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Action film

Hi! I saw this film on VHS not early than 1992 year, action movie like James Bond.

First scene in my memory: main character (with his women) flies on cargo airplane and controls plane. Main character see cargo hold open message and go to back part of plane for knowing what happen.  In back side of plane he  fights the villain  hanging out of the cargo bay, the main character wins  and go back to controls at the last moment.

second scene: main character (with his women) sleigh ride from mountain with violin, skiers chase them.

may be it another films but I remember it same film.

Movie with 2 spy-people and bulletproof vest

I saw this movie in the 90s. I think it had “silver” in the name? I’m not sure though, so don’t put too much stock in that. I remember 2 scenes – there’s this lady who’s wearing a catsuit. I only vaguely remember what she looks like, and I want to say she resembles Max Guevara from Dark Angel (TV series in like 2000 or s0). Anyway, there’s an enemy guy behind her in a room twisting her arm or something. In a later scene, a guy – the lady’s ally – gets shot, and the lady thinks he’s dead, but then he emerges (I want to say on a roof?) and takes off a bulletproof vest, showing he survived the shot.

Someone suggested Ecks vs. Sever, but I don’t think that’s it.

Language was English and it was in color. I saw it on TV.

movie about an old man living in solitude find a boy and teach him survival skills

it’s a long shot, I was very little,

the plot of the movie is about a very young boy for the reason I don’t remember found himself alone in some kind of wildness ( it was like desert kind of wild and not a forest) and an old and lonely man who lived in this area by himself and found the boy, took him and thought the boy survival skills for few years.

I remember vividly a scene which the old man and the boy going to a water source and the old man laying on a rock waiting for a fish to come by and then catch it with bare hands and it use next to feed both of them,

then I remember the boy grows older mastering everything the old man thought him, and they had an argument and the old man was too old and slow to hunt and fish for himself and the boy caught a fish and didn’t share with the old man because he was made at him.

at the end the old man got sick or too old, and the boy regret his anger and took care for few days for the old man in his bed, after a while the old men died, the boy cried and there is a zoom out from the old man wooden house, and you can see pigeons flying.

I watched the movie somehow between 91-95, I believe the movie is from the year of 85-90 I pretty sure  the movie was in English, the boy was white, for the old man he was white or Asian

Asian chews glass

From the film, I only remember this scene as the main character, an Asian, eating glass. But the glass is fake. When he eats it, it is like blood. I remember that the character seems to be an immigrant. Everyone he met thinks that since he is Asian, he knows martial arts. I also remember the moment when the character was taking a bath. A naked girl came to him. When she started to go into his bath, he got up and was fully clothed.

I am looking for a horror movie

I am looking for a movie I saw in December 2013. It was a horror movie and I don’t remember almost anything, except a scene where someone (I think a girl)  was kidnapped and later her body was hanged  above a naked woman. That woman cut the body open with some sort of a long stick and she enjoyed the blood falling on her body.

Movie about a woman trying to find little girl

I only remember random details of this movie. I think I saw it on Lifetime between 2004 and like 2010? I could be wrong tho. It’s about a lady who has like a brain tumor or something and her husband is a doctor and the one who finds it. He’s trying to get her to accept surgery to get it out but she keeps getting weird visions (or dreams?) of a little girl and she sets out to find her because she woman thinks she’s in trouble or something. Then I just remember a scene where the girl is reciting “star light star bright first star I see tonight…”

Punk girl bamboozled unconfident guy

Film excerpt approximately 4 minutes long.

At night in the city, on a noisy street, a young guy walks unconfidently, holding leaflets or books. He approaches some punks or bullies and begins to preach religious views to them. The punk knocks the flyers out of his hands. The punk girl kindly takes him to an amusement park, drags him to the attraction of crooked mirrors, where she bamboozle him, stripping the guy and stealing all his clothes, after which he stands naked and does not know what to do. It seems that it was his dream and he wakes up.

  • Saw this excerpt on the internet a couple of days ago.
  • The film is colored.
  • Probably the genre is comedy or drama.

TV show spoofing Usual Suspects

NOTE: This kind of gives spoilers for the movie Usual Suspects movie.
I can’t remember if it was Everybody Loves Raymond, or King of Queens, but I recall a scene where the wife is trying to get the husband to open up about a traumatic incident he had as a child.  He starts telling some story about two bullies and twinkies or something.  Then he walks away.  The wife and friend?doctor? (I really can’t remember) realize that every detail in his story is taken from things he sees around him, ie: the bullies names are William and Mary, which he got from seeing a degree from the William and Mary college, just like the end of the Usual Suspects. I’ve been looking at the episode recaps of both tv shows, but can’t seem to find that episode.  Maybe it’s a different tv show altogether?  Please help 😀

Boy hiding from a scary looking woman?

Hi all, looking for a movie, I only really have vague memories of it. I must have only been 7, came out at least before 2007. All I remember is there’s a scene where this young boy is hiding from what is this creepy looking woman who’s naked (I think?) and soaking wet, she then grabs him, then it cuts to another scene of him with a bruise on his face, he then runs downstairs to his parents, I think the family have just moved into the house if that helps. Thanks in advance.

Trying to find reality driving series?

i remember watching it a while back, somewhere between 90’s and 2010’s? it was in Canada or Alaska, I think it was some sort of team driving contest over a few weeks and there was overnight camping, they were driving trucks or off road vehicles, each week I think someone got eliminated, or one vehicle dropped out?

I want to find it again, so any help would be great! suggest anything that might vaguely sound like it, I’ll check them all out to find this again 🙂

Adopted daughter returns…NOT ORPHAN

Please help…its driving me crazy 🙃

So 2019 I watch a trailer on watchmojo for upcoming 2020 horror film (I’ve  looked bk & its not there now) but can’t remember what it is…

Woman gives up a baby daughter at 17 then goes on to have a family later on in life & has a new daughter.  They all live in a 1 storey house with pool.  Doorbell rings and adopted daughter has tracked down the mother who apologies for her decisions when she was younger & invites her to get to know the family.  New daughter is getting bullied at school & adopted daughter punches bully in face.  Obsessive behaviour begins & family discover all is not what it seems with this girl….

I hope someone can help me find the film title xx

Odd Artistic Film (Less Popular) Woman found by man

I’m looking for a rather odd film I remember that has practically no dialogue.  Close to none.  It starts with a woman washed up on a beach being found by a man, and he takes her in.  She appears to be mute or psychologically unbalanced.  I think she is quiet through the whole film (not 100 % sure.)  Her history is rather mysterious because she doesn’t speak.  It’s not such a popular film.  More of an artistic piece.  The man later tries to marry her towards the end of the film.  Not quite successful, but I can’t remember what happens in the ending except that I think another man comes into the film.  Again, it’s a rather odd film, due to there being VERY little dialogue.  I’ve been looking all over for it, tried different websites, and it’s annoying because all these more popular titles spring up.  If this rings a bell for anyone, I’d be grateful if you let me know.  No actors I remember, I saw it a few years back, it’s in color, english I think, but could be foreign.  The two main characters are Caucasian.  Not as much in the modern world of today (I don’t think.)  I’ve only given a few details from memory.  Again, little dialogue.  If you have any ideas, let me know.  Thanks.

Auto jump

Hello everyone.

Comedy film genre.

In general, the main character of the film needs to perform a stunt on a car. More precisely, he must fly over other vehicles in his car. As I remember, the car, in addition to the standard engine, has a rocket booster. In the film, he meets a woman he falls in love with. She has a kid. I don’t remember why, but the child will end up in the hospital.

1981 La chèvre (USA 1985) bar scene song


Hi! 🙂 I know the name of the movie already, La chèvre, but am asking this for a fellow buddy, who says that there is this rock/ hard rock song in this movie (prob from late 70s to early 80s?), when they are in a bar, and if you watch this Yt vid clip, you can hear the song coming from the jukebox…

Nothing in the end credits, he says, it’s not listed on the OST either, searched everywhere he knew to, as I have, as well… both of us have come up with absolutely nothing 🙁


Can anyone help please? Name of the band, and if possible, the name of the song title, please? Here is the Yt clip:

*(thanks truly for any help.)

A movie about a kid and a crook who eventually reforms in the end

I suddenly remember I saw this colored movie on TV at school in the 2nd grade once.

The only scenes I remember was:

The beginning where at school, while most students are either doing schoolwork or having a test I think, one boy is using a remote to control a toy car with a camera spying on someone.

The teacher asks the boy for his assignment and he claims his dog took and buried it in the garden somewhere.

The boy and his 2 friends call the police chief i think and mess with him while drawing a funny picture of him and laughing.

The 3 boys find a crook and keep him tied in a tree house and one of them tries in vain to convince his dad twice but to no avail since the crook keeps disappearing.

The boy introduces the crook to his friends after he wakes up.

After the crook has been arrested along with other crooks, he is eventually released while the others stay behind bars.

At the end, after the police chief gives both the boy and the crook a paper (possibly a reward), his dog later takes and buries it in the garden as the film fades to black.

PS: This NOT any of the Home Alone movies, not even the 3rd one especially.