One-armed gangster; comic books; paper shredders: 70 US TV movie

From the mid-70’s; most likely a TV movie, i.e. ABC Movie of the Week or NBC Sunday Mystery Movie episode of MacMillan & Wife, Columbo, etc.

The scene I recall is in a large room in a mansion(?). The room is filled with racks of comic books as well as a large paper shredder. The protagonist(s) are fighting with a group of criminals or gangsters in order to keep one particular comic book from being shredded. One of the gangsters has an old-style artificial claw hand and gets his false hand stuck in the paper shredder during the altercation; sparks fly.

Help, please.


4 thoughts on “One-armed gangster; comic books; paper shredders: 70 US TV movie

    1. Wow, not sure how you put that together since it apparently doesn’t involve comic books, but the giant fight at the end and the claw-hand dude and the toaster all fit. Going to research a bit more and will then notify admins.

  1. After further research, Mr. Unknown appears to be correct, so kudos.

    For site admin: “SOLVED.” Point, Mr. Unknown.

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