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Toilet Replacement, Parents Kidnapped

This movie was 90s-2000s and I believe was on Nickelodeon, maybe a direct to TV movie?

Major scene I remember was 2 teenagers/kids playing football inside the house and the toilet gets broken. The toilet gets replaced the next day or something, but over time the kids start realizing the parents are either different or missing. Then they find the toilet replacement is a scheme to kidnap parents and adults (I think everywhere, but maybe just their parents). And there may have been some replacement of the parents with these toilet people?

Idk, was this a childhood fever dream or did this exist to anyone else?

Castle Movie With Tentacle Monster Puppet Shower

Hi there movie buffs,

I’m looking for help with finding a movie that has haunted my brain since my early childhood. I was likely age 5-7 when I saw clips of this movie, so around 2000 or so, but the movie was likely older, it had at least a 90s feel, but could be as early as the 70s. And these are memories of a stupid child warped over 20+ years so who knows if this even is remembered correctly, heck it might even be from a cheesy porno my dad left in the VCR.

The main location in the movie was a midevil-ish castle, it had a very Princess Bride, Monty Python, Robin Hood type of thing going on.

The scene that I remember the most clearly was a scene with a Renaissance ish puppet scene in the Great hall of some castle, but the show came to life and sucked people in with a kraken-esq tenticle monster/ giant squid. It almost resembled the scene in 20,000 leagues under the sea with the squid attack. But I think people from the castle’s great hall were getting sucked in to the puppet show.

The other scene I believe I remember involved a woman being levitated in a long flowing gown in what was I believe the castle graveyard? And I there were these creatures that looked like a mix of a Jawa from Star Wars and like a dementor from Harry Potter. Hooded creatures with glowing red eyes. I think there was a popular-ish costume around the late 90s early 2000s Era with them, but not the grim reaper ones.


Anybody remember anything like this?

Movie I caught on TV as a kid

I have been trying to find a movie I came across as a kid but only remember the following.  It has been driving me CRAZY trying to figure it out:

  • One character has a gold ring that he at some point used to hypnotize someone
  • A sword fight where the ring distracts someone
  • A girl being hypnotized, they wrapped up like a mummy and I THINK she was going to be sacrificed.  I believe they left her eyes exposed
  • I think the actor were brits or has British accents.
  • If it came on TV when I was young it would have been the 90s but I have no idea when the movie was actually from.

Vampire Girls?

So there was this movie, I believe, from a while ago that I watched with my dad. It was really late at night and I was a toddler, so it might not be accurate, but it stays in my mind all the time. This had to be a movie from 2004 or sooner. It reminded me of Coyote Ugly or like Man of the House with how the girls were dressed/how many girls they were. I only remember they were in/around a hot tub that had a western like feel. It had a wooden frame around it with potentially an animal skull. I really swear they were vampires because I vaguely remember them biting some guy’s neck. I could very well be making this up, but I just needed to see if anyone knew what I was talking about. I can’t find anything that roughly matches up with it, so it may not even be a movie. If you know though, please help me out!

Movie romance

Hi! Please, help to find out the man’s of the movie. I saw an episodes from the movie in Facebook with a song. Two young man and woman saw each other on the train station and they met on the train. Man had lo leave coz he was sitting not in his chair next to the woman he liked, and then he left the train and a woman stayed in it. After a while they met again, at the end was kidding under the rain. Movie might be Greece. I have a few pictures from the movie

Niteclub movie

Hi I’ve got a movie memory I can’t remember if it was the matrix reloaded or it was some other action movie one thing I know is it’s by Tristar/Columbia pictures

anyway I saw it on DVD, it begins with a woman Giving a narration on a massacre that happened at a nightclub with really creepy intense  music what happened was these guys in suits & glasses show up and shoot the place everywhere especially a guy that was singing and it’s in slow motion and the scene is very disturbing and once it’s done the music starts playing again and the last scene I remember seeing is their in a office building talking about something in a meeting I’d appreciate the help to find it thank you


Mech Anime

Looking for an Anime. MC (I think) is in an old Mech fighting newer versions and destroying them. He is in a competition style fight, he is fighting through the nobles to get to the king to save the kings like from an evil female. But the only way he can get to the king is to defeat all the nobles in mech fights. they all make fun of his mech and underestimates him and he beats them with ease. It was an Anime with English Dub.

B movie slasher update

Okay so I’ve been trying to find a slasher B movie & I simply can not find it

-I watched it off a site in 2014/2015

– All I can remember is the shower/bath scene

-movie had to be made around 2009-2015

-not sure if it was a comedy horror it could’ve been

-it was the who is the last one left standing type slasher film

-The killer had like a yellow suit sorta like the one in my bloody Valentine something like a workers suit of course with a mask on

-it was definitely low budget with a low rating

How I remember the scene: It starts off with a women getting ready to take a shower as she takes off her black underwear/thong when out of no where the killer enters the restroom & once she notices she pauses for a few seconds as the killer gets closer & then she lets out a scream & trys to get away but it’s too late he grabs her & gets either it was baking soda,borax,or something close it was in an orange box he gets it from the Shower & then pours it down her throat claiming another one


Update: it’s like a copy cat of my bloody Valentine 3D tbh & the guy had a yellow suit like a raincoat & it was definitely a gas mask


Anything can help to find this movie thank you


two boys scrap together a sailboat to cross the desert

I saw that Chiwetel Ejiofor directed a movie called “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”. At first I wondered if it’s a remake from a movie I vaguely remember. It is not.

On to the movie I can’t seem to find:

Two boys are stranded in the desert. (Plane crash? or are they abandoned?)
After initial despair, they find a half buried sail boat, and scrap it together putting wheels on it, so they can “sail” across the desert.

I saw this in my childhood / early teens, so late 1990s, early 2000s, on Austrian television, or German cable. It was dubbed to German, but given the setting of Africa?, there’s every chance it’s a French production.

Please help me find this movie!

Help me find the movie

I’ve been looking for a very high-quality thriller for a long time, I don’t remember either the actors or the title. Plot: a man dies, the devil gets into his body and returns to the house to his wife, who suspects nothing. The soul of a man is also in the house, trying with all his might to protect his wife and make himself known. Gradually, the wife begins to feel something is wrong, then she understands the whole essence of what is happening, and now she needs to get rid of this guest and survive herself. Very exciting!!!!!

1970’s British May/December Romance

The movie I’m looking for is a British movie from the 1970s, which is a romance between a married man (with a wife and two small children) who is the lighting technician for a play in which a young girl is a part. The older man and younger girl start seeing one another, before the man discovers that she is actually still a schoolgirl. In the movie, the man goes on a tour of the play with the young girl, while the wife goes overseas somewhere to do a commercial shoot where she is a model. The man and young girl eventually end up in his apartment, where they sleep together, and she accidentally leaves a ribbon in the bed. His wife comes home only moments after the girl leaves. Eventually the man and the girl break up, and the man returns to his family. In the last scene in the movie, his wife discovers the girl’s ribbon in their bed, realizing that he’s been having an affair, but she keeps the information to herself.

The man’s father is a drunk and a gambler, who is unemployed. He comes to see his son at his apartment, just after he has slept with the young girl, and she is still inside. The father asks for some money, and the son gives it to him, keeping him outside, so he won’t come and see the girl.

I wish I knew the identity of one of the actors, but I don’t. The movie is set in England, kind of at the end of the swinging 60s and beginning of the 70s.

Thanks for your help!

Mother helps son commit suicide

I’m reposting this from 2017 by *Lisa because it really piqued my interest and there were no responses. Please rack your brains movie buffs, I’m dying to watch it. Thanks!

An older woman brings a big metal bowl to her grown son seated with back to camera. The bowl is to catch the blood when he slits his wrists. Her assistance is all very matter of fact. Scene cut to close up of trash bag set tidily out on the street for pickup which presumably contains his body.

This would have been late 60s or early 70s. I think it was in B&W (but can’t swear to it) and was before cable tv so networks or an indy station in NC. Could have been from a movie or TV episode.

God is a Doll Maker and Hell is a Carnival

I swear this movie exists but I can’t find it anywhere. It’s a movie where a kid and a dad end up at this carnival that turns out to be Hell. God is a doll maker. The Devil has a really profound conversation with the kid towards the end of the movie and that’s when you learn they’ve died and are in Hell. Kid gets sent to Heaven while Dad (I think) gets stuck at the carnival. Does anyone know what this movie is?! It’s driving me CRAZY!