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American Troops go to Columbia

I’m looking for that movie about american troops who go to Columbia in a secret mission.

I watched it in 2007-2009.

in it when a soldier first appears the photo pauses and a name and description about him is written, one said loves cleavage.

in the operation a sniper was supporting his mates, enemy attacked him and he left his position, when they came to check on him, they didn’t found him, someone asked what was his last, one replied talked talking fire, the  first said this means FUBAR.

Looking for a recent sci-fi movie?

I’m trying to find a movie I watched on YouTube in the last year or so. It had no beginning and no end, but it was a recent movie.

I think it was a UK film, it was colour, in English, and looked fairly low budget.

The only character was a man in uniform, I think he was a pilot, or astronaut?

There was a big round eye-shaped spaceship or space station seen distantly in the sky, I think he crashed from there? But this wasn’t his world, he followed some sort of dog shaped robot to a bunker and found old newspapers saying something about a war and it seemed like most people were dead?

I think there were flying robots shooting at him? The last thing O saw was him sitting on the ground thinking about shooting himself and the robot dog thing came back…that’s where it ended?

If anyone can help me find this, I would be really grateful. I want to know how it ended. Thank you.


What is the movie where a girl is visiting a home that is now a museum (could be in the UK), she sees a letter on a writing desk that has appeared there from the past, we keep seeing a Mr Darcy type character throughout the movie coming to see her?

Late 2000s boy saves blind girl in past from fire

Family movie, rented off LoveFilm, about a boy who moved to an old big house and when exploring he opened a door and entered the past to that room many years ago. The people in the past couldn’t see him, but later in the movie some of them can. He discovers that there used to be a blind girl around his age who lived in the house in this past who’d died in a fire, so when he’s in the past at the end of the movie and the fire starts, he rescues her by climbing up a chimney, through the attic to her bedroom and back again. Any help at all would be appreciated.

World War II, an american squad is trapped and sends a message with birds.

I’m looking for a World War II movie.

in it an american squad is trapped and sends a message with birds, the nazis notices the bird and shoot at it, they don’t kill but injure it, it delivers the message.

the nazis attack the american squad and fail then they brought troops with flamethrowers.

one american soldier was wounded and covered with blood wanted another to read him from the bible, he tried but the bible papers were covered in blood, he read of his memory.


Many years ago I saw a movie about a military style boarding school. I remember that it was a Disney movie.
the most memorable thing was a drill sergeant type character who would say “SAY IT AGAIN” over and over each time one of the young people said anything.

thats all I have!

Anime Movie About A girl whose parents ate spirit’s food and got transfigured to pigs

I’m looking for an Anime Movie About A girl whose parents ate spirit’s food and got transfigured to pigs.

then the spirits take her to work in a public bathhouse where the master makes her sign a contract she forfeits her name and gets another.

in a scene a not clean spirit enters the bathhouse the other spirits gets nervous and wishes it leaves and the girl pulls something out of it that makes it clean.

gargoyles movie

Movie taking place during WWII. Soldiers fight both Nazis and Gargoyles somewhere in France. The gargoyle leader has a name and cannot be killed by bullets unless the soldiers retrieve a special spear belonging to dead knight that can turn him and his minions back to stone. Somehow, the Nazis are seeking to use these gargoyles for war as well.

movie about guy useing book cover to find a map

i know the movie was ether late 80s or 90s. i belive the movie is about a publisher or fan trying to find the writer for a set of book’s waiting for the new book to come out, while looking he find’s if he combines the cover’s of his book’s together it form’s a state’s shape with a “x mark’s the spot” on it. he go’s there and find’s the writer and find’s that all the story’s he write’s are from stuff he see’s in this town “random thriller and monster style story’s”. i could have sworn it was a stephen king movie but im not sure anymore.

An ugly creature claiming a baby soul

Hi all

I hope this time someone could help me with the movie I’m looking for.

I’ve watched the movie in late nineties but not sure about the production year, the film was about a cursed creature who steal babies and provide them as a sacrifice, a witch turned him into stone, and he shall be break free from the spell by a tear from a mother with an orphan child of hers, her husband was a cop and was killed while she was pregnant, then she was looking at her child and said l waish your father is here to see you (or so) and a tear dropped off on that stone and break the spell free, the creature made her wish come true, then started to claim the baby, the mother start running for her child’s life and the creature was following her killing every body in his way, finally the creature was cursed again by the fire of the straw.

Please help me to remember that movie, thank you.

May Include Nazis?

I remember that the movie is not in English
The main character was a little girl
The girl and her mom had to move into a house with a general (may have been a Nazi?)
There is some kind of war happening
At one point in the movie, some magic stuff happens and the girl finds a magic beast with goat legs; I think it said it was a dryad?
The girl’s mom gets sick
The girl asks the thing for help and it tells her to put a living root in a bowl of milk with a drop of the girl’s blood under her mom’s bed to heal her
Something happens and the general-stepdad gets mad and beats someone’s kid’s face in with a wine bottle and shoots the guy
More movie goes by and the girl gets some fairy friends
The girl finds a magic door to a lamia’s place
The lamia is asleep in a chair and won’t wake up unless someone touches any of the food on the table in front of him

The girl’s fairy friends try to get her to leave but the girl eats a grape from the table
The lamia gets mad and eats her fairy friends but the girl barely escapes
And the story gets deeper from there but I don’t remember the rest…

here is a mask of the lamia I found v

Looking for a movie I watched as a child

The movie was running in German free TV in the early 2000s but was most likely American. In the beginning people were stranding at a beach. They all had just died in different points in time, I think the protagonist was an astronaut, but there was also a Roman emporer (Nero I think) and one of his subordinates. In the group was also a mute child, which was the only child around. Everyone has a little metal stick which could be used to gather food at big futuristic distribution devices.


Some guy had built a castle over the last 10 years and became the ruler of the island. Another group, including an alien if I remember correctly, had build a ship and wanted to go somewhere. At that point I had to stop watching the movie and since then I wonder what happened. If someone could help me out, I’d be so grateful.

Time travel movie

I remember this movie when I was younger but I can only remember bits and pieces. It’s about a knight or prince that is set to marry a princess, he saves some people and then ends up sleeping with some random woman. The princess he is supposed to marry finds out and him and his sidekick get banished to the future. When they get there he meets a woman that looks exactly like the princess he was supposed to marry, he ends up falling for her. I think this is an actual movie and not some weird dream!

Friends with a ghost boy

I`m trying to find a movie about a boy who died and came back as a ghost and was friends with a living boy (who might have been his friend in life). I remember the living boy kept the ghost as a secret and would even let him stay in his room. At some point in the movie a girl found out about the ghost and kept the secret with them.

However, the ghost boy would often do strange or `bad` things and there might have been another ghost which was a girl, that he either did something bad to or something bad happened to her. I think that there was something that would happen to every ghost after a while and there was someplace that they had to go (maybe a sewer or tunnel) and at the end of the movie, the living boy and girl sent the boy ghost there and he was crying.

I think there was also something about an old abandoned house or shack.

I watched this movie sometime between 2008 and 2013 and I remember that it seemed very dark but I never really thought of it as a horror movie.

Lost in time

So there’s this movie some adult was watching when I was a kid, probably in the nineties, where this lady goes back in time or something and she saves the life of a werewolf or wolfman on trial by the villagers. Then puts a sheep in a well(?) And it turns pink and she wins some kind of contest. I’ve thought about this movie on and off for several years and I don’t know the title. I only saw those two scenes. Please help!