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80’s weird time travel movie

I remember the beginning being in black and white.  It’s set during the time of black plague.  This kid and some other men manage to find a tunnel of sorts that brings them to the present time.  He also keeps having visions of someone’s death/funeral.  SPOILER ALERT!!!!
It’s his death/funeral at the end.
What’s really sad is that I’ve found the name before, but as I get a little closer to the big 5-0, I can’t remember it now. 😉

Kid/teen Adventure

So this was previously solved for me on here before and I can’t find the post now.

This is a foreign film released in the US under a different title. I want to say German?
It’s about these kids who go looking for treasure. The VHS cover was the opening of a cave with a kid falling into it. There is a scene with quicksand. Ripping apart the spines of books to find clues/map pieces. A skeleton wearing jewels and a chastity belt. A man with his head over a bowl of hot water with a towel over his head.
I want to say it’s “The Four Adventures” or something along those lines.

Movie with werewolves

I remember watching this as a kid and it scared me a lot. Only scene that i remember from the movie is that one woman (werewolf but in human form) at the end of the movie comes to some bar or restaurant and orders meat but raw. That woman is possibly survivor when human though that they have won.

Also i vaguely remember that there has been some chase in woods.

Mission Impossible movie scene

As much as I love and prefer James Bond movies; especially the ones with the recently late, great Sean Connery, God rest his soul ✞, I would like to know at which time interval of Mission Impossible: Fallout has a scene that was later spoofed in the DuckTales 2017 episode, “Louie’s Eleven!” where Manny shakes his hooves as if reloading them before charging at Graves; according to IMDb Connections References.

IF anyone amongst you is a big MI AND Tom Cruise fan, would you please kindly take the time to think and remember the exact time interval of that scene from that movie?

I, myself, don’t intend to watch any of the following MI sequels; given my family and I’s animosity of such movies with such an actor and how I was disappointed with the first one despite liking the infamous theme song though, no offense.

Thank you in advance and good luck.

A construction worker remembers his past

Trying to find a movie or a mini-series about a construction worker in Chicago or Detroit. He remembers his life back in the 40s or 50s when he had a hard time getting by. He is Afro-American, had trouble reading and his boss or someone else was bothering him. I thing there was a problem with his house, because he couldn’t pay for it and had to sell it. There is also another story line – the relationship with his son.

Movie that ends with a possessed groom.

I remember watching a movie on tv in the mid 70s that ended with a bride who was terrified by the guests at her wedding. When she goes to the groom for help, he turns around and has red, glowing eyes. He also has a 70s curly hair style and mustache. The bride has dark brown hair. It ends with her screaming. Then credits roll on a background that looks like flames. Anyone know this movie?

Horror movie about murderous junk yard family

I watched a movie when I was a kid sometime between the late 1990s and early 2000s about a family whose car breaks down and they end up at a junkyard where one by one they’re murdered.  It was in English, on TV at the time, and in color. The main character was a young girl in a wheelchair, I think. She has a little brother. The family’s car breakdown, they call for help and end up at a junkyard. While their car was being ‘fixed’, they waited around the junkyard. The owners of the junkyard are weird hillbillies. I think the dad disappears first then the mom then the brother. The girl finds her dad, I think, alive but cut open…his organs were exposed. The brother, maybe the mom, was later discovered to have been killed and turned into canned food. The girl tries to escape, I remember there being a school bus that she was trying to hide in. She was the only one that got out alive, I think. I can’t for the life of me figure out what the name of this movie is.

Road movie about runaway wife

I am looking for an american film of 70’s, I guess. It is about a woman who suddenly for no reason runs away from her husband into a journey. She drives a car alone, telephones husband from telephone booth. Then meets some people on her way. I don’t remember the middle part of the film. But by the end she is acquainted with a guy with intellectual disability, who falls in love with her. She is also flirting with some sportsman, may be baseball player. This guy forces her to have sex with him, but boy with intellectual disability somehow saves the woman by killing the sportsmen. But now he has to go to a prison. This is the end of the film.


Horror Movie, Patient/experiment? with freaky tongue

90s – extremely early 2000’s if I had to guess, color film, english

Location – Research Facility OR Mental institution (I lean towards research)

I saw this movie as a child at a hotel on our way to Florida. A group of people are with a man in a building (they might work there, or they could be stuck there) he is psychologically unstable, he might have a semi muscular frame and perhaps longish dark hair.

The most specific memory is at some point he is talking to a woman extremely close to her about what someone used to feed him, he might try to lick her or kiss her at some point (can’t remember) but we see his tongue and it looks rather deformed like he has a stinger instead of a tongue (if not a stinger than just something like a spike where the tip of his tongue should be)

I usually have more details on my long lost childhood movies, but this one is very vague in my memories.

Glass Wall in a Landscape

I remember a movie on TV, probably a fantasy movie from the 80s, where a bunch of people wander through a landscape for a long time until they come to an invisible obstacle which seems to be a glass wall. Then, there is some arguing within the group leading to someone throwing a rock at the wall which causes it to break and shows a new path, dimension or something like that.

Horror Movie About..Wasps?

80s-90s movie (I was a child when I saw it, I’m 30 now), English Language, color film.

Pretty sure this was a horror movie. It had large flying creatures that I really think were wasps, might have been bats or just some type of flying monsters, but I’m really leaning towards genetically altered wasps.

I remember a scene near the beginning where a kid on a dirtbike is trying desperately to out run whatever it is and the camera angle is from the point of view of the thing flying after him. I think later the main cast finds that kid’s body in a mine shaft or cave etc. and it’s in really bad condition.

Anthology animated film

I remember watching a DVD growing up in France in the early 2000s; it was an anthology of animated shorts. My memory of them is that they might not have been super children friendly – definitely somewhat bleak. I don’t know if they were Japanese or American & dubbed or French. I’d lean towards Japanese.

One of the shorts I remember involved a society that collectively decided to all take a pill that allowed them to read each other’s minds, thinking this would solve all of society’s problems or something. I distinctly remember a scene with a political speech in front of a crowd and then all the crowd being shown as taking this pill from a cup or glass.

What ended up happening is being able to read minds lead to everyone hating each other – there was a scene of a couple having a fight without speaking at the dinner table. So everyone had to start living alone and far away from others (as the mind reading only works within a certain range?).

The protagonist of the short is a foreigner travelling on a motorcycle who drives through this place and ends up hearing the story of what happened from a woman who is initially taken aback by the fact she can’t read his mind.


Another one of the shorts I remember less distinctly, but it definitely involved children in some way, and the ending was during a particularly harsh and snowy winter where food was scarce, we see a butcher’s truck or just a truck with meat cuts hanging from hooks inside, and it’s implied that the children were killed to be eaten?


Time jump movie

Well basically its a movie about a bunch of teenagers, I remember it really vaguely.

Its a modern movie, not a chance it was before 2000, pretty certain its a 2007 – 20010 sort of movie?

I remember some scenes, the main kid, his dad died, and he was working on a time machine apparently, the kid and a bunch of his friends find it in his basement and they try to fix it, and they do, he ends up traveling to meet his dad or something theres a sort of paradox in the movie since the father knows his child will fix the machine, somehow, like they see one another for a second and the father understands the machine works and then the get travels back or something


now I’m not certain if this scene is from the same movie or not but I’m pretty sure it is

one of the kids that traveled back met himself (they had ground rules for time travel never meet yourself bla bla bla), he met himself and they both just froze like turned into a glitch, his friend saw that and just jumped again to cancel the entire thing or something?

Any sort of help would be appreciate I just remember the movie being really really good.

A revenge movie

Hi all!

Can’t remember the movie I saw when I was a kid. I don’t remember the actors in it. The film was definitely colored. The year of the film is before 2000’s definitely. Maybe from 80’s, but I think from 90’s. I remember one scene from

this film:

There was a family. A father, mother and the kid. The kid had blonde hair. At night they were sleeping then suddenly some people broke in their house. They killed the kid’s parents but they couldn’t find him because he was hiding under his parents’ bed. The boss of the killers had long black hair. I don’t remember if he was asian or not. (And maybe if I’m not mistaken the kid grows up and kills the boss)

please help me find this film 🙂 I don’t know why but I can’t forget the scene of this film 🙂

fish fairytale movie???

Hi all!

Trying to find a movie I watched on Youtube a few years ago…

It was some kind of lush fairytale soundstage movie filmed in color. Maybe from the 60s/70s. I’m pretty sure it was in Russian but could be wrong about that.

The only thing I remember very clearly is a scene involving a very strange looking large animatronic fish that the characters ride on to cross a river.

Not very much to go – but I’m really hoping someone remembers seeing this!

Thank you so much to all who try and help!!! I’m bored in quarantine and trying to learn papier-mache and that fish would make an excellent model!

Hope yall are staying safe and busy! 🙂

A horror movie pleace help to find

A group of friends go for a ride. They find an old house in the middle of the jungle. They stop there. They find a radio or a cassette on the ground floor of the house. When one of them puts it on, a yellow light comes from the floor outside the house. Then one of them gets haunted. They put the man in the basement. The ghost stabs one of them in the leg with a pencil. Finally, .The others cut the ghost into pieces with an ax and then bury it. It is an old film. Please help