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Help me figure out the movie title

I saw a movie years ago on TV about a family where a man built his wife a glass house because she got the disease consumption and it was very contagious but he still wanted to be with her. He also delivered her meals through a little window in the house. I think they had a little girl as well. I just can’t for the life of me remember the name of the movie. Please help me out! It is driving me crazy!!

Newer Cable Series About Single Woman Applying for a Loan

I can’t remember a cable series I began a few years ago. I think it was a British series and was on Netflix or Amazon Prime. The scene I remember is that she was late for a loan application appointment at a bank. She was rushing and threw in a sweater without a bra. When she got to the interview and was in the office, she went to remove her sweater forgetting that she had no shirt underneath it as a layer.  The loan officer thought she was trying come on to him to get her loan and was offended.


magnetic heist

I saw this on TV in the 1970s. American TV, English language, likely color. There was a heist of something valuable locked in a metal vault room. Possibly motion detectors throughout the room. The thief used magnetic boots to walk upside down on the metal ceiling, then lowered himself down to steal the object.

I think in the same movie, something was hidden by thieves in the ceiling of their apartment. The thief said, “no one looks up.” When police searched, they did not find the hidden object because they did not look up.



i remember it was a chinese movie with children as main characters but i only remember one scene from this movie. there were a bunch of kids and they were shouting on a bridge when the train passed by and if i remember right it was their dreams they were shouting, thinking they were gonna be true. i saw this movie like 6 years ago or something  but i guessing its older than that.

Big Snake Thriller/Horror Movie

  • I remember watching a snake movie, late at night, when I was little. It was in the 2000s when I saw it. English and was in color. I remember a big snake coming to life or breaking free at a museum/exhibit. I also remember the military getting involved to try and stop it. I also remember some scenes taking place in a sewer and another where a guy warns some military people to not go down into the sewer, but they go anyway to hunt the snake.

Help remember a movie about a guy and a girl who escaped from their parents

Hello everybody!

The film is about a couple who runs away from home (leaves by car). He worked in the amusement park and lived with his father. She had a younger sister, and the younger sister received more attention. The girl was always afraid of being alone to stay. In character, he was more decent and modest, and she was always looking for adventure. They drove to different places by car, spent the night in abandoned houses, then broke into the house, and cops began to chase them. At the end of the film, they staged their death on a lake in a boat “shooting themselves.”

Early 90s sci fi/western movie, group of guys used a mirror that was a portal

It was on hbo/cinemax all the time in the mid 90s. It was not a big box office movie,  it was a cheesy b movie.

All I remember was something about a mirror that was actually a portal to another dimension, and it took you to a wild west town except the bad guys were heavily sci fi. I remember one bad guy had an metal arm like the winter soldier from Captain America.

All I really remember was the nerd of the group. He wussed out and took the mirror back home,  then had to get the balls to go back and save his friends and he did, also getting the girl too.


It was a sci fi/western movie,  my friends all remember it, but we don’t remember the title or any actors that were in it. The acting was cheesey, the costumes for the bad guys were pretty standard for a b movie.

Ive looked up every sci f western movie made in the 90s and cant find this.  Anyone know what it was?




cold area with lot snow

I only remember one scene from the film I’m looking for. It was man and woman outside the cold winter with lot’s of snow. The woman falls into cold water and gets wet from head to toes. Then they start running in order to avoid freezing. The man supports woman and tells her not to stop or she will die frozen. Finally they arrive at some warm house with fireplace, woman nearly dead but the man starts warming her body up with hands and with that method he manages to rescue her life. Anyone?

Old dark horror or sci-fi probably from the 80s with a mysterious man in a black leather jacket with straps riding a motorcycle

Hello again!

So, I saw this as a kid in the 90s, it might have been just a scene, but it made an impression on me.

This movie was very dark, very 80s vibe, potentially futuristic, either sci-fi or horror. Definitely in colour, but I think it was mostly happening during the night. I would think it was in English originally, but this was on a VHS with Czech dabbing.

What I remember was this guy wearing a black leather jacket with these straps or buckles going across it, riding a motorcycle and stopping somewhere to maybe avenge his death or something like that and once he managed to do one bit of his mission, one of these straps released itself. I think the main idea was that once all the straps are open, he will be free.

Maybe he was some sort of spectre as I don’t remember any faces from it, I think he was wearing a black helmet as well, so the whole thing was just really mysterious.

Thank you so much for your help on this.

Movie I saw years ago on Netflix about two people who get eloped

Years ago on Netflix (sometime between 2011 and 2016), I saw a romantic comedy movie about two people who get eloped after barely knowing each other.  I remember the movie opens with the male lead character entering a gym and talking to a woman who is going to help him sign up for a gym membership and she loves eating French fries.  Somehow they decide to instantly get married.  Anyone know which movie this is?

Christmas TV romance movie- hallmark, ion, lifetime, ???

the main thing I remember about this made for tv romance movie is that the female lead helped out with a talent show for the local bar/community center by doing stand-up comedy. I think it was more of an ask the audience and make funny comments than a memorized routine.  I am fairly sure it was a Christmas movie. She makes a lot of money now but talks about being poor growing up and practicing to do stand up with a friend when they were kids.  And the girl falls for the son/brother of the family she is staying with or working for.  And at first thinks he is not about helping people and sullen but then finds out he helps with this event or charity  and spends time with him.  I think I saw it on cable (basic) about two years ago.  It might be hallmark, ion, or lifetime.  I have tried looking it up to no avail.  I think the female lead was a brunette but not totally positive. I have tried Torrey Devito and Danika McKellar but I can’t remember for sure.  Any leads would be appreciated.