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Dexter’s Laboratory promo name

Please, hear me out. I’m not crazy.

I distinctively remember seeing some kind of promo/ad/commercial on Cartoon Network in the 2000’s featuring scenes from the Dexter’s Laboratory episode, “Photo Finish” and the Madonna song, “Die Another Day” from the last James Bond movie of the same name starring Pierce Brosnan in the titular role in it.

Problem is I don’t know the name of that promo video plus I can’t find it anywhere, not even on YouTube. I tried Google and certain wikis too, but no luck either.

Can someone please help me out if he/she know the name and site location soon?

I’d very much appreciate it if possible. Thank you.

Lion movie

Live-action movie with lions.

All i can remember is a man and woman driving by only to find a dead dehorned rhino and spot the 5 African poachers responsible for it.

Later, the man and woman are given a month to pay before they lose their enclosure and the lions they keep there.

Later on, an old man manages to kill 3 out of 5 of the samepoachers before being killed himself.

Dog cartoon with duck

All I can remember from this cartoon in color was 2 dogs dressed like hunters, one big and one small trying in vain to hunt a little green duckling with an annoying laugh. The rest is blank because the power went off after that for 3 days a few years ago.

Like in my previously solved post, if the name can be identified, please let me know if the full cartoon itself is available online to watch too and so on……

Note: Since I mentioned the duckling being green earlier, therefore, it is safe to assume that it’s not something Daffy Duck related.

Bear cartoon with chicken

All I can remember is part of this cartoon in color where 2 bears, one big but dumb and one small but smart try to catch and eat a chicken, but to no avail.

If the name can be identified, please let me know if the full video can be viewed online in excellent HQ quality somewhere too.

I tried on YouTube, but to no avail since there were hardly any results matching my search. Not even Google helped much other than the fact that my country is suffering a temporary wifi connection problem for a few days until resolved.

Soldiers movie or show name (Not sure)

A possible live-action movie or show with soldiers whose names are Joe, Moe, and Bartholomew. Not sure if it’s in color or not too.

P.S.: If anyone is wondering why I’m asking, I’ll tell you.

As we ALL know, Genie from Disney’s Aladdin franchise has been known for turning into famous Disney or non-Disney characters from movies and novels and even celebrities.

Recently, I saw in an Aladdin episode, “The Seven Faves of Genie”, Genie turning into a soldier and shouting out: “This for Joe! This is for Moe! And this is for Bartholomew!” while firing a machine gun and it got me thinking: “Who are those guys he mentioned? Who is Genie spoofing this time? Is he even spoofing someone too? Is it from a movie or show? Is it a reference to such? Are those names even included too?”

P.P.S.: I may have asked this kind of question many times before in other posts, but the answer still remains a mystery up till now.

So, take your time and good luck.

Animated Hercules movie or show?

Can’t say i remember much considering I’ve only seen part of it when I was a kid in the 90’s. Plus, there have been many animated Hercules adaptations.

All i remember was that it was a colored cartoon. In one scene, Hercules caught some kind of monster then later, he brought it forth to his father, Zeus seated on his throne with someone standing beside him until next thing you know, Hercules released the monster and it ends up chasing around the person next to Zeus.

Note: This is neither the 1997 Disney movie nor the 1998 Disney show series. I don’t think it’s the one with Xena too.

Live-action movie in the forest

I remember only seeing a trailer of this live-action movie in color when i was a teenager.

From what I remember, one minute, in a forest, a boy smiles after saying hello to a fox before walking away until suddenly, the next minute, the fox replies back: “Hello, boy.” with a sinister-looking smile on his face, which shocks the boy.

Note: This is NOT Narnia or any other Disney CGI animated movie we see nowadays.

Animated mouse show

I remember seeing one animated episode in color of a show in my life when i was a teenager and within the title of the episode, the name “Winnie” or “Whinnie” was included. It focused on mice mostly. One thing I remember from it were 2 mice talking to a mare named Winnie/Whinnie at the stables only for the latter to finish the conversation by snorting in frustration/anger, thus, causing the mice to yell while falling from the ledge of the stall door.

Art Attack episode name

What’s the name of that one Art Attack episode where the guy was creating a giant tiger drawing in a completely dark background empty space room using seeds and stuff and there was this cool music playing in the background too?

PS: Which actor was it considering the number of actors portrayed in the series?


Attention, some of you. For months since last year, I have constantly asked about a few My Wife and Kids episode names (2 to be precise) and guess what? No answers so far. Why? I dunno.

To be honest, I was left broken-hearted and very disappointed. I would’ve imagined a comedy series like that was so funny and popular that some of you might have actually made an effort to try for me or actually knew by heart, but no.

So, this month, I was forced to watch all the way from Season 1 until Season 3 and now, I was finally able to find and learn the names of the specific episodes I wanted.

In other words, all those posts I kept on posting and asking concerning My Wife and Kids episode names are solved by me. So, they can all be marked as “Solved!” now at last.

Daffy Duck shorts names

1 cartoon i can remember is where Daffy is talking to some grumpy brown moustached man about a robot invention. The robot closes on the guy’s hand as the latter checks it out. Then Daffy is thrown offscreen through the door’s window in snger by the guy.

Another is where Daffy is in an elevator with a thief. Messing with the buttons leads to the elevator going up and down constantly and causes the thief to bounce up and down.

My Wife and Kids + That’s So Raven episode names “again”

1) Who amongst you or better yet, how many of you have actually seen ALL My Wife and Kids episodes and known them by heart?

As soon as you have answered my question, I will proceed with the next question in this post afterwards ASAP.

2) In one of the That’s So Raven intros, there featured a scene where Eddie was mercilessly spraying white creamy stuff on Corey in anger.

I never had a chance to see that episode or know the name.

I tried googling and going through different wikis to find out the name and so far, no luck yet.

Please let me know if anyone knows ASAP.

Scooby-Doo episode?

Years ago, from what I remember, every time a Flintstones episode ended and there were the end credits, they would show and say: “Coming up next, it’s Scooby-Doo.”

In that image screen, they would show Scooby-Doo having put on leaves in his ears and making a scary, angry face with his teeth shown while acting monstrous repeatedly, probably to show the gang what he had seen, as usual.

However, in all my years of watching such a show, never once have I seen Scooby-Doo do that in either episodes. Was it even in an episode I missed or a movie I had never seen before? I don’t know. I’m not sure.

Therefore, I need help knowing the name of that one Scooby-Doo episode or movie very soon, please?

Yellow birds cartoon show

All I could remember is that this was an animated show probably which I once had on VHS featuring 2 big, talking yellow birds, one wearing a white hat and probably a tie and another one wearing a red beret and sleeveless vest, both drawn in the same style as the pink panther possibly.

In that episode, they take refuge and sleep in some place from the rain at night. Inside, one of the birds hears a dragonfly singing himself a lullaby to fall asleep while the other one is still sleeping. He thinks of ways on how to eat the dragonfly.

And that’s all I know and remember from my childhood.

Message for user:Will Edelman concerning Zorro again

@Will Edelman I remember you mentioned Zorro having left the infamous “Z” mark on someone’s chest in that show in my last post.

You said and I quote: “Zorro definitely did the Z on the chest in the Disney TV version in the fifties.”

Please, if you wish to satisfy my curiosity, which Zorro episode was the very first one where he first left a “Z” mark on someone’s chest in the first place? And at which time interval too? Was it in color too?

Please, let me know as soon as possible.

Zorro show or movie

As we all know, there have been many Zorro shows and movies both live-action and animated including the ones with Antonio Banderas produced by Steven Spielberg. Some produced by Disney too. Talk about a character later spoofed by an animated character voiced by Antonio Banderas himself named Puss in Boots in the beloved DreamWorks movie franchise, Shrek and the standalone films too.

However, what I really want to know is the name of the very, very, very first Zorro episode (or movie depending on which one came first) where Zorro first left his Z trademark either on a person or an object or both. Was it animated or live-action too?