What is this order movie?

I don’t remember when this movie was from. All I can remember is that involved a man and a woman who were addicted to drugs. I’m thinking they stayed in their apartment or house for days on end during drugs. I’m thinking they were shooting up but I can’t remember. The one seen in particular you don’t realize how horrible they look and how much weight they lost until it shows what they really look like. They were completely deceived and thought they were normal. And then when you get a real glimpse of what had become of them they were basically skeletons that had lost so much weight.
Every time I look it up it brings up requiem for a dream. But I don’t think that’s it I’ve looked through the movie and that scene is not there. And my head it seemed like it was similar to the movie Rush about the undercover cop. But that scene is not in that movie either. Please help!?

2 thoughts on “What is this order movie?

    1. No that’s not it. The worst thing is when I re-watched the movie Rush, I fully expected that to be it. But the scene that I remember most was not in there.

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