i cant remember anything except, i think they were in an apartment, a man and a woman, and she had like a super power, either super strong, or with like a wind power, and the guy had a splinter, so she used her super power and sucked it out. Thats all I can remember, it was in english and color, i dont know when maybe a couple years ago 2010-2013, i think then she went outside and like there was a twister or something……i think she had black hair? it got in my head and im going crazy trying to figure it out. I thought it was like hancock, but maybe not

horror movie fron universal pictures

greetings, ok so let me start by saying that if you have the movie  thever mummy  with Brandon Frasier on tape then you  have seen a part from  the movie im about  to describe in a trailer for universal horror  movies, but anyway let’s get started.

OK so the scene  is a guy that walks through a hallway  big enough that it looks like he’s in a school, he stops at a door for a moment before going in the room, the roomore it’s self is almost as big as the hallway was  across the room there was three windows that were long (like ceiling to floor long).there  was a desk near the wall opposite the windows close to where the man had entered,  sitting behind the desk there was either a woman or a girl  (child) sitting there, who proceeds to talk to the man, then something happens where the room gets dark and cold,a cool wind wisks  through the entire room blowing the white satin curtains hung from the windows, paint is peeling from the walls, papers are blowing everywhere scattered throughout the room,not only WAs the room different but the gil/woman behind the desk was also, her skin was grey and clammy, eyes completely black,  her teeth were sharp as well as her nails, she says something to the man (don’t remember what) and jumps over the top of the desk at the man with her mouth open screaming as she jumped at him, showing her disgustingly yellow teeth, as soon as that hapens the room lightens  up again. The air is still,nothing is being blown anywhere and now there’s no girl In the room at all. the man leaves the room and stands there for a moment wondering what the hell just happened. That’s the only scene I remember from the movie cause I remember my father refused to let me see it at the time that my mother’s best friends son was showing it to  him  whigh was sometime in the 90’s, the exact release of this (what I hope to be) movin I’m not really sure of, but I wanna say it was out sometime in the 8th or 90’s, anyway if you have any ideas on what movie this scene belongs too please tell me the  name of it, thank you!


Movie about Female Kleptomaniac

Ok, so I saw this movie on Netflix back in 2010. It is an indie flick about this pretty/solitary/antisocial girl who is living in a big city (probably New York). Basically she is a kleptomaniac who steals women’s purses just because she wants to know what is inside of them.

There are a few scenes where she steals a bag and then wanders back to her apartment to dump its contents and examine the objects inside.

Other than that, I remember that there’s a pretty long scene where this charming bearded fellow wearing a beanie (I believe it’s a friend of hers) teaches her to drive and they drive all the way to southern New Jersey or something in the middle of the night.

I remember that the actor who plays this guy is also the director of the film.

That’s it!

Philosophical End of the World movie

I’m trying to remember the title of a movie about the end of the world. I saw it around 2007 or 2008. It’s in English, Color and I saw it on DVD.

I remember the basic plot was that the world was going to end and everyone had known it for a while. It followed several people in a conversational, wondering story arc.

Specifically, I remember a few things. They never say how the world will end, and the movie just fades to white at the end. One character had written his sexual fantasies on the walls of his home, crossing them off as they were fulfilled. I also recall a conversation between to elderly ladies where one says something like “Don’t feel bad for the children, they won’t know what they are missing.”



Western with Vampires that was on Sci Fi Channel

The film was in English. It was in color. It doesn’t take place in modern times. There is one scene that really sticks out to me. The heroine has a flashback to when she was younger. Some bandits are going to kill her father by hanging him. Their leader gives her the opportunity to save him by shooting the rope that’s choking him. She ends up shooting her father and killing him. The leader says something like “Close enough” and the gang rides away, leaving the girl crying in the middle of nowhere. My mom and I were watching it on the SciFi channel (before it became SyFy), and wondering what was so science fiction about it. Our question was answered when there was a scene where there’s this barn. One or two guys go into a barn and see this young woman who worked at the tavern turn around with bloody vampire teeth. I didn’t see the movie from the beginning, and I don’t think I saw the end. My parents made me leave the room whenever it got “too scary”. I’m thinking it was from summer 2007 or sometime before then.

SciFi Horror

Anywhere from 1999 – 2005. English. On TV. Color. Hard to describe it, but all I can remember was that I was young and two scenes stood out to me.

The movie was about a teenage boy who looked about 18. He somehow meets some supernatural guy who makes a deal/grants him a wish?

The supernatural guy either had crimson red hair, a red face, or had a half red half normal head. It was definitely red in someway.

I remember was the teenager running around a neighborhood in the dark. He was running from people and trying to sneak around. I think I remember the supernatural guy was messing with him and manipulating his environment.

The thing that I keep remembering most is the teenager suddenly being in a bedroom and his crush being there. It seems like a dream and she appears to be under some kind of mind control. She is half naked and trying to seduce him. He likes it but of course thinks its wrong and tries to turn her down. The supernatural guy appears and is bullying the teen (still in same setting) saying things like “What’s wrong, teen guy?” “Isn’t this what you want?” Eventually the teen runs out and seems like he is bent on getting away from/stopping the supernatural guy.


horror film? watched in the late 70’s/early 80’s, i Don’t Know the Name…but the film is in English and…

… I remember seeing it on a movie channel on TV. The basic plot is that a man comes to a community posing as a gardner, he is quite handsome/attractive with long hair & a godlike body, he tends to the trees, srubs,brushes etc in the nude and mostly at night, one of the ladies lures him into having sex with her against her friend’s suggestion and shortly after starts to sprout vines and thorns transforming her into a tree. the community is alerted and go hunting the gardner, just as he plants his feet in the earth growing roots raising his arms his hair rises and begin to change into branches and leaves, tranformation incomplete the men and women of the community find him and set him ablaze.

A fox father? A dysfunctional family? Cheating girlfriend?

– It is an english and colored movie, shown in the Hallmark Channel (or HBO) when I was a child, that means this movie is around the 90’s or older than 2005.

– Movie setting : There was a mansion, swimming pool, green grassy field, and a somewhat forest or garden at the back of the house. I think it’s a British movie (not sure just a guess)

– There was a scene that it was a sunny day and there was like a picnic table outside the house. The people that were sitting, there was an old man, a brother and a sister talking about something important.

– A recurrence that bothers me a lot is that they keep mentioning about the children’s father and a fox.

– The falling action of the movie which I remember the most was,

The brother and his girlfriend were going abroad like China or Asia. They held a pool party at the rich brother’s house. I remember the girlfriend stepped out in this slick black car all sexy with this black gown.

There was also a scene where the sister of the brother went up sitting on a tree branch (or a treehouse) to smoke. She is able to see the whole party which is becoming wild. The brother’s best friend even fell into the pool.

Then the brother’s girlfriend started to make out with the brother’s best friend. The sister saw them and the girlfriend told her to not tell (something like that)

Another scene is that the mother and the aunt had to talk to each other. The aunt gave an envelope to the mother and the mother seems like she refused while the aunt feeling so guilty.

The next day, the girlfriend of the brother came up to him saying she was excited to leave but he choose no to therefore breaking up their relationship. (probably the sister told him)

The end scene was the brother playing in the grassy field throwing either a balloon or ball.

please help me. this movie haunts me until now.

horror film?

Okay so the film is in English and I remember seeing it on a movie channel on TV. The basic plot is that a woman who has two daughters and a husband, and has realistic dreams that come true the next day. There is a scene where she has dream that her daughter is sat on a swing and when she turns round she has scars all over her face. The next day, the same daughter is getting the washing from the garden and runs into the glass window and has to be taken to hospital.

Foreign Christmas movie on HBO in the 1980’s

I grew up in the 1980’s watching HBO on my parents TV in the basement. Along with Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas there was this weird and funny dubbed foreign Christmas movie with these two young kids that I believe fell asleep and dreamed they went to heaven and had quite an adventure. They even met a boy that would be born as there brother in the future but would die quite young. They eventually meet Santa Claus I think. There is an evil bird woman or something I think? If anybody could help me remember the title I would greatly appreciate it. HBO did show it a few years in a row. Since it was a little odd I actually looked forward to seeing it every year.

An old chinese kung fu movie

I would like to find this movie I seen when I was a child in the late 80’s. It was color, and dubbed in English. Here’s what I remember…A guy goes into a jail and takes about 12 convicted murderers with him to stop some other guy. One of the convicts is called one eye and wears a patch over his right eye, I think it’s the right. One eye’s choice of weapons are 2 knives. One convict asks the “boss” if he can say goodbye to his mother first. The “boss” let’s him and the others don’t think he’ll come back, but he does the next morning. One fight scene happens by a lake where the group is drinking and horsing around. Another fight scene , and this is the reason I want to know the name of this movie, there is a guy with grey hair and he walks out of a building with four men around him carrying flags. The ‘boss’ buy fights the defeats the four guys while they are sliding around on their stomachs. The grey haired man has his arms painted like snakes, and uses them as such. That is the extent of my memory. I would appreciate any suggestions, lol I’ll search them all.

A Movie i saw on Syfy a few years ago

Okay i remember that there was a mute guy and this Blonde guy (the blonde wasnt very smart and he tried to figure out what the mute was trying to say) the mute wrote down stuff and showed it to him and i also remember a part were this girl had sex with a demon (she thought it was a normal guy he was brunette i think) and his face changed and stuff and after her hair changed color