. And another scene they’re hitch hiking and he couldn’t get cars attention. Instead of her actually showing her leg it flashes to a “comic” version of her doing it and they automatically get a ride.

I was pretty young when I watched this but I remember watching it more than once but at the same time hoping it’s not my imagination lol

A woman jogger kidnaps a another jogger

I have watched this movie on youtube some times ago. It was a low budget movie. From what I can recall there was a man jogging near some farm where he finds a woman who tricks her to a psycho family. They try to kill the man but the woman convinces them that she will kill him alone. When they left she explained the man that the family abducted her too and uses her as bait to bring other people. These two then try to escape and are being chased. In the last scene they both are on a truck and out of that place but it’s revealed that the truck has a bomb in it and it then explodes.

80s or 90s Monster Themed TV Show (NOT DINOSAURS read text below)

I remember an old tv show from when I was a kid, I only really remember the intro. In the introduction, it was set up like an old 50s TV show intro, like leave it to beaver or all in the family, but the family was all monsters. I remember at the end of the introduction the dad sits in his recliner and the rest of the monster family gathers around and they watch tv together. Again this wasn’t Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs.

Old movie I saw way back during the summer months of 1975

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for the name of an old movie I saw way back during the summer months of 1975. It was set in the 1800’s a woman meets a man and she is a little more on the homely side. The two get along great, almost a couple, then the woman’s sister shows up all blond blue eyed and the man drops the woman for the blond and they end up getting married. The man is constantly bringing home to his blond wife jewels all the time. The woman who was dropped gets jealous and murders her sister on the sly and moves in on the man and they get married. The man doesn’t treat her the same as her sister. There was something about a key to the jewelry box.  She opens the box and chooses a necklace; the sister’s ghost comes and strangles the woman. The end. I was watching this on a weekend night and the movie stuck but not the name. I never saw it again. It was in color if that helps any.

Girl looks for her uncle’s will

I remember seeing this movie when I was around seven/eight years old so circa 2010. It was on Italian tv and Im not sure if it was an American or an Italian movie, just that I really loved it to the point I’ve seen it many times. It was set in like the 1800s and was about a girl whose rich uncle was declared lost at sea and she had to search for his will in his huuuge house. She had to find it fast cause she wasn’t the only one looking for it, since there were two other people who claimed to be related to the uncle. The little girl had the help of two friends, a boy and a girl. Eventually they found a secret room in the house where the uncle used to hide Native Americans to save them from genocide and it contained the will too. At the very end I remember finding out that the uncle wasn’t actually dead and I think he like adopted the girl cause she was an orphan and named her his heir idk something like that. I appreciate any hints!!

Italian WW2 film [2000-2012] with supernatural elements

Hello! I used to own this DVD ages ago when I was young, along side it I had “Public Enemies” (2009), so I’m sure the two are of similar age.

The film was set in Italy (but not sure if it was actually made by Italians), one thing I know for sure is it wasn’t english and I had to watch it with subtitles. The key element of this movie which i would have though should make it very easy to find, is that it had elements of the un-natural,  in it – not quite zombies, not quite ghosts – but something that ravaged the platoon/squad of men when they were staying at some sort of ground-level bunker – they tried to fight back but all or most of them died – At the start of the movie, they were walking through some town in Italy (and i’m not sure if they were axis or allies, but the townspeople didn’t  take too kindly to them?) this is a really distant memory for me, and out of all the films from my childhood, this is the only one I cannot find now.

If it helps, I think the film was probably rated terribly by anyone that ever watched it.

If anyone has any ideas, I would much appreciate it.


Movie about two men and a lady on the run from three guys

I remember a movie about two men and a girl probably teenagers who are trying to get away from three guys who want to beat them. I was a kid when I saw it but I remember a scene where they befriended a man who only spoke English and Spanish. They went out for drinks and they all had a bit too much. They saw the three guys and tried to bring their friend with them. It he was way too drunk and left him as they made their getaway. The poor guy tried to talk to them but the three guys beat him and you heard him screaming. That’s all I remember. Anyone know the movie?

lost the movie

The film was shot in 1978-1980.

On some planet, a creature appears in the laboratory. This creature eats people. The chief scientist has lung cancer. This character kills a monster.Dissecting myself.Feeds this monster with his sarcoma. The monster is falling apart into mutated parts.
There is a scene where a blonde tries to have sex with a creature with tentacles, for “contact”.
Very similar to the first “Alien”
, however, in this film, the rapid growth of the alien is explained by the fact that the creature is an organized cancer.

Artsy horror film late 80’s or early 90’s, set in revolutionary period

I swear the title was American Gothic, but the only one I can find with that title is MUCH newer. This was playing at a movie theater I worked at during the very late 80’s to early nineties. Called Greenway 3 in Houston. It only played independent and/or artsy movies, or ones that had won film festivals, things like that. Manon Of The Spring, Jean De Florette, etc.. Rivers Edge, etc etc… Things like that. The most mainstream movie they played while I worked there, was Dirty Dancing. That was pure hell, lol. Anyway I digress… This was a movie set in the 1700’s. Silly wigs, triangle hats, etc… It was more psychological. It was like someone was double crossed or wronged, and people were getting killed one by one, in fitting ways according to their “crimes”.  Lots of dark scenes and suspenseful. It seemed at the time, that there may have actually been something paranormal going on, and not just a killer making the rounds. Poetic justice I guess? Set in a large mansion of course, and there was one chubby older man who wore a gray wig, who was privy to the goings on, and scared he would be next for much of the movie. I really should have made it a point to sit and watch it, but being in my early 20’s I was a busy guy, hehe.

Post-apocalyptic/Hell on Earth animated comic

The movie was based off of a comic. I believe it was an independent web comic.

It wasn’t fully animated, the characters were like cut-outs, like the animated version of Dante’s Inferno by Sandow Birk and Marcus Sanders.

I saw it on Hulu between 2011-2014.

The main plot is that aliens, thought to be demons, came to Earth, and enslaved humanity. People believe the biblical apocalypse has happened.

A teenage boy is wondering the wasteland trying to survive.

If I remember right, the movie starts with him living with a priest of some kind.

It was very grim, dark, and violent.

One scene that sticks out, the main character gets raped/beaten by a female alien/demon, that has a cyborg penis.

I hope this is enough info, it’s been almost 10 years since I watched it, and I’ve been looking for it for the last 3 years now.

Thank you for your time!