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80’s movie where couple was murdered with poison darts and then beheaded, survivor was living with natives and later took revenge on..

..the murderers the same way

I think it’s an 80s movie where a white couple was murdered in what looked like a swamp area surrounded by bushes. They were killed using poison darts blown from a pipe and later beheaded. Their surviving daughter (I think) was taken to live with the natives in that swamp. She later killed the people who killed her parents and beheaded them too. The native who helped her was banished from the village as it was an abomination he had committed.

I really need to find that movie title so I can get to see it again. Saw it when I was really young.

Girl in a dream that somewhat fit reality

I really do not remember much but I had to have seen this movie between 2004 and 2008. It was in color and I am pretty sure it was a movie. There is a main character girl who is in a dream but doesn’t know it, and her teacher is talking and something prompts her to stab said main character in the forehead with a pencil, but then the scene, as the pencil would go into her head, flashes to potentially scientists of some sort(?) putting something where the pencil would have stabbed, and some other characters walk by who are okay with the situation I believe.

Follows life of a poor young boy

This movie has a few scenes I can recall so I’ll write each one, not necessarily in the chronological order, because I truly can’t remember. I must have seen this movie sometime between 2004 and 2010 because I know I was quite young. The movie at least for a large chunk centers around a boy, and his very poor family. One scene I recall is this boy peeping with some buddies on his many beautiful blonde sisters getting dressed, they watch from a window and I believe they end up being caught. In another scene their father brings home a sheep head and proceeds to gross the kids out by eating the eye, saying it’s the most nutritious part or something of that nature. Another scene is that the family is very cold one night and decide to start a fire with one of the thin walls in their apartment and they have a great time tearing it down and using it, but do get caught by the landlord not long after. I also believe the father leaves them at some point in the movie. That’s all I can recall other than it was definitely in color and not something from the 40’s or 50’s because I remember the image quality being very decent.

One man fighting against nazis

I remember that I saw this movie on TV in early 80’s. So, it might be from 60’s or 70’s. This is a kind of war movie but I think it fits better in ‘thriller’ genre.

Description of the movie:
In the World War II a small group of nazis occupy an old monastery (or castle) probably somewhere in France. The occupation is peaceful but there is one man (a monk or a priest?) who starts to fight back. He knows all the secret passages etc. in the building and starts to make different types of traps/ambushes to kill nazis silently one by one.

What I can remember:
All the scenes happened in that building. The building, castle or monastery, was build on top of the hill and it was full of secret passages/doors. For example there was a deep well and one of the passages lead to bottom of that well just above the water level.

The main character was wearing a robe (like monks have) and he had very thick glasses. He didn’t have any own weapons in the beginning and he had to improvise with different types of tools etc. he found. At some point he found an old shotgun with couple of slugs.

At the end of the movie he has killed all the nazis or nazis was just about to get him but allied forces arrived just in time to rescue. I can’t remember for sure…

Any ideas about this film’s title???

Vigilantes during 1980’s Farm Crisis

Hello: I am looking for a movie that is set during the U.S. farm crisis of the 1980s. It was probably made in the late ’80s. I may be combining memories from more than one movie, because the appearance of the main character is different in my memories.

An older teenage boy/young man (Caucasian, probably blond) is part of a working farm, which has been in his family for generations. He intends to continue working the farm, but has to leave for a while–the army? jail? I’m not sure why–and while he’s gone the farm is foreclosed on. The bank takes everything. His father is devastated and perhaps kills himself, or maybe just drinks a lot. These foreclosures are happening throughout their community, and all over the Midwest, and the young man becomes very angry.

The young man decides that the banks who own the farm mortgages are the true villains, so he packs his bags, grabs his (probably underage, still in high school) girlfriend, and they start robbing banks. Only, while they do take money, what they’re really after are all the mortgage records! They want to destroy all the records so that no more farms will be foreclosed, and they need to do it quickly while the records are stored on paper, not electronically, so they can be completely wiped out.

I think they burst into banks with guns ablaze, scaring the wits out of the bank employees, and then take some money. Then they pour some gasoline (or something) all over the papers, which they set on fire before running off. They don’t hurt anyone until someone is accidentally shot.

Then a manhunt occurs, and I think they both die.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Movie about a Friendship between a Boy and girl

My mom made me watch this movie we got at the library in 208-2012.

It was in color and a “drama” I guess

a boy is playing baseball on the street with some other young boys around the ages of 11-12. His grandfather or mother calls him in and his mother badically forces the boy to spend time with this shy girl.

This girl is very shy because she experienced a traumatic ordeal where she is hiding under a bed and her father is taken away from some strange men and I think is killed. I have a suspisiom that it may have been nazis and the movie takes place during WW2 but I can’t be sure

anyways the boy is forced to spend time with the girl and he plays with his toy plane in a field while she watches. The grandpa says something to the boy to convince him to try to be nice to the girl and the boy and girl become good friends.

The girl gets triggered or bullied and runs away and disappears. She is later found in a furnace room or somewhere covered in soot.

The end of the movie ends with the girl being sent away to I think a hospital. The boy doesn’t want her to go so he runs to her and his father chases after him and it ends with the boy and girl hugging on a bench.

Teen Comedy

I remember a gang of 4-6 people driving in a van and i also think it was one fat funny one. The thing i remember is they are on a miniature golf course (crazy golf) near the end of the movie. Mayby they hunt to get in time for something or find something in the whole movie because i had a feeling they run up to someone in the end in a building. Not sure about it. I saw the movie somtime between early 80:s to early 90:s on VHS.

Old kids movie

I can not remember the name of this movie. I saw it in maybe 2005 but I’m sure that it was probably older than that. The kids have a club house (not The Little Rascals) it has like lights and a slide. I don’t remember most of what is in the movie but at the end I believe they burst into a town hall meeting with money to buy land for their club house and to keep an old man on his land.

Looking for a recent syfy-ish movie?

i watched this recently but it could be from any time in the last ten or so years?

it was colour, in English, and mostly likely a SyFy movie (it had that Canadian look to it that most SyFy movies have)

the things I remember are…

an asteroid heading for earth

a space weapon, may or may not have been some sort of space station on a rock?

a wife or ex-wife on either the space weapon station, or a shuttle of some kind?

she is trying to radio back to earth but ends up contacting some teenagers instead?

the husband/ex-husband on earth who is the creator of the space weapon (I think???)

If anyone could help me track this movie down, I would love to see it again 👍

Help finding movie from childhood


When I was at a holiday programme in the early-mid 80’s the older kids were allowed to go and watch a scary movie. Looking back now I realise that this movie was not okay for them to be showing because of the violence, etc.
My friend dared me to go and watch some of it. It was absolutely terrible and caused a lot of nightmares.

Now I want to remember what the movie was called and watch it to get over this memory.

I can remember that there was a man being tortured in a white room/laboratory and he was draped over these two metal bars that were hanging from the ceiling and he was either naked or near naked (but you couldn’t see anything because of how he was hanging), he was tortured and I think electrocuted.

The only other part I can remember (as I left the room and came back later) was mutant or strange people coming out of a mountain area.

The movie would have been from 70’s or early-mid 80’s.

Please help me figure this out, thanks.


(THIS MOVIE IS FROM ABOUT 2013 I THINK) THIS MOVIE IS ABOUT A MAN THAT USED TO WORK IN A PET STORE or supermarket, I don’t really recall, but I know he had a job that he was not pleased with, and his girlfriend dumps him. So he decides to go to his hometown to see his parents (mind you he was around 30 something). I think he had a gay brother or relative I don’t remember but he caught him drawing private parts of men in his notebook because he said it was helping him with his sexuality. He gets beaten by some bullies at school because of his relationship with a boy, he ends up wanting to kill himself and that is when the main character the 30 yo guy i mentioned before jumps in the water and tries to save him, but that’s when the movie stopped loading and don’t recall much anymore.

Illegal Long Racing

I saw this comedy movie about 15 years ago (around 2004). I dont know the actors and since it was a dubbed movie (saw it at TV) I’m not sure if it was in English or any other language, but I think it was a German movie (not sure though). It was a colored movie.

The plot was like this: A man (main character of the movie, we will call him “the man”) loses an exotic car when a container drops on top of it and crashes it. Since it wasn’t his car, the owner of the car (which was the bad guy of the movie) gets angry and asks the man to pay him back but he didn’t have the money. Therefore, the bad guy asks him to participate in an illegal racing which had a great prize, so the man can pay him back with it.

So this man, which had a daughter (I think he was a single dad) participates in this race. Here are some of the participants that were on this race:

– A single mom (will call her “the woman”) with her daughters
– A fat guy with a very small car (like Mini) which was VERY talkative
– A rich guy with a Pink Mercedes-Benz (the car had a female-voiced personal assistant of some sort)
– I don’t remember the rest unfortunately…

The race was very long which took several days to complete. They drivers had designated places for resting the night. There was also a police squad in this movie (with a clumsy female officer as the main police officer in the film). They were looking for the illegal racers.

The talkative man helps hitchhikers in between the race, but everytime someone enters his car, he starts talking non-stop which made the hitchhikers to leave him. Finally he says to himself that he will not talk a word anymore! The last hitchhiker enters his car, and guess what? The hitchhiker happens to be a talkative person too, only this time the fat guy is silent and the hitchhiker talks.

The rich guy always talks with his assistant. He talked a lot with her and finally he gets tired of her and drives his car in a tunnel which leads to exploding his car. He gets out of the tunnel, happy to be free and getting rid of the assistant.

In between the movie, the man and his daughter get to know the woman and her daughters. The woman was desperate for the grand prize because her family had a very tough life.

At the end, the man was about to win the race and was happy. However, the woman was behind him; so the man’s daughter forces her dad to let the woman win the race because of their situation. The dad disagrees at first but finally he let them win the race and then finishes in second position.

The bad guy, very angry, then comes to the man and asks why he lost the game, and so on. At this time, the female officer comes from behind and points an object to back of the bad guy (to resemble a gun) and then arrests him.

Thats all I remember from this movie.

Movie about a man losing his mind

So all I remember is a guy visiting a couple at their home (flat) and he is being followed by monsters of some sort but only if the lights are on or off, one or the other I cant remember which… at one point someone goes to the woman who lives upstairs who is pregnant and I’m pretty sure she gruesomely gives birth to a mutant looking baby. In the end I think it turns out he is actually losing his mind I’m not 1oo% sure… I know it’s not much to go on but its driving me mental.. I watched it on DVD at a friends about 5 years ago.


Movie: guy burned at stake, while elite is holding baby (the bastard son) and is enjoying the burning

Looking for a movie, I think from the seventies/eighties, where a guy is burned at the stake, while the ‘elite’ is enjoying this burning….
1 guy holds a baby, saying ‘watch bastard, see how your dad is burn to death’, while the other laugh and enjoy whine.
The guy burned shouts ‘look, look at your city’..

(I have a clip of it from an old recording , only this part.. )

An 18 century era movie i think

The movie is about a girl that  sleep with a rich man so he can have a child in exchange for money, she gives birth to a girl and leave then after a few years she comes back as the little  girl’s nanny and a love story began with her and her daughter’s father. Also the man has a wife who is really sick and who dies at the end after he leaves the windows to her room open the whole night in the cold that’s all i remember. The movie is in the 17th or 18th century era

Funny Mechanical Monster behind the main door

Hello there All,

Need your help:

I’m looking for a comedy Hollywood movie of the late 1980’s or early 1990’s.

I remember a specific scene: the bad guys, who are after the main characters, break into the protagonist house and as they open the main door a very funny mechanical monster connected to it starts moving and growling, the bad guys get scared and shoot at the funny mechanical monster which then stops working. Please do help me. thanks in advance.

a wildlife adventure movie based either in Africa or a desert island

I had already written this once, but do not understand how everything was simply wiped away from your memory.

Anyways a bunch of tourists, mainly Americans including a boy of 10-11 years of African origin and a European priest are abandoned by plane on a desert island or anywhere deep inside Africa by vicious head-hunters or smugglers. The boy in search of a safehouse, enters a deserted mansion but finds it filled with lion prides, elephants and other wildlife; but when they all enter it later, they find it empty.

A gruff (American) truck driver, called (something like) Butch becomes their only hope of rescue along with a jungle lass in scanty garb who cannot speak human and rides elephants. In the end, the animals return and help the brave tourists to fight off the smugglers/head-hunters who for some reason have returned to loot/slaughter the former. Butch and small boy opt to remain on the island with jungle lass even after getting a free air ticket.

Finally I saw this movie in the 90s and the movie had an 80s quality picture and shooting technique.

Now kindly save my post and help me find the movie name!