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Scary movie// Woman hiding/trapped inside air vent?

I don’t remember much about this movie since i saw it when i was a kid, early 2000’s. Every time i try explaining it to somebody or googling it no results come back so hopefully i have luck here. From what i can remember it was a movie with short stories, one part there was a woman stuck / hiding inside an air vent from a monster/creature, i remember the closer they got to the woman the more she cried. Another part i remember was a guy hiding inside a barrel from a monster. That’s all i can remember tbh. I know when it would skip to the next story it would transition like a comic book theme??

Hill on an island with energy emitting devices that keep intruders away

Saw the movie on TV around 1975 to 1980 in Germany (likely dubbed from another language), could be color or b/w. Most TVs back in that day were b/w.

I only remember scenes where a small group of people (5?) were on a remote island, and for some reason wanted to get on top of a hill.

When they approached and tried to walk up the hill, devices were raised from the ground that then shot some kind of energy at the people, which made them retreat. One guy then devised a kind of “lightning rod” contraption (made of wood and metal?) that they would carry (like a backpack?) to deflect the energy emitted by the devices. It worked and they finally made it past the devices to find… something or someone.

Imaginary friends/ghost TV episode

I believe this may have been one of those haunted house documentary / reconstruction type programs.  There was a young girl who was often talking to what her parents believed to be her imaginary friends although she insisted they were real.  At one point the mother is alone in the house for the day and hears noises and later tells the husband she is starting to believe the daughter.  Later when the girl is bed she turns around and we see a man and woman staring down at her and she freaks out screaming “go away”.  Thank you.

Recent, anachronistic low-budget Western, read about on 366 Weird Movies

I haven’t seen this one, only read about it in a post on 366 Weird Movies. It was probably not part of the official list or apocrypha, and may have been a short/less than feature length.

From what little I recall, it sounded like a quasi-Western shot in desert-type locations, with a very small cast. There were oddly low-budget choices, like cheaply home-printed or even handwritten crossroads signs, and inexplicable anachronisms such as someone presenting a credit card to pay for lodging.

In spite of remembering these specific details, I don’t seem to be phrasing anything correctly for the search engine at 366 to dig up my answer. Still trying, though. In the meantime, does this ring a bell for anyone?

older film. Sad? Spy/thriller?

I’m sure this film is 80’s or older. 70’s or even older most likely. Possibly b&w.

All I can remember is the ending. She is in the mans arms, embracing. He kisses her and a gunshot is heard. She slowly slips away from him and falls to the ground dead and the camera pulls up and away and the credits roll.

I believe they were dressed impeccably. Her in an evening gown and him in a tuxedo. He may have had a beard. It’s very fuzzy in my memory but I remember this film in my childhood and desperately want to see it again. I can’t recall WHY he shot her but I believe he had too. Perhaps she was going to kill him? If I could find this film that would be amazing!

Set in 1950’s period

I had always thought this was from the movie Grease, but I saw the movie and didn’t see this scene in it.  A small group of teenagers  needed car parts so they could finish working on their car.  It was night-time as they roamed a neighborhood looking for what they needed.  They found a car parked on the side of the street and with the tools they carried with them, a couple of the boys acted as look-out the others worked on stealing the car parts.  In this scene I think it was a tire or rear fender.  Once they got the part, they set-off to find the rest of the parts needed.  Thanks so much.

Made for TV Arabic horror about mother looking for kidnapped child

Ok so I saw this in tv ages ago and I’m desperate to know it’s name. From what I remember the plot takes place over one night when a mother, living in a rural setting or somewhere isolated with her child. During the night a vampire (possibly I might be wrong) kidnaps her child and the mother goes searching for her. In the process she comes across various obstacles for example she comes to a river she can’t cross and she makes a deal with it to give it one of her sense like sight or speech in order to cross. Eventually she catches up with the vampire but and this is a maybe, I don’t think she manages to save her child.

1-I saw what I think is a made for TV horror movie in early to mid 90s.

2-It was in Arabic and definitely a Middle Eastern production.

3-I saw it on TV in Lebanon, it was either a one off made-for-tv film or an episode from a series.

4-It was in colour.

Remember seeing it on TV

So this movie I saw on TV on most likely Telemundo so it was translated in Spanish I’ll get to the details

Plot: so the film is about female exotic dancers however after one of the dancers dissapers this FBI deactivate guy is on the case they find the dancer on a metal tin fence tied up so this movie is dealing with dancers and FBI/police investigation

Parts I remember

One of the dancers had a purple bikini

The film intro opens with a badge of a police and on it the title appeared

The dancer was tied to a fence and the cops/fbi were around there

The guy was a typical cop trying to see what happened

Year: it look like it was in them mid 2000s not sure

This is all I can remember if anyone has anything on it please do comment I’d appreciate it!


This weird four short movie???

So when I was like 4, I had that classic Disney princess dvd tv thingy and I remember I watched this movie that consisted of 4 short movies all together. It’s graphics quality in one of the movies was similar to such of back to the future, so I assume it was quite old. I only vaguely remember two of the four short films, but here they are.

So this first one I remember much more than the other. There was this family moving into a house and the daughter was talking about how she saw like a group of fairies. Ofc we get to see this scene with her, and the fairies look like pests. They have full on pink skin and spiky hair and wings. So this family eventually ends up leaving the house after finding out that the fairies were real and just mean pranksters. I specifically remember a scene where the father is driving away with apt he whole family and he has his windows open and a fairy flies next to them. The big music sounds extremely similar to the second part of the Minecraft song mice on Venus. In this video it’s at around 19 minutes.

The second one I remember is a but more vague. It has something to do with a water fountain, and a science lab. There were kids in this science lab for some reason. This lab was FULL of dust and stuff and just a lot of crap. And the kids are hiding from the people in the lab cause they don’t wanna get caught with breaking and entering, and they get shoved in a white van at the end. The memory still haunts me till this day, as a four year old, watching this made nightmares.

The only other information is that I’m pretty sure it’s from Walden media because I remember their skipstone intro at the beginning. I also remember I’m pretty sure the dvd had ads at the beginning? Then again most did back then, but yea. That’s it. I’ve been trying to do personal research on this movie for 3 years, and I haven’t gotten any information on it at all. Keep in mind my parents did monitor my dvd stash, so they probably wouldn’t let any inappropriate movies slip through the cracks. Hope somebody can find it.

80’s(?) B-Movie

Hi everyone, let’s have a go at this. Apologies if my description is a bit sketchy.

Background – I saw this clip of a movie when I was a kid in the mid-late 80’s. Such were the times that my dad had rented the movie from the video shop. I was intrigued and thought I’d have s sneaky watch. I only managed about 5 mins – enough to scar my innocent mind and the images have stayed with me for the past 30+ years. I’d like to track down this movie to achieve some kind of closure. I’ll try and describe what I remember…

Two adventurous fellas are exploring the jungle and find their objective: some sort of temple / pyramid / ziggurat setup. They enter through a narrow passage and soon come to a small opening in the wall. One of the chaps decides to shimmy into the opening. It slopes down into darkness. They fashion a harness from belts (I think) and lower the brave bloke into the darkness, the second guy keeping hold at the top of the opening. It’s only a short distance for him to crawl down until the passage opens out, looking down into a large, dark room. He’s high up looking down and the picture shows him at the top of the frame looking down on several silver crosses or crucifixes on what might be an altar. There may be 3, possibly 5 crosses. He marvels at what he thinks is the mother of all treasure finds. However, after a moment, a bright light starts to emanate from near the crosses. It forms a ball and the ball of light starts to move towards the man looking down on the scene. Transfixed, he watches the light approach.

Back to the bloke keeping hold. He can’t see what’s happening down the narrow passage. I believe there’s a short dialogue – probably something like ‘what can you see?’, ‘I don’t know, but it’s beautiful… aaaaargh!’.

Sensing all is not right, the man doing the holding starts to pull the second man on the harness back out – finding he’s considerably lighter coming out than he was going in… the legs come out, followed by… not much else. He’s missing from the waist up, presumably consumed by the mysterious light.

The alive man is understandably somewhat freaked out. He makes a run for it. Unfortunately for him, the walls of the narrow passage they entered through start to close in from either side. He gets agonisingly close but ends up crushed to a pulp, possibly with a reaching arm protruding from the now tight shut entrance.

And that’s where my experience ends. Somewhat traumatised by what I’ve seen… but left with an intrigue that’s lasted through the decades.

I’d love to find out what this is, whether it’s obscure or well known, a classic or a clanger. Please give it your best shot! Thanks!!

Animated Addams Family-like movie or episode

I don’t remember much about this cartoon in color. I’m not sure if it’s even a movie or an episode.

All I remember is that it was kinda like an Addams family thing considering kids living with parents (the father looking a bit grotesque but good-natured all the way) and they were like an odd wealthy aristocratic clan who delight in the macabre living in a creepy place and are seemingly unaware or unconcerned that other people find them bizarre or frightening, I think.

Anw, from what I remember, a group of kids were out somewhere with their pet monster-like dog with probably 3 eyes and no ears looking for something to create an antidote to reverse the age regression of 2 girls (possibly sisters) having been turned into babies earlier while the babies are being temporarily cared and looked after by their parents probably (one of them being the grotesque father mentioned earlier).

Once they find the antidote, they administer it to the babies. One of the kids gives the first bottle of antidote to one of the babies as she grows bigger and heavier in his arms while the grotesque father gives the second bottle to the other one growing back too.

Then, the 2 girls start arguing again like before until their grotesque father “tsk-tsks” them and tries to appease them. Later on, everybody celebrates with a feast and orgy outside as the clip comes to an end.

Note: This is NOT the Addams Family, Scooby-Doo, Casper, or Darkwing Duck either.

Man with invisibility suit watches over girl

Movie (pre 2006) about man that is some sort of bodyguard for a little  girl? He has an invisibility suit and the girl doesn’t know what he looks like, almost like an imaginary friend. There’s a part where the invisibility suit fails him because of battery or something and he quickly hides in the girls closet. When the girl comes she tries to talk to her “invisible friend” and he talks to her from the closet still attempting to act like he’s invisible. The girl goes to her closet because it’s obvious his voice is coming from inside there and when she opens it they both scream and he runs out because he’s been seen. Later there’s a scene where he’s invisible again in her room and he’s apologizing for that’s ordeal

Boy and Old man fish for biggest fish in lake

Around 2005 I saw a movie that I think was released in the 70s, 80s, or maybe 90s. all I remember was that it was about a boy and an older man that didn’t see eye-to-eye but bond over fishing in a lake. They try to find a particular fish in the lake that’s huge, and even have a nickname to this particular elusive, large fish. Only scene I remember is that they’re chasing said fish in a boat at one point, the boy adamant on catching it— the older guy is standing in the front of the small boat as it’s pursuing but they end up hitting a rock in the water and the old guy flys out and hits his head on the rock

comedy from 1970-80 ys, USA

Help me find the film: (about 70-80 years, USA) The plot of the film: Two swindler friends earn their living by getting hit by a car and the other pulling money from the driver. One of them owed money to the mafia, and tried to disappear, he ends up in a house in a wealthy area, the owner of which left the country for a while (?). The swindler for a while pretends to be the owner of this house and ends up with a huge company (for the production of advertising) where he falls in love with the owner’s daughter. He does work quite successfully. (in one of the episodes he offers to install a running line on the toilet door….) In the meantime, he and his friends set up a mafia boss like selling him a huge building in the city center …

Movie with bad cops

Hi, good evening and sorry for my bad english, i’m italian!
About the movie unfortunately I only remember a very short scene of this film, it is an American film of at least 15/20 years ago, the genre was probably detective, I remember that there was a “good” young agent who was trying to shed light on some murders or criminal events , and finding himself outside a house at night, talking to another police officer, asking him what had happened regarding a criminal event asking him some details, the agent distracting himself from another talking dialogue with another colleague, torn ‘agent good , said that there had been “4 (I don’t remember the number)” people involved in the event, betraying themselves and letting the good cop understand that the other agent knew something and was involved in something shady along with other cops. Unfortunately I only remember this. It isn’t Cop Land, Heat etc…Thanks a lot!!

Comedy about Struggling Comedian

I saw this movie (comedy) on Netflix.  About a struggling comedian (who is unknown or at least unpopular).  I think the movie was part documentary and part skits. One of those skits is the comedian’s inside his agent’s office, in which the agent is lying to his client about being able to find him work (because the joke is the comedian isn’t very good) and when the agent is on the computer, he’s very obviously “fake typing”, to where the comedian calls him on it and says, “you’re not even typing anything! You’re just smacking the keyboard” (something to that effect).  That’s all I remember!  Please help!