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80’s Movie.

Looking for an 80’s movie where this one quote/scene is from, basically it has two characters and one is Mister/Doctor Fhurafurr (I think that’s how the name is spelled) and that character is telling him to pronounce that name. It sounds like it’s from Fletch, I could be wrong.

Giorgiox-something’s Fic Reading.

I am having trouble remembering this one Youtube channel, it it’s either Girogioux or G1orgioux-something, but I know that he did a reading of a fanfic he did that was the weird sesame street fic that had either Burt eating a pigeon or killing a pigeon and eating it and making it into a pie and there was a video to go with it that was Bert during the pigeon dance.  I just remember the fic in question having quite a bit of profanity.

Space Burger Game.

I don’t know if anyone remembers this game but it used to be on sites like and it was a cooking game where you ran a fast food restaurant in space and you had to serve food to customers who were aliens, I remember the protagonist in the game was this anime looking girl with blue or pinkish or purple hair and she’d help you with the orders. I remember that the toy you gave away with the meal looked like a gummy bear and that there were different machines for drinks and also you could update the machines. And there was a final level where you had to cook for the empress.

Art CD rom.

I am looking for an edutainment cd rom that teaaches you about art and it has a virtual art museum with a toy guide, I think it’s a male tour guide and there are activities like assembling puzzles from the artwork pieces and connecting the right shadow to to the right animal or person it’s connected to.

Goosebumps Reviewers.

I remember this one Youtube channel that did review of Goosebumps, specifically the books and it was a boyfriend and girlfriend duo and I remember them specifically mentioning ‘The Visit’ when talking about the ‘An Old Story’ story from Tales To Give You Goosebumps.  I can’t remember their names specfically but I remember they reviewed Haunted Mask 1 and 2, Egg Monsters From Mars, Full Moon Fever and a few others.

Children’s Show, British.

I am looking for a specific scene from a children’s show, it was a British one and there’s a character who is trying to get to sleep but he cannot sleep so he calls his mother to get him a drink of water.  The character is either a child as in a character played by a child actor or portrayed as a child, or an adult trying to imitate a kid.  He exclaims ‘Mommy, can I have a drink of water?’.  It may have been animated.