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Movie; One man giving another man a speech about how the world really works/who really runs the world.

I only remember one scene from the movie:

There is one guy standing at the end of a long table. He is illuminated by light.

At the other end of the table, there is a man sitting down (maybe looking terrified). He is also visible.

All up and down the table sit men, invisible in the darkness. There are green retro/vintage bankers table lamps all along the table.

The man standing at the end of the table is mad at the guy sitting at the other end. The standing man is giving him a long speech about how the world really works and/or who really runs the word. There is no background noise, you can just hear the angry man.

Maybe the movie was in the 90’s??

Truck driver races to prevent pipeline explosion in movie with million dollar prize

I’m trying to find the name of a movie that I saw before 2005. The main character is a truck driver, and there are several trucks involved in a race. The objective of the race is to get to the finish line first, and there is a prize of a million dollars, or something like that for the winners. Along the way, the trucks encounter a damaged oil pipeline and must maintain a certain speed to prevent an explosion. They must also avoid any impact or deceleration that could cause the dangerous cargo they are carrying to explode.

I remember that there were only two trucks left by the end of the race: the main character’s truck and one other. The movie might have a title that describes a bad road or dangerous driving. I’m not sure about the actors or the language, but I do remember that the movie was in color. If you have any idea what movie this might be, please let me know!

Additional information:

  • I saw the movie in the early 2000s, but I am not sure when it was released.
  • I do not recognize any actors in the movie.
  • The movie was in English, but I saw it in Russian voice acting.
  • I saw the movie on TV.
  • The movie was in color.
  • At the finish line, the drivers of the surviving trucks are promised a prize of a million dollars, or something like that.

Robby Benson look-a-like in 70’s movie of the week

I think it was a Friday night movie of the week, but it could have been some other night. Mid or later 70’s movie about a woman and her son, whom I could have sworn was Robbie Benson. But the movie doesn’t appear in his IMDB, so I guess it was a look-a-like. The woman comes home drunk from a bar one night and is brutally beaten, raped, and murdered. The killer might have been a guy she picked up at the bar, but it is the son who is accused of killing her. The innocent son (who is 17 or 18) was out with a friend on the night his mother is murdered, and he comes home to find her bloody beaten body. The actor does a great job portraying a hysterically grief-stricken son in shock when he finds his mother’s body.

Does anyone remember this intense movie? Appreciate all suggestions.

70s or 80s movie with VW beetle that has plenty of gadgets

This was very likely a ripoff of the Lovebug, but this VW beetle was filled with gadgets. I found several on Youtube (the Superbug collection), but I can’t find the one that I remember. There were two scenes that I remember rather vividly.

At one point, he runs out of gas. He goes to the trunk (in the front!) and retrieves a rotating key that he plugs in the engine (in the back). He rotates the key and that seems to power the car for a while.
At another point, the car has extending wheels (he goes above other cars, can climb walls in a narrow alley, etc.).

Which movie is that? I am not certain it is part of the Superbug collection. Very likely, but I am not sure.

Animated semi-realistic art-style cartoon movie of a white lamb sneaking out of it’s farm with a black or brown lamb

Hey there everyone!

After I have recently gotten a CD player from a relative of mine as our parents threw our CD player away years ago, and I kept forgetting to buy a new one when I had money, I’ve relished in nostalgia of watching the old CDs of my childhood and revisiting the movies I watched.

However, there are a few CDs I remember that I cannot find anymore for some reason, and one of them was quite odd to say the least.

So, this memory is quite obscure – I have a very vivid memory of it but some details I don’t know if that is my mind filling in the gaps, so I’ll try to do my best. The movie starts off with a woman singing something which sounds similar to like those mountain singers or like Bavarian singers yodeling – I really hope you get what I mean. I wish I could add like audio recordings here because this is one of the most clear memories that I can hum the melody even years after. I think it has a home screen with like the farm animals? This is one of the blurry parts. I think I remember the main character, which is a young white lamb with blue eyes and horns, being born at the start of the movie – it’s like one of those skinny lambs and could remind one of Bambi I guess you could say.

This is a good interlude into the language and art style. The art style, as mentioned before, I can only describe as like…semi-realistic? A good comparison is The Adventures of Lola the Penguin, along with the language. You see, I grew up with a lot of Montenegrin dubbed CDs, which is similar to like Serbians. I have the CD as “Pingvin Pingo” which doesn’t have too bad of a dub, however with the lamb movie the dub I recall being like those documentary dubs. You can still hear the original underneath as the subbed version plays over, and I recall the lamb movie having quite a lot of like delays.

Anyway, back on track, the lamb is like in this little like fenced house thingy? At night, I think the lamb sees the black one and sneaks out, I think. The white lamb thought about it before quite a few times as she (the white one is female, the black one male) talked with the farm animals about the outside before. It sneaks out and has fun in the mountains. Here not the content but the timeline becomes blurry – basically, both are hunted by like wolves and meet the other black lambs who the sneaker introduces to the white lamb. It’s some rocky area and here my memories kinda end – they have this journey as the farmer looks for the lamb (alongside his dog if I recall correctly). I also just remembered what he looked like along with the cover.

On the cover the man holds some sort of staff some farmers use next to the lamb and their art styles are a little different with the lamb leaning into this like Bambi look. The farmer looks like a middle eastern uncle, not gonna lie, with a blue fishing hat and gray hair with a gray mustache and a bit of a bigger nose. The background of the CD is red and if I recall correctly the font of the movie is blue.

I recall the movie being a bit brutal/grim and having some wolf calls, and I think either somebody dies or is injured a lot? I recall a scene of the white lamb being cornered at a liver by a wolf.

I think this might be all? I might add more info later on. I was born in 2006 and watched this movie at a very young age, like around 6 maybe if not younger (or older) however I’m guessing this movie was made before the year 2000 judging by the quality and how a lot of the animated movies I’ve watched on CD as a child were made around that time, like Pingvin Pingo and Kiriku.

Thank you guys so much in advance. Feel free to ask for more details if needed. You would really re-awaken my inner child if you found out about this – not even any links to watch or screenshots from the movie. Seeing the cover again is already more than enough for this movie 🙂
*two things I realized might be helpful to add in after writing this are
  • I think the white lamb had a collar? Maybe like red? This is just a vague memory, so take it with a grain of salt.
  • The black and white lamb didn’t have many differences body wise – they almost look like they were drawn on the same body template.

Movie about a man in a wheelchair (who faked it and could actually walk) and that man killed his wife and best fiend for cheating

This is one of the 90s movies, thriller, where a man got into car accident (I think), almost died, but survived. Was at least partially paralyzed. Couldn’t walk. Required a wheelchair. Then he saw his wife and his friend cheating on him. He insured himself and put these two as beneficiaries. Then set them up and killed.

Some investigation happened, the detective suspected the wheelchaired man, but couldn’t prove anything . Finally, in the very end, after the court, the detective stuck a pen in the mans leg… and the man took it like a champ, not a muscle flinch, the detective was arrested, the man won.


Thank you.

Yellow birds cartoon show

All I could remember is that this was an animated show probably which I once had on VHS featuring 2 big, talking yellow birds, one wearing a white hat and probably a tie and another one wearing a red beret and sleeveless vest, both drawn in the same style as the pink panther possibly.

In that episode, they take refuge and sleep in some place from the rain at night. Inside, one of the birds hears a dragonfly singing himself a lullaby to fall asleep while the other one is still sleeping. He thinks of ways on how to eat the dragonfly.

And that’s all I know and remember from my childhood.

A film where God transforms Devil into a statue

I am trying to recall the title of a film I have seen when I was a child (circa 1990’s). That’s everything that I remember:

  1. There are God and Devil.
  2. There is a team of main characters who are on a mission against Devil.
  3. At the end of the movie, God transforms Devil to a statue. And there is an idea that the evil exists in order to allow God to create something beautiful from it.
  4. At some point, the main characters appear to be in the cage that floats in the void.

Any ideas?

Hillbilly Cannibal Mutant movie

A man and a woman (friends) wakes up only to find them get tied up in a hideout—sort of like a woodhouse in a forest—of mutant cannibals. Then skip (I forget the scene after that). The man gets beaten up by the mutant cannibals. After that, they release them and eat together on a table outside the house with the cannibals. If I recall correctly, one of them (the man or woman) escapes and hide, then help the other one escape. OR, the one who escapes find a way to kill all the mutants and then finally finish them all. And they escape together.


Sort of like Wrong Turn but it’s not any of Wrong Turn movies. Also not any Hills Have Eyes. But the film definitely gets the inspiration from them.


Thanks for the help.

Cartoon/live action with a man who turns into a bull

I look for a title of animated series with live action elements. I remember only that in the opening there was (I think) a ship, a man (a father of a family?) who turned into a bull – his shirt ruffled up, he snorted “plowing” the ground by a hoof… that was animated but there was also a real person (not animated) – a black boy (African?) wearing either a sailor’s headdress or a newspaper cap (the kind some people wear when painting walls).

It was rather old and probably of African/South American origin.

japanese movie?

most likely a Japanese (potentially korean or even chinese) movie with 2 female student friends. one is pimping out the other, who seems somewhat mentally unstable and unaware. theyre doing this so they can afford tickets to another country together.

the pimp friend lives with a single dad who I think is a cop. the prostitute friend ends up dying from falling out of a window and the pimp takes her place as a prostitute. once she has sex with the men they become ‘good’ men as if she is a pure god. the dad finds out and drops her off at a random village and leaves her there.

movie was not in black and white

Message for user:Will Edelman concerning Zorro again

@Will Edelman I remember you mentioned Zorro having left the infamous “Z” mark on someone’s chest in that show in my last post.

You said and I quote: “Zorro definitely did the Z on the chest in the Disney TV version in the fifties.”

Please, if you wish to satisfy my curiosity, which Zorro episode was the very first one where he first left a “Z” mark on someone’s chest in the first place? And at which time interval too? Was it in color too?

Please, let me know as soon as possible.

Action film

I’m looking for a movie I saw on TV years ago it’s about female exotic dancers starting to disappear one by one I remember the intro to the film was a badge with like untied force police or something like this & another part I remember is one of the dancers gets tied to a chain fence and now the investigation starts to get the bottom of this it’s all I can remember from it

Zorro show or movie

As we all know, there have been many Zorro shows and movies both live-action and animated including the ones with Antonio Banderas produced by Steven Spielberg. Some produced by Disney too. Talk about a character later spoofed by an animated character voiced by Antonio Banderas himself named Puss in Boots in the beloved DreamWorks movie franchise, Shrek and the standalone films too.

However, what I really want to know is the name of the very, very, very first Zorro episode (or movie depending on which one came first) where Zorro first left his Z trademark either on a person or an object or both. Was it animated or live-action too?

A movie literally about Fame

Hi everyone! Hoping to get your help for I’m giving up already…

The main character, an ordinary (single if I can remember) man with an ordinary life, one day becomes extremely famous just like that. For no reason. He didn’t do anything to get there and is very surprised by the fact strangers recognize him on the street, scream out his name, ask for an autograph, keep taking pictures and videos of him everywhere he goes, posting on internet. The crowd gets exited by his every move and word. He gets invited to evening TV shows still wondering what’s happening. During the movie he losts his job and his life turns into hell. And, by the end, that global obsession with his persona comes to an end just as inexplicably.

I’m sure the movie wasn’t in English. Some European origins, mb French. Unfortunately don’t know the actor even though I can recall his face. His character doesn’t wear stylish clothes, and looks just like an ordinary man around 50. And yeah, maybe the character’s name is sth close to Kazinski.

One more thing. In Woody Allen’s “To Rome with Love”, one of the story lines (with Leonardo) just repeats the movie I can’t remember the name of.

Thanks in advance! ♥️