Comedy where a film director stages an alien abduction

Genre: Comedy, with sci-fi elements
Year: VHS era, probably 1990’s, maybe 1980’s
A land/property developer, or real estate agent (possibly a bit of a looser type) wants to obtain the house of a poor family (mother and son) in a legal process. The son is pissed off about this, and because of this, and as to get some money, he steals a Chevrolette Corvette from a Hollywood event (where the participants leave their handprints). Later it turns out that the car belongs to a Hollywood film director. The son tells the director his story and why he stole his car. The director has an idea. They stage an alien abduction to make fun of and to itimidate the real estate guy. Actors dressed as aliens abduct the real estate guy and bring him inside a UFO. The leader of the “aliens” has a necklace/locket/medal around his neck. When the real estate guy gets back to Earth and the trial begins, the poor son has the same necklace/locket/medal around his neck. When the real estate guy notices this, he ends the legal proceeding.
Some additional, smaller details:
All actors are white, except the mother and her son, they are possibly native Americans with a bit darker skin. To make the abduction more real, the UFO is placed on a moving trailer and there are people on the trailer who help to imitate the moving of the UFO and sometimes they switch on a smoke generator. At one point a cop stops them but they talk themselves out of the situation. The “alien” leader tells the real estate guy that if he drops the legal case then he will be a millionaire, and a courier will bring him a video cassette on which he can watch how he will be a millionaire. But when the real estate guy receives the cassette and watches it, he only sees how they staged the abduction and how they made fool of him, and how the family moves back into their house. When he sees all this on the cassette, he is really pissed off about the fact that they made him a fool.

It is NOT “*batteries not included” (1987).

Many thanks for your help!

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