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What is this movie?

It is a movie from the 80’s, whose name is something like “the unexpected gift”, “an unexpected gift”, “an unwanted gift”; I don’t remember exactly the truth. What little I remember of the plot is that a man goes on a trip (I think for work) leaving his family at home and when he comes back they are all dead. And at the end it is supposedly discovered that he himself killed them, as if he has two personalities: one good and one bad.
Did anyone see or know what movie it is? Thank you very much for answering.

can’t remember anything

so basically all i have is this image from a final scene of some movie stuck in my mind. it was a 2010s crime movie of sorts, and the main character was not a good guy (i think he killed someone, but there’s also a very small possibility that he was a corrupt cop and hid the evidence or something), and he also had a cat or a dog that died later in the movie. so i think the main plot is him contemplating about this bad thing he’s done and the final scene is him driving to some tree at night, digging something underneath the tree with a folding shovel and crying, and the viewers are left to wonder if he is digging a grave for his late pet or undigging a body/evidence/whatever to confess to what he’s done.

Batman animated series episode titles

Having recently seen the Disney Hercules episode, “Hercules and the Grim Avenger” after so long, I noticed certain similarities to Batman. In other words, certain scenes that pay tribute to certain scenes from certain Batman animated series episodes.

Of course, I haven’t seen ALL episodes given the fact that I don’t have the time or wifi power in my country and that they have made approximately 85 episodes over the years.

So, I was wondering and if anyone is a big fan of Batman, I would very much appreciate it if someone could help me point out the names of the very first episode(s) to feature any of the following scenes listed below:

1) Batman on a tall building as his cape moves (including dynamics and different angles and close-ups)

2) Batman using his a bat grappling hook rope thing to swing from one building to another.

3) Batman on a ledge completely black while staring

4) Batman throwing and toppling another hero away (possibly Robin or Superman)

5) Batman using his rope thing to catch someone by the legs and make them trip over a building

6) Batman swinging and breaking through a window

7) Batman using a batarang or something to throw and cut a rope (probably to save someone)

8) Batman taking someone blindfolded to his secret lair

9) Batman pinpointing targeted locations on a map

10) The Joker laughing for the first time (close-up, mind you)

11) Batman putting on his mask

12) Batman using his rope thing to catch someone and leave him hanging upside down

13) Batman using a batarang to attack someone

14) Batman driving his batjet and diving in to attack and pursue his enemy(ies)

15) The Joker laughing on top of a building

16) The Joker laughing while carrying a few things in his hands (probably explosives or something)

17) The Joker or any criminal getting caught by the legs and trip with a grappling hook thing by Batman.

For better comprehension, check out this section within this link below to know which scenes I am referring to that may or may not pay homage to Batman episodes. That way, that list could be completed fully.

Good homage hunting and good luck.

Find medieval drama

  • Film of the zero years. A warrior fights in a dream with a woman warrior, in a dark forest, the woman’s appearance is not revealed. To increase the lands, the prince decided to marry the queen, in order to prove that he was worthy, he sent a Warrior who fought with her in armor. After the battle, they recognized each other, they also fought in a dream. The prince married her, because according to the conditions he “won” The warrior got his sister in marriage. During the hunt, an arrow hit a warrior, his body was put in a longship and launched into the sea, then fire arrows were fired. The queen, not wanting such a marriage, jumped into the water, climbed onto a longship and killed herself.

Stripper is rescued by the security guard in the car

Good day! Help me find a movie, released around 2000. Two thugs get kicked out of a club by a bouncer because they molested a stripper. After a period of time, the girl leaves the shift from the club and gets caught by these scumbags and dragged into the car. Further, the same bouncer, who happened to pass by, frees the girl and she brings him a little beaten to her home. Thanks in advance!

hopefully this is an easy one

This is a fairly recent film I can’t find.  I think it was between 2000 and 2010.  The first interesting thing about it was that the lead actress was not some skinny and bones or perfect body type. She was a (normal) heavier-set girl. Lovely face and longer hair (i think blonde). She worked at a burger joint and her deadbeat dad worked there too. She meets a boy who is kind of different and in one scene, he takes her to a party where everyone is unusual and interesting. I think someone in that scene was wearing a trash bag as a dress or shirt. I had IFC at the time, and a few other movie channels but I can’t find this title anywhere. I consider this a movie like The Planters or something by Miranda July. Thanks for your help

Help finding movie from my childhood

Might be a bit of a stretch but I’m trying to find a movie from my childhood, possibly late 70s,early 80s.

I don’t remember vary many details but I’ll provide what I can. It was a musical, set in the city. The key thing that sticks for me is that there was a specific dance move they did. I think a man and woman would stand back to back, lock arms at the elbows and then the man would lift and flip the woman up and over the man. I think they called it Over the Rainbow, or Shooting the Moon, I don’t really recall.

I know it’s not much to go on, but hopefully it’s enough that someone can figure out what I’m talking about.

Thanks in advance.


Black and white teenage drama

Hello, please help me find the movie I saw in the early 2000s on TV. Probably it is black and white, or at least has b/w pieces.
It is a drama about teenagers in a small town. There is a girl, she loves boy, also she is a friend with mentally disabled boy (maybe work together in cafe). The boy she loves, does not like her and makes a cruel prank and persuade her to kiss (have sex?) with mentally disabled boy. As a result, tragedy happens. Can’t remember what exactly. But someone dies.
And in the end, there is a moment, when a mentally disabled boy is sweeping the floor and wind is blowing on the empty street.
Film is quite long – on TV it has 2 parts.

Help Please!!!

I need your help!!

The movie plot-

A teen who is either in foster care or adopted, goes and finds their biological father who had no clue about them,  who has dated so many women, that they are unable to tell them who their mother is or doesn’t remember anything about her. The teen and their father go on the road with a guy with a Cadillac looking for the mother. They eventually find the teens mom who has many kids and is willing to take the teen in. The father is engaged to be married to another woman. The movie ends with the father’s wedding, the biological mother, the teen amd the man in the Cadillac are all there.

I don’t think the was a big movie, perhaps Independent or straight to dvd type.

horror Apocalypse

Ywo movies^

1. Horror Movie:

I watched it long before school, so I remember little. Foreign Film. A girl with short black hair. There were some young people there, they were driving to some house in the countryside. Then this girl was strangled by either the wall or the curtain. Then I remember the frame she is blind or does not see and she is in the bathroom and there is blood. She seems to have confused something with the egg. Then she ran somewhere across the field and came to another building, but everything seemed to be not going very well there either. Maybe he messed up something. Nothing much more to say.

2. A film about the apocalypse, a girl and a guy walk through a deserted city and seem to go into the bathroom. Light time of day. They are wearing protective suits. Everything, including the air, is filled with thick brown dust. They find an oxygen tank. They have some kind of dialogue about what is happening. All.

Old movie about Heaven

I remember seeing this on a late night movie.  Can’t remember the year, but it was on late night movies, which were usually old (50s and 60s).  I’m pretty sure it was in colour, but I saw it 40 years ago, so maybe I’m only remembering colour.  Anyways, points I remember:
Movie starts in “heaven”, the people there are “native”, dressed in buckskins, feather headresses, etc.  A woman is told not to pick a certain flower or she’ll be punished.  She does anyway, and when she picks it, and looks in the hole, she sees Earth.  Her punishment is that she’s sent to earth. I do recall that the “ground” she picks the flower from looks like clouds.

≈2015, about US soldier, after the war in Middle east which upon return to home accused of war crimes

A soldier ends military service (or vice versa – starts.. I don’t remember) in Iraq (i think it wasn’t Afghanistan). He -n fellow is attacked by terrorists after the departure of the commanders-in-chief or something like this
He empathizes with the prisoners, whose guilt hasn’t even been proven yet and in general he is a nice dude, undergoing serious metamorphoses by the end of the film
The film shows sensational at wheir time torture by the music and there was also an incomprehensible unimaginative scene about what men do in the toilet, left without women
In general, the plot tells how at first he doesn’t understand how people can treat people like that, but in the end he begins to do the same and, by the fate, he is who eventually appears by face to the court, upon returning home in the presence of his beloved, seeing himself immediately in the plural TVs in the store of electronic technique, that he mocks the prisoner and will be held accountable

A scene where a strange creature gets stepped on and explodes

I remember viewing this scene at night around Fall of 1996 on possibly HBO or Cinemax. I didn’t recognize any actor, but I remember one of them resembled Ross Hull. It was not Ross, but I only remember three guys in suits in the same room. The movie was in color and in english. Also, to note, I highly doubt it was a NC-17 or X rated, late night HBO, type of movie.

The scene I remember is three guys in suits walk in a room where a woman was laying face down and motionless in pain. She moans in pain until all of a sudden. A creature rolls from underneath her. The guys in suits take a second to think what is happening. Next, the creature makes a noise and explodes shortly after being stepped on by one of the guys in suits. The camera pans to two of the guys in the room starring at the creature before it explodes.  The creature explodes and splatters two of the guys in the face.

The main points is a woman on the ground moaning, creature rolling from underneath her and explodes once stepped on. It was the weirdest movie scene I’ve ever remembered and would make me at peace if I found the name of that movie. Can anyone help me out?

Movie about a child abduction (teenage girl wearing a blue nightgown)

Saw this movie quite a while ago, but what I (think to) remember:

  • Child abduction
  • Abducted child is a teenage girl (aged 12-16yo)
  • Girl that is held captive survives in the end (it’s not too violent and there’s no romantic/sexual story line involved)
  • Throughout the movie she’s wearing a blue nightgown (light blue shiny fabric)
  • Takes place in some kind of house in a wooded area (at least 2 floors as there are stairs inside). Also some scenes outside of the house.
  • Abductor is one single man (could even be a family member, friend or acquaintance)
  • English spoken
  • In color
  • Not a well-known movie, no famous actors (guess a TV movie)
  • Would guess an 80s or 90s movie or beginning of 2000s (think not later than 2005). I saw it on TV end of the 90s or beginning of 2000s.

By the way, it’s not “Sweet Hostage” (1975 TV Movie).

Possibly, it could also be an episode of some kind of series, but my best guess would be it’s a movie.

Hope someone can help me! 🙂

Looking for an old black and white movie

I’m reposting another post of a movie that I have been trying to remember for years.

This a copy of a previous post. Did anyone find the name of this movie?

Carol BlackwellSeptember 10, 2019 at 12:12 am
In this movie…all the children in heaven are waiting for their turns to be born. When their names are called, they line up, board a sail boat & come to Earth. This boy & girl in waiting start a relationship. This is forbidden. So, of course the day comes when 1 has been called & must go to be born. Heart breaking. Next trip, she gets called to be born. Time passes & you see them together, meeting for the first time. Re-incarnation. Does anyone remember the name of this movie?

Can’t remember a thriller about a professor of criminilogy who turned out to be a serial killer

I think it is an old American thriller. Possibly early 2000s. A female student attends the criminology course. I remember the professor argues why serial killers succeed in ingratiating themselves with the victims, e.g. Ted Bundy who seemed to be a perfect gentleman.

There was a male student who was in love with that girl but she fell for that professor. And at the end he turned out to be a serial killer.

Scene about a guy comforting girl over her father

I saw this clip from either a movie or tv series on YouTube around 2017 in English, I can’t remember if it was American or British. I’m not sure about when the movie/tv show seemed to be from (most likely 90s- 2017 for my guess). The scene showed a girl that had some object(s) from or related to her father I believe. Then I think they were destroyed and she was freaking out. I can’t remember if her father passed away or just wasn’t in her life anymore. Then the guy in the scene was trying to comfort her and said a line along the lines of those aren’t him, you still have the memories of him, that’s what matters. There yours and no one can take that from you.

Batman episode

For some reason, this screenshot within the dropbox link posted above from the Aladdin episode, “The Wind Jackal of Mozenrath” pays homage and tribute to Batman.

However, I can’t seem to know or find the name of the very first Batman episode that includes a scene matching the Aladdin episode screenshot seen within the link posted above.

If anyone knows for sure which was the first and right one, please let me know as soon as possible. It’s for a special project I’m working on.

Thank you and good luck.