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Tv Series with 3 Korean like Best friends living in the same Dorm.

Ok so there was a tv series that got cut off but I remember most of the description but I cannot remember the name. I saw it a few years back the actors look a little Korean but I don’t think they were. I remember the main character she had long pink hair. And I think one of her friends had short hair. It was in English,  it was in color. Also I think they were like singers. And the 3 best friends would get bullied by the popular girls. In one scene they were in the gym and the popular girls and the 3 best friends and some guys started to throw paint at each other and that turned into a detention. Please let me know if you know what the series is called I’ve been looking around for it for ages now.

A Jogger Gets Shot With A Tranquilizer At Night

A young woman jogging at night, gets kidnapped on a car after being “darted” (shot with a tranquillizer) by a man. There is a Final Confrontation by James Horner soundtrack playing in the middle of the scene.

The videos are available here: (original video) or

Looks like old to me, set in between 1970-2000, from an English-speaking country. It is also possible that it’s a TV series or some sort like that. I’ve found this clip’s origin to be one of the most difficult to track so far.


Housewife copes with PTSD from sexual assault by becoming a prostitute

If my description below sounds interesting but unfamiliar you should stop reading before the last paragraph.

This was a colour, live-action movie in English (probably American) I saw in the ’90s. A woman is raped but is able to identify her attacker to the police, only to be traumatized again when her attacker is given a relatively light sentence.

This negatively affects her relationship with her husband and kids, but she manages to carry on after falling into and then actively constructing a second life for herself as a prostitute when her husband is at work and the kids are in school. There are moments when she’s almost caught and has to think quickly to keep her secrets. It appears to start as a form of escape, allowing her to pretend to be someone other than a victimized housewife, but her new life starts becoming her real life and her old life starts feeling false and distant.

The whole idea seems far-fetched but I started buying it as the movie went along. In the end …



(Stop reading here if you think you might want to watch this movie.)



… her new friends — other prostitutes, shopkeepers, bar owners, various other people from this seedier part of town — have become almost like a second family, and her close relationships with them allow her to walk into a bar one afternoon, walk right up to her former attacker as he’s being welcomed back from prison by his (and her) friends, and shoot him dead. Fade to black (I did not see that coming at all but it was enormously satisfying). I no doubt have some details wrong there, but please let me know if you recognize this movie.

kids in the forest eating chocolate and turning into wood animals

Hi there! trying my luck again.. thanks for any help!

SO I saw this on tv as a kid, the year 2000s. guess it was American but actually no clue if it wasn’t. in color. I watched this movie as a child, only remembering this scene (maybe cus I skip channels cus this scene is pretty damn scary!).

I remember watching a group of kids going into the woods, there is one protagonist and I think a friend of his, but the rest of the kids find a chocolate bar (from a tree??) and starts to eat it. then they transform into forest animals (each a different one- rabbit, fox…) it was really scary as a kid.

I remember feeling very scared as the scene goes on, as if something is terribly wrong but you don’t know what until later on. the forest was dark, and the film appeared to be a”magic realism” genre. Pretty sure it was 90’s, cus they were using animal costumes and not computer-generated CGI. sort of like “Pans Labyrinth” meeting Lynch’s “Rabbits”.

I think after this the animals start a feast?  finding maybe a festival of some sorts? full of forest animals. but can’t remember if I mixed up this into with something else.

thanks so much for whoever finds this movie! I’ve been fascinated with this for years but couldn’t find anything!
also, my twin sister remembers the exact same scene but neither of us managed to find it.


after much research, it’s not the witches, not goosebumps (or any famous scary tv for kids..). the memory feels rather fantasy and mystical

Male character is ghost writer for old female lady

I remember watching this movie about five to ten years ago. The main characters are two friends (one female, one male). I think they live very close to each other or even in the same building. The male I believe is an editor, but really he writes these romance books under a pseudonym. His publisher even has an old woman be the visual face and person of the novels. The female friend eventually finds out and helps him write his own book instead of just ghost writing these other ones. I think they end up together int he end.

cant remember this Japanese action or sci-fi movie?

i don’t remember a whole lot but it was in colour, and I think it was either badly English dubbed, or Japanese with eng subs? it might have been 70s or 80s -ish?

all I can remember is a bit where there was some sort of action or spy team were all arriving at the same place, i think it was some sort of hidden or secret headquarters (i thought it was hidden behind a tailor shop?)

there might have been a kidnaped scientist? or his daughter?

i really wish I could remember more and find it again :/

Movie about man trapped with two buttons

This movie is about man who is trapped in a room with a mini screen that shows questions and two buttons (Yes and No).

His wife is also trapped in another room with nothing but a projector.

The man was asked questions like (would you like to show your wife a video of you cheating for her to have a glass of water?) then he picks yes and his wife gets shown a video of her husband cheating and a glass of water. the movie had different questions based on his unethical lifestyle.

In the end the guy wakes up in a beach.

Wife says she doesn’t want a perfect life, she wants a life with problems

After noticing that his wife looks unhappy, husband asks her what’s the problem, adding that he always did everything for her and that they never even argued. She answers that’s exactly the problem and says something along the lines of “I don’t want a perfect life. I want a life with problems.”


Which movie/TV movie is this conversation from? I only know the movie is from the 90s/2000s.

help me find this movie please


can anyone help me with a adult movie im trying to find the name of.its from the 80s and in it it has a scene where a guys rips open the ladys spandex pants and says look at that pretty pink pussy. the start of the scene has a young man telling her ive got the polorids and she say i dont need any fucking polorids ive got the real thing. i have only seen this once and cant remember the title or the actors any help would be great.thank might even be from the 90s not really sure.

80s teen movies

I need help with four teen movies (or TV movies/TV series episodes) from which I remember only a few scenes.

1) American comedy (probably beach sub-genre)

A guy (who is main character’s best buddy) is jogging on the beach and falls on the ground as he accidentally bumped into a very muscular black guy. He gets up and tries to run away as the black guy is chasing him and, I think, accusing him of flirting with his sister.

2) most likely American comedy-drama

Unpopular teen sleeping in a beach house is awaken by alarm (or noise from the outside) and he pulls on jeans before looking out the window.

3) most likely American comedy-drama

A guy goes to visit (or telephones) his girlfriend with whom he recently had a fight with (maybe they even broke up). Her mother opens the door (or answers the phone) and lies to him that she moved to Yugoslavia.

4) possibly American coming-of-age or even pre-teen comedy (80s or early 90s)

Brother is talking with his sister in the schoolyard and asks to French kiss with her just for practise. I think she first refuses, but then accepts and tells him that he can kiss her only once.

movie where woman finds man dead in bathtub

I saw this on TV probably around 2002, when I was very young. I have no idea if it was part of a movie or an episode of a TV show. It was in color and in English, and looked pretty contemporary. In the first scene I remember, a woman is talking on the phone with a man (possibly her husband/boyfriend) and he abruptly has to end the conversation, I think he hears some kind of thumping or crashing sound offscreen. In a later scene, the woman comes into his home, and I think she found a lamp knocked over or something. She goes into the bathroom and finds the man dead in the tub – I don’t think there was any obvious blood, the tub was not filled with water, and the man had his clothes on. The woman sits next to the tub, and after a very long pause, starts wailing. The editing is very slow – I believe the whole bathroom scene is one unbroken shot. There were no jump cuts, and it did not feel like a horror movie, but I was also very young so my memory might not be perfectly accurate. Please help!

movie where staircase collapses during fire drill

I saw this on TV when I was a little kid (probably between 2001-2005). I think it was a black&white movie, or possibly a TV episode, and it was in English. I don’t remember the plot, but I distinctly remember a scene in a classroom where the fire alarm rings and the teacher tells the students that there’s a fire drill and they have to go downstairs. There’s a close-up shot of one of the stairs with the kids’ feet walking on it, and the bolt slowly loosening from the wall until the stair collapses. Offscreen, there are crashing sounds and sounds of yelling, and the scene fades to black. The next scene is a funeral for the children who died. Later in the movie/episode, a man is giving a heartfelt speech and he mentions the staircase collapse and the death of the children. Please help me figure out what this is! It’s been bothering me for 15 years and I can’t find anything about it.

80’r or early 90’s horror movie or sci-fi movie

Sometime back in the 90’s when I was watching TV around prime time with my parents we were flipping through channels and my Dad stopped at either HBO or Cinemax and there was a movie starting where it showed several US Army or US Marines going through some field on a sunny afternoon and there was either real tall grass or corn growing high and they stopped dead in there tracks when they saw a remote controlled model plane that was flying around them and then they crossed paths with this cyborg I think and it was wearing camouflage clothing just like they were wearing and I think it was real freaking looking where it had solid black eyeballs or something and you could tell it wasn’t a real man. A few seconds later a blade of some sort maybe a curricular saw blade came out of it and a second or two later it was covered in there blood. Right after that one of those guys wakes up in bed and it was just a nightmare. My mother told my Dad to change the channel so I never did get to see more than that. Anybody know what movie that is that starts out like that?

Movie that begins with the end (heist)

The first scene is a van coming up to a building with a few people performing some kind of crime. I think they’re armed and maybe hooded.

This scene chronologically happens after what comes next in the movie, but the movie gives no clue that the rest (or most) of the movie is a flashback. It is only when the same scene is shown again that you understand that the first scene wasn’t the first chronological event.

I saw it on TV in the 2000s and I’d say it’s probably older than the late 1980s. It is most probably American, even though I saw it dubbed in French

Romcom with girl bullied by boy in school (but they’re secretly together)

I remember watching part of this movie in the 90s. It was on TV, but I’m quite sure it was a movie and not the episode of a show. I saw the movie dubbed in Italian, but it is not an italian movie (I believe a US movie, but not sure).

At the beginning, we have two protagonists in their teens (blonde boy, brunette girl – possibly Madeline Zima, or someone who looks a lot like her, since this movie doesn’t seem to be in her filmography). Basically the only scene I remember is him bullying her in front of other schoolmates, calling her ugly. Minutes later, she’s hiding behind a tree in the school yard, and he’s walking across the yard towards the tree. She says “He walked like my favourite actor”, or something very similar. He is actually walking towards her, hides behind the tree with her and that’s when you find out they are together.

Please help me find what movie this is!

Live Action Kid’s Movie

From the 80’s or 90’s it was about a cartoon boy that goes camping and rock climbing in the mountains (none of the landscape is animated). He had blonde hair and I think was wearing a red shirt.

There is a scene by the tent with a bear. And something scary/tense happens while rock climbing.

I can’t remember if there were live actors, but there may have been some kids with him.

The wilderness looked like a National Park.

English movie based in the United States.

Scene from a movie ( there is a boy/ monster with leek, or something like that in his hands, that was running from a person )

(Sorry for my English)

I remember a scene from a movie , its a bit old I guess.

There was a person or monster , don’t really know how to name him ( he looked like a human , I mean his body, but his face looked like somehow creepy), if I remember correctly he maybe  looked like the person from this video ( .  He was running from  someone, as far as I remember it was a person.  Also there was a  child ( same like this monster ) and he was holding in his hands something like leek .   One of these monsters ( or both of them, can’t remember) was hiding in a garage , and was trapped there , cause someone blocked the exit from this garage. The last thing that I remember,  is when  someone ( as far as I remember , the monster ) looked really scared  and was  cruelly killed in this garage , and this scene was bloody.