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A Movie about recovering drowned treasure from mountain river in Andes

Sup, guys!

I’m looking for the movie from 70-80s.
Somewere in some mountains, presumably Andes, there is a mining camp. They dig gold or emeralds or something precious, don’t remember exactly.
Then some gang robs them, stealing everything, then the car with all their loot falls into mountain river or waterfall.
Some guys make an expedition to recover these valuables.

They drive to that waterfall with special equipment, pot some ropes and cables over the river using a crossbow, put a diver into the waterfall and recover the crates with that gold/emeralds/etc.

There was a scene when they drive there, on a gas station some guy from the team get into a brawl with a biker. The biker has some kind of flail with a spiked ball, and the guy uses a tin bucket to fight off that flail, finally defeating that biker.

Scary movie from when I was younger

I saw the movie maybe a little more than 10 years ago on a VHS. It’s bugged for a while. It’s a color film. The man that is cut in half is there because a woman threw a tennis ball for him to get and when he looked up the train got him. And another person that died was a woman that was in lingerie with her boobs showing. she was about to have sex with a guy I believe in a cemetery but then he strangled her and buried her hugging a corpse and threw his cigarette on her. That’s really all I can remember.

Help please

Hello. I watched it on TV somewhere in 2014 or 2015. To be honest, I remember everything very badly. I remember the fact that the schoolchildren were locked in the library, they started talking about themselves, there was still a strange kid in the hood (in my opinion he was still a genius and something else was drawing on the table), and there the mother exchanged bodies with her daughter or something like that. The film is not old, somewhere in 2009-2016. I hope someone understood)))

Cat and Dog.

These two characters lived in a toybox and the dog was taught things by the cat, and sometimes they would go to different places like a school classroom. In one episode there is a classroom with a group of children and there’s a song about gardening, specifically about ‘green fingers’.

It’s a British children’s show, made by the Rosie and Jim production company and it looks something like this:

Late 90s Late night HBO Seduction/Hiest

Late 90’s(possibly 2000-2001 at the latest)Man is driving home at night through the woods and finds a woman with a head injury walking along the road. They return to his house where she seduces him while her accomplices plan to rob him. As the movie progresses she gets him involved in their con scheme. Definitely rated R. She may have been wearing a wig when he picked her up but I could be misremembering that aspect. Not much to go on but I’ve not been able to find anything myself and this one has been driving me nuts for years. Thanks!

Investigation at a British Boys School

I recall seeing this mystery film in the 80s, possibly on PBS, perhaps on MYSTERY! Then again it may have been a rental tape.

At any rate, it involved a murder investigation being conducted at a British boys school. In the only scene I can remember, one of the detectives went into an attic storage space, only to have the door pulled shut, locking him in while a fire was set down below, filling the room with smoke.

I seem to recall one of the investigators resembling a young Terence Stamp, but I’ve been through his filmography with a fine tooth comb and it doesn’t seem to have been him.

Tim burton movie?

I don’t think it was a Tim burton movie, but it had that creepy kinda feel.

it was animated and I only remember a few details but I’m pretty sure it’s a teenage girl and her father. The girl wakes up with stomach pain and her dad drives her to a hospital then she went on, like, adventures? With ghosts or something undead? And then in the end it’s revealed she had a apendicitis and it was all just a dream but it was hinted that it wasn’t?

anyone have any idea what this movie might be? I’ve been looking forever but can’t find anything

Weird Vampire Movie

I saw this movie I think around 2010, and I’m sure it was in English. It went like this – a scientist works in his house to create….something. I seem to recall it was some kind of living being that took up his entire room. He had a female assistant who came and went. At some point he contracts some kind of vampiric affliction. His assistant gives him her blood. I vaguely recall that the monster/machine had weird spikes on it. It’s been driving me nuts so any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Help me to remember this movie’s name

Hi ,
I’ve been searching a lot in the internet about a movie I’ve seen long time a go (probably 10 years ago) but I couldn’t find a source could you help me !
The movie starts with a boy and his pregnant mother on a cruise , then the mother gives birth to a baby girl and dies the next day on the ship due to bleeding and her body was thrown into the sea , after that the boy and girl grew up and developed kind of feelings for each other that’s what I remember hope you could help me I’ll appreciate it a lot.
(PS I probably think it was a foreign movie may be French or something not sure )

classic 70’s Horror Anthology

70s or 80s horror film possibly an anthology, possibly made in the US I saw this mid 80’s on TV when I was a kid…..the scenes I think are as follows.

A TV advert is being filmed, a woman is singing with a cabin style house in the background, when looking through the rushes they zoom in on a window which shows a pair of red eyes looking out, also I think the film has a scene with a car crash caused by the windshield turning red & the passengers  come across shed or out building with rows of glass jars with possible body parts in them….

good luck guys

Help me finding this 80’s Movie

Hello All,

In one scene a female teacher joins a school with very strict principle.

New teacher in one scene telling his students a story of angles and the papers from the desks of the students start flying.

In another scene that teacher gives the idea of Graffiti of the wall of the school. Principle doesn’t like that and that teacher with supernatural powers is fired and in later scene a team visits that school and really admire the graffiti art on the wall.


Please help me finding this plssss

Please help me remember this film!


I watched a film when I was very young, so i can only remember parts of it. I would appreciate any help you can give because the mystery is driving me mad!

I watched the film sometime between 1996-2000 but I feel like it was filmed earlier, possibly in the 80s. It has a very similar feel to the Anne of Green Gables film that I believe was filmed in the 80s. It was in English and a colour film. I believe it was set in an 1800s period in America (I think). A young woman becomes the new teacher in a small village school (again, similar to the school setting of Anne of Green Gables). One of her male students falls in love with her and the teacher has feelings for him too but doesnt want to admit it.

I remember a particular part where the teacher kisses the boy, and the next day he turns up to school in a smart suit because he is trying to show the teacher he is mature. But the teacher is ashamed of kissing him and so she treats him very coldly and humiliates him in front of the class. I think they end up together at the end of the film but I honestly cant remember.

Please let me know if this sounds familiar to you!

Help me to find!!!!!!


Film that I’m finding i saw  in my childhood so it  is just about (2004-2009).

All I remember about it some kind of pictures:

first : little boy broke his glasses . The next: he (or she) have a big collection of glass toys and when this person die somebody broke all of this with kind of bat, and then somebody do from this glass pieces the new glass toy(maybe it was deer). And also I remember train in this film

80’s or 90’s serial killer movie



I’ve had an old movie that I absolutely love fall from memory somehow and I am trying to find out what movie it is so I can get it on DVD if possible. The only thing I remember is that a serial killer who kills entire families was going around audio recording the murders, a writer? (not sure if that’s right) is staying in the house of some of the victims and the killer showed up, they became more acquainted, writer guy thinks it weird the guy is always wearing headphones, at the end of the movie writer guy has the killers cassette player headphones (left behind? I think the killer got away) and hears the murders happening.