90’s Mafia Comedy

There was a movie I saw on HBO or Cinemax back in the late 90’s where this young black man I think in either Chicago or New York City had the Italian Mob after him and he made himself up to look like a white guy and ended up becoming a member of the mob. It had some funny scenes in it like him telling this one wiseguy about his pistol and he knew nothing about guns and made up some off the wall caliber that was in the triple digits and the real wiseguy said something about that must be real powerful and asked him what the recoil is like and the black guy didn’t know what he meant and said it was “self coiling”. Another funny part is he is in the restroom and another black man rambles to him about it being a white mans world and the guy drones on and on while he is putting his disguise on and by the time he is finished he walks out of the restroom all made up in his white persona. Another scene he is at a urinal taking a piss and the guy next to him looks down and in shock sees his penis is not white like the rest of him. The final scene I remember is he is in some sort of auditorium at the end and a hitman tries to shoot him from a catwalk and the police arrest him before he can do it. Anybody have any idea what this funny movie was called. Please let me know.

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      1. Oh! I was just about to post the trailer, but I see that you’ve already responded. Thank you for responding so quickly, and you’re welcome!

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