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Animated series name

I don’t remember much about this series except for a few things.

The main hero character was a small, talking, yellow frog-like creature with ears and a nose wearing purple pants who could jump real high anywhere almost like crazy and walk only on 2 legs like a human. And I’m not so sure but I think he lived with a human boy and some scenes took place within air vents most of the time.

I remember one episode where when he found himself in an elephant pen of a zoo with an elephant about to charge at him, he pulled, stretched, and shaped his face to look like a mouse to scare the elephant away.

Another episode had him babysitting another yellow creature of his kind only more mischievous and younger with hair and buckteeth wearing a shirt, glasses, and shoes (probably his nephew or baby brother) and within an air vent, riding a spider.

The rest is blank.

Movie with a scientist and a special rock

I’ve been searching this movie’s name on this site for years and every reply had different movie title suggestions that unfortunately didn’t match what I was looking for. Leaving this movie’s name the most unresolved mystery of all times. Nevertheless, I’ll never give up on it, that’s what matters most.

I’ll do the best I can to clarify every detail I can remember from that movie as much as possible.

Here goes:

The movie appears old, possibly from the 1980’s, 90’s, or 2000’s, I’m not sure. It’s an American Sci-fi movie in English I saw on TV in color twice in my adolescence. I don’t know anything about any of the actors/actresses’ names. I’m not even sure if it’s a TV movie either.

In the movie, a scientist has a rival whom he forces to cancel some sort of launch. At one point, the rival scientist was seen with his driver holding his enemy and his enemy’s friend at gunpoint unaware that it was all being recorded on camera. Then when the rival scientist is at some sort of presentation while giving a speech and after the good scientist and his friend escape with the help of his imaginary, ghost-like “girlfriend” with blonde hair wearing a white dress and the driver has been dealt with by the good scientist, some reporters show the footage involving the gunpoint to everyone and they mention and claim at one point that the rival actually “discovered New Jersey” instead of some new planet or something.

At the end, after the rival scientist has been arrested when trying to flee to no avail, the good scientist closes his eyes and grasps firmly a special somewhat magic, space stone he has in one hand and uses in order to turn his beautiful, somewhat ghost-like, imaginary woman girlfriend whom he has been in love with since probably the beginning into a real woman at the end of the movie.

At one point in the movie, I also remember the good scientist was playing chess with the imaginary, ghostly-like woman too.

Gangster movie

As we all know, Robert De Niro is famous for playing the role of Italian mafia gangsters in so many movies.

I’m just looking for a particular live-action movie with Robert De Niro as a gangster featuring a scene that involves rules in a “dangerous” world.

Please, as soon as you’ve figured out the name of that movie, I’d like to know at which time interval it takes place, which means that after the name has been figured out, I’d like to see within the reply at which time interval it takes place like for example:
1:30:00 of the movie or 1:45:30……………

movie with monsters

The only thing I remember about this live-action movie was the beginning where a boy and his friends are confronted by a bully and his gang.

Though having won against them, the boy is sent to the principal’s office later on and his mom joins along since the bully leader is actually the principal’s son. The principal demands an apology but the boy’s mom disses the principal in her son’s defense instead and chooses to leave with her son to enjoy the rest of the weekend without school.

One scene featured cards on the floor and the foot of a possible monster/creature approaching the cards left on the floor too.

Disney TV series

According to IMDb, the song “Why Should I Worry?” from Disney’s Oliver & Company was later used as the theme song of a Disney TV series starring Joey Lawrence, who voiced Oliver in that movie.

Problem is that IMDb has failed to mention which series. I’ve been searching and googling on Wikipedia for years but without success. Please, if anyone knows the name of that Disney TV series, please let me know ASAP.


Has anybody seen this movie? If so, is there a scene that parodies/spoofs the famous General George Patton speech from the 1970 movie, Patton?

According to IMDb connections, which is hardly clear or accurate, they say it has a character who spoofs Patton but they fail to mention if that character parodies the famous Patton speech or not.

If so, please let me know at what time interval it happens ASAP. I can’t seem to access the movie myself because it remains unavailable in my country for watching on YouTube.

Link below:

Animated Christmas movie

I don’t remember much about that movie. I only saw it once in 2nd grade. All I know is that it was an animated musical movie that took place at Christmas.

It had a female talking mouse wearing glasses and red clothing who served as somewhat the narrator. It also featured a boy (probably an orphan) and his pet cat hiding in a train and also evading the police.

In one scene, a kind cloth merchant allowed them to hide in his clothing merchandise and give the police wrong directions as to where they went.

Later on, the mouse nearly became the cat’s next meal had the boy not been kind enough to allow her to live and let her go back into her hole.

And the one best scene I could easily remember was some kind of glowing light or spirit appearing out of nowhere that brought toys to life one night in a toy store in front of the boy and his cat and they started singing and dancing before resuming their positions. Then, when they found themselves surrounded by 3 unsavory characters, the toys came to life again and attacked the would-be aggressors, thus, saving and allowing the boy and his cat to escape.

The rest is blank.

Emperor’s New School episode names

I’ve posted this a few times over the past few months and years but still no reply.

All I want are just the names of the Emperor’s New School episodes featured within this YouTube video clip in order concerning the secret lab entrance for future purposes involving homages to the original movie later on, that’s all. It’s quite simple, really. Nothing less, nothing more. Take your time but please don’t leave me hanging for long this time. Plus, please be careful and make sure you don’t miss any titles of episodes either.

Here is the link below:

Polar Bear and Kid movie

It’s a live-action movie in color. From what I remember, it had a kid skipping school to go with some guy, probably a Native American I think, to find a polar bear in the forest wilderness.

The boy finally finds a polar bear that appears friendly enough to get close to and bond with.

One more scene I remember was the boy sleeping in class until his teacher wakes him up.

Also, another scene had him receiving a phone call which his teacher reluctantly but kindly allows him to take outside rather than punish him and confiscate his phone.

Lord of the Rings reference but which one??

According to sources, at 2:00 of this clip from Kronk’s New Groove, Rudy is imitating Gollum from Lord of the Rings trilogy. Problem is that not only have I not seen those movies or their Hobbit prequels yet but also I don’t know which scene of which movie is that Rudy scene spoofing.

Please, I humbly ask the name of either movies and at which precise exact time interval of that particular LOR movie does it happen as soon as possible.


A movie about a kid and a crook who eventually reforms in the end

I suddenly remember I saw this colored movie on TV at school in the 2nd grade once.

The only scenes I remember was:

The beginning where at school, while most students are either doing schoolwork or having a test I think, one boy is using a remote to control a toy car with a camera spying on someone.

The teacher asks the boy for his assignment and he claims his dog took and buried it in the garden somewhere.

The boy and his 2 friends call the police chief i think and mess with him while drawing a funny picture of him and laughing.

The 3 boys find a crook and keep him tied in a tree house and one of them tries in vain to convince his dad twice but to no avail since the crook keeps disappearing.

The boy introduces the crook to his friends after he wakes up.

After the crook has been arrested along with other crooks, he is eventually released while the others stay behind bars.

At the end, after the police chief gives both the boy and the crook a paper (possibly a reward), his dog later takes and buries it in the garden as the film fades to black.

PS: This NOT any of the Home Alone movies, not even the 3rd one especially.

Seemingly nice movie where a nice lady carries her husband’s live head in a bag around

I don’t remember much about this movie in color but for some reason, there was a lady who seemed nice and along the way she was carrying her husband’s head who can still talk in a bag.

One day, the cops spot her on a bridge I think and one of them faints after seeing the head in a bag, which eventually leads to her arrest for supposed murder.

Also, she had a young nephew who helped bury his uncle’s head somewhere while trying to figure out how to get his aunt out of prison. Also, he recounts the time he met an important black man in a flashback who was later shot in front of him by a dirty, racial cop (who is later arrested after the boy’s aunt is released from prison).

Friday 13th movie scene

As much as I dislike the Friday 13th franchise considering how scared to death I am of such horror movies, thus, never watched any of them, I would just like to know at which time interval of the one titled Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988) has a scene that was later spoofed and referenced in the DuckTales 2017 Halloween episode, “The Trickening!” concerning Launchpad trapping Scrooge in a bag and then smacking him.

PS: If there is a YT clip for this, let me know as well ASAP please.

Thank you and good luck.

Old Godzilla movie(s) but which one? (Definitely not the new ones and remakes made in the 21st century))

To all big-time Godzilla fans out there, I beseech thee. I will try to be as clear as best I possibly can in this post. Please read very carefully with caution.

Here goes:
In this Disney’s Recess episode “Big Ol’ Mikey” clip, from interval 5:57 till 7:54, the scene is obviously spoofing/parodying Godzilla. Problem is there have been so many Godzilla movies over the years so basically I dunno which Godzilla movie(s) does each part from 5:57 till 7:54 spoof/parody.

For example: At 6:33 of the episode, does the scene parody a scene from Godzilla or not? And from which Godzilla movie too?

So, my questions are this:

1) At which time interval(s) between 5:57 and 7:54 of the episode, does a scene(s) spoof/parody Godzilla? And which Godzilla movie(s) is/are it/they spoofing/parodying? Let me know which scene(s) parody which.

2) Once the Godzilla movie(s) has/have been identified, tell me at which time interval(s) do those spoofed scenes take place within the movie(s) itself/themselves.

Please watch this scene carefully and let me know as soon as possible. No hurry, no worry. No rush. Take your time while carefully figuring out and writing down answers.

PS: I am NOT a big Godzilla fan so I have no intention of watching such horror movies. All I care about are just the scenes and time intervals as stated above. I’m not even a King Kong fan either.