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Only few people have azure blue eyes

So, I’ve watched this movie I think 10 years ago, min!

  • I remember that it starts like this: it’s raining, it’s night.
  • Movie is divided in four parts. Every part is named: Beginning of the beginning, end of the beginning, beginning of an end, end of an end.
  • Only few people in this movie have really intense color of azure blue eyes and it means something important.
  • Somewhere in the movie, one of the lead roles die. He has short black hair, wears glasses, and is scientist or something like that. The comet comes striking from the universe and it hits only him!
  • There is a young boy who is searching for his mother, I think, and he finds her in some secret room, filled with light, and I think she dies when she meets him.


I really hope someone will know what movie is this! I’ve been searching for it for few years now, whenever I remember, but without a result. Make me happy people pleaaaase! ūüėÄ

Cult horror movie with chanting people and a man that goes mad

I saw this weird movie as a kid. It is focused on a man who is trapped in a cult and includes a lot of outdoor scenes. I think there might be some invisible dome that keeps people inside. There are lots of people there who have given in to the cult and they do a lot of chanting. There is also some ear piercing sound that the cult members create with their chants which sends the guy mad.  The people might also be wearing some uniform. Could have been a TV only thing, no idea.

Boy learns about sex, European movie

i saw this movie once when I was a kid, guessing it was Russian but I had no idea what language they were speaking.

i only remember a few of the following scenes:

young boy is going to school, his friend shows him 2 dogs on the street having doggystyle sex and saying something like that’s how grown ups do it.

they save up some money and pay a student to show her vagina, she opens her legs on the seat outdoor but incidentally, they couldn’t see anything as it was only very brief and she didn’t quite show anything. She then walks away and the young boy and his friend don’t say anything except “I didn’t see it”.

the young boy peeks at an elder family member having sex one late night.

the ending portrays the young boy dancing with an older, or if I’m mistaken, a taller girl whom he likes. Some European music fades in and cue in credits.

Man Convinces other Men that ugly women are desirable so he can keep his beautiful woman

From the 60’s? A villager decides that in order to have a beautiful woman, he needs to convince the other men of the village that less attractive women are the most desirable. Incredibly sexist movie, but one I remember watching at a VERY young age, sneaking t.v. late at night. There was no nudity from what I can remember. I would have seen it around 1989 or so…

Thanks for your input! I have been searching for years!

Man cult kills pregnant women

The film was on Netflix at one point and that’s where I saw it.

It was in English.

Takes place in Ireland or Scotland.

Its about this couple who moves there, the women can’t have children and they are adopting from a nearby ¬†orphanage. Then her cow dies and she goes to burry it and finds a body with weird ritualistic things that make it obvious it’s sacrificed. Skip forward and there’s a man cult who get women pregnant and then 3 days after the child is born they sacrifice them to their god or whatever because they are super humans or so they think.

Woman in Red Silk Nightgown and Robe

Hello, I just want to know the name of the crime movie. I watched it on youtube several years ago. It was colored movie ( I’m not sure it was movie or TV series ), and I think it came from 80’s or 90’s. There was the scene where woman in red long silk nightgown and robe (the setting is in apartment or hotel room), was visited by someone, but when she open the door, she was shot instantly in the head, and after that the shooter was taken her necklace and abandoned her corpse. Thank you very much before for anyone can help.

Funeral with candy thrown into grave

There’s a group of kids and and one kids dies…can’t remember how or why. several things point to the kid being alive but the adults attribute it to coincidence. The “dead” kid goes into a mine but when the miner goes to mine, the kid kills him. A search party goes into the mine to figure out how the miner died and strange things start to happen. They leave and close the mine. At the “dead” kids funeral, the other kids throw colorful flowers and lollipops or candy into the grave. Eventually the “dead” kid comes back…can’t remember how or why.

Movie trailer on saw on Hulu

Ok Guys lol I need your help I saw a trailer on Hulu a while back that was the upcoming movies coming out that was a more of a thriller a ya know who done it than romance but it’s came out this year or hasn’t yet and the movie was set in the 1800s with this young woman being forced to marry a man that was horrible and he was the master of the house and kind of controlled her a lot and then suddenly mysteriously disappeared and then the woman started getting happy that he was gone and then started an affair with some young man for a bit but then the husband suddenly returns and it was trick to see if she would stay faithful to him and then all I remember is that the husband wanted the affair to stop but then the other guy killed husband and the butler starts getting suspicious of the two thinking they killed the husband or the master of the house does any one remember this trailer on Hulu I desperately wanna figure it out cus it looks like a good thriller and the actress looked like Elizabeth Olsen but I googled her upcoming movies and she doesn’t have any films like that coming out right now so it’s got to be her or someone that resembles her I hope this helps so I can figure out the name of the movie

Foreign Mystery Drama

I remember seeing this movie on tv, quite possibly my laptop. It was in color. I feel like it was a foreign language movie. There is a couple who is moving into or is trying to move into this apartment. There is a old man who I think infects himself with something or kills himself or one of the people in the couple. I remember newspaper being put up on the windows.  There is a letter / envelope that is slid under the door. They are all involved in some sort of riddle. ,

80s Romantic Comedy Possibly

I am assuming this movie is from the 80s, the fashion gave that impression. It had a woman go out in the evening to a club with friends, i believe it was a club, she meets and falls for a man i think was famous, a singer possibly? Something happens that causes them to be separated, and mishap after mishap occurs as she searches for him to only find him again at the very end of the movie. I think they reunite on the steps of a plane.

I’ve searched everywhere and just can’t find this obscure old movie.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

That Mexican penguin movie

as a kid there was always a blockbuster,Hollywood video or any video rental, I always have a nack of picking movies good or bad as long as they are animated then came this movie that I can’t stop thinking about it’s about this penguin family who goes on a beach then suddenly some poachers showed up and kidnaps the teenage daughter of the penguin,so now the family goes to this journey to an island to rescue her,meanwhile the penguin daughter gets acquainted with this other teenage penguin ,then there’s an evil scientist with wants to mix species into fucked up hybrids. I’m just looking for the title and also I remember it in Spanish language (it has subtitles)

Trippy ambient music movie

So I have been looking for a movie for hours and hours… It’s a cgi type¬†movie from around the 2000’s. It had a Latin title I believe, and was a good hour or two long with no words. Just Trippy ¬†psychedelic ¬†Imagery of geometric shapes and historical imagery. It had an ambient/electronic soundtrack the entire movie.

It was more a “experience movie.” Than a major commercial movie and never came out in theaters I just remember it having a website with info and a place to order the movie. Please help! I know it’s a long shot but I can’t think of anything else to do. I have searched for it for years after I forgot the title.

Divorced woman affair

So, the plot begins with a divorced woman with a son . One daytwo men from the church visit them and one of them is hot with whom she starts her affair. Then one day the church guy sees her with her ex and gets angry and then he gets obsessed about her and tries to kill her husband but he dies in the end. Movie watched in 2014. It was a low budget movie. I think one of the lifetime movies. English.


Movie bugging me for years! Help!

Hey! I hope someone can help with this, I don’t have a lot to go on.

I saw a movie, probably in the early/mid 90s.


I ¬†remember a scene where several people were sitting in a dark room, and they each cut their hands to prove they bleed and are not cyborgs. (I guess the robots were passing for humans..) ¬†At least 1 female and 2 male characters in this scene. One of the guys cuts his hand and angrily says something like “there. Satisfied?”


And a second scene after that where the female protagonist thinks she has killed the robot/cyborg, and finds a note that says “there were two”.


Please help! I’m going crazy!

Ninja Cartoon 90s VHS


I hope someone can help I’ve been trying to find the name of a VHS tape I had when I was a kid.

The movie would have been from the early 90s.  It was a cartoon about a young ninja I think he had a red suit.  I remember 2 scenes one was in a cave filled with water and they were jumping across stones (sorry not a lot to go on there).  Another scene I remember was of two characters fighting and one of them was able to mimic the other fighter.

I hope someone can help me out it’s been driving me nuts.