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An adaptation of the little match girl. Animated. Help!!

It was a short film or tv episode of an adaptation of the little match girl. It was in colour and in english and was most likely late 90’s or early 2000’s. For some reason I can’t find it, it’s a very obscure version. It starts with an old lady telling a girl the story of the little match girl. In the story I remember her grandmother died when the carriage they lived in went off the cliff (and that’s how the little match girl became an orphan). I also remember it had a happy ending where the match girl didn’t actually die, in fact, the old lady telling the story is revealed to be the little match girl.

Bad Quality Fairy-tale type Cartoon. Please help! This has been stuck with me for years!

I tried to submit this before but I guess it didn’t work? So I’m trying again.
It’s an english animated movie made in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. The film starts off with a prince/knight fighting a dragon, he has a comical anthropomorphic bird side-kick. The prince/knight is the main character and he’s called (it sounds like) “Toe-me-toe”. The princess is captured by a sorceress and forced to drink some poison out of a chalice or else the sorceress will kill the prince/knight guy. The princess sings about him and then drinks and passes out in her carriage cage thing. It’s revealed in a flashback that the sorceress turned into a bird and tried to kidnap the princess as a baby (but failed). In the end it’s happily ever after and the bird side-kick finds a female bird and falls in love last minute.

Very Sexual Movie

I saw a English movie long time back, where the woman is madly in love with a man,  towards the ending in a strange bid to impress the man, woman stands in his office for a day or two continuously,  i remember the film- makers even showing that the woman pees. after the man is impressed he finally takes the woman to a bathtub and gives her a nice bath. then the movie ends.

kind of an erotic movie. I remember one more scene where the man fornicates the woman from behind in the same office and discovers poop in her underwear and gets mad that the woman doesnt have basic hygiene ?


this one has been making me insane.. plz answer

film recognization help


I think i saw it at 1998-2003. The film starts with a little meteorite shower in daytime at a small village.  One of them go through an old womens chest. she falls down and after that stands up like a zombie. If someone get contact with theese meteorites, theyre also transorm into zombies. At the end of the movie some of the survivors want to leave the village, but at the village border a huge wall stand infront of them. The wall is giant spaceships covering the whole village, spines stand out from it and the entire top is foggy and sparking. Thats everything what i can remember. Thanks for the help



1980’s sex comedy

An old american 1980’s sex comedy, kinda like ScrewBalls.

One scene there were two kids had sneaked into the vents of a house where there was a party going on. Then they were looking up through the vents at the under-breasts of the women partying above them.

Another scene there was an old man, probably the principal of the school sitting in a car.  Then this girls passes a hose into the back window and knocks him out with the car fumes.  Then she presses her breasts against the glass next to his face to prove that he’s knocked out.

what is the name of this movie???


i saw a movie about 7-10 years ago about a woman with sex addiction.
i will describe it below, and you guys please help me to know the name of that:
the movie was about a woman with sex addiction, she has a husband who is busy with his job, he works in midnight even in bed! the woman wants a hot sexual relationship. therefor she start to cheating on her husband.
in one scene she make sexual relationship with a water in restaurant toilet.
in other scene she make it with a man in boat near her house.
in other scene she meet a man in a bar and seduce him to make relationship, in a hotel room the man cover her eyes and tie her to bed and another man join them! they start to beating scared woman. finally she escape and she hospitalize in a hospital. at the end her husband find out everything about her problem…


French Film about a Teenage Boy Who Gets a Job in a Restaurant

Hi. I’m looking for a french film (I think – could be Italian) where a teenage boy who is alone in the world gets a job at a restaurant on a pier. He makes friends with a waiter there who is much older. The restaurant owner is in a downward spiral and the restaurant starts to struggle, many staff leave him and his wife does also. Eventually he goes berserk, sets fire to the restaurant and kills the boy in a fit of rage. The last scene is the waiter the boy made friends with claims the boy’s body from the morgue as he is the only one who is left who cared about the boy. He drives out of the morgue with the boy’s coffin on the roof of his car.


Movie was probably released in the early 90s but could have been late 80s.

Maybe called whispers?

I am trying to remember this movie-I only saw the extended preview. It was a kids birthday party of something in the opening, and there was treehouse. Something about whispers maybe? One kid ended up luring the mom up to a treehouse and pushed her out. It hasn’t been out that long. I remember her making the kid a sandwich or something in the preview. I know this is random and not very descriptive but it’s driving me crazy!


  • Movie was on Netflix about 8 years ago.
  • I think I remember it saying it one a film festival award in description
  • Plot was three friends are hanging out in this wooded area. One of the friends gets his head blown off my a random sniper. Eventually one other of the friends gets sniped too. The last surviving friend finds an abandoned factory where the shooters (I think there were two shooters together) were and kills them.
  • The movie had a homemade quality to it
  • I have no idea what the name is and can’t find it by searching on Google.


ok! I saw a movie when I was younger and I have no idea what it is. It is set in late 80s or 90s I think. All I remember is there was a pretty blonde girl in a house with a attractive guy and an unpopular guy. The movie is about the unpopular guy and how he likes the blonde girl but she likes the attractive guy. I know there was a pool scene and a weird dream sequence where the unpopular guy was in a highchair eating like a baby. (I know this movie sounds weird) I have never seen the movie since then! Help me out!

I can’t remember the name of this movie. It has been in my head for yearsss. ugh i need to know the name. please help!

The movie involves a man who is in a house/museum not sure. and he is standing infront of paintings. He either walks through the paintings or visualizes himself in the scenes of the paintings. One of the scenes was in an asain village where he walks through a field of flowers. and no it is not What Dreams may come.

Red Lingerie-Black Stocking Woman Handcuffs in Bed Sexually Abused by Bare-chested Man

I’ve been looking this movie/tv show for years from short clip on youtube channel named BONDAGE TV.

Woman wears red lingerie-black stocking handcuffs in bed and gag by bare-chested man in closed room with red heart neon lamp on the ceilling. The woman feels disgraced & angry, trying to escape from cuffs, then kick down sleep lamp next to the bed. There is another woman laying down unconscious with massive blood stain in pink jumpsuit. Next, he wears latex mask, move the dying lady up to mattress, try to scares the lingerie woman, but she kicked down the unconscious woman back to floor. The man records the whole act and feel satisfied, even he laughing at camera, suddenly stumbling down from his chair to floor.