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A list with movies i am looking for

I am searching for many movie which i know only one scene.

  1. Two boys friends are buried in sand up to neck and when a rattlesnake tries to bite one of them, the boy bites the snake and save his life.
  2. A couple have a discussion about the boy who swam into a restaurant’s toilet water to find the girl keys.
  3. I do not know if is a movie or a series: somewhere, a man found a light which transforms anyhing into gold.
  4. A man (I am not sure if he is a cop) enters in the building between ventilation pipes and hits the criminal in the head with a bottle or other object.
  5. Daughter of a czech gangster is kidnapped and taken to USA.


Girl with doll in apartment

About 11 years ago i watched on TCM a movie with an woman (i am not sure, but i think she is blind) who lives in an apartament near a girl who has a doll.

I do not remember all, but the woman said to the girl something about the doll if she is in danger to put the doll somewhere or to beat in the pipes.

Please help me with the name of this movie, i want to re-watch it.

Killing women movie

What is the name of the movie with a secret building (laboratory or something else) where are bringing women and mark them with a tattoo which contains a date and an hour; ar that tine, something kills them.

One of these women finds out that the captain of this action is her husband.

Thanks a lot.