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Small time cinemahouse loses soundtrack

There is a small time cinema house trying to compete and they manage to get hold of a really up to date, fantastic film which everyone will want to see.  I know there is a scene with ?Spartans?  So they advertise, get lots of interest and finally the film arrives.  However, they are about to open their doors when they discover that the sound track has not come with it.  They have to go on, so they make up the soundtrack whilst the film is playing. I only remember the trailer, and there’s a bit in the film where a very muscular guy is talking and being given the dialogue “And I can make my nipple go up and down like this”.  I have looked for this film for ages, but you guys can tell me, I know

Film about witchcraft but it’s not “The Craft”

I’m as certain as I can be this is not The Craft.  It’s about some (teenage) girls, learning witch craft as a way to gain power in school.  The scene I remember was all the girls having dinner together, and the course is snails.  One of the girls (I think she was the “put upon” girl) shows her total disgust at the thought of snails and slugs.  Cue meaningful looks from the other girls.  She goes back to her room, and finds one slug in her bed.  It disappears, so she relaxes.  She goes to bed and suddenly she’s covered in slugs and snails.  One goes inside her mouth and you see her biting down on it.

This’ll be an easy one for you guys, I’m sure, but Googling just brings up “The Craft” and “Slugs”.

Movie about prisoners and their guards with amnesia

Here’s an easy one, I hope.  I saw a trailer for an excellent movie, possibly on a “Saw” film which I rented/borrowed – I don’t have it any more.  A group of 12?…men wake up and can’t remember who they are, where they are and what happened to them.  As the film goes on, it turns out that half are prisoners and the other half are their guards but they don’t know who is who.  It’s a main stream film but nothing I google brings up any results.   It was not made recently, 2006?

Please can someone help?

Short film about two guys in a car stuck at traffic lights

There was a series on channel 4 or 5 which showed various short films.  I managed to find one recently, it was called “The French Doors” so at least one of them made it to YouTube.  The one I remember is about two guys in a car talking.  They are stuck behind another car at a set of traffic lights.  They talk for a while, but no traffic comes along the road – I think that you can see for miles, it’s a desert in America/Australia?  Eventually, they get angry and one gets out to talk to the person in the car in front.  He discovers that the person driving is now a skeleton, the implication being that he died whilst waiting for the light to change.  Meantime, there is a bloke dressed as a chicken who is doing this stupid dance but when the guy discovers the body, the chicken just stands and stares at him.  It’s a long shot, I know, but I’d like to see the film again.

I saw it many years ago….”The French Doors” was made in 2002 according to YouTube and I would say that’s about the right time.