Please find me a film about a women’s juvenile colony, where mentally ill girls live (not all) What I mean is that the main character is crazy

This is a film where a girl seems to have no parents, and she lives in a women’s juvenile detention center. The main character’s hair is short, cut off at the cheeks. The eyes are large, and seem to be gray or brown (I don’t remember exactly, sorry). She missed her sister who has a son (1-2 years old). The main character tried to escape from the colony, for which punishment immediately followed; there were strict rules and principles. And it seems like I remember the teachers were dressed like nuns. There the girls cleaned up and lived not so happily. Many tried to escape but all to no avail. And one day the main character loses a pendant that her sister or parents gave her (I don’t know for sure, but this pendant is definitely a gift from a loved one). So, her pendant was stolen by one girl from the colony while she was sleeping. Then when the main character woke up, she didn’t find her pendant under her pillow. And she started looking for her and making her hysterical. She searched everything there, even the beds of other girls, but still couldn’t find it. For the noise she made, she was punished and yelled at, no one cared about her grief and loss. And for this she committed a little prank, taking a plant that makes everything you touch it itchy. This plant gives you a terrible itch and you start scratching. So, she took this plant (with a towel so as not to get hurt herself) and somehow miraculously managed to throw it on the clothes of some person who was visiting the colony to read prayers to everyone there. And this man does not yet feel any itching, but when he began to read prayers, his whole body began to itch and itch. From this terrible pain, he took off all his clothes and ran away wherever he could. Everyone who was there was surprised. Then somehow they found evidence that the main character was to blame for this whole incident, and she was sent to a mental hospital for this act. This seems to be the end. I BEG YOU TO FIND ME THIS MOVIE, I WATCHED IT IN 2017-19 ON TV, AND STILL CAN’T FIND HER. I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR HER FOR A QUITE LONG TIME. THOSE WHO KNOW AT LEAST A SIMILAR PLOT, GIVE ME AN ANSWER, PLEASE. and sorry for such English, I wrote everything according to the translator, and I hope there are no errors or their number is very small. I will be glad if you help.

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