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movie with monsters

The only thing I remember about this live-action movie was the beginning where a boy and his friends are confronted by a bully and his gang.

Though having won against them, the boy is sent to the principal’s office later on and his mom joins along since the bully leader is actually the principal’s son. The principal demands an apology but the boy’s mom disses the principal in her son’s defense instead and chooses to leave with her son to enjoy the rest of the weekend without school.

One scene featured cards on the floor and the foot of a possible monster/creature approaching the cards left on the floor too.

American film

Help me find out what kind of movie. Possibly American. There was a party and it seemed like one girl did not know how to swim, she was modest, kind. And then one person got drunk (rolled up to her, maybe he was a young man) and fell into the pool ?! she got scared and jumped after him, but she drowned. He stayed alive. Then she wakes up and sees that she is in a coffin in a church at a funeral. It is hard to believe that she is a ghost. He finds that dude and sees how unhappy he is, possesses a girl to bring him back to life. And the one in whom the ghost possessed swam well (was engaged in some kind of water sports)

Something I read about

I remember seeing this in the comments for an article about Leo The Lion and I can’t get it out of my head here’s the comment:

Yeah, I put on some Danish (I assume because they kept mentioning Denmark and who else would) CGI abomination on Saturday for my son about a lion-type creature(?) that was a real little shit who ate apples(?) and which seemed to be dubbed by drunken Danes into English in a complete monotone. It also shamelessly stole random elements from other movies like turning that squirrel thing from Ice Age into a mouse that acted the exact same way and having a grotesquely ugly knock-off of Linguini from Ratatouille who still was dressed like a chef despite there being nothing about cooking in the movie.

Can remember the name of this movie

So there was a movie I watched when I was a kid that I’ve been trying to find but I’m pretty sure my memory is warped by this time.

The movie had a scene where I would assume the main male character was addicted to recreating certain movies and in this particular scene he may have been remaking the movie Dracula where he dressed as a vampire.

The only part I can remember was that the woman in the scene may have been intentionally dressed as Marilyn Monroe (or was just platinum blonde).

I believe he (or someone else) falls off a roof and he may have also sucked the blood out of her neck regardless of him not being a vampire. I feel like it had horror / serial killer type vibes to the movie but I genuinely can’t remember anything else other than these few things.

Can anyone assist with this?

Film about the trial

I once watched a 1970s film in Russian translation – HOUSE near the road. The film is black and white. The plot of the film is as follows. The woman (she is also the driver of the car) had a car breakdown on the highway in a deserted place. A woman enters the nearest lonely house and calls for help. Help is promised not earlier than morning. The owner of the house, an old judge, invites her to stay overnight. The owner says that his favorite pastime in the evenings is playing a lawsuit with a neighbor. In the evening, a neighbor comes – an old prosecutor. They invite the woman to take part in the play as a witness. During the trial, it turns out that the woman’s husband died ten months ago. During the trial, she is shown suspicion. At 6 o’clock in the morning, the judge announces the death penalty.

Couple in Boat

A film scene with a boy and a girl. Sitting naked in a boat In the middle of the night. The girls jump in the water and disappears.

When i was a little boy i was watching television and a scene from a film was playing. It contained a girl and a man that sat naked in a boat, in the middle of the night. There is a “sex tension” but the girl jumps in the water and disappears…

I’ve been trying to find this film for years, you guys have any idea?

Two men and a woman

Hello! I’m looking for a movie that I saw between 2008-2012 on the TV on some kind of movie channel. It was in color, but you could see that quality wasn’t the best so this movie was probably shot between 1970-2000 (I guess it was 90’s). I’m pretty sure it was in English, but it might been in some European language. It was pretty similar to The Dreamers. There were two men and a woman. All of them were young. I remember there were some scenes on the beach, in a telephone booth and in the cinema (in this scene the girl was sitting between those guys and she was literally starring at the screen, even tho the guys were touching her under her blouse).  Any ideas?

Goosebumps Reviewers.

I remember this one Youtube channel that did review of Goosebumps, specifically the books and it was a boyfriend and girlfriend duo and I remember them specifically mentioning ‘The Visit’ when talking about the ‘An Old Story’ story from Tales To Give You Goosebumps.  I can’t remember their names specfically but I remember they reviewed Haunted Mask 1 and 2, Egg Monsters From Mars, Full Moon Fever and a few others.

James bond

Hi, I saw this film on tv in the late 70s when I was a child. It’s a James Bond movie I think. It would be either roger moore or Sean Connery. They’re on a boat watching a screen, when something scary happens to a person on the screen. I can’t remember what. I just remember being a bit freaked out. I remember my grandmother trying to calm me down by saying “don’t worry, their tv just went wrong”. Any ideas??


Hi, I’m looking for a film which was shown on channel 4 about 15 years ago, during a season they called “relentless”. It was about a woman running frantically through the whole film with people jumping out of cupboards, chasing her and trying to catch her (in a kind of nightmare scenario). It was an action film but not scary. It was a young woman and the film was probably mid nineties.  Not much to go on but I remember watching the last half of the film and being exhausted watching it. Ive just always wondered what film it was. Hope you can help me.

Shift in reality

I think this is really a long shot because I have hardly any information, but maybe it’s familiar to someone?

It was in color, I’m pretty certain it was a movie but there’s a chance it could have been tv. I saw it a few years ago, and I don’t think it was very old at the time, but I might be wrong.

It was about a man and a woman who were a couple, and they experienced some kind of shift in reality, but I don’t remember what it was. I remember a scene of one or both of them in bed, either going to sleep or waking up, and something was different, or maybe they were anticipating it being different? It might have been that one of them disappeared from existence, or had never lived there, or something similar.

I think it may have taken place in a loft apartment.

While searching I’ve found some movies like this involving children disappearing, but I’m pretty certain something happened to half of the couple and not a child.

I know that’s not very much, sorry!

Motorboat towing a dead body

I only remember a single scene from this that I watched on TV back in the 90s.

There were these two guys riding a motorboat. Unbeknown to them there was a dead body towed by the motorboat on a long cable. As they were riding across the surface, the corpse was hitting some poles along the way. The guys were perplexed by the sound of it. Like, “hey, did you hear that? what was that…?”.

I remember I’ve thought it was hilarious so perhaps this one was a comedy.