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Possibly harvesting children

I watched this movie when I was in elementary so it was probably made in the 2000s…I might’ve watched it around 2007? Anyways, the small parts I remember is that there were a bunch of kids going to a…private(?) school and every kid there was going to be harvested. The teacher’s weren’t supposed to tell the kids what was going to happen to them but one teacher did. Some kids ended up running away. I’m not sure what happened after that but I do remember one of the main characters running into a hospital to get his friend, but her organs were already harvested. She was still walking around though, the hospital took the children’s organs slowly not all at once. So the main character and his friend tried to escape. That is all I can remember. The film is in color. This has been irritating me for years, especially ever since Neal Shusterman wrote Unwind. The book reminds me of the movie.

Big spider movie

Big spider movie.  Not Tarantula or other well known spider movies.  Last scene I remember was 3 guys in a building with the spider and one says, “careful, it’s going to strike.”  It then “flies” to one of the men and bites him in the neck killing him.   They kill the spider and one guy says the dead man probably died more of shock than the bite.  Any ideas?

help me find this movie

The last time i saw this movie was when i was really young but it was on VHS so it had to come out maybe in the 80’s or further back.

This movie takes place a long time ago its about a young princess who is being hunted by the government to be killed like her own family, i believe they did have an accent so possibly a russian princess. Her family was poisoned and when she is being taken away by i think it was her uncle the wagon hit a rock and she got knocked out and forgot her past. When she wakes up she is the daughter of a poor farming family but only has a very interesting jeweled egg left and she has flash backs of seeing her family but they only have white faces.

Older film set in the 50’s maybe?

I watched this movie when I was about 12 (20+) years ago.  I think the film was set in the 50’s give or take.  A little girl was sexually abused (unknowingly) by a man she knew, he gave her a small amount of change to touch him inappropriately.  She eventually felt uncomfortable doing this, in which he forced her to do it eventually.  I think this was in a southern setting in the 50’s.

Teen rom com doodling/sharpie make out

HI, I saw this movie late 90’s most likley early 2000’s. I’m pretry sure I rented it from the video store. It was in english, color. It was a teen movie the guy and the girl were sitting down on the floor against a wall  in what i think was a dorm ( probabablly the girl’s). I can’t be certain but I think they were in the hallway and were locked out. Anyway someone had a sharpie/marker ( My guess is he did). They start drawing on each other, (s)he draws something (lips?) and kisses on top and so on so forth. And an implicit sex scene follows. Camera pans out afterwards they are lying down on the floor laughing and covered with drawings ( she is most likely in lingire bra/panties combo.) It’s sort of like that scene from 100 girls with the paint.

I can not find this sharpie make out scene teen movie! Lol . help!

Kid has spitballs/wet paper put in his hair by bullies

It’s an animated movie and English. Most of my memory is of the beginning. A kid, I think blonde, has spitballs or some kind of mushy white pieces put in his hair by a bully, I believe while he’s at school. Near the end I think there was a part where that kid and one or two others were in a place with a stone floor that was breaking apart and shifting to different elevations. I also think there was a green goblin-looking guy. I saw it probably between 2005 and 2010, somewhere around there. I’m pretty sure my family had it on a tape for the VCR. For some reason I had been thinking it was an Imaginext movie but I can’t find anything like that, so it probably isn’t relevant.

A possible late 80’s made for TV Sci-Fi movie and a 90’s horror movie or anthology series.

Hello. The first movie was American, English, in color. I think I possibly saw it in the early to mid-90’s, it was on television in the evening. It had the look like it could have been a late 80’s or 90’s Sci-Fi movie and also might have been a made for TV movie as it felt like it had that quality.

I do not remember much from the movie and I think I turned it on close to the end. I remember there was a circus on a planet with children but they were bad and led by someone I always envision as Michael Ironside (or similar Bad guy character). Then in space I think there are two “Capital” ships and the ship of the good guys is damaged and they cannot fire their weapons. There is a race by some of the crew to try and rewire something so that they can get one of their broadside cannons to work and just in the nick of time they are able to fire it. I remember that the person was looking outside of the porthole towards the other ship as time was winding down and that I think he had to manually pull the trigger or something.

That is all I can remember and I wonder if after all this time I might have added scenes that might not have been there. I don’t remember seeing a title or anything.

The second movie was American, English in color and I am pretty sure was in the 90’s on TV but I caught very little of it. A friend of mine said that it sounds like something he remembered that was part of an anthology type series but he could not remember the name. I don’t know if it was a movie, though it seemed like it was the length of a movie.

The scenes I remember were a group of soldiers who were lost in these tunnels and trying to find their way out. It seemed like it might have been an international team of modern soldiers (around the 80’s 90’s), but I thought there was at least one female soldier. I remember a scene where it showed at a distance a group of 5 or so people standing outside on the left with a rock face on the right, possibly where the entrance to the tunnels were either waiting or wondering why the soldiers were taking so long. The team became split up and they were running from something, each group or individual trying to find their way out. Skeletons were coming out of the dirt walls and taking them out one by one. I also remember they were following shells pressed into the walls and realized at one point that the shells were being moved. There was also a “civilian” with the team because I remember that the civilian and the soldier guy going up through a hole in the ceiling of this room to get away from the skeletons and in the room above was a skeleton on a cot and moved like they just woke him up.

It defiantly had a horror vibe to it, in the same way I think I remember Stephen Kings Graveyard shift, but I don’t know if I am mixing up movies.

Thank you for all your help.


scene where dude gets strangles from behind in TV show.

Im looking for a episode if a TV -show i saw on television somewhere between 2005-2007. I think it was CSI miami episode, but there are chances it could’ve one of  CSI’ in the other citites. Hell, it could even be another crime show.


The scene i remember: 

It was one of them flashback scenes the shows has, that shows the viewer the crime scene, where everything is a bit blurred with a certain filter.

They are in a van, a black guy is asking if the group he is with is ready, however , what seems to be the leader of the group suddenly strangles him from behind with some kinda wire, and says something like “Yeah, but not with you” as he kills him.


Thats pretty much it, i wish i could remember more! Any hint is appreciated!

Two Movies (late night encore/cinemax & old 1980s movie)

1st Movie: American, English, in color (think it was even HD), saw it roughly 2006 on a movie channel (not HBO, was either encore/cinemax/starz) at roughly 3am and I believe the movie was either brand new or was recent (so early/mid 2000’s). I know it wasn’t part of a series because it had it’s own title, pretty sure it was a one word or two word title.

Very few details on what I remember: There was a dad with a teenage son and a young daughter, recently married the stepmom. They moved to a house that was kind of off a highway out in the open by itself (a lot of scenes took place in the kitchen which looked out the front of the house).

Things I know: Teenager didn’t like the stepmom but then ‘something’ happens where they don’t know what they’re doing and they make out then realize and stop. ‘Something’ makes them do it. Same something (don’t want to use the word possessed, or mind control but possibly either/both) makes the dad go crazy at the end of the movie and try to kill both of his kids.

Things I think I know: The dad and stepmom worked together as a lab. Either scientists or something. A sheriff visits them at their house more than once (and gets killed) because something at their work happened.

Not sure what genre to put it in, was sort of sci-fi, not really a full blown horror movie. Just a random late night b-movie.

2nd Movie: American, English, in color, saw it early 90’s (could have been from early 90’s but memory is telling me probably from the 80’s).

I only remember what I assume was the beginning/early movie scene. A dad and his son are at a roadside gas station (or restaurant) – maybe don’t pay for food or steal gas, were those types of people – and a mom and daughter sort of con-artist team are there also and steal the guys wallet or try to scam them in some way. Man isn’t fooled or catches her in the act or afterwards and confronts her. Whatever happens and the woman and daughter end up asking for and getting a ride from the man and son (two pairs of con-artists/scammers/thieves become one group?) but what I remember most is the teenage boy and girl were in the backseat and he fell asleep on her and when he woke up he had drooled all over her breasts. The mom and daughter did a lot of “leading on” of the man and boy but I can’t remember the rest of the movie after that, or if I even watched it further.

Thanks for any help.

90’s action movie

I saw it when I was at a bar with a friend years ago.  He thinks it was a Van Damme movie, but I do not.  At one point the hero impales a bag guy with a spear, then throws the spear, bad guy and all, into a spinning carnival prize wheel.  The hero kills the main bad guy by punching him in the face, the bad guy then falls over a railing into a vat of acid.  Since we were at a bar, we weren’t paying that much attention to it, but every time we looked at the screen something ridiculous was going on.