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Random romantic movie

Okay so I remember basically the whole plot and what the characters look like but I can’t find it no matter where I go. It definitely a romantic movie and I remember watching it in 2015 around the time I was watching a bunch of romances like love rosie and movies around that time.

The movie starts off with this chubby guy with a beard and he gets in his car and is about to drive off and this girl that’s arguing with her bf at the time gets in this dudes car. The guy drives off and they go back to his place. I dont know how long into the movie it takes but they develop feelings and they have sex like a relationship but she come and goes because she gets drugs and they guy is trying to get her have a Job and I dont remember what happens to that but I do remember he follows the girl to the ex that she was yelling at place and he’s like a drug guy and he attempts to take her away form him and gives the guy money or something I think. And then one day she just leaves I think and then the last scene is she finds him on the beach and then I think she says let’s go home or something like that. But thought out the whole movie they argue but theres alot of development and growth and I love it. Please help

A zombie/vampire movie where at the end of the movie he it put in a special military unit

It’s a movie where a criminal turns into a vampire and his friend helps him kill people for food and at the end, he gets put in the military in some kind of zombie/vampire special unit? I saw this between 2010 and 2012, it might not have been made around then but that’s when I watched it. Please help me this has been nagging me for the past couple of years now.

Old movie maybe in the 90’s

I remember a scene. I do not remember but I think it was near the beginning of the movie. I think this move came out in the 90’s . A guy is tied to a bed arms and legs, and a hot girl (who appears to be a prostitute) is giving the guy a massage, she is using some kind of massage oil. At some point she gets up and walks to a door that leads to the outside (I think) hallway. She lights a cigarette and at this point he realizes the massage oil was actually some kind of flammable liquid. I  think lighter fluid. He start to scream or yell at her or something, maybe beg, then she take the cigarette and flicks it at him on the bed. He screams and she leaves and I think that is the scene best I can remember.

If I remember correctly it turns out the guy tied to the bed was a witness (maybe he was going to rat out the mob). The girl was sent there to assassinate him so he could not testify. I do not believe the girl is in the movie again and there is a guy and a girl detectives or cops that are the main characters of the movie.

Old b&w artsy film of surrealism world

This is an old b&w film in the style of artsy film noir/twighlight zone setting appears to be a 40s period in a Gotham like city. Depicting life as controlled, mechanical, repetive, almost robotic. A man seems at odds to his surroundings as if he feels this life is not normal but can’t put his finger on why it is so. Every night at midnight, i think, the city shuts down, buildings shift to enclosures blocking windows and doorways from entry or exit. The citizens, in robotic or hypnotized state, will on cue retire for the night. The one odd man figures a way to stay awake, sneak out if the building to find out what goes on at night. Here memory gets fuzzy. Oddman finds a huge clock and machinary that runs life but also discovers his world is not real And seeks to escape. I think it ends with him finding a water way and he fsails away in a little boat. The movie is like a metaphor of how we are being controlled by unseen forces.

Movie from the 90’s

I remember a movie, but not enough details to just simply find it on google. I used to watch a movie in my childhood where a few kids (2 or 3) were the protagonists and there was a woman antagonist. Kids word kid apparel and coats. The woman was probably 30’s maybe 40’s even and wore 1920’s style clothes with one of those weird hats that are close to the head. In the end she is defeated and gets thrown into a horse pen where the horse poops and she faints somehow. Then the kids watch, laugh and run away off screen. I remember the woman had brown hair and they were at some sort of convention.

Aliens kill everyone and then gets nuked

I saw this movie about aliens that were like a swarm of bugs or something killing people and stuff. When someone died to those aliens they turned into the same stuff as the alien.

There were man and woman who fell in love and in the end guy made ultimate sacrifice by going into that alien swarm with a bomb or nuke or something like that blowing them up.

Other things I remember as that there was this (maybe black dude) who used minigun or machine gun that was on the army cars roof to shoot the alien swarm and he run out of bullets and didn’t run or anything just accepted his death.

heroine turned into a witch

Please help!!I only remember a scene. I beleive it was towards the end. I was young maybe 8,9 years old so it should be a movie from eary 90’s or earlier..

the scene was probably towards the end. that the heroine/princess comes under a spell and is wearing bright red clothes.. and then when the spell breaks she changes back into her usual (probably light green) clothes.. there was a castle, a genie probably lifting the castle .. its all very vague

I donot remember anything other than this .it was a colored movie..

Arctic (?) station

Trying to identify a movie from the 70s or 80s.  Color, English language.  I thought Vincent Spano was in it, but nothing in his filmography seems to fit.

I can only remember one scene.  It seems like this character (whom I thought was played by Spano) is in some sort of remote research station in a cold, snowy location.  He was watching a screen/monitor on which he could see a younger boy, but he couldn’t hear him or communicate with him.  It seems like the boy was in a separate facility, and there was some element of danger.  Like the man wanted to warn the boy.

That’s all I can remember.  I think it was a movie that was played on a seemingly endless on HBO back in the day.  Thanks for any suggestions you all may have!

Scary movie

  1. I watched this movie about 6 years ago on Netflix i dont remember the movie but I remember a specific scene which was a group of friends were in the woods walking and they start to hear this screeching noise in the sky that drives them crazy one by one and in the scene they are just joking around and one of the girls takes her guys friends hat off his head and he goes insane and attacks her and he ends up ripping her arm off with his bare hands. It was pretty intense and I attempted to search for it online but failed. If anyone has even seen this or knows the name I would be so appreciative.

Boy called josh (pecker)

Ok so this movie from what I remember was about this kid in high school named josh they called him josh pecker. And basically he starts getting closer to this delinquent girl and making friends with her. At the end of the movie he does this huge “science project” where he reveals to the school that the girl is suicidal and has this sign that says “life’s a hitch then you die” I remember the movie started with JOSH and I feel like it was along the lines of Josh is weird or josh is a prick. I know this is vague but that’s all I remember

Fireplace Hidden Door, Hidden Treasure, but also a trap

A detective movie or episode where there was a cryptic phrase that once understood opened a hidden door in a fireplace.  Once going thru the door, if you did not prevent the door from closing, the person was trapped.  The detective was trapped with another person, and they also found a previous person that was trapped and had died.  The hidden passage contained a valuable treasure, which was what they were looking for.  Eventually the detective and the person was saved.

Guy balanced on a chair on the rail of a balcony

This is all I can remember from this movie. It might have been a buddy cop or just a buddy movie, but I think one guy loses a bet? Or he gets jumped, I’m not sure, but he ends up getting put in a awkward situation where he is balanced on the rail of this balcony by the rear 2 legs of a chair and there is a bed sheet tied to the chair and pulled taut through the balconies doors to keep him in place. His friend comes in and see’s the situation and has to quickly open the door and grab the blanket before he falls. This one is really bugging me, so any help is appreciated

Western with supernatural content

A farmer in his field, accidentally kills a man. He appears to have broken a law which is punishable by being taken into a cemetery by a Native American. The farmer goes along willingly. I remember the farmer accepting his fate and got the feeling he was being taken back to his own grave. I saw this on television around 5 years ago and have no idea if it was a movie or a TV show. It was in colour and english.

Loud vomiting in the 80’s

Hello, I’m trying to find out the title of a U.S. theatrical movie from the mid to late 80’s. Probably released sometime between 1985-1990 is my best guess. It should NOT be a horror movie.  It should be Rated-R. I’m thinking it was probably a thriller or a drama, maybe a cop movie, but it could also be a comedy. There was a scene in which a woman vomits loudly and violently for at least 5 seconds. Then I remember hearing sirens after that, like the police or ambulance arriving. All I can remember is hearing 5-10 seconds of this woman puking violently and then sirens.  I know that it’s not Terminal Choice, Witches of Eastwick, or Dead Bang.  Thanks for any tips you can provide!


So I watched this movie that must have been from 2016-2017 and basically 2 girls i don’t remember if they were sisters or not want to escape and then go to this small town they haven’t been in a long time, they look for “action”, the blonde one finds a guy at a shitty bar at some point, then she meets with like an ex girlfriend, her sister or friend gets pranked before an interview and they put in her lemonade drugs, at the end they throw a crazy ass party and have a fight in mud..