Rom-com with a ghost boyfriend

So the ghost boyfriend is only a small part. There’s a movie that I watched once in the last five years about a girl who has to go back and find all of the guys she previously dated (not What’s Your Number). I think the girl might have been cursed or something and she had to maybe find all the guys that had dumped her and get back together with them so she could dump them. Anyway, at one point she finds out one of her exes has died and she has to summon his ghost. He begins to “haunt” her place and they date. I remember he would leave her messages on the fridge with alphabet magnets. I don’t remember how it ends. I’m pretty sure it’s a movie made after 2000, I actually think it may have been made in the last decade but I can’t remember for sure. It’s not a horror movie, more of a quirky romcom vibe? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can’t find this movie anywhere and I’m starting to think I made it up!

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