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80s horror movie with demon possession.

I definitely think this movie was a Full Moon/Empire feature and I remember seeing a scene from the movie on Deviantart, basically there was deadite-esque demon transforming inot a beautiful woman in a black outfit, like a silver colored bikini/swimsuit, I cannot rememember the title.

The actress I cannot remember the name of but she looks like the model/actress on the cover of Prehistoric Bimbos. I remember there was a gym scene.

80’s Movie.

Looking for an 80’s movie where this one quote/scene is from, basically it has two characters and one is Mister/Doctor Fhurafurr (I think that’s how the name is spelled) and that character is telling him to pronounce that name. It sounds like it’s from Fletch, I could be wrong.

Giorgiox-something’s Fic Reading.

I am having trouble remembering this one Youtube channel, it it’s either Girogioux or G1orgioux-something, but I know that he did a reading of a fanfic he did that was the weird sesame street fic that had either Burt eating a pigeon or killing a pigeon and eating it and making it into a pie and there was a video to go with it that was Bert during the pigeon dance.  I just remember the fic in question having quite a bit of profanity.

Space Burger Game.

I don’t know if anyone remembers this game but it used to be on sites like and it was a cooking game where you ran a fast food restaurant in space and you had to serve food to customers who were aliens, I remember the protagonist in the game was this anime looking girl with blue or pinkish or purple hair and she’d help you with the orders. I remember that the toy you gave away with the meal looked like a gummy bear and that there were different machines for drinks and also you could update the machines. And there was a final level where you had to cook for the empress.

Art CD rom.

I am looking for an edutainment cd rom that teaaches you about art and it has a virtual art museum with a toy guide, I think it’s a male tour guide and there are activities like assembling puzzles from the artwork pieces and connecting the right shadow to to the right animal or person it’s connected to.