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Baseball fight

I saw a video from it recently think it came out in the last few years. So was the main character like walking to play baseball or something. Know there was two women sat watching and one says he has no chance. Think it may have been a fight or something. I’m not sure if it was a film or a TV show but felt like a film. The main character felt like famous actor but can’t remember him I thought it was Paul Rudd.

Concentration camp

Remember it was this guy who make like funny faces to this kid in a concentration camp know he had like long hair maybe. Saw a few scenes of him with the kid was one behind a door think the kid was watching him maybe. Not sure if it came out a few years ago or if it was earlier than that was hard to tell.

Teen romance

I think I saw it around 2006 on one of the movie channels on sky, (i think it was 306). Okay so the boy and girl are teens and all that I can remember is that the boy in the film has feelings for the girl and think they’ve been friends for a long time and she’s kinda moving on and stuff and somehow she finds out he likes her as more than a friend. There’s three scenes I can remember briefly, okay so the first one, the boy imagines this other boy riding into or he imagines himself diverting the boy into a large dumpster or a skip, okay the first one either happens like that or the boy imagined himself beating up the boy into the dumpster.

Okay the second scene the boy and girl are karate practice and again the boy imagines a different result, I think he might have imagined himself showing off or something.

Okay this one I know for sure, the boy and girl went through like a fight and he turns up at the girls family event and they don’t say anything they just slowly dance and thats the end, the girl had blonde hair and was wearing purple I think.

  1. I remember the title being odd like it had number in or the letter q in

I know this pretty broad and could describe a lot of films. I’ve just been trying to find this film for soo long and would appreciate any help.

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