Movie where Girl turn out to be diabolical

A boy finds a girl attractive (both of them in their post teen approx.). And she happen to be  from a wealthy family. Some one in her family gets killed in a car accident. The boys get to be blamed. There is a sex scene at her house (when dad is out). Later the boy finds out that it was the girl all along who was killing her own family. And she tries to put the blame on her boy friend. She some way learn to tamper with the car brakes or the engine(in process of killing her own father). This is some movie which i have seen long back. Couldn’t remember the tittle or the actress in his film. If any of you could recognize. Please let me know. All I know is, this is not a recent one, at-least way before 2000’s.


Horror Western about train and Grim Reapers get on it and kill everybody saw it in 70s or 80s on a pay per view channel

I recall a movie in my early days. I saw it in the 70s or early 80s. I think I saw it on either  HBO, or Cinemax or perhaps Movie time  -some pay per view back in the day. It was color.  Anyway, what I remember. Is a train going through the desert, like in the old west and there was this cult or something, these things, they looked like grim reapers, got on the train and killed just about everybody -can’t remember why or the plot. I can’t remember if the grim reapers were people dressed in the clothes or if they were really posed as super natural beings. I think some escaped the train and the reapers hunt them down or something.  I was young and scared so some info I have forgotten. In any respect the film looked like it was shot in the wild west time period and If I recall the grim reapers rode horses to get on the train.

Thanks if you can answer this or investigate.



Movie where a couple is arguing with an old man dusting his carpet in the background

Its from a movie i saw this year most probably, not entirely sure if the movie is this year though…


Theres a couple arguig about something on a rooftop/terrace, and the neighbor behind them was dusting his carpet by hitting it with a broom or something. One o the couple asks if it was really necessary to be doing that right now.. Thats all i remember..

Alien invasion movie where a giant alien attacks a theater and eats a few patrons

This movie had to be made late 80’s-early 90’s as I saw it when I was a kid, that involves an Alien ship landing on, and I believe trying to take over the earth. I only remember a few key scenes. One was where the aliens unleash their big monster, which if I recall has several eyes in a row and a large tooth filled mouth attacking a theater and eating atleast one patron. The other was at the end where the leader alien is in his ships ruins being yelled at by another alien(I believe the yelling alien was actually scolding the leader on what a mess he had made of his mothers ship). And while he’s doing so the monster pops up from the rubble and looks at them, causing the leader alien to burble worriedly, then the screen goes black.

I know it’s not Spaced Invaders or the remake of Invaders from Mars as I recently watched those to see if it was those films. I rented it from Blockbuster as a child and have never seen it since but the knowledge that it exists has tormented me for years.

A lonely bearded man builds a robot replica of himself from spare parts

After uploading all of his data and memories to him, he adds components to make him ‘feel’, and he starts sending him out from the house to ‘learn’.  At first short distances, but each time traveling a little further.

The reason the ‘creator’ being bearded is important is that the replica looks exactly like him, but clean shaven.  Eventually the robot makes his way far enough to a shop, where a woman works.  She happens to be the same woman the robots creators loves, but is too shy to approach other than purchase goods from.  The robot ends up saving her from someone who enters the shop, and she goes back to his house with him.  The robot builds a relationship with her that his  creator was unable to, and eventually the creator is jealous enough to shave off his beard and start talking to her himself.  He disconnects the robots capacity to love.

The robot studies his own blueprints to regain the ability to love and disconnect his own shut down commands so that he can maintain control, and ends up enslaving his own creator.

Towards the end of the movie, the woman finds the man enslaved in the basement, but whom is whom becomes convoluted and after she rescues ‘him’, it turns out he is actually the android.

I saw this movie, I believe on Netflix a couple of years ago, and I cannot for the life of me remember if it was a foreign film or not, or if it was even subtitled or dubbed.  It may have been of Japanese origin, but I really can only recall the story itself and not the actors or language.

Science Fiction movie from the 1970’s aired on Television

If anyone can help me with this movie/show, I would be very grateful. It has stuck with me since my childhood; and yet nobody seems to remember anything about it.

This must have been around 1977 or so, maybe 1978; but definitely not after that time. I am certain I saw this on television; as it was doubtful I saw it in a movie theater at 7 years old.

I remember that there was some sort of child/creature that was from some other dimension (think Chuka from Land of the Lost sort of)..humanoid-ish,  maybe fur? For whatever reason, this child/animal/humanoid thing was in the care or study of a woman doctor/scientist.

All I can remember of the scene that has stayed in my mind all this time is at the end, the doctor/scientist makes some heartbreaking decision to send this creature/child/humanoid being back to wherever it came from via some sort of portal/beam/transport. It was necessary for some reason; it’s health, or some sort of persecution of the being..unclear.

She starts the transport/beam/portal thing; and the creature/child/humanoid is standing in the midst of the beam (some horrible 70’s effects, I recall…) and it is crying for the woman/doctor/scientist out of fear and it loves her, or thinks of her as a mother, or something. The doctor/woman/scientist, sobs as the beam/particles/transport start to alter/transport/disintegrate the small being, and at the last moment, she rushes into the light/portal/transport with the child/animal/humanoid and wraps her arms around it and is transported to wherever it was going along with it.

It may sound cheesy, but it was a poignant enough image to stay with me for over 30 years.

I could swear the doctor was maybe mid-30’s, attractive with sort of a Dorothy Hamill 1970’s haircut.


Artist found dead by girlfriend/wife

Ok, saw part of this movie in Sept of 1997 on tv….no idea of what it was except for really weird.  Woman comes home to find her man dead and spends the next several minutes thinking he was faking it (apparently he did that).  She then realizes he is dead, and I believe that she ended up in the bathroom on the phone with a friend or something to tell them.  The man was either an artist or re doing the house….there was color everywhere.  That’s about all I saw….it was a dark and weird movie.

Village transient murdered by church bell rope

I saw this horror movie on TV, around the early sixties.  I remember it taking place in an English village and there was a desecrated church involved.  I mainly remember the church bell ringing, and when people investigated it, they found the village transient hanging from the rope.  The reason the bell was ringing was because his dog was pulling on his pant leg, trying to get him down.  This film may have been English, possible a Hammer film.  The TV was black and white, so I don’t know if the movie was in color.

Graphic Unknown Euro Movie

The film revolved around a woman who is abused by her boyfriend.  It had English Subtitles, and explicit.  In one scene, he forces her to submit to oral sex in a misty woodland; whereby she responds by slashing him down below with a hairpin, he collapses on the ground and she runs off.  Another scene, at the end; he speeds down a road on a motorbike and collides with a delivery van, which hits him side on.  He is left sprawled on the road, motionless; possibly dead.

1970’s (I think…) TV movie or series, occult or murder-mystery which is set in a British mansion…

and where people are being killed by some “curse” which manifests itself as a symbol on the open side of the killer’s hand…

Ok, so my post title probably describes as much as I’ll remember.  It’s vague (of course, going back to the 70’s….!) – but I think it was a British based TV series.  I remember that every episode somebody involved with the family members living in this mansion, would get killed.  It was some sort of possession by an evil spirit, that would enter somebody’s body and then the person would kill someone.  The only evidence of this “possession” was a symbol on the open side of the possessed person’s hand (you’d think a tattoo of some sort) which looked like a stylized number “7”.   Once the evil spirit would leave the person’s body… the symbol would fade away and the person would regain consciousness without having been aware of having murdered someone.    That’s all I can remember…. other than some episodes where the hired help (in the mansion, such as head-butler and maid) were possessed too.

Has anyone else seen this or aware of what this series was called ??   It’s been driving me nuts and my sister (the only other person who used to watch it with me , at that time),  has no recollection whatsoever.   Aaaaaaarghhhhh !!!

Thank you in advance if you can restore my sanity !


late80’s/early90’s monster/fantasy movie


so this movie is from the late 80’s or early 90’s. in colour, english language and video format


its about a brother and sister who live in an apartment building (i think they had just moved there). the sister gets kidnapped by some monster/demon thing that lives in the building. the brother, with help from an old lady (who turns out to be a witch), tries to rescue his sister.

please help me name this movie, i’m becoming slightly obsessed by it.