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Action (with a bit of humor)

Hey folks. Was wondering for a couple of years about this film sometimes, but nothing.

I remember there are two guys, one like a cool guy shooting everyone and his new friend more like frightened by everything around. They have been in a condominium of drugdealers where some explosions and shooting happened. The frightened one has a girlfriend. During a dinner with both guys, the girlfriend and one more girl; the girlfriend tried to kill them. A the ending of the movie the two guys that are already friends, maybe eat a couple of hamburgers on a bench, maybe.


Hoping to be enough clear 😀



Goof Troop

The only scene I remember from that Goof Troop episode was where I think, Goofy and Pete were travelling in some kind of sub at the beginning. Before reaching some island, Pete tries on many headgear disguises until he finds the right one. Once on the island, some natives worship Pete like some kind of god and start mimicking whatever moves he does (almost like in Ice Age 2 with Sid and the minisloths).

What is name of that episode? Season and number too, please?

travel back one year in the past

I remember this movie I watched, maybe in 2014 or 2016, it was about a boy who went one year back in high school, he took 9th grade all over again and no one knew expect him and his friend. He knew what was going to happen in the future so he tried to make better choices this time, sometimes it ended good and other times it ended more bad than his first choices.

I tried putting this description in google search bar but nothing related comes up at all, if you know the title of this movie please comment! I want to re-watch it for a second time.

Indian movie (melodrama, …)

Nice guy with his friend comes to the town where former Roja (very rich local magnate in India)  and his only child – daughter – live enjoying luxurious life. The guys are here for business partnership with the Roja. Roja invites them to his house as guests for some days. While the partnership is going on the daughter (full-figured, indian skin) falls in love with the nice guy (famous indian actor, white and tall). Later the guy recognizes that he loved her too, but it was late.

After some time the family finds that the guys are wanted by the police because of their previous commercial crimes. The guys are frauds. They also lied to the Roja and appropiate his property. The girl is in dilemma: she and he love each other, but her father is in trouble because of the loss of the property.

The police finds these frauds. The guy tries to run but he is tragically killed by the police.

And years later, the girl can not restore after the tragedy and gets ill, lives alone with her own housekeeper. The Roja (her father is already dead).

Doctor tries to make the cure to all sickness

This was a horror movie on Netflix, but has since been removed. I think it was in English, but I do sometimes watch foreign movies. I can’t find it because I think it’s an indie movie.

so the plot was a doctor/scientist (male) and a student (female) were trying to grow this amorphous creature (female) and use it to possibly cure all disease/illness.

One day, they come back to the lab to find that it has changed dramatically, and the man puts his hand in the container it is in with a syringe to extract some fluid. Spines end up stabbing into his hand and the woman removes them.

the man, across the whole film, gradually changes and starts possibly hearing the creature call to him? He ends up at this party and after being sexual with this random woman, he kills and eats her.

I think somewhere near the end, he realizes he’s in love with the student and then dies somehow. She ends up being infected and that’s the end.

Hopefully this description helps, I’ve been looking for this movie for years.

French TV mystery regarding who was a book’s original author

French TV show? centered around a book that becomes a best seller and is attributed to someone that seems unlikely to have written a book. Protagonist is an author, has a TV show about books and teams up with his (estranged?) daughter to discover the identity of the real author. There’s a room in a local library that contains only non-published authors’ books.

Movie with beautiful lady that sleeps with men for blackmail

I saw it in 2000’s on TV. Probably, American or German film. In color.

A man uses his girlfriend, forcing her to sleep with influential people, tapes conversations with them for further blackmail. She waits for them to be together, but when she realizes that he does not love her, everyone loses their meaning. At the end of the film, she dances with everyone with whom she was in bed at a ball, and then leaves in the night without shoes. When other women talk about her, they note that her shoes are too gold.

A cartoon about surving in a virtual reality game

It is a cartoon movie or series. A guy finds himself in a room and realises he has to fight for his survival in a virtual reality game. The only person to get back to normal life is the winner. Players have to earn points. They have various kinds of weapon. In one of the scenes the guy is in a robot and is controlling it.

A friend of mine watched it 3-4 years ago. It’s not an anime.

A sex comedy from ’80s

This is the comedy from 80s which I’m trying to find for a long time. I roughly remember the plot.

The guy escapes from his home and comes to a big city and he looks for a job. He starts a job as sex partner to a girl on the live peep show, where people pays to watch them having sex. I remember the scene where he meets his partner for the first time, she is sexy and half naked, and when she sits down in his lap, he got the orgasm in his pants.

Working as a partners, they fall in love in each other, and start living together. They have a small flat in the building which has airplanes fly over all the time, so they cannot sleep properly. I remember the quote when she asks him to be intimate, then he says that they have sex every day on the work. Then she replies that they do have sex at the work, but at home she wants to make love.

Later in the movie the guy is invited to be a guest in the public tv debate when he realizes that another guest is his father, a priest. Then he finds some kinky fetish mask and put it on his face to be under covered.

If anyone can help, that would be great.



Horror movie about a woman turning into centipede

I’m trying to find the title of this horror movie. I saw it on TV in early 90’s (possibly late 80’s). It was in color. I don’t remember the original language. I think the cast was mostly white, so it’s probably US or European.

The scene I remember best is that a woman’s fingers started twitching uncontrollably and kind of stuck together and started resembling a centipede’s legs.

Two other scenes I’m 90% sure are from the same movie are: (1) the same woman is in a hospital giving birth, but instead of a baby, it’s a large centipede. Then she wakes up and realizes it was just a dream; and (2) at the end of the movie I think she ended up turning into a giant centipede.

I remember the word “scolopendra” (a type of centipede) used in the movie, although it might have been a translation artifact.

I know about “The human centipede” and that’s not it. The movie I’m looking for is much older; it was a single human turning into a single centipede; and the centipedes in the movie were real-looking (i.e. not stitched out of multiple humans).

Any help would be appreciated.

Movie starts out with two girls fencing

Like The title says the movie stars out with 2 girls fencing. One of them is there with her boyfriend and I think they meet up before the two girls start fencing. After they “fight” the girl with the boyfriend loses and walks off. The boyfriend goes looking for her and thinks he sees her at a water fountain. He walks up to her and gives her a kiss, but it turns out to be the girlfriend’s opponent. The girlfriend naturally sees this and doesn’t get that it was an accident and storms off. The boyfriend goes chasing after her. This is all within the first few scenes of the movie. Thanks!