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Glowing red eyes

As I have seen on here there are a lot of movies where There are glowing red eyes, the one I’m thinking about I watch when I was probably 5. Much like the scene in amityville, however the big difference is this girl has a doll that is made from material that is like or is burlap. At the end of the movie the house burns down. It’s been driving me nuts my whole life. I would have watched this movie in like 91 or 92.

Horror movie about nuns on an island

I think I watched the movie about 15 years ago on TV, so I would assume it was released somewhere between 1990 – 2005.

It was a horror movie about nuns and they all lived in some castle/mansion on an island. I’m pretty sure it was not an english movie but maybe french or german or something else.

I remember a few scenes. Most notable would be a scene where, if I remember correctly, one of the nuns was pregnant and she gave birth to the child. But the other nuns did not want the nun to keep her baby, so while she was passed out from the childbirth they went on to bury the child alive (?). When the nun woke up, she went looking for her baby and found out that the child had been buried so she ran to dig it out but by the time she did the child’s eyes were eaten out by the worms. This makes me think many days had passed before she got to look for the child so not sure how that fits in the timeline I remember.

Also there was a scene were a nun was either hanging bed sheets outside and there was another mysterious nun lurking around these sheets. I remember that this mysterious nun was also present and lurking in the castle and people were being killed.

Also in the movies trailer or promotion I think there was a line “The one who screams last screams the loudest”.

I know this all is pretty vague but hopefully someone has heard of it! Thank everyone in advance!

Witch movie

Ok so I saw this movie on TV in the late 90’s. It had something to do with a guy who unknowingly started dating a witch or had a one night stand. It must have ended badly cause all kinds of crazy things happened to him. He would have hallucinations that normal people would be these solid greyish faceless beings.he pretty much just had mini freakouts. I do remember that when he kissed the witch his tongue turned black. Does anyone have any idea what this might be?

Evil stepmother steals baby

Hi guys. I saw a film probably more than 10 years ago in the television, it must have been an American made movie. I think film is made in the 1990s. Problem is I cannot remember the title. I remember fragments of the film though.

As I recall the movie takes place in America around the late 18’th century to 19th century (maybe I’m wrong). The film is concerned a farther and a daughter (let’s call her A) at the age of +18. They own a little farm on the countryside. The mother is dead. The farther remarries a woman, who also has a daughter (B). The new stepmother is poor to A, and makes her do all the work. One day the stepmother kills the farther with a knife. A falls in love with a boy (C), his family owns a huge villa and are very rich. The stepmother wants B to marry the boy because of his family’s’ wealth. They invites C to the house, B tries to seduce him but as I recall he do not fall for it. Anyway, he goes to war – I think he dies. In the meantime, A is pregnant and now lives in a house by herself. She gives birth to a baby boy by the stream beside her house. Just when she holds the boy in her hands, the stepmother comes and takes the baby. The stepmother gives the baby to her own daughter, and claims that the baby is B and C’s child. Oh, I forgot to say that B has been wearing a fake pregnancy-stomach (?) since she tried to seduce C. Now, A is out of her mind, obviously, and tries to get back her baby, but no good comes with it. B is now living in the villa, where C grew up. One day A walks into the garden of the villa where the boy is playing, he runs towards her and asks who she is. B is watching them from the terrace. A then says “I’m a friend to your mother” or something like that. In the end I think A leaves the town.

My english is a bit rusty (apologize). Anyway, I hope you get the idea of the plot. I tried to put some of my thoughts in google, but little did it help. Hope some of you might now the film. I have been searching for a very long time. Thank you.