gang movie. Name of two brothers, where the little brother gets shot

I saw it a long time ago , might be 2010-2011.

it was in another language

i saw it on tv, and it was a movie.

it was in color.

movie genre: gangster/mafia/crime

– i dont remember the full movie but i remember some scenes.

1st scene: little brother grabs a baseball bat from his car trunk and heads towards a store and is pissed because someone is selling stuff on his territory. Big brother tells little brother to relax, and makes little brother go outside. After little brother goes outside, big brother proceeds to kick the guy that sold on his territory.

2nd scene: little brother wants to become a big shot, and make deals with some mafia/organized gangsters along with his friend standing beside him. The gangsters betray him and his friend while in a MEAT LOCKER, and shoots the friend first. After the little brother realises his time has come, he proceeds to pray(i think he was muslim), and slowly walks towards the shooter. The shooter then shoots him in the head.

3rd scene: Mafia/organized gangsters tells big brother they have his little brother etc, and setups a meeting so they can retrieve his little brother. Big brother meets the Mafia in a JUNK YARD, but has covered it up, setting the little brother inside the car with glasses, making it look like he is alive. After big brother finds it out, he begins a shootout in the JUNK YARD. the mafia leader ends up fleeing from the scene, until the big brother catches him on some sort of train station, where he kills the mafia leader with a knife, saying something like ”dont waste bullets on swine” or something like that.

The end i cant remember anything more. please help me find this its killing me not to know

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