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1970s Movie with a haunted car

This movie is not “The Car”.

The movie has a black haunted car which looks like something from the 1950s, and it is set in the Pacific Northwest I think.  I remember two scenes, one where there are some totem poles and a sacred circle drawn by a shaman the car can’t enter, and in the other scene, the car crashes and catches fire, and a police officer opens the door to save the driver but it’s just sticky black goo.  Scared the crap out of me as a little kid.

Horror movie anthology

The Horror movie Anthology Im looking for should be from around 2018 and has about 10-15 shorts in it.

I remember reading a blog article about it and that different people should create short horror movies with the theme “blood”(at least I think it was blood).

The most memorable short I remember is about a woman whos task is to make an autopsy of a dead woman. The dead woman is something like a weeping angel (if someone watches dr. who you know what i mean, if not: the “dead” woman can only move if no one is directly looking at her).

The only connection between the short movies a young woman who goes around in a house and looks at different objects, these object are a part of each short movie.

Another shorts I barely remember:

A woman is in danger because a know mass murder breaks out, dressed as santa claus and hunts her (in her house) with an axe.

Time travelling man

I watched a film several years ago with my dad.

It started with a young boy going to a friends house and being abused alongside her by her father. Later, as adults, the boy (now a man) runs into the woman now working as a waitress. However, traumatised by her experience she commits suicide.

The man travels back in time and essentially blackmails the girls father, stopping the abuse. They grow up and attend college however again things do not work out.

Eventually, after trying many times and not managing to have a happy relationship, he decides to travel back in time to conception and prevents himself from being conceived. (I think one of the last scenes involved barricading himself in a hospital room?)

Again, it was many years ago so the film may not match up. It was definitely an English speaking film in colour. Any help will be gratefully appreciated thanks!

A movie on Netflix

Non-english movie, european.. probably russian. I think the first scene was when the lead female (teen) was using her laptop in her room, then she went to school and the teacher asked them to show their homework(?) which was supposed to be like an invention for science class idk, then the girl showed her work which was like a voodoo doll, and she was kinda proud of it. The girl is pretty but she is like a weirdo/psychopath/mentally illed.

Looking for help identifying scene name

Looking for the scene name..

Or movie ame .. or actress name … from adult xxx movie  .. probably from anywhere between late 80s and 2012 or so.. (sorry for lack of pinpoint accuracy) .. .. blonde girl and her husband go for a drive and end up picking up a drifter guy / hitchhiker … I think that was a fantasy of the wife  … the couple take the hitchhiker guy home and the wife has sex with the hitchhiker in front of her husband … thanks for any help

Black and White film about Female Vampire

Hello All,

I am hoping you can help me find a movie that probably was made in the 1980s. It was black and white. It may have been an art film, or perhaps even a sophisticated student film. I don’t think it was made with a very large budget.

The plot was something like this: a young white woman who lives in a large city keeps hearing rumors of a woman vampire. She tried to arrange to meet her at parties, or clubs, but eventually the vampire seeks her out. The vampire is a black, with a natural hair style, and very old, but looks to be no older than 30. She may be Egyptian.

They have a conversation where the young woman seems to interview her, as if she is a reporter or something–and maybe she is, or perhaps a student–and the vampire gives her some very thought provoking answers.

I don’t know how the movie ends. I do know it was a not a bloody movie.

Thank you.

Romance, with English subtitles, in color, maybe set in the Middle East, saw in a movie theater in Europe around 1996

Romance, with English subtitles, in color, maybe set in the Middle East, saw in a movie theater in Europe around 1993. It’s a very quiet movie, not much is said. About two young people, woman and man, best friends and in love. One day, a woman’s friend comes to visit her and becomes a really good friend with her boyfriend. The two guys start spending all the time together, talking, having the same interests and forget about her.

In the end, she lies on the edge of the roof, looking at the two guys having fun. The film ends with the woman lying on the edge of the roof looking at the two friends having a good time. The movie ends. It seems like she is preparing to slide off the roof.

Man teleporting/travelling in crate (Horror/SciFi)

I am trying to remember a movie, possibly 5-10 years old, in color, probably classified as horror (maybe a touch of SciFi).  It was not a big-budget movie.  It had no actors/actresses that I can remember.  For some reason I think the title of the movie was one-word, but am not certain.

From what I can recall a man wakes up bloody in a crate.  I believe I remember in one instance him being in some kind of transportation station, with paid lockers. I think he wakes in a crate or container (not a shipping container) under a set of stairs, and I recall a lot of trash around the area.  I cannot remember if this was English or Foreign.  I am leaning on foreign just based on how I remember the movie felt, but it felt very dark, unfamiliar, and the whole situation was just weird.

It could be possible my memory has completely failed me and no type of crate or container was involved.  It might have just been a guy, waking up bloody at different times in the movie, in different places, without remembering how he got there.  I also do not recall ever seeing the character fall asleep on their own; it seemed something unusual was always involved.  I also recall very little dialog; I feel like I remember the movie being very visually driven with the story arc and plot following this man.

I have searched IMDB using keywords, searched sites on weird/obscure movies, checked this site – all to no-avail.  Your help could stop my compulsion to find and complete watching this movie!


Space, I think?

The movie revolves around a crew which get infected by some alien stuff, might also be radiation or something. One by one they get superstrenght and the ability to transform into (metal) weapons. I don’t know much, all I seem te remember is the end: Only a man and a woman survive and on their way back (to Earth?) she gets pregnant. As times evolves (spacetravel takes long) the baby grows and I seem to remember them staring at Earth as they get closer. He holds her while he makes a comment about how every body will understand now (something like that). She turns around and slams his chest as he is still holding her. The camera zooms in on her womb and shows the baby is growing claws, thus revealing the man is mutated after all, he just controlled the killing urges. End of movie.

documentary about society

I am looking for a documentary about manipulating society. I remember from the whole movie only one episode at the beginning:
A man says that in all centuries of history, young people were considered stupid and unworthy of special attention. But we made sure that the young now be prestigious, that the youth – it’s cool and progressive. …Because young people are dumb and can be easily controlled.
can anyone help find this movie?