Lesbian action movie that takes place in Middle East in late 1990’s

Back in the late 90’s I rented a movie about these two lesbian chicks in I think might have been Iraq and they were either living there or vacationing there and one of them gets killed and the other goes to the police and they of course tell her they will find her girlfriends killer and the main girl takes maters into her own hands and goes around killing people off tied to the death of her gf. I don’t remember much about it but there was a scene where the night the gf gets killed that the main girl is taking a bath and the gf tells the main girl she is leaving and she turns to leave and the main girl reaches out from the tub and spins her around and kisses hers fully on the lips and they break apart and the gf heads out only to be killed. Anybody remember a movie like that. It was made between 94 and 98 from what I could tell.

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