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possible horror movie? with strange creatures?

I watched this film when I was little, I had walked into my sister’s friends room where they were about to watch it and they had warned me that it was a ‘scary film’ but I persisted so they started the movie. I quickly realized my mistake though and snuck out when it became too much for me to handle. the movie was in color, in English, and I watched it sometime in the 2000s, though the movie itself could not have been released earlier than the 1980s. I cannot remember the exact plot, but I do remember that there were creatures (probably aliens but I could be wrong) and two scenes:

  • there was a little boy hiding from this creature in his room. he might have been holding a stuffed toy but I could be mistaken on that fact. he crawled underneath his bed and tried to stay silent. He began to think the thing had left him alone, but the creature suddenly grabbed hold of his leg. I’m pretty sure it was a tentacle.
  • this character slowly looked through a window to find something outside. now this is where my memory becomes hazy but it was dark outside of the house and a girl character was visible on the ground. the girl was either A. half buried with her arms and legs sticking out or B. cut up with her limbs around her torso. either way, she was definitely squirming.

please help me find this movie, I have been looking for it for ages and have spent the last two days searching tirelessly. my younger self needs closure.

civil war movie

Several years ago I saw a movie on TCM. I was not able to see all of it. All I remember of the story was that it was set in the south just before the civil war. Some rich bully had taken over a plantation from someone who had died in debt. He announced that the dead man’s daughter was actually the child of a slave and so was a slave and belonged to him. The girl looked and had been raised as white. The movie was black and white, I think. I don’t remember more. I would appreciate finding out what this movie is.

Fighting scene in the van

It was fighting inside of the van where the character was transported by bad guys (possibly character was a female, but I`m not sure). There were to guardians together with the main character in the van. One armed with smg, another with taser. During the fight they got to the position where smg-guy pointed his gun at the guy with the taser, and the taser in that guy’s hand touched the body of smgunner. The main character clicked the button on the taser causing the finger of the gunner to pull the trigger. Thus the head of the man with the taser was blown off.

Amnesia apocalypse!!!

Hi all, I’m looking for a movie a saw years ago.

It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where an amnesia-causing virus has brought humanity to the brink of destruction. A couple is struggling to stay together despite losing their memories of each other. I remember a few scenes from it:

– The opening scene is them waking up in an apartment and finding each other, they start to realise that they are married and should not be separated or they might lose each other forever.

– THE NEXT SCENE IS QUITE INTENSE, don’t read if rape/suicide triggers you. A guy is sleeping in a car in a multi-storey parking lot and gets jumped by a group of people who beat and rape him. He gets to the top of the parking lot and climbs over the ledge ready to jump. As he finds the courage to do it, the sun rises and you can see a shift in the look in his eyes. The virus that causes amnesia has made him forget the traumatic experience and he goes on as if nothing had happened.

-Last thing I remember is the couple gets separated and they forget about each other, but during the final scene of the movie they see each other on the street and she smiles, leaving room for some hope they’ll be reunited.

Thanks to whoever can help me find this, I’ve been thinking about this for months but I just can’t recall the title.

Romantic Movie

it starts with a wealthy man who declared his engagement to a woman in some fancy party. But one day this man lost all his money and his fiance damped him because he was broke.

Although, this man is deeply in love with this women even after she dumped him when he was broke. He find that his girlfriend has a sister that she doesn’t talk to her because she knows what her sister is really is (a gold digger).

So the man goes to his girlfriend’s sister and ask her to help him win back her sister.

the sister agrees to help him based on some rules, for example the man should never fall in love with her and some other rules.

in the process of helping the man, this man accidentally falls in love with her but keeps it a secret. after teaching him what her sister loves in mans, who man is ready to meet back his ex-girlfriend, where he wears a nice suit and rent a limo and takes her to a fancy dinner.

Although, in the middle of the middle of the dinner he realize that he doesn’t love her anymore and runs back to her sister who helped him, and finds her if im not mistaken in a restaurant or a bar alone, through a window, and tells her what he feels about her.

The movie is an american movie i think it is an Brooklyn or Manhattan or New-York or something like this, between i think 1998 and 2007, and i think that the sister use to love painting arts in some underground subway, it is NOT white and black movie, and i seen it on TV.

Lonely wife isolated with husband in remote area with harsh weather

One of the lines is: “The best cure for melancholy is industry.”

The movie is narrated by the wife in first person.  She laments, “The wind carried off our speech, so we spoke less.  And with work, I suppose, we had less to say.”

Another line: “I knew I would not be able to leave and I had to bite my cheek to keep from breaking into tears that, once started, could continue forever.”

australian horor

hello fellow stranger on the internet

thanks for clicking on my thread, much appreciated!

The movie that im searching is about a australian psychopath/killer based on a true story, I watched it when I was younger like 17 but I just cant find it. So if I remember it right it began with a couple out in the australian wild like camping or something, during their sexual interaction they are attacked by the murderer ( a fairly old man ). the boy gets killed immediately, the girl runs of and gets on the road stopping a truck. the passenger a man in his 30 or 20s gets out and tries to help her but suddenly he gets knocked down, he wakes up seeing the killer litt. butchering the couple, you see all the meat and stuff. the man runs off and escapes ( this is the first scene I remember the next is like in the middle of the movie) I remember him trying to escape with a new truck and the killer following on his big truck, he whistles on his flute like thing and kangoroos or something like get attracked by the sound and they get crushed by him while he laughs like crazy still following this person. ( next scene) the man eventually gets caught by the killer, he sits with him in his bunker type thing. He is tied up and gets asked history questions by the killer but if he answers wrong the killers chops of his finger. He anwsers wrong but claims that he cant be wrong bcs he is a history teacher implying that he is delusional. the killer chops of one of his fingers and when distracted the man frees himself and runs of. the killer laughs hysterically and frees his 2 dogs. the man gets trapped in of his booby traps and passes out while seeing the 2 dogs and the maniac in front of him. He awakes before a police station when the credits finally role with the full after story explained trough text which says that he survivied, its based on a true story.

So thanks for reading my explanation. Im really gratefull!

Pls if you recognise this movie pls leave a reply! it really stings when you just cant remember the movie if you know what I mean 🙁

thanx in advance!

best friends, love.

hello, i cant remember this movies name. i have searched as much as i could. but not a single search brought up the right movie.

this movie i am talking about is about a man who comes home from across the country and visits his mother for her birthday i believe. a girl next door comes and visit, turns out to be one of his childhood friend and crush. he used to be in love with her and still is. he never confessed it to her although he wrote a letter to her (it is recited that he did in the beginning and we see the process at some point in the film) their senior year but he never sent it but instead left it hidden in his year book or a book of some kind.

then years later when he comes home. he and her plans out his mothers 50th birthday i believe and both falls in love (again for him, and for her its recognizing she is in love with him). but both doesnt realize btoth love eachother . she tells her bestfriend. who works in a flower shop about it. later on in one of the ending scene, she dissappears after the photo projection she made his mom finished. (which had photos they both took together) he finds her at their old high school football field in one of the stadium after he findsout/realizes she loves him and shows her the letter. While she reads the letter, HE recites the letter from memory with out batting an eye at the letter.

(a small portion shows that the man’s bestfriend used his letter of love confession as a cheat sheet for a card to give to the girl’s best friend trying to swoon her and the guy finds out and gets mad about it but in the end forgives him for it. all 4 of them knew eachother in high school on personal and not personal level. )

HELP i just CANNOT remember the actors name or the film name at all and i just cant forget it until i find out the dang name.


Trap for a Solitary Man

This 1960s film was seen on TV in the early 1970s. It is one of several film versions of the 1960s French play Trap for a Lonely Man.

First of all, the exclusions:

It is not Stranger in the House (1955).

It is not Chase a Crooked Shadow (1958).

It is not Trap for a Solitary Man (1963) (unproduced).

It is not Honeymoon With A Stranger (1969).

It is not One of my Wives is Missing (1976).

It is not Vanishing Act (1986).

A villa in a sunny coastal area, possibly Europe. A woman appears, claiming to be a man’s wife but the man does not know her. The police are called and a detective arrives but when the man gets his wedding picture it is the same woman that is in the photo not his wife. The man’s uncle arrives and there is hushed dialogue as the uncle confirms he has never seen this woman before either. The man is relieved that someone can back his story. But when the detective comes back to the villa the uncle now recognises the woman as being the man’s wife. What the hell is going on? At the end of the movie the man cries out that the woman can’t be his wife…

“Why not?” asks the detective.

“Because… I killed her…” he sobs.

Seen one afternoon in the mid 1970s, probably a film from the 1960s, I believe it was in b&w. There were several film versions of this story but other versions have a priest as a support character rather than the uncle, and some versions have swapped roles so that the man plays the imposter.

This is such a well filmed story I can’t understand why I can’t discover any mention of the particular version that I saw on TV in the seventies. Surely I wasn’t the only person to see it?



Possible alien/creature tunnel horror movie

I watched this movie when I was a child (so the movie had to be made at least before 2012), it was on the TV, in color, and in English.
I feel like I remember bits and pieces of the movie, things like; (silver?) creatures or aliens, someone running through a tunnel/underground/ or subway station. There is a scene that I slightly remember where someone opens a door and inside is just filled with the creature/alien, and there is a person being killed by it (or sucked into it). it could have been an alien or a creature that has some type of tentacles. Someone might have also had a baby/child that they were trying to protect at one point.
The visuals were ‘good’ so the movie can’t have been made super long ago.
Tags might be: horror, extraterrestrial, alien, creature…..

Somebody Tied Up In A Locked Room

I would have seen this somewhere between the mid and late 1980s on TV, but I’m pretty sure it was a movie, and it was in color.  I believe there was a big house or mansion, and I seem to remember two kids, a boy and a girl I think, wondering what was behind a locked door.  There was a lady who basically wouldn’t let them see, and when the kids went away, she unlocked the door and opened it, to show the viewer that there was a guy tied up on the floor.  I think he was conscious, and may have been gagged.  I think she was making sure he was still in there, and she didn’t let him out.  She may have used a skeleton key, and I’m inclined to think that the movie was set in an older time like the Victorian Era, possibly earlier.  That is an assumption on the type of clothes I seem to remember them wearing.  That’s all I seem to remember.

Black and White Movie from 40s or 50s

I remember seeing at least part of a movie on tv back in the mid sixties when I was a little girl.  I think my dad was actually watching the movie.  However, I remember a scene from the movie that I distinctly remember.  In the movie (black and white) a car is trying to out run flood water or maybe water from a broken dam and there is a little girl holding a doll in the backseat of the car the next thing you see is the doll floating in the water.  There were adults in the backseat with the little girl as well as the driver and at least 1 other person in the front seat.  I want to say the movie was either rom the 40s or 50s. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Suicidal Woman Trades Oral for Drugs

I saw this movie 3-4 years ago on NetFlix. A woman is standing on roof edge ready to jump, and a friend gives her drugs. Eventually she runs out of money, and pays a drug dealer with oral sex.  One day, tiring of the oral sex, she pulls out a gun to steal the drugs, fights with the drug dealer, and kills him and his accomplice. When detectives later arrive at her apartment, they find that she has gone mad and decapitated her friend (who really never was that nice anyway). I think a dog was drinking the blood.

I cannot remember any names of the actors.

Horror With Pond/Lake & Lilypads

I saw this somewhere between the mid and late 1980s on TV when I was very young.  Not sure if it was a movie or TV episode.  No idea when it would have originally come out, but it was definitely in color.  It had a horror tone to it.  I remember strong visuals of a pond or lake containing lilypads.  There was a little girl in it, along with some kind of “being”.  I don’t remember what this being looked like, and I don’t know if it was alive, dead, undead, or reanimated.  I think it may have been human, and I want to say dead but came back to life, but I don’t know for sure, and I just can’t picture a face.  The gender would have been male.  I think this “being” came out of the pond, and the only other thing I remember was that it gave the little girl a flower (or maybe it was the other way around, and the little girl gave the being a flower).  For some reason, whatever it was, the girl did not seem afraid of it.  It was almost like a fatherly figure.  I don’t remember any dialog, and I don’t know what ended up happening after that.

Korean movie

Father finds that his daughter was beaten by student boxer. Somehow the case did not go to the trial. Father wants to take revenge and asks one person to train him. He trains hard every day in order to beat that boxer.

I can clearly remember the scene, when he tries to run faster than auto bus, as part of his training. It was awesome part.

Is there anyone, who saw this movie? I can’t remember it’s name.

Something about to hit earth, at the end it turns out the earth is in a time loop

I remember watching this movie, the movie opens with a scene with a guy with mental illness who keeps repeating a number, meanwhile something is about to hit earth and his brother is working with a team to prevent it.

The twist at the end is that they hit the asteroid (or whatever is about to hit earth) with something to stop it, then the opening scene is shown again, but this time he adds one to the number indicating that they are caught in a time loop where they keep hitting the asteroid and the time repeats.

It’s a really good plot twist but I can’t seem to find the name of the movie.

HBO Short Feature

This was a short feature I saw back in the 80s when HBO played short features between movies. This was set in England and was about some woman driving home in the rain and picks up some old woman hitchhiker. The whole scene is suspenseful. At some point the gal gets too scared and she ditches the woman in the down-pour. She gets to some place and called her Boyfriend to pick her up. He agrees but on his way to pick her up, he sees the same old woman and picks her up. The film ends with the cars stopping at a red light. The old woman gets out of the car and the car just sits there.

Anyone remember this short feature and its name?

Teen boys executed

Looking for a movie that I saw like 10 years ago. I just remember this one segment where there was these 3-4 teen boys are a lake or creek and some black military guy was aiming a rifle at him. The guy looks to this girl staying off to the side for her approval or something. She nods and the black guy shoots them.

Anyone know what movie this scene was from? I am guestimating it was from the 90’s or 00’s.

He makes the sounds of a cartoon dog and cat fight that gets serious

All I remember of this movie — 80s? 90s? — is that there was a scene in which a guy is looking in a mirror and doing the sounds of a cartoon dog and cat, but the interaction starts getting more and more serious until he is staring at himself in the mirror doing the sounds of a very violent dog and cat fight. Spooky. Been trying to remember this for years.