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T.v Thriller Ex-Husband kills with clingfilm.

This tv movie may have been made in the 90’s or 2000’s.

It was in English and colour. It didn’t have a big budget or impressive actors.

It was set in a secluded, modern house, possibly in LA.

This is the only scene I remember.

The main character’s ex-husand(?) is after revenge and wants to murder her, he sneaks into her house.

He murders her friend or maid with clingfilm over her face and stashes her body in the top of a closet. I think the woman ends up opening the closet and her body falls down.

Any help toward solving this film is appreciated!


Movie about the writer who writes and it comes true

The movie that I watched was an English language colour movie . I watched it on TV.

It is about a writer who writes and it comes true. It is a love story. The name of one of the character, possibly female is jinny or ginny or something like that. There is also a scene where the writer is chasedbeaten up by gangsters.

I know it is not Ruby Sparks or Stranger than Fiction or Delirious. I have seen them.

Would appreciate it if somebody came up with the movie name.

Thank you.

1990s-2000s Movie About Forgotten Memories? (It’s NOT Wuthering Heights!)

I vaguely remember seeing this movie sometime in the mid-2000s, though it may have been a 1990s-early 2000s movie from what I remember of the screen quality.

There’s this woman who returns (with her fiance/boyfriend?) to a childhood place, where there’s a lighthouse home (I think?) overlooking the sea. And she’s initially scared of her former childhood friend who lives there, because her mother claimed that when they were children, he tried to seal a pact with her using a knife and their own blood.

But later on in the movie, it turned out that her mother lied to her – she had forcibly separated her from her childhood friend after she saw them seal a promise with a kiss. But somehow, she had manipulated her daughter into seeing the guy as a threat by lying about this memory. (I’m guessing she just didn’t want them to be together?)

Also, the woman’s fiance/boyfriend turns out to be a complete asshole, as he had cheated on her with one of her girl friends – that friend ended up pregnant, not to mention remorseful (as she has a boyfriend of her own whom she loves very much, especially after seeing how sweet he is to her), so the woman’s friend tries to hide this secret. However, it gets revealed in the climax of the movie since the fiance/boyfriend sees the main woman kissing her childhood friend, then in the climactic fight the woman’s now-lover beats up the low-life fiance/boyfriend and has him thrown out. In the end, the woman’s friend ends up staying with her own boyfriend, who accepts the unborn child. And the two main characters end up together as well since the whole childhood memory misunderstanding is cleared up.

Old movie or show?

The only thing I remember from this movie or show was some creepy tall guy saying: “Welcome to my humble abode.”

A scene which was later spoofed and referenced and homaged by Chameleon in Disney’s The Mighty Ducks episode,”Buzz Blitzman” as the episode commenced.

I need to know:

1) The name of that movie or show.

2) The time interval of which that scene takes place.

3) The character and actor’s name as soon as possible.

PS: Please help as soon as possible.

Spy film

So I have this scene in my head of the main character in a suit walking down steps to like a dance floor at a fancy event. During this he sort of bumps into a waitress carrying champagne I assume. He sort of catches it like he’s a spy or something. I thought it must be James bond but I couldn’t find it. Thought it might be The Tuxedo or the mask of zorro. Probably saw it say between 2004 and 2010 probably came put a bit before. Is definitely an action type film.

Surfing Animorph-type Movie

This movie was playing on Pluto TV. It was a surfing movie, but there were women that were half-ape that ended up killing this dude on the beach. Meanwhile, what I presume to be the “bad guy” was trying to finish his newest creation, a lizard-woman. There was also some poker scene where a dude was wearing a fake bald cap and someone used a handgrenade to threaten the rest.


The movie was bizarre, but I want to get it as a gag-gift. I had found it once, it came out in the 2010’s, but looked as if it came out in the 80’s.

Thriller from the 80s/90s where people are poisoned and need to find an antidote or die after a set number of hours.

I remember seeing this movie on TV a long while ago about people who have been poisoned, or gone through some procedure, and need to find the antidote or die within either 24 or 36 hours, I’m not sure.

I know that it’s an action film, I remember shootout scenes and all. There’s a scene mid-film where the protagonist’s girlfriend dies from the poison/procedure and it’s really gruesome, with her entire body falling apart piece by piece.

I also remember that in the end, the protagonist and his friend are unable to get the antidote or whatever they need to save themselves and the last shot is of them walking into a fog talking and laughing, resigning to their fate.

This has been in the back of my head for a LONG long time now, can anyone help? 🙂

Woman is haunted by little girl that turns out to be her dead sister

A woman is haunted by a little curly blonde girl in a white dress. I believe the little girl’s name was Rose or Rosie. At the end of the movie, the little girl has a locket that reminds the woman of what happened. When the woman was little, her and her sister hid in their older brother’s closet. The brother was drinking with his friends. He found a gun (which I think might’ve been their father’s?) and he accidentally shot off the gun. The bullet went through the closet door and killed Rose. The woman (as a little girl) picked up the gun and killed the brother. After remembering the past, the brother’s ghost appears and the woman realizes that her sister’s ghost has been held hostage by their brother all this time. She frees her. There is also this really weird scene where the woman is in a bar or something and there’s this cute guy that comes down the stairs. They dance around (slow dancing) and I think he gives her a flower but the whole time it kinda seemed like she was high or something. The woman is maybe around late 20s or early 30s. The girls were around 11 and the brother was around 18 I think. I think the woman’s hair was brownish, but it was blonde and curly like her sister when she was little. PLEASE HELP ME. I’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR THIS MOVIE FOR YEARS I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING. Also the movie had to be from around late 1990s to 2011

Sad Christmas movie (?)

I just remember a little bit from this movie and it was towards the end… the movie is about this sick kid and this other kid who is abused by his father and in one of the scenes the sick kid broke into the other kids house to get him away from his abusive father who has him trapped there… I also remember that the sick kid died at the end of the movie… I think he died around christmas time? either before christmas, during christmas, or right after christmas.

The ghost of aunt named Katya (or Kate)

I saw the movie in approx. 1992-1993. It was a horror movie about a young woman whose aunt died and left her a house as a legacy. She moved in the house with her boyfriend (or a husband) and the aunt’s ghost started to appear there. I remember the episode where the paramedics are bringing the dead body of aunt out of the house and suddenly the body sits down on the stretcher. The paramedics are saying that it is an after death spasm and it happens sometimes. Another episode is when the aunt’s ghost appears in the garage and the young woman’s husband sees her. That’s all that I can remember.

some hooror show in australia from 1995

my mum saw a tv mini series in 1995 that went for 3 parts after the brides of Christ finished all she can Remember is that their was this girl walking along and then a car of men got out and gang raped her and as the last man finished he said you now have the devils seed in you and as he was doing this a crow had landed on the nearby barbed wire fence and it was in a farm like area and at one point while she was in labour she was in a mechanic shop with the little apartment on top she had tried to kill the baby a few times and nothing worked she had even tried to kill herself but did not succeed and the crow was prominent through out the series she thought that it was called crow with Russel crow in it but i can find no such show any suggestions would be appreciated

Serial Killer kills while mom watches via video chat

I watched the movie sometime between 2018-19 on either hulu or hbo but possibly netflix. The movie was made with the last 15 years I think. The language was in English.

It’s about a white male serial killer in an Asian country, possibly Thailand. When he kills the women he sets up a video chat with his mom. His mom encourages him to rape and kill the women, she is in on it and aggressive. He’s an awkward nerd with oily slickback hair and likes big band music. He eventually meets a white girl as lonely and awkward as him and they eventually fall in love. They typically meet at an amusement park/carnival. Since he’s falling in love with the girl he wants to stop killing and stops contact with his mom but the girl disappears for some reason so he starts killing again with the mom. Turns out the girl was kidnapped by her cult family but was able to get away again. The girl is totally fine with him being a serial killer but the mom doesn’t like the girl and wants him to kill the girlfriend. He chooses the girlfriend. The stinger shows that eventually the guy went back to his mom and his mom brags something like, “mama always comes back.” Then he jumps at the girlfriend.

The rape and murder scenes are really graphic and a lot of female nudity.

Man shoots himself.

This was not a movie, but I think it was an episode of the show Unsolved Mysteries. It was aired in the late 90s, early 2000s, and was in both English and in Color. The only thing I remember about the episode was this guy takes a handgun and he shoots himself in the crotch. I believe he killed his wife or something, and he either tried to kill himself or make it look like an accident or something.

Charmed 1998 or 2018 episode name(s)

IMDb states that in the DuckTales reboot episode, “GlomTales!”, Magica used a ghost vanishing amulet to get rid of Duckworth, which is a reference to both the 1998 and 2018 series of “Charmed” BUT they failed to mention the name of the episode(s).

So, in that case, which was/were the first ”Charmed” 1998 AND 2018 episode(s) where the witches use a ghost vanishing amulet?

NOTE: Careful, I’m talking about an amulet that vanishes or banishes ghosts, not a spell incantation that does so as seen in the Charmed 1998 episode, “The Power of Two” S2 Ep20.

Please, I must have the name as soon as possible for a special project I’m working on.

Three boys steal a truck and…

Hey! How are you? I’m not doing too hot myself. Wanna know why?

So I’m looking for this movie where, essentially, a boy in love with this girl accidentally kills someone from her family. I think it was her brother, but it was definitely a male, and he seemed to have some high position in the military, if I remember correctly (this could be wrong). But anyway, it’s set in this small town in the 2010’s (once again, pretty sure), and it’s like suburbia but with a lot of trees and long roads without streetlamps. And I remember there being a lone convenience store–if that helps. Anyways, the boy, who had been living there all his life, meets this girl, who is new to town, while riding his bike through the woods in the middle of the day. They seem to hit it off and begin to fall in love, you know, the way tweens do. Also, I think the girl was a brunette. He might have been too. Not totally sure, but I’m pretty sure she was a brunette at least. Helpful, I know. Moving on, the boy gets into a fight and gets blood on his face, and the girl helps him clean up in her kitchen. I think she offers him orange juice and/or apple juice to drink. Cute. So they continue falling in love and blah blah blah. Then, the real things begin to happen. So, this boy has two friends, and he and his friends are quite the troublemakers. And they love to tease the main boy for having a crush on New Girl. So he begins to ditch New Girl a little bit to fit in with his friends. Rude, right? However, I do remember him and his one true love, none other than New Girl, watching fireworks with their families on the Fourth of July. Could be wrong but seems vaguely familiar. Also a fight during the fireworks seems familiar, but IDK! Anyway, the ringleader of that preteen friend group I told you about earlier gets the wildly brilliant idea to steal his dad’s truck and go for a little joyride around his neighborhood with his friends. That ends badly. Of course. These guys end up hitting New Girl’s brother’s (we’ll call him brother, but it could be another male relative) car, panicking, and leaving him to die at the urging of the ringleader–desperate not to get in trouble. Naturally, this results in a fight in the boys’ treehouse (yeah, they have a treehouse), and both guys abandon their beloved leader, despite their ringleader’s attempts to embarrass them by calling them wimps. I think the ringleader boy ends up apologizing, but we aren’t there yet. First, there’s a funeral, and the main boy feels really bad (considering he was an accessory to the crime and all), but he doesn’t tell the girl he has a crush on (remember New Girl?) that he was there. Ok. Then flash forward to when he does end up telling her. I forgot what happens between there. He tells her, she rightfully gets mad. I remember a fight outside of that quaint little convenience store mentioned earlier. I don’t ever think she really forgives him because at the end of the movie, it turns out that he was telling that whole crazy story to his son, who–surprisingly–he names after the guy who he killed! Kinda nice. But he had a different wife, so maybe things didn’t work out between main boy and Nice Girl. Welp. Guess that sort of thing happens. Anyway, to answer some other questions, it was in color, it was in English, and I remember watching it on TV (On Demand, to be specific). I have been absolutely driving myself crazy this past few days trying to find this movie. All of my friends can attest to that fact. And if you find this movie, you too can be my best friend! Appreciate any help that is given, and thanks for reading this monologue 🙂 peace xx