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Batman animated series episode titles

Having recently seen the Disney Hercules episode, “Hercules and the Grim Avenger” after so long, I noticed certain similarities to Batman. In other words, certain scenes that pay tribute to certain scenes from certain Batman animated series episodes.

Of course, I haven’t seen ALL episodes given the fact that I don’t have the time or wifi power in my country and that they have made approximately 85 episodes over the years.

So, I was wondering and if anyone is a big fan of Batman, I would very much appreciate it if someone could help me point out the names of the very first episode(s) to feature any of the following scenes listed below:

1) Batman on a tall building as his cape moves (including dynamics and different angles and close-ups)

2) Batman using his a bat grappling hook rope thing to swing from one building to another.

3) Batman on a ledge completely black while staring

4) Batman throwing and toppling another hero away (possibly Robin or Superman)

5) Batman using his rope thing to catch someone by the legs and make them trip over a building

6) Batman swinging and breaking through a window

7) Batman using a batarang or something to throw and cut a rope (probably to save someone)

8) Batman taking someone blindfolded to his secret lair

9) Batman pinpointing targeted locations on a map

10) The Joker laughing for the first time (close-up, mind you)

11) Batman putting on his mask

12) Batman using his rope thing to catch someone and leave him hanging upside down

13) Batman using a batarang to attack someone

14) Batman driving his batjet and diving in to attack and pursue his enemy(ies)

15) The Joker laughing on top of a building

16) The Joker laughing while carrying a few things in his hands (probably explosives or something)

17) The Joker or any criminal getting caught by the legs and trip with a grappling hook thing by Batman.

For better comprehension, check out this section within this link below to know which scenes I am referring to that may or may not pay homage to Batman episodes. That way, that list could be completed fully.

Good homage hunting and good luck.

Batman episode

For some reason, this screenshot within the dropbox link posted above from the Aladdin episode, “The Wind Jackal of Mozenrath” pays homage and tribute to Batman.

However, I can’t seem to know or find the name of the very first Batman episode that includes a scene matching the Aladdin episode screenshot seen within the link posted above.

If anyone knows for sure which was the first and right one, please let me know as soon as possible. It’s for a special project I’m working on.

Thank you and good luck.

Fat girl bullied constantly movie

An incredibly fat girl is being constantly bullied for her obesity at school by 2 school girl bullies. She is lucky enough to have at least one friend, an African American girl i think.

One scene has her begging the bullies not to drop her drawings in the toilet drain, which the latter does anyway, while being cruelly nicknamed “Piggy”.

Her friend constantly tells her to stand up for herself. At one point, in class, the fat girl finally does a little payback by cutting one of the bullies’ hair, only to end up getting chased by her later on.

Scooby-Doo episode name(s)

If any of you watch this Dave the Barbarian episode within the link posted below; starting at the time interval 9:43 until 10:22, you’ll notice that they are obviously spoofing Scooby-Doo.

However, there have been and I have seen SO many Scooby-Doo episodes over the years that feature such scenes involving ghosts/monsters chasing our heroes, ghosts coming out of pictures, chasing left then right, chasing up the stairs, going in and out of several doors in a hallway, and so on with music in the background.

SO many episodes that I have lost track of which episode(s) was/were the first to feature either scenes used in this short and mentioned above just now.

Please, take your time. No rush whatsoever. And if any of you know the episode name(s) with absolute confirmation and wish to comment and reply, please feel free to leave a comment/reply below.

1) Scene: ghosts/monsters chasing our heroes – very first Scooby-Doo episode name to feature such a scene?

2) Scene: ……………

and so on and so forth.

The Link:

3 Stooges movie name

As we all know, there have been many 3 Stooges movies produced over the years before colored TV was invented. However, I’m looking for a specific one. I tried googling but no luck so far.

If anyone around here is a big fan of the 3 Stooges, then, please, let me know which 3 Stooges movie was the very first one where one of the Stooges (Moe probably) first spoke out the phrase: “I’LL MURDERIZE YOU!”

The last time I heard that phrase was in an Aladdin episode by Genie and a Bugs Bunny short by a dog bully but somehow, it was taken from the 3 Stooges according to Google.

So, please, take your time and let me know which 3 Stooges movie was the first one to use that phrase ASAP.


As we all know, Spider-man has been known to say: “My spider/spidey senses are tingling.” every time he senses danger ahead. However, the identity of the first series episode OR movie where he first said that line remains unknown. I tried googling and searching on wikis but no luck. So, if anyone knows which was the very first series/episode where he said that line, let me know as soon as possible, please.

2 more Sailor Moon episode names

2 more Sailor Moon episode names I need to know of and that’s it for this year, at least for now.

This time, the first picture within the first link posted below represents the transformation sequence. The second one concerning city lights.

Which was(were) the first Sailor Moon episode(s) to feature each picture seen within the links posted below. Name and Season please?

How Sailor Moon’s Transformation Sequence Inspired a Generation

Naruto episode name

As some of you Japanese anime fans know, there have been many Naruto episodes featuring Naruto and probably other characters running in a certain way with their arms held up high and facing backwards, their backs bent, and their heads held up with a serious look.

Nevertheless, I am only interested in knowing the name of the first episode featuring Naruto running in that specific manner.

Please let me know for certain the name of that episode and at which time interval of the episode does it take place as soon as possible.

Goldilocks animated short but which?

Unlike most Goldilocks stories we’ve seen and known, this particular animated one i remember had Goldilocks portrayed as a colored girl with yellow hair and the 3 bears speak and sing like people from the South (New Orleans probably).

From what i also remember, Goldilocks was seen at school before starting her unexpected journey to the 3 bears’ home.

Also, the 3 bears went on a bus while singing something funky and jazzy.

Other than that is a blank and probably as we know the original story.

Note: This is not the one from Warner Bros.

The 3 Musketeers movie but which one???

As we all know, The Three Musketeers is the most famous story based on the French author, Alexandre Dumas’ novel. Despite the sequel, The Man in the Iron Mask having some recognition.

However, there have been many movies adapted from that novel according to Wikipedia. Some with happy endings and others without; especially when it comes to poor, beautiful Constance’s death.

I already know the 1973 one starring Michael York (the lamest), the 1993 Disney one (and the best) with Chris O’Donnell, the Mickey one, the 1981 animated one, the 2011 one, and the 2014 series.

But there is one 3 Musketeers movie I seek. I remember having seen it once in my life when I was still a teenager. It was in color.

The story begins in a flashback back when D’Artagnan was young. Other scenes show D’Artagnan showing some respect when turning around after accidentally crashing into the bathroom where Constance is bathing, Constance threatens to kill her uncle with a dagger if he ever hits her again due to her love for D’Artagnan, Constance’s uncle trying to do away with D’Artagnan or something, D’Artagnan running away from the Cardinal’s guards despite all they want is just to bring him before the Cardinal himself, the Cardinal lives the rest of the way, and finally, D’Artagnan and Captain Rochefort dueling in some sort of stable or barn where Rochefort ends up stabbed to death when coming or falling down a ladder.

Funny thing is that I can hardly remember if Athos, Porthos, and Aramis were even included in the movie to begin with.

So, if any of you know which one I’m referring to, let me know ASAP.

Journey to the center of the Earth movie but which one????

As we all know, there have been many movies made, adapted, and based on the novels of the French author, Jules Verne.

One particular movie I’m trying to look for is one of the Journey to the Center of the Earth movies (NOT the one with Brendan Fraser, of course).

From what I remember seeing at the beginning, the story began somewhere in the 19th century in England or America (not sure) and the nephew was collecting his uncle from a place where they fight for money probably before beginning their journey. It was in color, it looked old, and probably like a TV movie.

Let me know ASAP, please.