1930’s, 40’s, or 50’s mystery film, time travel/ghost story

Bear with me….

Saw this film years ago and I’ve never been able to trace it since. It’s black and white and could be any time from the 30’s onwards.

Plot from what I remember……

A man goes out late at night walking along a city riverbank (US) like a promenade. He sees a little girl sat on a bench and naturally goes up to see if she is ok and find out why she is out alone. They chat for a while and she tells him a bit about her life. At some point he turns around and she has dissapeared. A few weeks later he is out walking at the same spot and sees the little girl again but this time she is obviously older, a couple of years or more. Again they chat and she tells him all the things that have been going on in her life but once more she dissapears at some point. This goes on for some time, each meeting she is older and it becomes apparent that she is not a ghost but that the time she is living in and the mans are gradually becoming synchonised, she is catching up with him. He resolves to find her, I can’t remember how he does this but the climax of the film is that he ends up finding her at a cottage by the sea where a huge storm is brewing and she dies unless he can save her (their timelines are now in sync and she is a grown woman). I think he does manage to save her but my memory of this bit is sketchy at best.

Please help me find this lovely film, I’ve told my wife about it and we’d dearly love to watch it again.

7 thoughts on “1930’s, 40’s, or 50’s mystery film, time travel/ghost story

  1. I hate you all LOL!

    I have googled every combination of time travel, ghost story, 40’s, 50′ over and over and you lot get it in a couple of hours:)

    Thank you so much


  2. horror movie seem to remember a man Native goes around cutting off heads and putting them in a wicker basket, something to do with voodoo maybe took place in a jungle the music still haunts me was in the late 1950’s.

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