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Can’t Remember Much But I Know It Was A Good Movie, 😊

The only thing I can remember about this movie is that it looks like it took place in the 90s, It was a straight to DVD release, and it really reminds me of an old Freedom Writers . Also, I bought it from a gas Station. . . . In the end of the movie the kids all get a chance to recite a poem that they wrote and this one Spanish kid gets up and recites his and he finishes his poem by shouting “FROMUNDA CHEESE !!” Please help I saw this movie back in like 2009/2010.

Can anyone help me with these old films


  1. Its in English, set during the period of the black death, where a mother places her two children on an island to escape the plague. It is set in England, the kids are one male and one female, there is a boat that is on a chain so the mother can give them food supplies. It is in a deeply wooded area, I think the film was in colour, and would be at least 20-30years old. I have never seen it since I was a kid, 90’s. That is all I remember.

2. The premise of the second. Set in England, in the middle ages at the time of the English Civil War. A young royalist soldier falls in love with the daughter of a parliamentarian government official. The story follows their guarded secret set in a deep wood, until discovered, and a fire starts with him rescuing her, and the parliamentarian father obtaining a pass to enable the young man to get to France and serve his king in exile.

Many thanks in advance for anyone who can help me.


Trying to remember 80’s motorcycle serial killer movie

In the early 90’s when I was 13 or 14, I remember seeing a movie on Cinemax or Showtime in the middle of the day when I was home for the Summer – it’s haunted me ever since, and I would love to know what it was. It was a serial killer slasher movie in which the killer wore an all-black outfit and a black motorcycle helmet, and would drive around decapitating people with a long blade. The movie was likely dubbed into English, maybe from Italy or Spain. At the end of the movie I think the killer might have turned out to be a beautiful young woman with short brown hair. I also think I remember there being gratuitous shots of decapitated heads. At any rate, if anyone has any idea what movie this is, I’d so appreciate it!

Older drama/romance pregnant

Saw a movie on TV about 9 years ago on SBS I’m pretty sure. It was in color possibly from 80s or 90s. From what I can remember the guys name is Rodney or Roddy or some thing similar. He’s lives in a farming village and is leaving to get an education in the city. The day he leaves a girl he’s close with runs after him and they have intercourse against a stone fence and he then leaves. She’s pregnant and her mistress watches her eat an apple from a cart and talk with the farm boy which makes her ask the girl if she has been fooling around with him which she denies. Fast forward and the girl has a daughter Rodney returns in a suit and gifts but the girl is now married I think her husband may get shot.



A movie about a man transforming and sacraficing himself lol

Ok … so somewhere around 2002 and 2009 There was an independent film that looked very odd.  The movie kinda seemed as if it was in black and white. The angles were weird. Basically this guy is going through a series of awkward situations. I cant remember if he was taking drugs but i do remember him going through an area in a house that was falling apart and he was risking his life kinda like he was sacraficing himself to save his daughter or girlfriend. Like the movie was very confusing until you get to the end and you see why he was risking his life.

help me find a movie

hey all,

so I am trying to remember a really good horror I watched some years back…here is what I remember….

I watched it between 2003-2011 (not helpful I know as it could have been older)

It was basically like an old American village I think, a group of discoverer fell into and found this hidden tomb like thing.

It sort of like lifted a curse and lots of mummies came to life and killed all the villagers, one guy got his spine ripped clean out trying to run away. it was so gory and horrific but really good.

IM sure they were mummies, could have been corpses but were definitely decomposed and did not really look like zombies, so not night of living dead etc.

I can not for the life of me remember it.

Boy, girl, and old Man who are the prisoners of indians escape their tower

So this boy and girl get captured by people who look like Indians and are put in a tower surrounded by a cliff. Inside is an old man who tells them they can escape because of the boy. They tie the rope around the boy’s ankles and he crawls through this hole in the tower. Then he is hanging from the rope and swings himself until he reaches the edge and unties himself. Then he sneaks behind the Indians who are having a bonfire and opens the door for the girl and old man. It was in English and was a movie and in color.

A thriller that was on Netflix within the last year

I watched this film on Netflix sometime in the early spring of this year, but I’ve long forgotten the title. It was about a boy and a girl who lived in some awful northeastern town, and both go kind of crazy as their lives progress- she ends up on drugs and getting raped by the sherrif’s son at a local club, he ends up biting off the school bully’s thumb after they throw a bottle of piss at him in the school shower, only to be sent away and medicated. The entire film is basically spent leading you on to think that the guy will end up shooting up their highschool- and he almost does, but changes his mind at the last minute and is arrested. When the girl finds out, she takes matters into her own hands and kills everybody who was involved in making their childhoods hell- the diddling priest who’d molested her friend all through elementary school, the sheriff who’d covered up her rape, the principal, who’d helped, the gym teacher, who’d also been involved somehow, her actual rapist, and everybody in the police station, after which she frees the guy, sending him off with a bunch of cash to live out a real life, and spending the rest of her life in a mental hospital.
The name was something to do with the club they were in, which was based on a locally famous gravemarker that was meant to be haunted. I want to say it was “Andrea Brown,” or something like that on the marker, but I can’t remember.

I remember this movie

I remember this one scene from a movie i saw when i was staying at a hotel on vacation. The only scene i remember is this drunk guy shot himself in the foot at a party. And he had a visor on his head, it was upside down and to the side.

Its at least from the 90s to early 2000s. I cant think of the movie though. It was just on the hotel tv. This was 2004 or 2005. So a long time ago. Please help me here lol

Anime movie where girl uses a stick to draw a circle around some people. She then uses magic to set everyone in the circle on fire.

I saw it a while ago (lets say around 2008) and I remember a few of the scenes, just not the title. It has to be in English since I couldn’t have read subtitles at the time. It was definitely in color, and there was a second girl with the first, and they fought some green guy? Maybe he was a frog? I was like 4 when I saw it.

asian movie, women chased by wolves

I was scrolling through facebook today, and a movie clip popped up. It was in Chinese or Japanese, I believe. I had gotten no more than 20 seconds into the clip when my phone died, and I couldn’t find it again! The scene entailed a group of women dressed all in white being hunted by wolves and shot with arrows by the onlooking (long haired) asian men. It seemed to be for sport, or could have been some sort of sacrificial ceremony judging by the all white dresses. (almost like nightgowns) I would be so grateful for the title, as Google has failed me yet again. Thank you in advance!!