Women abducted to asylum-type place where everyone has dementia

It was in a foreign language, French or maybe Italian, and I saw it on TV in the noughties but it must have been made in the eighties or even the seventies.

The main woman, a statuesque blonde, is kidnapped from her home and brought to the asylum-type place, whereupon she befriends her “roommate.” Later on, the roommate wanders off and can’t remember how to get back. No-one can remember anything…

I think it all turns out to have been some government experiment into chemical warfare which resulted in mass memory loss!


5 thoughts on “Women abducted to asylum-type place where everyone has dementia

    1. Hi you sound like you know a lot about movies….How about 1970s t v shows…bit and pieces here sorry….I only remember this part from a t v show were a black man is beating an old white man with a hose in an elevator…and another old white man witness this happening…Maybe you may have an idea of what t v show this is from…could be 1970s or late 1960s t v show….here is a good old time movie if you wanna check it out 1957 “Not of this Earth” you’ve probably heard of it…it’s really strange.

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