70’s horror movie

There was a movie I rented once back in the early 2000’s from a Movie Gallery and I never watched all of the movie but anyway… The movie was from the 70’s and had to do with this girl (who according to the cover was a Playboy Playmate) lives in the swamp with her mute kid brother and everybody in there backwards hillbilly town shun her and her brother and there is an incident in the beginning of the movie where a young guy in his 20’s is a deputy sheriff and he accidentally discharges his gun and kills his friend when they are in the swamp. And he goes to his dad who is the county sheriff and tells him some of what happened and his friends father is with him and his friends father threatens to kill him and in a panic he tells his father and his friends father that the outcast girl killed his friend. And throughout the movie that girl and her brother are chased through the swamp by the sheriff and his redneck posse. Anybody have any idea what movie this is? I have been dying to know for years.

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