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I just remember some of the plot and one specific scene

I remember this movie I saw on TV in the mid 2000s. I think the channel was HBO Family, but I could be wrong about that.

It was about these two groups of kids (I think they were in summer vacations) and they had these camps or something like it. One camp would pretend to be soldiers and the other were native americans (I think) and they would have this sort of prank war with some rules between them but then the kid who was the leader of the soldier camp decided not to follow the rules anymore and things got out of hand.

Also I think there was this Romeo and Juliet type subplot between a boy from the native american camp and the sister of the leader (or one of the leaders) of the soldier camp.

The specific scene I remember is one in which a boy from the native american camp was captured by the soldier camp and they threatened to put leeches on him so the boy would tell them some information abut the rest of the group.

The movie also referenced some sort of conflict between the parents but I do not remember much about that.

Dont know the title i remember fee scenes

i watched the mobie like 2005-2007

It is about how a squad of marines or something are on a mission to somewhere, they have some asians in the team, as i remember they were using swords and katanas


Some scenes i remember:

1 One of the good guys (asian) steps on a bear trap as another one shows (vilian) and kills him

2- Male and a female are in the vent as one villian woman hears them and start stabing her katana in the vent trying to kill them

3-The final fight is between two males using katanas and it was on some place where there was floating water

Searching for a movie

The movie starts with a man coming out of house and then is greeted by his Indian neighbor and his neighbors children.

He looks towards a church where a wedding is currently being held and then goes to the church and interrupts the wedding.

Then the story goes on and the guy who was getting married threatens to deport his neighbor and the girl finds out the truth and breaks up with the guy

Remember the general plot, some scenes and the end

So I’m looking for a movie I saw a long time ago.

A witch tells a group of children how each one of them will die. The main character knows he will die an old man. I think one of them dies constipated.

Knowing that, the main character lives his life to the fullest and I think he goes on a journey, meeting people. At the end, as the witch said, he dies and all the people he met are here. I think he thanks the witch at the end.

Boy and dolphin animation

Hello. When I was kid, about 20 years ago, there was a animation movie that I watched on TV. It was about a young boy and his pet, a white dolphin (not sure if it was dolphin) which lived in open water. The boy had a harmonica and everytime he played it, the dolphin would jump out of water. From what I remember, some fishermen caged the dolphin in a pool and the boy tried to set it free with his harmonica. Anyone knows what’s the name of that animation? I’ve tried to track it down but couldn’t find any clues. Thanks in advance.

Movie/series about an apocalypse

A group of people in some sort of apocalypse come across some sort of water tower or something that has people living in it that have connections to the government and the president. They have food and water and they also have video tapes from around the world that are looking for their surviving family members. The original group of people that came across them are allowed to stay there as long as they do chores I think. This is all I can remember, Im not sure if it was a film or a series😁 It was in colour & in English/American

Women stuck in a hotel on the top floor

Hi there, this movie was maybe 1970s or 1980s.  A group of older women having a reunion of their dance troupe are staying on the top floor of the hotel, and for some reason they can’t get down the stairs or the lift and no one knows they are stuck up there and they can’t get anyone’s attention.  I think they start dying one by one.  One woman squeezes herself into the dumbwaiter to go down that way but of course the cable breaks and she falls to her death.  That’s about all I remember – does anyone have any idea what this movie was called?


Horror movie from (80’s?)

English / American horror movie / Color / Late 70’s – 80’s movie

I do not remember much from this movie, no plot or anything and details are foggy.

Young boy walks into a (magic?) shop in a town.. I remember that the clerk possibly had a cloak and “googly glasses” or them fake novelty glasses with the slinky eyeballs.

There is a seance scene and I think I remember someone outside playing with phone lines or something.  Someone may get zapped through the phone?

There is a house that is haunted.  There is like an outside shot of it which is dark and shadowy and you can hear in a deep voice either “get out of my house” or “stay out of my house”  something along those lines.

I know it’s not  much to go on, hopefully someone can help me out.  I have been looking for this movie for years.

Looking for a movie

It is about a lady in a red dress with blond hair in a pitch black room that disappears when another character walks in.In another scene a man uses lock picks to escape a room while next to a woman.The room gets darker and close sinon them while they are escaping.The man uses either a set of keys or lock picks to unlock the door.In the end credits someone says whoever is watching us is definitely testing us.I saw it in 2013.I saw a few scenes of it.It was in English and I saw it on television in color.

Korean movie that is very similar to Mamma Mia

I have no idea when I saw it. Probably a few years ago in the early 2010s.

It was a Korean movie that was very similar to the movie Mamma Mia as it was about a single mom who moved to her hometown with her daughter, who is very rebellious just like her mom was, and there are three potential fathers of the girl that the mom has to find which one it was.

I have tried looking up specific scenes I remember but I can’t find it anywhere so please help me find it!! It was in Korean and it seemed to be from the late 2000s as the film and color was pretty good and I watched it by streaming it online.

The scenes I remember are the daughter burning down a manure shed thing with a cigarette and another scene of the mom and the real dad as teenagers in a pool hall and eventually hiding in there overnight to hide from cops.

Thats all I remember for the most part but I thank anybody who knows what this is!!

Horse race?

Fairly recent movie. Two men go to the race track. One is telling the other how to pick a horse. He points out the trainer who is standing nearby and is wearing her winners belts and looks confident despite her horse having an ‘injury’. The reason they were at the track was to show the other man how to look at things differently (I think).

I’m going to kick myself when I find out what it was. Seen it dozens of times but just can’t place it.


The action of this movie refered to the midcentury.

While a man were going to study at an university, he stayed at a hotel. He saw a beautiful woman who married with hotel boss old man. Surprisingly, he fell in love her and overstayed for two years at that hotel. Becuase he wanted to go with her. Unfortunately, hotel boss didn’t allow them and he claimed from him to pay much money that she indebted such as living cost, clothes, food. Finally, she decided to stay with that old man. That’s why, He went to the university and became a famous doctor. After many years, he recieved a letter from a woman who worked at that hotel. As mentioned in this letter, the beautiful woman waited him to died. After he read this letter, he visited that hotel again and recollected her.

I want to watch again this movie but I don’t know name of this movie. Thus if you remember it, please write me name. Thank you


Movie about an insect swarm?

I don’t remember much except this…

it was in colour

i think it was pre-2000, it had the colouring and feel of a 70’s or 80’s movie?

there were people trapped in a building of some kind (i was sure it was a courthouse but could be wrong?) and the insects were getting in through the air vents on the roof?

i was so sure it was locusts or crickets but can’t find it *headdesk* definitely not bees tho, i’m sure of that!

Help me find it again please! I really want to watch it again???

Need to find a film about Father and son

+ I saw it around 2006-2010, so it must be made before 2010.

+ It likely from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan

+ Plot: The father was impulsive and idling without doing any work, he destroyed the family. His wife married to another man and his son, who was with him, is forced to live a life to shun from the creditors. The father raised the son in the way he thought was the best for him, yet when the two was helpless, the son stole a watch from his classmate’s home for tempura resolution – and this marked the beginning of his life as a theft. When the son was finally caught, the father left him alone. The reunion was in the jail cell, where the son loosed his temper, bit the father’s ear while crying. This was when the father realized how much his son had suffered, the pain, despair, and resentment. The son grew up deciding not to be anyone like his father. He went back to return the first watch he’d stolen, at the same time thinking of the good old times with his father. Knowing his father was still alive, he looked from afar at the old man who once bought him endless suffer, but also the childhood memory, when they were both on the same bike, and he leaned against his father’s back, singing along the way and picking wild flowers.

Trippy Japanese Animated Movie–Transforms into butterfly after sex

It was this super weird/trippy Japanese animated movie I saw a few years ago. The art style wasn’t typical anime like you tend to see, it was a very unique art style. I don’t remember a lot of the actual plot besides it being about a man who was in love with this woman, I think she might have been about to marry another guy or something. The most memorable scene was later in the movie he finally has sex with the woman he’s in love with and then they (or maybe it was just her) partially transforms into a butterfly (sprouts wings and stuff)/moth/caterpillar. There was a lot of phallic imagery in the movie too. It was the strangest, trippiest movie ever but I remember it being really fascinating too and I wish I could find it!