A live-action movie about a bunch of talking dogs going on a walking day trip out in nature as they babysit a golden retriever puppy…

…(their friend, the puppy’s dad, had to go on a mission or something so he entrusted his kid to their care)

Random details that I remember that may help you:

  • there was a female border collie named Sister who I think was the figurative mother of the group

  • the intro consisted of a mouse/rat sitting on the rump of a brown horse/pony; I believe the mouse/rat was narrating? then it cut to all the dog friends sitting in the corner of a barn, in the hay. the friend who had to go on a mission was like “ok guys good news or bad news” and I’m pretty sure it was during the “bad news” part that he revealed that he had to go on his mission

  • the dog friends weren’t too happy with the babysitting part at first but by the end of the day they were in love with the puppy. their friend had returned from their mission too at that point.

  • when they were all preparing to leave there was this poodle or something that was really obsessed with pink and brought a whole bunch of pink things they’d need for the day

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