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Eskimo (Or creature) on roof

Don’t know if this was a movie or a TV show.  I’m pretty sure I saw it on like a saturday morning in the 80s, or some other time I was watching TV (or a rented movie) by myself.  It was live action.  The only scene I remember has a little boy coming up to his (a) house.  On the roof is what in my vague memory is an Eskimo, but it might have been just a really hairy creature of some kind.  In my memory he was kind of laying on his side, like one does, propped up on an elbow, but that may not be accurate.  Last night I came across a movie call Fuzzbucket.  Initially I was hopeful that this might have been the movie, but that scene doesn’t exist, nor does anything I see as similar that could have created the memory.  In my, again, vague memory, the boy was nervous or upset that this thing was there, either because he was mad at it or scared of it.  I’m not sure if it was malevolent or malicious or just mischievous (maybe none of the above, just an impression from the memory).  The roof in my mind was like a porch roof leading to a gable with the second story wall of the house behind the roof.  I’ve been thinking of this movie for decades and was always just so curious as to what I had watched.

Thriller (or crime) movie about a young woman

It’s about a young woman who meets a man with a dark secret.

He’s holding his ex-girlfriend (or even ex-fiancé) hostage in a lab that he hides under his living room (door to that is under the couch). She’s in a coma he induced her in.

He wants to harvest the organs of the young woman for his ex.

I forgot the title, please help.

The movie is from the 2000s, maybe early 2010s.


So I was wondering if you can help me find movie that i watched like 7-8 years ago I remember only bits from childhood. I think but only think its horror movie because then it was scary. So this one girl is on some kind of village. In one scene car is burning and they think girl is inside. And towards end of movie these lets call them sects burn this huge man shaped thing made of woods and hay. And even think someone or that girl was inside. All I can remember that on picture of cd was that man shaped thing with girl in front.


Low-budget indie, man acquires ability to heal with his hands


This movie is definitely not:

The Healer (2017) (

Whereas this one has a similar story, but it’s too recent:

One Fall (2016) (

I saw this probably sometime between 2010 – 2014, but could’ve been earlier. Mostly likely I saw it on Amazon Prime. This was a low-budget, independent movie, but it was not as amateurish as many Prime films. The acting was OK. There was an actual story.

It was in color. I’m pretty sure it was in English and took place in the US, somewhere rural. But don’t hold me to that. 🙂

A youngish man, late 20s/early 30s, comes home to his parents’ house, after being absent for a while. On the morning after he arrives, he and his dad are standing on the front porch chatting, when a bird suddenly flies into a window next to them and falls to the ground. The young guy bends down and picks it up. You can see that its neck is broken and it’s dead. He holds it for a minute or so while continuing to talk to his dad, and all of a sudden the bird stands up, flutters its wings and flies off. Dad stands there looking shocked. The son says something like, “I guess it wasn’t dead after all.” He doesn’t want his father to know he has this gift. (Don’t remember why.)

There’s another scene where the guy is walking by some railroad tracks, and he comes across a sick-looking cat. The cat is hostile and just stands there hissing at him. But he is gentle with it, and soon afterward, he brings the cat some food, and the cat starts to trust him, and allow the guy to pet it. Next you see, the cat looks great, it’s healthy and friendly.

There’s a young woman in the story, and I’m not sure exactly who she was, but I think she might’ve been his sister. She finds out about his gift, and keeps his secret. Then something happens, which I do not remember, where he as to make some kind of sacrifice in order to save someone (the sister, maybe?), and the sacrifice turns out to be his healing gift.

Some time later, he’s walking around outside, and he comes across the cat, dead and dried up. It looks like it had died a while back, as though when the guy lost his healing power, everything went back to how it was previously for whomever he had saved, as though it had never happened.

The movie has a slow, contemplative feel, kind of poignant. It has a faded color palette, like beiges and light browns. The grass is dry. The area looks kind of poor. I don’t remember how it ends.

I can’t say it was a great movie, but it moved me and I’d like to see it again if possible. Thanks for your help!


Rescuing a male team member from a prison

I just remember this one scene from an action movie– members of a team (maybe military squad or just a group of tight friends), did something to get them in different prisons. They have to get together to do something righteous, so one by one they escape.  The last guy they need to bust out is in a particularly high-security prison – I think it was some sort of labor camp.  The prisoner is a tall muscular guy who has to run fast dodging a bunch of explosives going off as he runs to escape from the prison camp.  I think he may have said something about how it took them long enough to get him out because he had been expecting it.

I’ve always thought it was the movie-reboot of the A-Team, but I just watched it and it wasn’t.

Don’t know if it was set in the future or present-day. I think I watched the movie about 10 years ago.

Any help will be appreciated.

Might Have Been a TV Show or TV Movie

I must’ve been 4-5 years old at the time, and I’m going to be 34 in a month, lol, when I saw this on television at my aunt’s house so a year of 1989-1990 (plus or minus 1 or 2 years) should be kept in mind.

There was a boy, who looked something like Fred Savage or Ben Savage though I don’t think it was either one— and either he was hit by a bus or entered through a bus and came out the other side into a magical alternate world. This bus, I think, had a rainbow logo on it.

Anyways, he encounters a ogre-like creature in a woods, or encampment, but it turns out the ogre was really a man wearing this giant puppet head pretending to be a monster.

Apparently this man, who strangely enough looked like the boys father in the real world, was a king who was in hiding— if he was ever discovered he’d be murdered by his enemies.

Needless to say this boy becomes the hero in this world, but the king is mortally wounded and the boy is crying, begging him not to die, when suddenly the boy is back in the real world and reunites with his dad who was looking for him.

I’ve searched for years, used multiple combinations of words, etc without success. Some people have even mocked me saying I’ve either dreamed it or it’s a mix of different shows and I’ve blended them together in my mind. But I know I seen it.

You guys were so good at figuring out my vague description of “Night of the Hunter”, that I figure this would probably be my only hope of ever finding it again.

For all I know it may have been a foreign show or foreign film reaired in America, because there was a lot of shows/movies from Canada & elsewhere constantly being put on tv tv back then.

Thanks for the time and help. Jesus bless you all 😊

Revolutionary Girl Utena episode name

I really must know the name of the first Revolutionary Girl Utena episode where some girl’s tears act as a catalyst to awaken some sort of magic and save the day probably for a very special project I’ve been assigned. I need to know as soon as possible and I have been given a deadline somewhere at the end of November. It’s very urgent.

If anybody here is a big Manga fan or Japanese Anime fan or something, please feel free to leave a comment ASAP.

Old movie, a jogger woman kidnapped at night

A woman is seen jogging alone through the night in the street in a neighborhood, a sinister background music playing. After a short time, the woman makes a turn to jog on a sidewalk. Seconds after that, from behind a guy shots the woman with a tranquillizer gun hiding near a parked car. He gets the woman to his car and basically kidnaps her.

Soundtrack playing: James Horner – Final Confrontation

The scene described above can be fully watched here: (original video) or


It seems like an old movie to me, from an English-speaking country. It also seems like TV series or some sort like that. Thanks for any help of any kind.

A film about women unhappy in love

I’ve been trying to find a movie (mini-series) for a long time, which I watched on TV once and not until the end, somewhere in 1997-1998. The name of the film and the actors I do not remember. Genre history, drama, melodrama. The action takes place around the 19th century. I remember 2 of the storyline. 1-one married young aristocrat women falls in love in young, then whether writer, then whether scientist and I remember one moment of movie, as they somewhere in the grass on meadow sat and talked and like would have them occurred a kiss. Her husband is an elderly nobleman of high rank. Then, I think, there were problems with her husband. 2-another poor girl, without parents, its played dark-haired simpatichnaya actress, for it tried to sloppy worst owner a small of the castle, or homes. He got her to agree to marry him. On the day of the wedding, on the wedding night, the newly made husband is in the bedroom drunk and rudely attacks her. At night, across the fields, as if in the rain, she escapes to her former home. Then he he comes to her, begs her to come back, she’s disagreeing. Next, the storylines intersect in some way. I did not get to see the end and I was left in agonizing ignorance, what it all ended. I am asking to answer, if suddenly someone remembers such the film. Thank you in advance so much.

Cant seem to figure this out

Several years back, my mom was watching this movie and I cant seem to remember the name. The only thing I remember about the movie was there was one part where the KKK had tied this girl to a tree and then stripped her down and left her there.

Also… Another movie question….. In this scene a roman soldier walks out and is surrounded by people holding knives and they circle him, cutting off his head and a little boys takes his head



Middle Eastern Sisters

So my Mom told me about a foreign film she watched about two sisters in the middle east….she thinks. Well the sisters dislike one another one becomes a princess and the other becomes like a concubine…but like a famous one. Well the princess hears about this famous concubine and asks for this women to come to her palace and turns out its her sister! I have been trying to find it for her for weeks. Please HELP!

Family Comedy Movie

I’m looking for a movie, it’s family comedy one.

in a scene the hero and his friend are in a van, they want to go, the her says check then look at the door mirrors and again he says double check look at the door mirrors, his friend yells “just go”.

his friend died and he hears a rumor that he was gay but he doesn’t believe, he holds a photo of him, it’s partially covered, when he fully uncover it, it turned to be with his pants down and next to an athlete with swimwear, he says “oh! my god, he was gay”.

Comedy Remake Medieval movie.

I’m looking for two movies,i think one is a comedy remake of the first,

in the comedy remake the hero fights with another man on a bridge, they fight with sticks, they keep getting broken and smaller, then an african american one comes and says this is not the Mississippi river.

in a scene the movie shows a map of the world and the naval movement of the hero, he moves and crosses his destination then return to it.

in the not comedy one michael clarke duncan rides a boat with another one untill they get to shore, one tells the other i was stealing bread from you while you were praying.

Animated series about a school with monsters as teachers and humans as students

I don’t remember if the teachers were all really monsters but what i do remember is that there were four main kids:one was a red head boy, a blond girl, a goth girl, and a boy who was black and i think he wore glasses. The red head boy wore his hat backwards. The blond girl wore her hair in a ponytail and i think her dress was pink. The cartoon was also dubbed in hindi. I do remember this one episode in pieces where there is a monster disguised as a teacher and you can only see his reflection as a monster and a teacher in the wheelchair and the blond girl try to expose him. I am pretty sure the school is supposed to be like a boarding school. I saw this show on cartoon network. The year was i think 2009 or 2008.

Mother reunited with daughter given up at birth

A mother gives up her daughter at birth and places a star in her basket. About 10 years later she meets a little girl with long blond hair, the little girl has the star and the mother realizes it is her own daughter.  The little girl places the star on the top of the christmas tree.  I thought the name of the movie was “the christmas star”, but this movie never comes up in a search.  It was a made for tv movie.

Movie about a father hiding his past about being in a rock band from his son

I’m trying to search an old ‘rock music’ related movie (1980s or early 90s) that I watched on TV long back but can’t seem to find the name anywhere. It’s about a guy that does a white collar job and has a son who loves playing in a rock band. The father has no interest in music and the son thinks his father is uncool and doesn’t know a thing about music. But then one day he discovers that his father used to be part of a popular rock band before marriage, and he’d decided not to pursue music again after some incident and do a simple job instead.

It should be a fairly rare movie and may not have done very well. Please help me find the name.

Help finding old animated movie

Hello, I’ve been looking for this movie for several years but no luck.

I remember at the start of the movie I remember a scene where it showed a ongoing building construction during middle ages(probably a church?). A boy leaves his home and enters a castle where he was trapped in a dungeon and cursed after looking in a mirror where he turns into a bird in the morning and back into a human at night(cannot remember what type exactly not sure if it was a goose, duck or swan). Somehow he managed to escape the dungeon, I recall a scene where it was night and a brown bird(might not be brown) flew into a lake or pond and turned into a girl(cannot remember her features but she was my first crush lol). They danced and little by little fell in love. Another scene I can recall is that the girl was a princess and they were trying to reach her father the King but she was in her bird form and the soldiers and other people in the castle were chasing her down. I hope someone might be able to recognize this movie. Thank you very much.

Help finding movie

Can’t remember movie name??

I remember watching a horror film years ago. It wasn’t the best film but I’ve been wanted to rewatch. I only remember two scenes vaguely. One scene follows a soldier returning home and having sex in a motel with his girlfriend before he is murdered while buying her cookies from a vending machine. She is soon murdered after.

I remember another scene where a couple are killed while entering an abandoned theme park.

The vibes I remember from the movie were of a small town killer, possibly attacking people after an event from years prior. Hope someone can help! I watched on Netflix around 4-6 years ago I’d that helps