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Horror movie about family stuck in town where time stands still

A movie made before 2012, about a family (or I think it was a family), driving and eventually ending up in a town. The road never seems to end nor change and they soon realize the time hasn’t changed either ever since they arrived in the town.

I remember a scene with a crib in the middle of the road, a woman in a white dress that they eventually take along, and a scene where one of the characters who had flirted with the woman was kidnapped after a fight and banged on the back window of a passing car.

The movie was definitely in colour, and English. I was very young when I first saw some scenes and now that I’m older and love horror movies, I was hoping to find it again

Girl poses as hooker to kill her rapist

Looking for that movie made probably after 2010 where toward the end a foreign, tall skinny girl poses as a hooker to gain access to a military/Dictator type guy’s room to kill him. Background was that as a little girl he killed her parents and took her with him to rape her. He keeps her as a sex play thing for a while, but she somehow survives this and gets away. 15 or 20 years later she’s looking for revenge.

As she gets to his hotel room she is searched for weapons, but has some electrical tape in her purse. When she gets in his room I think there are some bodyguards there. He goes into the bedroom with her to be alone and she goes to the bathroom so she can break a mirror and wraps part of shard of glass with the electrical tape so she can use it as a knife. She hides it behind her bra so he won’t see it when she takes off her dress. He doesn’t recognize her as the now grown girl he raped many years ago. She hesitates to kill him and then he remembers who she is and tells her that she was his favorite little girl that he taught how to be a woman. The goal was to get a confession on video so her ally comes in and convinces her not to kill him yet so they can get his confession. This was a small part of a major plot I think, but I just can’t place the entire movie.

Kind of a dark movie

I watched this on TV in the 90s. I’m pretty sure it was a movie, as it had a long list of rolling credits. I wanna say mayyyyybe River Phoenix, but I’m not sure on that. One guy had that pretty bad boy look though. I only caught the end of the movie and have always wanted to watch it.

The part I seen is that 2 guys ended up at a farmhouse that was dim lit. I think maybe mother and daughter lived there. The daughter definitely seemed to know who the guys were, so she was probably involved through the movie. The daughter was probably in her 20s, with really dark hair. She went upstairs while the guys were in the livingroom talking to the mother (which seemed to be an inappropriate interaction). She made herself all pretty and dressed up (I think in a dark red dress, but it might have been black)… then she grabbed a gun and went outside and shot herself under a tree in the rain. The guys realized something was wrong and found her. The final scene in the movie was the one guy who kinda resembled River Phoenix (might not be)… he was walking down the street in a deserted looking town. He walked into an old car dealership with busted out windows and sat up on the hood of a car as a cat walked across and trash blew across the floor.

That’s all I remember and I’ve asked on a few different sites over the years with no luck. If anyone knows this movie, that would be awesome!!


Movie Title? Husband Cheats on Wife…Wife Befriends Mistress

I’m looking for the name of a movie. It’s in English, setting seems to be in the 40s or mid 1900s, but I don’t think that is when it was made. Movie is in color.

The general premise is that a husband is cheating on his wife, and the wife eventually befriends the mistress. The mistress becomes pregnant. The wife fakes a sickness (6 months to live) so the husband will be more loving to her. When the husband finds out that the mistress he decides to be with her (but tells her he needs to wait 6 months for his wife to die).

Sex during wedding reception

I once saw a scene from a rather mainstream movie, in which there was a newlywed couple having sex during their wedding reception. It was rather some kind of “hate-sex” as the groom accused the bride of cheating, if I remember correctly.  I remember also that the intercourse took place near the wedding cake and the couple got somewhat dirty from it. Also, they did it in front of shocked / disgusted guests.

I can’t recall the movie language, I think it’s English, but I am not 100% sure. It is at least 5 years old (and in colour, of course).

Some feminist movie about a woman in XIX century in Europe or so

I hadn’t seen the movie but I’d seen some screenshots with subs in Russian, but I lost them. There are two european women, looks like they’re from XVII, XVIII or XIX century. They are having a dialog (it’s not accurate, ’cause I don’t know how it sounds in English): “I feel like God have a special fate for me”, “Then why did he make you a woman?”, “For comedy”.

70s. Rock star on stage; big (cheesy) insect sends down (solid, prop) lightning

Must have been late 70s.

There’s some rock star on stage.  Above the stage, behind him, in the proscenium arch, there’s a door that opens.  Some big mechanized insect thing looks out on stage while the guy is performing.  Then a moment or two later, you see some solid prop representing a bolt of lightning coming out of the door, and it shoots down onto the stage and kills the rock star guy.


1960s or 1970s movie

In the 60s or 70s, I remember a scene where one or more people are in a boat sailing across a harbor and one is coughing badly.  A handkerchief is pressed tightly over ones mouth to keep from being discovered by others and this person dies.  Possibly a war movie.  Any help to identify this movie is appreciated!

Puppet movie with Nose cutting scene

Okay. I am 14 and when I was about 7 or 8 I was in the car on a trip and the TV in the car showed a movie that I can not remember. There were talking puppets that were on some kind of set. There was a boy that met them and found out they were being held captive by this women. When he hid them I remember one of the puppets say “She is coming” or “I can sense her coming.”. The lady threatened to cut off this mans nose if he wouldn’t tell her what he knows. We stopped there but I hope someone recognizes this! Thanks

80 possibly early 90 made for tv movie.

I saw a movie maybe the most recent time was in the early 90’s.  The scene that I can recall is as follows.

An elderly couple come to visit family, I believe that it was already after the court proceedings were over.  The proceedings were in regards to a murder that happened in the house they are at.  I don’t recall if it was the husband who killed his wife & family or if the wife killed her husband.  The elderly couple were the parents of one of them.   When they came to give their support.  They were told to take the Master Bedroom to sleep while they are there.  So, they did.  And that night when they were in bed talking to each other and once the lamp went off.  They were shocked to see the room was not lluminated with the Luminal the police had used and it caused the room to be lit up like a Christmas tree because of all the blood that had been in the room and was detected by the luminal.  And the elderly couple looked at each other in horror.

Time Travel Love Story

I watched this movie in 2012 on suggestion by a friend (he cannot recall it either). It is filmed in colour, it has no memorable movie stars. From what I remember this is not modern film. The only scene I recall is set circa pre 1950, a man and woman sitting on a bench at night with their backs to camera, the man has a dishevelled appearance and a moustache. These two are the same person and the man is the time traveller he has gone back in time, they have fallen in love with them self . Now I can’t actually remember if it is a gender change or a disguise but I’m leaning toward gender change. I think the bench scene was the ‘aha’ moment for the characters. That’s all I remember. I have searched google and found nothing except ‘Time Traveller’s Wife’ which is not it. The production of the movie I am looking for is way older and smaller budget. Any ideas I would be so grateful!

Where the Purple Heather Grows

An American movie (I believe) I watched in early 1970’s on UK TV. Filmed in colour, language was English.  My recollection is vague, it was set on a farm and the family had two dogs, when the second of the two dogs died it was buried beside the other and a purple heather grew between their graves which signified the love the dogs had for each other according to the legend of two Native American(?) lovers who had died and purple heather grew between their graves.

USA summer camp

Hi, a summer camp usa 80s movie where the camp is like a carry on film, or a American pie type, I remember an old gray haired man owner of the camp always smoking cigers , and they had for dinna shark fin soup and a shark fin was swimming in the bowl, really slap stick, also a man on a guitar singing ” feed me feed me good stuff so I can grow up and be rough and tough” please help loved it as a child,.

I’ve seen this movie when i was 10 or something and i can’t remember what it was called.

The only scenes I can remember is at the beginning there is a dwarf/gnome/(tiny man?) and he met a girl elf archer. The elf wanted to go somewhere but I don’t remember where. But I remember one more scene where the elf gets hit by something and is dying but the gnome has some secret powers so he could heal her. (sorry for very bad english it isn’t my native language)

cant seem to remember where a particular scene is from

Hey, I’m looking for a movie and here are the things I know about it. its a comedy similar to horrible bosses,one of those kind of movies.

theres this scene with a european homosexual guy with roller skates on making an entrance in a bar/club or something. movies from around 2008-2014. I once had the name of the character and if i still remember correctly his name was Garv,Barv or something similar. ive looked everywhere on google all i get is a bollywood movie. i cant sleep i need to know where that scene is from.

Search movie or episode

I’m looking for a movie I saw around 1990.
Description, what I remember:

the hero stops smoking (smoking give up) and if he lights a cigarette, the furniture in the apartment disappears, first a chair, then a table, and so on. One day, he changes the neighbors ‘ cigarettes for matches. In the end, he gives up Smoking and all the furniture comes back, and at the end of the movie, he pours himself a Cup of coffee in the morning, and a voice in the room says: “And now we stop drinking coffee…”

Thank you in advance.

PS. it is not Cat’s Eye , and not Quit Smoking Corporation

Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Hi guys,

Some years ago (2010-2012) I watched a film with a plot that I remember to be as follows:

-The protagonist, a male illustrator (of comic books, perhaps) is down on his luck and meets a “manic pixie dream girl” type character who pushes him to pursue his dream and they go on a road trip to California (maybe from somewhere else on the west coast, even within California) to a major movie studio where he presents his portfolio and gets a job there

– The female character is referred to within the film as “manic pixie dream girl” – this has made searching for the film difficult

– There is a scene where the male lead finds the female lead’s drug paraphernalia (heroin)

– They are pulled over at by the police on the road trip and the male character gets nervous about the drugs

It’s absolutely killing me – any help greatly appreciated!


guy with dummy doll goes crazy and kills wife and her girlfriend with a hammer

I think the man was in an army uniform or was a veteran. In the scene he is standing in a room where his wife and another woman are in bed together sexually and the other woman is smoking a cigarette. The two women mock and taunt him and at one point invite him into a threesome with him. While this is going on the guy has a doll possibly a ventriloquist dummy sitting in a chair. I think he hears the doll talk I cant remember. Finally in a fit of rage he kills his wife and the other woman in bed with her I believe with a hammer before fleeing. If you have any idea what this scene is from please help me its been bothering me for months and ive spent many many hours searching different phrases trying to find where this scene is from. It is a movie in English. Possibly older but I wouldnt say older than 1980 but more likely it was from the 90s.