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Late 90’s early 2000’s American action flick that take place in Hong Kong

Back in the early 2000’s I rented a movie that has to do with this two US Navy guys that are in I think Hong Kong and they have a hate for each other and they beat each other up and shoot M9 pistols at each other. There is a Chinese girl in it that has a pet tarantula that the main guy is afraid of at first but he changes his mind. There is a scene of him giving the Chinese girl a back rub and he is telling her about something tragic and she doesn’t understand the word tragedy because of er English being limited. There is also another girl a white American girl living in Hong Kong also and I think both guys like her. I think the main guy has sex with both of them in different scenes. And the cover/poster of the movie shows the Chinese girl naked lying on her side with her back to the camera and she has a white bedsheet covering her ass and it shows the two guys in the top corners aiming pistols at each other. Anybody know what movie I am referring to?

1990’s action flick

There was a movie that was on HBO or Cinemax back in the late 90’s that I caught flipping through channels and it had something to do with two outlaw white men being after a treasure or something. The movie took place in the U.S.A. and one guy had short brown hear and the other had shoulder length blonde hair. When they cross paths they exchange automatic rifle fire at each other. The guy with the brown hair having a M16 A2 and the blonde guy had a AK47. The guy with the brown hair fired first and the blonde guy told him to stop shooting at him and fired a burst of his AK47 back at him. Eventually they get whatever it is they are looking for and the blonde guy gets greedy and kills the guy with the brown hair. The movie looked pretty low budget but might have been good. Anybody know the name of the movie.

Vampire movie

There was a movie I caught on HBO or Cinemax back in the late 90’s early 2000’s that started out with a man in the 19th century (England I think) who was in his 20’s or 30’s standing over the casket of his young wife mourning her death and a few seconds later this other young woman appears and she reveals herself to be a vampire or something similar and she promises him immortality or something and she gives it to him and then fast forward to the 1990’s early 2000’s and he meets a young woman in her 20’s at a nightclub (I think in the U.S.A. but could still be England) and she is a loose girl and wants to go to bed with the guy and they go back to his apartment the vampire girl shows up a few seconds after the two of them arrive and she has herself made up to look just like the woman the guy brought with him and she is killed by the vampire and the vampire takes the wig off that made her look like the woman. I think I changed the channel shortly later after that. Anybody know what movie this is I am thinking of? It was made in the 90’s or early 2000’s like I said. Thanks.

1990’s conspiracy action flick

There was a movie I watched back in the 90’s on HBO or Cinemax where there is a pharmaceutical company that has discovered a cure for A.I.D.’s or a similar illness and they don’t want it to be made public because there is too much money to be made on treatment. And a girl who is a scientist in her 20’s or 30’s (with brown or black hair and wears glasses) has found out about her company doing that and tries to steal the info to bring everything to light. Her boyfriend is a government agent or a vigilante or something and there is a scene three quarters of the way into the movie where after they have sex she is narrating and talking about the cure for A.I.D.’s or whatever while it shows them asleep in each others arms. And at the end of the movie they go to that huge lab and she has her white lab coat on if I remember right and she gets the disc with everything on it and she gets shot in the back by one of the bad guys and gets wounded and passes out. The boyfriend shoots that guy with his pistol a few seconds later killing him and he scoops the girl up and hides her in a broom closet while he kills all the other evil people there. And at the end it shows he carrying the girl who is still out cold down the street and I think the movie ends with her narrating again. Anybody have any idea what movie I am thinking of? Thanks.

Lesbian action movie that takes place in Middle East in late 1990’s

Back in the late 90’s I rented a movie about these two lesbian chicks in I think might have been Iraq and they were either living there or vacationing there and one of them gets killed and the other goes to the police and they of course tell her they will find her girlfriends killer and the main girl takes maters into her own hands and goes around killing people off tied to the death of her gf. I don’t remember much about it but there was a scene where the night the gf gets killed that the main girl is taking a bath and the gf tells the main girl she is leaving and she turns to leave and the main girl reaches out from the tub and spins her around and kisses hers fully on the lips and they break apart and the gf heads out only to be killed. Anybody remember a movie like that. It was made between 94 and 98 from what I could tell.

1990’s action or drama movie

I remember back in the late 90’s one day flipping through channels and came across a movie on HBO and it was a small town police officer going onto the property of someone and it is out in a rural area and he notices a middle aged man who was bald and heavy set and he was wearing a beige colored barn coat if a remember correctly and he a a camo or olive green military cap on and he had a semi-automatic rifle (might have been an FN FAL or a HK91 rifle) and that police officer tried to stop him telling him he was confiscating the rifle for whatever reason and the guy laughed manically and said “no” and ran away and around a bend and out of sight and the officer was hot on his heels and as soon as he rounded the bend there were some other armed men aiming there guns at the officer and I think the leader told the officer to get off of his property and the officer did. I think they were some kind of crazy anti government group or something along those lines. I changed the channel afterwards and never did find out what movie that was. Anybody have any idea what movie that might have been? Like I said I think it was made in the 90’s.

80’s horror movie?

There is a movie cover I looked at a few times at a Movie Gallery rental store back in the early 2000’s and it was some off beat 80’s movie that had a front cover of a naked girl in the shower screaming. No not a Psycho movie but something else that appeared to be sometime between 1980-84. Probably one of the many Friday The 13th rip-off’s of the early 80’s. But I am not totally sure though. The only image it showed on the back cover was a remote lake. Possibly in California or Oregon or some place out that way if I can remember what the tree’s looked like along the lake. I think there might have been a log cabin on the shore and it showed a rowboat out in the middle of the lake. I could kick myself now for never renting the movie to see if it was any good. Anybody have any idea what that movie I described might be? Thanks

70’s horror movie

There was a movie I rented once back in the early 2000’s from a Movie Gallery and I never watched all of the movie but anyway… The movie was from the 70’s and had to do with this girl (who according to the cover was a Playboy Playmate) lives in the swamp with her mute kid brother and everybody in there backwards hillbilly town shun her and her brother and there is an incident in the beginning of the movie where a young guy in his 20’s is a deputy sheriff and he accidentally discharges his gun and kills his friend when they are in the swamp. And he goes to his dad who is the county sheriff and tells him some of what happened and his friends father is with him and his friends father threatens to kill him and in a panic he tells his father and his friends father that the outcast girl killed his friend. And throughout the movie that girl and her brother are chased through the swamp by the sheriff and his redneck posse. Anybody have any idea what movie this is? I have been dying to know for years.

1980’s Made for TV movie about twin girls being reunited

I was wondering if anybody knows what movie this is? The movie was filmed sometime in the late 80’s and I think it was made for TV. I was on either, ABC, CBS, NBC or was a network channel like Lifetime or USA. I saw it on TV sometime between 1988 and 1991. I only saw maybe the last half hour of it the most. Basically the movie was about these identical twin girls that are between 18 and 22 years of age and they are white with dark brown hair. They come to find out in a flashback scene why they were separated. In the flashback which takes place when they were around 4, 5 or 6 years old and it shows there being a heavy downpour which might have even been a mild hurricane and them ridding in a sedan or station wagon with there mother. There mother swerves and hits a guardrail and as a result the right rear door comes open and one of the girls is ejected from the car and ends up in a raging river down bellow. The mother jumps in to save the girl who was thrown into the river from the wreck and she manages to get her out with the help of a middle aged lady who I think might have been Hispanic. After the girl is saved the woman acts like she is going to help the mother out of the river and she offers her a branch which she then pulls back on and lets go and it hits her in the head and she is knocked out and swept down river and drowns. Shortly after the flashback the girl who had been living with the Hispanic lady who took her as her own daughter confronts her about it and gets her to go out to the bridge with her where she murdered her mother. They climb down by the river which is real calm compared to that afternoon over a decade earlier and her sister was waiting there and was standing on the bridge looking down at them. The Hispanic lady sees her and has a mental breakdown. Shortly later they show her in a mental hospital sitting on her bed there and holding a doll. And the sisters talk with a doctor about her condition and whats going to happen to her and shortly later the movie ends. I was only a few years old when I saw it and it was on prime time TV and my parents stopped at it and we watched the last half of it. Anybody who has any idea what movie it was please let me know. The movie came to mind when I was walking around the parking lot at the Veterans Affairs clinic in Youngstown, Ohio I work security at since it was raining real heavy and there was a tornado warning an hour earlier that day so all that I guess made me think of the movie. Oh and I think another clue two is that the movie might have taken place in Florida because there might have been some Palm Trees in the flashback.

80’r or early 90’s horror movie or sci-fi movie

Sometime back in the 90’s when I was watching TV around prime time with my parents we were flipping through channels and my Dad stopped at either HBO or Cinemax and there was a movie starting where it showed several US Army or US Marines going through some field on a sunny afternoon and there was either real tall grass or corn growing high and they stopped dead in there tracks when they saw a remote controlled model plane that was flying around them and then they crossed paths with this cyborg I think and it was wearing camouflage clothing just like they were wearing and I think it was real freaking looking where it had solid black eyeballs or something and you could tell it wasn’t a real man. A few seconds later a blade of some sort maybe a curricular saw blade came out of it and a second or two later it was covered in there blood. Right after that one of those guys wakes up in bed and it was just a nightmare. My mother told my Dad to change the channel so I never did get to see more than that. Anybody know what movie that is that starts out like that?

90’s Mafia Comedy

There was a movie I saw on HBO or Cinemax back in the late 90’s where this young black man I think in either Chicago or New York City had the Italian Mob after him and he made himself up to look like a white guy and ended up becoming a member of the mob. It had some funny scenes in it like him telling this one wiseguy about his pistol and he knew nothing about guns and made up some off the wall caliber that was in the triple digits and the real wiseguy said something about that must be real powerful and asked him what the recoil is like and the black guy didn’t know what he meant and said it was “self coiling”. Another funny part is he is in the restroom and another black man rambles to him about it being a white mans world and the guy drones on and on while he is putting his disguise on and by the time he is finished he walks out of the restroom all made up in his white persona. Another scene he is at a urinal taking a piss and the guy next to him looks down and in shock sees his penis is not white like the rest of him. The final scene I remember is he is in some sort of auditorium at the end and a hitman tries to shoot him from a catwalk and the police arrest him before he can do it. Anybody have any idea what this funny movie was called. Please let me know.

War games Comedy

There was a movie I remember seeing the end of on HBO in the late 80’s that was an 80’s movie about some people who were having a war games event in a wooded area in the US. They were not Army or Marines just some random civilians wanting to play army. It wasn’t paintball or anything but I think they had it as gender segregated teams. Men on one side and women on the other.  And it went on for two days or something. Everyone had on Model 1981 Woodland Camouflage (the old pattern that replaced plain olive drab utility uniforms before digital came along in the 2000’s) and the old 40’s through early 80’s steel pot helmets. I remember at the end of it everyone decides they want to forfeit the game and the leader of the men gets upset and says something like “Common everyone don’t leave this is war!” the leader of the women walking up to him and saying something like “You want war? I’ll give you war.” and does a judo move on him and flips him onto a table and breaks the table knocking him out. The movie ends a few seconds later and shows clips from the film and shows that that guy was a chef when he wasn’t playing war games and of course everyone else and it saying who the actors and actresses were with the clips of them on the screen. I remember the song that was playing at the end with the clips was the song “Wooly Bully”

80’s Movie where guys are fighting on top of a van?

Does anybody know the name of the 1980’s movie where at the end the main character is fighting a little guy with a black and white striped shirt and a black beret on top of a van traveling down a freeway? When they are fighting the main guy almost throws the little guy he is fighting off of the speeding van and the little guy begs for his life and the main guy gives in and doesn’t throw him off and then the little guy reveals he tricked him and he hits him and then pulls out some weird type of stun gun with a big electrical current traveling between the two ends he is holding in both hands and I think the little guy gets knocked off of the roof when an overpass comes up or something like that and eventually the main guy makes out ok and is back with the main girl. The end shows them together and he says “She likes me” breaking the forth wall and the credits then rolling. Anybody know what the hell movie that is? I am dying to see it.