Ok so it is this movie/series which is haunting me for years and I still didn’t find it..I surely saw it on…

…TV and it is definitely horror..most probably is a series with short horror stories like 10-15 min. I saw it around 2005-2008 and I can’t remember in what language it was ’cause I remember a scene with a blonde woman who was living in a beach house, she was all alone in the house(i remember that her husband was at work) and the house was haunted or something because she was desperate and horrified, she found a room where there was written a certain question on the walls (something with “afraid”, idk) and then she was trying to match the socks pairs and she couldn’t find the other matched pair and suddenly she got out of the house, went on the beach and i think she tried to call her husband but the phone wasn’t working..it was in color and I remember that at the end, it was this scene filmed outside the house on the other side, not where the beach was and it was a field and something was moving really fast and this may sound stupid but in the house there was a pineapple with a hat on it and this was a part of the end scene. I really hope that someone knows this series/movie. Thank you!

Movie Title

I can’t remember the title of the movie. Anyway, it’s about a guy that was trying to make himself look bad to a girl he was going out with (I don’t know if they were actually going out or not). The only part I can remember a little is when he goes to have dinner with the girl’s family and her father asks him what he wanted to do with his life and he said something stupid just to look bad, but, the father totally agreed and said something about not being a dreamer, because he also wanted to be something great but had to give up or so…like I said, I don’t really remember it. Anyone out there has an idea? Oh, and it’s a Hollywood movie.

Kidnapped children

It’s a movie I saw when I was 3-7 (late 1990s) about this group of adults who kidnap children and keep them in the pipes or sewage system or something underground. I don’t completely remember the plot but I know there’s an evil woman who punishes the kids and they’re all trying to escape. Also there’s a lot of green slime in the movie so it’s a kind of humorous but scary kids movie. Please help!!

With an underground “torture” chamber beneath a mini Stonehenge

It was a Vincent Price-style, color movie from the mid-70s or earlier, similar to the original “The Fly.”

It was on TV, and I did not see the entire movie, only a couple of minutes if that. In the bit I did see, a well-dressed man walks to the end of this mini Stonehenge, pushes on it and  a secret passage opens. I believe the passage led to an underground chamber, possibly a torture chamber. In this chamber there was a wooden circle on the wall which turned out to be a spinning wheel. A young lady, late teens to early 20s, was strapped to the wheel and inverted. (Thinking about it now, her inverted positioning could’ve represented a pentagram.

That’s all I remember.

An odd thing happened the next day. I seem to recall seeing the front page of the newspaper (in southeast Virginia) that had a picture very similar to the image of the woman on the wheel from the movie. I think the caption said something about a female high school student re-enacting the scene from the movie at the school bus stop.

Disabled director and primary actor of short films from the 80’s

They were a series of short films shown on the newly started channel 4 in the uk in the early 80’s. The director had had polio when he was young and had leg braces. The movies where all about, I think, his disability and his interaction with women. 2 scenes that have stuck in my mind, I was just a teenager at the time are. He is struggling to walk across an empty dance floor with his leg braces and walking sticks. A woman is also crosing the dance floor as they meet in the middle the man stumbles and rips the ladies dress off. The other scene is he is in a theater or bar and he chats up the waitress and persuades her to dress up as a cheerleader and dance on the stage. She seems to fancy him so to please him she removes her panties and continues to dance, at which point he turns and leaves. I know thats not much to go on but i would really like to know who he was as its something that has staying in my head for the last 30 years and i could do with putting to rest.



child porn and transgendered strippers

This movie has a child pornographer who treats his wife as a slave. He sends his henchmen to abduct an underage girl so they can drug and rape her to make a child porn film. When they cant find a human girl, they come back with an animal (a goat or donkey or something) as a substitute but the boss is not happy with this and sends them back out to find a girl. Before they leave the guy who was supposedly going to be having sex with the animal learns that it is a male and so he refuses to have sex with it because he is not gay. They find a girl who had runaway from home and lure her back to the apartment with the promise of making her a star, where the man drugs her and prepares to film her being raped and selling the video. The man’s husband calls his son, the protagonist of the movie, who comes and stops the rape from happening. There was also a stripper in the movie who turned out to have a massive penis, and a briefcase full of money which was a pretty central part of the movie as well. If anyone knows this movie please please please tell me what it is because I am starting to think that I am a crazy person.

A series of films from the same director that i seem to remember from the early 80’s on channel 4…

…not long after it started in the UK. They all had the Disabled director in them as the main character and in one seen in particular that has always stuck in my memory ( I was a Teenager at the time) was he was in a theatre or bar and he persuaded the waitress i think to wear a cheerleaders outfit and dance on stage. In order to please him she removes her pants and continues to dance, at which point he leaves the theatre leaving her behind. Obscure i know, but its a short part of a strange series of movies that have stuck in my mind and continue to irritate after all these years

Walking a Cow Home

I saw this film (I believe it was black and white) when I was in Italy two years ago.  I think it was made between 1940 – 1960? or so~ The film seemed like a classic. Polish or Czech Film? Russian? Eastern Block.  The opening events included a long and I believe high shot of a farm or a farming area, fields and it was very quiet and still.  The environment was a big part of the experience it was ominous.  It is dark and perhaps raining.  Within this, A child walks his cow?  It was either a cow or a ox? home.  And he does so unrobed in what appeared to be uncomfortable weather. The whole beginning of the film was this and when he finally arives to his small farm home his mother feeds him and dresses him?  I think he may even be scolded.

Does anyone know the name of this film?

Movie I saw in either school or summer bible school

I saw this movie a long time ago during either elementary or middle school. I believe it was made sometime in the 90s. It is American based. About a boy and his dog who (somehow) end up in the back of a truck that is carrying a lot of fake money down a desert highway. He uses the money to leave a trail for authorities (writes on it), but bad guys see what he is doing. They decide to leave him stranded in desert. He eventually finds a cave but is bitten by rattlesnake. Makes campfire and has dog take note and find help. Bad guys run into dog, tie him up and look for kid; find him.

Friends are looking for him and have police help. Find some of the fake money and start searching desert. Find dog, start calling his name.

Kid hears name being called but unable to respond. Throws fireworks (he somehow acquired) into fire, go off and is found. Movie ends with him in hospital with relieved family and friends surrounding him.

REALLY good movie! Would LOVE to see again so please help!!!


I watched it on tv about a teenage boy who is on a reigiouls right of passage but while hes there is…

…descovers hes gay but its agenst his reigiloun

he falls for the man that lives in the apartment complex that he and the other boys are staying at while that complete there requirements of witnessing to people (I think they might have be Jehovah witness and all the teenage boys have to) he  leaves and comes out to his parents they put him in a intuition to “cure” him and the man he feel in love with records his feelings on his phone after he taught the boy committed secuide but his roommate makes a song out of it and the boy leaves the intuition and his church and family and goes back to the other boy. O and they spent on night at an air port motel before he goes back.

I Saw it on tv umm I thinks around the late 90s but im not sure.

Movie about an obsessive mom

In this movie a mom dreamt of having a kid from childhood. When she was old enough she had multiple sexual partners in order to get the perfect son. She had at least one miscarriage I think. Eventually she had a son and was very overprotective with him. Once she even tried to kill him. However, in the end I think she died somehow.

Movie about a boy who made his mom’s boyfriend disappear

There was this movie about a boy. In it was his sister, his mom, and his mom’s boyfriend who looked much younger than her. The boy once cut his finger and the boyfriend told him to close his eyes and wish it gone. It actually disappeared. Later when the boyfriend raped the boy’s sister, he “vanished” him to an abandoned shore. Also I think there was some mention of airplanes in correlation with the boy’s dad.

Japanese, american, koi fish movie.

I’m trying to find this movie for years now. I saw it maybe 6 years ago( or maybe more, I can’t remember) and I will basically tell you everything I remember.

Basically a women and a man meet in Japan(not sure) and they fall in love, get married and have a baby. The guy is american(maybe english?) and the woman is from europe. Some part of the action happens in Japan, some in Europe and some in the USA.

Some key moments from the movie that I remember:

1.The guy buys a Japanese Koi fish and raises him in the bathtub hoping that the he will sell it for a bigger price when it matures. Theres a scene where he showes the fish to his infant child.

2. The women starts a tailoring business(not sure where, Japaan most likely) and has japanese women employees. At some point the business goes well and they become rich.

3.The married couple gets separated at some point but can’t remember how it ends.

4. She moves back home in Europe, if I remember correctly she is Romanian( the actress is most likely american).

5.The female role might be played by Uma Thurman.I checked her IMDB movie list and I couldn’t find it. Theres a big chance I might be wrong.

P.S. It’s not “Lost in tanslation”. If you saw the movie I’m sure you will find my descriptions familiar.



from 18-20 years ago, a man was a science project

Ok I don’t remember much but to me it was a scary movie because I was so young.  I believe there was a man locked away in some kind of maze like facility/it might have been located underground. I think some kids snuck or were brought to the facility for whatever reason. (one of their parents worked there??) The power went out and somehow he got out, started killing all the people he would eat their brains I belive it helped him get stronger.  The survivors killed him and found their way out I think it looked like they came out from an entrance in the mountains.  This is all fuzzy to me as it has been so long.