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I’ve been looking for this movie ALL day! A woman seeks to help a young girl who is addicted to drugs in her neighborhood. She later reveals that she wants to help her because she was once addicted to drugs in her life. After a failed attempt to try and help her, she decides to do drugs with her and ends up overdosing in a park. I saw this movie a few years ago and I can’t remember the title. Google is no help. Hopefully someone can answer! Thank you!

Please help me, It is so important for me

  • All that I remember about the film. There was a company of friends of teenagers, maybe even children. One was definitely in love with a girl. They all wanted to get from France to England or vice versa. They also discussed that this can be done through tunnels for cars like. A very kind film, I ask you, tell me the name, I forgot. I saw him a long time in childhood, most likely filmed in the 90s. help me

Please help me find the movie’s title

I watched this movie on Tv.  I think it was in 90s. Because I was child at that time, I couldn’t remember everything very clearly. But I will write what I remembered.

There was murder in the car and only one man man saw the murderer’s face. But he couldn’t remember it. He tried to recall that moment which he passed near that car by his car and he looked inside of that car for a one second. He revived the moment again again to remember. At the end of movie he remembered everything. Does anyone know about this movie? Thank you.

Can’t remember this B Movie?

i can’t remember anything except the end scene, there was a soldier, and he had just finished fighting bad guys or defending villagers/people, and I can’t remember how but he ends up losing one or both hands?

he might wake up on a beach?

it might be a post-apoca or just a regular ex-Soldier fights baddies kind of movie, but it’s been bugging me so much that I can’t remember it, I don’t think it was post-apoca tho, might be one of those ex-vietname vs baddies type things?

i remember finding it in a list of the worst b-grade movies ever made?

Ищу фильм зарубежный [Translation: I am looking for a foreign film]

Здравствуйте долго ищу фильм зарубежный снят раньше 2000 года неизвестный убийца убивает в лесу одного за другим забирая у жертв жетоны смерти хранит у себя в хижене которую потом подожгли

(Google translation:

Hello, I’m looking for a foreign film for a long time. It was shot before 2000. An unknown killer kills in the forest one by one, taking death tokens from the victims. He keeps them in a hut, which they then set on fire.

Каждый использует этот бесплатный переводчик в будущем. Сообщения должны быть на английском языке, чтобы я мог убедиться, что они не являются спамом.

What’s the movie where a man has his eye stripped by a crowbar?

 Hi folks, I’m searching for a movie I don’t know its name, can you help me?
 I think this is an american movie, its colorful and I’ve watched it in K7 tape. These scenes I gonna describe, I’ve watched when I was pretty child, so I’m not even sure they’re even from the same movie and it’s possible I don’t remember perfectly of the details, but I guess that they’re from a movie of the 80’s or maybe the beginning of the 90’s. It’s genre is thriller with horror. In one of the scenes, that happens, I think, at night, a man comes into an alleyway, where he comes across a small group of people, men and women I think, with a look of beggars or sectarians of some sect, and they strip his eye with a crowbar or some kind of metal bar.
    There’s another scene where shows up a cross that I think to be of dark wood and if I’m correct it’s burning.
    In another scene, at daylight, there’s a man that is fleeing or running on the city streets, maybe because he’s feeling being pursuited, and he passes running in front of a brick wall, that is being broken down by some of those cranes with a wrecking ball and the ball hits him. I wanna remember that I’m not even sure if these scenes are from the same movie.
    I had as answer the movie The Omen IV, but I’ve watched it and haven’t recognized any of the scenes, nor even the scene where the man is hit by the wrecking ball. I’ve watched this movie that I’m looking for when I was very little, thus I can’t be sure about the scenes, if I’m describing de facto how they are or if my imagination created fake memories, but the scene where the man is hit by the wrecking ball seems to be alike, but it’s inconclusive to me. The most important scene of all is the scene where the man has its eye stripped, it’s by this one that the movie can be found.
   I don’t believe this movie is so unknown, because I believe this movie is from some good movie production company.
   I’m wating for answers. Thanks.

Dream of hugging/kissing? someone

It been driving insane. I have this vague memory, but I’m not sure if it’s a movie, a tv show episode, or even a book. Whatever it is I’m positive it was in English and if it was a film or episode it had to be in color. Here’s what I can recall.

It was of a person (can’t recall what gender) who had this reoccurring dream of hugging or kissing (but I’m leaning more to the hugging part) someone (not sure who) but everytime they were about to hug/kiss them they suddenly wake up. Then at the end they finally got to hug/kiss them. When they woke up they felt so relieved, I think they even started to cry.

That’s all I can remember.

Killer with a female persona (transgender pathologist?)

Watched it on tv. Think it was a movie. May have been a television movie, or mini-series. (Could have been a series episode too but guess not.) In English language. Likely British but unsure. Was quality! In color. I remember it was exciting from the start, a unique story. About …

I think the ‘hero’ was a detective or forensic (male?) pathologist.

Could’ve been a cold case, or he being from another area coming in to help. Perhaps he suspects something fishy within the police department? Or simply investigates a link with a case another (female) detective has in another city. Cannot point my finger at it but he was probably someone with a history. Maybe someone who got a bad name because he did something wrong or unpopular in the past, dunno. Or simply not believed. It is too vague.

What I remember more clearly, it’s about a serial killer.

And towards the end, comes the realization that the killer may not be a he or she! I remember the killer being a man with a disorder, a female psycho persona (or transgender?) so to speak. Possibly a police officer, someone who worked there, perhaps a pathologist. I really don’t remember.

A scene that I really remember well is: the police is using someone (young cop?) to go in with a hidden camera. Police are watching the screen. Could’ve been a video tape too. The hero detective tries to talk and connect with the killer, and a moment it looks like he is succeeding. However, to no vain. It ended with noise on the screen at the moment that police guy is in a chair being doctored by the killer, the killer taking his surgical knife to probably cut his b*lls. There is no gore, more suggestion. Cuts to noise.

That is something that is key to this movie: the hero detective is taunted by the killer, as if the killer likes the hunt, wants the detective to follow / leaves breadcrumbs. But mocks the detective that he is too stupid. But there seems to be growing a connection between the two, an understanding. Maybe the killer even meets the detective while he doesn’t know yet. Like some sick game. I remember it is only towards the end the realization comes that the killer is not a man or woman … something of another caliber, and he starts to put things together.

It seems like the killer wanted to be understood, heared.

I don’t even know anymore how it ended. I think he was killed eventually. But could be an open ending too. But if I would guess it must have been a satisfying ending.

Undercover cop action movie not english


Scene 1

Undercover cop that only his father knew his real identity. His father was interrogated by his enemy about who he really is.. His father shouted ” he’s my son… Badge/mission number…” something like that.

Scene 2

He got arrested by police. Told them he is undercover. And revealed his real identity and the badge/mission number.

.. He is disguised as a troublemaker bystander, his father is disguised as his neighbor. He keeps on getting arrested for drugs or any troubles but after a day he is always immediately released..

need help with this movie

I remember seeing a scene about this movie on youtube. I only remember one scene. A man punching sand in his own little apartment. It was either in a bowl or a bucket. He also used an oven for some reason either to heat up his fists or heat up the sand before punching it(to strengthen his fists). That being said that actor was ripped but skinny. All i remember. I cant find the same scene after an hour of searching and it bothers the ever living fuck outa me so im asking the internet for help lol

Earth Freezing

I saw this movie around 15 years ago on the TV. It was about sabotage some physical rules like the Gravity. I can remember that TV News reporting some people go upward because gravity turned off on that point. At the end of the film, all the earth was frozen and the bad guy was in the plain and because all the airports were frozen, he had no choice except stay in the air until the fuel finishes. He was explaining the situation to someone else very passionately and it looks that he accepts his destiny and he did that what he started will end up killing everyone including himself.

Old movie or documentary

The movie/documentary it was about  culture, poverty, hunger, struggle i think. I watched a scene of it on Youtube. It started with a donkey pulling up a cart/wagon on the street of some middle east as i remember. Then there were scenes of chinese women/geisha dancing or something. Also the music that was playing in the video was sad. I think the title of the video was something like “Eye of…”. That is all i can remember pretty much.

I would appreciate any help.