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Resurrection Horror Movie

I watched this movie in the late 2000’s. A child, I think it was a son dies in what I believe is a car accident. The whole family is in shock, and the father’s in so much grief, that he takes the dead body of his so to this weird place, with a bunch of rocks or something. He does some sort of ritual, and eventually his son gets resurrected, but then the son one by one murders everyone. The ending of the film has the son murder his mother, but then the father kills his son in self defense. The father does the same resurrection ritual with the wife, and she comes back to life and hugs the husband, but as she does she takes a knife and stabs the husband in the back.

This film was in English, and might’ve been shown on the AMC channel, and I know for a fact that it was a movie.

Thanks in advance if anyone solves it, its been bugging me for a while!

Only clearly remember bits and pieces

There are the two guys who are working on a script or a book, but im thinking they arent the main plotline. I remember at the end, they are tied up (maybe through mistaken identity, maybe juat comedy of errors) but they witness whoever is holding them captive being killed, and use the experience to finish their story.

I wish i.had more information, but i cant  remember more than this. I dont think the movie is older than say the 90s. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

80’s horror movie

Hi, i saw a horror movie on VHS when i was about 10, i can’t remeber almost anything about it only that it gave me chills and in the end the man or women escaping the monster in a warehouse? tries and sucedes to kill the monster by throwing a cola? can to a switch that activates an automated door that closes and kills the monster. I know its not much but im serching this since forever. I saw another movie after that witch i could track down, its caled Tremors. Thanx in advance 😉

Live-Action and Weird Animation Crossover Fairytale

Hi, Everyone.

I think I saw this movie in the early to mid 90’s but I have no clue when it actually might have come out.  It is a children’s movie where an evil witch is trying to flood the kingdom for some reason and so this poor man volunteers to be the one to plug the hole that she has created with his own body.  His only request is to have the princess keep him company while the water rises.  She feeds him grapes and wine, but as the water rises, the wine spills around him.  Obviously, she falls in love with him during this time, so she pulls him out of the hole and, somehow, I think this drowns the witch or something.  Also, she has a cat.

I remember the movie as mostly live-action but with snippets of a weird sketchy sort of animation interspersed.  I am pretty sure that this movie does exist because I have confirmation from a childhood friend, but neither of us can remember anything else.  Please help.

Looking for help identifying scene name

Looking for help identifying adult movie and actress.

Blonde girl .. thinking the move is anywhere from mid 80s to 2010  .. the scene in specific is a young blonde and her husband go for a drive and pickup a drifter / hitchhiker guy … the couple take the guy home where the wife does a strip and then has sex with both men. Any help regarding the actress or the movie is appreciated.

Thank you

Weird old superhero movie set in a college

Movie is fairly old (I saw it in 2006, may already have been out for a while before that). Best way I can describe it is if a group of college film students made a superhero movie with no budget.  The movie was set on a college campus, everything was pretty ridiculous and the movie was mostly about weird superhero/supervillain type characters randomly fighting each other.  Think a cross between avenger and fight club if the entire budget for the movie was $12.

I vaguely remember the “final fight” of the movie involved defending a sapling tree that had just bee planted, but that’s about it.



Pagan orgy?

I remember seeing clips from this movie on YouTube back in 2010/2011…but I can’t seem to find them anymore. There are two lines of dialogue that I clearly remember:

  1. A guy wearing sunglasses tries to impress a girl by telling her, “Well, after the pagan orgy, I feed everyone to a monster in the woods.”
  2. In the forest, an angry guy tells a group of people, “Will you settle down? We’re looking for her.” And then screams, “SUSAN!!!” at the top of his lungs.

The tone felt pretty self-aware, so I’m guessing it’s some kind of low budget horror comedy?


I always thought the name of the movie was “Billy” but i’ve searched repeatedly and have not such movie.

What I remember: there was a woman, a singer named Billy (or maybe I remember it wrong). I guess she moved from one city to another and tried ro pursue her singing career. There was a guy who helped her and they started dating if I remember correctly. I remember a scene where Billy and the guy were driving (rather stopped at traffic jam) and they heard her song from the radio for the first time. The guy got out of the car and put everyone elses radio on the same channel.

I believe I saw the movie between 2004-2008 so it’s rather old.

Horror Movie

I saw this horror movie about 3-5 years ago I think. It involves house, with a door in the main hallway that can only be seen from a mirror in the bathroom. The woman who lives there was a photographer. I think the house was supposed to be in L.A. , the movie was in color and in english. It was a hidden house or room within a house by the use of spells by the builder decades ago.

Thanks for any help!



Unknown 80s/90s supernatural thriller

I saw a movie many years ago (25+) and haven’t found it again since. US made movie.

It starts with a woman walking through a parking lot and she’s being harassed by some guy and a stranger steps in and rescues her. The stranger protects her throughout the movie from whoever is after her and it doesn’t end well for him. I think at some point they go to one of his friends who is a bit of a military but with a bunker and loads of weapons. The final scene is a repeat of the first, she is being harassed by same dude and a new stranger comes to the rescue.


So this is an old school movie i watched when i was still in school, its in color and its based around a man who’s divorced but has many kids, about 7 or 10 cant recall exactly, theres also a lady who i believe to have the same number of kids and on night she goes over to the mans house decides she orange juice and vodka/gin. A kid prepares the drink leaves it sitting, a couple of the kids decide to take turns in pouring more alcohol in the drink when going about in the kitchen. Thats pretty much all i recall from it considering we didnt finish the whole movie and was a really long time ago.


Girl (Katie) Gets Attacked By Lab Rats

I remember watching this film in the Sci-Fi channel back in 2005. It showed a teenager girl named Katie being cornered and attacked by this man in black coat with supernatural powers by pulling her without touching her. With his powers he shoved Katie’s head into a cage full of white lab rats, and with a biting gesture from the black coated man, the lab rats started running towards her.

In the meanwhile, two of Katie’s friends were escalating up the (school?) stairs and by the time they arrived, they were too late. On the floor they found Katie alive, but her eyes were bloodied, and she couldn’t speak because her mouth was bloodied too.

Does anybody know this film?


Help remembering a 80’s/90’s action movie

Hi all,

New to this site but could sure use some help.  I am trying to find out the name of a movie where a father is kidnapped by asian bad guys and college daughter does looking for father and fighting the criminals along the way.  I think it was about a stolen artifact or something.

Kind of like a fighting movie.  The woman character was blonde and i think the father was lance henrikson or something.

Any ideas?