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It was a movie about a man who was a kung fu master

It was a movie which I saw when I was little, I dont remember the start but in the end the father fights in a club where there are american fighters and he fights with 3 fighters simultaneously but as he was winning the fighters were given drugs and in the end the father wins the fight but is too beaten and his son tries to wake him up and he gets a vision of his wife,that’s all I remember and it was not a black and white film

Movie where a man is framed for his wifes murder

I’m trying to remember this movie where a man breaks into a couples house, attacks the wife and kills her, and then attacks the husband but doesnt kill him. The husband wakes up with the murder weapon in his hand with the police in the house, and basically goes straight to jail. I can’t for the life of me remember the name. I thought it might be a nicholas cage movie but that doesnt seem to be the case (from my research, i couldn’t find a nick cage movie that fit that description). I believe I watched the movie on DVD around 2006-2007. Couldn’t be later than 2008 at the most.

Ad Libbed european movie

I saw a european movie about 10 yyrs ago in which there was no script and the actors made up their lines as they went. It was about an older retired couple who lived in an apartment and had grown apart. The wife did some sewing for a gentleman and she ended up going to his apartment and leaving her husband. I later read that the man who played the husband had died as he did in the movie.The movie was so emotionally honest that it just stayed with me for years.

Sci Fi Game

It is a fantasy or sci video game, possibly a Final Fantasy or Star Wars game and one of the levels is a space station and you get a weapon similar to a lightsaber or a sword and a health pack comes out of boxes that you open with the sword, I remember there being a revolving door area. It also may have been a level in Spyro or Crash Bandicoot and there’s sort of a claustrophobic feeling to it.

Eastern European art film

There is a black and white Hungarian or Romanian (or Czeck?) surrealist film I saw when it was restored in the early 2000’s.  They showed it on the screen under the east side of the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Jackman theatre.  It had a certain amount of hoopla at the time because of the restoration.  I remember it was something like a knight that went through some kind of battles, and then after he was done, the film essentially repeated the crisis and all the action, almost exactly, two or three times.  Any idea?  I haven’t had any luck.

American Spy/Thriller with a Red, Grid Line Map Scene

American movie – likely 1980s. I have just one small memory of a scene where the male hero realises a set of icons/marks on a piece of paper that he has actually form, or represent, a large red grid-line type map that’s triangle shaped and (I think) it appears on a wall. The grid lines represent something do to with a secret base, or a runway for aircraft. I think the film was some kind of spy, or espionage thriller, where he’s trying to piece together what’s happening.

A movie about Marital Scandal

I first saw this movie on Netflix although the title is no longer available. The two lead actors were African American & the film was from the mid-2000s. It was definitely English & not a foreign movie. From what I remember, it was about a married couple looking to spice things up in bed as their marriage has seemingly declined over the years. Foreplay, kinks, nothing seemed to interest the wife anymore, until one day based on some very bad advice attained from a relative, I think it was her sister who had suggested that his wife “desires” to be dominanted or forced into submission by him. The husband took it too far and actually raped his wife in an attempt to make “things more exciting.” Dressed in all black & wearing a ski masked, he broke into their home and had his way. In the middle of the altercation his mask was yanked off & the wife filed a police report in attempt to put her spouse in jail. A lawyer was hired but underneath it all, the situation turned out to be some sort of con in order to obtain the husband’s recently acquired fortune of what might be 5 million dollars. The wife and her sister were actually working together to deceive the husband so that she would have an excuse to imprison him and take his money. The end was a blur I think the wife got shot and maybe her sister, I’m not quite sure. But eventually the husband was acquitted in the end & kept his business.

Kid earns millions off of doll that he doesn’t have

Google is useless so pls help. There is a kid that makes this furry stuffed animal toy that can talk and makes ads to sell it but hasn’t actually created the toy. He ends up earning millions and spends the movie trying to create this toy to give to the customers. The villain is this bank manager whose teenage sons are trying to take the company from the main character. In the end the main kid sells his company to the bullies and they suffer the consequences. It would be a real help if someone knew the name.

Teen romantic movie

I saw this movie on TV in 2006 or 2007 years, but i think movie is older.
It was about boy and girl, who often rode a bike together.
The boy always carried a camera with him and took a foto.
One day he showed the girl a secret place in the garden. Almost no one knew about this place. There were beautiful figures in the garden.
I think it was drama movie.
If not mistaken, the boy was blond.
Movie was in color.

Thanks for help

Movie about chasing robots who look human

hey, I really don’t remember much. It’s a film in colour and a bit older I guess, 80s or 90s maybe.

I think it’s about someone who has to chase robots who look like normal people. The only scene I remember is that there are some people in a restaurant and an aquarium bursts. And the water hits the people and this one guy „dies“ (that’s how they found out that he was a robot).

If you know what movie Im talking about please let me know, thank you.

A movie about violence, a hostage and some love

I saw this movie around 15 years ago. The movie itself was from 90’s, I think, and in English.

The story: a young guy (he is Hispanic, probably in his late teens/early twenties) is sexually assaulted (raped?) by two white guys older than him. In revenge he kills at least one of them with a shotgun/rifle. Then he hides in some house where he takes a young woman (perhaps his age) hostage. He spends the night with her and during that time some connection between them appears and they have sex in effect.

Thanks a lot in advance.


I remember seeing a movie years ago with about 3 or 4 people who had to go underwater in an underwater viewing room with things chasing them. They got gear on and left the room through a hatch in the ground. When they went into the water something new was chasing them. I could have sworn it was Jurassic Park until I rewatched them and got confused. Please help I remember it being a great movie.