Movie with flesh eating women

Hi there Folks

I remember parts of this weird movie must be over 15 years old now when I was very younh. In the movie there’s a man(who must have been really lonely) and one day he comes across sort of a barrier to another dimension or another world where he can see beautiful women and kids playing. He falls madly in love with one of the ladies and he makes it his goal to get through this barrier. The barrier is clear and seems to be some sort of force field. Eventually he grabs a a sledge hammer or some other sort of tool and after hitting and the same spot he finally manages to break through. When he gets through it feels like a love at first sight moment the woman he loves comes and jumps on him and all seems well until…  Until it’s revealed that she has razor sharp teeth and all he people there are some sort of cannibals. The movie ends with this shocking reveal before she actually eats the man who loves her.


I would truly appreciate it if someone could tell me the name of this movie.


Thank you very much.


8 thoughts on “Movie with flesh eating women

  1. Wow you guys are right on the money. I’ve been trying to look for this so long and Your right my recollection is pretty different but Ye I was about 9 when i saw this. I can’t believe it was found so quickly. Thanks again.

  2. Ye the weirdest thing for me was how differently I remembered the plot elements, completely forgot about the whole military angle, but I’m glad I watched it Again, now I gotta show my siblings, cheers.

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