War games Comedy

There was a movie I remember seeing the end of on HBO in the late 80’s that was an 80’s movie about some people who were having a war games event in a wooded area in the US. They were not Army or Marines just some random civilians wanting to play army. It wasn’t paintball or anything but I think they had it as gender segregated teams. Men on one side and women on the other.  And it went on for two days or something. Everyone had on Model 1981 Woodland Camouflage (the old pattern that replaced plain olive drab utility uniforms before digital came along in the 2000’s) and the old 40’s through early 80’s steel pot helmets. I remember at the end of it everyone decides they want to forfeit the game and the leader of the men gets upset and says something like “Common everyone don’t leave this is war!” the leader of the women walking up to him and saying something like “You want war? I’ll give you war.” and does a judo move on him and flips him onto a table and breaks the table knocking him out. The movie ends a few seconds later and shows clips from the film and shows that that guy was a chef when he wasn’t playing war games and of course everyone else and it saying who the actors and actresses were with the clips of them on the screen. I remember the song that was playing at the end with the clips was the song “Wooly Bully”

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    1. Thanks for the link. Checked it out on Youtube and unfortunately that is not it. Hoping it was but no. The thing that stood out the most was that guy getting flipped onto the table in the end and it breaking. But that part could have been wrong and maybe it was just the ground. I would say the actor was probably in his 40’s near as I could tell when I saw it about 26 or 27 years ago. And Wooly Bully playing during the credits at the end.

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