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Animated little girls movie in the early 2000s

I remember very vague details about this movie so I might get a few things wrong. I remember that this girl and her little brother were taking the train down with their parents to see their aunt (?) And stopped for snowcones (I remember that because of how good the snowcones looked) and then they got there and the girl made friends with a few other girls and they decided to call themselves the hay girls (they were in a barn at that point). I also remember that her uncle kept eating pies and her aunt and mom decided to prank him by sewing all his clothes smaller. I believe there was also a point where the girl, her little brother, and possibly her friends thought that there were aliens in the cornfield but it was actually a tractor(again, my memory is a little fuzzy so this could be from a different movie). The last thing I remember was the girl going through a chest of either her grandmothers or great grandmothers things from when she was the girls age and finding a locket with a picture of the (great?)grandmother. I believe the main character might have had blonde curly hair and freckles. I grew up in the early to late 2000s so that would have been when I watched the movie but it could have been made earlier than that by a few years. It might have been played a few times on Nickelodeon but since It was so long and there was never any thing else about it aired I don’t think it was a t.v. show.

Disney movie

I don’t remember much of this Disney movie but all I can remember was some fat greedy bald moustached man wanting to buy some guy’s toy/product company and the fat guy had sons who were twins that constantly bullied the company owner’s son and best friend.

In the end, they manage to save the company and the bully twins end up being reprimanded by their father while being dragged by force and anger in the car. Later, the owner and his family try to activate their latest product, some kind of animatronic puppet toy resembling a blue head with bald orange hair and a big nose and large teeth. At first, it doesn’t work when pressing the remote but just as they are about to leave, the toy activates.

At the end of the movie, the owner and his son try out their latest toy invention: skateboards that are somehow voice-activated that allow them to do some sick, slick moves before retreating back to the company which had become a success in selling those blue doll face toys.

UFO Series Episode or What?

There is an episode I am trying to find that I always thought was from the UFO series (1970).  A human is trying to fight against what I assume is an alien.  The problem is the alien is several seconds ahead in time.  Thus each time he shoots at the alien he misses because the alien is not where he shoots but a few seconds in another position.

In the final battle the alien is driving around in a little car running circles around the main character who shoots and shoots, but the alien laughs because he is always in some other location before the bullets hit. Then the man gets an idea and fires a solid barrage of bullets in a full circle hoping he hits where the alien is going.  The alien is dies and the little car keeps moving slowing in the circle path.   That’s all I remember, but would love to know which episode, or if I have it confused for something else.

Strange: 70’s movie with communists on a boat

I remember seeing a movie of a communist boat that goes throw Europe. The captain was a woman. The movie starts with a couple in an helicopter flying over the jungle. In some part of the movie a theater group or a dance group performs a really strange scene, that ends with some guys drinking the piss of another one. There’s a scene where adult ladys kiss really young boys (I think the movie had some problems with that scene). It has a scene in the Eiffel tower as well. This sound like I invented it hahaha but honestly, I want to see it again.


Civil war deserter hanged

I saw this short in 1976. The title is “Incident at…” or similar, I think. The plot involves a civil war deserter. He is captured and summarily hung. But the noose breaks, the deserter escapes down a creek bed. The action is seen from his POV, until he is snapped at the end of the fall and is hanged. It was all a dream and he’s killed.

Old horror movie . About mutations.

Looking for a Horror film category B in the period 1988-1993 release. Watched on VHS in my childhood.
Beginning. A woman kills a man with a spike syringe and he “dissolved”, then she lights a cigarette naked. On the background of the mansion, the name of the film is indicated in green letters.
Further in the film events in a small American town.
Middle of the movie. The family has dinner and the mother grows a big tongue because of the water and she chokes, the girl runs away from home. Out of town at the pump house lived the “bad people” they were trying to get away man got into their car and the car went in circles.
Then bed scene “a man and girl” where have guy perhaps, that the in sexual body happened and they died.
I don’t remember the ending.

Creepy horror(?) movie in a library

I saw this movie in colour on TV in the ’70s. In it, a woman is trapped at night in a dark library. At one point she tries to get the attention of people on the street from a second floor window but no one outside notices her. She’s particularly frightened by someone or some thing that’s in the library with her (or maybe that detail was her — or my — imagination).

This may have been one story of several in the movie, anthology style, but this is the only story I remember.

Animated tube scene

So I watched this 2 or 3 years ago online. I was soo sure this scene was from Boss Baby. It might be in the tv show. So I thought it was like the baby making system in the film. All I remember is that a woman puts the wrong package in like a tube transportation system. And I thought that made the boss baby. It was definitely like a animated kids take on a similar concept. Its definitely an animated film. It came out around 2017 maybe a bit before. Could be an older animated film like despicable me I’m confusing it with.



Old 1970’s movie where these guys were pulling another guy on a homemade sled and he hit a fence.

I’m trying to figure out what movie is in my head that I remember my parents watching when I was a kid. I was probably around 7 or 8 yrs old at the time and I’m now 50 so it was a LONG time ago. I may be getting 2 different movies mixed up though.

Basically (if I remember right) these guys were pulling another guy on a homemade (wooden maybe?) sled down this dirt/rock road and either swerved, or turned a corner really fast, and he went flying into a barbed wire fence and got all cut up. Then, and I don’t know if this is a total different movie, but for some reason, I keep associating this scene with the aforementioned movie, but I’m also thinking about a scene where this very creepy woman with long fingernails was chained up either in some type of old tower? or house? out in the country, its weird I know, but hang with me.

And so these people (maybe a man and woman?) went into the tower and/or house to unlock the woman and set her free and when they approached the staircase, they saw blood where the boy that had hit the fence had left because I’m thinking the boys that were pulling him took off and left him so he retreated to this old house/tower.

Monster kept in insane asylum, undercover reporter, $5000

It was a 1950-40s movie, black and white. I think maybe it had an investigative reporter visiting an insane asylum to investigate some kind of corruption scandal. A lot of people in the movie kept on talking about how much money $5000 was ( I think this may have been to bribe the reporter into dropping the case?) The movie had a title like “The Human Monster” or something, and there was some kind of human monster locked up in the asylum, but it only showed up in the last few minutes of the movie.

Film set in Post-Renaissance England with Supernatural Elements

I watched this film sometime in the past decade, in colour, in English, pretty likely made since the turn of the millennium although I didn’t see it in theatres.  Opens with a battle scene, I think in North Africa, before the action shifts to England.  Going by costumes (similar to Amish or Pilgrim garb) it’s supposed to be the 1600s or so.  The population is being preyed on by a race of demons or undead, and the main character is limited from intervening by a vow of nonviolence.  Might have been adapted from a comic book, and has an overall atmosphere similar to that of Death Trance (2005).

Trucker kidnapping movie

I saw this movie on TV in the early 2000’s. Movie looks late 80’s to early 2000’s. A couple is on a road trip together. They buy some snacks including moon pies which they could win a contest and win 50’000 dollars. They get into an argument with some truckers and the wife is taken from them. One of the truckers says that she has beautiful brown hair upstairs and down.


The truckers want the man to take out everything in his bank account which the wife lied about and said it was 50,000. The husband is sent to the bank where he tries to ask the teller for help. That’s all I remember. Any information would be great thank you.

Time intervals of Evil Dead franchise

1) At which time interval(s) of the first movie does the finding and playing audio cassette and reading a book of the dead and zombies being raised scene(s) take place?

2) At which time interval(s) of the second movie does the chainsaw scene(s) take place? Same for the 3rd movie?

Please, let me know as soon as possible. It’s important for something I’m working on concerning references involving screenshots from those movies rather than watching the whole thing each. That, and the fact that I don’t really enjoy horror movies either. My main interests are the scenes later referenced in other media in the questions above.

Low-budget indie, man acquires ability to heal with his hands


This movie is definitely not:

The Healer (2017) (

Whereas this one has a similar story, but it’s too recent:

One Fall (2016) (

I saw this probably sometime between 2010 – 2014, but could’ve been earlier. Mostly likely I saw it on Amazon Prime. This was a low-budget, independent movie, but it was not as amateurish as many Prime films. The acting was OK. There was an actual story.

It was in color. I’m pretty sure it was in English and took place in the US, somewhere rural. But don’t hold me to that. 🙂

A youngish man, late 20s/early 30s, comes home to his parents’ house, after being absent for a while. On the morning after he arrives, he and his dad are standing on the front porch chatting, when a bird suddenly flies into a window next to them and falls to the ground. The young guy bends down and picks it up. You can see that its neck is broken and it’s dead. He holds it for a minute or so while continuing to talk to his dad, and all of a sudden the bird stands up, flutters its wings and flies off. Dad stands there looking shocked. The son says something like, “I guess it wasn’t dead after all.” He doesn’t want his father to know he has this gift. (Don’t remember why.)

There’s another scene where the guy is walking by some railroad tracks, and he comes across a sick-looking cat. The cat is hostile and just stands there hissing at him. But he is gentle with it, and soon afterward, he brings the cat some food, and the cat starts to trust him, and allow the guy to pet it. Next you see, the cat looks great, it’s healthy and friendly.

There’s a young woman in the story, and I’m not sure exactly who she was, but I think she might’ve been his sister. She finds out about his gift, and keeps his secret. Then something happens, which I do not remember, where he as to make some kind of sacrifice in order to save someone (the sister, maybe?), and the sacrifice turns out to be his healing gift.

Some time later, he’s walking around outside, and he comes across the cat, dead and dried up. It looks like it had died a while back, as though when the guy lost his healing power, everything went back to how it was previously for whomever he had saved, as though it had never happened.

The movie has a slow, contemplative feel, kind of poignant. It has a faded color palette, like beiges and light browns. The grass is dry. The area looks kind of poor. I don’t remember how it ends.

I can’t say it was a great movie, but it moved me and I’d like to see it again if possible. Thanks for your help!


Might Have Been a TV Show or TV Movie

I must’ve been 4-5 years old at the time, and I’m going to be 34 in a month, lol, when I saw this on television at my aunt’s house so a year of 1989-1990 (plus or minus 1 or 2 years) should be kept in mind.

There was a boy, who looked something like Fred Savage or Ben Savage though I don’t think it was either one— and either he was hit by a bus or entered through a bus and came out the other side into a magical alternate world. This bus, I think, had a rainbow logo on it.

Anyways, he encounters a ogre-like creature in a woods, or encampment, but it turns out the ogre was really a man wearing this giant puppet head pretending to be a monster.

Apparently this man, who strangely enough looked like the boys father in the real world, was a king who was in hiding— if he was ever discovered he’d be murdered by his enemies.

Needless to say this boy becomes the hero in this world, but the king is mortally wounded and the boy is crying, begging him not to die, when suddenly the boy is back in the real world and reunites with his dad who was looking for him.

I’ve searched for years, used multiple combinations of words, etc without success. Some people have even mocked me saying I’ve either dreamed it or it’s a mix of different shows and I’ve blended them together in my mind. But I know I seen it.

You guys were so good at figuring out my vague description of “Night of the Hunter”, that I figure this would probably be my only hope of ever finding it again.

For all I know it may have been a foreign show or foreign film reaired in America, because there was a lot of shows/movies from Canada & elsewhere constantly being put on tv tv back then.

Thanks for the time and help. Jesus bless you all 😊

Revolutionary Girl Utena episode name

I really must know the name of the first Revolutionary Girl Utena episode where some girl’s tears act as a catalyst to awaken some sort of magic and save the day probably for a very special project I’ve been assigned. I need to know as soon as possible and I have been given a deadline somewhere at the end of November. It’s very urgent.

If anybody here is a big Manga fan or Japanese Anime fan or something, please feel free to leave a comment ASAP.