’80s or ’90s film, entire family arrested while arguing in street, neighbors cheer

I saw this movie on either HBO or Showtime somewhere between 1989-1994.

Lead character in his late teens—possibly Matt or Kevin Dillon—lived in an apartment in a big city in what I think was a mostly Italian neighborhood. He was sitting in a chair reading a book or magazine, when he heard arguing in the street. He looked out the window and saw his parents were fighting (possibly violently). A crowd of neighbors had gathered around them, cheering them on. He went down to try to stop them and break up the fight. Just then, the police arrived and stuffed all three of them into police cars and drove them away as their neighbors cheered.

This is the only scene that stands out. It *might* be the Kevin Dillon movie “No Big Deal.” I posted this question a few years ago on IMDB and didn’t get any response, even on the page for that movie.

Does anyone else remember this film?



Key scene: Taking a weapon subconciously

(English movie, colour) I only remember this one scene, and its quite vague: Character A is talking, or focused on somthing else in quite relaxed way I suppose? The other character/s listen but are suddenly shocked and staring, and both Characters A and B (and maybe more) are confused. They all look at Character A and they say something like “Put it down,” in a very cautious and nervous way. Confused, Character B realizes hes picked up a weapon or knife without realizing it. The whole atmosphere is quite suspencful. Ring any bells?

sci fi movie

i saw this movie when i was 5 so i dont remember  much but its about a girl . around the beginning she is riding in a bus and is disgusted/annoyed by a couple kissing/ making out. i think she was wearing mostly black? later the movie takes place in this weird world or universe that looks like a video game, she seems to be dealing with her subconscious or internal problems. i think she was lost and just wandering this weird world. later it seems that she sees herself being that girl kissing on the bus. there is small monkey in that virtual world (who i think is on the cover too).

Weird sci fi sexploitatin movie

Years ago I remeber seeing part of a strange movie on VHS, it took place in a dystopic future, where for some reason the vast majority of the population couldn’t have sex without getting violently ill. A small number of people were immune to this ailment, and they performed in live axe shows for the people who couldn’t have sex themselves. The main character was a woman who discovered that she could have axe without getting sick, and eventually started performing.

Sci-Fi Movie set in space, saw in early 2000s

All I can remember from this movie is that there was a girl who was enhanced to become a supersoldier in this facility; she was rescued at the beginning of the movie by her family(?). During the course of the movie, they find out about what became of this certain world… Apparently, the world released a drug into the atmosphere that caused 99% of the population to give up living (grew too peaceful or something), and the remaining 1% became super aggressive. At the end, there is a big battle where they get cornered by one of these aggressive populace’s spaceships and the girl has to fight them all off.

Main character wore a strange helmet throughout the whole movie.

I watched a weird movie in the ’80’s where the main character wore a strange white helmet with handles throughout the entire movie. I think the helmet with may have been some sort of camera and the guy was filming his life. I also remember that the main character also directed the movie and may have also wrote the script. I remember liking the movie, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what the movie was. I actually watched it several times because it was shown on The Movie Channel a lot in their early days of broadcasting on cable.

Acid Rain from transport?

I can’t recall if this is a movie or television show but from what I remember, it was horrifying as a kid. I only have vague memories but REALLY want to know what I was watching back in the 90s!


I remember there was a teen boy and girl, who for some reason had to or were transporting barrels of corrosive/ nuclear waste/ acid? I think it was yellow, whatever it was. They climbed a mountain or incline, from a village or small town. Something happened and the barrels exploded / their contents ended up raining down on the village – and when townspeople or relatives went to investigate, they found the bodies of the teens with their eyes melted out.

70’s-early 80’s plane film

I watched this somewhere in the late 80’s

American color film ,may have been based on a true story, a Boeing making it’s flight, then a young boy sees the hull begin to fracture and notifies the flight attendant ,the crack gets bigger from here on and as the film goes on, the plane finally lands with about a third of it’s roof section off, it’s not “Airport 1975” because this 1 involves an in flight crash at the control cabin and has Charlton Heston as star and Gloria Swanson as guest star, plus I have it, which isn’t the case in the film I’m remembering

Movie that USA Network used to show during the day in the late 80’s/early 90’s

Have you Seen this movie/Do you know what this movie is?

When I was little USA Network used to show a lot of B films that I’ve never seen or heard of since. I don’t remember a whole heck of a lot about this film but here is what I think the plot is.

A young kid in elementary school takes a picture of an older/tougher kid in the locker room during gym one day. He takes the picture and submits it to a science magazine and the science magazine uses it. The older/tougher kids finds out about it, and the younger kid spends the entire movie avoiding the older/tougher kid as best he can, in fear of the revenge the older/tougher kid will take on him.

There is a scene in the movie where the kid makes fun of an older taller girl with pig tails while out on the playground and she hits him extremely hard in the stomach causing him to throw up.

At the end of the movie the older/tougher kid finally catches up with him and you’re expecting the young kid to get pummeled. The older kid simply hits the younger kid twice, giving him a bloody lip and a bloody nose. An on looker encourages more punishment but the older/tougher kid says, “He’s had enough, we’re even” and walks away.

Anyone have any idea what I’m talking about?

8 year old girl commits murder

Right – I  rented this film out in about 1986, 87. It was an American film from the mid 1980s. It has a young girl who is around 7 or 8 years old. She is horrible. Wears star shaped sunglasses all the way through and either sucks a lollipop or chews gum. She is basically a bitch and all I remember is the final scene on a beach and she pulls out a gun a kills a man. Might be her dad or mums boyfriend, cant remember. She gets away with it. It is driving me crazy!!!

Man Spying on Woman Across the Street

It’s a suspense/thriller where a man spies on a woman in her apartment from a building across the street.  It’s shown from the point of view of the woman’s apartment mostly.  It’s from at least the mid 2000s and it’s not “Buddy Boy(1999)” or “The Resident(2011)”.  Sorry if it’s vague, I honestly can’t remember any more than the spying and that it’s mostly in the woman’s apartment.