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UK kids show with biker

OK I recall this being shown in the UK after school. It may be Grange Hill or Byker Grove. I believe it centred around kids. What I distinctly remember is several scenes taking place in a parking garage where the kids interact with a guy on a motorbike but the visor is always down on the helmet so his face is never seen (at least in the scenes I recall). I may be wrong but I believe he was a villain and the kids were intimidated by him. I think he led a gang as well.

Low budget horror

I remember watching a trailer for a low budget independent horror movie. I can’t really recall what it was about but I seem to remember the main characters are in the countryside and come across some other hikers/campers. I think the other hikers end up vanishing/go missing and it I think it’s implied there is something supernatural going. I recall a moment where a tent shakes or appears to move suddenly forward at the screen.  It’s not any of the Blair witch movies or a field in England.

Women is served messenger pigeon

basically. It was like in the medieval or Legend of Zorro era. There was this very beautiful women who lived at a rich mans house as spy for two men. She sent them messages with pigeons. She was having dinner with the rich man and the food was served. Her dish was a pigeon. But she didn’t  noticed until she saw the ring she used to tie letters to on the pigeons feet. She ran and when trying to scape entered a closet with her friend spies killed and ver pale. The rich man came from behind and told her he knew everything. One of his guy friend threatens her with a knife and knocked her out.

90s B sci fi/western movie, guy buys a mirror that actually is a portal to a wild west town

It was on hbo or cinemax all the time in the early 90s. It’s so foggy I don’t remember much.

A guy gets some mirror for his house and it turns out you walk into it it takes you to some other world (dimension?) Where its wild west, but theres bad guys that are obviously from the future or something.
All I remember is a bad guy had a robotic arm like Cable from x men and/or a glowing red eye…

And the nerd/geek of the group wusses out and goes back thru the wild west worlds mirror/portal back to his house where it all started, only to realize he needs to help his friends who were left behind (and if I’m not mistaken get the girl, who is from his world or the wild west one, I don’t remember) and he does, which leads to him and buddies beating the futuristic baddies.

That’s all I got, other than the scene where nerd guy in his house staring at the mirror trying to convince himself to go back to it to rescue his friends and hes pretty damn scared.

It was on hbo/cinemax/or showtime all the time in the early 90s, obviously was never in theaters, and was a scifi/western mix…. and a mirror they randomly bought was a portal to that western world. Me and my friends (born 1982-1984) all remember it bc it was on tv so much when we were kids but none of us remember the name or any actors.

Weve looked up scifi/western movie mix lists, movies with portals mix, movies with mirrors as portals and haven’t found anything.

Its been killing us for almost 20 years. Does this ring a bell to Anyone ?

For some reason most of the scenes that I recall take place at night…. thanks anyways

A wall of beds

I don’t remember when I watched it, maybe 10 or 15 years ago. It was a colored and a movie not a TV series doubed to my mother tongue but most probably it was English and made in USA.

The only scene I remember, there was a huge wall, full of square cells, and in each cell a human kept slept. Bodies were alive but without any movement. Their brains were controlled with a couple of wires (I guess) in order to they feel they are acting in a real life. In other words, each body was thinking and feeling that they are living in a real world, but they weren’t aware that indeed they are laid in beds and all they hear, smell, touch, etc are in fact superficial electric signals sent to their brains…!

old black and white movie, for kids with live animals as actors


I am looking for an old black and white movie, probably french, at least they spoke French in this movie.

Movie is absolutely fantastic, tons of fun and it is kind of comedy for kids or teenagers, I guess. Main point was that all actors were live animals – duck, monkey, dogs…some others, I don’t remember.

Main plot was about duck travelling or escaping or looking for something…

I remember just few fragments from this movie.

  1. duck is driving some kind of radio controlled toy car with glass cockpit, trying to escape explosions all around. Monkey (evil) sitting inside bunker with a screen and joystick, shooting that car.
  2. car was hit and duck escaped. Then duck is somewhere inside the monkeys bunker or HQ or whatever you call it. Duck was trapped in some kind of fishnet bag and delivered to monkey.

That’s all what I remember. Movie is extremely funny, I tried to find it many times with different ways with no luck.

Anyone, please help me to find the name of this movie.

Many thanks in advance.

Robbery thwarted

I remember this movie from television perhaps as early as 1970’s where there was a group of bad guys (I think) robbing the rich family there.  The son got locked in his room because he was disabled (I think crutches or a wheel chair) and the bad guys thought he would not be able to cause trouble for them.  He opens his closet to reveal a ham radio station, with which he contacts people who call the police from all over the world.


I think the story took place in New York, in a high rise building.

Cartoon Robot Movie?

I remember seeing this movie in school in around second or third grade, so it must be around 12 years ago now. We were learning about the importance of settings in a story, and the teacher showed us this movie to demonstrate a futuristic setting. I remember it was traditionally 2D animated, and if I had to guess I would say the animation was from around the 70s-80s. From what I can remember of the story, it was about a clumsy robot who comes to live with a family but keeps messing everything up. He runs away or gets kicked out or something, and then the family feels bad and learns to accept him for what he is. It must not have been a full length movie, as we were able to finish it in a single library period. I remember the title being something simple like [Name] the Robot. I don’t know the robot’s name but I’m fairly sure it began with a C and he was orange or red.

Only remember a song + general mood

I’m sorry for the very very vague one here. I just remember that it featured the song “A Kiss to Build a Dream on” at some point (Fairly certain they used the Louis Armstrong version) at what I think was supposed to be a tender scene at a party.


I know that it wasn’t Sleepless in Seattle or any of the other movies listed in the “In popular culture” section of the song’s wikipedia page, so I think the movie was either too new or maybe it was possibly something like an indie film or an internet sketch. I’m leaning towards internet sketch because I’m fairly certain it was a comedy.

Film by phrase

Somewhere in the year 17, maybe earlier, I saw part of the film in which I remember only one phrase that sounded something like “My father always told me: learn to cook, son, because no one woman wants to cook food for such a ugly like you.”
I don’t remember at all what else was in this film. I just remember that the film was in color and when this phrase sounded in the film the camera was shooting a man from the back who was cooking something.

I have been looking for a movie for this phrase for a long time because the phrase is rather funny, but I did not find anything. It seems to me that this is a fairly well-known film, I just can’t find it. I would be grateful for any help !!!

kids in the forest eating chocolate and turning into wood animals

Hi thanks for helping! trying my luck again

saw this on tv as a kid, year 2000’s. guess it was american but actually no clue if it wasnt. in color. possibly a TV show/ made to TV movie

I watched this movie as a child, only remebering this scene (maybe cus I skip channels cus this scene is pretty damn scary!)
I remember watching a group of kids going into the woods, there is one protagonist and I think a friend of his, but the rest of the kids find a chocolate bar (from a tree??) and starts to eat it. then they transform into forest animals (each a different one- rabbit, fox…) it was really scary as a kid.

the forest was dark. I remember feeling very scared as the scene goes on, as if something is terribly wrong but you dont know what until later on.

pretty sure it was 90’s, cus they were using animal costumes and not computer generated cgi.

I think after this the animals starts a feast?  finding maybe a festival of some sorts? full of forest animals. but cant remember if I mixed up this into with somehting else.

thanks so much for whoever finds this movie! ive been fascinated with this for years but couldnt find anything!
also my twin sister remembers the exact same scene but niether of us managed to find it.


I found the storyteller show – it looks a lot like the feel and art directionqbudget, but i havent found any episode with this storyline.

defenitly not:
“The Witches” (1990)
any classic childern movie. it was dark and realistic fantasy

horror move + husband haunts wife

Ok I have not personally seen this movie but it was being discussed on a youtube video. The poster says they saw it back in the late 90s and it was about a woman whose husband dies and in one scene she sees him by a tree walking towards the house. Later she is at grave with picture of him and he tries to get out of the picture. It ends with her dying. Does anyone know what this could be, because it has got me intrigued?

Found this on a Lost Media Wiki post

I decided to copy this post from the lost media wiki forums to see if i could recieve your help

I remember when I was around 9 years old (in 2010) or so, my mom and I were sitting in front of the TV, trying to figure out what to watch. We were browsing Comcast On Demand (long before it was Xfinity On Demand), when we came across this 3D animated film that was about this alien who resembled a cat, crash-landing on Earth and befriending a human man. We didn’t end up watching it, we watched something else, but I haven’t found the alien cat movie since.

The only clip I saw of it was a short scene that played when you selected the “watch a preview” option. The clip began with the blue-ish gray alien cat looking at his destroyed spaceship on a green hill. He sighs and then turns around, with the camera slowly panning upward to reveal a yellow house just over the hill.

I remember the movie having a strange name. Might’ve been the name of the alien cat character. Every time I try to look up “alien cat movie” I keep getting “The Cat From Outer Space” from 1978. For some reason, I have the feeling that the film is from France, but that could be just a hunch.

Edit: I vaguely remember the synopsis being something like “(insert name of alien cat here) crash-lands on Earth and becomes the household pet to (insert name of male human character here)” The movie was also free, which may or may not say something about the film’s quality. I don’t actually know if the movie is French or not, I just had a feeling that it was, it could come from anywhere. Heck, for all I know it could’ve been a direct-to-dvd movie that they put On Demand or something.

I made a storyboard of the clip I saw. I tried to include all I could remember about the clip.

(in other news, I can’t draw houses!)

Edit 2: Ok, since I haven’t gotten much response, I’m going to list some of the things that I found (that aren’t the movie) to avoid confusion.

List of things that aren’t the alien cat movie:

  • The Cat From Outer Space (1978 live-action Disney film)
  • Space Cat Hob (2015 Short Film)
  • A Cat In Paris (2010 French animated film)
  • A Monster In Paris (2011 French animated film)
  • Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat In Space (2001/2002 Japanese animated film)

Movie with biblical themes

I remember this movie was on some iteration of the Ebert review show with Ebert on it. It was possibly to do with the story of Noah’s ark. I remember a scene on what I think was an ark, or a wooden structure I think there was a window and outside was desert or maybe arid land. There are people staring down at a baby or possibly a child, and I believe these people are supposed to be Angels sent down to help the child. So if not Noah’s ark related maybe something biblical. Oh it was very artistic, visually. How it was lit and filmed.

Probably early 00’s.

Can’t remember the title of the Sci-Fi or futuristic action movie, remember only one scene

I remember only one scene that happens near the end, before final battle. The protagonist, the white man, enters some kinda building, where the main antagonist has a bath in a pool or jacuzzi with this antagonist’s girlfriend who is also dangerous. I remember this girl being naked but we can’t see any of her goodies, except for the butt maybe. Or it was the main protagonist who was in a pool with this girl, can’t say for sure. But it was the girl, she was naked in the pool or jacuzzi and she was dangerous. Then she comes out of a pool or jacuzzi and leaves naked. The main protagonist wins in the end, both his antagonist and the dangerous girl die.

Watched the movie in my childhood on TV in 2007-2010, so I assume, it is older. It was dubbed, so I don’t remember the language. Not comedic, it was a dark action movie. I think it was futuristic, something like “The 6th Day” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I can be wrong. That’s all i can remember so far.

School explodes

I remember one scene (probably it was opening scene): silence, children are going down the stairs in school, everything is peaceful and normal. Suddenly everything explodes, a lot of smoke in the air, silence again. Everyone is dead, there is no school anymore.

I remember it was very surprising and even shocking (but not brutal) scene.

I do not remember anything more. Just children, stairs, school and explosion not expected by viewer.

Can’t Remember Horror Movie

So I was born in 2001 and I remember watching this very scary movie alone when I was probably 4 or 5.  I remember it being very bloody and scary. There was a group of teenagers, or adults inside some sort of abandoned building. I’m not sure if it’s a factory, or some sort of abandoned building. Inside the building, there’s a killer woman ghost stalking the group of friends. Eventually, one of the guys goes off to have a smoke and is approached by the mysterious ghost lady. He offers her a cigar, I think the woman was smiling, and then she killed him.

I don’t remember how, I think she used her hand like a knife? Not sure. The rest starts to get a bit blurry, but eventually the group of friends are approached by some group of armed men. I’m not sure if they were military or not. Eventually the military group splits up, each group taking half of the friends I think. I remember a door closing, with a friend on the other side and the ghost lady just wrecks him, lots of blood I think.

Eventually, there are only two friends left, both are girls. I think one of the girls had one of those dice laces on their sweater. Eventually one of the friends is killed, and the other wakes up in a bathtub, and I think she was saved by some woman who was watching the entire event. If anyone could help me find this movie, that would be great! I could finally face my fears again.