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My wife and kids episode names

I cannot seem to find which episode features Mike sneezing on Kady after she tickles him in his sleep with a duster, which causes her to react with “Eww!” and then run away in disgust.

And the episode where Mike does something to Junior’s arm, which causes to scream and screech like a little girl in the process.

So, if anyone knows, please tell me ASAP because I can’t go through each episode of each season everyday. I have other priorities and responsibilities too.

Science-fiction movie involving a rocket launch and a “ghost” woman

I have been looking and asking about this movie for nearly 4 years since I started here and still no luck yet unfortunately.

Nevertheless, I will never give up and I will try again no matter what.

The movie looks old, possibly from the 1980’s, 90’s, or 2000’s, I’m not sure. It’s an American movie in English I saw on TV in color twice in my adolescence.

In the movie, a scientist befriends a beautiful blonde woman wearing white who looks transparent and has ghost-like powers of sorts that only he can see.

He has a rival scientist whom he forces to cancel some sort of launch. At one point, the rival scientist was seen with his driver holding his enemy and his friend at gunpoint unaware that it was being recorded on camera. Then when the rival scientist is at some conference and after the good scientist and his friend escape with the help of his imaginary, ghost-like “girlfriend”, some reporters show the footage involving the gunpoint to everyone and they mention at one point that he actually “discovered New Jersey.”

At the end, after the rival scientist has been arrested, the good scientist closes his eyes and uses a special somewhat magic, space stone to turn his beautiful, somewhat ghost-like, imaginary woman girlfriend whom he is in love with into a real woman at the end of the movie.

Movie taking place in South America

From what I remember, the movie had John Rhys-Davies playing the role of a priest.

Scenes I remember from it:

A South American girl with American parents visits a kind man wearing glasses with a magic flute that when played can bring a statue to life or change a mask’s appearance. Quite the artist too. One of his men scares the girl as some kind of silly joke with a mask. Eventually, the girl learns how to play a flute well.

Kind man is arrested under false pretenses that he “kidnapped” the girl.

A bad guy in white pretends to be a good guy beating up his minion who tried to feed something to the girl not meant for kids as pointed out by her mom in the marketplace. The minion also has the girl’s father take the blame for the destruction of the Jesus Christ statue during a mass ceremony.

Priest accuses girl of being a liar when she said she saw him last night doing something she thinks is bad when in fact, he was burying a statue as he had later shown to the parents.

Girl and two men go on a quest to find a magical golden disc which the bad guys tries to dispose of constantly until it kills and sucks him up wholly.

Food monster movie

For some reason, the spooky story Pleakley tells at the interval 12:37 concerning some food turning into a monster and attacking people in the episode, “Belle” somehow tells me that it is a homage to a certain horror movie concerning food turning into a monster…….. but which one? I don’t know.

There are 3 important things I need to know:
1) Movie name, of course

2) the scenes within the episode that reference the horror movie scenes

3) the time intervals in which those scenes take place during the movie so that I know where to find them and not waste time watching the whole movie since I’m not really into horror stuff.

Please, take your time to answer all 3 things very carefully and let me know as soon as possible. No rush.

The Link:

P.S.: Don’t miss out any questions and details please.

Flintstones episode name

A Hanna-Barbera series so successful that it’s had more episodes than you think.

But there is one episode name that escapes me. The one where one minute, Fred sleeps somewhere, the next minute, the plot takes place in Fred’s dream in the future.

In the dream, Fred is an old long bearded caveman; mistaken for a rabbit by a hunter at first due to tying his long beard on top of his head, he mistakes a young yet ugly lady for Wilma before being chased off by her dog, he finds out that his old friend Barney lives in a bigger mansion and that Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm got married, and reunites with an old Wilma before waking up in the present time and eating pies.

Rankin Bass movie but which one?

In my youth, way before I was even 10, I remember a movie of possible Rankin Bass production but the name escapes me. The same production that made the first Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus movie too possibly.

The only scenes I could scarcely remember was an army of snowmen, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer jumping and flying up to the sky to catch a yellow top hat, and some tall bearded evil elderly man with horns or antlers carrying a staff and accompanied by red-eyed snakes.

If anyone knows this movie, let me know as soon as possible.

Genius movie

I saw this live-action movie in my teens on TV once. It was in color and it looked like it was made in the 80’s or 90’s.

A high school or college nerd named Dexter probably was studying on the computer one night for a big test the next day until he got shocked which rendered him highly intellectually intelligent.

The next day, he finishes his exam much quicker than the others do; much to the silent disbelief of the teacher.

Eventually, he starts entering show contests based on intelligence which suddenly increases the jealousy of a spoiled little blonde genius brat with glasses known as The Viper who begins drawing mocking devil marks on his pictures and researching about him more despite his dad’s encouragement to move on.

Dexter moves and lives in a mansion that talks. One night, he is kidnapped by agents, one that looks almost like Jeffery Jones and the other one wears glasses and makes hand gestures as a form of communication instead who suspect him of being the Viper.

Somewhere at the end, before another contest starts, the Viper plants a virus on Dexter through a telephone that makes him answer questions wrong until finally he overcomes it which forces the Viper to confess: “Nobody messes with the Viper!” and finally get arrested by the agents; much to his dad’s chagrin.

Cartoon Network commercial

I’ve been trying to find these 2 old Cartoon Network commercials on YouTube which I used to see back in the 2000’s for some time now.

The first commercial features scenes from the Dexter’s Laboratory episode, “Photo Finish” but with the song “Die Another Day” from the last James Bond movie to star Pierce Brosnan of the same name since the episode itself is an obvious spoof to some James Bond movies, mostly the ones featuring the recently late great Sean Connery in the first role.

The second one is a compilation of scenes from different Cartoon Network shows and their episodes like from Sheep in the Big City, Ed, Edd’n Eddy, Mike, Lu and Og and so on…….. that feature CN characters from either CN shows fighting until somewhere at the end, Eddy (all dazed out) speaks in a different voice and says: “You know what I’m sayin’?”

Can anyone please tell me and link me to which commercials I’m thinking about ASAP? Thank you.

Animated Addams Family-like movie or episode

I don’t remember much about this cartoon in color. I’m not sure if it’s even a movie or an episode.

All I remember is that it was kinda like an Addams family thing considering kids living with parents (the father looking a bit grotesque but good-natured all the way) and they were like an odd wealthy aristocratic clan who delight in the macabre living in a creepy place and are seemingly unaware or unconcerned that other people find them bizarre or frightening, I think.

Anw, from what I remember, a group of kids were out somewhere with their pet monster-like dog with probably 3 eyes and no ears looking for something to create an antidote to reverse the age regression of 2 girls (possibly sisters) having been turned into babies earlier while the babies are being temporarily cared and looked after by their parents probably (one of them being the grotesque father mentioned earlier).

Once they find the antidote, they administer it to the babies. One of the kids gives the first bottle of antidote to one of the babies as she grows bigger and heavier in his arms while the grotesque father gives the second bottle to the other one growing back too.

Then, the 2 girls start arguing again like before until their grotesque father “tsk-tsks” them and tries to appease them. Later on, everybody celebrates with a feast and orgy outside as the clip comes to an end.

Note: This is NOT the Addams Family, Scooby-Doo, Casper, or Darkwing Duck either.

monster movie

The only thing I remember about this live-action movie was the beginning where a boy and his friends are confronted by a bully and his gang.

Though having won against them, the boy is sent to the principal’s office later on and his mom joins along since the bully leader is actually the principal’s son. The principal demands an apology but the boy’s mom disses the principal in her son’s defense instead and chooses to leave with her son to enjoy the rest of the weekend without school.

One scene featured cards on the floor and the foot of a possible monster/creature approaching the cards left on the floor too.

Cartoon Network promos/commercials

Which Cartoon Network promo/commercial am I thinking of which features scenes from that Dexter’s Laboratory episode spoofing James Bond AND with the Die Another Day theme song in it?

Same for that promo/commercial featuring fight scenes from various episodes of various shows from the old days until it ends with Eddy from an Ed, Edd’n Eddy episode, all dazed after receiving a few beatings, saying in a different voice: “You know what I’m saying?”?

I tried googling and searching on YouTube and so far, no luck.

If anyone knows the title of each 2 promos/commercials, please tell and link me if possible and as soon as possible.

Charmed episode name (1998 and possibly 2018)

According to the IMDb connections concerning the DuckTales 2017 episode, “GlomTales!”, the way Magica uses a Ghost Vanishing Amulet on Duckworth is a possible reference/homage/parody/spoof to a certain Charmed episode from both the 1998 and possibly 2018 one where the 3 witch sisters do the same to a ghost probably as well.

Unfortunately, IMDb has failed to mention the names of such episodes. If anyone around here is a big fan of Charmed (1998 and 2018), please let me know the name of the episode(s) as soon as possible.

I tried on Google, Wikipedia, and even the Charmed Wiki and so far, no luck.

Note: It is neither “The Power of Two” nor “Reckless Abandon” as mentioned from previous Charmed posts as either possible episodes fitting the description since neither include banishing a ghost with an amulet after I saw them for myself.

My wife and kids episode names

Been watching so many My Wife and Kids episodes and so far, still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Which My Wife and Kids episode has Mike angrily yelling at his son and then proceeds to inflict pain by twisting or pinching or squeezing Junior’s arm up to a point where Junior suddenly starts yelping, squealing, or screaming like a really high-pitched little girl?

Another episode where Cady tries waking her dad up with a duster only to get sneezed at and exclaims: “Eeww!” before running away disgusted?

Seasons and Episode numbers too please?

Which Godzilla movie?

Although I am not such a huge fan of such horror movies, for some reason, I have a feeling that this clip from the Recess episode; “Big Ol’ Mikey” featuring Mikey’s dream is parodying some scenes from a certain Godzilla movie, but because there have been so many Godzilla movies produced, I can’t tell which one is it?

One thing’s for sure is that it’s not the one with Matthew Broderick or even the remake from the 2010’s either since they came way AFTER that Recess episode according to the release dates.

I tried searching almost everywhere: Google, Wikipedia, the Recess wiki, and even IMDb, but there was nothing either even though there must be something there.

If anyone around here is a big Godzilla fan or even an expert on such horror movies, please let me know which Godzilla movie is that episode clip when you can. I’m in no hurry. I need to know because I’m working on a special project concerning references and homages.

Note: Despite Mikey being a giant human being in that dream, the scenes are NOT spoofing any of the Attack of the 50ft Woman movies.

Link below:

Live-action show and episode name

I only remember going to a channel for 5 secs before skipping to the next in my youth. On that channel, I briefly saw a small shot of a guy talking on a shoe like as though it were a phone probably. It was possibly a live-action show and looked to be from the early 60’s.

What’s the name and if it’s a show, what would be the name of the very first episode to feature scene with a guy talking on his shoe like a phone?

Animated show name and specific episode of it

I cannot remember much of this old animated show from my youth. All I can remember was one episode where a boy with yellow hair and a little white dog with black patches on his eyes almost like Patch from 101 Dalmatians franchise were chasing after a bad guy during a ski chase and i think his dad was involved in the chase too.

What is the name of that show and that one episode mentioned above, please?

Name of movie involving a meadow run

As we all know, some movies like Shrek and Madagascar for example involve 2 characters running towards each other in slow motion to embrace each other out of love. However, I can’t seem to find which was the very first movie to first feature such a scene that was later paid tribute and referenced in other movies ever since then like some sort of homage if you will.

I don’t even know whether or not if it was a colored or black-n-white animated or live-action movie/episode/or short. Year unknown as well.

If anyone knows the name of that particular movie, please let me know ASAP. No rush.

Animated series name

I don’t remember much about this series except for a few things.

The main hero character was a small, talking, yellow frog-like creature with ears and a nose wearing purple pants who could jump real high anywhere almost like crazy and walk only on 2 legs like a human. And I’m not so sure but I think he lived with a human boy and some scenes took place within air vents most of the time.

I remember one episode where when he found himself in an elephant pen of a zoo with an elephant about to charge at him, he pulled, stretched, and shaped his face to look like a mouse to scare the elephant away.

Another episode had him babysitting another yellow creature of his kind only more mischievous and younger with hair and buckteeth wearing a shirt, glasses, and shoes (probably his nephew or baby brother) and within an air vent, riding a spider.

The rest is blank.