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Movie about a natural disaster of sorts

Ok so I watched this really good movie but now I don’t remember it. Basically I remember a guy had predicted a disaster or storm of some sort but no one believed him and then I remember his ex wife or somebody like that and then he’s building a boat and later on the disaster strikes and the man and the ex wife pick up some survivors and put them on their boat. One of them I remember is a mom and son pair. Later on I remember them having to build a wall of sandbags and such to protect against something or rather at like a building that’s maybe a control center of sorts? And then the mom dies of electrocution. It was in color and I’d say made in the last 5-10 years at least.

Looking for Invasion movie

I found this movie a while back but I can’t find it this time.  I went through IMDB but I can’t pick it out.

I’m pretty sure the name was Invasion and it was before the one with Nicole Kidman in 2007.  It’s a Sci-Fi comedy and I don’t remember who was in it or much about it other than the “scientist” was pompous and smoked a pipe and he falls for the townie girl who makes out with her brother.

Thanks in advance.


It seemed like a general kidnap movie but the girl is badass

So I saw just the last 20-30 minutes of this movie maybe about 3 years ago in passing on cable. It seemed like the main chick had been kidnapped by either a serial killer or just simply a trained killer and apparently she had escaped and he was hunting her down. Where I saw from she was in what looked like a motel room or something with a few dumb looking college types and it was like there were holding her against her will and the kidnapper was coming and he began killing them all off. She kept getting flashbacks of the kidnapper training her to survive or to kill and she began using what she remembered to fight him off and I think she killed him in the end. I really hope this helps.

A man has an adventure with two women and tricking everybody


I have few memories of a movie I’ve watched 15-20 years ago.

I man (maybe a teacher?) is dating a younger girl (I think one of his students?), like secretly. The girl has problems with her family -who is rich- and they pretend they fight, or the girl fights with the mother (I remember throwing some glass), but then one discovers they were together.

Then there was the other girl.

It seems they were the 3 together, but the girls jealous of each other. There was a scene where the guy tells them to kiss each other (like to make up)

I also remember some trial scenes. And a statement, something like “a bitch doesn’t make me come” from the guy towards one of the girls (I think it was against the rich mother)

A man rents apartments to rob what is inside. Maybe it was Bill Murray?


I watched a movie over 15 years ago.

One man rents an apartment, he was very friendly, but then it’s like he is not responsive. The owner (main character) gets very nervous because I think the tenant was not paying the rent.

The tenant gets more and more not responsive. Eventually he disappears robbing everything inside the apartment.

The landlord learns from somebody else that there are people doing that and he has to let go, but he insists and tries to find him (I don’t remember if he finally does)

I think the tenant was Bill Murray, but I couldn’t find the movie checking his filmography.



Action movie, terrorists on cruise ship

I watched this movie about 10 years ago, it is probably 90s or early 2000s movie. It’s an action movie where I think terrorists come on a cruise ship with a boat (there was also a woman terrorist) and then attack. I think there was Steven Seagal in it, but I’m not sure. I remember a scene where Seagal (or any other protagonist) is in the kitchen (all cooks were shot) and throws a knife in one terrorist. I don’t think it is  Under Siege, because I think it was not a military ship.

Lifetime/LMN Movie

Hello everyone! I have been rattling my brain for the past few days trying to figure out this movie, but I can’t seem to get it. I watched it one time back in 2015, but I believe it was possibly a 2012-2014 production. The movie I’m thinking of is either a Lifetime or an LMN movie. I was watching it on demand, so I am not truly sure. I remember it in bits and pieces. The movie is about a women who works at like some type of architect or planning event job. She meets this man formally whom she had met before going to her job. I think he pays for her coffee or something. All of this happens at the beginning of the movie. When she goes to her job, he is there and they eventually end up getting locked in some type of room together due to an earthquake or something like they. He eventually takes her to meet his mom. The mom is an older red head/ginger. She ends up telling the girl along the line that she has cancer, but woman noticed she wasn’t losing hair yet. One day, the same woman goes into the bathroom to find pieces of red hair in the trash can, which she realizes is the mom’s. The woman finds out that the son’s fiancé had died. Somewhere in the mists of the movie, the woman ends up near the pool. In the pool shed, she finds pool cleaner or some type of chemical in relevance to it, she eventually finds out that is how the fiancé dies. At the end of the movie, the mother tries to kill the woman. That’s all I honestly remember if someone could help me find this movie that would be amazing! Thank you!

Movie where a couple gets tied to a cactus

I’ve seen this movie twice on TV. I’m gonna take a guess and say this was around 1997-1999.

It revolves around a guy and a girl who meet and get to know each other. I’d say they probably were like 20-25 years of age. At one point in the movie they find themselves getting tied by the bad guys to a large cactus in a dessert. They sit on the ground on opposite sides with a rope around them. To save the situation the guy gets up on his feet while getting pierced by the cactus. This allows the girl to get away when the rope loosens, falling to his feet. He passes out in a standing position, and the girl leaves thinking he’s dead. I think the audience is also lead to believe he’s dead until later when they meet again and she finds out he somehow survived.

Somewhere in the movie there’s a sex scene between them and she is topless, breasts exposed. In this scene he has an icecube in his hand which he runs from around her bellybutton all the way up to her mouth which he puts it in.

The movie is in English.

That’s all i remember i think. I’ve tried googling for it but I’ve been unsuccessful.

I hope someone knows the name of the movie, I’d really appreciate that.


Thanks in advance!


Hi guys!

I saw a short film a couple years ago about a young boy, between 18-20s, who was a boxer and I can’t remember if he was gay or if he was dressing female clothes.

I think that was a short from UK but not sure, it was in English defeinitly. I think that the short came out around 2016.


Something about a creature in a box

σSo, I rented this movie with my grandpa when I was maybe 8 years old (2007 roughly). I remember on the cover of the dvd case there was a box hole with a yellow reptilian looking eye on the front and I’m pretty sure it said “don’t open the box,” or “don’t look in the box” something like that, although every time I google that nothing comes up. The movie has a group of people who are supposed to watch over this guys box and they aren’t supposed to open it. Curiosity gets the best of them, and they open the box to find this weird worm like creature hooked up to tubes inside. They unhook it, and it has a mouth and eyes that have patches sewn over them. The creature talks and from what I remember it somehow manipulates their thoughts and knows their fears and insecurities and it uses those to turn them against themselves and each other. I also remember someone removing the patches from its eyes, and I’m pretty sure I remember that there was a little bulb at the end of its “tail” that opened up to reveal a weird little organ of some sort and I remember it inserting it into this chick. Anyway it’s a really bizarre creepy movie but I’ve been trying to remember what it’s called for like 10 years now because it was so strange. So if anyone knows what I’m talking about or thinks they’ve seen something close to it, please let me know! Thanks!

Another 1970s TV Horror

I thought I had found all of my elusive movie memories except for the ghost knight show, but then I remembered another one. I remember I was at the babysitters house and saw a short snippet of what I think was an episodic supernatural themed show. In the brief clip I saw there was a small group of ghostly looking men pushing a gurney or a coffin down a hallway in slow motion. It was in color and looked like it was shot on film, not video tape like the other one. I saw this on U.S. TV in the mid to late 70s. It seemed like it may have been an episode of a series, thank you.

Old black and white movie where people mostly women are turned into robots

I watched this movie in the late 60’s early 70’s. It was one of those late night black and white movies. Probably science fiction. Might have been British. People are turned into robots/androids.cyborgs. The men  wear 60 style suit and ties with hats while the women wear some kind of shiny black outfit. They are both controlled by the black military style glasses they wear. They are being used to kill people. A detective gets a hold of the glasses and puts them on, they control him and take him to headquarters/lair where the controlled people are working in an  office.

Drama movie about a lady taking care of mentally disabled children


I saw this movie back in 2013 with my family on tv. It was probably one of those tv movies made in 1999-2001.

The story was about a lady who had to raise children that had some kind of a mental disability. There was a small boy (age 4-5) that was scared of color red, hyperactive boy (age 12-13) who had anger issues and an older boy who had Asperger’s syndrome (There was probably more children but I couldn’t remember).

Here are some scenes that I remember. All of them were at a birthday party and the hyperactive boy was upset about losing in MONOPOLY. The Asperger’s syndrome boy was taking photos of shoes which he later showed to other kids from school (They were laughing at him and they also said something like: “Can’t you take better pictures?”). The hyperactive boy made a hole in the wall and he stuck in it (He was also screaming: “I wanna go OUT!”).

Wish I could provide more but that’s what I remember.

Kid fakes his own death with Ferris Wheel

I watched this movie a few years ago and I just can’t think of the name of it. It’s on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t remember it. There’s a big finale near the end, I remember it being kind of a sci-fi/fantasy film, and the main kid ends up taking some steps to fake his own death after a ferris wheel malfunctions, but he’s really smart and planned everything down to the how to escape through the water and such. That’s about all I can think of what happened in the film. Sorry I can’t provide more. Thanks!

old movie about divers and modern pirates

Ok so had a weird flash back of a film i watched looong ago. i think its 70’s or 80s so pretty old.

it was about these two divers who were looking for gold in old shipwrecks.

After coming to the surface they find that their boat has a group of pirates on board. Modern ones.

i remember a scene where on of the divers has a gold coin in his shirt pocket and one of the pirates takes it from him.

Another scene where the divers find some old bikini and the pirates joke about trying to get the youngest guy to put it on but he refuses and gets beaten by the leader with a belt…yeah pretty odd


eventually they’re all on some island and its a bit chaotic.. can’t remember much after that.







Low low budget post apocalyptic western

This was really low budget, no recognizable stars. Post apocalyptic western. Made within the last ten years. Man wakes up and rushes to his house and realizes raiders have taken something dear to him. We learn later it was his young daughter that was taken. He leaves through the main gate of this protected community on his own to find the gang in the wasteland. He’s imprisoned at an outpost but escapes and leaves with a gun. He gets help from an unlikely source in the final confrontation and rescues his young daughter in the big reveal.