80’s Movie where guys are fighting on top of a van?

Does anybody know the name of the 1980’s movie where at the end the main character is fighting a little guy with a black and white striped shirt and a black beret on top of a van traveling down a freeway? When they are fighting the main guy almost throws the little guy he is fighting off of the speeding van and the little guy begs for his life and the main guy gives in and doesn’t throw him off and then the little guy reveals he tricked him and he hits him and then pulls out some weird type of stun gun with a big electrical current traveling between the two ends he is holding in both hands and I think the little guy gets knocked off of the roof when an overpass comes up or something like that and eventually the main guy makes out ok and is back with the main girl. The end shows them together and he says “She likes me” breaking the forth wall and the credits then rolling. Anybody know what the hell movie that is? I am dying to see it.

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