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slalow Horror slasher

Remember seeing this low budget slasher flick but I can’t not remember the name of it! All I remember is one specific scene I’d appreciate the help to find this movie

How it goes

This woman is in the bathroom about to shower so she’s in black  braand underwear and she takes everything off she’s about to step in but the door opens and the slasher goes in and the women sees him as she’s in shock then she screams and trys to go in the shower but the slasher grabs her and gets I believe it was either baking soda or chloride and shoves it in her throat as he claimed his victim

All I remember is this could’been made around 2010-2015 I could have sworn the slasher had yellow

This probably had to been a horror comedy anything can help to find it!! Thank you!!

I Only Remember The Death…

This movie has been a mystery in the back of my mind for years and was the first movie I thought of when I first noticed this website, so here it goes:

I saw this movie inbetween the years 1995-2003.

I am unsure if it was a TV movie/Movie/ TV Show.

I remember it was some sort of mystery or drama revolving around a town resisting some sort of change in a European (probably British) or Canadian town.  I remember there is one old, angry woman who would constantly cause trouble by calling people from the telephone box closest to her house.  She hears some sort of gossip and takes her walker to get to the telephone box to tell someone what she hears.  Once she is inside, a car goes out of control and hits the telephone box, it goes flying into the air and when it lands theres breaking glass and the woman presumably dies.

I think there was an earlier scene were two elderly men walked in on another one of their friends who had died violently.  I seem to remember a man crying with blood on his hand over a dead body.

It wasn’t Doctor Who, before anyone asks, but it was a black telephone box with glass windows.  This is one of my earliest memories and it has been driving me insane for years.

It may or may not be a movie but a man and a woman are covered In paint in a room and they have to mixed the colours together

The only part of this “show” I remember is a boy letting his male friend into a room and followed in by a girl, I don’t remember clearly what colour paint each had on but I’m sure one was in blue and to leave the room they had to mix the pain on their body to make a colour so they could leave. They both looks confused and realised what they have to do so they helped each other out.  This is the only memory I have I just hope it’s helpful.

Can’t figure this out! Please help!!

Okay so me and my sister cannot find this movie and it’s driving us crazy. We used to watch it in the car on the vhs player. This was probably around 2005-2008 that we would watch it but I’m not sure what year it’s from. It’s in color and English.
Okay, so this movie is about a girl who is probably around 13-15 years old and at the beginning of the movie her parents tell her she’s going to live with her grandma over the summer and she’s not very happy about it. We remember her grandma living in China but it could be somewhere else in Asia. She goes and has a bad attitude about being there and kind of gives her grandma a hard time. Her grandma makes egg drop soup and she is disgusted by it. She ends up meeting some boys that live in the area and know her grandma. They aren’t really friends at first. She tells her grandma she needs to shower so her grandma takes her to the bathtub that is in the back of her house that you have to light a fire under. She’s appalled that she has to bathe outside. She becomes friends with the boys and they show her a game that they play. They hop on a train that goes by the area and hop off.
She starts to grow on her grandma and the place she lives and starts to enjoy it. The smallest boy in the group gets injured jumping off the train and really hurts himself. They visit him in the hospital where he has a bandage wrapped around his head. The summer ends and she doesn’t want to go back. She’s sad to leave her grandma and new friends.
Please help us find what this movie is! It’s killing us.😭 Thank you!

Movie trailer where people in suits run on street at night

The film was shot in the last 2-3 years.

I’ve only seen the trailer. Probably, it was in instagram.  As I remember, it was festival winneror competitor.

It’s evening / night, and people are running down the street. One shot, long scene. First it seems like one person, then others run after him. Purposefully, in suits, jackets. They don’t run too fast, but they don’t plan to stop. And the voiceover begins to say something.


Maaaay be it was film from Berlinale, or shoted in Berlin, but Im not sure about this.

English horror film from the 60’s? 70’s

So this was a horror movie I saw as a kid. English, maybe a Hammer film but not any of the big Hammer actors. The premise was something to do with the upstairs tenant, a murderer, who could be identified by the way he would steeple his fingers and then tap the finger tips together. He somehow is killed I think, but possesses another person, that we see doing the same thing with their hands at the end. Thanks in advance

Adventure movie from 80s

Please help to identifu an adventure movie from 80s (maybe early 90s, but unlikely)
Ex-military and scientist are going through jungle in the search of treasure.
They find remains of a helicopter with a skeleton with a gun. It appeared to be ex-military man ex-copilot.
Threasure map highlights 3 dangers. 2nd danger was statues with lasers, 3rd danger was a giant blind snake, which was attracted by the scent of the map.

Need help with this movie

A group of girls is doing some crime (can’t remember if it’s bank heist or something else)

One of the girls got badly shot and is close to dying, they are trying to keep her alive at the backseat of the car. They drive to their hiding place, it looks like an abandoned warehouse.

One guy has followed them (I think he’s an fbi agent) They points their guns at him, but he says he can help the wounded girl. He tells the other girls what stuff he will need to save her.

The girls leaves her with him, that they realises he’s not a a threat, and they go finish their crime.

When they comes back the girl is in recovery and she is chilling with the guy on the couch.

I remember they have clothes on a rack in the warehouse (I think for disguise)

I hope this info is enough for one of you to know the movie, as it really bothers me that I can’t find it

I really can’t remember much of the movie scene either

It’s an army movie I think, to help better explain:

soldier A

Soldier B

in the scene soldier A is explaining to higher ups or fellow soldiers  how soldier B managed to save soldier A and others from either a sinking tank, car or boat. I think soldier B was doing something like a solo mission and was being monitored by soldier A or the higher ups. I can’t remember the title or any other details

1981? 82? Three men w/machine guns traveling in a big truck, chased by bad guys

Movie.  (Maybe made-for-TV?) Saw it on TV in the early 80s.  It looked pretty recent at the time.

Three guys are traveling on the highways and they’re being pursued by bad guys.  Both sides have machine guns.  I think one of the good guys dies.  Eventually they make it to wherever they’re going, and their wives are waiting for them, and the wife of the guy who died sees he’s not there and cries.  That’s about all I got!

A girl is being dragged by her hair from the car

Trying to recall the film with the scene, where a girl is being dragged by her hair from the car at full speed.

The scene, as I get it, looked like this: a hand is stuck out of the car window at right angles, it holds the girl’s head above the ground as the car is moving.

I didn’t watch the film itself, but remember the scene from the trailer I saw many years ago. I could assume the film was of asian origin.

teen comedy

  1. watched in 2009 year on TV
  2. colored teen comedy most likely from some european country (not engish speaking)
  3. I remember a piece of the plot: In general, 2 friends went with their parents and the younger brother of one of them to relax in nature with tents. The guys wanted to have sex with girls, just nearby was something like a camp for girls. The guys tried to make love with them, one of them succeeded. He took the girl to the barn and they almost already started kissing when calling him from his mother to find out where he was. He replied that he was with the cow in the barn, and the girl heard this and thought that she had said this about her and went away.
  4. Another piece of the plot: because of a joke of this younger brother, a visually impaired woman went into the shower room when there were these guys

Cannot a horror movie for a while


It was quite a while since i was watching that movie, so i will tell about it, but i’m not sure about my memory ^_^

It’s a horror, thriller, … moive

It is about family and new house. Family: man, woman. Could have kid/kids. House, perhaps, had 2 floors. It’s very likley that house is near lake or pound. Near the house was a stable, barn or shed.

So … in the house were living also two sisters, could be even twins. And they were living/hiding in the walls. Walls are doubled, so there is a space in between. Girls could move from one place to another in the house by using secret ways.

As i remember they were bad to main characters. Could be because of their parents raising them unproperly. I don’t remeber they were real or they were ghosts or smth supernatural…

From here i can not be sure if the next memory from another movie or not 🙂

But seems like it from the same.

The last memory is about the end of the movie:After previous actions in the house guy goes to the shed, and finds in there a secret/hiden way to some place. That place was smth like the centre of evil or round altar. There were a lot of books on a round shelfs(not sure), and the main book in center on a pedestal or stantion(im positive), … it was open … and light started shine out of book similar to Harry Potter, could be that even some signs from book started to go out of book and swirl around the book along with the shine as if the book is a living creature or has a power.

I had some tries to find movie by name. I though it had a name “House near the Lake” or “a Lake House”, didn’t find desired result, but i was sure atm. I think this movie like 1990-2015. At least last time i tried this period. I would say it looks like that film is 1995-2010, but i  could be even mistaken about 90-15, there is a small chance that movie is lower than 90s. But i don’t think it’s a movie after 2015.

If i mentioned two separate movies they shoud have similar begining: family->new house->smth…

In this case I’m interested in both 🙂