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Alaskan native, mother of a teenage girl and she is fabulous. I have a fabulously Scottish boyfriend. Big family. Smart dog, lovable cat. Huge movie collection and still in search of more.

Book, not movie. need title.

Since so many on here have good knowledge, I have an odd request. I cannot remember the title of a book of the paranormal/strange stories I bought years ago. I bought it around mid 90’s in Alaska. It contained several interesting stories. Here are some I remember well.

  1. Twins. One gets in car crash and sister sensed it. She drove or called cops and knew somehow where it was located. So she was rescued.
  2. A boy saw people’s aura and thought everyone else could see them till he got older. He said one day he noticed his mom’s aura had a change of red around her heart. He asked her to get checked. She did and doc say had illness or so which was fixable or preventable.

Guess that’s all I remember. I think there was maybe 10 stories. The cover was colorful. I recall red, yellow, black. It was not hard cover. I will be so happy to read this again as I forgotten most stories. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks I hope this post is ok to post. It being a book instead of a movie. Happy Saturday all movie geniuses. I will surely respond quickly. Lol

80’s Parents let man take their young daughter.

I think it’s early 80’s, maybe late 70’s. I recall it being about this young girl, maybe 12. I think it was American, color. It was perverted because I recall a scene. For some reason I think they were in an underground tunnel, maybe under their house. It was dark and pretty sure it was the end. The parents or maybe just the father, goes down and sees the man and his daughter. I think the parents had sold her or maybe had no choice to give her to him. He saw them together and I think he was crying and the girl was also crying and begging him not to leave her with this man. I want to say they were French. I think she had straight brown hair. Thanks for your help.

Puppet boy/man dry humps chic.

It is American, color, early to mid 90’s movie. It could be one of the puppet master movies. I recall a young man, and a woman/young, in a dark room with a sliding door balcony. I believe it was a bedroom. I recall the only light was the moonlight, I think. She is disgusted with finding out he is just a robot or he is just weird and tries to be like he is a wooden puppet. Not sure which. I believe it wastowards the end, he is trying to rape her or is just dry humping her and she gets away. I think she found out by pulling his wig off, lol. So he was bald as he was doing his business. I think it was on hbo or cinemax. Thanks for reading this.

70’s Dustin Hoffman type guy goes psycho.

I recall a 70’s to possibly early 80’s drama/suspense movie and thought with Dustin Hoffman but don’t think it was him. The guy must have just looked like him. Scenes I recall may not be in order, some may be mix up with other movies. Maybe somebody can make it out. I was under 10 yrs. old and it really got me upset but I could not stop watching and felt bad for the guy, and girl. Scenes:

1. They were in a big 2 story house, maybe greenish wallpaper, think it was on a busy street or may have been on it’s own property, farm?

2. Think there were cops outside trying to save a woman being held hostage. He kept looking out the window. She was very scared of him, crying maybe. Possible brunette and wavy, I’m picturing that actress but I don’t know her name or what movies she was in. Brown eyes, early 40’s maybe? Could be very wrong, she may have had long brown hair and early 20’s. I keep picturing a white sweater/blouse maybe she had on.

3. I think at one point they let a snake in to try and get him to open the door.

4. I picture him running around the house, possibly screaming mad words. He was very strange and upset like something or someone drive him to this madness. Maybe she was going to leave him or she didn’t know him, therefore didn’t like him.

5. I think there was a preacher with the cops trying to calm him down.

6. Think he had blocked doorways with furniture and nailed windows.

Thanks for reading, sorry so long. Hoping to find soon. Please help me.