Obscure horror film in which a young woman accidentally hangs herself (60’s or 70’s)

When I was 5 or 6 (91′ or 92′) I awoke to a movie on tv in which a young girl was wandering around in  a dingy basement clattered with old school desks. She finds a noose strung up over a cross beam and puts it on. The scene didn’t seem as if it was intentional for her to hang herself, but instead curiosity of the sensation. I vividly remember her teetering back and forth on the desk (or maybe stool) she was standing on before it up ends and she desperately tries to replace her feet. Very tight shots on her feet as they prod around trying to keep her up. Very unsettling for a young kid to see, but its stayed with me in fragments for years…just want to see if it still holds up now. Other Clue fragments include:

  • Very grainy 60’s or possibly 70’s if lower budget. Possibly european? (if my 5 year old brain could guess)
  • One other scene included a dream sequence in which a woman is followed and attacked by stray cats, perhaps near a church? Sorry if this is vague or components differ from actual movie, its been about 20 years since seeing this, so i can’t tell if my imagination has saturated my memory….thanks for any guesses.

Mother murders child

I watched some movie on tv back around 2003, but I only remember the ending.

The mother is struggling to put a boot on her youngest daughter, for whatever reason. The mom is getting angrier and angrier about the boot, scaring her young daughter- who is crying hysterically to get her mother to stop. The girl’s two older sisters- who were waiting outside to play with her- come inside in time to see their mother murder their sister in frustration. I remember they were both shocked and upset, and then the scene jumped to the mother being pulled out of a courtroom, being guilty of murder.

The only other thing I remember is the credits that play, which feature the other girls playing Ring around the Rosie as sad, mournful music plays.

It was a sci fi movie, I watched it about ten years ago, shown to me by a family friend. The only…

…scene I remember is on an alien emperor type dude pushing a man down a hole. There was also a video game based on the movie. I remember that same scene from the movie was in the game and I believe that was the opening part. I’m not sure what console the game was for, perhaps n64, PS, or PS2. Since the video game came around that time I assume the movie is from the mid to late 90s or early 00s. This has been bothering me for years.

A sci fi movie with a video game counterpart

I watched it about ten years ago, shown to me by a family friend. The only scene I remember is on an alien emperor type dude pushing a man down a hole. There was also a video game based on the movie. I remember that same scene from the movie was in the game and I believe that was the opening part. I’m not sure what console the game was for, perhaps n64, PS, or PS2. Since the video game came around that time I assume the movie is from the mid to late 90s or early 00s. This has been bothering me for years.

Horror/Monster Movie

I’m trying to remember the name of an obscure 80s(?) horror movie. I watched it on VHS in the late 80s or early 90s.

It involves something being released from a cellar. It kills people throughout the movie.

One scene involves a man being savagely attacked in a library then dragging his body along the floor.

In the end, the monster is trapped back in the cellar but the main protagonist dies.

horror movie that won’t leave my mind!! (British, dark, apartment building, shadow demons, unwell…

…friend, twist ending).

I’ll try to explain this as clearly as I can, but I watch so many horror movies that I’m afraid I might be mixing two together at this point.


  • Color, saw on Netflix about two years ago, 2000-present, very dark/low-light feel, possibly indie movie.
  • Set entirely inside an apartment building. I remember there being old glass pane doors at the front, and stairs that led upstairs. Unsure if the upstairs was occupied – we never see them (I think). The downstairs (on left) apartment is where this takes place.
  • Young couple (all British cast, I believe) in their home. Something seems to be uneasy about the place (lots of shadowy movements, noises, etc), and it is escalated when their friend (male, friend of the boyfriend) comes to stay.
  • The friend explains that he has either just broken up with his girlfriend or they’ve had a huge fight and she’s refusing to return his calls. He’s super upset and asks to stay with the couple for a few days. He seems pretty mentally unstable
  • From this point on, I’m not sure where the demons/possession is coming from … but it seems to take over the house/apartment. I think they become more concerned for the friend (maybe he’s getting sicker? more distraught? maybe the haunting is related to his emotions? I can’t seem to remember) and for some reason, they just don’t leave the damn house.
  • At one point I remember them all running upstairs to “Get away” from these things, where they stumble across some kind of old newspaper clippings/evidence that leads them to believe the place is haunted/possessed. I’m not sure what this has to do with their crazy friend

****** SPOILER ******* it turns out, in the end that the friend actually KILLED his girlfriend because of these crazy demon things. I remember the wife/gf of the orig couple winds up murdering the friend in the end.

I HOPE that someone knows this – it’s been driving me crazy! It was a really well done movie. Really great close shots and very moody. Whoever the director was did a great job and making you feel trapped and paranoid. Lots of “bumps in the night.” Not gory, very creepy.

ghost movie

I watched this movie when I was a kid on tv (in color and in english), aprox 12 years ago. The movie was about two teens and their love, also there was something aout a car accident and a deer and the woman wearing a red coat. She becomes a ghost. There was also a believed to be haunted house, which the two teens prepare and make it haunted. In one scene the girl is seen dressed as a ghost and the boy is playing the piano. Theres another scene in the cementery and the woman is there.

Creepy voice in fog TV show

I think I saw this around 1957 but maybe within a few years after that. I thought it was a Twilight Zone episode but don’t see anything in their episode list that resembles this.

A ship, surrounded by fog, hears a voice from a rowboat nearby. Can’t see it, of course because of the dense fog.  The voice recounts a tale where everybody on a nearby island (shipwrecked??)  has succumbed to a sort of Spanish moss malady that covers everything in the island. Of course when the fog lifts a bit, we (and the person on the ship) see that the person in the rowboat is covered with the stuff. Hope you can help. This thing gave me nightmares when I was a kid.

Weird old Japanese comedy movie on PBS in the late 90s early 2000’s

When I was 13 years old in 2003, an Asian film aired on PBS late at night. It was something about a teenager pretending to be insane to avoid something. It was comical and there is a specific scene I remember where some lady is being mean to his family. He spots the mole on her face and yells something out loud and does a hugely comedic leaping karate kick and she flies straight outside into a tree or something. He later meets a girl about his age who knows he is faking his craziness and I think she is doing the same thing. He thinks about what she told him.

I think it was in Japanese but I’m not sure. It was in color I think. Definitely was aired on television, most likely PBS in California, the Bay Area around 2001-2004.

That’s all I remember and it has been bugging me for many years. I really want to know the name of this film but I doubt anyone will know what it is. Thanks anyway to anyone who can help.

watched it on cable back in the ’80’s

i watched this horror movie when i was a kid back in the ’80’s. cant recall the name.

However, i still remember 1 scene from this movie. what i dont remember is if it was actually happening in the movie or it was a dream sequence.

but there was a man and a woman that had this boy strapped to an old barber chair or dentist chair.

the man asks the woman what she thinks they should do to the boy. she says, lets cut his tongue

out!! and then you see the man cutting out and removing the boy’s tongue.

weird unmemorable (ironic) movie

so i saw it around 2008-09. it was on tv and those sunday movie marathons on channel 9 or something . all i remember about the plot was this young dude injured and trapped somewhere ( i am mostly positive it was dam-related) and he had this kind of spiritual out-of-the-body experience. only this selected person can see him and he have to convince that person that they were not actually crazy and they had to help him before this time limit (dunno the dam was filling up???) the only clear thing i remembered was the ending. the guy got rescued. hold on…he was rich…i think…


LOL so sorry for these unhelpful scraps of things i scrounged up from my pitiful memory.it has been bugging me all these years and i really want to, sort of put it to rest, ya know?

A young man has the ability to transfer feelings between two creatures.

I saw part of this film that my friend hired about 10 years ago and never got a chance to see the title. It was in full-color, English-speaking film. Mellow and a bit tragic in genre – probably rated M.

The main character was quiet, young  guy (roughly 20) who was bald and very pale. There was something  slightly supernatural about him. Evident in a scene where he’s tagging along on a hunting trip. He strongly disapproves of the activity because of the killing and after seeing a deer be shot, but not fatally, he transfers the panicked feeling from the deer to the shooter by putting his hands on them both.

The film ends with him (spoiler alert) running across  field under a thunder storm and being struck by lighting.

Any help recalling this would be cool. Thanks in advance.

SERIAL killer movie 90s

i saw this on HBO in 1996.


there were two characters – drifters – who meet up on the road and start traveling together.  one of them is a straight-laced serial killer who tapes knives to his hands. the other is a brad pitt looking actor who is charming and witty in that 90s cool criminal kind of way who has stolen money from the mob.

i remember a scene where the young one meets a hippy couple and has sex with the woman in their van while her boyfriend watched.  they are then seen murdered the next day.

there is a twist ending in that you are led to believe it is the young man who is the killer and the suited man who stole the mob money but it is really opposite.

evil kid traps people with his mind

i am pretty sure this is not a full length movie feature- either an episode of a series or a short in an anthology.

a woman meets a charming little boy and he takes her home with him and she meets his “family.”  at first every thing seems normal but eventually it is clear that the other people are terrified of him because he is keeping them prisoners in the house with is mind, which plays out in various horror scenes (of these i can not remember specifics).

it ends with the realization that the woman, like the other people, are all trapped in the house with the evil little boy forever.

Short Indy Film San Francisco Castro Theater around 2006

This Short Film was about a older lesbian couple and one of the ladies just argued and bitched constantly, the ladies are driving thru the desert and the one lady just argued and complained the whole drive she hit a little girl that was riding a scooter………I need help find out the name of this movie…….I saw it at the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival sometime between 2003 -2009

A short film on 4 I think, husband and wife in bed, she keeps turning a torch on and off and looking…

…at a bag on the wardrobe he keeps telling her to stop it there is nothing there. She keeps doing it and he is getting annoyed. He tells her one last time to stop it then he hears the torch fall to the floor and it rolls under the bed to his side. He picks it up and turns to shine it at her and she has had her face ripped off. He points it at the bag on the wardrobe which then quickly turns into some kind of creature and jumps at him. The torch hits the floor. The film ends. I saw this about a year ago late at night once. I think it was in black and white from what I remember.