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Thriller, pretty cruel

I don’t remember the actors

More than 10 years ago viewed

Language: English

I remember one scene: One child for some reason was forced to run away from home. He and his new friend were lured into some house by a pedaphile killer. One of the children notices that the floor is covered with a film and they suspect something was wrong and they manage to escape.

A movie about a couple that kidnaps children, first take always a photo of them.

I search for a movie that:

-I saw the movie I think between 1995 and 2005.

-About a woman and a man that kidnaps children, first take a happy photo of the children and then slaughters them.

-In my memory they dissambowled the children in pieces and putted them in closets.

-Movie about finding missing children, in the final of the movie they found the murderous couple.

-The movie was in color.

If you have an idea, please share that would be awesome. I searched the internet for trailers with all of the above and found not such a movie.


Thanks a lot 😀

Genius movie

I saw this live-action movie in my teens on TV once. It was in color and it looked like it was made in the 80’s or 90’s.

A high school or college nerd named Dexter probably was studying on the computer one night for a big test the next day until he got shocked which rendered him highly intellectually intelligent.

The next day, he finishes his exam much quicker than the others do; much to the silent disbelief of the teacher.

Eventually, he starts entering show contests based on intelligence which suddenly increases the jealousy of a spoiled little blonde genius brat with glasses known as The Viper who begins drawing mocking devil marks on his pictures and researching about him more despite his dad’s encouragement to move on.

Dexter moves and lives in a mansion that talks. One night, he is kidnapped by agents, one that looks almost like Jeffery Jones and the other one wears glasses and makes hand gestures as a form of communication instead who suspect him of being the Viper.

Somewhere at the end, before another contest starts, the Viper plants a virus on Dexter through a telephone that makes him answer questions wrong until finally he overcomes it which forces the Viper to confess: “Nobody messes with the Viper!” and finally get arrested by the agents; much to his dad’s chagrin.

2011-2013 Oddball colorful, offbeat deco western…?

HELP: I’m trying to remember the name of an offbeat, color indie film circa 2008-2015 (pretty sure it was 2011-2013)

Art direction-wise, it was like Commander Cody LP art come to life – the clothes and vehicles were vibrant, over-the-top cartoon versions of glitzy 1930s/40s western styles.

I think it took place in or around Hollywood – definitely a lot of desert scenes.

It was a bit like the American Astronaut in its overall tone. Other similar films that come to mind: Six-String Samurai, Forbidden Zone…

I don’t remember who was in it, who directed it, all I remember is that I streamed it around that time, likely on either Netflix or Hulu.
I’m pretty sure the title may have just been the main character’s oddball name which is making this extra difficult…
Ring any bells?

Movie about teenagers in a forest swimming. One dies when a rocks hit him in the rover

Hey there people. I’m from Argentina and I’m gladly that I discovered this wonderful site because know I can feel relief that I can finally know what was the name of a movie I remember seeing years ago. Please, any kind of help would be a lot appreciated and I’d be forever grateful to you.

Here we go : I can’t provide the whole details of the movie because I remember a small portion of it but I think it was focused on a small group of teenagers who were on a camping trip around the forest and rivers.

The movie could be american but I believe I’m more sure that it’s more likely European. In my country and perhaps in others too there is a channel named Europa Europa that broadscasts indie movies, national productions, europeans movies that of course are not well known in the whole world. If the movie was American it would be shown on American TV channels,  but of course it can’t be given the nature of the movie and that those are full of blockbusters and stars actions. I can’t remember if it was in English neither. But try looking for both sides (Europe/USA), I could be wrong too.

Well, this is the defining scene that I have on my mind for years : The memory is that in that movie scene those kids were having fun while swimming in the river, or maybe they were kayaking idk probably. They were in their swimming suits

One of these kids falls off the boat or was swimming when the current of the river gets too strongs and drift hims away. Then it shows how all the strenghts of the water makes him unable to fight and cracks his head against a big rock, showing the moment and how bloods stains the water in red. Finally the boys get to rescue him when but he’s washed ashore but nothing can’t be done because he passed away. The thing about this kid is that he was a fat guy.

Later on, time after they bury him in the mud of the shore and one girls place snails over the dirt and corpse as a way of honoring him. Truly emotional indeed

I believe I saw it almost 10 years ago, 10 or more. 2010-12. Movie can be from late 00s or just from the years I can tell, more probably. As I said before I will be grateful with u all. Im sorry that I took too much explaining and this might be long, but this is to make sure I know the name and to provide you with all the detail I can in hope of achieving it. Thank you

blue alien drone dance from outer space

an episode of a sci-fi series….teenagers start dancing in a hypnotic way….there’s a strange signal coming from another solar system….people panic….the teenagers suddenly transform into blue metallic aliens….but it’s okay because the strange signal is a warning that our sun is about to go ultraviolet….those who undergo the transformation can go outside….those who don’t must stay indoors….does anybody know this episode?

Looking for a movie about a girl locked in a building with a raven and a corpse

My native language is not English, so I apologize for any mistakes.

The film is not less than 15-20 years old. Old thriller, old film, 80s-90s.
One heroine is blonde or red-haired in a business suit. She comes to the home of some architect (an apartment for an entire floor under the roof of a skyscraper) and brings documents or a package.
The door is open, the owner of the house is not. She decides to wait for him and walks around the apartment.
Many rooms, tame crow. Each room has its own project: layouts, lighting, music for the mood. And so she goes into a gloomy office. And there the owner of the house is dead, and a raven bites him.
 The girl is frightened, runs to the door, the door closes in front of her nose. She hears sounds, footsteps, realizes that she is not alone in the house, but no one is visible.
The girl runs through the rooms, takes a chair, but all the furniture is attached to the floor. She climbs on cabinets, knocks on windows, but no one hears her - high.
She grabs a chair, tries to break the window, but it's too strong. The raven flies, scares. Then the door opens, the girl carefully takes her coat, goes out, goes down, gets into a taxi (yellow). He turns through the rear window to that floor - and there is a silhouette. She is leaving. End.
This is definitely not "Scissors" 1991 - there are more actors, there is one girl.
I didn't find such a movie here.

A stranger ambiguous man gains trust of a family with kids with deception, then tries to kill them

I watched it at least 15 years ago. There is a nice family, father, mother, kids and also grandparents. This stranger appears in their lives, he looks kind with them, trying to help them with everything. But weird things start to happen, as he causes them troubles but at the same time he provides solutions, in order to gain their trust. I clearly remember the scene where he causes a car accident to the grandparents in their car going off a cliff. I barely remember this family then moves for some days to their house at the mountains for a little break. At the end, he has imprisoned all family’s member except the father, and he perhaps (NOT SURE!) confesses he’s in love with him!!! This actor vaguely looks like Charles Grodin, but I’m 101% sure it’s not him, otherwise I would have found the movie 🙂

Can’t remember title of the movie

It was like 5-6 years ago when I saw that movie(maybe even more). I can hardly remember its plot, the only few things that I know are the following:
-it was something about an apocalypse. There were some monsters/huge animals/maybe even something like dinosaurs all over the planet
-main character was male, but there also where 2 more characters: a girl and a human-like android(Detroit vibes)
-the girl was somewhat wild??? like she had some kind of a folk living in a cave or something, but these were not like “unga-bunga” wild, more something like Maya , idk
-the android completely looked like a human, but well he was an android. his aim was to help and protect mc at all costs, as far as I can remember

-and there’s almost nothing I remember about a male character. I only know that he was falling in love with that girl through the whole film or smth like that.

there are also some scenes I remember. These were in the end of the film. The first one is the android trying to sacrifice himself in order to protect mc, but he managed to be left alive. And the final scene is them all flying away from the planet, and the android says something terrible and mc becomes pissed that he didn’t say it earlier or something like that. My idea is that mc had daughter/son/wife/someone else who’s dear to him left on a planet, and that he thought that they had enough time to go to them and pick them up as well, but planet was going to be destroyed  in a minute and they were going to die…But that’s just an idea ’cause I hardly remember it.

An yeah, through the whole film those three characters were trying to escape and save themselves ’cause once again planet was going to be destroyed.

So that’s it. I know that it all sounds madly bizzare, but I really don’t remember a lot. And still I want to find that film just to be sure that it wasn’t just a weird dream lol. It feels like it was, but those clear memories of final scenes drive me nuts.

And few more things: that film was created in 2000-2010s, it wasn’t very popular and had a pretty low budget ’cause of not such a good montage.


I can’t remember title of this movie

I only remember a few things about this movie.
But 2 girls kidnappes a guy, and force him to kill a guy. I remember that he has break in to this high security house, and hides the gun in the bbq grill. And comes back to the girls and says he couldn’t do it. If I remember correctly he’s a drug dealer, and oddly works at a elders home.

Another scene is that the one girl drugs the other girls drink, and tries to kill her. It’s in her rich dads house, and I remember there is a bar where she hides.

I might have mixed up 2 different movies, but I’m not sure.

Anyways I hope there is a kind soul that can helps me, as it really bothers me that I can’t remember the movie.

Cartoon series about black robot in 80s

Another piece of my childhood 🙂

When I was a kid I lived several months in Algeria, it was somewhere in 86-87. And there was a cartoon series on TV about a boy and his big dark color robot. The only thing I remember – this robot could fly and held the boy on outstretched arms. I even don’t remember the language, maybe french 🙂

Google always suggest “The Iron Giant” but it’s from 1999. I suspect it could be anime – they have plenty of robots 🙂 So, does anybody have any ideas?

Woman giving a birth to a lobster among cultists

Hello everyone.
Saw this movie about 15 years ago. I suppose it was a horror movie but not 100%.
I just can remember one but really memorable scene.
The woman is pursued by rednecks-cultists with a pitchforks and driven into some kind of greenhouse or winter garden. They surround her and suddenly some weird creature bursts out of her belly. As a child, I thought it looked like cancer. Then a woman from this cult takes the monster in her arms.
I think it was a movie from 90-00s.
Also it was filmed with the bright orange color filter as I remember.

P.S. Sorry for a misunderstood with my previous question about this movie. I’m Russian and used Google Translate to ask about it and in russian words meaning “cancer” and “lobster” are the same word. Maybe this time you could help me.

horror film 1980…1990s years.

Horror film 1980…1990s. I think American.
The part of plot.
The Deamon (or Devil)drives to the specil place for meet The Tsar of Devils.
I remember some scenes.
Scene One.
The Demon drives the car. A Woman gets in his car. She takes care of her hairstyle
asks him over and over of her hairstyle. At some point The Demon take the scalp of her and
brought it to her eyes fnd said: Look it yourself!

Scene Two.
The Demon turned the Sculptor into abstract sculture. The sculpture cries at the exhibition.
And the tears rolls from its eyes.

Scene Three.
The Demon and The Man passed thru the mirror. Then The Demon came back and told to The Man: You shoud know
which side are you on. Then The Demon broke the mirror.

Scene Four. (perhaps from another film)
The Chief of Devils as goat of light is getting out from well but cannot do it.

Help me find a movie title. Sentimental love comedy, shot in the 50-60s?

American businessman millionaire owner of a villa somewhere in Italy is married with a local Italian, both are busy, career, so they spend together only one month a year in September / October? at the same villa. And after another quarrel, they come to the villa and find that their butler has organized a hotel at their home, a local landmark very popular with wealthy american tourists, advertisements on matchboxes – “the hotel la dolce vita (vista?) Is closed in September (?) “- a phrase from a movie. The butler persuades the owners to play along with him and they live this month in a villa with a dozen other guests. Again they fall in love with each other, against their background, young couples also start relationships, disagreements, reconcile. In the end, again,  the husband leaves the wife, she catches up with him at the station, grabs a passing stranger child, calls the carabinieri and takes him off the train: “oh no, he is going to leave us and the baby — madam, do not interfere with boarding … – how is it possible, damn American. ..- why is he also a foreigner (American?)” – a phrase from the film. The actors are famous for that time. It seemed to me that the main character was played by Gregory Peck, but I can’t find a similar picture in his filmography, plus the main character looked a little “muzzles” (wider face). The wife is very, very similar to Sophia Loren, but I also don’t find this movie with her, the butler also has familiar face but I don’t remember his name. The movie was shot after the 2WW, the film plays out a comic story with a fictional concussion of the main character from the war. In my opinion, the movie was shot in the 50-60s of the twentieth century in English in Italy (landscape scenes for sure)

American horror film 1980…1990s years.

American horror film 1980…1990s years.
I remember only some scenes.
The little girl (I will call her The Girl) has to be a wife of deamon. She is living with her father or uncle
(I will call him Uncle). And he knows about The Girl.
Seven boys are in psychiatric clinic like in a prison. They are The Girl’s bridegrooms.
Upon a time The Girl started her period. Seven boys kill their guard and escape.
Uncle knows about it and tries to hide the Girl.
But one bridegroom kidnapped The Girl for marry her.
I remember the scene.
Bridegroom and bride (The Girl) on a garbage dump and bride has a very long white bridal veil
of polyethylene.
But Uncle can stop this wedding.

A kid befriends a large creature, which later falls in some water and dies.

Hey guys, I’m wondering if you’d be able to help me with this, but I recently remembered a film I saw years and years ago, and I have spent the last few days looking for it, but haven’t been able to find it at all.

I really only remember a few details and scenes, and I don’t know how accurate my memory will be, so please bear with me!

In the film, a kid (I think it was a young boy, but there may have been other kids present as well) has befriended some kind of large creature, and in one particular scene, they end up in some water – I think it was maybe some kind of moat or lake or something like that, and water seemed to harm this creature. I remember steam/smoke rising from the bubbling water as the creature laid down to die. (For some reason, I think I cam remember that the creature sacrifices itself in order to save the boy, but I’m not clear on that part)

The film was set in some kind of fantasy setting, and it looked to be decently old. I’m not sure exactly where it was set, but I think the boy was wearing some kind of tunic or something similar, and I think there were castles and stuff.

The monster was some kind of large black or dark-brown creature, and I think I remember it having feathers of some kind? For some reason I also seem to remember that the creature was called “Blackbird” or “Bluebird” or something along those lines, but I could be completely mistaken about it. The boy called its name a lot as it was dying in the water.

The film itself looked to be like maybe something that was made in the 80s? Though I’m less sure on that because it’s not on any of the “80s Fantasy” lists I see online. It had a similar kind of vibe to The Neverending Story (I’m 99% sure it wasn’t one of the Neverending Story films though; people keep telling me that’s what it was, but I’ve seen them recently and none of what I’m remembering here is in those films)

For extra context; I saw this film on TV, in the middle of the day, on a free-to-air network in Australia, some time in the Mid-2000s. So that being said, it may have also been some kind of old TV show or maybe an old obscure Aussie movie.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated – this has been doing my head in for the last two days.

Medieval setting, surreal thing on TV.

The Scene:

A boy from a village in a medieval setting goes to castle where the lady of the castle and her daughter/ young girl live. In the scene there is a buffet laid before the boy but it has all gone rotten. Possibly the whole place a kind of covered in spiderwebs. The lady and the girl derisively laugh at the boy. He goes back to his village. There is a scene, I think when it cuts to the village, where someone is throwing out a bucket of…well shit I think. To contrast the castle setting.


Details: Probably 90’s at the earliest, to early 00’s. I came across this channel surfing. It might have been on PBS or some educational type of channel. I don’t know if it was a movie or a series. The whole thing had a very surreal mood. I think the rotting banquet thing is kind of common but I haven’t found a scene that matches this. I clearly remember the cut to the scene with the bucket back at the village or whatever.

Sci-fi Post Apocalyptic Movie

The Scene:

Man in a trench coat (I think) has traveled to the future and is in a place that looks like a post apocalyptic Los Angeles. Lots of bombed out looking buildings, rubble, concrete, etc. He is there to fight some kind of mutant things, possibly robotic. I think one of the mutant robotic things looks like Krang from TMNT but on a floating disc thing, with little robotic arm things.

Details: Possibly 80’s/90s. I remember the color of the scene, everything had that blue tint that post apocalyptic movies sometimes do. I believe time travel was involved but possibly not. I don’t remember the hero. Some kind of rutger hauer type.