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Not the movie Smiley

This movie came out before the movie Smiley. It as been a few years since I saw it. It was in color and English. It was either a thriller or horror movie.

I centered around a girl, who I think was being treated for mental health issues. I also think her mother died as her dad dropped off at a house to live with another girl for college. She was tormented by individual in masks (a type of smiley mask). In the end she gets killed/kills herself at her house (the people in masks were there) and you immediately find her roommate was among the individuals targeting her.


Baseball fight

I saw a video from it recently think it came out in the last few years. So was the main character like walking to play baseball or something. Know there was two women sat watching and one says he has no chance. Think it may have been a fight or something. I’m not sure if it was a film or a TV show but felt like a film. The main character felt like famous actor but can’t remember him I thought it was Paul Rudd.

Dark ,violent and explicit movie.

A film. It is an action, drama film . In the film the actor was driving a car . Then the women took the hands of the actor licked his fingers then proceeded to masturbate herself with the fingers of the actor . The women started moaning louder before the car accelerated then crashed off a bridge into a riven . The actor swam out of the car and reach the back of the river. It was night time i believe.

Then in another scene the actor was scene in his apartment which had a fire place. They perform adult acts. the actress slowly reached for a belt then suddenly wrapped it around the actor’s neck . The actor stopped as he was shocked but then continued to have rougher and rougher sex on a table near a fire place. Its a very dark film.

The film was around the year 2000 to 2010.

The film was in colour but with a dark theme to it.

The film was violent, showed nudity and explicit acts.

I saw the film on DVD or VCD.

It was in english

Comedy where a film director stages an alien abduction

Genre: Comedy, with sci-fi elements
Year: VHS era, probably 1990’s, maybe 1980’s
A land/property developer, or real estate agent (possibly a bit of a looser type) wants to obtain the house of a poor family (mother and son) in a legal process. The son is pissed off about this, and because of this, and as to get some money, he steals a Chevrolette Corvette from a Hollywood event (where the participants leave their handprints). Later it turns out that the car belongs to a Hollywood film director. The son tells the director his story and why he stole his car. The director has an idea. They stage an alien abduction to make fun of and to itimidate the real estate guy. Actors dressed as aliens abduct the real estate guy and bring him inside a UFO. The leader of the “aliens” has a necklace/locket/medal around his neck. When the real estate guy gets back to Earth and the trial begins, the poor son has the same necklace/locket/medal around his neck. When the real estate guy notices this, he ends the legal proceeding.
Some additional, smaller details:
All actors are white, except the mother and her son, they are possibly native Americans with a bit darker skin. To make the abduction more real, the UFO is placed on a moving trailer and there are people on the trailer who help to imitate the moving of the UFO and sometimes they switch on a smoke generator. At one point a cop stops them but they talk themselves out of the situation. The “alien” leader tells the real estate guy that if he drops the legal case then he will be a millionaire, and a courier will bring him a video cassette on which he can watch how he will be a millionaire. But when the real estate guy receives the cassette and watches it, he only sees how they staged the abduction and how they made fool of him, and how the family moves back into their house. When he sees all this on the cassette, he is really pissed off about the fact that they made him a fool.

It is NOT “*batteries not included” (1987).

Many thanks for your help!

Woman in yellow snow suit?

There was a movie on IFC in 2005/2006 that only had two actors.  A man and a woman visit the salt flats in winter, I believe they drove there in a SUV.  They are both wearing snow suits, I think.  Hers was yellow.  They talk and appear to be friends.  He reveals that he has a crush but she denies his advances.  He ends up assaulting her and afterwards she reveals that she didn’t want to date him because she has AIDS.

I think everything happens on the salt flats, single location, just the 2 actors.

Might have been a winter coat/puffer instead of a snow suit, but pretty sure hers was yellow.


Sure appreciate it if anyone else has seen this or remembers it.

Love triangle that ends in tragedy

I am looking for a black and white thriller about a love triangle between two men and a woman. The woman is claustrophobic and there is scene where one of the men assumes that the other man buried the woman in a box. He digs up the box but only finds papers inside. At the end one of the men falls from a hight right into the handle of a walking stick and gets impaled by the handle, which I thought was very bizarre. It is probably a eruopean film made before the ’80s.

Please find me a film about a women’s juvenile colony, where mentally ill girls live (not all) What I mean is that the main character is crazy

This is a film where a girl seems to have no parents, and she lives in a women’s juvenile detention center. The main character’s hair is short, cut off at the cheeks. The eyes are large, and seem to be gray or brown (I don’t remember exactly, sorry). She missed her sister who has a son (1-2 years old). The main character tried to escape from the colony, for which punishment immediately followed; there were strict rules and principles. And it seems like I remember the teachers were dressed like nuns. There the girls cleaned up and lived not so happily. Many tried to escape but all to no avail. And one day the main character loses a pendant that her sister or parents gave her (I don’t know for sure, but this pendant is definitely a gift from a loved one). So, her pendant was stolen by one girl from the colony while she was sleeping. Then when the main character woke up, she didn’t find her pendant under her pillow. And she started looking for her and making her hysterical. She searched everything there, even the beds of other girls, but still couldn’t find it. For the noise she made, she was punished and yelled at, no one cared about her grief and loss. And for this she committed a little prank, taking a plant that makes everything you touch it itchy. This plant gives you a terrible itch and you start scratching. So, she took this plant (with a towel so as not to get hurt herself) and somehow miraculously managed to throw it on the clothes of some person who was visiting the colony to read prayers to everyone there. And this man does not yet feel any itching, but when he began to read prayers, his whole body began to itch and itch. From this terrible pain, he took off all his clothes and ran away wherever he could. Everyone who was there was surprised. Then somehow they found evidence that the main character was to blame for this whole incident, and she was sent to a mental hospital for this act. This seems to be the end. I BEG YOU TO FIND ME THIS MOVIE, I WATCHED IT IN 2017-19 ON TV, AND STILL CAN’T FIND HER. I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR HER FOR A QUITE LONG TIME. THOSE WHO KNOW AT LEAST A SIMILAR PLOT, GIVE ME AN ANSWER, PLEASE. and sorry for such English, I wrote everything according to the translator, and I hope there are no errors or their number is very small. I will be glad if you help.

Probably Mexican or US film drama western? about Mexican

Colored TV film, probably 1960-2000 (wide range). Style more likely for 80’s-90’s. Mexican-like film, but location might be California too.

Can’t remember exact plot, just few scenes from it.

Film is drama about main hero Mexican who is in some small city. Drug mafia? or just bandits? (also Mexicans) act in that city. They start to demand money from him, beat him hard and give him measured time to bring money.

Small details – main hero take care of a boy (7-12 y.o?).

Film is dramatic and depressing, main hero is killed in the end of film.

This small city has ferris wheel and something like a place where locals gather. City looks very small and very rural.

I checked IBMD advanced search, but no results. Maybe someone can remember it?

Saw approx 2017 Supernatural horror and some Gothic romance where three young men maybe. Brothers try to solve a murder where victim…

… heart removed and there was a long train fight scene where youngest man defended his love interest

This movie was in English and I saw online (free site???) maybe around 2017. Could be 80s movie but honestly I am guessing. Did not recognize any actors but it was good acting, maybe once more popular, not sure. Somewhat dark nature, The murder may have. been satanic ritual. I think one or more of men or brothers may have been involved or know what is going on but not sure.

Youngest of them in love, for some reason relationship created difficult situation. The couple were on a. Train. Bad guys after him, long battle ensued

Seems I remember he sacrificed his life to save her?

I know, very jumbled, but I keep thinking about it so I am always searching for clues. Thanks.

It was a color film, no idea where filmed.

A live-action movie about a bunch of talking dogs going on a walking day trip out in nature as they babysit a golden retriever puppy…

…(their friend, the puppy’s dad, had to go on a mission or something so he entrusted his kid to their care)

Random details that I remember that may help you:

  • there was a female border collie named Sister who I think was the figurative mother of the group

  • the intro consisted of a mouse/rat sitting on the rump of a brown horse/pony; I believe the mouse/rat was narrating? then it cut to all the dog friends sitting in the corner of a barn, in the hay. the friend who had to go on a mission was like “ok guys good news or bad news” and I’m pretty sure it was during the “bad news” part that he revealed that he had to go on his mission

  • the dog friends weren’t too happy with the babysitting part at first but by the end of the day they were in love with the puppy. their friend had returned from their mission too at that point.

  • when they were all preparing to leave there was this poodle or something that was really obsessed with pink and brought a whole bunch of pink things they’d need for the day

Movie about missing little girl


Cant remember name of a movie. Father went to a store , after he returned to his bicycle his daughter disappeared. Later he started to see her ghost. She was wet and felt cold.

After investigating he found that it was his friend or neighbour who picked up  little girl by car. They had car accident, car drove into the river/lake . The man survived but no girl. So he left her and didnt tell anyone.


Thanks in advance!

Rom-com with a ghost boyfriend

So the ghost boyfriend is only a small part. There’s a movie that I watched once in the last five years about a girl who has to go back and find all of the guys she previously dated (not What’s Your Number). I think the girl might have been cursed or something and she had to maybe find all the guys that had dumped her and get back together with them so she could dump them. Anyway, at one point she finds out one of her exes has died and she has to summon his ghost. He begins to “haunt” her place and they date. I remember he would leave her messages on the fridge with alphabet magnets. I don’t remember how it ends. I’m pretty sure it’s a movie made after 2000, I actually think it may have been made in the last decade but I can’t remember for sure. It’s not a horror movie, more of a quirky romcom vibe? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can’t find this movie anywhere and I’m starting to think I made it up!

Tragedy due to disease

I saw this B&W movie as a rerun in the 60’s. There was a scene in the woodshed showing the father building a coffin for his wife (who died) and then for himself for when he died. The end of the movie showed the son (10-12 yrs old) pulling his little sister (3-5 yrs old) on a sled through the snow to an isolated but pleasant home in the country where the homeowners came to the door and greeted the little girl and took her inside. The ending scene showed the boy walking away from the house to an unknown future.

It isn’t much to go on but it certainly made an impression on me.  Thank you for the help in identifying the movie.

What is this order movie?

I don’t remember when this movie was from. All I can remember is that involved a man and a woman who were addicted to drugs. I’m thinking they stayed in their apartment or house for days on end during drugs. I’m thinking they were shooting up but I can’t remember. The one seen in particular you don’t realize how horrible they look and how much weight they lost until it shows what they really look like. They were completely deceived and thought they were normal. And then when you get a real glimpse of what had become of them they were basically skeletons that had lost so much weight.
Every time I look it up it brings up requiem for a dream. But I don’t think that’s it I’ve looked through the movie and that scene is not there. And my head it seemed like it was similar to the movie Rush about the undercover cop. But that scene is not in that movie either. Please help!?

The film in which the boy made traps

I watched the film until about 2008.

I think it was released in 1990-2000, maybe earlier
The film seems to have been a comedy genre
I think it was released in America because the houses were the same as there
I only remember the footage
That the time of the year was summer in the film, perhaps a country house, a boy buys a colorful round chewing gum in a vending machine, I remember that he set a trap or blocked the faucet in the kitchen with something, whether with some kind of cap or chewing gum (I don’t remember exactly, but I clearly remember that it was a faucet in the kitchen)

Asian guy helps abused lady, who abuses him afterwards

Folks, I swear to God, I’ve spent hours trying to find these film. I’ve posted on 3 different websites, and no one knows it. At this point I’m assuming that I’ve made up the entire thing.

From what I vaguely remember, there was a young man, who was kept locked up by a couple (honestly, maybe not locked up, possibly just hiding in the house). The husband would sexually assault his wife and leave, the young man would come afterwards to help her. Then a few scenes later, the wife would for some reason take the young man to get a bath, and becomes so agitated that she starts sexually assaulting him in the bath out of frustration, but later in the movie he starts liking her. At the end I think they end up in a beech where she let’s him go, or tries to kill him (or he tries to kill her). There’s a possibility he’s mute or has a mental disability because I don’t remember him talking or replying much, but honestly, at this rate all of this could be fake in my head because I’m exhaused. The closest film is “the backwater 2013” (which looks really really close, even with the guy helping the abused lady) but it didn’t have the tub scene and the ending wasn’t on a beach.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m gonna try to go to sleep after spending my entire day on this.