Dark ,violent and explicit movie.

A film. It is an action, drama film . In the film the actor was driving a car . Then the women took the hands of the actor licked his fingers then proceeded to masturbate herself with the fingers of the actor . The women started moaning louder before the car accelerated then crashed off a bridge into a riven . The actor swam out of the car and reach the back of the river. It was night time i believe.

Then in another scene the actor was scene in his apartment which had a fire place. They perform adult acts. the actress slowly reached for a belt then suddenly wrapped it around the actor’s neck . The actor stopped as he was shocked but then continued to have rougher and rougher sex on a table near a fire place. Its a very dark film.

The film was around the year 2000 to 2010.

The film was in colour but with a dark theme to it.

The film was violent, showed nudity and explicit acts.

I saw the film on DVD or VCD.

It was in english

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