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Probably Mexican or US film drama western? about Mexican

Colored TV film, probably 1960-2000 (wide range). Style more likely for 80’s-90’s. Mexican-like film, but location might be California too.

Can’t remember exact plot, just few scenes from it.

Film is drama about main hero Mexican who is in some small city. Drug mafia? or just bandits? (also Mexicans) act in that city. They start to demand money from him, beat him hard and give him measured time to bring money.

Small details – main hero take care of a boy (7-12 y.o?).

Film is dramatic and depressing, main hero is killed in the end of film.

This small city has ferris wheel and something like a place where locals gather. City looks very small and very rural.

I checked IBMD advanced search, but no results. Maybe someone can remember it?