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80s, 90s, or early 2000s space horror movie on Mars

An 80s, 90s, or maybe early 2000s horror movie about a team of people in space, visiting Mars, on an expedition. They find some alien fossils buried in walls in an obstructed room.

After they investigated the fossils, the alien monsters became alive and hunted them down. Characters were killed in dramatic fashion, with blood sometimes spraying into their glass helmets (big fish-bowl helmets). Please help me find the movie’s name. I watched it when I was around 4 years old, and it bothered me, since I never remembered the name.

I have to find it, please help

A supposedly sci-fi movie I saw as a kid around year 2005.

Only two thing I remember: a scene by the door of a planet base with a footprint in the sand, implying someone just left. And another scene, which was repeated multiple times, of a kid running through a snowy forest, every time getting closer and closer to a log lying there, to finally find a star shaped crystal under it. Then cleaning snow dust off it with mittens.

It looked oldish, easily could be a tv series

Peeping Tom gets “tricked”

This is kind of embarrassing but I remember seeing this scene as a young kid and it left an impression on me and I’ve always wondered what it was. All I remember is this man is trying to “get with” this woman, and she brushes him off/kind of runs away from him. That was the vibe anyway. In the scene I remember, he was being a creep and looking through a hole in the wall into the/a girls’ dressing room, where they’re all tittering about, and for some reason cheer the main female character on to “take it off!” (Her bra). The man’s excited obviously, and the main female character seems to know he is watching because just as she’s about to remove her bra, she (or another girl) covers up the hole he’s looking through. I think the man’s friend/some other male character comes in to move the plot forward right after that happens. Then the scene goes back to the women who are more relaxed knowing he’s gone for the moment.

That’s all I remember! I saw it between 1999-2001 on TV. I think it was color but it may have been black and white. Had the energy of something from the 50s-70s.

I know this is a long shot but it’s always bothered me that I can’t find it, even just for curiosity’s sake. Thanks

Black and white film in which a man lives/hides inside a statue

I am posting this again as I am desperate to find this film.

It is a black and white, probably russian/european film in which a man lives/hides inside a statue/sculpture in a city. It takes place during war time. The film ends with the man committing suicide by cutting his wrist. It could be a silent film. I saw it in the early-mid 90s.

Any help would be appreciated.

Transportation cop movie?

It may be from the 90’s or even early 2000’s. A man (maybe some type of alien) can automatically warp/turn into another person’s body just by touching them. A cop or detective is after him as he moves through a crowded area jumping from person to person. I only saw a short scene from this movie and even though it’s almost exactly like the Denzel Washington movie FALLEN it is NOT. The guy/cop chasing him is white and the tranporter is some type of alien not a demon. Thanks for the help!

2010-ish cop or gang thriller or along those lines with main guy going vigilante

Hey guys, I’m looking for a movie that must have come out around 2008-2014, give or take. I watched it around that time on DVD (we always rented tons of movies, and I’m fairly certain it was new or at least not quite old then), and it was most likely a US production. For the longest time I thought it starred Kevin Bacon, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The scene I remember is the protagonist (probably white guy in his 30s) running out of his house in a rather quiet neighborhood at night to confront two or more younger men, possibly gang members (possibly of a different ethnicity). He’s got a baseball bat or something similar, and he either scares them off or attacks them. He might even beat one of them severely, but that part is very fuzzy. Might as well be he gets the beating, but for some reason, I tend to think he gets in trouble for all this, so I guess he’s the violent one in this scene.

As for things I THINK I remember: He might be a cop, and he might be suspended at this point or get suspended after the incident. He was most likely watching the street in anticipation of something going down. He must have had history with gangs or such. He may have gone vigilante on innocent people that night; he seemed quite paranoid and on edge altogether, and I think he had good reason to be so. His family, if there was one, may have been under threat. I also believe the cops knew something was up involving this man. Like, they didn’t seem surprised? Perhaps they couldn’t or wouldn’t help him? But all of that may be me mixing up several movies.

I feel like I saw this around the time Death Sentence came out, hence my mind connecting it with Kevin Bacon, but that one shouldn’t be the movie I’m looking for; I just fast forwarded through it and couldn’t find that scene.

Any help would be greatly appreciated =)

Little identical domed roof cars, people wore black caps

Here’s a challenge! I’ve been hunting for this movie for at least two years. I watched it years ago, but cannot remember, or find, the title.

What I do remember is that the movie is set in a town through which numerous identical little cars are driving around. The cars each have a domed roof.

The adults in the film wear slightly strange clothing, but the stand-out feature is the black caps or headgear they all seem to wear.

The movie includes children dancing as in a kind of circus, and I believe an old-fashioned carousel was involved with the typical prancing horses.

The film may have been a foreign film, maybe Czech.

That’s all I can come up with.

Two rapists kidnapped and killed on camera

I remember only two scenes from the movie, the movie itself came out before 2010 in US, I watched it around 2007.
The first scene: two guys who raped a girl were kidnapped and put in a room that was covered with polyethylene. The first guy was bald and short, the second was brunette and tall. The first guy panicked a lot, so they shot him so he wouldn’t cry or scream. The second guy went ahead and began to pray, then he was also shot.
Second scene: the father of the second guy attends the guys’ funeral and cries.

Not Army of Darkness

I think I saw this scene in a movie in the ’90s, and I thought at that time that the (colour) movie had been made quite recently. At some point I thought it was Army of Darkness but I’ve since watched that and did not see the scene. Perhaps an alternative version?

In the scene the Ash-like hero is driving his sweet convertible through rough terrain with his best Sheila-like girl by his side. It felt like the end of the movie but may just have been a pivotal moment. He suddenly slams on the brakes, and as the camera pulls way back to take in the entire situation, we see the car is stopped before a huge cliff with (if I recall correctly) Deadite-like creatures crawling around everywhere.

And that’s all I remember. Ring any bells for anyone?

Mystic, almost certainly 90s. Raven with red eyes and 666 (or just the pentagram idk).

The girl learns that she has superpowers and she is a witch.

There is a scene where she sits in the library and uses telekinesis to control the flame of a candle. At this moment, the guy who liked her sees it from behind.

Also in this city (?) there is a secret society that gathers under some kind of tree, stand at the corners of the pentagram.

There is also a raven with red eyes, the appearance of which always means problems (I don’t remember whether it’s some kind of sorcerer, or a sorcerer’s raven).

Murders begin to take place, 666 and pentagrams are carved into the bodies of the victims. The main character’s boyfriend is also killed.

In the end, everything is already ok, the evil seems to have won, everything is fine, she seems to be married, she has a baby in a stroller on the street, she hears the phone ringing in the house. She goes to the house, answers the phone, it is her husband calling from work, and through the window she sees a raven with red eyes flying up to the stroller with the baby.

80s horror movie with demon possession.

I definitely think this movie was a Full Moon/Empire feature and I remember seeing a scene from the movie on Deviantart, basically there was deadite-esque demon transforming inot a beautiful woman in a black outfit, like a silver colored bikini/swimsuit, I cannot rememember the title.

The actress I cannot remember the name of but she looks like the model/actress on the cover of Prehistoric Bimbos. I remember there was a gym scene.

old (?) spanish film about a lone woman

this is going to sound really weird, but here it goes. From what I remember, this is a old film I saw as a kid on the TV, it’s in color and supposedly it stars Jacqueline Andere according to my dad since i’ve asked him about it. The movie is in Spanish and from what I remember, this older looking woman lived alone and she lived in what appeared like apartments and this young boy would show up throughout the film and the two had a sort of bond with each other and at the end of the film the boy looks like his asleep? (not sure if his dead or not or what happened to him but he has his eyes closed and does not speak) and from what I remember he didn’t have a shirt nor pants on and i think it may have been white shorts he had on? but the lady paints his body golden so his like a completely golden boy and then takes him in her arms and gently places him on an alter in her house. I think that’s how the film ends but those are major points I remember. I know it sounds extremely weird but I’ve always wanted to know the name of this movie and i’ve already attempted to search but no luck. I’d appreciate any form of help!

Film about cooking, possibly Italian

  1. This movie was about a guy who lived across the street from a restaurant, one day he went to work there. There was a scene where his huge family saw him off. The guy was young and went there to work as a cook. Probably a migrant, but clearly a foreigner. Business is gradually going uphill, there was a scene where a man (possibly a relative of the cook) and the owner of the restaurant are waiting for the result. The restaurant will be upgraded to 3 stars. The man opens the champagne before the result, but the result was positive. In addition, we learn that the guy (the cook) has started making his own pistachio ice cream, which critics like.

Mistery movie where all the adults in a city start acting like children

I remember watching this movie between 2016 and 2019 and it looked new.

After a party in this city, all the adults start acting like little children, so the children investigate what is going on, in the end they discover the party’s drinks were contamined with a drug created by the government a long time ago in a scientific experiment in the city. The experiment ended because the test subject were dying.

Also the main villain is a woman who wears all black and is the daughter of one of the scientists who conducted the experiment, and before the end she participates in a boat chase in a river.

Looked like an european movie (british?)

A young short hair brunette probably got kidnapped/held hostage by a woman with her young sons

I saw a movie scene on TV in the 90’s. A young short hair brunette was constrained by a few young men while an older woman said “I’m sorry” and place a cloth with chloroform over the young woman’s nose and mouth. Her eyes rolled upward and blackout. After she woke up, She was tied to a bed with her waists tied together. She managed to untie herself and got up and went for the bedroom door.