early 80s thriller


American movie, in English, color, was on HBO in the early-mid 80s

It was a thriller / suspense type movie. There was a guy holding hostages in a large white mansion. He negotiated with police who provided him with a means of escape (helicopter or boat?); however, the snipers were ready for him. When he made his getaway, he surrounded himself with hostages and covered the whole group with a large bed sheet as he crossed a huge green lawn outwitting the cops.

I was unable to finish the movie, and I have been unable to remember the title for over 30 years. Please help!! I wish that I could remember more, but I was too young.

Thanks all !!


3 thoughts on “early 80s thriller

  1. Thank you, casspir !!!

    You nailed it. Although I was wrong about a few details, you were still able to get it right. Now I realize why I remembered so little of the film. I had only seen the first 15 minutes or so. You have solved a mystery that has tormented me for over 25 years.

    Thanks again, casspir. I will notify the mods of your guess-success!!

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