70’s Dustin Hoffman type guy goes psycho.

I recall a 70’s to possibly early 80’s drama/suspense movie and thought with Dustin Hoffman but don’t think it was him. The guy must have just looked like him. Scenes I recall may not be in order, some may be mix up with other movies. Maybe somebody can make it out. I was under 10 yrs. old and it really got me upset but I could not stop watching and felt bad for the guy, and girl. Scenes:

1. They were in a big 2 story house, maybe greenish wallpaper, think it was on a busy street or may have been on it’s own property, farm?

2. Think there were cops outside trying to save a woman being held hostage. He kept looking out the window. She was very scared of him, crying maybe. Possible brunette and wavy, I’m picturing that actress but I don’t know her name or what movies she was in. Brown eyes, early 40’s maybe? Could be very wrong, she may have had long brown hair and early 20’s. I keep picturing a white sweater/blouse maybe she had on.

3. I think at one point they let a snake in to try and get him to open the door.

4. I picture him running around the house, possibly screaming mad words. He was very strange and upset like something or someone drive him to this madness. Maybe she was going to leave him or she didn’t know him, therefore didn’t like him.

5. I think there was a preacher with the cops trying to calm him down.

6. Think he had blocked doorways with furniture and nailed windows.

Thanks for reading, sorry so long. Hoping to find soon. Please help me.

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11 thoughts on “70’s Dustin Hoffman type guy goes psycho.

  1. “Venom”(1981). I think Oliver Reed is the guy you’re thinking of, and the girl is Susan George.

    1. You’re right, but for some reason I didn’t think this was it. I accept it because scenes I remember were very similar and the intensity of Dustin was there from my memory. And her white blouse. I was born 76 so guess that’s why I’m a little off on memory parts of the movie.

  2. I believe it was Straw Dogs, she has white blouse, I must have thought he was bad because he wouldn’t let her leave. I knew it had to be Dustin Hoffman. The part when they put furniture to block the door and mostly felt like it was all done in the house, must not been interesting till it got violent. lol So big thanks to you all and especially Miamoe.

    Still didn’t see other memories so that must be another movie. Feels good to finally get help finding an old movie memory. 70’s movies were pretty awesome. Not much fan of CGI.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I still think “Venom” is the other memory because they both star Susan George. It also has the snake and it takes place on a busy street which the cops cordon off. In “Straw Dogs”, a villain puts rats in the house, not a snake. Maybe it was a Susan George marathon?

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