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Foreign Film about the Afterlife

I’m trying to find a film that I think was Swedish (though I’m not 100% certain of the country of origin) about a man who’s apparently died and is living in a city in the afterlife. Despite being given everything he needs to be happy – job, house, girlfriend – he can’t seem to feel any emotion. Everything is dulled down, even the color schemes in the movie, and he gradually realizes how unhappy he is. Eventually he finds a way to escape, although the movie leaves it up to the viewer to decide what’s really happened to him. I’m thinking this movie is about ten years old, so around 2010 or so.

Short story about a growing “splotch” or “ink blot” that kills

I know it’s not a movie, and I apologize, but I was wondering if you all could help me identify a sci-fi/horror short story I read decades ago (probably early 80s but it likely was in an anthology of older stories I checked out from the school library).  The story was basically about some sort of blotch/spot/ink splotch sort of thing that someone encounters (perhaps in a book or on a wall), which gradually grows each time it’s noticed, and is implied to consume a couple of people at the end.  What was interesting about it was that the story used little drawings of the changing splotch in-line with the text if I recall correctly… not like a typical illustrated story…  It was an unusual approach, and stuck in my head.

Sorry if these sorts of requests are forbidden, I just thought there may be some overlap and someone else may have encountered that one before.


mid-70s movie

A movie I saw when I was a kid in the early 80s.  Pretty sure it was in color but we had a b&w tv set…  Movie was made in the 70s.  Can’t recall any actors. I thought for awhile it was David Keith as the lead, but after checking his bio list on IMDB, I don’t believe it was.  I do remember watching it late at night, around Christmas time.  The parts I remember:

Single dad (not sure if he was widowed or divorced) and his young daughter move in with his parents – they live on a farm, I think, or at least in a farm-style house in a small town
Single dad’s hippie-type friends come visit, around Christmas time, as I recall them singing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” in some folk-type way
Single dad decides to leave daughter with his parents (she may have wanted to stay with them)
After dad leaves, the daughter tells her grandparents that she wants her daddy (I have a vague memory of her saying “I want my daddy so bad”)
Single dad leaving town on a motorcycle, crying
Grandpa and daughter chasing after single dad in Grandpa’s truck to catch up with him

Just like I am legend & omega man

Hi all, a film just like I am legend and omega man,, besides a handful of people who are alive everyone else on earth has disappeared, what I remember was how you become one of the few who lived was that if you died at the second the world ended you servived, so I think a man killed himself and a man was run over that second it all went wrong, also one of the men meet a black women bu she slept with another surviver, and they drove a big petrol tanker around that fell in to a big ditch at the end,, thanks that’s all I can remember.

A movie I don’t know the name of

Well I vaguely recall bits of the film but I cannot for the life of me get the full film in my head and I don’t know the title

I remember my mum had it recorded on video from t.v and would have been around the 90s

What I remember from it is this woman has this metal spike on her finger and she rips this person’s spine out and she has a dog also who she feeds the body parts too if I remember correctly as well the woman is wearing a red blazer type jacket and I think the dogs name was max but she went around getting body parts and feeding to her dog


My mum made me believe the film was called dark angel and to this day I cannot find the film any kind of help and lead would be ideal if anyone can find or know anything thanks

Movie With Boy and Girl Held Captive By Mountain Man???

I remember seeing a movie (I believe in the 80s) where a brother and sister are being held captive by a mountain man in his cabin. In one scene, the man is upset with the boy who is handcuffed or similar, and it’s Christmas Day. He either hits or kicks the boy, and Says, “Merry Christmas”. At the end, I’m pretty sure they shoot him with a shotgun to escape. I also think the setting and time of the movie is not ‘current’, but rather more early to mid-1900s? Any ideas? I used to see this on HBO way back when.

Fantasy and maybe horror film I watched in the early 90s

I watched it on TV, probably between 1990-1993, I almost sure it was a feature film, in color. Here’s the scene I remember the best I can describe it: A woman is running away from a monster, I think MAYBE it was a werewolf, maybe not a monster at all, just a man. We see her opening and closing doors from a top view, while the monsters is chasing her not far behind, opening the doors she closes behind her. This goes on for several rooms.

Kid earns millions off of doll that he doesn’t have

Google is useless so pls help. There is a kid that makes this furry stuffed animal toy that can talk and makes ads to sell it but hasn’t actually created the toy. He ends up earning millions and spends the movie trying to create this toy to give to the customers. The villain is this bank manager whose teenage sons are trying to take the company from the main character. In the end the main kid sells his company to the bullies and they suffer the consequences. It would be a real help if someone knew the name.

Western town invaded by aliens

This is a movie from the 80’s/90’s where this guy goes to this small western town to investigate something. He brings his dog along but it soon goes missing. He walks into a diner to ask the locals if they have seen his dog, but one-by-one, each person gets up and walks across the street and just stares at him in the diner. It creeps him out and he gets into his car to drive away. As he’s speeding out of town, he notices some figure on the side of the road. When he gets closer he sees that it’s an alien. It zaps his car as he passes. That’s all I remember.

kid’s magical adventure with a cat and dog

I remember bits and pieces of this colored film when I was a kid (in the 90s). the main plot was this boy and girl go on some kind of adventure with a cat and dog. Only thing is the animals where played by actors in a dog and cat costume.

only two scenes I remember:

  1. The boy and girl get into an argument over a rocking horse.
  2. The cat actress dies in a volcanic eruption or a forest fire (I can’t remember which)

Yellow prehistoric monster that teleports

I remember just a little bit of this movie on tv when I was a kid (sometime in the mid to late 90s) before my parents changed the channel.


There were there people that could teleport/time travel. I don’t remember if they were from the future, past, idk. But there was this giant yellow monster that I thought looked like the rancor from star wars that could teleport as well.


There was this one scene where the main guy witnesses the yellow monster and a t-rex fight (stop motion animation). the t-rex looses and the yellow monster sees the guy and chases him.

Early 80s possibly a late 70s film

I remember coming home and turning on the tv and the thing I remember from the movie was someone is in a projection room and either trips or the film starts to unreel and covers the person. The person then gets up and is covered in the film strip. It might have been the ending, and it might be a short film.

I saw this around 1984 maybe 1985 and the movie might be older. Would have been on hbo and I had just arrived from school when I saw this.

Old scary movie about a man with powers, who is the Devil or sort of, and a woman called Morgana.

Hi. I reckon it is a movie from the 80’s or 90’s, a scary one.

This Morgana woman commits a murder, but this powerful man-devil wants to protect her and reach her, so he surrenders himself to the police saying he committed that crime.

Once in jail, he reveals himself as the Devil to his prison mates, and one of them – a skeptical one -, asks him to grant him the wish to let himself get out from jail. He obliges by making him pass through the bars but shattering his body in the process. Naturally the other witnesses are terrified by this.

Another bit that I remember is this man-devil saying to someone something like: “tell Morgana I am waiting longingly”.

Thank you in advance for your help.

1980’s Made for TV movie about twin girls being reunited

I was wondering if anybody knows what movie this is? The movie was filmed sometime in the late 80’s and I think it was made for TV. I was on either, ABC, CBS, NBC or was a network channel like Lifetime or USA. I saw it on TV sometime between 1988 and 1991. I only saw maybe the last half hour of it the most. Basically the movie was about these identical twin girls that are between 18 and 22 years of age and they are white with dark brown hair. They come to find out in a flashback scene why they were separated. In the flashback which takes place when they were around 4, 5 or 6 years old and it shows there being a heavy downpour which might have even been a mild hurricane and them ridding in a sedan or station wagon with there mother. There mother swerves and hits a guardrail and as a result the right rear door comes open and one of the girls is ejected from the car and ends up in a raging river down bellow. The mother jumps in to save the girl who was thrown into the river from the wreck and she manages to get her out with the help of a middle aged lady who I think might have been Hispanic. After the girl is saved the woman acts like she is going to help the mother out of the river and she offers her a branch which she then pulls back on and lets go and it hits her in the head and she is knocked out and swept down river and drowns. Shortly after the flashback the girl who had been living with the Hispanic lady who took her as her own daughter confronts her about it and gets her to go out to the bridge with her where she murdered her mother. They climb down by the river which is real calm compared to that afternoon over a decade earlier and her sister was waiting there and was standing on the bridge looking down at them. The Hispanic lady sees her and has a mental breakdown. Shortly later they show her in a mental hospital sitting on her bed there and holding a doll. And the sisters talk with a doctor about her condition and whats going to happen to her and shortly later the movie ends. I was only a few years old when I saw it and it was on prime time TV and my parents stopped at it and we watched the last half of it. Anybody who has any idea what movie it was please let me know. The movie came to mind when I was walking around the parking lot at the Veterans Affairs clinic in Youngstown, Ohio I work security at since it was raining real heavy and there was a tornado warning an hour earlier that day so all that I guess made me think of the movie. Oh and I think another clue two is that the movie might have taken place in Florida because there might have been some Palm Trees in the flashback.

Man killed by reflection

I remember watching this sometime in the mid 80’s and has stuck with me, it’s either a movie or an episode of an anthology like Tales From the Darkside or something.

What I remember is whenever a man looks into a mirror, he sees this figure coming from behind him and wants to strangle him from behind, but it’s not there when he turns around.  So he becomes a recluse and has to cover everything in his house that could give a reflection so he doesn’t see this figure that wants to kill him.  By the end, the local news catches wind of his story and he agrees to an interview.  So they’re at his house with everything covered up, but one thing they forgot was the camera lens! The lense is so dark he doesn’t realize the entity is coming up behind him until it’s too late and he basically gets killed on live tv.

Thanks for the help!!

film produced(?) by makeawish foundation

i hadn’t the chance to watch this movie myself but its synopsis described a kid & his time in an amusement park, and the kid was either a cancer patient or his actor was

don’t know much else besides it other than that it was released 2018 0r 2019, and that the poster is of him and few others in a rollercoaster ,faced toward the audience

Animated Kids Movie (Atlantis?)

Each night, this city (for some reason I have it in my head as “Atlantis” though that may not be the case) is covered by a dome to protect them. The princess hates this idea, but the King is being manipulated by his advisor (a short/dark-haired Male) and orders her to remain in the city at nightfall.

One night, she sneaks out and ends up meeting an outsider, who explains what a sunset is to her. Something along the lines of “And as the sun dips into the sea…”. She leaves, realising that the dome is about to close. Eventually she falls in love with him.

Later on in the movie, she has to find the four crystals (fire, earth, air, and water- the last of which is behind a waterfall). When finding the water crystal, she gets caught by the advisor who takes her to a cave.

When the outsider arrives, the advisor uses the crystals to torture him before leaving.

Last seen: approx 10 yeas ago. On DVD.

Movie type: Animated

Language: English

Movies it isn’t:

– Atlantis: The Lost Empire

– Atlantis: Milo’s Return