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Woman translates for an Alien that only speaks Japanese

I think this movie was watched on Hulu (but not a Hulu Original). It has been a couple years ago, now. I can’t remember if it was a foreign film or not, due to there were several American actors in it. But I think it was a Foreign Film.

Plot: A young College-aged woman is called to do a Translation for the Military. And the client only speaks Chinese (or maybe Japanese)?

She is escorted to a very dark room with a long table. The Client is in pitch darkness at the end of the long table. It is only her, the Client and a Military guy in the room.

She soon feels like something is strange about the Client and doesn’t like the way the Military guy is treating the Client, physically and verbally. He ties up the Client.

While the Military guy is out, she unties the Client and sees that it is an extraterrestrial Alien.

Help! What is the name of this movie?!

Asian Style Martial Arts Film 2010ish-2018 (No later)

New film, was on Netflix for quite some time, location is definitely Asian, usual suspects such as Korea or China (leaning towards China based on the styles used).  A group/cult/clan are forcing prisoners to fight to the death. Prisoners came from many different places, I believe one group was british or american soldiers maybe both. A distanced ex member of the group (he is asian) came back to stop the group that were doing this. He was kind of a prodigy and was in line to ownership before he left. There is an antagonist that is the main characters childhood friend or brother who is now in line to take over.

One of the first major fights is between our hero and a very large man, the hero shows up with an empty coffin and implies he is going to put the man in it, they then fight with the hero eventually overwhelming the large strong man and killing him.

Short: kid is afraid of the barber for fear his ear will get cut off

Okay, I remember this airing as programming filler on Nick or maybe some other children’s television block. The premise is a kid is scared to go to the barber because he thinks he’ll get his ear cut off during the haircut. The barber turns out to be a whimsical, funny guy. Kind of a magician type who conjurs up silly things out of thin air to amuse the kid. Cartoony magical-realism kinda stuff. The kid has a great time getting his hair cut! Then the mother picks the kid up from the barber and says “see that wasn’t so bad, was it?” the kid replies “what?” like he’s hard of hearing. the final shot of the film is the barber depositing the child’s ear into the jar of barbicide. I would have seen this in the 90s.

This is tough to google because there’s a viral video going around where a barber pranked a kid into thinking his ear got cut off so search terms usually bring that up and only that. Little help?

It was a Japan or Korean comedy movie

This movie is in the 20s I think because I was about 6 to 7 when I watched the tv show it was about this Japanese or Korean man who found a demon hand or arm and it attach to him. I remember that a scene were he drop a coin under a vending machine or was it the hand and another scene i think it was the first episode where the main character house was blown off and then he checked his money on his rip underwear on his hand


Group of friends are blamed by cops for the murder of a woman who HANGS herself.

I only remember this particular scene…

A Group of friend or I don’t really know if they’re friends. Are arguing with this woman (who might be cursed or might be a witch.. honestly IDK) while they’re in what looks like warehouse. She is yelling at the group, with a video camera in her hands filming the whole thing, she is laughing hysterically and just has a look of evil, she walking up the mental stairs and starts putting a noose around her neck . She finally says something to the group and jumps, obviously killing herself. In the another scenes the group is seen talking to the cops because they are being investigated for her murder in which the tape that she recorded somehow gets messed with and show the group arguing with her and pushing her off the stairs to her death. One of the memebers in the group says” this is not the tape ! Who gave you this tape ! This is not what happened! Someone messed with this tape ” and I guess they get sent to jail for ” murdering her” .

But that’s not what happened.


If someone can please help me with the name of this movie !

Character dreams about villain

Hi! This has been eating away at me for ages so-

The character has a dream. There’s this villain (who in my head looks like the orignal green goblin or Jim Carey) and the villain is threatening to kill him or do something bad. I think he might be threatening the character with a bomb. He is asking him to admit something or tell him it, and he has an evil laugh and he starts counting down but the character doesn’t know the answer.

I don’t think the ‘villain’ is actually an antagonist in the movie, I think he’s just part of the dream.

Comedy Western 60s

I remember seeing this when I was a kid in the early 80s.  Pretty sure it was from the 60s. I remember it being in colour.  Two young boys, one blonde, one dark haired (I think he was Mexican). Grew up together like brothers, grew old together. One plot point I remember is that the Mexican boy’s little sister was kidnapped by Indians.  When they were adults, he finally found her.  She was still living with the tribe, and happily married.

Please HELP! A girl alone in jungle

Hello everyone

I’m searching for this movie for years!!!

The brightest thing I remember is a girl playing in the jungle alone(like a jungle near the house(cabin). She was playing with animals maybe.

After a time parents find out the girl is not around. They search for her and find her(sleeping I think) peacefully.

I remember it was a nice, calm movie. Had not so many dialogues. And I remember a lovely little girl.

I would be soooo thankful if you can help.

Not movie but car commercial. Racecar driver dad, cool son. 80s

In the mid 80s in the US there was a car commercial.  It showed a dad driving and talking about the car, and then it switches to his son driving and talking about the car.  It contrasts how the dad likes to drive it fast, and the son likes to drive it slow.

The dad is a race car driver (I believe a famous real one but I’m not sure) and he’s on a race track, talking to us out the car window, and he says something like, “I love to get in my [make, model] and drive around the track as fast I as can.”  Then it switches to a nighttime exterior scene with the son, who’s supposed to be cool and handsome.  He’s driving a different version of the car, on a wide, festive-looking urban boulevard.  He’s talking out the window to the camera and says something like, “I love to get in my [make, model] and drive around town as SLOW I as can.”

I would really love to find this commercial, and not just to scratch an itch, but for an academic reason.  Thanks!

serial killer movie with female detective

I saw this movie about 10 years ago. There is a serial killer who hides his victims bones around america. The detectives/reporters daughter has gone missing and she goes to him to find out if he killed her or not. he sends her around finding the bones to mess with her. in the end he kills himself and she finds out the serial killers mother is keeping a child captive and she believes it is her daughter so goes to get her, taking police with her

theres a part where the murderer kills a dancer, i think it might have been a ballerina

Rom-Com (?) where shy man builds romantic sets with (dead) mice

I was lying in bed with insomnia when all of a sudden this movie that I saw within the last 19yrs popped into my head. I can’t remember anything other than the movie starts with what you assume are stuffed mice toys dressed up and displayed in an elaborate set. (All romantic) Like mice on a date … on the swings etc.  Later we learn the guy collects dead mice for his sets and cleans them up.

I can’t even remember if I liked the movie, but I just need to know what it is!!


“you lucky, lucky boy!”

This is a stray line from a movie that keeps popping up in my head and I can’t pinpoint where it’s from. I’ve tossed it out to friends and everyone I know is stumped. I will describe the skeleton of the scene and then add more details, because there’s a chance those details are me retroactively filling in the blanks or making stuff up.

A young child is begging on the street. An old, clearly rich, seemingly out-of-touch man gives the boy a pitiful amount of money. Acting as if he’s done the child a huge favor he says something like “Here you go– you lucky, lucky boy!”

Foggy recollections of the scene: watched it in the 90s. Movie is probably a 90s movie, possibly 80s. It’s one of those kids movies that’s on the darker side, the kind you recollect as an adult and wonder, “why was a movie like that ever made for kids??”

The context of the scene I remember is this: the kid is in a dreadful, real-life predicament, facing actual homelessness, possibly an orphan, and he (I remember it being a boy, could be wrong) is a little hardened at this point. The moment is darkly humorous. The bitter irony of the scene is that the kid, being a vulnerable member of society, needs to be taken seriously in order to survive, but will not be taken seriously because he is a child. He may have performed a task for the man, like shining shoes or something.

The movie may have been a period movie. Definitely picturing old-timey wardrobe and whatnot. I picture heavy overcoats because it’s cold outside. I am unsure if the movie had fantasy elements. The movie was likely a drama. The old man absolutely thinks he did this kid, who’s street life is some kind of fun lark, a huge favor by giving him this pitiful amount of money. The kid sardonically thanks the man, and I forget what happens after this but I am pretty sure he decides to set some kind of plan in motion.

Can’t remember movie seen about a year ago.

The movie has a father with anger issues and is given powers (can’t remember how). The movie then shows the father getting progressively more angry and becoming larger and larger to stop a heat beam from an exploded planet/sun. I remember the father’s daughter gets killed in front of him just before he loses control over his anger fully and becomes a god in a sense. His other daughter gets shot in her apartment. One scene I remember is where a police chase is happening and the dad turns into a ball of electricity and crushing the car only to zoom towards his destination. Any help on identifying this movie would be appreciated!

Charmed 1998 or 2018 episode(s) name(s)

I will make this as clear as I can.

According to IMDb trivia, the DuckTales 2017 episode, “GlomTales”, the scene where Magica De Spell uses a ghost banishing amulet against Duckworth when infiltrating McDuck Manor spoofs/parodies an episode of Charmed, either 1998 or 2018.

The problem is that IMDb has failed to provide the name of that episode(s). I simply ask the name of that episode(s) where one of (or all) the 3 witches uses an amulet to banish a ghost, the number of the episode(s), and the season from either 1998 or 2018 as soon as possible, nothing less, nothing more.

Note: It’s NOT the episode, “The Power of Two”.