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Ghost story from 70s or 80s

I remember a couple of scenes from a creepy movie or TV show as a kid in the 80s but have no idea what it was. A woman is alone in a house but she feels like there is a presence – I think perhaps it could be that of her deceased husband or something. The house is on the coast I think and there is a scene where she is outside looking out to the ocean. I think there was also a night time scene of her at the bathroom mirror (just going about her normal activities). She seems lonely. I dont think it was a full-on horror movie with ghouls etc, I don’t recall even actually seeing the ghost. It was more of a sad/creepy/wistful vibe. It’s not Lady In White, The Haunting of Sarah Hardy, Images, The Haunting passion, or the Entity BTW. Can anyone help?? 🙂

I remember this kung fu movie from the 70’s

I remember this kung fu movie from around the 70’s that took place in old world China. It had scene(s) whereby there is a kung fu fight in a ceramics shop (or similar place with a lot of ceramics) that featured a lot of acrobatics and throwing the pots around without breaking them, knocking down shelves with pots, juggling the pots while fighting, etc. Really amazing acrobatics I thought. I have tried to search for this movie before, but have never been able to find it. I saw it on TV in the 1970’s.

Asian love story, they meet at a tree in the end

I remember a movie I watched in 2017 that was already, I would guess, at least ten years old at that time. I don’t remember what language they were speaking and therefore don’t remember the setting either. In fact, all that I CAN remember is that there was a tree significant to the story. They meet at the tree in a rather ethereal scene in the end. The movie was shown to me by someone who considered it a favorite. I don’t know that person anymore and I only remember enjoying the movie so I’d like to rewatch and see if I still feel the same.
Someone already offered a guess of a kdrama series but that wasn’t it because it was definitely a movie, though it could’ve been a Korean movie. Someone also guessed My Sassy Girl but that wasn’t it either—obviously my memory is a sieve but I feel confident it wasn’t a romcom.

Woman is left on altar

This movie was in black and white and I saw it in TV about 7 years ago, in I believe spanish. I don’t know what year it could’ve come out in but it was probably 1930s to 1950s?

So a woman and man were going to get married, but the man leaves her at the altar and when she calls his house his wife answers the phone and tells her that he is already married. I think she gets depressed and when she goes back to work her coworkers ask her about her wedding and she lies and says that it was wonderful or something like that. And then she throws up and her coworkers say that she is probably pregnant after her honeymoon. So she goes all in, to the lie, and she pays a photographer to edit the man and her into a wedding photograph. Then she goes to the doctor and I don’t know what happens nor how but she gets a positive pregnancy test and she wears a fake stomach so that it looks like she is pregnant. I don’t remember what happened after that, and I want to know how it ends. Thank you!

movie about two sisters

help me find a movie about two sisters, one of whom is a popular blogger and a smaller model, but she seems to have studied design, because their family business is related to design. At the beginning of the film, the older sister's boyfriend sneaked into the younger sister's room, later, when they grew up, it became clear that he was in love with her. Parents loved only the older sister, who was a manipulator and lied to everyone.

Father r*pes his daughters friend.

Hi all,


Sorry for the vulgar title, but this is generally all me and my fiance can remember of this film we saw a couple of years ago. It was American. The friend I think was staying at her friends house when her friends father r*pes her on the sofa, or at least sexually assaults her. That is all we can remember. It’s bugging the hell out of us.


I know it’s vague but thanks for any help.

Two Movies

What is the name of the movie where a couple on the run met in a accident with another car, i think their own was wrecked so they took the one that they collided with, A Mother and her daughter was in it, but the daughter was sleeping in the back and i guess she was covered so they did not see her, It was when they were driving, she woke up and said mummy, they did not know and they were frighten.                                                                                                                                                            The other one, All i can remember is a teenage girl went somewhere where there are a lot of bones or Skeleton or Skulls, The Movie is base off the Skulls and Bones, its not the Lovely Bones

Horror/Crime Movie From Early 2000s

I saw the just the beginning of this movie when I was little when it came on TV and it scared me a lot at the time. I remember it started with a lady in her 20s-30s talking on the phone to someone (maybe boyfriend?), she was standing outside on the sidewalk in the middle of a big city at night, and was trying to hail a taxi. A taxi pulled over and she got in, and after he pulled away he locked the doors, and some kind of spikes came out of the manual door locks on the inside of the car so she couldn’t unlock the door to climb out. Then I believe that scene ended and my mom noticed what I was watching and turned it off.

I must have seen it on TV in around 2006-2007, it was in English, it was in color but pretty dark, and I’m pretty sure whether it was a TV show or a movie it would fall into the horror/true crime category. I’ve been trying to figure out what it was for a long time, any help would be appreciated!

Man in a cold, remote place watches a woman through a screen, who is being attacked/terrorised by someone

I am looking for a thriller about surveillance. It follows a man who works in a cold remote environment at some sort of station. Not sure what his job is but it involves looking at screens (at a weather station or similar).

He could be a scientist or even a spy. One day he accidentally taps into a home security camera that shows a woman who is in imminent danger. There is a man in her house, who terrorises her. He could be her husband or perhaps the woman is abducted. The man at the station speaks to the woman through the screen, trying to help her, but of course, she can’t hear him. The film ends with the man walking out into the arctic blizzard, supposedly freezing to death.I assume he becomes obsessed with the woman and finally sets off in an attempt to save her.

The film is definitely from before 1995, and I suspect it is a European film, bit that could be wrong. I have been looking for it for more than 20 years and I would appreciate if you could help me find it.
It is not a well-known movie, but I am surprised that I can’t find it, because the plot must have been quite original back then, when security cameras were not yet common.


Looking for a movie, it’s a comedy cop movie

main cop seems to be making a tv show his partners name is Percy. In one of the scenes they go into an apartment and he stays outside scared when he finally does go in he shoots his partner In the chest and tells him you know how lucky you are I just saved your life. Right after he is fighting this guy and as he’s struggling in the fight he blows snot on the criminal’s face to get his hands free.

medieval movie i forgot

In short, I watched this film on a flash drive as a child (it was in color) in the events of the film, a female veteran knight and a newcomer will be betrayed by someone and they will be considered the murderers of some commander of the order and the order will chase after them, our 2 heroes will look for proof that they are this They didn’t do it and on the way they found out about this intrigue that was in the order and their kingdom.
The film is very bloody and there are fantasy monsters, and I also remember how at the end a giant dragon or some kind of giant monster with wings flew into their kingdom and they killed it with great difficulty.

A film about a human hunt.

The action takes place in the United States. A black girl with abrasions on her face goes on the run, having committed some illegal actions (apparently murder). He first receives instructions from his black boss. On his advice, he goes to a desert (according to him) state (Arizona?). She drives a black convertible for several days, every evening there are assassination attempts on her. It turns out that her same boss announced a hunt for her, inviting the most famous human hunters. On the first night, the hunter was someone nicknamed “Handsome”; on the second night, she learns from the hunter already associated with her that a hunt has been announced for her.

A young white guy from the library tries to help her.

Once he meets a voting white girl on the highway. He refuses to give her a ride, but shares water with her.

The film was in color, in English, not old. Unfortunately, a piece of the film was watched without beginning and end. The film was broadcast in Thailand on a cable channel in December 2023. All attempts to find the channel were unsuccessful. It’s a pity.

A pyramid of refined sugar cubes, a brightly lit cafe, a blonde girl, a bulldozer

A pyramid of refined sugar cubes, a brightly lit cafe, a blonde girl, a bulldozer. The only scene from a movie I saw supposedly in the late nineties. A girl runs away from her pursuer, hides in a bright cafe at night, they give her coffee, she builds a pyramid of sugar, it begins to tremble and collapse, a maniac drives into the cafe window on a bulldozer or excavator

A movie about an asian man with a non-asian girl crush with each other

I used to see a movie about an asian  man from hong kong or anywhere travelling/working/studying  in US,  he was taking a bus one day, then came across a non-asian face girl. They  talked a while then fall in love with each other. then they came to the girl’s  departroom and made a love which shocked my heart because it  happened naturally.  could anyone find the movie name or give some suggestions?

Help with Old 70’s 80’s action drama movie

Decades ago I remember seeing this scene from some action/drama scene my father was watching. All I was able to see was the following scene:

Two clean shaven men fighting on a contained room, possibly a finished basement or rec room because the room had a pool table and the walls were wood paneled. One of the men was wearing one of those old fashion Marlboro men cowboy coats (the ones that were with the sheep fleece wide collars)  At some point the other guy gets to a rifle and blasts the guy in the coat in the gut and he fell dead. The guy with the gun walked up to him and said something like “Sorry to do that to you _____. But you left me no choice.” The guy with the gun walked off and the camera zoomed into the dead guy. And that where I had to leave the room to join my friends. I was never able to get the name of the film.

The film HAS to be pre 1983, at the very least because my father died that summer. Possibly the film was made in the 1970’s due to the clothes and interior design style. I figure the film has to be an action genre because they had no problem showing blood and the fight scene was pretty wild. And it had to be shown on a cable channel, because it was being played in the middle of the day.

Soldiers movie or show name (Not sure)

A possible live-action movie or show with soldiers whose names are Joe, Moe, and Bartholomew. Not sure if it’s in color or not too.

P.S.: If anyone is wondering why I’m asking, I’ll tell you.

As we ALL know, Genie from Disney’s Aladdin franchise has been known for turning into famous Disney or non-Disney characters from movies and novels and even celebrities.

Recently, I saw in an Aladdin episode, “The Seven Faves of Genie”, Genie turning into a soldier and shouting out: “This for Joe! This is for Moe! And this is for Bartholomew!” while firing a machine gun and it got me thinking: “Who are those guys he mentioned? Who is Genie spoofing this time? Is he even spoofing someone too? Is it from a movie or show? Is it a reference to such? Are those names even included too?”

P.P.S.: I may have asked this kind of question many times before in other posts, but the answer still remains a mystery up till now.

So, take your time and good luck.

old air accident investigation movie

I think I saw this a few years ago the one scene I remember is they were testing the tail of a plane after an accident of the same plane type by moving the rudder back and forth repeatedly in a cold environment and they had been doing this for like a month and nothing was showing up  when this guy’s boss calls him and tells him to stop the test and give up and that is when the tail completely snaps. The movie was in English I’m pretty sure. I saw it on YouTube actually but I am pretty sure it originally was a movie it was in black and white or maybe sepia of some kind I can’t remember really