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Old film

A cheerleader was performing on stage with a just one man watching her. He had glasses on with black curly hair.

She starts singing while performing with her pom poms.

He didn’t like her act so she then asks him “would it help if I took my clothes off”, she then removed her t-shirt and was topless. He continued to smoke.

I watched the film approx. 1978 on TV. It was in colour and the actors were American. I think the film was a western type theme with many actors on horseback.

Fortress defense

I welcome everyone!

In general, the plot of the film is a kind of fortress (fort). Whole troops are attacking it from all sides. Before the start of the battle, it was agreed that all children and women would be taken out. The film ends with one woman remaining in the fortress, who is discovered. As a result, the troops line up a living corridor, and the discovered woman walks along it.

Lord of the Rings reference but which one??

According to sources, at 2:00 of this clip from Kronk’s New Groove, Rudy is imitating Gollum from Lord of the Rings trilogy. Problem is that not only have I not seen those movies or their Hobbit prequels yet but also I don’t know which scene of which movie is that Rudy scene spoofing.

Please, I humbly ask the name of either movies and at which precise exact time interval of that particular LOR movie does it happen as soon as possible.


odd movie seen around 1999 with gratuitous nudity

so the movie was not porn, because I saw it on TV, late a night.  the only things i remember are some scenes (no particular order):
– the main character (male) was walking on some kind of beach and there was this couple having sex on the sand (maybe there were other couples, can’t remember);
– an older man, probably the main character’s father or something had this issue with his penis, being erect downwards like an inverted banana and he had to pull it back up, causing him pain; you could clearly see the penis;
– there was this guy taking a shower and some criminal came with a chainsaw (i think) and killed him;

this was an odd movie, you could clearly see penises and vaginas. but I can’t remember anything else.

Short Film about replicated bodies

So i watched a short film about a guy who lived in an apartment and had (i think) tried to kill himself. Everytime he would try his body would replicate and be on the floor. So he was in an apartment with multiple dummies of himself on the floor. I honestly cant remember much of it at all. but im trying to re watch it for a school asignment and any help will be truly much appreciated. thankyou

indoor shoving throwing of bottle scene

I saw a scene where there was a character (probably a main character) shoving a character indoors and another character trows a bottle the seen kinda has some comedic breaking the ice ish effect
i don’t remember correctly but the scene probably had 4 characters where one shoves a character and the too others trew bottles or glases
the scene is in english and based on the video quality it’s recent

there’s a similiar scene for reference in the first episode of season 3 of peaky blinders around the 10 minute mark

Spiked wall/cage death scene

I remember a movie scene set anywhere between the 60’s and the 90’a of a group of people trapped in a maze or something resembling an escape room or a dangerous obstacle course. They wore suits with a power ranger/star trek/hunger games vibe to them. I remember one specific scene only. They’re in a metal room, very clean and “modern” and there’s a lot of myst and smoke and a blue light. One of the male characters either falls or is pushed back first, into a spiked cage section of a wall. I think there’s a shot where you can see the tips of the spikes come through his face or either his chest/arms. And that’s all I remember. Does anyone know what this movie or show is? It definitely isn’t Krull because I just watched krull and that isn’t the spike scene I’m talking about.

Friday 13th movie scene

As much as I dislike the Friday 13th franchise considering how scared to death I am of such horror movies, thus, never watched any of them, I would just like to know at which time interval of the one titled Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988) has a scene that was later spoofed and referenced in the DuckTales 2017 Halloween episode, “The Trickening!” concerning Launchpad trapping Scrooge in a bag and then smacking him.

PS: If there is a YT clip for this, let me know as well ASAP please.

Thank you and good luck.

Horror movie with black gooey creature (alien?)

I saw this 6 or 7 years ago and even then I thought it looked pretty old so I think it was made in the late 80s – early 00s. It was in color and it was in English.

The whole plot takes place in a rural area, with some forests and log houses. It probably takes place in the modern era. Somehow the creature (alien?) starts possessing other people in town and I vaguely remember the main character was a sibling or a family.

I remember one scene towards the end where the creature takes a form of a small black goo/blob and attacks the main female character from the crotch. I think she died.

Please help me find this movie about a single mother who becomes prostitute then she is murdered and then his son takes revenge

So i am trying to find out this movie for so many year but not able to find it. So i had watched this movie in 2014 when i was 14 years old, I don’t know the releasing year of this movie and the movie was not in english so it makes more difficult to find it.

The movie is about a woman who becomes prostitute for living. Then she is tortured and then murdered by someone. She was single mother. Then in the last part of the movie a guy may be his son takes revenge from the people that was reason behind her murder.

I just remember some scenes of the movie which was erotic and also some of the scenes which was pretty disturbing.

Here are the scenes which i remembered :

1. In starting of the movie she which is a single mother buying some vegetables from the market.

2. In one scene its showing afterwards when she becomes prostitute she giving blowjob to a guy in the parking lot.

3. There was one threesome scene in which the she (prostitute) is called by some guy and a woman for threesome and when she enters the room the guy is totally amazed by how beautiful she was, then while they were having sex the guy was only concentrating on the hooker because she was really attractive, he was not at all looking at another woman which was her wife or may be gf. Then another woman she got jealous and bites his husband or bfs ears.

4. In one bdsm scene a guy tied her hands to the rod then torture her by hitting her with a whip then girl becomes angry and then she spits on his face. Then the guy tortures her more. Then another guy comes to rescue her and then this guy cuts that man’s dick with a knife or dagger who was torturing the girl.

5. In one scene she was also having lesbian sex with some woman which was around 40-50 year old. And they were also doing drugs after sex.

6. In one scene someone has tortured her so much that she was bleeding from her vagina and screaming and crying for help and then may she died.

7. Afterwards in the second half of the movie a guy (may be his son) takes revenge by killing all the people who had tortured her and killed her.

So thats all i remember. Please if any of you know the name of the movie please let me know. I have tried to find out the name of buy couldn’t find it. I really want to watch that movie one more time. Please Help

Help me figure out the movie title

I saw a movie years ago on TV about a family where a man built his wife a glass house because she got the disease consumption and it was very contagious but he still wanted to be with her. He also delivered her meals through a little window in the house. I think they had a little girl as well. I just can’t for the life of me remember the name of the movie. Please help me out! It is driving me crazy!!

Newer Cable Series About Single Woman Applying for a Loan

I can’t remember a cable series I began a few years ago. I think it was a British series and was on Netflix or Amazon Prime. The scene I remember is that she was late for a loan application appointment at a bank. She was rushing and threw in a sweater without a bra. When she got to the interview and was in the office, she went to remove her sweater forgetting that she had no shirt underneath it as a layer.  The loan officer thought she was trying come on to him to get her loan and was offended.


magnetic heist

I saw this on TV in the 1970s. American TV, English language, likely color. There was a heist of something valuable locked in a metal vault room. Possibly motion detectors throughout the room. The thief used magnetic boots to walk upside down on the metal ceiling, then lowered himself down to steal the object.

I think in the same movie, something was hidden by thieves in the ceiling of their apartment. The thief said, “no one looks up.” When police searched, they did not find the hidden object because they did not look up.



i remember it was a chinese movie with children as main characters but i only remember one scene from this movie. there were a bunch of kids and they were shouting on a bridge when the train passed by and if i remember right it was their dreams they were shouting, thinking they were gonna be true. i saw this movie like 6 years ago or something  but i guessing its older than that.