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Romance movie where elderly lady reconnects with an old love in a different country

I’m not entirely sure that the part of the movie I just described was the whole plot but that is the part I remember. Her kids (grandkids?) take her to the other country (possibly Italy) and they try to find her old love. At one point she finds who she thinks is him but It is a young man. The kids think she’s crazy until they realize that is his son (grandson?) Thank you so much guys!

Sweet yet sad movie

I am trying to recall the name of a movie. The plot goes like this:

A young single fella is lied about a baby girl is his, so the baby is left under his supervision. He later finds (tho not disclosed until the end) that the little girl has a heart problem, so he grants the girl every single whim she has. The mother returns years later and tries to get her back. At the end the girl dies in the guy’s arms.

I thought the actor to be Jim Carey?, but after searching and searching, I couldn’t fin it.

Thanks a lot

French movie – boys fight

I am looking for a French movie (probably mid 80’s) about two groups of schoolboys fighting each other, very similar to “War of the Buttons”, but not that movie. It is probably set in the 30’s, all the boys wear black capes. The movie is told from the point of view of one of them, named Francois, his opponent’s name is Augustin. That boy wanted to betray the group, but they found out, beat him and pulled his pants down. At one point one of them is punished at school – the teachers make him stand on his knees on a bench. The second part of the movie describes their adventures, when they are 17 years old and go to a concert in the opera, later they discuss it in class.

Unconventional RomCom


Been looking for this one movie I haven’t seen in probably 5 years or so but I can’t for the life of me remember the title of it.

As far as I remember, this is an unconventional RomCom. The main character is a guy who works at a company that people hire to hide their infidelity. They fake pictures, redirect phonecalls, you name it. The main character has become bit of a skeptic, since he’s exposed to so much infidelity in his everyday life. He doesn’t so much as believe in the concept of love. And for the obvious RomCom cliché: he gets an intern/new hire who eventually convinces him to believe in it – and of course he falls in love with her too.

This is sadly about all I remember about it. I think it’s a 90’s-early 00’s movie? might have something with business in the title or along those lines. Main character sounded a bit New York?

Sorry for vagueness! Believe me if I knew more, finding it wouldn’t be a problem, haha!

Thanks in advance!

Mother in mental hospital

I’ve been looking for this movie for 20 years!! Any clue could help…

It’s a family movie made probably in the 80s, maybe later. I could have watched it on the Lifetime channel, not sure.

It’s about a girl, whose mother is in a mental hospital, and she has to take care of her young brother and sister (twins) who are young and naughty, and her father says she doesn’t help enough. At one point there is a Christmas party, the twins cry because they want their mother, and she talks to the boy and says: “Look Liam, you are a brave cowboy, aren’t you?”, explaining that the mother is not there. She also tries to make pancakes with syrup with the twins, but they mess the kitchen up, and her father yells at her.

Then her father sends her to live with her aunt, she meets a boy at school (his name is Alex), and they end up kissing at the basement, where there is a large pool table. Her aunt comes in when they kiss and sends the boy home. Then she tells the girl she should go back to her father. The girl runs away and goes to visit her mother in a hospital. She buys pancakes for her, but the mother says she doesn’t want them. And she falls asleep on the hospital bed. Then her father comes to take her home and apologizes for yelling at her.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Can’t figure the movie or TV show

All I remember is they were in an interrogation room about something. Then the guy tells the detective something about am inmate harassing or threatening or writing his stint grandma or done fsmily member.  The next scene the cop or detective tricks the inmate into hugging him in front of the other inmates.  That inmate is then shown on a toilet dead probably from the other inmates. I wanted to see what the show or movie was caused it looked really interesting.

Late 80’s Early 90’s horror or thriller movie

When I was young my older brother made me watch horror movies. None really bothered me except one that stuck in my mind that I only remember tiny bits of it.
1 – I am fairly certain I saw it at the drive in as a double feature along side weekend at Bernies.
2 – A flight goes missing off the radar but comes back eventually
3 – every one that is on the flight comes back bit is not them selves but have glowing red eyes.
4 – My clock radio had red glowing dots that I was never ok with again.

Anyone else know what this movie might be? google is no help.

Dark comedy and investigation

I’ve watch this movie about 3 years ago. The main character is an investigator and the story takes place in London (not 100% sure). In the first scene, the investigator arrests a thug, cuts his ball off and eat it. I don’t remember the plot but I recall two distinctive character. One is a widow in a wheelchair, played by a puppet, and the second is a heroin addicted fetus that is kept in the shirt front pocket of the investigator. I think that the main vilain is Hitler. I hope you guys can help me, thanks!

martial arts movie

I saw that one in 1996-1997 but it seems to me that movie (definitely not a TV serie) was made earlier.

I have no clue about actors.

I remember that one scene in the end: the guy is in the helicopter, he is a passenger and he is in the handcuffs. He talks whit someone, then he rotates his wrists, the handcuffs opens and the guy jumps from the helicopter.

It was a color movie and I think it was a Japanese one.


p.s.: that scene has been making me mad really bad for a long time. That was my uncle who watched the movie back in the days but he couldn’t remember it. I really hope someone solve that one.


Bar Owner Helps Single Girl Find Love

Hey all! I remember a movie from probably 10 or so years ago and it was a romantic comedy, I think. It opened with a scene of a girl who lived above a bar (or next to it, not sure) and mooched off the free wi-fi. She is trying to load something on her laptop and sticks it out the window, only for her to drop it to the street below. Another scene I remember is her walking into the bar for internet and sitting at the bar in her pajamas. Of course, the owner comes and talks to her, she hits on him, he’s not into it. He explains that he’s a bachelor and even has the water turned off to his apartment so that any woman he brings home doesn’t try to stick around and make breakfast or move in. I don’t remember a lot of the in between, just that he offers to help her find love. In helping her, he falls in love with her, and the movie ends with him realizing he loves her and her on a date with an Irish guy, yelling about the “luck of the Irish!”

Any ideas? I’d love the help!



My husband remembers renting this… older movie…..I would say back with VHS. He says that there was a pretty country girl that all the locals would take out in the woods and have sex with her….was mean to her.  A rich guy from the city, who had a pretty girlfriend fell in love with the country girl. He dumps his girlfriend to be with  the country girl. The country guys killed the country girl. Rich guy goes after country guys and kills them. Thats all he can remember. Kind of sounds like an LMN kind of movie.

Clint Eastwood movies mixed together in a Gummi Bears episode

According to wikipedia, the Gummi Bears episode; “For A Few Sovereigns More”, many Clint Eastwood movie references are used within it. Ex.: The titles spoofs that movie, For A Few Dollars More, the character Flint Shrubwood is name after Eastwood, and somewhere at the end, he says: ” Go ahead, take my pay.”; a reference to the famous line in the Eastwood movie, Sudden Impact: “Go ahead, make my day.”

What I want is for someone to watch this GB episode very carefully on YouTube in the link pasted below, give me time intervals where I can find Eastwood movie references, and tell me which Eastwood movies and scenes each one references as soon as possible.

The video:

Comedy movie : breaking in fail

Hello ! I am looking for a comedy movie from the US and probably from the 2010s

the only scene I remember is a guy attempting to break into a bar or a store at night, he punches and breaks the door’s glass to open it from the inside, but slashes his wrists with the glass and starts to bleed, he’s like « oh shit, it’s bleeding, it’s bleeding a lot » and finds help at a friend’s place or something

A young girl getting used by some boys at school to recieve oral sex

I do not remember the title of this movie, which i would like to watch again. I think its a foreign movie but I am not 100% sure though.

– Its about a young teenage girl who has been used by a number of boys at school for receiving oral sex

– There was this scene, this girl has been lured in to cave or something like that by a boy, blind folded and there were four or five other guys waiting there and she ended up giving oral sex to everyone

– And the school get to know about this incident and her name was written in school windows with penises next to her name

– At the very end of the movie, there was this scene, in which she do oral sex to another boy in a garden like environment and the scene end with her wiping her mouth like she has swollen the semen after oral sex.