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Haunted house film where a girl got locked in a trunk and died

I’m trying to find a haunted house movie (I think it was a movie) that I saw in the 80s but I think it was an old black & while film.

The ghost of a child is haunting this big mansion and eventually leads the people staying there to an big old wooden chest. When they open it they find the skeletons of the little girl inside.

There is a flashback to her playing hide and seek, climbing into the chest and getting locked in.

Any idea??

Woman has like 7 ADOPTED kids that do whatever they want

I have a strong feeling about it having been released somewhere from 2000 to 2012, as it was similar to movies such as Click and The Pacifier. I feel like it was centered around this man who was too tough on kids or something, and this woman who has like, 7 adopted kids that basically run wild, and she tries to get him to loosen up and learn that it’s not so bad that they can do this. The man and woman MIGHT end up in the end? Can’t recall. It was in english, and i believe i saw it on tv. I think it may have also been a comedy?

Can’t remember a movie

Hey everyone,

Please help me to find this movie, I’ve been getting crazy for a couple of days already.

I don’t remember a plot line nor any actors unfortunately. Just couple of things I do actually remember.

There is a scene where main character watches TV and his apartment is suddenly is being bulldozed, later turns out by mistake I think. So he moves in with his friend for the time being and I remember that they are having breakfast next morning and speaking about either dreams they have or something would do if they were to die soon and his friend says he would go to some space camp he never could visit when he was a kid.


That’s pretty much it. Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.

A movie that I remember but cannot find

Hi, sorry to bother but I have been looking for this movie for ages and am at my wits end. Its an animated movie about fairies/pixies going on a quest to stop colour from fading from their home. They enter a cave and to continue they have to answer a riddle, one of them says broccoli but the answer was friends or friendship. This movie was on a VHS of Barbie and the Nutcracker. From early to mid 2000’s I think.

I am slowly losing my mind, please help me.

Woman who can’t handle the pain of the world commits suicide

This movie is probably from 80’s-90’s. Possibly early to mid 2000’s.

The main thing I remember is there is a young (18-40s) woman (possibly a black/dark-skinned woman?) who is “special” and have some weird spiritual capabilities (?) where I think she could see the sin in the world/feel the suffering & pain of people in the world. Sometime halfway to 3 quarters of the way through the film I think she could not handle the pain anymore and commits suicide (though I don’t think it happens on screen or is not explicit/shown in detail). I watched this as a kid so I don’t remember too much. This woman I don’t think was the main character, I think she might have been the sister (or close friend) of the main (or more important) female character??

hazard movie

It was a few years, aproximate 7-8 years that i saw a movie about a kid who played a game on his laptop were he had a plane and he needed to release chemical barrels in the shape of an barrel over an city.He finds out the game was real and the bombs he relesead were droped in real life too.

A  few min forward we see a guy behind glass that watches some dudes in blue hazard suits looking at him and in the backgrouds there is a dude naked in an box with glass.

Oh btw, i think that at the start of the game it was some type of an american organization logo.

Im trying to find this movie for a long time, i was a little kid back then and my mom didnt let me watch the entire of the movie:)

Moon with face building

I saw this movie 15 years ago on television, it was an english spoken film. A Group of astronauts are on a mission but see a face on the dark side of the moon . The face resembles the head of a Roman sculpture. They Go there and find out it is actually a building. An alien comes and explaines. In the end one of the men Goes with the alien because he wants to know more of the universe. The rest Goes Home and see fly away with the alien in Ship.

Scary thriller movie with a girl delayed puberty

It’s about a man that caged his little daughter in a room in woods and told her that monsters are out there and he should keep her safe. when the kid grows up her father injects her drugs to delay her puberty . after some months the girl gets sick and the father shot himself in the head . after that a cop adopts the girl and keeps her in her house …

that was all I remember

tell me If you remember the name

it was in 2018 or 2017 I guess


80’s or 90’s Space movie

I only remember bits and pieces about this one. It was in English and made in either the 80’s or early 90’s. The plot as far as I can remember revolves around mercenaries boarding a space ship heading for earth. The ship turns out to be a missile and the computer ties to defend it’s self be flashing colors on computer monitors. I do specifically remember that one of the characters referred to the flashing as “Strobe Lock.”

Anyone remember this super hero short or film (revised)?

I saw this on video during the summer of 1987, so this would have had to have been made before then. A single mom with a young son is dating this abusive guy who bears her. One night he beats her in front of her son and they both fight back, but he clearly has the upper hand. Anyone, a super hero jumps in and saves both of them by either killing the guy or knocking him out. Does that sounds familiar?

Asian film about finding the father of her child

I watched this movie before 2016 so it’s at least that old. the plot was a woman turns 30(?) and at her birthday party gets depressed and drunk because she is all alone (single).  she later finds out she’s pregnant and can’t remember who she slept with.  hilarity ensues as she goes through the different possible fathers much in the same vain as “The People I’ve Slept With.”  though if I remember correctly it turns out the father is her best friend’s son.

Two Christmas movies

Hiya! I’m looking for a movie about a married couple with two daughters. The daughters get killed by wolves, and the couple is heartbroken, but then, one day, the husband brings home a boy. At first, the mother is hesitant about opening her heart, but eventually, the young boy helps her to heal, and she accepts him as her own son.

I’m also looking for another Christmas movie about a boy who is disrespectful to his mom (I think he is upset about having to move). Then, he befriends an old man. Aftr a while, he cheers up and treats his mother better.Then, he finds a bunch of puppies, in the bushes. He hids them there, for a while, but then, they come back. The boy begs his mom to let him keep one. She let him keep a puppy, after a bit of consideration. The boy is so happy.

Family friendly comedy, probably 1990s.

There are a couple of scenes I vaguely remember from a movie I saw when I was around ten. It was one of those 1990s family comedies, it focused on 2-3 boys (leaning toward two) who got into some antics that got them in trouble with the authorities. I remember early in the movie there was a scene where they were in police custody, I think they were being talked to/interrogated and acting as a couple of immature boys might in that situation. I also remember a vehicle chase scene at some point in the film, maybe around the middle, which I believe was followed by yet another “police/detectives talking to children” scene. I can’t remember much else about it, other than that it was relatively grounded with no fantasy elements.

Asian movie

I only remember once scene from the movie, but I remember the key details, I believe. It was an all-Asian, I think either Korean or Japanese cast and movie. In this scene, it was a standoff between two different “gangs”, or just groups. I remember at one point one of the men in one of the groups was older and was talking about how the other group is made up of kids who don’t know what they’re doing (younger men). There was one silent leader on the other group that had dyed platinum blonde hair and wouldn’t talk to them. One of his friends or cronies or whatever broke the older man’s hand or wrist, later telling him to stop so he could talk. This is really all I remember. It was a scene on Youtube.


hey years back i saw a movie in which a space capsule fall to earth its origin is of united state the folks who opened it stars getting mysterious illness scientists discover a kind of yellow fog from the capsule they try to destroy it every time they use a method it become resistant at last they discover that a new born child have resistance against it due to large quantity of co2 in its body in the very last scene a sample of the mysterious thing is put in to a space capsule by the govt

the movie is in color, saw it on hbo or star movies it was released before 2010

its english