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Children’s Show, British.

I am looking for a specific scene from a children’s show, it was a British one and there’s a character who is trying to get to sleep but he cannot sleep so he calls his mother to get him a drink of water.  The character is either a child as in a character played by a child actor or portrayed as a child, or an adult trying to imitate a kid.  He exclaims ‘Mommy, can I have a drink of water?’.  It may have been animated.

Monster Documentary.

This is a documentary I remember watching way back in the 2000’s on Discovery Channel or Animal Planet, it was about vampires and it was shot in an actual castle (I think it may have been Bram Castle) and the host talks about folkloric vampires,  vampires in nature and movies that feature vampires and there is a twist in which the host is a vampire.  This isn’t a movie, but it is a documentary and it mentions several vampire movies.

Commercial, Were-Computer

A computer commercial with a werecreature theme to it, basically it’s either an HP brand computer that underwent a transformation when the full moon hit it into and the transformation had parts of the computer slowly crumbling apart and contorting into a newer model of the same brand, i’m not entirely sure which…it was on Youtube for a while but I couldn’t find it.

Sitcom With Rob Paulsen

There is a Heeeere’s Johnny/Shining reference supercut and one of the clips specifically the one before the Gingerdead Man at around 3:29 is either from a soap opera or sitcom and the man in the clip is saying.’Heeeeeere’s Robbie’, I recognize his voice, I think it might be Rob Paulsen. Which show is this clip from?


Sci Fi Game

It is a fantasy or sci video game, possibly a Final Fantasy or Star Wars game and one of the levels is a space station and you get a weapon similar to a lightsaber or a sword and a health pack comes out of boxes that you open with the sword, I remember there being a revolving door area. It also may have been a level in Spyro or Crash Bandicoot and there’s sort of a claustrophobic feeling to it.

Animated Rockstar Animal.

It’s an animated movie and it’s not produced by Disney,  Warner Bros or Don Bluth and it aired on Cartoon Network’s theater block.  The plot of the movie involves a group of animals who want to be singers,  one of them is a dog and one of them is a rooster.   The trailer for this movie had mentions of Michael Jackson and Elvis.