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Please help me Id this movie

I can’t remember this movie and it’s been bothering me.

Description: american comedy, probably 2010s, but not sure.

Synopsis: 5 actors are in a cabin by a lake. A redhead, brunette, a gay man, and a bookworm.

There are scenes of them auditioning for a Zac Efron film, though he’s not in this movie.

One of the 5 actresses drowns in the lake. The other 4 actors let her drown. When the police arrive, they act better than they ever have, portraying themselves as being innocent all the while having let the actress drown.

Can you help me find this movie, please?

Remember this scene

I remember a scene from a movie or show I watched on tv in the 90’s two young adults one man one female were tied with a rope together on their belt loops on their jeans. Their boss wanted them to do that because there was a storm coming and it was to ensure a buddy system so no one got lost. They were preparing the place for the storm while this was happening. They were either camp counselors at a summer camp or possibly ranch hands on a dude ranch or even workers at a resort. There was a whole bunch of young adults working there.
There was some sexual tension between the two and I remember him yanking on the rope a lot and they bickered.

Does anyone remember this movie…

I saw this movie on TV about 10 years ago. A woman in a relationship constantly sees a strange dream with a mysterious man, like a shadow, coming from the sea towards her. Convinced that he is her soulmate, she divorces her present partner and turns to a woman who is a phusic medium, a reincarnation specialist, to help her find him. During the sessions, she begins to see dreams or visions with couples from different eras ending up together in tender moments, I remember, for example, in one scene of her dream session being with him as a couple of villagers from previous years, in another one she is with him and he is a sailor from another era, etc. couples every time, but we learn that she has  the same fate as her mysterious lover over the centuries, and that it is their destiny to always end up together. Eventually she finds this man, coming like a shadow from the sea like in her dream sessions, and as we see his face, finally it is her already partner who had divorced from the begining of the movie, he was always with her. As he approaches her, he typically says to her: “Hello, my lost one…or something like that.

If someone knows the title of this movie, please writte it to me.

Thank you.

Does anyone remember this movie…

The only thing I remember from the movie is that its subject was about people who entered booths who wore virtual reality glasses and lived their lives. At the end of the movie everyone spent Christmas in virtual reality except a love couple sitting in a park bench.

If someone knows the title of this movie please writte it to me.

I watched this movie somewhere in 1995-2000 if that helps.

Help me find a movie

a film where a girl lives with her father, mother and sister on a farm or ranch during the First World War, rides horses, dresses in men’s clothes, drives away kills snakes, falls in love with a rich neighbor, gives birth to a son in the water, she is bitten by a poisonous snake, a girl dies, at the end of the film the grown-up son comes with a black woman to his mother’s grave

Old war movie

It’s a war movie from the maybe 1955 to 1965 I saw it or so. There was a desert setting with many nations involved. Arabs, armies of the civil war era, Ottoman, and many others. Not real sure who was the bad side but what I do remember is the ending where the good guys were about to get wiped out in some old fort with many entrances, all of a sudden reinforcements show up each coming in a different opening and what was neat is there was many nations involved from all parts of that area, I believe it to be a desert area probably in the mid 1800s. So long ago and I do believe it was in color but could be wrong. It was english and I think I was in a theater

Low budget slasher film

Hi please do help me find this horror film if possible all I know is the shower scene so it starts with this women in black bra and underwear as she undos bra and takes off the pantie but then the slasher slowly makes his way through the door when she sees it she is in shock then she screams and couldn’t get away the slasher grabs her and puts either chlorine or baking soda in her mouth as his next victim that’s all I remember from this film whatever you might know can help! Thank youuu

Movie seen on TV in the 70s

Movie seen on TV in the 70s with a woman held hostage on a ship by two men.  I think the men may have stolen the boat/ship.  She is tied on a bed.  One man goes to assault her.  The other man who is steering the ship is older and has an accent and tells him to close the door.  Nothing graphic is seen it is only implied.  I think that this was just a minor scene in the movie and was not major to the plot.

Old movie plz help

It starts off futuristic. This kid gets moved to a new town with a male figure that I’m pretty sure isn’t his dad but is some sort of future tech/scientist. The kid likes this girl and is in the guys lab when he finds this beaker filled with liquid that will make him cool and confident so he decides to drink it. He becomes like a totally different person and the girl starts to like the confident him but no one knows it’s the same person. Anyways when he isn’t in his egotistical form he gives the girl a bike chain for a necklace as a gift. Eventually something happens to the drink and he can do longer be the cool self he always wanted to be and that’s about all I remember.

A Movie I saw on TV

Okay so this movie I saw on TV years ago I could never find it cause it’s interesting it’s about exotic dancers and cop/FBI investigation what happens is after one of the dancers disappears and os found tied on a chain fence the detective cop looks to investigate I remember the intro to the film was a badge and was like a typical cop film anyway I do hope I can get help to find this movie

Old ordinance flick


Once again, a movie from my child hood. When I was a very young boy, there were three networks, ABC, CBS and NBC. These were all on VHF and could be picked up with rabbit ear antennas. Then there was one independent station, KBMA, which was located in the Business Man’s Assurance building in Kansas City.

Saturday programming was different then. The three networks in the morning aired cartoons. The independent had community programs. In the afternoons, the three network affiliates would air older movies and comedies. The independents would air “wrastling”. Had the likes of Bob Giegle and “Bull Dog” Bob Brown and the “Drill Sergent” beating each other up in phony wrestling.

So I remember this old movie from the 50’s that was a Korean War ordinance flick. There was nothing special about it, however one scene that I remember is that there were a group of American GIs trapped in a Buddhist temple and there was a tank outside that kept them pinned in the temple. One of the GIs had a Bazooka, but naturally only one rocket for it. He went outside and was aiming the Bazooka at the tank, taking his time when his buddy told him “don’t make love to the thing, fire it!” The rocket took out the tank, the guys got out and the movie was over. It seems that the Temple that they were trapped in was an underground Temple, but then I was very young.

I know that ordinance flicks were a dime a dozen in the 50’s and 60’s and that WWII was still fresh in a whole generation of men quickly entering middle age. I would like to find this movie, not only because that scene still is in my mind after all these years, but I would like to learn more about the context of the movie.

Thank you very much,

Joe Herdler

Footie Pajamas

I watched a horror movie roughly 2011- a movie about people in woods who were camping and running from a killer. The find a watch tower to hide. Then they were running to the car. Their friend got killed (an African American man) and the rest got to car only to realize they didn’t have they keys. They suggested their friend who just got killed had keys and someone declared:


“He’s wearing footie pajamas. He doesn’t have the keys!”


Was I imagining this movie?!

Low budget slasher film

A women is about to shower as she takes off her bra and black underwear her butt is seen as she’s about to go to the shower in a slasher walks into the bathroom and she’s in complete shock as she screams in agony in front of the camera but he gets her and puts chlorine or something in her mouth this was a low budget film for sure the typical one but I can’t find this one I saw back in 2015 this is all I can remember from this film can I get help finding it??

a strange movie like a monster with a mouth in the stomach and a eye,

I am looking for a movie about a person turning into a very strange monster, with a black vortex effect, had a red / pink eye instead of a head and had a mouth on the stomach that opened horizontally instead of vertically. I only remember a scene of a truck and a lorry driver who went behind the trailer to check what had happened, and then I remember talking to this person, who soon afterwards transformed into the creature described above, and the scene ended that the monster he had eaten it.

Missing title

This is the story of a young guy who build a machine but doesn’t know what it does ones completed. Some friends eventually help him finish it and when tested it appears to be a electronic telescope far more powerful than any other. The twist is that it’s not only taking pictures of deep space but it also calls for aliens to come and those aliens are shadow peoples. In the end men in blacks are coming to take down the machine “once again”.

I don’t remember the year of this movie but I’d say around 2010.

Who have seen it and remember the title ?