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Pls help to find movie

A couple moves into a new house, and something strange starts happening there. It’s as if someone lives there. Like in the basement. Or coming out of the basement. They have a room with mannequins dressed in clothes. In one scene, they drink wine and listen to music. They have large doors. There seems to be a dog. Someone dies in the end. I’m not entirely sure, but the main characters are quite popular actors. It’s not the movie ‘The Barbarians.’ Please help me find it.

circa 1970 science fiction movie, space alien, stop-action disembowelment.

Science fiction B movie, circa 1970 plus or minus a few years.   In a scene toward the end of the movie, a space alien in human form stopped the car, stepped out, and his intestines fell out of his abdominal cavity (in a close-up, stop-motion). He staggered back to the car.  A female human was a passenger in the car.  He was trying to escape the authorities, not sure why the female was with him.  Saw this movie as a late-night feature on TV, half asleep, at around the age of 11 or so, and it creeped me out for many years afterward.   May have been one of the 5o0 or so movies with John Carradine.  In English (dubbed?).  Could have been color, but I saw it on a B&W set.

Babysitter, supernatural

Hi, think i watched this film about 3 years ago. I think it was about a young girl in a small town.  She takes a job for a mum and kid but i think her friends wernt sure she should take it.

Her friend is a girl and they talk and kiss but her friend has a local lad who likes her.   When shes looking after the boy i think hes shy.  He can move a ball i think and retrieves it from a locked cupboard using powers.  In the end it turns out the mum and kid are aliens or creatures that feed every so often and they try to attack the girl.

[MOVIE] Seems like it about racing

The movie is probably about racing, at least related to it. One of the characters is a mediocre aged racer who lives in the shadow of his father, who was a tough racer. A young racer appears in the movie, with whom they develop a rivalry that develops into a rivalry off the race track as well. The hero sneaks into the rival’s garage and disables the brakes in his car, which leads to an accident, coincidentally the hero’s daughter, who also wanted to become a racer, was injured.

Post-apocalyptic and/or erotic film

I watched the film in the mid-90s on TV.
The film was shot in the period 80-90 years.
The film is in color.

I only remember one scene from the film.
The scene takes place at night, perhaps around a fire.
The scene involves three people, a man and two women.
The man is white, middle aged.
One of the women is white, presumably a doctor.
The second woman is wild or feral.
As I remember, the meaning of the scene is that a man and a woman doctor caught a second wild woman to get information from her, but the wild woman does not speak, then they decide to resort to a specific way to get her to talk and in the end they succeed.
Description of the scene I remember.
The man will take off the clothes from himself and the wild woman, then he puts on a special device, the device is located in the groin area or put directly on the genitals like a condom, the woman doctor sits next to her and looks at what is happening, realizing that the man cannot decide to start, she begins to remove clothes and caressing herself, the man stops her with the words “no need” and begins to have sex with the wild woman.

Animated mouse show

I remember seeing one animated episode in color of a show in my life when i was a teenager and within the title of the episode, the name “Winnie” or “Whinnie” was included. It focused on mice mostly. One thing I remember from it were 2 mice talking to a mare named Winnie/Whinnie at the stables only for the latter to finish the conversation by snorting in frustration/anger, thus, causing the mice to yell while falling from the ledge of the stall door.

Kids show werewolf accused of murder

I think this was a live action kids show I caught on tv some years back. In this particular episode, a man who apparently was a werewolf had been accused of a murder or attack as the victim had apparently screamed “wolf” during the attack.  The man/wolf was dragged out in the town/village to be executed.  It was then realised that one of the towns people had committed the crime and the victims cries had been misheard.

90s-2000s movie with Luchador masked bad guy

Ok so I probably saw this movie or show between 2005 and 2012, I don’t think it would be later than that or I would remember it better. It was live-action on Nickelodeon or something, but again I could be wrong about the network. From what I can remember about the plot there was some kind of school/prison/institution that a bunch of kids were at. The main antagonist (or possibly enforcer for the main antagonist?) was in one of those luchador Mexican wrestling masks or a mask that young me might find similar. I also feel like as punishment, these kids would be sprayed with some weird goo that petrified them. There was also maybe some twist like it was all a dream, the bad guy was protecting them, or something to do with a janitor? Not a super complicated twist but something shocking for a 5-10-year-old. Someone, please tell me this was not some fever dream because I have vivid snapshots of it in my head.

Some kind of psychological drama about the ups and downs of the adult life of some very young blonde who is torn between two boyfriends

One of them is a tough, strong athlete (it seems he practiced a martial art like wrestling). And the other one (apparently he’s new to her) is a simple, modest guy. I remember a scene somewhere, I think, at the beginning of the movie, how that athlete rolls up to her in a wheelchair and kisses her. But he was not disabled! Apparently, he was injured and this was a temporary measure.
There was definitely a scene where this athlete and his friends beat up the simple guy out of jealousy.
I also remember an erotic scene: that girl’s anal sex with the tough stud on a couch. Some kind of embarrassment interrupted this sexual intercourse and she had to retreat to the bathroom, where she sadly sat on the toilet.
And one more scene: this girl is at an appointment with some doctor, either a psychologist or a gynecologist. The doctor asks at what age this girl began to be sexually active. And she answered that at 13 or 14 or something like that. And the doctor hastened to assure her that this was quite normal. That’s all. The movie was clearly American, although I watched it in Russian dubbing. It is neither old nor new: the 2000s or, at most, the early 2010s.
I understand that all this is not enough, the memories are too vague, and there are probably hundreds of similar films. But maybe I’ll get lucky. This movie really resonated with me

Horror movie trailer

Hi, everyone. I’ll be honest and say I don’t know that you guys will be able to help me. I’ve been looking for this movie since prior to the existence of the Internet itself and have, unfortunately, made absolutely zero progress.


The problem is that I have never actually seen the film. I remember watching the trailer for it when I was about 7 or 8. It was a horror film of some sort and I begged and pleaded with my mother to take me to the theater so that I could watch it. My parents, being the sensible individuals that they were, absolutely refused.


The trailer begins with a man standing at the foot of a stairway. The camera perspective is such that the stairs begin at the bottom of the screen and go to the top rather than going from left to right or vice versa. To the best of my recollection, there is a handrail on the right hand side. At the top of the stairs is a closed door leading to another room. The voice over begins with the phrase “At the top of these stairs is a door. Behind this door is a nightmare.” It then goes into a number of individual shots just as you would expect in any other film trailer.


That’s unfortunately all I can remember and that’s why I say I’m afraid you may not be able to help me. I recognize that this is precious little information to go on, so I’d completely understand if it is not enough to ring any bells with anyone. I’d like to think that one day I will finally find this film, but at this point I am starting to rather lose hope.


I am crossing my fingers in hopes that someone here can perform the impossible.



CartoonNetwork?. Children abducted to underworld

Around the year 2010, I watched a tv station that might have been Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon. I lived in Louisiana at the time, and I am pretty sure this wasn’t on LPB, PBS or Disney Channel. My memory is probably way off.

I’m not sure if it was an episode of a cartoon or just a “short.” I’m also not sure if it aired during Halloween. A boy got into bed for the night. I can’t remember what happened. But I know people were abducting children in the local area. Maybe both boys and girls. The children’s beds were coming to life like quadrupeds to carry the children to a hole into the underworld. I’m assuming this hole must have opened in the ground. I don’t think it was a sewer. I’m honestly not sure how they got the kids outside. I guess their beds ran out the door or flew through the window. One of the abductors was a girl. I think she was dressed like a Mongolian or Samauri warrior or maybe a ninja…? It was a mostly black outfit. Maybe some red. I think her hair was black. She got onto the bed of the main-character boy and puckered her lips like she wanted to kiss him. I’m not sure if he reciprocated her advance. He might have been afraid of her. His bed jumped into the big, dark hole bringing them into the underworld. Many other beds with children on them did the same thing.

I remember being horrified by this as a kid. I especially feel bad for the young audience it was intended for. This whole thing could have been just a nightmare of the boy.

Old movie about a man who is a surgeon who has to operate to get a key from his body to free him.

I was very young maybe 5 (I’m 55 now) but I remember getting up late at night and going to sit with my mom in the livingroom.  She was watching an old movie about a man who is a surgeon who has to operate on his son to remove a key from his body that will unlock the chains and free him before acid or something gets through this is let loose all over him from this elaborate tubing system above him.  It will pour onto his face if the surgeon doesn’t get the key out and move him in time.  Any know this film?

Old comedy

Old comedy (French, Italian or English) where wife coming home and see her husband with another women in the bed. She is shocked, starting to ask different questions, like “Who is it?”, husband is answering with the same questions, like “Where?”. Wife is keep going: “What is she doing here?”, husband “Who?”… and etc. Young lady is keep dressing up and leaving, at the end the end husband just acting like nothing happened.
I saw this small episode in tik tok/instagram, it was in English.

movie possibly from the 50s where the friend of the male lead is a womanizer and at the end of the movie ends up with the side character…

… who managed to impress him by playing the drums with a jazz band

I don’t know when this movie was made, I watched it on TV about 10 years ago but I don’t even remember, if it was in black and white or in colour. It could be from the 1950s, but that’s just a guess.

I don’t remember much about the main plot of the movie but I remember that a friend (male) of the male lead was considered a womanizer and a woman, who ends up becoming a friend of both the male lead and the female lead, is taking some self-esteem classes because she always ended up having problems with men(we never see her go to the classes in the movie, she ‘s always just telling other people about them). One of those classes suggested taking an insterest and pursuing it and she chose to take drum lessons(again we don’t see her taking lessons in the movie but we see her play only once). One time she plays in front of the male lead’s friend accompanied by a jazz band and he ends up being very impressed by her. I also remember that she when she met the male lead she gifted him (or the child of the main lead, I dont remember) a tie with a little painting of her in a bikini because the self-esteem classes told her to try new things.

I also remember that one time towards the end, this woman asks the female lead if she thought the male lead’s friend was interested in her and, if yes, why wasn’t he making any move. Of course these two end up together at the end, exactly like the male lead and the female lead.

I don’t really remember anything about the main plot but I’m going to try to give you some information, that I think could be the main plot, but it could also be about an entire different movie. So if this plot sounds familiar to you but doesn’t have the subplot I’m talking about it means I’m probably just mixing 2 different movies together. I think the male lead’s child was traumatized by the death of his mother and, even though everything seems fine with him during the movie, after seeing his fish dead in his bowl he screams for a long time and his father ends up slapping him. I think the female lead who lives next to their apartment ends up consoling the child and at the end she’ll become his mother and the male lead’s wife. I also think that at a certain point the child goes to summer camp and there he tells his father that he likes a girl that others mock because she’s chubby. Also, there might be an old woman who helps around the house and that is learning Spanish with some tapes while she does her chores.

I hope that sufficed and that you’ll be able to help me.


Low-rated action movie


The action movie filmed in early 2010.

A scene that is imprinted in my memory was shot gorgeously, when around the corner of a house somewhere in America there was a shootout between the main characters and, possibly, the police or bandits. The main character there, as far as I remember, wore a corduroy shirt, with rolled up sleeves, jeans and tattoos; he was a war veteran I think. White, with light stubble, it seems to me. Not a very famous actor, but he often appeared in Hollywood movies. The scene was shot no worse than John Wick. There was a Kalashnikov in his hand. At the end of the film I remember there was some kind of attic and a shootout where his friend was wounded. I don’t remember the plot at all. Application and denouement too.

America, the year of release coincides with the events in the film.