80’s horror movie?

There is a movie cover I looked at a few times at a Movie Gallery rental store back in the early 2000’s and it was some off beat 80’s movie that had a front cover of a naked girl in the shower screaming. No not a Psycho movie but something else that appeared to be sometime between 1980-84. Probably one of the many Friday The 13th rip-off’s of the early 80’s. But I am not totally sure though. The only image it showed on the back cover was a remote lake. Possibly in California or Oregon or some place out that way if I can remember what the tree’s looked like along the lake. I think there might have been a log cabin on the shore and it showed a rowboat out in the middle of the lake. I could kick myself now for never renting the movie to see if it was any good. Anybody have any idea what that movie I described might be? Thanks

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