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A mother with mental disorders remains alone with her parents and two children in a country house. At night they are all killed

A mother with mental disorders remains alone with her parents and two children in a country house. At night they are all killed, the house is locked from the inside, and the police believe that she committed the murders, but in the end it turns out that this is not the case, and the killer was able to get out of the house thanks to the kitchen window, which was closed from the inside with a strong blow

Movie: Unlucky man travels with bus to find the perfect color


I have now spent days, browsing and searching for an old movie (from the 90s?). Please help! I must find this movie, so I can get some peace of mind and some sleep…

Many years ago I saw a part of a comedy about an unlucky man who travels by bus to find himself. I do not know the name of the movie title or actors in it.

Movie description:
During this bus trip many unlucky events happens, and they (travelling bus) end up by an old house. Once the unlucky man makes love to a woman in the house, the unlucky curse is broken.

A specific scene description:
The bus stops somewhere and the unlucky man and a woman seats in a cafe/diners eating soup. The woman asks the man what he used to work with, the man then explains that he works with colors/painting. He then proceeds to create a specific color based on available soup/ketchup and other items. The woman is amazed.

A second specific scene description:
During the love making in the old house, every singel thing in the house tries to kill the unlucky man. However, the woman/love making ensures that all items misses them. The ceiling lamp misses, a rusty nail misses etc…

A third specific scene description:
During the storm a magical wonderful color is created, and this is the color he has been searching for. He paints a wall on the house with that painting, and sends a sample back to his employeer.

The ending of the movie:
The movie ends with him finding the perfect color and peace of mind.

Have anyone seen this movie and know the name of it?
The actor who plays the unlucky man, reminds me of the actor “Joseph Fiennes”.

Best regards

Sci-Fi Alien movie (possibly made for TV?)

1985ish? TV English.

This has been bugging me forever. I saw part of a  movie that as best as I can remember there was a spaceship about to crash to earth (decaying orbit?). The plot focus was that there was some kind of large sentient alien beast prisoner onboard that could/would survive the crash and wreak havoc on Earth. The protagonists were either human, human looking aliens, or a mix, I don’t recall. I remember the beast made this loud, aweful noise, though it was never seen (at least in the part that I saw).


There’s a movie with a cult where the leader is trying to go into the after life then come back. I think it’s set in the seventies or eighties. The cult dies when they’re trying to kill them selves to complete their mission. Then years later these kids/people are nosing around and stubble on the cabins and are interested in what happened. Then one of the new people does and the old cult leader come back to life through that guy, and starts killing the rest of them and brings back the rest of the cult.

Girl has a dream about being her grandmother

This is one of those time-travelley, yet sappy, gut-wrencher, Hallmark type movies.

Starts out with modern-day girl entrepreneur selling M&Ms out of her locker in an attempt to “get rich.” She goes home to her grandfather who is visiting and her question to him is, “Grandpa, are you rich?” He replies, “Oh of course I’m rich! I have you and I have your mom…”

Girl is also somewhat of an inventor and has built some sort of airplane-looking zip line cable car in the barn, or possibly finds it there and decides to try it out. This thing “flies” down from the hayloft window to the ground below. As she hits the ground, or something, she is immediately transported back in time (rather has a vision/dream) and has suddenly taken the role of her grandmother who is meeting her grandfather.

Learns some life lesson and wakes up in the hospital or in bed, having been knocked unconscious by crashing said cable car thing, but is suddenly thankful for her family more than money.

Really sappy storyline, but the name of this movie eludes me…as do various search terms I keep trying. Any clues?