Newish weird gypsy movie? Magician guy?

I remember watching a really weird but good movie my parents got out from the movie store a couple of years ago. It was around 2010 and it was new at the time and I think it was American but not that popular. The main character was a guy (mid thirties?) who went around doing small illusion shows but also I think sort of hypnotises people so it was a bit like inception. He met a sort of gypsy girl with a strict father who made her tell people she was 12 when she was actually 16 and then the girl and the main character had sex on a row boat in his imaginary world thing. At the end of the movie somebody tries to kill the main character guy by giving him two flute things to swallow and then hanging him. One would keep his airway open so he could keep breathing and the other one was a fake and would crush in his throat killing him.

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