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Horror and fantasy, lil bit o' sci fi, add a dash o' dramadramadrama...then build the best entercaketainment ever when you can't sleep nights. DOES anyone sleep nights? I wouldn't know.

Saw approx 2017 Supernatural horror and some Gothic romance where three young men maybe. Brothers try to solve a murder where victim…

… heart removed and there was a long train fight scene where youngest man defended his love interest

This movie was in English and I saw online (free site???) maybe around 2017. Could be 80s movie but honestly I am guessing. Did not recognize any actors but it was good acting, maybe once more popular, not sure. Somewhat dark nature, The murder may have. been satanic ritual. I think one or more of men or brothers may have been involved or know what is going on but not sure.

Youngest of them in love, for some reason relationship created difficult situation. The couple were on a. Train. Bad guys after him, long battle ensued

Seems I remember he sacrificed his life to save her?

I know, very jumbled, but I keep thinking about it so I am always searching for clues. Thanks.

It was a color film, no idea where filmed.