1990’s conspiracy action flick

There was a movie I watched back in the 90’s on HBO or Cinemax where there is a pharmaceutical company that has discovered a cure for A.I.D.’s or a similar illness and they don’t want it to be made public because there is too much money to be made on treatment. And a girl who is a scientist in her 20’s or 30’s (with brown or black hair and wears glasses) has found out about her company doing that and tries to steal the info to bring everything to light. Her boyfriend is a government agent or a vigilante or something and there is a scene three quarters of the way into the movie where after they have sex she is narrating and talking about the cure for A.I.D.’s or whatever while it shows them asleep in each others arms. And at the end of the movie they go to that huge lab and she has her white lab coat on if I remember right and she gets the disc with everything on it and she gets shot in the back by one of the bad guys and gets wounded and passes out. The boyfriend shoots that guy with his pistol a few seconds later killing him and he scoops the girl up and hides her in a broom closet while he kills all the other evil people there. And at the end it shows he carrying the girl who is still out cold down the street and I think the movie ends with her narrating again. Anybody have any idea what movie I am thinking of? Thanks.

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  1. It sounds like The Cure, but it is from 2014. The disease is cancer. The entire movie it looks like is on YouTube.

    1. Thanks but no. This movie I watched clear back in 1998 or 1999 at the very latest 2000 that I saw it on TV. Thanks for trying though.

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