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Stop motion production (not live-action) movie taking place somewhere Arabian

All I could remember from this stop motion production (no live humans involved) is the story of some fat long moustached dishonest man who is probably a villain but a funny one wearing a purple/pink shirt, blue pants, and black fez-like hat and acting like a miser i think.

The movie takes place somewhere in Asia, Arabian mostly.

I remember him dreaming at some point where in his dream he is jumping/flipping while counting

One line I can remember from that movie was when some men were chanting: “Kill the devil! Kill the devil! Kill the devil!” (probably referring to the fat guy himself).

The rest is a blank to me afterwards,

Nazi Horror Film

In the mid 80’s I went to school with a kid from Germany.  He once told me about a movie that he had seen in which Nazi scientists were conducting experiments on prisoners.  They were murdering them in different ways to see if a particular method of death would result in the victim coming back as a ghost.  I never did get the name of the movie but I always thought the premise was pretty interesting.  Unfortunately I can’t give you much more to go on since I never actually saw the movie myself.  I can tell you I moved out of that state in November of 1984 so the movie had to have been made before then.  Probably by at least a few years.  Also, since my friend was German it may have been a German movie.  Thanks for any help you can give me!



Russian settles in a hotel to reduce the tattoo behind the wall knocks on a typewriter at the end a girl is killed on the beach by neo-Nazis on…

Russian settles in a hotel to reduce the tattoo behind the wall knocks on a typewriter at the end a girl is killed on the beach by neo-Nazis on motorcycles from a camera

 Добрый день.
Как найти фильм где-то 80 годов. Помню, что русский приезжает в гостиницу, говорит, что он югослав. Ищет на краю города какого-то мужчину, показывает свою татуировку из концлагеря. Потом гуляет по городу, знакомится с девушкой, ведёт ее в гостиницу к себе, занимаются любовью, за стенкой стучит пишущая машинка. Случайно оторвали на манжете девушки пуговицу. Потом на следующий день идут опять в гостиницу искать эту пуговицу. Ночью машинка за стеной замолкает, они стучат в стену, чтобы человек дальше печатал. Потом в конце они гуляют по пляжу, там ездят неонацисты на мотоциклах. Один просит, чтобы парень их сфотографировал с девушкой и он из фотоаппарата убивает девушку.

Psychological thriller

I saw this movie on television as a child. It was late 1950’s or early 1960’s. It was filmed in black and white. I think it was a movie shown on television but it could have been a tv show. It was a psychological thriller.

The scene I remember was a dream sequence. It is a recurring nightmare. The adult male character is trying to figure out what the dream means.

In the dream, the adult character is a young boy. He is hiding under a dining room table. Something traumatic is happening in the room but he cannot see. Some men are standing around the table but all the boy can see is their legs. Either the legs suggest prison bars or the dreamer is reminded of prison bars. It could be that in the dream he sees bars but what really happened was he was hiding and these men came in and stood around the table while something terrible happened and the young boy was so traumatized that he repressed the event and when he is grown he is haunted by this dream that obscures what really happened.

I wish I could remember more but that’s what I have. That scene has stayed with me for 60 years.

sentient laughing gas

animated. & in color. i remember one scene, of a boy, i think, in the sewers hiding from the gas monster bc the gas couldn’t go in water. it was freezing and he was like ‘would i rather die from laughing or from freezing’ bc his life was ON THE LINE!!! this must’ve been the climax bc things were Not looking so good. i think the boy was wearing yellow or orange and i remember him being a nerd. it is in English, and i think she was using a streaming service. i think i watched it around 2010. i remember seeing this at my grandmas house, i think the same night i watched Monster High, so it might’ve been around Halloween.

i hope someone knows what i’m talking about, this has been haunting me for years!!!

I’m looking for a slasher/thriller/horror film, early 80’s

What I remember for sure:
A killer in a high rise apartment building kills a woman and places her head in a paper bag and gets into an elevator, another person gets onto the elevator and looks at the bag, there is a small tear in the paper bag through which you can see the dead woman’s eye.

What I’m unsure about:
possibly a scene at the start with a car driving on roads looking over a cliff, possibly an accident, possibly a male protagonist injured and stuck in the apartment block.
but I’m unsure about these details so take them with a grain of salt.

Some background, when I was young (9 or 10, possibly 11) my mother decided to take me to the movies one sunday evening, she picked a movie at random not knowing what was playing, needless to say we had to leave after the head in the paper bag scene. based on my age I’m guessing it was probably 1982 or 83 (she did the same thing with poltergeist which was released in 82 and had a similar affect on me, I’m thinking it was around the same time), but could have been a movie from 80 or 81 as back then here in australia we wouldn’t get some obscure movies for a year or 2. So possible released as early as 80 and as late as 84, but most likely 82 or 83. Possibly a giallo movie based on what (little) I remember, but obviously 10 yr old me had no idea what giallo was back then.

I’ve scoured the internet looking at numerous slasher and thriller films from the time (I feel like I now know every slasher between 80 and 85, lol), many of which I’ve watched, but haven’t found it yet, nor any mention of the head in the bag scene, which is surprising considering how memorable it is (or maybe thats just because I was 10 (ish) at the time and it scared the crap out of me).

thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Western movie with only one scene I remember

I’d say that the Western was made between 1960-1975.

I remember watching this film in the very late 80’s or very early 90’s on UK terrestrial tv.

From memory, I think it was one of the more modern (visceral and stylised) Western films (instead of 50’s John Wayne, etc).

I only remember one ‘cool’ shootout scene. The protagonist dives in to a building through a side window to shoot and kill ‘a baddie’ out of another/ front window. And that’s it!

Any help with this one would be greatly appreciated. This scene and film pops in to my head from time to time and I would really like this one solved!

Possible Humphrey Bogart movie or Western movie

If any of you watch and listen closely at 14:33 of this Timon and Pumbaa episode within the link below, you might notice Pumbaa talking like Humphrey Bogart or some kind of cowboy from a Western picture movie to a female warthog. I’m not sure.

Please, if anyone knows who are Pumbaa and the female warthog spoofing and quoting and which scene and from which movie, please let me know as soon as possible. The name of the actors/movie characters, the name of the movie, and the scene(s) spoofed and at which time interval of the said movie, please?

Video link:

Film about a witch

I remember very little from the movie, but I hope someone manages to recognize it.

The girl stumbles upon a cave with the corpse of an old witch. After that, over time, she becomes quite ill (if my memory does not lie). She gains supernatural powers. Then this girl somehow enters the community of witches who test her (I have a scene in my memory in which they lower her bound into the water to see if she survives or not), call her the most important of them. At the end, she fights with someone.

It seems to me that I saw this film on TV about 5–4 years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t remember anything else. Thanks in advance.

3 thriller/drama movies late 90s/early 00s

Hello everyone, I hope anyone can help me 🙂
I watched this movies randomly on TV, I’m pretty sure all of them were in English. I’ll try to explain what I remember about each of them, but I leave a door open for brain trolling – as sometimes happens.


Movie #1
Watched around 2006-2008
– Thriller/Drama movie
– It’s not “Frailty”
– All I remember is that a man killed his family/kids or kidnaped and murdered kids in general, and he hid/buried the bodies in a hole – I believe near the house.
There was this police investigation/searching that kind of lead to the man that was now living in that house, but eventually the murders were commited by his father – the owner of that house. This man (the father) was already dead by this point, and the bodies were found in that hole that had water inside and was covered with some planks (if I recall correctly).
I don’t remember if there was any ghosts or supernatural things, but I’m sure it wasn’t a horror movie.


♦ Movie #2 (Solved! “Imaginary Playmate)
– Watched around 2006-2008
– Suspense movie
– About this one, I remember was about a family that moves into a new house near some kind of woods. They had this little boy who begins to see a ghost (a girl I believe). There was a swing in the backyard, and usually the ghost was there.
One day this boy founds a church near the house and some gravestones (I think the ghost girl lead him to that place and in fact one of those were hers).
From here, all I can remember is at the end, one night the kid dissapeared and his father and babysitter/stepmother (I’m sorry I can’t be precise) found him on top of the roof like he was about to jump, but in reality the ghost was below in the backyard persuading him to go with her because his family doesn’t loved him. The babysitter/stepmother manage to go to the roof through a window and after a while she saves him. It was pouring rain in this scene.


♦ Movie #3 (Solved! “Horror Express”)
– Watched around 1999-2002
– Looked like an old horror movie, maybe 80s/70s
– All I remember is like 3 minutes, all I watched.
There was this kind of sarcophagus/wooden box beeing transported from one place to another that had something inside nobody should see. I remember a man (or two) that end up opening this box and was this creature inside that when it sees you, you die and bleed through your eyes, nose and mouth. This creature had glowing red eyes.
About this one, for my entire surprise after decades of living with the memory and mistery of this one scene, this past weekend I found a horror movie from the 70s that goes with this description. It’s “Horror Express” from 1972, but I’ll leave the question in case there’s another movie similar that could potentially go with the description. If not, I still gonna explode because I finally could solve this millenial mystery for me (T^T)9

Thanks in advance ♥

movie: collage, 2 buys, drug dealer

Looking for a movie
similar to a “21 Jump Street”, but not it, there was something similar.
It was necessary to ingratiate himself and find out who pushes drugs at school / university,
it was like 2 people too, they themselves were covered with this drug, and there were stages, like a stage of laughter, fear, I don’t remember
and they seemed to be the 1st chemist, but I don’t remember the 2nd, but they mixed up the classes, and the one that was not a chemist was at the chemistry lab
in general something like this
I would be grateful if anyone remembers the movie

The film is about a teenager who saves his girlfriend and at the end stays with her on a yacht.

The film is exactly 20 years old. I don’t remember the plot very well, only a couple of moments.
Something like this. The guy goes after his girlfriend to the southern country, where he is forced to save her from bandits. The guy he met there (or something like that) helps him in this. A man teaches him to throw knives, sail a yacht and fight. The ability to throw a knife will come in handy for a guy.
I remember exactly the scene where a guy and a man are hiding in a car from bandits in the bushes. And when they pass by, the man with the words “The best defense is an attack” rams the bandits’ car and throws it off the cliff.
At the very end, a man and a guy with a girl on a yacht in the bay. And a guy with words like “Have a good weekend” jumps overboard, leaving the guy and the girl alone with each other.

My wife and kids episode names once and for all

It has been 2 years now. I posted this 3 times and still no luck yet.

I can’t seem to find which My Wife and Kids episode features Mike sneezing and spitting on Kady after she tickles him in his sleep with a duster, which causes her to react with “Eww!” and then run away in disgust.

And another one where Mike does something to Junior’s arm in anger, which causes the latter to scream and screech like a little girl in the process.

So, if anyone knows, please tell me ASAP because I can’t go through each episode of each season everyday. I have other priorities and responsibilities too.

Plus, I can’t wait for another few years for an answer at last either.

A poor family. An alcoholic father. (Почтальон и старуха проценщитца)

The plot of the film.
A poor family.
An alcoholic father.
Often sits up in pubs.
Sons do not have shoes for school.
America and disappears. 
The mother, to melt the stove,
pierced the partition in the apartment.
They were kicked out of the apartment.
The mother began to live with a man who humiliates her and the children,
makes him carry out the chamber pot.
Aunt bought him things and he got a job as a postman or courier.
He brought mail to one house,
there a leper girl gave him a tip.
He fell in love with her.
He began to earn extra money for an old woman pawnbroker.
And when she died,
he let her debt book float down the river.