a 1990s dystopian like movie

i saw it around 1990s-2000s. there were scene that goes something like this: it was kind of like a dystopian like movie, where people were living (village-like with the while tarzan style clothing) in the ruins of urban buildings. There was this man who went out the scavenge for food and left his wife and children( i think?) behind at home. When he came back, he found out they were kidnapped by a superior group of people, and so he went after them. the kidnapped group was held in cages, and there was this scene (i think) the wife wrote on the walls with her blood. also, i vaguely remember something about some advance machines being used onto the kidnapped people.

Foreign film: man goes to park to avoid telling family he lost his job

Time & Location: I saw this movie somewhere in 2005-2010 I believe.  It was shown in the Oak Street Cinema (now closed) in Minneapolis, MN (I mention this as it showed independent movies and Foreign often)

Plot: a married man (Italian) would say goodbye in the morning and tell people he was going to work, in stead he would sit in the park each day and enjoy life.  He didn’t want to share that he lost his job.  The movie was in English subtitles.   Might have been black and white.  (I remember being impressed I was able to drag my boyfriend to watch it lol).



Horror Movie

About 2 months ago I saw a horror movie about a woman being stalked by a deer like demon. I saw a lot of movies that night, mostly foreign horror movies from scandinavian countries and some european countries.
I don’t remember if it was in english or not since I saw it with subtitles.
The main character is a blonde short hair woman that moves or lives in a small rural town.
I don’t remember if she kills her husband/boyfriend but she does kill someone.
I do remember the ending since that’s what made me want to watch it (a friend recommended it).
The woman wakes up naked and goes to the door, walks out to the forest near her house and there the demon slowly materializes, revealing that it has a deer skull for a head. That’s all I can remember.
The movie was made in some where in the line of 2009-2013.
I just remembered about it and want to see it again, but my hdd crashed and I no longer have the list of movies I made to watch.
Thanks in advance.

young boy grows a clone in his house

hey. so this is a movie I used to watch back in the early ninties. it took place in the UK. essentially a nerdy british kid who built himself a robot decides to clone himself. the clone hatches from an egg and is everything his nerdy self is not, physically strong, brave, good with the ladies, ect.  the song “I want a new drug” by huey lewis and the news is featured in one scene that takes place in a theatre. I’ve been racking my brain trying to find the name. the only “sniff” so far is a post from 2007 on a Huey Lewis and the News forum where someone else is asking about this exact movie. please help!!

Cheesy 70s/80s fantasy film

I saw this horrible fantasy movie in 2011 or 2012; a local comicon showed it as kind of a Mystery Science Theatre type event. It was pretty 80s if I remember correctly, although it could have been late 70s – I have no idea. It was in English, in colour, and roughly an hour and a half long.

It was about a group of 4 or 5 people, mainly dudes, in a medieval-ish setting. They were probably looking for some sort of magic sword or artifact. Some of them were spellcasters, with the accompanying laughable sfx – lots of cheap coloured beams and auras. (I seem to remember a lot of sparkles, though I’m not sure.) All I can remember is a bit towards the end: the characters were all transported to this weird hellish dimension, and there was a preposterous fight scene on a bridge above a cavernous pit. I’m fairly certain someone fell off the bridge and died.

I can’t remember the title of this movie for the life of me, and I can’t find a schedule from the con that might help me locate it. Pity, because it was really crap and I’d love to watch it again for laughs.

80’s movie? About a guy on a swim team.

I’m 99% sure the movie was in the 80’s maybe very early 90’s.  In English and in color.

One scene I remember was that at the pool one of the locker rooms was closed (I can’t remember if it was the male or female locker room).  The main character was showering after swimming and had his eyes closed letting water run down him when 10-20 girls walk into the shower.  He didn’t hear/notice them.  One of the girls drops her towel and starts showering next to him when he finally notices her.

This movie was more of a house burner than a bodice ripper

I think I only saw a few minutes of this movie, but I’ve always wanted to track it down and see the rest. Here’s what I remember:

– This was a TV movie that (if my memory serves me) aired in Ontario, Canada in the late 1980s, although it might have aired in the early eighties or early nineties.
– It was a period piece set in the U.S. in the late nineteenth century, say about 1880.
– Here’s what happened in the few minutes I saw. A young, attractive blonde woman is living with friends or relatives and is told that the house that she owns is going to be made ready for her to live in on her own. She makes a pretense of being pleased to hear this news but is not. She secretly visits the house on her own late that night carrying a kerosene lamp, looks quietly about her at the dilapidated parlour, and then flings her lamp at a wall, which of course sets the place on fire. She then runs out of the house and back to wherever it is she’s staying. However, a young, handsome man is standing nearby behind some trees and sees both the fire begin and the young woman as she scurries away. The next morning the young woman is breakfasting with whomever she’s staying with when the young man arrives with the news that her house has most unfortunately burned to the ground the previous night. The young woman proceeds to faint quite dramatically, which is received with great concern by the household and a sardonic half smile by the young man. She recovers quickly and is told by the kind older man who heads up the household that of course she must continue to stay with them now that she has no home of her own, which offer she accepts with becoming surprise and gratitude. There’s another scene I remember in which she is outside gathering flowers and happens to see, via an open window, a woman in a negligee and a man embracing and laughing in an unmistakably lover-like way, and she is told by the same young man that the woman in the window is the man’s mistress and that he will be marrying her once he has officially come out of mourning for his first wife.

Ring any bells?

Wizard of Oz like film about sound

I have seen this movie many years ago and I’ve been trying to remember more about it, but to no avail.

I’m pretty sure it is american and in color (but could be b&w).

In this movie there is a boy that seems to be on a strange world.

There’s a ruler there who is a bad guy and controls people with sound or something like that.

I recall 2 particular scenes:

1 – The bad guy shows a torture chamber where there’s someone beating an enormous drum on a back wall. He explains that the guy is being punished for something. The boy asks something and the bad guy tells that the one being punished is in fact inside the drum. A light is turned on behind the drum and you see someone inside.

2 – The boy is locked somewhere with someone who uses an hearing aid device. He crushes the device into small pieces and puts it inside a bottle (air freshener?) and closes it. When he opens the bottle, the bottle collects the sound around them and that’s how he eventually beats the bad guy.

I’m pretty sure I haven’t dreamed this. Anyone can help?


Boy sitting in back of car swinging a fish hook, goes in dad’s eye.

There was a disturbing scene where three boys were going fishing with their dad, and one of them was swinging a fishhook around in the backseat. The fish hook catches the dad in the eye, and he screams and barrels off of the road.

There is a very gory scene when they’re tumbling down the hill, and after the car stops rolling the dad and the one of the brothers is dead. One is pinned begging for help while the other brother escapes, leaving him behind.

Later in the film I think this was the basis for revenge. I also seem to remember a spider in a jar being part of the plot, but I can’t recall. Any help is greatly appreciated, have been looking for this possible B-movie / TV movie for years.

Obscure horror film in which a young woman accidentally hangs herself (60’s or 70’s)

When I was 5 or 6 (91′ or 92′) I awoke to a movie on tv in which a young girl was wandering around in  a dingy basement clattered with old school desks. She finds a noose strung up over a cross beam and puts it on. The scene didn’t seem as if it was intentional for her to hang herself, but instead curiosity of the sensation. I vividly remember her teetering back and forth on the desk (or maybe stool) she was standing on before it up ends and she desperately tries to replace her feet. Very tight shots on her feet as they prod around trying to keep her up. Very unsettling for a young kid to see, but its stayed with me in fragments for years…just want to see if it still holds up now. Other Clue fragments include:

  • Very grainy 60’s or possibly 70’s if lower budget. Possibly european? (if my 5 year old brain could guess)
  • One other scene included a dream sequence in which a woman is followed and attacked by stray cats, perhaps near a church? Sorry if this is vague or components differ from actual movie, its been about 20 years since seeing this, so i can’t tell if my imagination has saturated my memory….thanks for any guesses.

Mother murders child

I watched some movie on tv back around 2003, but I only remember the ending.

The mother is struggling to put a boot on her youngest daughter, for whatever reason. The mom is getting angrier and angrier about the boot, scaring her young daughter- who is crying hysterically to get her mother to stop. The girl’s two older sisters- who were waiting outside to play with her- come inside in time to see their mother murder their sister in frustration. I remember they were both shocked and upset, and then the scene jumped to the mother being pulled out of a courtroom, being guilty of murder.

The only other thing I remember is the credits that play, which feature the other girls playing Ring around the Rosie as sad, mournful music plays.

It was a sci fi movie, I watched it about ten years ago, shown to me by a family friend. The only…

…scene I remember is on an alien emperor type dude pushing a man down a hole. There was also a video game based on the movie. I remember that same scene from the movie was in the game and I believe that was the opening part. I’m not sure what console the game was for, perhaps n64, PS, or PS2. Since the video game came around that time I assume the movie is from the mid to late 90s or early 00s. This has been bothering me for years.

A sci fi movie with a video game counterpart

I watched it about ten years ago, shown to me by a family friend. The only scene I remember is on an alien emperor type dude pushing a man down a hole. There was also a video game based on the movie. I remember that same scene from the movie was in the game and I believe that was the opening part. I’m not sure what console the game was for, perhaps n64, PS, or PS2. Since the video game came around that time I assume the movie is from the mid to late 90s or early 00s. This has been bothering me for years.

Horror/Monster Movie

I’m trying to remember the name of an obscure 80s(?) horror movie. I watched it on VHS in the late 80s or early 90s.

It involves something being released from a cellar. It kills people throughout the movie.

One scene involves a man being savagely attacked in a library then dragging his body along the floor.

In the end, the monster is trapped back in the cellar but the main protagonist dies.