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military movie scene

It’s just one scene, I can’t recall who was in it, when it was filmed or anything. except that it was probably a theatrical movie.  There is one guy who is/was in the military.  Apparently he did something bad … the scene is of him walking down between two rows of his fellow soldiers standing at attention.  As he slowly walks down the aisle between them, as soon as he approaches a pair (each one located on either side of him), they simultaneously does an about-face to turn their back to him so they don’t acknowledge him.  It’s choreography of them executing this as he walks down and out.  Each of his fellow soldiers have literally, “turned their backs” to him to show disrespect or disgust.  You can tell this hurts him.  It’s not Starship Troopers.   Thanks!

Western Movie with a fake gun duel

I am trying to find a movie that is set in the American old west. It is probably from the 70s and might have been a TV movie.

It is NOT “My Name is Nobody.”

Two older gunslingers have some sort of an issue but also respect each other a great deal. They are friends with a saloon girl/bar maid type woman. Somehow, it is decided they must duel. They face each other in the middle of a dusty, old timey street and one shoots the other, who falls over as if dead. As the townspeople move to help the fallen gunman, the other calls out and tells them to leave him alone. The survivor alone puts the man in the back of a wagon and drives off to bury him someplace isolated, presumably to bury him. The woman friend accompanies him. However, after their a safe distance from town, the “dead” man rises from the back and says something that makes them all laugh. I think that’s the end of the movie.

Any and all suggestions welcomed!

Movie with a scientist and a special rock

I’ve been searching this movie’s name on this site for years and every reply had different movie title suggestions that unfortunately didn’t match what I was looking for. Leaving this movie’s name the most unresolved mystery of all times. Nevertheless, I’ll never give up on it, that’s what matters most.

I’ll do the best I can to clarify every detail I can remember from that movie as much as possible.

Here goes:

The movie appears old, possibly from the 1980’s, 90’s, or 2000’s, I’m not sure. It’s an American Sci-fi movie in English I saw on TV in color twice in my adolescence. I don’t know anything about any of the actors/actresses’ names. I’m not even sure if it’s a TV movie either.

In the movie, a scientist has a rival whom he forces to cancel some sort of launch. At one point, the rival scientist was seen with his driver holding his enemy and his enemy’s friend at gunpoint unaware that it was all being recorded on camera. Then when the rival scientist is at some sort of presentation while giving a speech and after the good scientist and his friend escape with the help of his imaginary, ghost-like “girlfriend” with blonde hair wearing a white dress and the driver has been dealt with by the good scientist, some reporters show the footage involving the gunpoint to everyone and they mention and claim at one point that the rival actually “discovered New Jersey” instead of some new planet or something.

At the end, after the rival scientist has been arrested when trying to flee to no avail, the good scientist closes his eyes and grasps firmly a special somewhat magic, space stone he has in one hand and uses in order to turn his beautiful, somewhat ghost-like, imaginary woman girlfriend whom he has been in love with since probably the beginning into a real woman at the end of the movie.

At one point in the movie, I also remember the good scientist was playing chess with the imaginary, ghostly-like woman too.

cant remember this movie

I am thinking it was a late 80s early 90s movie , so the scene i remember involves a young woman who is training for some kind of swimming competion and kinda ignores her boyfriend , her boyfriend comes over to see her she is in the pool swimming and wont even get out to greet him so he is talking to her mother in the house , her mother asks the boyfriend if he would help hang a picture , so he climbs up the ladder to hang the pic and the mother supports him by holding the back of his legs and after a bit starts giving him some attention he climbs down the ladder and they start kissing while the daughter / girlfriend is out swimming

Help find a movie

Hello everyone from Russia. Help me find a movie. When I was a child I saw a film about a boy who controlled a fighter, I don’t remember much of the scenes, only rare footage. the guy controls the fighter, perhaps a joystick through the remote control, one of the fighters seems to have a microcircuit, the evil character looks like a Shaolin monk, the older brother of the protagonist seems to have fought with him. thanks in advance!!!

bomb planter likes riddles

We are looking for a movie (in german tv ~2000-2008) where the plot goes as follows:
They get a phone call, saying there is a bomb in a building. They go and try to defuse it,
one recognizes that its a trap and manages to escape, his partner dies.
Afterwards, he wants revenge and the search begins. The bomber is an old man and has similarities with
Anthony Hopkins, white hair, has a missing finger, but not sure which one.
He makes phone calls to the fbi/police/swat (not sure) and talks in riddles
where the bomb is planted. If they don’t find it, the bomb blows up.
So its a bomb planting spree…

My girlfriend also thinks that Jeff Daniels died in the beginning of the movie..

We searched pretty much the whole web, looked at “bestsimiliar”, googled the plots, …
Its not speed, its not blown away, its not Die Hard…
Can anyone help? 😀

Music video from 80s

Mid-80s.  Pretty sure I saw it a couple times on MTV.

The guys in the band looked middle aged; I used to think it was The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and it might be, but I don’t find any such thing by them on youtube.

The distinctive thing about the video was that they were all dressed as women.  Not drag-queen like; just silly looking.  I believe the various nonsensical scenes were all set in different historical periods, but I’m not sure about that part.

Anyone?   Thanks!

help find a movie

Hello. my father stumbled across a movie that caught his interest but he didn’t catch the name and asked for my help in finding the movie.
he didn’t know the actors name but said he is very famous, blond haired, played an singer who went with someone to the ballet and then witnessed somebody getting killed. Afterwards he was in jail, tried to escape, but the rabbit hole took him back to the cell. Also he tried to commit suicide on stage, but he failed by a rope so there were rails on the stage. I have no idea what this movie could be, but by his description is suppose to be a comedy.

I can’t remember the name of this movie

I can’t remember the name of a movie I watched, either on Lifetime movie network or Netflix.. about a woman who took her son & ran from abusive husband. He caught up with them & while trying to stop them he ended up accidentally killing their little boy. The woman got away & started a new life, new name, hair color new town.. years later he found her & takes her to a cabin & ties her up. He leaves to the store. She gets free & runs to an empty building. He finds her there, but she mustered up all of her strength and said to him ” You killed our boy & now I’m going to kill you”. She walked toward him then the movie ended.

Movie about tv priest

Please help me to find a movie bout some kind of telepriest, he and his “church” or better said team are traveling across US, making new age Christian-like shows with music, sound effects, Holy Spirit healing and such things. Suddenly they appeared at town where heavy drought happened and people are desperately waiting for the rain, or their lives are ruined. Someone is asking this showman/priest, when the rain is going to come, he finds an answer like “ask when the rain will be over” and show is going on, but for priest himself something happens in his mind and he leaves the business.
I have seen it on vhs, probably pirated one in early 1990th. Now I am looking for it for couple of years.
I remember the title was “the rain” but can’t find it.

Gangster movie

As we all know, Robert De Niro is famous for playing the role of Italian mafia gangsters in so many movies.

I’m just looking for a particular live-action movie with Robert De Niro as a gangster featuring a scene that involves rules in a “dangerous” world.

Please, as soon as you’ve figured out the name of that movie, I’d like to know at which time interval it takes place, which means that after the name has been figured out, I’d like to see within the reply at which time interval it takes place like for example:
1:30:00 of the movie or 1:45:30……………

Stop motion mannequins

I saw this movie probably ten years ago and it was made likely before then. It was a stop motion film of a group of mannequins (though I believe they had faces and clothes?) living in an old apartment (or big living space of some sort). The film followed their lives over the course of several days. One of the mannequins would go to work every day. Another mannequin poked his finger through a sheet and may have used the hole made to peek in at another mannequin taking a shower? The days were all pretty similar I believe. I would be so satisfied if somebody knows the title of this film.

Flying Eyeball + Mysterious Man

Two main characters were a girl/woman and a man who may have been masked and named Valentine/Valentino. It’s been a long time since I saw it but I would guess mid to late 2000s was when. There were flying eyeballs and something to do with chalk writing on a brick wall. I’m getting a Phantom of the Opera feeling from my memory of the dynamic between the two characters but I may be off. It’s was very bizarre all through out. English and in color.