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Art Attack episode name

What’s the name of that one Art Attack episode where the guy was creating a giant tiger drawing in a completely dark background empty space room using seeds and stuff and there was this cool music playing in the background too?

PS: Which actor was it considering the number of actors portrayed in the series?


Attention, some of you. For months since last year, I have constantly asked about a few My Wife and Kids episode names (2 to be precise) and guess what? No answers so far. Why? I dunno.

To be honest, I was left broken-hearted and very disappointed. I would’ve imagined a comedy series like that was so funny and popular that some of you might have actually made an effort to try for me or actually knew by heart, but no.

So, this month, I was forced to watch all the way from Season 1 until Season 3 and now, I was finally able to find and learn the names of the specific episodes I wanted.

In other words, all those posts I kept on posting and asking concerning My Wife and Kids episode names are solved by me. So, they can all be marked as “Solved!” now at last.

Daffy Duck shorts names

1 cartoon i can remember is where Daffy is talking to some grumpy brown moustached man about a robot invention. The robot closes on the guy’s hand as the latter checks it out. Then Daffy is thrown offscreen through the door’s window in snger by the guy.

Another is where Daffy is in an elevator with a thief. Messing with the buttons leads to the elevator going up and down constantly and causes the thief to bounce up and down.

My Wife and Kids + That’s So Raven episode names “again”

1) Who amongst you or better yet, how many of you have actually seen ALL My Wife and Kids episodes and known them by heart?

As soon as you have answered my question, I will proceed with the next question in this post afterwards ASAP.

2) In one of the That’s So Raven intros, there featured a scene where Eddie was mercilessly spraying white creamy stuff on Corey in anger.

I never had a chance to see that episode or know the name.

I tried googling and going through different wikis to find out the name and so far, no luck yet.

Please let me know if anyone knows ASAP.

Scooby-Doo episode?

Years ago, from what I remember, every time a Flintstones episode ended and there were the end credits, they would show and say: “Coming up next, it’s Scooby-Doo.”

In that image screen, they would show Scooby-Doo having put on leaves in his ears and making a scary, angry face with his teeth shown while acting monstrous repeatedly, probably to show the gang what he had seen, as usual.

However, in all my years of watching such a show, never once have I seen Scooby-Doo do that in either episodes. Was it even in an episode I missed or a movie I had never seen before? I don’t know. I’m not sure.

Therefore, I need help knowing the name of that one Scooby-Doo episode or movie very soon, please?

Yellow birds cartoon show

All I could remember is that this was an animated show probably which I once had on VHS featuring 2 big, talking yellow birds, one wearing a white hat and probably a tie and another one wearing a red beret and sleeveless vest, both drawn in the same style as the pink panther possibly.

In that episode, they take refuge and sleep in some place from the rain at night. Inside, one of the birds hears a dragonfly singing himself a lullaby to fall asleep while the other one is still sleeping. He thinks of ways on how to eat the dragonfly.

And that’s all I know and remember from my childhood.

Message for user:Will Edelman concerning Zorro again

@Will Edelman I remember you mentioned Zorro having left the infamous “Z” mark on someone’s chest in that show in my last post.

You said and I quote: “Zorro definitely did the Z on the chest in the Disney TV version in the fifties.”

Please, if you wish to satisfy my curiosity, which Zorro episode was the very first one where he first left a “Z” mark on someone’s chest in the first place? And at which time interval too? Was it in color too?

Please, let me know as soon as possible.

Zorro show or movie

As we all know, there have been many Zorro shows and movies both live-action and animated including the ones with Antonio Banderas produced by Steven Spielberg. Some produced by Disney too. Talk about a character later spoofed by an animated character voiced by Antonio Banderas himself named Puss in Boots in the beloved DreamWorks movie franchise, Shrek and the standalone films too.

However, what I really want to know is the name of the very, very, very first Zorro episode (or movie depending on which one came first) where Zorro first left his Z trademark either on a person or an object or both. Was it animated or live-action too?

Stop motion production (not live-action) movie taking place somewhere Arabian

All I could remember from this stop motion production (no live humans involved) is the story of some fat long moustached dishonest man who is probably a villain but a funny one wearing a purple/pink shirt, blue pants, and black fez-like hat and acting like a miser i think.

The movie takes place somewhere in Asia, Arabian mostly.

I remember him dreaming at some point where in his dream he is jumping/flipping while counting

One line I can remember from that movie was when some men were chanting: “Kill the devil! Kill the devil! Kill the devil!” (probably referring to the fat guy himself).

The rest is a blank to me afterwards,

My wife and kids episodes

Before I ask my question about episode names “again”, I need sincere and full confirmation about something.

Who amongst you or better yet, how many of you have actually seen ALL My Wife and Kids episodes and known them by heart?

As soon as you have answered my question, I will proceed with the next question in this post afterwards ASAP.

Possible Humphrey Bogart movie or Western movie

If any of you watch and listen closely at 14:33 of this Timon and Pumbaa episode within the link below, you might notice Pumbaa talking like Humphrey Bogart or some kind of cowboy from a Western picture movie to a female warthog. I’m not sure.

Please, if anyone knows who are Pumbaa and the female warthog spoofing and quoting and which scene and from which movie, please let me know as soon as possible. The name of the actors/movie characters, the name of the movie, and the scene(s) spoofed and at which time interval of the said movie, please?

Video link:

My wife and kids episode names once and for all

It has been 2 years now. I posted this 3 times and still no luck yet.

I can’t seem to find which My Wife and Kids episode features Mike sneezing and spitting on Kady after she tickles him in his sleep with a duster, which causes her to react with “Eww!” and then run away in disgust.

And another one where Mike does something to Junior’s arm in anger, which causes the latter to scream and screech like a little girl in the process.

So, if anyone knows, please tell me ASAP because I can’t go through each episode of each season everyday. I have other priorities and responsibilities too.

Plus, I can’t wait for another few years for an answer at last either.

Boy meets talking fox

I don’t remember much from this trailer they used to show on Cartoon Network (back when Cartoon Network actually was still Cartoon Network).

Anyway, all I can remember is that it was live-action, in color, one minute, a boy in the woods saw a fox and said with a smile on his face: “Hello, Fox (or Foxworth/Foxwood/Foxford not sure)” before moving along, and then, the next minute, the fox suddenly yet surprisingly spoke back: “Hello, boy.” in a rather ALMOST deep voice but with an intimidating tone and a smile on his face, which somehow shocked and surprised the boy afterwards.

Need help with movie name about a scientist who uses a special somewhat magic, space stone to turn a beautiful, somewhat ghost-like…

…imaginary woman into a real woman

For 5 long years, I have been trying to search for the name of this movie on this site and so far, none of the movie titles suggested have matched my description. No luck and help so far. Wrong or no responses at all too.

I will try to be as specific as possible this time and please, I need to find the correct movie title as soon as possible.

And for the umpteenth time, please, please, please, PLEASE! Don’t leaving me hanging on a thread again. I need to know the name of the movie once and for all. I’m tired of waiting for answers. No joking.

Here goes:

The movie looks old, possibly from the 80’s, 90’s, or 2000’s, I’m not sure. It’s an American movie in English I saw on TV in color twice in my adolescence.

In the movie, a scientist is in love with a beautiful women with blond hair who appears to be somewhat imaginary and ghost-like wearing a white dress but real nonetheless. He has a rival scientist whom he forces to cancel some sort of launch. At one point, the rival scientist was seen with his driver holding his enemy and his friend at gunpoint unaware that it was all being recorded on camera.

After they escape with the help of the scientist’s ghostly girlfriend, the hero tries to stop his rival from launching something but finds himself facing the driver while the rival left to continue to his point of destination. Then when the rival scientist is at the conference and after the good scientist has subdued the driver, some reporters show the footage involving the gunpoint scene to everyone and they mention at one point that he actually “discovered New Jersey” rather some new planet.

At the end, after the rival scientist has been arrested, the good scientist closes his eyes and uses a special somewhat magic, space stone to turn his beautiful, somewhat ghost-like, imaginary woman girlfriend whom he is in love with into a real woman at the end of the movie.

Please, take your time to think and see which movie I am referring to before giving me a straight answer. It’s been 4 years now and I can’t wait another 4 more years after that.

Take care and good luck.

NOTE: It is not Flubber or any of the other Flubber movies either.

Batman quote

Which Batman movie or episode featured these quotes like “How do/will I find you?” and Batman replies: “Don’t worry. I’ll/We’ll find you.”

None of the wikis offer me any answers and watching/re-watching some episodes is taking too long and not helping much either. I’m literally starting to have a migraine too. Please help me.

Constantly bullied fat girl movie

An incredibly fat girl is being constantly bullied for her obesity at school by 2 school girl bullies. She is lucky enough to have at least one friend, an African American girl i think.

One scene has her begging the bullies not to drop her drawings in the toilet drain, which the latter does anyway, while being cruelly nicknamed “Piggy”.

Her friend constantly tells her to stand up for herself. At one point, in class, the fat girl finally does a little payback by cutting one of the bullies’ hair, only to end up getting chased by her later on.

Batman episode name

I’ve been searching and watching a few Batman animated series episodes at a friend’s place since I barely have power or wi-fi and so far, I haven’t found yet the scene I’m looking for. Not even Google or wikis can help.

Batman using his rope thing to catch someone by the legs and make them trip over a building.

Please, this time, I need help. What is the name of the first episode to feature such a scene?

If anyone is truly a Batman fan and into such things, please give me a sure answer. No guesses. It’s crucial. I don’t want to be left hanging on a thread.

Batman animated series episode titles

Having recently seen the Disney Hercules episode, “Hercules and the Grim Avenger” after so long, I noticed certain similarities to Batman. In other words, certain scenes that pay tribute to certain scenes from certain Batman animated series episodes.

Of course, I haven’t seen ALL episodes given the fact that I don’t have the time or wifi power in my country and that they have made approximately 85 episodes over the years.

So, I was wondering and if anyone is a big fan of Batman, I would very much appreciate it if someone could help me point out the names of the very first episode(s) to feature any of the following scenes listed below:

1) Batman on a tall building as his cape moves (including dynamics and different angles and close-ups)

2) Batman using his a bat grappling hook rope thing to swing from one building to another.

3) Batman on a ledge completely black while staring

4) Batman throwing and toppling another hero away (possibly Robin or Superman)

5) Batman using his rope thing to catch someone by the legs and make them trip over a building

6) Batman swinging and breaking through a window

7) Batman using a batarang or something to throw and cut a rope (probably to save someone)

8) Batman taking someone blindfolded to his secret lair

9) Batman pinpointing targeted locations on a map

10) The Joker laughing for the first time (close-up, mind you)

11) Batman putting on his mask

12) Batman using his rope thing to catch someone and leave him hanging upside down

13) Batman using a batarang to attack someone

14) Batman driving his batjet and diving in to attack and pursue his enemy(ies)

15) The Joker laughing on top of a building

16) The Joker laughing while carrying a few things in his hands (probably explosives or something)

17) The Joker or any criminal getting caught by the legs and trip with a grappling hook thing by Batman.

For better comprehension, check out this section within this link below to know which scenes I am referring to that may or may not pay homage to Batman episodes. That way, that list could be completed fully.

Good homage hunting and good luck.