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Lifetime Movie from a few years ago

This was a lifetime movie from around 2013 or 2014. Two children, a teenage girl and her younger brother, had their parents die. So they went to live with their maternal aunt and her husband. Around the neighborhood people were going missing. As it turns out the woman and her husband were homicidal killers. They even killed the girls parents. During the final showdown in the basement, the aunt corners the girl and is about ready to kill her with a knife, but then the brother kills the aunt. Any ideas?

woman looking for Q-Tip in her purse

Literally all I can remember is that there is a girl looking for a Q-Tip in her purse (I think to offer it to someone else), and as she’s looking she’s saying “Q-Tippy, Q-Tippy”.

It’s definitely a movie. I watched it probably 15 years ago or so…it must have been made in the ’90s or early ’00s.

I’ve been trying to figure this out for like 24 hours straight- HELPPP!

A man cheats on his wife and murders her

I saw this movie around year 2002, and I am pretty sure it has been released late 90s, or early 2000s. I remember the following scenes from the movie:

  • A man is at home with his wife and the phone rings. He answers and speaks with a woman who is his secret lover. They show the woman laying on a couch naked, touching her breasts and arranging a meeting with the man. They hang up and the man lies to his wife about the conversation he just had (I don’t remember what he told her).
  • It is evening/night and the man and his lover are on the second floor of a house in a bed making love. At the same time, the wife enters the house and climbs the stairs to find the room in which is her husband. She has a pistol. She enters the room, they start arguing and get into a small fight in the bed. We hear a shot and it turns out the wife is dead (accidentally, the man didn’t want to kill her I believe).
  • Third scene I remember is the man and his lover are putting the dead body of his wife in a trunk of a car and go somewhere to dig a grave (but not completely sure about the last part, I only remember for sure putting the body in a trunk of a car).

The movie was in color, I saw it on TV, but it was certainly a movie. Also I am pretty sure it was a low-budget/low-rated production, because this channel usually played such movies.

I have been looking for this movie for more than 10 years, hopefully someone can help 🙂

Film with two bumbling would-be assassins trying to deliver a bomb?

The bomb is in a metal can and are trying to deliver it to the intended target, but somehow near the end this involves them being at an outdoor event, possibly a dinner party or reception, with a Japanese dignitary. One of them poses as his interpreter, but don’t know a word of Japanese; fortunately for them neither does anyone else there, so no one other than the dignitary knows that they are speaking nonsensical pseudo-Japanese. In the end I’m pretty sure they fail in their target, keeping this a comedy rather than a tragedy. Saw it on TV around 1980, could have been made for TV but don’t think it was part of a series.


Hi. I watched a anime movie a long time ago. I cant remember the title of it. It was about this boy and his mother got kidnapped by this man who could shapeshift. The reason the man kidnapped her was because his daughter wanted a mother, so he gave her one. The boy went on a journey to find his mother. He ended finding her in a tower where the little girl was, but not before he had to battle with her father. If you know this movie please help. Im sorry I couldnt give more detail.

magic movie

I never actually saw this movie but I remember seeing a trailer of it on Cartoon Network once a few years ago. It was live-action. The only thing I remember is that 2 magic people, one man and one girl (the man being played by Rowan Atkinson) suddenly appear by magic in front of a boy but behind his parents. The boy tells his parents to look behind them at what he saw but they are nowhere to be found and seen, which further implies that only the boy can see them. Later, they appear again by magic when he’s alone.

Boy meets talking fox

I never actually saw this movie but I remember seeing a trailer of it on Cartoon Network once a few years ago. It was live-action. From what I remember, one minute, a boy sees and says: “Hello, Fox.” to fox he comes across in the woods and then, the next minute, the fox suddenly replies with a rough/raspy voice and somewhat malicious grin on his face: “Hello, boy.” that suddenly shocks the boy.

Horror Movie of Boat Lost in Fog

I saw this movie on Tv when I was a kid. I think it was made in the 1950’s and it was in color. A group of passengers are stuck on a cruise/paddle boat surrounded by fog, sea monsters are terrorizing them, and they don’t know where they are. Someone gets killed by an octopus tentacle that comes through the porthole.

Near the end of the movie they land on a swamp island and there’s this cult with a boy as their leader. The main priest is dressed in white like the Ku Klux Klan. When the passengers try to escape back to their boat the boy says he wants to go with them, but the head priest stabs him in the back and the boy dies.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

a parallel universe movie

these are the things I remember about the movie:

  1. time loop, time travel, parallel universe etc..
  2. everything happens through a tv screen
  3. the main characters are both women
  4. the concept is similar to the spanish movie Mirage (durante la tormenta)
  5. a woman can see another woman through a tv screen when she gets murdered in the same house and she tries to save her
  6. if i remember well, in the final scene she will drive to the house and leave a picture of the incident that happened as a proof or something

i don’t remember if it’s a regular movie or a short movie or an episode, nor the language but probably american!please help

Crazy Comedy-Type Movie

A girl with shortish hair religiously eats pineapple to make her vagina taste good for her boyfriend/male friend. He eats her out and turns out that he is allergic to pineapple and he has an allergic reaction on his face. He gets all mad at her.

Other things happen (it was a very random movie) and I think I remember her like masturbating in a restaurant bathroom or something of the sorts.

I saw this on Netflix about 6 or 7 years ago. It was in English, although they might have had British accents. It was in color. I didn’t recognize any of the actors, so that makes me think it was not an American film or it was an independent film. I have tried searching this forever and Wetlands always pops up, though that is not the movie.

I only have one friend who has seen it that I know of and she barely remembers anything from it either.

Bullied crippled kid

Okay so I only remember the ending scene of this movie.
Basically the beginning starts off as a regular high school/teen movie and then I changed the channel and didn’t come back until the end, which shows the main character (male) being helped out of a car in front of the school by a girl. He’s now using crutches and his face is all bruised and he’s very obviously physically disabled. There’s really sad music in the background and he walks into the school with the help of the girl.

Pretty sure this was sometime between 2005-2010 but I could be wrong.

Teen bully movie

So i remember this is about a blonde (light brown) teen girl who is going in school (back to school something like that) on beach and she and her bff were at some party and after that blonde girl is accused for being slut because of “sleeping with many boys”… and at the end it’s revealed that bff left her at party and boys raped her… in movie she only have one male friend and she is fighting with her mum… also i remember for some like swimming practice and other scene her friend have hide in closet recording so everybody could see that her ex bff is evil bully.

Tnx for any help

Godzilla movie(s)

I will try to clarify as mush as possible in this post.

Here goes:
In this Disney’s Recess episode “Big Ol’ Mikey” clip, from interval 5:57 till 7:54, the scene is obviously spoofing/parodying Godzilla. Problem is there have been so many Godzilla movies over the years so basically I dunno which Godzilla movie(s) does each part from 5:57 till 7:54 spoof/parody.

For ex: At 6:33 of the episode, does the scene parody a scene from Godzilla or not? And from which Godzilla movie too?

So, my questions are this:

1) At which time interval(s) between 5:57 and 7:54 of the episode, does a scene(s) spoof/parody Godzilla? And which Godzilla movie(s) is/are it/they spoofing/parodying? Let me know which scene(s) parody which.

2) Once the Godzilla movie(s) has/have been identified, tell me at which time interval(s) do those spoofed scenes take place within the movie(s) itself/themselves.

Recess link for you to watch:

Please watch this scene carefully and let me know as soon as possible. No hurry, no worry. No rush. Take your time while carefully figuring out and writing down answers.

Tv Series with 3 Korean like Best friends living in the same Dorm.

Ok so there was a tv series that got cut off but I remember most of the description but I cannot remember the name. I saw it a few years back the actors look a little Korean but I don’t think they were. I remember the main character she had long pink hair. And I think one of her friends had short hair. It was in English,  it was in color. Also I think they were like singers. And the 3 best friends would get bullied by the popular girls. In one scene they were in the gym and the popular girls and the 3 best friends and some guys started to throw paint at each other and that turned into a detention. Please let me know if you know what the series is called I’ve been looking around for it for ages now.

A Jogger Gets Shot With A Tranquilizer At Night

A young woman jogging at night, gets kidnapped on a car after being “darted” (shot with a tranquillizer) by a man. There is a Final Confrontation by James Horner soundtrack playing in the middle of the scene.

The videos are available here: (original video) or

Looks like old to me, set in between 1970-2000, from an English-speaking country. It is also possible that it’s a TV series or some sort like that. I’ve found this clip’s origin to be one of the most difficult to track so far.