1990’s action or drama movie

I remember back in the late 90’s one day flipping through channels and came across a movie on HBO and it was a small town police officer going onto the property of someone and it is out in a rural area and he notices a middle aged man who was bald and heavy set and he was wearing a beige colored barn coat if a remember correctly and he a a camo or olive green military cap on and he had a semi-automatic rifle (might have been an FN FAL or a HK91 rifle) and that police officer tried to stop him telling him he was confiscating the rifle for whatever reason and the guy laughed manically and said “no” and ran away and around a bend and out of sight and the officer was hot on his heels and as soon as he rounded the bend there were some other armed men aiming there guns at the officer and I think the leader told the officer to get off of his property and the officer did. I think they were some kind of crazy anti government group or something along those lines. I changed the channel afterwards and never did find out what movie that was. Anybody have any idea what movie that might have been? Like I said I think it was made in the 90’s.

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