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Not “Terminal Man;” not “Brazil”

70s era US color film. Someone is standing at the end of a long hospital or laboratory hallway. Fluorescent lights are flickering and pieces of paper are flying down the hallway at the person. The paper attaches to them until they are completely covered, but still in the recognizable shape of a human. I thought for years this was “Terminal Man” but I re-watched and it’s not that or “Brazil” which has a similar fantasy sequence.

Idiot Manchild with a Wham-O Air Blaster; early 70s

Pretty sure I am conflating two different movies here, but I’ll give it a shot:

This is an early 70s drive-in exploitation film that showed up later in the decade on a local TV Midnight Horror feature. There is a scientist or doctor who keeps two young women bound in his basement, periodically taking their blood to revive a lost loved one (it’s not Dr. Phibes). The part that sticks with me is a large half-witted “Lenny from Of Mice & Men”-type character in overalls who carries around a Wham-O Air Blaster while doing the doctor’s bidding.

Any help is appreciated.


One-armed gangster; comic books; paper shredders: 70 US TV movie

From the mid-70’s; most likely a TV movie, i.e. ABC Movie of the Week or NBC Sunday Mystery Movie episode of MacMillan & Wife, Columbo, etc.

The scene I recall is in a large room in a mansion(?). The room is filled with racks of comic books as well as a large paper shredder. The protagonist(s) are fighting with a group of criminals or gangsters in order to keep one particular comic book from being shredded. One of the gangsters has an old-style artificial claw hand and gets his false hand stuck in the paper shredder during the altercation; sparks fly.

Help, please.


Fat Man on an Escalator

In the 4th grade (US), c. 1974, we were all ushered into the library by young women with clipboards who had us watch a short film (10-15 minutes) consisting of a fat sweaty man trying to carry a vacuum cleaner and various accessories up stairs or an escalator, and consistently falling down or dropping parts and having to start over again. The women then asked us certain questions about how we felt about the film afterwards. I’m sure this was some educational film that was never widely distributed, but I need to see it again, just to prove to myself that it happened. Hopefully this rings a bell with someone.